Get Found On Google: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics .

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Get Found on Google:Search Engine Optimization (SEO)Basics & Technical SolutionsLindsay WassellKeyphraseology, LLCMarch 1, 2011Session: 8793

Outline The Search LandscapeHow Search Engines OperateAccessibilityKeyword Research & TargetingLink BuildingSocial


Same Old Story

Or is it?

Universal SERPs


A Four-Part ProcessCrawlingIndexingRelevancy& RankingServingResults


IndexingSearch engineindexing collects,parses, andstores data tofacilitate fast andaccurateinformationretrieval.

Relevancy & Ranking

Serving Results

SEO Pyramid


Internal Link Architecture

Internal Link Architecture Cont.

Internal Link Architecture Cont.

5 Methods to Improve Accessibility1. Make site hierarchy flat2. Link from powerful pages to pages needing strength3. Eliminate dead-ends and low value pages4. Craft navigation/category pages worthy of links5. Exclude unimportant pages from spiders’ crawl paths

Bot Accessibility: CLOSED Splash PagesMalformed bot herding techniquesLogin requiredBehind JavaScriptiFrames

Bot Accessibility: WIDE OPEN Duplicate ContentParameters GaloreSpammy UGCSearch Results Pages

Bot Accessibility: OPTIMIZED Robots.txtMeta Robots TagCanonical TagXML SitemapHTML SitemapWebmaster Tools Verification


Meta Robots Tag

Canonical Tag

XML Sitemap

HTML Sitemap

Bot HerdingBIG Biz Home Page/members(robots.txt cle.html?print(meta robots'noindex')/article.pdf(x-robots tag)/m(canonical tag)

Robots Control Resources Webmaster Tools, Google: Webmaster Tools, Bing: 1099727894 Robots Protocol (.txt, meta): e-highimpact-solutions X-robots-tag: usionprotocol-now-with-even.html

Robots Control Resources, Cont. Canonical Tag /specify-your-canonical.html anonicalhow-to-and-why-not XML Sitemaps en&answer 156184

SEO Friendly URLs ShortDescriptive (keywords)Limited Sub-Folder UsageLimited Parameter UsageLower-caseWords Separated by Dashes (-)Good: p:// Services/1114735358205

URL Rewrite Process

301 Redirect Process


Keyword Research & Link Building Keyword Brainstorming Term/Phrase Selection On-Page Targeting TitlesMetasURLsH1sTextInternal Anchor Text


Link Building Manual Requests & Link Creation Scalable, Content-based Link StrategiesRanking FactorsLinksEverything Else


Social Media

Social Sharing



Thanks & Attribution

QUESTIONS?CONTACTLindsay WassellWeb: Keyphraseology.comPhone: 813-384-8642Email: lindsay@keyphraseology.comTwitter: @lindzie

Get Found on Google: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Basics & Technical Solutions Lindsay Wassell Keyphraseology, LLC March 1, 2011 Session: 8793 . Outline The Search Landscape How Search Engines Operate Accessibility Keyword Research & Targeting Link Building Social . THE SEARCH LANDSCAPE .

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5 Google My Business Basics that Get You Found 1 Claiming & Verifying Your Business Set Up Go to, search for your business to add in your business information Claim Verify that you’re certified to manage your listing Eligible Businesses Google allows eligible businesses to set up their information through Google My Business.

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If you want to display your ad with the help of Google, you need to use Google's AdWords. Creating Google AdWords Account Let us go through the steps of creating a Google Adwords Account: Open a browser. Type in the address bar. It opens Google's homepage. Type adwords in the search box. It displays all the results related to .

services to be HIPAA compliant: Gmail, Calendar, Drive (including Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Forms), Hangouts classic (chat messaging feature only), Google Chat, Google Meet, Keep, Google Cloud Search, Google Voice (managed users only), Sites, Google Groups, Jamboard, Cloud Identity Management, Tasks, a

GOOGLE APPS Let’s look at some of the most useful Google Apps. Google Search takes you to the Google Search Engine. Drive is where you can save and create documents! The Google Calendar is an interactive tool to schedule events and dates in your life.

Inserting images from a Google image, LIFE search. (Note: Images that show up in Google Doc’s Google image search have been labeled for commercial reuse with modification. Note from Google: Before reusing content that you’ve found, you should verify that its license is legitimate, and

Google Search Appliance Connectors Developer's Guide 4 Introduction A Google Search Appliance Connector is a custom program that sits between the Google Search Appliance (GSA) and your non-HTTP content repository. The connector provides all of the information that the GSA requires to index your content, including security and metadata. Purpose

Enable AdSense for Search (AFS) Opt in to Search Partners across all your Search campaigns, extending their reach to hundreds of non-Google websites, as well as YouTube and other Google sites. This will help you reach your customers wherever they are searching. Holiday Performance Tip Have a Dynamic Search Ads ad group in each regular campaign to

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