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SPACE TYPES & REQUIREMENTS30 November 2012GymnasiumSchool Type:E M HAdjacency Diagram(High School)K 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12Func onal Area Descrip onsThe focus of physical educa on has evolved to includeall aspects of the healthy lifestyle of individuals.Physical educa on is therefore directed toward fitnessand wellness through ac vity and theory-basedinstruc on for nutri on and healthy lifestyle choices.Gym spaces should accommodate the evolvingcurriculum of physical educa on.The gymnasium is an area that may be used for a!erschool events, so it should be able to func ondiscretely from the remainder of the school building.Provide an interior gathering/mee ng space directlyadjacent to the gymnasium func ons. The area shouldconnect to both interior and exterior schoolcircula on—it may be the common shared space, or aseparate lobby area. Public restrooms should belocated near the gymnasium and accessible for a!erschool events.1 GymnasiumThe gymnasium provides a dedicated space forphysical educa on. Provide a clear ceiling height of 24feet (7.32 m). Windows, light fixtures, and mechanicalequipment must withstand the impact abuse of balls.Include recessed alcove with drinking fountains. Adivider curtain is desirable to allow two ac vi es tooccur simultaneously.Planning Requirements (varies - see Planning Requirements, Detailed at end of this Ed Spec)Area DescriptionSFGymnasium1Gymnasium - ES1Gymnasium - MS1Gymnasium - HS1Spectator Seating2Auxiliary Gym - MS and HS only3PE Storage4PE Teacher s75/teacherPE Teacher Restroom75Locker Rooms - MS, HS (refer to Locker CalculationsTable)Athletic facilities - for enrollment 199Athletic Locker Rooms - HSAthletic Team Room, Football - HSAthletic Weight Room - HSAthletic Office - HSAthletic Storage - HSAthletic Laundry - HSAthletic Training Room - HS23471604697varies232varies7/teacherProvide two for enrollment 999Provide two for enrollment 999Provide two for enrollment 999Refer to Spectator Seating tableFor enrollment 700 - 999Enrollment x 0.9, min 400 SFCalculated in Staff CollaborationProvide one for ES; for MS and HS provide7two for enrollment 300variesvaries800650850variesvaries1002007460 Where HS has a football team79varies 100 SF (9 m2) for every 300 studentsvaries9 Enrollment x 0.6; min. 250 SF19412M NotesGYMNASIUM56Common Shared Spaces1

30 November 2012Elementary Schools – ESThe gymnasium at the elementary school does notrequire space for compe on sports. The curriculum atthis age is more skills-based. If basketball courtmarkings are provided, the largest court that can beaccommodated is 42 feet x 74 feet (12.8 m x 22.6 m).Six basketball goals shall be provided. At least two shallbe adjustable in the 6—8 foot (1.8—2.4 m) range andtwo shall be adjustable in the 8—10 feet (2.4—3.1 m)range. Posi oning of these goals should allow forconcurrent use by small groups of students. Mul plecolored ac vity lines shall be provided.Middle Schools and High Schools – MS/HSThe gymnasium at the middle school or high schoollevel should accommodate a 50 feet x 84 feet (15.2 m x25.6 m) basketball court and a regula on volleyballcourt. Provide a minimum of 10 feet (3.1 m) out-ofbounds at the ends of the court and 6 feet (1.8 m) atthe sides. Six basketball goals shall be provided. Thereis no requirement for these goals to be adjustable.Depending on the arrangement of spectator sea ng,retractable goals may be required on the cross courts.Supply addi onal lines to accommodate theeduca onal program.Spectator Sea ngA small amount of sea ng, even in elementary school(non-compe on) gymnasiums, allows for communityuse of the facility. A minimum of 200 seats oftelescoping bleachers shall be provided in allgymnasiums. Where no addi onal area is provided inthe Planning Requirements table, the bleachers willextend onto the court area when open. In gymnasiumsintended for compe on sports, addi onal area forspectator sea ng is indicated and the bleachers maynot encroach on the safety area of the court when fullyextended.2 Auxiliary GymThis space may be used for dancing classes, exercise,gymnas cs, table tennis, wrestling, and otherac vi es. For middle schools and high schools theauxiliary gym should accommodate a 38 feet x38 feet(11.6 m x 11.6 m) wrestling mat and overhead matstorage should be provided. The ceiling should be 24feet (7.32 m) high if possible, or a minimum of 16 feet(4.9 m). Gymnasium and Athle c Sea ng: Grayslake NorthHigh School, FGM Architects, Grayslake, IL3 Physical Educa on StorageThe storage area provides storage for PE equipment.The room should include a pair of doors for a minimum6-feet (1.8 m) wide opening, directly adjacent to themain gymnasium. Where possible it should alsoinclude doors to the exterior for storage of equipmentused on the fields.4 Physical Educa on Teacher OfficeThis space should be near the entry to the gymnasiumwith a view window from the office into thegymnasium.5 Physical Educa on Teacher RestroomFor middle school and high school, provide male andfemale teacher restrooms with showers and changingarea near the gymnasium. For elementary school,provide a single unisex restroom, shower and changingarea. These restrooms should be easily accessible to all4123 Gymnasium and Athle c Sea ng: St. Joseph School,FGM Architects, St. Joseph, ILNOTE: Images shown are intended to provide realworld examples and spark design crea vity.GYMNASIUM56Common Shared Spaces2

30 November 2012staff members without entering the teacher office.Where only one PE teacher is assigned, provide oneuni-sex teacher restroom with shower. If theserestroom/shower facili es are accessible to all staff,they will fulfill the shower requirement for thealterna ve transporta on LEED credit; bicycle storageand changing rooms.6 Locker Rooms – MS/HSLocker rooms provide space for students to changeclothing and store personal belongings while engagingin physical educa on or athle c events. Provideseparate facili es for male and female students.Access the locker rooms directly from the court area ora supervised corridor. The locker rooms should alsoprovide easy access to the exterior play fields.Consider privacy as well as easy supervision in thelayout of the whole space.The following spaces shall be provided in high schoolswith compe ve athle c programs. Middle schoolswith approved athle c programs (DoDEA-Americas)may also include these athle c spaces.7 Athle c Locker Rooms – HSA separate area for athle c lockers shall be providedadjacent to the main locker room areas. These spacescan be con guous, but the athle c lockers should allbe grouped together in one area. Provide 48 – 15 inchx 15 inch (38 cm x 38 cm) athle c lockers for boys andthe same for girls.8 Athle c Team Room - Football – HSWhere the school has a compe ve football team, aseparate team locker room shall be provided toaccommodate the larger equipment required forfootball. This space can be accessed from the mainlocker room, but should be able to be securedseparately. Provide 30 – 24 inch x 18 inch (61 cm x 46cm) athle c lockers at the perimeter of three sides ofthe room. Provide a marker board and bulle n boardon the fourth wall for use in team mee ngs andstrategy sessions.9 Athle c Weight Room - HSThe weight room contains weight li!ing apparatus andfitness equipment. Weight training consists of ironweights, barbells, dumbbells, flat benches, inclinebenches, squat machines, and other equipment.Fitness area consists of treadmills, sta onary bikes,step machines, floor mats for stretching, calisthenicsand aerobics, and other equipment. Free weighttraining or heavy li!ing is delimited apart from fitnessand may be in separate spaces. Provide adequatemaneuvering clearance around equipment for safety.10 Athle c Office - HSProvide a shared office space for coaching staff.11 Athle c Storage – HSThis storage area provides storage for equipment usedby the athle c programs. The room may be dividedwith wire mesh par ons for separate storage areasfor different sports. Addi onal storage may beprovided at the concession/restroom facility near theathle c fields. This storage should be easily accessibleto the athle c coaches. Fitness Area: Mason High School, VSWC Architects,Mason, OH12 Athle c Laundry - HSProvide a small laundry facility for the cleaning oftowels and uniforms. This area should be separatefrom the locker room area.13 Athle c Training Room - HSA training room may be provided adjacent to thelocker rooms. The training room contains injurytreatment facili es. This space houses the trainer’sarea, whirlpool, treatment table, and related items.NOTE: Images shown are intended to provide realworld examples and spark design crea vity.4123GYMNASIUM56Common Shared Spaces3

30 November 2012Specialized Features (include as required)All Schools Basketball hoops (6) Wall padding - 6 feet (1.83 m) high—main courtarea, auxiliary gym Chinning bars Volleyball standards Acous cal panels Gym divider curtainMS/HS Main court basketball lines Main court volleyball lines Side court basketball lines Side court volleyball lines Side court badminton Lockers Benches Overhead mat storageSchools with athle c program – HS and some MS Scoreboard (2 each min) Basketball shot clocks Hydrotherapy tubs Fitness equipment Mirrors in locker room and weight room Interlocking rubber les under weight equipmentGymnasium Concept Perspec ve(Elementary School)5431 Professional Development/Instruc on: Mason HighNOTE: Images shown are intended to provide realworld examples and spark design crea vity.NOTE: 3D illustra ons are shown for informa onal purposesand are not intended to limit design op ons.4123GYMNASIUM56Common Shared Spaces4

30 November 2012Gymnasium Concept Perspec ve (Middle and High School )11137612510 Health Classroom: Ford Middle School, Grand Rapids,5748691211NOTE: Images shown are intended to provide realworld examples and spark design crea vity.NOTE: 3D illustra ons are shown for informa onal purposesand are not intended to limit design op ons.4123GYMNASIUM56Common Shared Spaces5

30 November 2012Planning Requirements, DetailedImperial (English) UnitsSpectator 699700-799800-8991 ES - Spectator Seating1 MS - Spectator Seating8008008008008008008001 HS - Spectator ic UnitsSpectator 699700-799800-8991 ES - Spectator Seating0000000001 MS - Spectator Seating00747474747474741 HS - Spectator Seating747489119149178208238268Notes:ES - Provide telescoping bleachers for 200 students. Bleachers will extend onto the court when open. This gym is not intended for competition sports.MS - Provide telescoping bleachers for 200 students. Where additional area is indicated, bleachers shall not encroach on the safety area around the court when fully extended.HS - Minimum # of bleacher 00 8003,520900-9990742971,000 ,7003,2003,5503,8504,15022345689101112Total mMale (single - M or F)sf/locker-toiletshower(total of shadedcolumns)Single LockerRoomTotal(rounded up tonearest 25 sf)Locker RoomTotal sfMale andFemaleLocker 2x12(3)12x12(3)12x12(3)12x12shower count(single - M or F)locker sizesf/toilet(single - M or F)30 double tier60 double tier(36) 5-tier/full(48) 5-tier/full(30) 5-tier/5-tier/full(36) 5-tier/5-tier/full(42) 5-tier/5-tier/full(48) 5-tier/5-tier/full(54) 5-tier/5-tier/full(60) 5-tier/5-tier/fulltlt/urinal count(single - M or F)60120180240300360420480540600sf/locker area(single - M or F)# of lockers(single - M or F)type of nrollmentrangeLocker Calculation n Shared Spaces6

located near the gymnasium and accessible for a!er school events. 1 Gymnasium The gymnasium provides a dedicated space for physical educa on. Provide a clear ceiling height of 24 feet (7.32 m). Windows, light fixtures, and mechanical equipment must withstand the impact abuse of balls. Include recessed alcove with drinking fountains. A

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