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Sitewide taggingimplementation instructionsConfidential ProprietaryConfidential Proprietary

Update your tagging tofuture-proof yourmeasurementAs the advertising industry evolves,1st-party cookies are a moreaccurate way to measure yourconversions.Additionally, 1st-party cookies alsoallow for easier integration with manyGoogle products and simplifies tagmanagement on your website.Confidential Proprietary

Sitewide tags ensuresaccurate measurementThe best way to measure onlineconversions is to use tools that are able toset cookies in the same domain as yoursite (known as first-party cookies).11 - Google ads announcement August 2, 094505The tags for such tools should be placedsitewide - on every page of your site - toeffectively measure and optimize yourdigital marketing investment.Confidential Proprietary

Cookie basicsDomainWhich page are you interacting with?In this case myhappyclothes.comCookiesText files on your computer - they have a name, value,expiration date and a domain from which they aresubmitted and can be read.In this case e.g. myhappyclothes.comConfidential Proprietary

Cookie basics.semarley.comThird-Party CookiesCookies, where the domain differs from the one you’revisiting. In this case e.g. Note that whenyou later visit, they would be able toaccess your cookies, which are then irst-Party Cookiesmyhappyclothes.comCookies, where the domain is the one you’re visiting.In this case ential Proprietary

Site-wide tagging BenefitsAdapt to changes /Future proofAccurateconversion trackingFaster and easierintegration with otherGoogle productsConfidential Proprietary

Choose one of ourGoogle Sitewide tagging solutionsgtagGlobal Site TagGoogle Tag ManagerGoogle AnalyticsUpdated Google AdsConversion Tag,implemented on every pageWith Google Ads ConversionTracking / Floodlight Conversion Linker or GoogleAnalyticsUsing Goals or TransactionImport in Google Ads orGoogle Ads ConversionTracking with linked AnalyticsConfidential Proprietary

Requirements for all solutionsAlways useauto-tagging and thefull JavaScript (notimage-only)If usingclick-trackers in URL,make sure GCLID*still worksDon’t fire the tag fromwithin an iframe/viapiggybacking*Google Click IDConfidential Proprietary

How to decide which solution to use?How do you measure conversions?Simplest solution1) Google Analytics imported Goals/Transactions and/or2) Offline Conversions (CRM imported) as the only source of truthNo action requiredUsing Google Tag Managerfor Google Ads and / or Floodlight tagsUse Google Tag Managerwith Google Ads and / orFloodlight tags Conversion LinkerUsing Google Ads conversion tracking and / orFloodlight tags (Google Marketing Platform)Install gtag.js tagsAlternative solution: in case Google Analytics is already implemented onsite and using Google Ads conversion trackinggtag.jsLink Google Ads and Google Analytics accounts*This solution does not work with Floodlight tagsSource: How Google Ads tracks website conversionsConfidential Proprietary

Google Tag ManagerConversion linker implementation instructionsConfidential Proprietary

Before you beginYou should have: Google Tag Manager already set upon your site All relevant conversion tracking tagsare triggered through Google TagManagerCheck whether the Conversion Linkeris set to load on every page Confidential Proprietary

If Conversion Linker is not set to load, then follow thesesteps:Select “Tags”Confidential Proprietary

Select “New”Google Ads Conversion Tracking tag installed,and triggered on conversion pageConfidential Proprietary

Edit “Tag Configuration”Confidential Proprietary

Select the “Conversion Linker” optionConfidential Proprietary

Edit “Triggering”Confidential Proprietary

Select “All Pages”Confidential Proprietary

SaveConfidential Proprietary

Publish this change to your siteConfidential Proprietary

gtag.jsImplementation instructionsConfidential Proprietary

Before you beginYou should have: One global site tag for each GoogleAds account, Google Analytics accountand/or Floodlight configuration. Thistag needs to be implemented on everypage of your site. One event tag for each websiteconversion action you want to track.Confidential Proprietary

Implementation - global site tagFirst, implement the global site tag.Check how to create a gTag tag in your account:Google Ads Display Video 360 Search Ads 360 Google AnalyticsPaste gTag in betweenthe head /head tagsof every page of yourwebsite.You only need to installthe global site tag onceper account, even if youtrack multiple conversionactions.Setting up this tag sets acookie on your domain,which will storeinformation about the adclick that brought a userto your site.Don’t forget to provideusers with clear andcomprehensiveinformation about datacollection, and obtainingconsent where legallyrequired.Confidential Proprietary

Example: global site tag !-- Global Site Tag (gtag.js) - AdWords account: 123-123-1234 -- script asyncsrc " AW-123456789" /script script window.dataLayer window.dataLayer [];function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments)};gtag('js', new Date());gtag('config', 'AW-123456789'); /script Confidential Proprietary

Verification - global site tagTags can be validated usingGoogle Tag Assistant (GTA) extension forChrome.Enable the extension and refresh your page.If implemented correctly, the global site tag willappear as a remarketing tag, and that tag willshow a conversion ID (no label) when you clickon it in GTA.Confidential Proprietary

Implementation - conversion event tagsThe event tag lets customers specify which pages onyour website should be tracked as conversionsFor each legacyconversion tag on yoursite, you need to replaceit with an event tag.Make sure the legacy tagis removed to avoiddouble-counting.Event tags should beplaced between the head /head tags ofthe page(s) you’d like totrack, right after theglobal site tag.Confidential Proprietary

Example event tagThis is what an event tag looks like: script gtag('event', 'conversion', {'send to': 'AW-123456789/eXample 12345Replace','value': 1.00,'currency': 'USD'}); /script NOTE: Optionally, to track conversion value or conversion currency, customers candynamically insert them into the tag, similar to what you are doing with the pixel tag.Confidential Proprietary

Verification - event tagTags can be validated usingGoogle Tag Assistant.Enable the extension and refresh your page.If implemented correctly, the event tag will appear asGoogle Ads conversion tracking, and will show aconversion label when you click on it in GTA.Confidential Proprietary

Tips to implement event tag Onclick script function gtag report conversion(url) {var callback function () {if (typeof(url) ! 'undefined') {window.location url;}};gtag('event', 'conversion', {'send to': 'AW-928132361/wKHmCKzLtboHEPelt8X8 wE','event callback': callback});return false;} /script a href ""onclick "return gtag report conversion('')" Click here! /a a href ""onclick "gtag report conversion()" target " blank" Click here! /a Event snippet wrapped inside a functionsuitable to be used a click handler, withoptional callback function to redirect theuser to a landing page. The redirect onlyhappens if a url is passed as argument togtag report conversion()Example of a tag with onclick eventlistener to fire a conversion and redirectthe user to the landing page.Example of a tag with onclick eventlistener to fire a conversion and redirectthe user to the landing page in a new tab.Confidential Proprietary

Google AnalyticsLinked to Google Ads implementation instructions*Note this solution only works for Google Ads conversion tracking and not Floodlight tagsConfidential Proprietary

Before you begin Don’t manually remove the JavaScriptcode from the conversion tracking tagfor a “pixel-only” implementation. Link your active Google Analyticsproperty to the Google Ads accountthat owns your website conversionactions. Analytics tags have to be on the samedomain as Google Ads conversiontracking tags.Confidential Proprietary

Access your Google Adsaccount where conversiontracking is setup andselect "Tools"Source: Link Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts - 41Confidential Proprietary

Click on "Details"Source: Link Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts - 41Confidential Proprietary

Select theAnalyticsproperty andclick on "link"Source: Link Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts - 41Confidential Proprietary

Select whichviews to link toGoogle AdsSource: Link Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts - 41Confidential Proprietary

ConclusionConfidential Proprietary

Choose one of ourGoogle Sitewide tagging solutionsgtagGlobal Site TagGoogle Tag ManagerGoogle AnalyticsUpdated Google AdsConversion Tag,implemented on every pageWith Google Ads ConversionTracking / Floodlight Conversion Linker or GoogleAnalyticsUsing Goals or TransactionImport in Google Ads orGoogle Ads ConversionTracking with linked AnalyticsConfidential Proprietary

Thank youConfidential Proprietary

Confidential Proprietary Sitewide tags ensures accurate measurement The best way to measure online conversions is to use tools that are able to

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take the box out of your home at any time. This means we can no longer monitor the person with tagging conditions from this address. If you are not at the approved address when we visit to install the tag, you will have broken your tagging conditions. Fitting the Tag agreed, we will visit your approved address, fit the tag and install the box.

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