Quick SEO Wins For Your HR Consultancy

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Quick SEO wins foryour HR consultancyCamille BrouardSenior Marketing Executive

Today’sagenda1.What is SEO?2.Optimising your website3.Getting links to your website4.Improving Local SEO5.Q&A – get your questions ready!

Poll:How much do you know about SEO?

1. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation Making your website more visible in searchengine results (mostly Google) Also user friendly! (UX, accessibility) For search engine traffic that is organic(not paid for like Google Ads) Search engine algorithms consider 100s ofranking factors!

SEO strategies Onsite SEO strategies Keyword research Content optimisation Offsite SEO strategies Link building Local SEO

2. Optimising your website Keyword research Who’s searching for that and why? Employer “how to dismiss anemployee” Employee “dismissal from work” URL, title (H1), headings, text Keyword variations Keyword cannibalisation

2. Optimising your websiteH1 Disciplinary procedures: astep by step guide for managers Content optimisation Headings: nesting structure Lists (break up text) Multimedia: images, videos, infographics Internal linkingH2 What is a disciplinaryprocedure?H2 Why have a disciplinaryprocedure?H3 Remember the ACAS code!H2 What does a disciplinaryprocedure look like?H3 Informal process

Body text: direct useof focus keywordH1: focuskeywordH2 heading: use ofkeyword variationBreaking upthe text with a listInternal link to a related blog post(on a keyword for that post)

2. Optimising your website Meta content Page title: 60 characters recommended Meta description: 160 characters

Keywordsearch‘Position 0’result(featuredsnippet)Relatedsearches(can be goodinspiration!)Position1 organicresult

3. Getting links Backlinks pass on ‘link juice’ Create shareable information thatpeople will want to link to: Blog posts Infographics Research (though not a ‘quick’ win!) Directories e.g. Yell, 192.com, Fyple, Hotfrog,Free Index, Central Index, Foursquare, MyLocal Services, Scoot

3. Getting links Outreach (e.g. guest posts) News and publications Blogs Partners/clients Become a source for journalists Help a Reporter Out (HARO) Terkel, SourceBottle #journorequests on Twitter

3. Improving Local SEO Google My Business Name Address Phone (NAP) - Directories Reviews Trustpilot Facebook Testimonials

3. Improving Local SEO Local news and websites Local keywords “HR consultant [location]” “HR outsourcing [location]” “HR consultancy near me”

Recap1.What is SEO?2.Optimising your website3.Getting links to your website4.Improving Local SEO5.Q&A – get your questions ready!

Resources The Beginner's Guide to SEO (Moz) The Ultimate Guide to SEO Meta Tags (Moz) On-page SEO: The Definitive Guide (Backlinko) Link Building for SEO: The Definitive Guide (Backlinko) Local SEO: A Simple (But Complete) Guide (Ahrefs) A Complete Guide to SEO: What You Need to Know (Search Engine Journal)


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1. What is SEO? Search Engine Optimisation Making your website more visible in search engine results (mostly Google) Also user friendly! (UX, accessibility) For search engine traffic that is organic (not paid for like Google Ads) Search engine algorithms consider 100s of ranking factors!

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Nov 13, 2007 · SEO Forums The ability to gain near real time answers to your SEO questions makes SEO forums extremely valuable. A good forum has a good sense of community, but different SEO forums have different goals. Generally I support the idea that good SEO is generally making good ideas that would b

Terri Sewell, SEO Career Alumna; Henry R. Kravis, SEO Board Chairman and KKR Founding Partner; and William Goodloe, SEO President and CEO. [SAVE THE DATE: SEO'S 14TH ANNUAL AWARDS DINNER, THURSDAY, APRIL 6, 2017 \ n April 2016, SEO hosted its 13th Annual Awards Dinner at the Waldorf Astoria in Manhattan. SEO Board

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SEO Strategies (Web, Blog, Social, Video, Image) International & Multi-Domain SEO Strategy SEO Performance Analysis & Insights Assess and evolve SEO Maturity to continually deliver measurable results and meet goals SEO Too

II. Mastering On-Page SEO Contributor: Aaron Wall of SEO Book In 2003, Aaron Wall founded SEO Book, a leading guide to search engine optimization. In the 7 years since, he has offered numerous free SEO tools and created the leading online SEO training program, which comes with an exclusive member community. His site offers

(your SEO PowerSuite workflow explained) SEO PowerSuite is a comprehensive pack of 4 SEO tools, each dealing with a particular aspect of SEO. The package has all you need to get top search engine rankings and see your traffic and sales boost. Check out the step-by-step guide below to create an SE

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SEO Best Practices SEO is one of the most impor tant aspects of creating a website and your content, but also one of the most confusing. T here are aspects of SEO that only a developer can tr uly understand, there are . with SEO, and why, straight from the mouth of Google. Once you've g ot an understanding of the basics, then you're ready .

SEO is known as a bit of a dark art. It’s not particularly easy to do well, and as a musician you just don’t have time to become an SEO rockstar. You have songs to write, tours to plan, rehearsals to organize. You don’t have time to become an SEO rockstar A lot of the SEO

identify SEO campaigns using a search engine provider's Web graph. They found that analyzing the historical links between Web sites is important to detecting, and ultimately preventing, SEOcampaigns. Ourworkdiffersinthat, while we study a similar SEO kit, we focus on the longitudinal operation of SEO campaigns as organized by an SEO bot-

SEO is fast-paced and dynamic area of digital marketing. More than 55% of traffic to an average website comes from search engines. . SEO Score Checker SEO score checker helps writers check their content for on-page SEO parameters before publishing the story.

the work of SEO outside of unified platforms is messy and overly time consuming. Already thusly burdened, SEO professionals and digital marketers struggle to stay up on advancements in search. These are some of the revelations from a BrightEdge Research study of 295 marketing and SEO professionals. SEO Workflows Are Time Consuming

a computer linguist engineer by trade and I became an SEO expert thanks to self-study. Today, I have made it a real profession and co-founded an international search agency in Paris. I regularly speak at events related to SEO, search and web marketing. I decided to write a second book on SEO project management and SEO

17 SEO MYTHS TO LEAVE BEHIND IN 2016 7 3 SEO is something I can hand off to IT. There seems to be a perception that SEO requires some technical expertise, and since it is technical, IT can just do the work. While there is a technical component to SEO, it requires way more than just technical chops, so I'd think long and hard

OnSite SEO Tools Here are the best tools for OnPage SEO. Yoast Wordpress Plugin Great tool for optimizing your wordpress site. HOTH Free SEO Analyzer Get a quick on page audit for your site, for free! Google Pagespeed Insights See how fast your website loads and how you can improve it. Google Mobile Friendly Test

2. 'Do you want to become a Yoast SEO expert? Follow our Yoast SEO for WordPress training and earn a certificate and a badge for your site.' Which would you click? Obviously, it depends on your interest in SEO and metaphors, but people tend to click on results like the latter. Your meta description should be easy to understand and,