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PCB HardwareContentsSMT Test PointsSMT Cable ClipsCoin Cell HoldersSMT Jumper LinksPCB Jumper LinksPCB Terminals, Turret Lugs300301302304305306Spacers / Pillars / StandoffClearance SpacersThreaded Spacers309310

SMT HardwareTest PointsSMT HARDWAREIdeal for use with standard probes, clips and hooks.Can be placed using industry standard equipment.Suitable for automatic or manual test.High speed placement.Industry standard tape and reel packaging.Strong and durable.2.00mm HIGHMaterialsMaterial:Finish:Copper AlloyTin3.251.65PackagingFormat:Reel quantityS1751-46R:S2751-46R:S2761-46R:2.00Tape & Reel2,500 on a Ø330mm reel2,500 on a Ø178mm reel3,000 on a Ø178mm reel3.451.85Recommended PC Board PatternORDER CODES1751-46R1.40mm HIGH2.001.15mm HIGH1.201.601.401.152.201.801.001.40Recommended PC Board PatternRecommended PC Board PatternORDER CODEORDER CODES2751-46RS2761-46RAll dimensions in mm.www.harwin.com0.80300

SMT HardwareXXXXXXXXXXXXCableManagement & Grounding ClipsSMT HARDWARESuitable for use with insulated cables with outer diametersXXØ0.9XX to Ø3mm and grounding braided coax cables.Cableclip can XXXXXXXbe solderedat XXXXsame time as rest of board,XXXXXXXXXXXXXXreducingadditional operation time required for mountingXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.plastic clip types.XXLow profile & small footprint saves PCB space.MaterialsMaterial: Copper AlloyFinish: TinAPackagingFormat: Tape & ReelReel quantity: Ø330mm reel, see tableBA 0.4B 0.4CD0.20Recommended PC Board PatternHOW TO ORDERPART NO.ABCDCOAX GROUNDINGCABLE RETENTIONREEL QUANTITYS8091-46R5.004.001.350.70Ø1.12mm2 x Ø0.9mm3,000S8101-46R5.004.001.500.80RG178, RG179, RG3162 x Ø1.0mm3,000S8111-46R5., RG179, RG3163 x Ø1.0mm, 2 x Ø1.5mm1,500S8121-46R7.005.502.551.30n/a2 x Ø1.5mm, 1 x Ø2.0mm1,300S8131-46R10.008.003.551.80RG583 x Ø2.0mm, 1 x Ø3.0mm800All dimensions in mm.www.harwin.com301

SMT Coin Cell HolderBatteryXXXXXXXXXXXXRetainer for Ø12mm Coin CellSMT HARDWARETapeXX & reel packaged for auto-placement to PCB.HighlyXXeffective retention of coin cell batteries.EliminatesXXXXXXXXXXtheXXXXXXXneed for XXXXsoldered-inXXXX coin cells.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.Low profile design available with dual independant contactpointsfor enhanced electrical reliability.XXAccommodates CR1220, CR1225 and similar coin cell batteries.LOW PROFILESTANDARDPackagingPackagingFormat:Reel quantity:Suitable for battery size:Tape & Reel1,000 on a Ø330mm reelBR1225, CR1216, CR1220, CR1225Format:Reel quantity:Suitable for battery size:Tape & Reel500 on a Ø330mm 03.504.00square7.45Ø1.25-1.302.00Negative contact4.50Recommended PC Board PatternRecommended PC Board PatternHOW TO ORDERS8 XX1 - XX RPACKAGINGSERIES CODERTape & ReeledTYPE201Low Profile411StandardFINISHAll dimensions in mm.www.harwin.com30245Gold (S8411)46Tin (S8201)

Coin Cell HolderXXXXXXXXXXXXBattery Retainer for Ø20mm Coin CellLOW PROFILEPCB HARDWAREXXHorizontal designs are tape & reel packaged for auto placement.XXHighly effective retention of coin cell batteries.XXXXXXXXXXEliminates theXXXXXXXneed for soldered-inXXXX XXXX cells.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.Vertical mount minimises PCB real estate usage.XXLow profile design available with dual independent contactpoints for enhanced electrical reliability.Accomodates CR2032 and similar coin cell batteries.STANDARDPackagingPackagingFormat:Reel quantity:Suitable for battery size:Format:Reel quantity:Suitable for battery size:Tape & Reel550 on a Ø330mm reelCR2016, CR2025, CR203215.7021.10Tape & Reel500 on a Ø330mm ve contact3.6013.00Recommended PC Board PatternRecommended PC Board PatternVERTICAL6.6022.90PackagingFormat:Suitable for battery size:Reeled TrayCR203216.905.003 x d PC Board PatternHOW TO ORDERS8 XX1 - XX RPACKAGINGRSERIES CODETape & ReeledBlank Reeled Tray (S8401)TYPEFINISH211Low Profile401Vertical45Gold (S8421)421Standard46Tin (S8201, S8401)All dimensions in mm.www.harwin.com3.00303

SMT HardwareXXXXXXXXXXXXSMT Fixed Jumper LinkSMT HARDWAREXXDesigned to link PCB tracks where through hole linksare not possible.XXTypical applicationsincludeon aluminium backplanesXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXuseXXXXin power applications.XXXXXXXXXXXXXXX.High current.XXSmall footprint.Low profile options available for space saving design.12.3mm LONGMaterialsMaterial:Finish:Copper Alloy (S1621, S1911)Copper (S1731)Tin1.800.5012.30PackagingFormat:Reel quantityS1621-46R:S1731-46R:S1911-46R:Tape & Reel1.805,000 on a Ø330mm reel2,500 on a Ø330mm reel4,000 on a Ø330mm reel2.305.5013.302.808.100.50 minORDER CODES1621-46RRecommended PC Board Pattern6.86mm LONG, 2.54mm HIGH6.85mm LONG, 0.97mm 002.002.541.90 min3.000.50 min1.913.02Recommended PC Board PatternORDER CODES1731-46RRecommended PC Board PatternAll dimensions in mm.www.harwin.com2.90304ORDER CODES1911-46R

PCB HardwareØ1mm Shorting Link PlugsPCB HARDWAREChoice of insulated or un-insulated links.Insulated links supplied in a variety of colors,with a high-performance gold finish.Un-insulated links can be soldered directly into the PCBfor permanent linking.Can be used with individual PCB sockets for hardwareprogramming applications.INSULATEDStyle 1MaterialsHousing: PBT UL94V-0Contact: BrassFinishInsulated: GoldUn-insulated: See order code3.20 max9.5012.70ElectricalCurrent rating: 10A at 20 CAStyle 24.30Ø1.00UN-INSULATED15.10 (A 10.16)15.40 (A 12.70)3.20 max9.0012.00AØ1.00AØ1.07-1.17HOW TO ORDERHOW TO ORDERD308 X - XXD308 X - XXSERIES CODEPITCH (A)SERIES CODESTYLE65.08mm176.35mm1810.16mm2912.70mm2PITCH l dimensions in mm.www.harwin.comRecommended PC Board Pattern5.00 maxØ1.00A305FINISH05Gold46Tin

PCB HardwareTurned TerminalsPCB HARDWAREMaterial: Brass with tin plating - also available in gold platingfor the Ø1mm and Ø1.75mm chamfered terminal pins (H217xand H218x series).Retention by swaging feature available.Suitable for a variety of PCB thicknesses from 1.6mm to3.2mm.Ø1.00AØ1.78BORDER CODE -01ORDER CODE (GOLD)ABPANEL THICKNESSMOUNTING 054.32mm0.51mm1.60mmØ1.04 - 1.14mm4.90mm0.35mm1.60mmØ1.04 - 1.14mm8.13mm0.51mm1.60mmØ1.04 - 1.14mm9.53mm0.51mm1.60mmØ1.04 - 1.14mm13.21mm0.51mm1.60mmØ1.04 - 1.14mm19.56mm0.51mm1.60mmØ1.04 - 1.14mmØ1.75AØ2.25BORDER CODE (TIN)H2181-01H2182-01H2183-01H2184-01ORDER CODE (GOLD)ABPANEL THICKNESSMOUNTING 0.35mm1.60mmØ1.80 - 1.90mm8.45mm0.35mm1.60mmØ1.80 - 1.90mm9.85mm0.35mm1.60mmØ1.80 - 1.90mm15.65mm0.35mm1.60mmØ1.80 - 1.90mm22.00mm0.35mm1.60mmØ1.80 - 1.90mmØ2.39Ø2.39Ø0.77Ø0.92AAØ2.39BBORDER CODEABPANEL THICKNESSMOUNTING 01H2105B016.53mm0.51mm1.60mmØ1.79 - 1.87mm6.53mm0.51mm3.20mmØ1.79 - 1.87mm4.47mm0.51mm1.60mmØ1.33 - 1.41mm4.47mm0.51mm2.40mmØ1.33 - 1.41mm8.39mmØ0.93mm1.60mmØ1.79 - 1.87mm6.37mmØ0.77mm1.60mmØ1.33 - 1.41mmAll dimensions in mm.www.harwin.comH2185-01306

PCB HardwareTurned TerminalsPCB HARDWAREMaterial: Brass with tin plating.Retention by swaging feature available.Suitable for a variety of PCB thicknesses from 1mm to 71.20B0.51BAØCAAØ1.27ORDER CODEABCPANEL THICKNESSMOUNTING HOLEH3108-01H2101-015.70mm0.38mm1.00mmØ0.50 - 0.55mm8.23mm6.07mmØ0.87mm1.60mmØ1.79 - 60mmØ1.33 - 1.41mmH2475-015.26mm6.35mm1.60mmØ1.83 - 1.88mm3.00mm4.30mm1.60mmØ0.77 - 0.85mmØDØDBAAØCØCORDER CODEABCDPANEL THICKNESSMOUNTING HOLEH2088-017.14mmØ1.13mmØ0.76mm2.40mmØ1.00 - 0 - 1.35mmH2081-019.53mmØ1.68mmØ1.22mm2.40mmØ1.55 - mm1.60mmØ1.60 - mØ1.74mm2.40mmØ2.40 - 3.20mmØ3.19 - 3.27mmAll dimensions in 22mm2.40mmØ1.55 - 1.60mmDBABCDTHROUGH HOLEPANEL THICKNESSMOUNTING .30 - 1.35mmDAORDER .00 - �1.28 - mm2.40mmØ1.84 - 1.92mmB

PCB HardwareTurned TerminalsPCB HARDWAREMaterial: Brass with tin plating.Retention by swaging feature available.Suitable for a variety of PCB thicknesses from 1.6mm to 3.2mm.Ø1.03ØCØCØDAØCBAØDABBØDORDER CODEABCDPANEL THICKNESSMOUNTING 1.02mmØ1.57mm1.60mmØ1.25 - 1.33mm4.74mm1.19mmØ1.91mmØ3.18mm1.60mmØ2.01 - 2.09mm3.18mm0.94mmØ2.33mmØ4.03mm1.60mmØ1.60 - 1.68mm5.15mm0.58mmØ2.39mmØ3.18mm1.60mmØ1.69 - 1.74mmØCAØCØDAØDBBORDER CODEABCDPANEL THICKNESSMOUNTING 0.58mmØ2.36mmØ3.18mm1.60mmØ2.35 - 2.45mm7.65mm0.58mmØ2.36mmØ3.18mm2.40mmØ2.35 - 2.45mm6.29mm1.01mmØ3.25mmØ3.96mm1.60mmØ2.17 - 2.27mm6.52mm1.24mmØ2.54mmØ3.96mm1.60mmØ2.01 - 2.11mm6.52mm1.24mmØ2.54mmØ3.96mm2.40mmØ2.01 - 2.11mmØCAORDER CODEABCDPANEL THICKNESSMOUNTING �4.57mmØ6.35mm3.20mmØ3.93 - 4.03mm9.12mm1.78mmØ3.18mmØ4.75mm1.60mmØ2.68 - 2.78mm9.12mm1.78mmØ3.18mmØ4.75mm2.40mmØ2.68 - 2.78mm9.12mm1.78mmØ3.18mmØ4.75mm3.20mmØ2.68 - 2.78mmAll dimensions in mm.www.harwin.comØD308

Metric SpacersClearance SpacersSPACERSStandard lengths available from 3 to 30mm.Brass spacers: base material is free-machining brass,with nickel plating.Aluminium spacers: supplied with a clear passivation finishto prevent oxidation.Plastic material: Nylon 66 UL94V-2.CLEARANCE FOR M4 THREADCLEARANCE FOR M3 THREADMaterialsMaterialsBase material: Brass, Aluminium or PlasticFinishBrass: NickelAluminium: Clear PassivateBase material: Brass or PlasticFinishBrass: NickelØ6.35 (Brass)Ø6.30 (Plastic)Ø4.76 (Brass)Ø5.00 (Aluminium, Plastic)LengthLengthØ3.30 (Brass)Ø3.20 (Aluminium, Plastic)Ø4.40 (Brass)Ø4.20 (Plastic)HOW TO ORDERHOW TO ORDERR30 - 6 XX XX XXR40 - 6 XX XX XXSERIES CODESERIES GTH (mm)00Brass71PlasticLENGTH (mm)03 to 16, 18, 20, 25, 30Brass, Aluminium03 to 16, 18, 20, 25, 30Brass03 to 16, 18, 20, 25Plastic03, 05 to 08, 10 to 12, 15, 18PlasticFINISH02Nickel (Brass only)14Passivation (Aluminium only)94White (Plastic only)FINISHAll dimensions in mm.www.harwin.com30902Nickel (Brass only)94White (Plastic only)

Metric SpacersThreaded Female SpacersSPACERSAvailable in a variety of standard body lengths.Brass spacers: base material is free-machining brass,with nickel plating.Plastic material: Nylon 66 UL94V-2.Longer thread lengths may not be threaded through thecomplete length, but have female threads at both ends.HEXAGONALCIRCULARMaterialsMaterialsBase material: Brass or PlasticFinishBrass: NickelBase material: BrassFinishBrass: Nickel5.00 A/F (R25-100, R30-100)5.50 A/F (R30-101, R30-161)7.00 A/F (R40-100)Ø4.76LengthM3LengthM2.5 (R25), M3 (R30) or M4 (R40)HOW TO ORDERRXX - XXX XX XXFINISHSERIES CODER25-100Hexagonal, Brass, M2.5 Thread00White (Plastic only)R30-100Hexagonal, Brass, M3 Thread02Nickel (Brass only)R30-101Hexagonal, Brass, M3 ThreadR30-161Hexagonal, Plastic, M3 ThreadLENGTH (mm)R30-500Circular, Brass, M3 Thread06 to 16, 18, 20, 25R30-161, R40-100R40-100Hexagonal, Brass, M4 Thread04 to 16, 18, 20, 25OtherAll dimensions in mm.www.harwin.com310

Metric SpacersThreaded Male PillarsSPACERSM300Available in a choice thread sizes, with a variety of standardbody lengths.Base material is free-machining Brass, with nickel plating.MALE/MALEMALE/FEMALELength6.005.00 A/F6.005.00 A/F (R25, R30)7.00 A/F (R40)Length5.00 (R25-300)6.00 (R30-300)8.00 (Others)M3HOW TO ORDERR30 - 400 XX 02Thread Length (minimum)M2.5 (R25), M3 (R30) or M4 (R40)SERIES CODELENGTH (mm) Thread sizes are the same both ends for all standard spacers.04 to 16, 18, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40FINISH02NickelHOW TO ORDERRXX - 30X XX 02SERIES CODER25-300M2.5 ThreadR30-300M3 Thread, 6mm StudR30-301M3 Thread, 8mm StudR40-300M4 ThreadFINISH02LENGTH LENGTH1.9 2.5 2.5 3.5 4.5 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.02.0 2.5 3.0 4.5 5.5 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.0 6.02.5 3.0 4.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 5.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.02.5 3.5 4.5 5.5 6.5 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0 8.0All dimensions in ckel

PCB Hardware Choice of insulated or un-insulated links. Insulated links supplied in a variety of colors, with a high-performance gold finish. Un-insulated links can be soldered directly into the PCB for permanent linking. Can be used with individual PCB sockets for hardware programming applications. PCB HARDWARE Ø1.00 5.00 max A 12.70 12.00 9 .

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