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Tableof Contents031952About SEMrushState of the Industry BlogsOverview of the Research ResultsTop Required Skillsfor a Content MarketerKey TakeawaysOverview of the Research ResultsAbout This ReportData Collections Tools and Toolkits06Content Marketing TrendsKey Takeaways27Overview of the Research ResultsAnatomy ofPerforming ContentKey TakeawaysOverview of the Research Results15Most Expensive Keywordsto Bid on in the ContentMarketing IndustryOverview of the Research ResultsKey TakeawaysKey Takeaways36Content Marketing SurveyOverview of the Survey ResultsKey Takeaways57Methodology

AboutSEMrush3 / 62SEMrush is an online visibility management and content marketing SaaSplatform of choice for more than 4,000,000 marketing professionalsaround the world.SEMrush let businesses analyze massive amounts of data and gain insightsfor their campaigns across all marketing channels.30 powerful tools and data for 190 countries and regions help SEMrushusers break down their competitors’ marketing strategies, spot opportunitiesfor growth, build brand reputation, and create and distribute engagingcontent without extra effort.4 million17 billion500TB584 million84.2 million1 billion19021.4 trillion17.3 billionusersdomainsregions and countrieskeywordsmobile domainsbacklinksof raw datareferring domainsURLs crawled per day

4 / 62About This ReportData-driven strategies, in which any decision is based on thorough dataanalysis and interpretation, are becoming an increasingly important pointof competitive differentiation.In the present report, we’d like to leverage the power of SEMrush data andhelp content marketers across the globe gain a better understanding oftheir industry and draw more relevant conclusions for their strategies.To reach our goal, we analyzed 450,000 tweets, hundreds of thousandsof search queries, 700,000 blog posts, and surveyed 1,200 marketersacross the globe.

Data CollectionTools and ToolkitsContent Marketing Platform — a unique setof tools covering the whole content marketing workflow,from content ideation and management to measurementof its performance.Discover the platform5 / 62SEMrush offers a wide variety of solutions for keyword research,content marketing, social media automation, market research,competitor analysis, and more. The data for this report was leveragedfrom the following tools:Traffic Analytics — a quick way to get informationabout any website’s traffic channels, geographicdistribution, visitor behavior, etc.Learn moreKeyword Magic Tool — an easy-to-use keywordresearch tool that provides all the data you need to startan effective SEO or PPC campaign.Discover the toolCPC Map — a tool that lets you identify the mostpromising regions and keywords for digital advertisingbased on the analysis of 2 million search queries in17 verticals.Take a lookSocial Media Tracker — an advanced solution forsocial media analytics and competitive research.Try it now

Content Marketing Trends

CONTENTMA7 / 62Content MarketingTrendsIn the first part of our report, we’ll speak about the content marketingtrends of 2019, such as the most popular topics, hashtags, and questions,and most searched keywords. We’ll also show you the top influencersof the content marketing industry on Twitter.To collect this data, we went over hundreds of thousands of 2019 Googlesearch queries related to content marketing and analyzed more than450,000 tweets in English that contained the #ContentMarketing hashtagand were posted between January and September 2019.

8 / 62Top 20HashtagsUsed with#ContentMarketingTOP 20 HASHTAGS USED WITH #ContentMarketing#digitalmarketing 71%#marketing 52%#seo 36%#socialmedia 35%#smm 27%#socialmediamarketing 22%#content 20%#onlinemarketing 18%What we did:We looked at how often certain hashtags appearalong with #ContentMarketing in the most popular tweets(20 retweets) that were published between Januaryand September 2019.TOP#business 18%#growthhacking 16%#blogging 15%#startup 12%#bigdata 10%#ai 10%#influencermarketing 10%#emailmarketing earning7%

9 / 62Top 20 TopicsTOP 20 TOPICS DISCUSSED WITH #ContentMarketingDiscussed with#ContentMarketingWhat we did:We used a mixture of machine learning and humanexpetise to analyze the topics (key themes) that werediscussed in the most popular tweets (20 retweets) thatwere published between January and September 2019and contained the #ContentMarketing hashtag.strategy 29%social mediaAItoolsstartup2%4%4%11%blogging4%visual contentecommercebeauty2%SEO10% statisticscontent ideas 4%trends3%influencer marketing2%3%travel 1% sales 1%ROI 1% job 1% email marketingaudience research 1%1%1%5%

10 / 62The Usage of Linksand Visual Contentin #ContentMarketingTweetsTHE USAGE OF VISUAL CONTENTIN THE ANALYZED TWEETSWhat we did:We checked the most popular tweets (20 retweets) thatwere published between January and September 2019 andcontained the #ContentMarketing hashtag for the presenceof visual content and links.VISUALCONTENTTHE USAGE OF LINKSIN THE ANALYZED TWEETSImage50%Infographic14%Video3%GIFs1%No visuals32%LINKSTweets with links72%Tweets without links 28%

11 / 62TOP 20Content MarketingInfluencers on Twitter1. Mike Schiemer @MikeSchiemer2. Evan Kirstel @evankirstel3. Jeff Bullas @jeffbullas4. Larry Kim @larrykim5. Ben Kamau @BenKamauDigital6. Michael Brenner @BrennerMichael7. Rebekah Radice @RebekahRadice8. Isabella Jones @IsabellajonesClWhat we did:We looked at the authors of the most retweeted posts(20 retweets) that were published between Januaryand September 2019 and containedthe #ContentMarketing hashtag. These authorswere ranked based on the number of likes, retweetsand top-performing tweets they published.9. Jonathan Aufray @JonathanAufray10. Kirk Borne @KirkDBorne11. Bryan Kramer @bryankramer12. The Startup Nerd @Startup Nerd13. Nika Stewart @NikaStewart14. Mike Quindazzi @MikeQuindazzi15. Antonio Grasso @antgrasso16. Marsha Collier @MarshaCollier17. Chris Do @theChrisDo18. Kevin Lim @ kevinlim19. Franz Russo @franzrusso20. John Abraham @iamjony94

12 / 62Top 20Google SearchQueriesRelated toContent MarketingWhat we did:We calculated the average monthly search volumefor the keywords from the Google searches relatedto “content marketing” made between Januaryand September 2019.TOP 20 GOOGLE SEARCH QUERIES RELATED TO CONTENT MARKETINGcontent marketing strategy6600content marketing institute5400content marketing agency3600content marketing examples3600content marketing definition2900content marketing plan2900content marketing world2400b2b content marketing2400content marketing manager1900seo content marketing1900content marketing services1600content marketing tools1600content marketing companies1300content marketing jobs1300content marketing platform1300content marketing blog1300types of content marketing1300video content marketing1300content calendar examples1000content marketing conference880

13 / 62Top 20Questionsabout ContentMarketingAsked on Google?1. what is content marketing2. what is content strategy3. why is content marketing important4. why content marketing5. what is content marketing strategy6. what is content marketing in seo7. how to create a content marketing strategy8. how content marketing drives sales9. how to do keyword research for content marketing10. how to write content marketing11. what is b2b content marketing12. what does a content marketer do13. what is visual content marketing14. what does content marketing meanWhat we did:We analyzed the question keywords related to “contentmarketing” and calculated their average monthly searchvolume to sort them by popularity.15. how content marketing is changing the game16. how to develop content marketing strategy17. how much do content marketers make18. how to create content for affiliate marketing19. what is good content marketing20. how to write effective email marketing content

TAKEAWAYSKeyTakeawaysYou can’t do without a strategyContent strategy was touched upon in 29%of the analyzed tweets; “content marketingstrategy” is the second most popularkeyword related to Content Marketing onGoogle (average monthly search volume of6600).Social media is a preferredcontent distribution channel#SocialMedia, #SMM, and#SocialMediaMarketing hashtags wereused along with #ContentMarketing in 35%,27%, and 22% of the most popular tweets,respectively. Social media also turned outto be the second most discussed topicin these tweets.Advanced technology comesto the content marketing worldAI was featured in 10% of analyzed tweets asa hashtag and #machinelearning appearedin 7% of these, which demonstrates theinterest in these spheres.SEO and content go together#SEO and #ContentMarketing hashtagswere paired in 36% of the examined tweets.Besides that, SEO took third place amongthe topics mentioned by those who tweetedabout content marketing.“What is content marketing in SEO?” and“How to do keyword research for contentmarketing?” are among the top 10 mostasked questions on Google.Statistics speak volumes#BigData (10%) and #Analytics (7%)are becoming an integral part of contentmarketing. “Statistics” is also oneof the most popular topics, discussedin 5% of analyzed tweets.Growth hackers, startups,and e-commerce leveragethe power of contentThe #GrowthHacking hashtag was foundin 16% of the tweets we analyzed. This isclosely followed by #Startup, which scored12% and is also seen in 2% of tweets’ topics.E-commerce, with a 9% score, became themost discussed industry in the analyzedtweets paired with #ContentMarketing,followed by beauty and travel.Content marketing is an integralpart of digital marketing#DigitalMarketing turned out to be the mostfrequent hashtag found in content marketingrelated tweets; it was used in 71% of them,while #Marketing came up in just 52%.14 / 62Content tools and servicesare in demandTools were discussed in just 4% of ourtweets, but given the size of the dataselection, it’s still very popular.“Content marketing agency” scores around3600 searches a month, and is followed by“content marketing services”, which scores1600.Visuals draw engagementVisual content is the ninth most discussedtopic in the tweets we looked at. Besides,68% of content marketing related tweetscontained visuals.The keyword “video content marketing”appears in the top 20 of the most popularsearch queries related to content marketing.“What is visual content marketing?” is alsoone of the most popular questionsasked on Google.

Most Expensive Keywords

16 / 62Most ExpensiveKeywordsIn the second part, we tell you about the content marketing relatedkeywords in English that cost most to bid on. These keywords don’t justbring Google its huge advertising revenues, but also show which subjectsget the most attention and are in highest demand in the content marketingindustry.

17 / 6220 MostExpensiveKeywordsto Bid onin the ContentMarketing IndustryWhat we did:We found the most expensive keywords to bid on relatedto the content marketing industry and sorted them by CPC.LIST OF THE 20 MOST EXPENSIVE KEYWORDS TO BID ONIN THE CONTENT MARKETING INDUSTRY (CPC)email marketing content writing 37.40content marketing management tools 35.79content marketing b2b 34.50marketing content management software 34.09email marketing content 31.27legal content marketing 27.26b2b content marketing agency 26.82content marketing automation 26.26content marketing online course 23.91content marketing calendar 22.90retail content marketing 18.91content marketing platforms gartner 18.40content marketing for b2b companies 17.50content marketing channels 15.03content marketing b2b lead generation 14.83ecommerce content marketing 14.79content marketer 14.47content marketing program 13.33creating a content marketing strategy 13.05content marketing agency 11.57

KEYTAKEAW18 / 62Key TakeawaysAs you can see, content marketing doesn’t look like a very cheap area to advertise in - the highest cost per click is almost 37, which means peopleare ready to pay a lot to obtain a lead.Most of the words from our top-priced keywords list correlate with the Twitter and Google search trends described above:There’s a defined interest in content marketing management tools( 35.79) and software ( 34.09), which seemto be the most competitive areas of the industry.Another expensive keyword is “email marketing content writing”( 37.4), which lets us suppose that the service is in high demand.Then go b2b related keywords, indicating another highly competitivearea in content marketing.CPCs for “content marketing automation” ( 26.26), “content marketingonline course” ( 23.91), and “content marketing calendar” ( 22.9) arealso relatively high as advertisers expect content professionals to seekto enhance their skills and simplify their routine.The high cost of the “legal content marketing” keyword ( 27.26),as well as the CPC of ecommerce related keywords, may showthat content marketing services for law firms and online retailersare in demand.

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Google (average monthly search volume of 6600). SEO and content go together #SEO and #ContentMarketing hashtags were paired in 36% of the examined tweets. Besides that, SEO took third place among the topics mentioned by those who tweeted about content marketing. "What is content marketing in SEO?" and "How to do keyword research for content

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On Page SEO Checker SEO Content Template. 3 / 75 Introduction SEMrush is an established and exceedingly efficient toolkit for digital marketing used by more than 4,500,000 specialists from around the world. Our suite comprises over 40 tools to aid web developers, content marketers and creators, SMM and PPC specialists,

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Le genou de Lucy. Odile Jacob. 1999. Coppens Y. Pré-textes. L’homme préhistorique en morceaux. Eds Odile Jacob. 2011. Costentin J., Delaveau P. Café, thé, chocolat, les bons effets sur le cerveau et pour le corps. Editions Odile Jacob. 2010. 3 Crawford M., Marsh D. The driving force : food in human evolution and the future.

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