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TAN-E TREATEDJUNGLE GYMSYou can build at home

JUNGLE GYMSWe would like to thank you for taking the time to look over our Jungle gym catalogue and we hope that you findsomething that will suit your needs. We understand the importance of how a Jungle Gym will be part of thedevelopment, both physically and mentally of your child(ren).With this in mind we have, through years of experience, put together our most sought after combinations foryour perusal. Our Jungle Gyms are now supplied in an environmentally friendly, non toxic Tan-E treatment thatis safe for your kids.Design Your Own Jungle GymThe modules below have been designed so that you can easily create your own Jungle Gym. Combinethese modules with the optional extras such as slides, swings, ramps, gym rings etc to make a JungleGym that will give your child(ren) hours of fun. (See back page for the optional extras.)The opposite page has some pre-designed Jungle Gyms that we have created for you. Feel free toenhance them by adding any optional extras and/or modules.The BridgeR 1933.00The SwingArea Required: 0.9m x 2.1mR 1495.00Area Required: 2.7m x 3.0mThe BasicR 2952.00Area Required: 1.2m x 1.2mThe Double-UpR 2095.00Area Required: 1.2m x 1.2mThe Sand PitR 600.00The MonkeyR 1919.00Area Required: 0.8m x 2.1mThe StepsR 323.00www.poleyard.co.zaThe Pole Yard - Jungle Gym Price List 01

PRE-DESIGNED JUNGLE GYMSBABOONCHEETAHEAGLER 6120.00R 10160.00R 8770.00Area Required:2.7m x 4.2mArea Required:2.7m x 5.2mArea Required:4.0m x 5.2mBUFFALOLIONCOBRAR 11500.00Area Required:3.6m x 5.4mwww.poleyard.co.zaR 12040.00Area Required:4.2m x 5.2mR 9360.00Area Required:3.2m x 5.4mThe Pole Yard - Jungle Gym Price List 02

OPTIONAL EXTRAS2.4m SlideR1650.00Rope Tyre SwingR275.002.8m SlideR1850.00Chain Tyre SwingR385.003.3m SlideR 2650.00Swing Attachments EachR80.002.1m Monkey Bar OnlyR779.002.1m Combo RampR1149.002.5m Monkey RopeR225.00Fireman’s PoleR1150.003.3m Monkey RopeR275.00Rope LadderR144.001.5x1.8m Cargo NetR490.001.8m LadderR411.001.8x2.4m Cargo NetR660.00Gymnast HoopsR275.001.2x2.1 Climbing WallR1575.00Kid’s Bucket PulleyR465.00Please note that we only supply these Jungle Gym kits.We have designed them to make it easier for you to install yourself.If you are unable to install it please contact your nearest branch for a recommended installer.All our units are supplied with the necessary hardware and instructions.Most of the holes have been drilled for your convenience.Installation instructions can be downloaded fromwww.polyard.co.zaList of required tools:SpadePencilLevelHammer17mm socket &ratchetor 17mm spannerSomething to stamp downthe soil, drill & 10x170mmauger bit13mm socket or spanner ifpurchasing a Firemans Polewww.poleyard.co.zaThe Pole Yard - Jungle Gym Price List 03

GET IN TOUCHCape Town / Paarden EilandSouthern Suburbs / Noordhoek39 Paarden Eiland Road, Paarden Eiland,Cape TownNoordhoek Garden Emporium, Main Road,NoordhoekTel: 021 510 4477Tel: 021 789 2083Email: pype@poleyard.co.zaEmail: pynk@poleyard.co.zaTrading Hours:Mon-Fri: 08h00 – 17h00Sat & Public Holidays: 08h00 – 13h00Trading Hours:Mon-Fri: 08h00 – 17h00Sat & Public Holidays: 08h00 – 13h00Vredenburg / West CoastHelderberg238 Saldanha Road,Brakfontein,Vredenburg, 7380Next to Mountain Streams Nursery, SirLowry’s Pass Road, Gordons BayTel: 022 719 1828Tel: 021 879 0900Email: pywc@poleyard.co.zaEmail: pyhb@poleyard.co.zaTrading Hours:Mon-Fri: 08h00 – 17h00Sat & Public Holidays: 08h00 – 13h00Trading Hours:Mon-Fri: 08h00 – 17h00Sat & Public Holidays: 08h00 – 13h00TokaiKyalami21 Military Rd, Retreat97 Lachlan Rd, Glenferness AH,Midrand, 2191Tel: 021 701 8118Tel: 010 448 7933Email: pytok@poleyard.co.zaEmail: pykyl@poleyard.co.zaTrading Hours:Mon-Fri: 08h00 – 17h00Sat & Public Holidays: 08h00 – 13h00Trading Hours:Mon-Fri: 08h00 – 17h00Sat & Public Holidays: 08h00 – 13h00www.poleyard.co.za

The opposite page has some pre-designed Jungle Gyms that we have created for you. Feel free to enhance them by adding any optional extras and/or modules. www.poleyard.co.za The Pole Yard - Jungle Gym Price List 01 Design Your Own Jungle Gym The Swing R 1495.00 Area Required: 2.7m x 3.0m The Sand Pit R 600.00 The Bridge R 1933.00 Area Required .

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gyms and fitness centers in higher education institutions, yoga/Pilates/barre studios, boxing/kickboxing gyms, fitness boot camps, CrossFit or other plyometric boxes, and other group fitness classes (e.g., spin, rowing, dancing). Residential and hotel gyms and fitness centers must have staff available to ensure compliance with this guidance.

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1. Why did you want to direct the Jungle Book? I have always loved the Jungle Book stories and remember watching the Disney video when I was young. India seemed to be such a romantic far away place and I thought that it would be great to be like Mowgli - living in the jungle with the animals as your friends. I have wanted to direct Jungle Book

What kind of animals do you think live in the jungle? When you are done playing, either enjoy eating bananas together OR make Banana-sicles with the children for snake today! (See instructions in the Cooking Section below). Going Out To Play Use the names of Jungle critters to sing the classic song “One Little Duck” only use the jungle names:

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