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CONTENTSA Dynamic Modern Brand1Company History2Vision3Dunlop Tyre RangePassenger Steel Radial6Recreational20Light Truck32Truck / Bus Steel Radial40Earthmover48Trackless Underground56Tyre Conversion Guide36Load Index Table60Contact Details61231815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 22011/05/16 12:22 PM

A DYNAMICMODERNBRANDThe story of the Dunlop brand began whenJohn Boyd Dunlop achieved a technical firstby fitting inflatable tubes, made of canvasand bonded together with liquid rubber ontohis son’s tricycle wheel to make it morecomfortable to ride.This was the world’s first practical pneumatictyre, an invention which revolutionised theautomobile industry and the birthplace ofDunlop tyres.Since then the Dunlop name has gonefrom strength to strength with a dizzyingsuccession of motoring firsts, productinnovations and continuously improvingmotorists driving experience.Dunlop has officially ushered in a newera in the life of the brand, driven by itscommitment to zero-defect tolerance,quality service and premium productinnovation that has been the trademarkof the brand for many years.131815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 12011/05/16 12:22 PM

COMPANY HISTORY1935Tyre factory opened in Durban2003ISO 14001 Accreditation. Decision taken toincrease capacity of steel radial truck andbus production from 140,000 units p.a. to200,000 units p.a.1965Listed on Johannesburg StockExchange (JSE)1973Ladysmith factory opens1988BTR plc sold majority control to DunlopAfrica Holdings (Pty) Limited, a privateequity consortium. Name changed toDunlop Africa LtdDunlop manufactures the first super single trucksteer-axle tyre produced in South Africa2001Dunlop Africa Holdings (Pty) Limitedpurchased shares held by minorities,Dunlop Africa delisted from JHB StockExchange. Dunlop Tyres Internationalbecomes operating companyApollo Tyres acquires Dunlop Tyres South Africa2002Dunlop Tyres breaks the World LandSpeed Record - 388.538km onstandard production tyres200420062008Dunlop Zone precision fitment dealer networkinaugurated. Apollo Tyres announces aR300 million investment to enhance quality andproduction at the Ladysmith and Durban plants2009Apollo Tyres completes its acquisition ofNetherlands performance tyre manufacturerVredestein Banden. New Driven by Precisionpositioning launched for Dunlop Brand2010Independent TGI Research survey namesDunlop as South Africa’s Most Iconic TyreBrand Members of the Tyre Dealer and FitmentAssociation (TDAFA) vote Apollo Tyres the TyreManufacturer of the Year231815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 22011/05/16 12:22 PM

VISIONA significant player in the African andLatin American markets, a brand of choice,exceeding customer expectation andcontinuously enhancing stakeholder value.Original Equipment (OE)Dunlop is fitted as Original Equipment bymany leading vehicle manufacturers whorecognise the role our products play inenhancing the performance characteristicsof the vehicles they design.Original Equipment fitment ensures thatwe remain at the forefront of tyre designfor ever-evolving automotive trends.International AccreditationDunlop tyres have been computerdesigned, engineered, constructed andrigorously tested to meet and exceedthe most exacting international qualityratings, giving dealers and end-users theassurance that they are buying a tyrethat delivers world-class standards ofsafety, handling and performance.331815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 32011/05/16 12:22 PM

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PASSENGERSTEEL RADIAL31815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 52011/05/16 12:22 PM

SP SPORT MAXXThis is a new-generation directional tyrewith exceptional driving capability for highperformance vehicles OE homologated onvehicles such as Alfa Romeo andAudi A4 and Audi A6.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndex215/45 R 1787225/45 R 17235/45 R 17Run onFlatOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim 02907.5D1069129194Y6442366702508.0D10691296245/45 R 1799Y6522437752508.0D10691361215/40 R 1783W6042184872507.5D10691459245/40 R 1791Y6282486152508.5D10691433235/50 R 1897W6932457302507.5D10691377245/45 R 18100Y6772438002908.0D10691452225/40 R 1888Y6372305602508.0D10691348235/40 R 1895Y6452416902908.5D10691366255/40 R 1899Y6612607752909.0D10691414265/35 R 1897Y6432717302909.5D10691359275/35 R 1895Z6492786902509.5D10691434275/55 R 19111V7852841 0902508.5D10591373235/35 R 1987W6472417102508.5D10691325245/35 R 1993Y6552486502908.5D10691326255/30 R 1991W6372606152909.0D10691328275/30 R 1996Y6492897102909.5D10691329235/45 R 20100W7202368002508.0D10691431265/45 R 20104Y7462669002509.0D10691432275/40 R 20106W7282899502509.5D10691394245/35 R 2091W6802486152508.5D10691314255/35 R 2097Y6862706502509.0D10691352315/35 R 20110W72832095025011.0D10691395245/30 R 2095Y6562486902508.5D10691388285/25 R 2093Y65029565025010.5D10691389285/30 R 2099Y68029077529010.0D10691333285/35 R 21105Y73330282525010.0D10691487295/35 R 21107Y73931397525010.5D10691364325/30 R 21108Y72933190025010.0D10691488ROFROFROFROFThe tyre is also manufactured using ROF (Run on Flat) technology in some sizes, whereby its patented sidewall construction minimises flexing and the risk of detachment fromthe rim. When completely deflated, this run-flat tyre offers continued mobility within a distance of 80km at 80km/h maximum speed under normal driving conditions.631815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 62011/05/16 12:22 PM

SP SPORT 01Experience the future of tyre technology with thenew SP Sport 01. This ultra-high performance tyreoffers a tread pattern which is divided into three treadsegments - Longitudinal-rail-system, Hydro-paddles andParallelogram-block-design.The development target of the SP Sport 01 was to createa tyre that incorporates all the attributes of sport, safetyand silence. The asymmetric tread design makes itpossible to define three different areas relating to thesethree main attributes.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexRun onFlatOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode195/55 R 1687T6202015452506.0D10491302195/55 R 1687V6202015452506.0D10591401225/50 R 1692W6322336302507.0D10691415235/65 R 17104W225/50 R 691436245/45 R 1795WROF6522436902508.0D10691382205/45 R 1784WROF6162065002507.0D10691457225/45 R 17225/45 R D10691412235/45 R 1794W6442366702508.0D10691425225/60 R 18100H7272288002506.5D10591409255/55 R 18109HROF7372651 0302908.0D10591404255/55 R 18109VROF7372651 0302908.0D10591393235/50 R 1897V6772438002508.0D10591258245/45 R 18100W6872557752508.5D10691435255/45 R 1899Y7052738752909.0D10691379275/45 R 18103Y6292184872507.5D10691403215/40 R 1885Y6372306302508.0D10691447225/40 R 1892W6532486502508.5D10691304245/40 R 1893YROF6532486502508.5D10691367245/35 R 1888YROF6292485602508.5D10691446275/35 R 1895WROF6492786902509.5D10691381275/35 R 1895YROF6492786902509.5D10691392235/55 R 19101W7412458252507.5D10691463245/45 R 1998Y7032437502508.0D10691242245/40 R 1994Y6792486702508.5D10691422275/40 R 19101Y7032788252509.5D10691440245/35 R 1993Y6552486502508.5D10691454275/35 R 1996Y6752787102909.5D10691421255/35 R 2097Y6862607302509.0D10691405275/30 R 2093Y6742786502509.5D10691399ROFROFDSSTThe tyre is also manufactured using ROF (Run on Flat) technology in some sizes, whereby its patented sidewall construction minimises flexing and the risk of detachment fromthe rim. When completely deflated, this run-flat tyre offers continued mobility within a distance of 80km at 80km/h maximum speed under normal driving conditions.731815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 72011/05/16 12:22 PM

SP SPORT MAXX GTBuilt directly around Dunlop’s innovative TouchTechnology, the SP Sport Maxx GT deliversultimate handling. Its new asymmetric treadensures precise steering and excellent stability,both at high speeds and around corners.The tyre also keeps you in control with itsoutstanding road feedback. So, whether youare on a track or just enjoying yourself onthe public roads, you will always get the fullexcitement of your drive.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexRun onFlatOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode245/50 R 18100YROF7032538002507.5D10691450235/40 R 1891Y6452416152508.5D10691482245/40 R 1893Y6532487302908.5D10691485255/35 R 1894Y6352606702909.0D10691480285/35 R 1897W65729073025010.0D10691461245/45 R 1998YROF7032437502508.0D10691445275/40 R 19101YROF7032788252509.5D10691448255/35 R 1996Y6612607102909.0D10691441265/35 R 1998Y6692717502909.5D10691455255/45 R 20101W7382559252908.5D10691462275/35 R 20102Y7002788502909.5D10691466325/30 R 20102Y70433185025011.5D10691456The tyre is also manufactured using ROF (Run on Flat) technology in some sizes, whereby its patented sidewall construction minimises flexing and the risk of detachment fromthe rim. When completely deflated, this run-flat tyre offers continued mobility within a distance of 80km at 80km/h maximum speed under normal driving conditions.831815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 82011/05/16 12:22 PM

SP SPORT 9000An ultra-high performance tyre with an advancedunidirectional tread pattern that fans outwards andutilises a silica compound for the tread.This tyre uses innovative construction and anew rubber polymer technology to ensure reducedaquaplaning, better wet and dry handling, improvedstability, shorter braking distances and reduced fuelconsumption.Ideal for high-performance cars providing high safetyreserves even in unexpected situations.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndex215/55 R 1693225/55 R 16Run onFlatOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim 02507.0D10691170225/50 R 1692Z6322336302507.0D10691144235/55 R 1799Y6902457752507.5D10691313245/45 R 1795W6522436902508.0D10691232255/40 R 1794Y6362606702509.0D10691157255/55 R 18105W7372659252508.0D10691288235/50 R 18101Y6932457302507.5D10691266285/50 R 18109W7432971 0302509.0D10691188255/45 R 1899Y6882607752508.5D10691207225/40 R 1888W6372305602508.0D10691136245/40 R 1893Z6532536502508.5D10691171275/40 R 1899Y6772787752509.5D10691180255/35 R 1894Z6352606702509.0D10691216265/35 R 1893Z6452706502509.5D10691235295/45 R 19100Z7492961 03025010.0D10691238255/40 R 19100Y6872607102509.0D10691268931815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 92011/05/16 12:22 PM

SP SPORT 6060An asymmetrical tyre offering exceptionalperformance. Increased groove density anddistribution provides for very low noisegeneration and comfort.Provides sophisticated, discerning driverswith enhanced overall vehicle performance.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode195/65 R 1591V6291996153006.0D10524003195/55 R 1585V5911955153006.0D10524001205/55 R 1691W6282126153006.5D10624007225/55 R 1695W6472306903007.0D10624008225/45 R 1794W6332266703507.5D10624002235/45 R 1797W6392367303508.0D10624003205/40 R 1784W5912105003507.5D10624001225/40 R 1888W6332325603508.0D10624009235/40 R 1891W6392326153508.5D10624010SP 270An ultra-high performance tyre developedspecifically to enhance the performance oftop-of-the range passenger vehicles.The tyre boasts superb road-holdingcharacteristics while offering a quietand comfortable ride.Tyre Size225/55 R 17LoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode97W6802337302507.0D10691215225/50 R 1794V6582336702507.0D10591319235/55 R 18100H7152458002507.5D10591385235/55 R 1899V7152457752507.5D105913531031815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 102011/05/16 12:22 PM

SP SPORT 2050SP SPORT 2050 CSP SPORT 2050 MA high-performance tyre delivering equally superbperformance in both wet and dry conditions.A superior tread design which offers excellentwater dispersion and steering response.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode225/50 R 1794W6582336702507.0D10691356225/45 R 1891W6592256152507.5D10691420205/50 R 17 C93V6382146502906.5D10591391205/60 R 16 M92H6522096302506.0D10591394SP SPORT 2030A superior tyre developed for the OE marketto provide a sporty blend of ride quality, noisecomfort and handling, along with excellent dryand wet traction.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode185/60 R 1584H6031895002505.5D10591310185/55 R 1683H6101944872506.0D10591413245/40 R 1893Y6532486502508.5D106914261131815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 112011/05/16 12:22 PM

SP SPORT 7000DA modern directional tyre designed to give ultra-highperformance. The high-tech polymer compoundallows the tyre to cope with extreme operatingconditions and the modern tread pattern providessuperior aquaplaning resistance and outstandingwater evacuation.Superb response and handling at high speeds.Suitable for high-performance vehicles.The world’s fastest standard production tyre.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode195/50 R 1582V5731984753006.0D10542011205/55 R 1691W6282126153006.5D10642008205/50 R 1687W6082125453006.5D10642009205/45 R 1683W5912084873007.0D10642010215/45 R 1787W6202165453507.0D10642001225/45 R 1794W6392276703507.5D10642003235/45 R 1797W6392357303508.0D10642004205/40 R 1780W5912104503507.5D10642002235/40 R 1790W6202246003508.5D106420061231815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 122011/05/16 12:22 PM

SP SPORT 600High-performance directional tyre withan advanced tread designed to providean ultra-quiet ride, superior comfort andhigh mileage potential.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode175/65 R 1482H5811714753005.0D10545001185/60 R 1482H5731874753005.5D10545002185/65 R 1486H5911865303005.5D10545003195/60 R 1588V6092045603006.0D10545005195/50 R 1582V5731994753006.0D10545006205/65 R 1594V6472096703006.0D10545008205/60 R 1591V6282096153006.0D10545007SP SPORT 300SP SPORT 300 EModern high-performance tread patterndesigned for luxury passenger vehicles.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode175/60 R 1581H5911774622505.0D10591280205/60 R 16 E92H6522096302506.0D105913081331815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 132011/05/16 12:22 PM

SP SPORT 7000*A high-performance steel radial tyre with acomputer-designed tread pattern providinga smooth quiet ride with resistance toaquaplaning and skidding. A tyre that givesthe best in safety, handling and braking.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode205/65 R 1594V6472086703006.0D10541008195/60 R 1588V6091985603006.0D10541003205/60 R 1591V6282086153006.0D10541009SP SPORT 7000A low profile tyre with excellent generalhandling characteristics with reducednoise benefits for a smoother, morecomfortable ride.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode185/65 R 1588H6161825603005.5D10541011195/50 R 1582V5731994753006.0D105410071431815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 142011/05/16 12:22 PM

SP SPORT 560Engineered in Europe, this modern tyrewith open tread design and split centrerib, provides superior levels of safety,comfort, direct steering response and waterdisplacement.Latest design and development ensuresa quiet sophisticated ride that combineseconomy with outstanding performance.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode155/80 R1379T5781574373004.5D10426001165/80 R1383T5931664873004.5D10426002175/70 R1382T5751754753005.0D10426003175/65 R1482T5831744753005.0D10426004175/70 R1484T6021825003005.0D10426005SP SPORT 6000A high-performance car tyre offering peakhandling and performance. It providesexcellent resistance to dangerousaquaplaning, exceptional wet grip,predictable safe straight-line brakingand low noise levels.Tyre Size195/70 R 14LoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode91H6301986153006.0D105400071531815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 152011/05/16 12:22 PM

SP 31A tyre designed specifically for superioraquaplaning resistance with extremelylow noise levels, providing superb ridecomfort and driver safety.Tyre Size175/65 R 15LoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode84T6091775002505.0D10491341SP 44A durable passenger tyre giving above averagesafety and good wear characteristics under aheavier than normal load.Tyre Size185/80 R 14LoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim d1631815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 162011/05/16 12:22 PM

SP 11SP 22Made in 10" and 12". Excellent for trailer andsmall family saloons. Good mileage potentialwith standard safety features.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCodeSP 11145/80 R 1069T4891483252404.0D10446001SP 22155/80 R 12 C88T5541555603004.5D11342001SP SPORT 5050The multi-grooved 5-rib pattern with uniquecentral ‘V’ grooves provides high levels ofsafety, comfort, superb handling and waterdisplacement. Scrambled ‘Chaos PitchArrangement’ ensures a quiet, sophisticatedride that combines economy withoutstanding performance.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode185/70 R 1488T6161905603005.5D10424005185/65 R 1486T5911835303005.5D104240081731815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 172011/05/16 12:22 PM

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RECREATIONAL31815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 192011/05/16 12:22 PM

GRANDTREK ST 20A superb tyre fitted as OE in Japan with apattern designed with precise and refinedsipes to offer superior comfort as well asoutstanding performance in highway use.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode215/65 R 1698H6862217502506.5D11391124215/65 R 1698S6862217502506.5D11391132235/60 R 16100H6882408002507.0D11391158215/60 R 1796H6902217102506.5D11391161225/65 R 18103H7492288752506.5D11391120SP SPORT 5000SP SPORT 5000 MAn ultra-high performance recreational tyrewith a modern tread design. Fitted as OE inGermany to top-of-the-range recreationalvehicles. Speed rated to 240km/h.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode275/55 R 17109V7342841 0302508.5D11391094265/60 R 18 M110V7752721 0602508.0D113911462031815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 202011/05/16 12:22 PM

GRANDTREK TOURMOThis asymmetrical SUV tyre has beenoptimised to provide enhanced roadfeedback in both dry and wet conditionsand offers superb handling, traction andbraking capabilities.Tyre Size235/50 R 19LoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim PT 4000A modern high-performance tyre withfocus on comfort and low noise.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode235/65 R 17108V7382401 0002907.0D113911072131815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 212011/05/16 12:22 PM

GRANDTREK AT 20A high-performance recreational tyre whichprovides superb all-round comfort. Fitted asOE in Japan to high-performance SUV vehicles.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode255/70 R 16111H7642601 0902507.5D11391168275/70 R 16114H7922791 1802508.0D11391074225/70 R 17108S7482371 0002906.5D11391096265/65 R 17112S7762721 1202508.0D11391097275/65 R 17115H7902791 2152508.0D11391101GRANDTREK PT 8000Directional high-performance tyre withfocus on comfort and low noise.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode255/60 R 17106V7382609502507.5D113911082231815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 222011/05/16 12:22 PM

GRANDTREK AT 3Developed for outstanding on- and off-roadperformance, this tyre gives you the best of bothworlds. Enjoy high speed stability and impressiveoff-road traction in tough conditions.The Grandtrek AT 3 features lower noisegeneration for a quieter, more comfortable ride.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode205/70 R 1596T6692097103756.0D11391157215/75 R 15100S6832218003756.5D11391150265/70 R 15112T7532711 1203758.0D1139115330X9.50 R 15104S7452449003757.5D1139115231X10.50 R 15109S7702721 0303758.5D11391155245/75 R 16114S7752481 1803757.0D11391156245/70 R 16111T7502481 0903757.0D11391154275/70 R 16114T7932801 1803758.0D11391027215/65 R 1698H6862217503256.5D11391159225/65 R 17102H7262338503757.0D11391166265/65 R 17112S7762721 1203758.0D11391148GRANDTREK TG 35GRANDTREK TG 35 M2GRANDTREK TG 35 M3A recreational tyre which offers superb all-roundperformance. Fitted as OE to recreational vehiclesin both Japan and Europe.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode265/70 R 16112H7782721 1202508.0D11391068265/70 R 16 M2112S7782721 1202508.0D11391036265/70 R 16 M3112S7782721 1202508.0D11391105255/65 R 16109H7382601 0302507.5D113910472331815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 232011/05/16 12:22 PM

GRANDTREK TG 28GRANDTREK TG 28 M2An aggressive pattern for both on- and off-roadperformance. Fitted as OE to top-of-the-rangeJapanese recreational and SUV vehicles.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode275/70 R 16114H7922791 1802508.0D11391071275/70 R 16 M2 (WLT)114T7922791 1802508.0D11391045275/70 R 16 M2 (BLT)114T7922791 1802508.0D11391027SP TRAKGRIPA steel-belt light truck/recreational radial-ply tyrewith a multipurpose pattern for on- and off-road use.The SP Trakgrip offers excellent off-road traction,braking and manoeuvrability in wet or dry conditions.It has exceptional high-speed steering abilityplus high levels of comfort, ride refinement, lownoise characteristics and improved straight-lineperformance in highway applications.Tyre SizePlyRatingLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode205 R 14C6105/103S6862149253755.5D11316008215 R 15C6109/107S7272201 0303756.0D11316001245/75 R 15 C6107/105S7472499753757.0D11316005245/70 R 16 C6111/109S7472491 0903757.0D11316012255/70 R 15 C6112/110T7472491 1203757.5D113160132431815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 242011/05/16 12:22 PM

GRANDTREK TG 29A 5-rib recreational tyre where the combinationof wide straight grooves and wavy lateralgrooves provide excellent driving stability, ridecomfort and low noise generation.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode245/70 R 16107S7502489752507.0D11391076GRANDTREK TG 27A ribbed block pattern designed mainlyfor highway use on smaller 4x4 andrecreational vehicles.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode225/70 R 15100S6972288002506.5D113910352531815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 252011/05/16 12:22 PM

LT 60Designed specifically for light commercial vehicles,this highway application tyre offers superbhandling as well as excellent tread life whileensuring optimum driver comfort.Tyre Size235/65 R 16LoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode115/113R7122402 4304757.0D11391165GRANDTREK TG 32A tyre suited mainly for highway use and fittedas OE in Japan to top-of-the-range recreationalvehicles.Tyre Size215/70 R 16LoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode99S7082217752506.5D113910262631815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 262011/05/16 12:22 PM

GRANDTREK TG 36A high-mileage ‘S’ speed-rated recreationaltyre suitable for both country and urban use.Tyre Size205/70 R 15LoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode95S6692096902506.0D11391042SP LT 30SP LT 30 6This new-generation tyre has been designed forlight commercial vehicle on-road applications. Thisrobust tyre delivers comfort and improved tread life,combined with reduced rolling resistance.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode205/65 R 16107/105T6722091 9504756.0D11391126215/65 R 16 C106/104T6862211 9003756.5D113911692731815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 272011/05/16 12:22 PM

SP RGSA rugged ‘S’ speed-rated tyre designed forexcellent on- and off-road performance, wellsuited to the 4x4 enthusiast.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode235/85 R 16108S8062351 0002506.5D11391072TG 22A steel radial tyre for 4x4 and light commercialapplications. This tyre is designed for highwayand off-road conditions.Tyre SizePlyRatingLoadIndex7.50 R 16 C14PR 124/122SpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCodeL8002181 6006756.0D112700072831815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 282011/05/16 12:23 PM

GRANDTREK TG 21A multi-purpose tyre that offersoutstanding durability on gravel, sandand dirt roads.The side-wall protector rib providesexcellent cut resistance.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode7.50 R 16114/112R8022101 1803755.5D113910292931815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 292011/05/16 12:23 PM

31815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 302011/05/16 12:23 PM

LIGHT TRUCK31815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 312011/05/16 12:23 PM

SP ENDURAAn all-wheel position new-generationhighway commercial tyre of steel radialconstruction. High mileage potential withhigh load and speed capability.Ideal for light commercial vehicles and taxis.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode185 R 14 C102/100Q6461908504505.5D11326002195 R 14 C106/104S6621989504505.5D11326003215 R 15 C109/107S7222181 0304506.0D11326001195/70 R 15 C104/102S6511979004506.0D11326006225/70 R 15 C112/110R6942271 1204506.5D11326007245/75 R 15 C107/105S7472499754507.0D11326005SP 160A radial-ply tyre designed for highway use onsmall commercial vehicles and buses.Tyre SizeLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode7.50 R 16122/120L8022101 5003755.5D113910303231815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 322011/05/16 12:23 PM

LT3 An all-wheel position highway commercialtyre that offers excellent handling, superiorwet-grip capabilities and enhancedresistance to sidewall damage.‘Shield’ breaker system provides increasedpuncture resistance and new compoundingpromotes exceptional tread life.Tyre Size195 R 14 CLoadIndexSpeedIndexOverallDiameter (mm)Section Width(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)MaximumPressure (kPa)RecommendedRim 815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 332011/05/16 12:23 PM

D157A sturdy general-purpose highway tyredesigned for fitment to light trucks.Its abrasion-resistant tread rubber promotesoptimum tread life and good wet grip.Tyre r(mm)SectionWidthMaximumLoad (kg)SingleMaximumLoad (kg)DualMaximumPressure(kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode6.00-14689/85J6881751 1802 0803104.5D111170246.00-14895/91J6881751 4082 4804204.5D111170256.00-1410100/95J6881751 6002 8005204.5D111170266.70-14899/95J6931851 5882 7924205.0D111170077.00-158105/100J7622061 8683 2884205.5D111170096.50-168103/98J7661853 4883 0644204.5D111170157.00-168107/102J7842021 9483 4324205.5D111170187.50-168111/107J8152252 2323 9284206.0D111170216.50-1610107/102J7661851 9603 4485204.5D111170167.00-1610111/107J7812022 2123 8885205.5D111170197.50-1610116/111J8152252 5284 4485206.0D111170227.50-1612120/115J8152252 8284 9766306.0D111910018.25-1612122/118J8722413 0685 4005206.5D114220028.25-1614126/122J8722413 4406 0486306.5D114220033431815 ProductRangeBrochure REP8.indd 342011/05/16 12:23 PM

D126Designed for all-round applications. Thecool running flat tread profile contributesto longer tread life, improved handlingand good retreadability.Tyre )SectionWidth(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)SingleMaximumLoad (kg)DualMaximumPressure(kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode8.25-2014136/131J9522444 4807 8006906.5D11419018UNIVERSALDesigned for on- and off-road use. Excellenttraction, resists impacts and penetrations.Economic tread life and good steering control.Tyre )SectionWidth(mm)MaximumLoad (kg)SingleMaximumLoad (kg)DualMaximumPressure(kPa)RecommendedRim (J)ProductCode7.0

2002 Dunlop Tyres breaks the World Land Speed Record - 388.538km on standard production tyres COMPANY HISTORY ISO 14001 Accreditation. Decision taken to increase capacity of steel radial truck and bus production from 140,000 units p.a. to 200,000 units p.a. 2003 Dunlop manufactures the first super single truck steer-axle tyre produced in South .

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New ar Tyres Goodyear, Dunlop, Maxxis etc Agricultural Tyres Seeding Tyres 4WD Tyres and Truck Tyres . What we Sell: New and Second Hand Tyres Agriculural, Truck, 4wd and ar A Delco atteries V- elts Filters earings Radiator Hose Oils hainsaw Sharpeners lue Steel oots ar Accessories all Krissy now on 98651291 or Paul on 0437 204 909 to see how .

Tyres which include: reduced fuel consumption smoother rides At present, General tyres is the only Manufacturer of radial tyres for CARS and LCVs in Pakistan. s Tyres A bias tyre consists of multiple rubber plies overlapping each other In comparison to radial tyres, bias tyres are old technology that are majorly:

tyres which Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Limited (DATL) make and supply. The information is applicable to bias (cross-ply) tyres (which can be tubeless or have inner tubes), and to radial-ply tyres and tubes. B. Use the instructions in this man

27 295/70R19.5 Goodyear Marathon x2 Dunlop SP25 2 x1 28 265/70R19.5 Michelin XTY 2 tyres x4 29 10.00R15 Michelin XTA tyre x1 unused 30 12R22.5 Michelin XZY-2 tyres x2 31 315/80R22.5 Michelin Hankook tyres x7 - casings 32 315/80R22.5 Goodyear Regional RHS tyres x4 - casings 33 315/70R22.5 Goodyear Regional RHS tyres x10 - casings

As with all complex technical products, you should handle your tyres care-fully. This way you can rely on optimum driving comfort and performance throughout the tyres' service life. Useful tips for looking after and maintaining your tyres. 5 We recommend: Inspect your tyres and check their pressure (including the spare) every two weeks.

Passenger Car Tyres Light Truck Tyres Off-the-Road Tyres Tyre Group By developing and manufacturing a wide range of high-quality tyres, we earn the trust of people across the spectrum of society who rely on YOKOHAMA products. These range from car tyres with a distinctive fl air to reliable truck and bus tyres

Por Alfredo López Austin * I. Necesidad conceptual Soy historiador; mi objeto de estudio es el pensamiento de las sociedades de tradición mesoamericana, con énfasis en las antiguas, anteriores al dominio colonial europeo. Como historiador no encuentro que mi trabajo se diferencie del propio del antropólogo; más bien, ignoro si existe alguna conveniencia en establecer un límite entre .