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THE WORLD’S MOST COMPREHENSIVE 3D HEAD MODEL MORPH SYSTEMHeadshot Morph 1000 is the world’s most comprehensive facial morph system. Specially designed for photo-modelling and controlled modification ofHeadshot photo-generated models, they can be used to produce virtually scan-level results. Headshot morphs can also be used for general modelling, andin tandem with existing Character Creator morphs.The morphs allow you to control virtually every aspect of the face and head, from global adjustments to the smallest details - to give your character acompletely unique look or to more accurately resemble the source photo used to create a Headshot model. More than 1,000 head morphs are categorizedin a logical order separated by a visual icon and intuitive naming. Additionally, Character Creator’s search function can be used to locate any of the morphwithin seconds.THREE MAIN MORPH TYPESThe morphs are organized to suggest a simple, logical workflow: from global morphs which address the head and face in general terms - to peripheral morphsaffecting the skull, ears and jaw - followed by more detailed feature morphs (Click a facial part below to view the detailed morph information)Head 11 SKULL 30 Scale, width, height and depth adjustment for headScale, Height, width, depth, peak, curve and temple adjustment.FOREHEAD 20 Face 35 Width, height, depth, angle, curve and flattenadjustment, featuring detailed contouradjustment.Scale, width, height and depth adjustment,featuring face type selections.Brow 40 EARS 160 Height, width, angle, curve and depthadjustment.Scale, height, width and depth adjustment,featuring angle, type, edge and earlobeadjustment.GLOBALEYES 246 Scale, width, height, angle, tight and rotateadjustment for eyes and eyeball, featuringmorphs for eye parts like eyelash, fold etc.CHEEK 92 PERIPHERYFEATURESNOSE 107 Scale, height, width and depth adjustment,featuring bone, flesh, crease and contouradjustment.CHIN 28 Scale, height, width and depth adjustment,featuring ridge, tip, nostril, septum and typeadjustment.Height, width, angle and depth adjustment,featuring cleft and dimple adjustment.JAW 30 MOUTH 92 Scale, height, width, angle, and depth adjustment,featuring define and smooth adjustment.Scale, height, width, curve, angle and depthadjustment, featuring corner, lip, philtrum andtype adjustment.NECK 20 TEETH 214 Height, width, length, offset, edge, rotate, move anddepth adjustment, featuring adjustment for everysingle tooth.Scale, height, width, depth, curve and smoothadjustment, featuring rotate and Adam’s appleadjustment.

ICON DESIGNThe Headshot Morph 1000 icon design is user-oriented and easy recognizable, check out and follow the following icon design introduction tomake modelling work easier:Visible AngleAdjustable SideObserve the morph change fromthe suggested view angleThe L and R indicator marks which sidecan be changed by this specific morphFront and Side ViewFont ViewSide ViewRight ViewAdjustable DirectionLeft ViewScaleAdjustable AreaLeft and RightHighlight the targeted morph areafor easy morph slider selectionUp and DownFront FacingSide FacingPlanar MorphDepth MorphPush ForwardRotationIsolate Front Planar and Side Depth MorphsFront facing morphs do not affect the face depth morphs and vice versa.

FOLDER STRUCTUREAll facial morphs in Headshot Morph 1000 are separated in 3 main folders. The folders take a top-down approach and guide you from the more general to themost detailed morph sliders for individual features. The morph folder structure is arranged by mimicking the logic of character modeling: Start with the generalmorphs to adjust broad areas and go further down to the Details and Parts Morphs to edit the smallest features for each facial part.HeadshotRoot FolderParts Folder& Sub CategoryMorphSlidersActorActor PartsHeadshotHeadCC Base otDetailCreaseCreaseLip ullFaceTear kGeneralDetailRotateCC Base EyeHeadshot


Actor HeadshotHeadGeneralHead ScaleHead WidthHead Width LHead Width RHead Upper WidthHead Upper Width LHead Upper Width RHead Lower WidthHead Lower Width LHead Lower Width RHead DepthSkullGeneralSkull ScaleSkull HeightSkull WidthSkull Width LSkull Width RSkull DepthSkull Front DepthSkull Front HeightSkull Back ScaleSkull Back HeightSkull Back WidthSkull Back DepthSkull Back Neck Depth

DetailSkull PeakSkull Peak LSkull Peak RSkull Side HeightSkull Side Height LSkull Side Height RSkull Back Side CurveSkull Front Side CurveSkull Front Side WidthSkull Front Side Width LSkull Front Side Width RSkull Over Ear WidthSkull Over Ear Width LSkull Over Ear Width RSkull Temple DepthSkull Temple Depth LSkull Temple Depth RFaceGeneralDetailFace ScaleFace HeightFace WidthFace Upper WidthFace Lower WidthFace DepthFace Upper DepthFace Center DepthFace Lower DepthFace AngleFace Upper AngleFace Lower AngleFace Planar PerspectiveFace Height AllFace Width AllFace Relative Depth

Face Curve DepthFace Median DepthFace Upper Median DepthFace Lower Median DepthFace Feature Depth OneFace Feature Depth TwoFace FatterFace ThinnerFace RoundFace HeartFace OvalFace TriangleFace RectangleFace SquareFace Depth AboriginalFace Depth AfricanFace Depth AsianFace Depth EuropeanDetailTypeFace Depth NativeAmericanForeheadGeneralForehead HeightForehead WidthForehead DepthForehead Center DepthForehead Lower DepthForehead Outer DepthForehead Upper OuterDepthForehead AngleForehead CurveForehead Flatten

DetailForehead Line Contour AForehead Line Contour BForehead Line Contour CForehead Line Contour DForehead Line Contour EForehead Line Contour FForehead Line Contour GForehead Line Contour HForehead Line Contour IForehead Side ContourBrowGeneralBrow HeightBrow Height LBrow Height RBrow Inner WidthBrow Inner Width LBrow Inner Width RBrow Outer WidthBrow Outer Width LBrow Outer Width RBrow AngleBrow Angle LBrow Angle RBrow CurveBrow Curve LBrow Curve RBrow DepthBrow Depth LBrow Depth RBrow Center DepthBrow Inner DepthBrow Inner Depth LBrow Inner Depth RBrow Outer DepthBrow Outer Depth L

GeneralBrow Outer Depth RBrow Ridge DepthBrow Ridge Depth LBrow Ridge Depth RBrow ContourBrow Contour LBrow Contour RBrow Under DepthBrow Under Depth LBrow Under Depth RBrow Inner Under DepthBrow Inner Under Depth LBrow Inner Under Depth RBrow Outer Under DepthBrow Outer Under Depth LBrow Outer Under Depth RDetailEyeEye ScaleEye Scale LEye Scale REye HeightEye Height LEye Height REye WidthEye Width LEye Width REye Inner WidthEye Inner Width LEye Inner Width REye Outer WidthEye Outer Width LEye Outer Width REye AngleGeneral

GeneralEye Angle LEye Angle REye Inner AngleEye Inner Angle LEye Inner Angle REye Outer AngleEye Outer Angle LEye Outer Angle REye Inner Corner TightEye Inner Corner Tight LEye Inner Corner Tight REye Outer Corner TightEye Outer Corner Tight LEye Outer Corner Tight REye Inner Corner ScaleEye Inner Corner Scale LEye Inner Corner Scale REye Inner corner HeightEye Inner corner Height LEye Inner corner Height REye Outer Corner HeightEye Outer Corner Height LEye Outer Corner Height REye Inner corner WidthEye Inner corner Width LEye Inner corner Width REye DepthEye Depth LEye Depth REye Upper DepthEye Upper Depth LEye Upper Depth REye Lower DepthEye Lower Depth LEye Lower Depth REye Center DepthEye Center Depth LEye Center Depth REye Upper Center DepthEye Upper Center Depth L

Eye Upper Center Depth REye Lower Center DepthEye Lower Center Depth LEye Lower Center Depth REye Inner DepthEye Inner Depth LEye Inner Depth REye Inner Corner DepthEye Inner Corner Depth LEye Inner Corner Depth REye Outer Corner DepthEye Outer Corner Depth LEye Outer Corner Depth REye Bag HeightEye Bag DepthEye Bag Depth LEye Bag Depth REye Bag Upper DepthEye Bag Upper Depth LEye Bag Upper Depth REye Bag Lower DepthEye Bag Lower Depth LEye Bag Lower Depth REye Squint ScaleEye Squint Scale LEye Squint Scale REye OpeningEye Opening LEye Opening REyelid Upper HeightEyelid Upper Height LEyelid Upper Height REyelid Lower HeightEyelid Lower Height LEyelid Lower Height REyelid Upper EnlargeEyelid Upper Enlarge LEyelid Upper Enlarge REyelid Upper ShrinkGeneralOpeningEyelid

EyelidEyelid Upper Shrink LEyelid Upper Shrink REyelid Upper Inner CurveEyelid Upper InnerCurve LEyelid Upper InnerCurve REyelid Upper Outer CurveEyelid Upper OuterCurve LEyelid Upper OuterCurve REyelid Lower Inner CurveEyelid Lower InnerCurve LEyelid Lower InnerCurve REyelid Lower Outer CurveEyelid Lower OuterCurve LEyelid Lower OuterCurve REyelid Inner Upper HeightEyelid Inner UpperHeight LEyelid Inner UpperHeight REyelid Innner LowerHeightEyelid Innner LowerHeight LEyelid Innner LowerHeight REyelide Inner Outer WidthEyelid Upper DepthEyelid Upper Depth LEyelid Upper Depth REyelid Lower DepthEyelid Lower Depth LEyelid Lower Depth REyelid Rim DepthEyelid Rim Depth LEyelid Rim Depth REyelid Rim Upper DepthEyelid Rim Upper Depth LEyelid Rim Upper Depth REyelid Rim Lower DepthEyelid Rim Lower Depth LEyelid Rim Lower Depth REyelid Inner DepthEyelid Inner Depth LEyelid Inner Depth R

Eyelid Crease CurveEyelid Crease Curve LEyelid Crease Curve REyelid Crease AngleEyelid Crease Angle LEyelid Crease Angle REyelid Inner Crease AngleEyelid Inner CreaseAngle LEyelid Inner CreaseAngle REyelid Outer CreaseAngleEyelid Outer CreaseAngle LEyelid Outer CreaseAngle REye Crease DepthEye Crease Depth LEye Crease Depth REyelid Upper FoldEyelid Upper Fold LEyelid Upper Fold REyelid Upper Inner FoldEyelid Upper Inner Fold LEyelid Upper Inner Fold REyelid Upper Outer FoldEyelid Upper Outer Fold LTear Duct ScaleTear Duct In OutTear Duct DepthTear Duct CurveTear Duct AngleTear Duct WidthTear Duct Width LTear Duct Width RCreaseFoldEyelid Upper Outer Fold RTear Duct

SocketEyelashEye Socket WidthEye Socket Width LEye Socket Width REye Socket Outer DefineEye Socket Outer Define LEye Socket Outer Define REye Socket DepthEye Socket Depth LEye Socket Depth REye Socket Outer DepthEye Socket Outer Depth LEye Socket Outer Depth REyelash ScaleEyelash Scale LEyelash Scale REyelash Upper ScaleEyelash Upper Scale LEyelash Upper Scale REyelash Upper InnerScaleEyelash Upper InnerScale LEyelash Upper InnerScale REyelash Upper OuterScaleEyelash Upper OuterScale LEyelash Upper OuterScale REyelash Lower ScaleEyelash Lower Scale LEyelash Lower Scale REyelash Lower Inner ScaleEyelash Lower InnerScale LEyelash Lower InnerScale REyelash Upper AngleEyelash Upper Angle LEyelash Upper Angle REyelash Upper Inner AngleEyelash Upper InnerAngle LEyelash Upper InnerAngle REyelash Upper InnerSoft AngleEyelash Upper InnerSoft Angle LEyelash Upper InnerSoft Angle REyelash Upper Outer Angle

Eyelash Upper OuterAngle LEyelash Upper OuterAngle REyelash Upper OuterSoft AngleEyelash Upper OuterSoft Angle LEyelash Upper OuterSoft Angle REyelash Upper CenterAngleEyelash Upper CenterAngle LEyelash Upper CenterAngle REyelash Lower AngleEyelash Lower Angle LEyelash Lower Angle REyelash Lower Outer ScaleEyelash Lower OuterScale LEyelash Lower OuterScale REyeball ScaleEyeball Scale LEyeball Scale REyeball HeightEyeball Height LEyeball Height REyeball WidthEyeball Width LEyeball Width REyeball DepthEyeball Depth LEyeball Depth REyelashEyeballEarEar ScaleEar Scale LEar Scale REar HeightEar Height LEar Height REar Top HeightEar Top Height LGeneral

Ear Top Height REar Top Crease HeightEar Top Crease Height LEar Top Crease Height REar Top In OutEar Top In Out LEar Top In Out REar In OutEar In Out LEar In Out REar Detail WidthEar Detail Width LEar Detail Width REar DepthEar Depth LEar Depth REar Scale DepthEar Scale Depth LEar Scale Depth REar Back DepthEar Back Depth LEar Back Depth REar Front AngleEar Front Angle LEar Front Angle REar Outer AngleEar Outer Angle LEar Outer Angle REar Center AngleEar Center Angle LEar Center Angle REar Top AngleEar Top Angle LEar Top Angle REar Side AngleEar Side Angle LEar Side Angle RGeneralAngle

EdgeEar Edge ScaleEar Edge Scale LEar Edge Scale REar Edge Scale WidthEar Edge Scale Width LEar Edge Scale Width REar Edge UpperScale WidthEar Edge UpperScale Width LEar Edge UpperScale Width REar Edge Lower ScaleWidthEar Edge Lower ScaleWidth LEar Edge Lower ScaleWidth REar Edge Inner ScaleEar Edge Inner Scale LEar Edge Inner Scale REar Edge Upper WidthEar Edge Upper Width LEar Edge Upper Width REar Edge Middle WidthEar Edge Middle Width LEar Edge Middle Width REar Edge Lower WidthEar Edge Lower Width LEar Edge Lower Width REar Edge Detail Width AEar Edge Detail Width A LEar Edge Detail Width A REar Edge Detail Width BEar Edge Detail Width B LEar Edge Detail Width B REar Edge Detail Width CEar Edge Detail Width C LEar Edge Detail Width C REar Edge Detail Width DEar Edge Detail Width D LEar Edge Detail Width D REar Edge Detail Width EEar Edge Detail Width E LEar Edge Detail Width E REar Edge Detail Width F

EdgeInnerEar Edge Detail Width F LEar Edge Detail Width F REar Edge Detail Width GEar Edge Detail Width G LEar Edge Detail Width G REar Edge Detail Width HEar Edge Detail Width H LEar Edge Detail Width H REar Edge Detail Width IEar Edge Detail Width I LEar Edge Detail Width I REar Edge Detail Width JEar Edge Detail Width J LEar Edge Detail Width J REar Edge Upper DepthEar Edge Upper Depth LEar Edge Upper Depth REar Edge Middle DepthEar Edge Middle Depth LEar Edge Middle Depth REar Edge Lower DepthEar Edge Lower Depth LEar Edge Lower Depth REar Edge Inner DefineEar Edge Inner Define LEar Edge Inner Define REar Inner ScaleEar Inner Scale LEar Inner Scale REar Inner CurveEar Inner Curve LEar Inner Curve REar Inner Upper CurveEar Inner Upper Curve LEar Inner Upper Curve REar Inner Lower CurveEar Inner Lower Curve LEar Inner Lower Curve R

InnerEar Hole ScaleEar Hole Scale LEar Hole Scale REar Tragus ScaleEar Tragus Scale LEar Tragus Scale REar Tragus WidthEar Tragus Width LEar Tragus Width REar Tragus DepthEar Tragus Depth LEar Tragus Depth REarlobe Scale HeightEarlobe Scale Height LEarlobe Scale Height REarlobe In OutEarlobe In Out LEarlobe In Out REarlobe Scale WidthEarlobe Scale Width LEarlobe Scale Width REarlobe Angle FrontEarlobe Angle Front LEarlobe Angle Front REarlobe Angle CenterEarlobe Angle Center LEarlobe Angle Center REarlobe DefineEarlobe Define LEarlobe Define REarlobe Scale DepthEarlobe Scale Depth LEar RoundEar SquareEar PointedEarlobeEarlobe Scale Depth RTypeEar Narrow

CheekGeneralBoneCheek ScaleCheek Scale LCheek Scale RCheek HeightCheek Height LCheek Height RCheek WidthCheek Width LCheek Width RCheek DepthCheek Depth LCheek Depth RCheek Bone ScaleCheek Bone Scale LCheek Bone Scale RCheek Bone HeightCheek Bone Height LCheek Bone Height RCheek Bone WidthCheek Bone Width LCheek Bone Width RCheek Bone Upper WidthCheek Bone UpperWidth LCheek Bone UpperWidth RCheek Bone UpperHollowCheek Bone UpperHollow LCheek Bone UpperHollow RCheek Bone DepthCheek Bone Depth LCheek Bone Depth RCheek Bone Upper DepthCheek Bone UpperDepth LCheek Bone UpperDepth RCheek Bone Edge DefineCheek Bone EdgeDefine LCheek Bone EdgeDefine R

FleshCreaseCheek Lower ScaleCheek Lower Scale LCheek Lower Scale RCheek Outer WidthCheek Outer Width LCheek Outer Width RCheek JowlCheek Jowl LCheek Jowl RCheek DepthCheek Depth LCheek Depth RCheek Upper DepthCheek Upper Depth LCheek Upper Depth RCheek Upper Center DepthCheek Upper CenterDepth LCheek Upper CenterDepth RCheek Lower DepthCheek Lower Depth LCheek Lower Depth RCheek Lower CenterDepthCheek Lower CenterDepth LCheek Lower CenterDepth RCheek Inner DepthCheek Inner Depth LCheek Inner Depth RCheek Nostril DepthCheek Nostril Depth LCheek Nostril Depth RCheek Upper HollowCheek Upper Hollow LCheek Upper Hollow RCheek HollowCheek Hollow LCheek Hollow RNasal Crease WidthNasal Crease Width LNasal Crease Width RNasal Crease Depth

CreaseNasal Crease Upper DepthNasal Crease Lower DepthCheek Contour UpperCheek Inner ContourDepthCheek Contour ACheek Contour A LCheek Contour A RCheek Contour BCheek Contour B LCheek Contour B RCheek Contour CCheek Contour C LCheek Contour C RCheek Contour DCheek Contour D LCheek Contour D RNose WidthNose HeightNose DepthNose Ridge Upper WidthNose Ridge Middle WidthNose Ridge Lower WidthDetailNoseNose ScaleGeneralNose Relative DepthRidgeNose Ridge Width

Nose Ridge OffsetNose Ridge DefineNose Ridge Upper DefineNose Ridge Lower DefineNose Ridge DepthNose Ridge AngleNose Ridge CurveNose Ridge Brow DepthNose Ridge Brow OuterDepthNose Ridge Upper DepthNose Ridge Upper TopDepthNose Ridge Upper MiddleDepthNose Ridge Upper LowerDepthNose Ridge Middle DepthNose Ridge Lower DepthNose Ridge Side DepthNose Tip ScaleNose Tip HeightNose Tip WidthNose Tip Upper WidthNose Tip Lower WidthNose Tip Scale HeightNose Tip Lower HeightNose Tip Upper ScaleNose Tip Lower ScaleNose Tip Lower CurveNose Tip Side ScaleNose Tip Side HeightNose Tip AngleNose Tip OffsetNose Tip DepthNose Tip Upper DepthNose Tip Upper CenterDepthNose Tip Center DepthNose Tip Lower CenterDepthNose Tip Lower DepthNose Tip Under DepthNose Tip Median DepthRidgeTip

NostrilNostril ScaleNostril Scale LNostril Scale RNostril Scale HeightNostril Scale Height LNostril Scale Height RNostril HeightNostril Height LNostril Height RNostril WidthNostril Width LNostril Width RNostril Lower WidthNostril Lower Width LNostril Lower Width RNostril AngleNostril Angle LNostril Angle RNostril ExpandNostril Expand LNostril Expand RNostril Upper CreaseDefineNostril Upper CreaseDefine LNostril Upper CreaseDefine RNostril DefineNostril Define LNostril Define RNostril DepthNostril Depth LNostril Depth RNostril Back DepthNostril Back Depth LNostril Back Depth RNostril Hole ScaleNostril Hole Scale LNostril Hole Scale RNostril Hole FrontHeightNostril Hole FrontHeight LNostril Hole FrontHeight RNostril Hole Outer Height

Nostril Hole OuterHeight LNostril Hole OuterHeight RNostril Hole Front DepthNostril Hole Front Depth LNostril Hole Front Depth RNostril Hole Back DepthNostril Hole Back Depth LNostril Hole Back Depth RNose Septum HeightNose Septum WidthNose Septum DepthNose Septum CurveNose GreekNose RomanNose AsianNose AfricanNose UpturnNose DroopNose BulbousNostrilSeptumNose Septum AngleTypeMouthGeneralMouth ScaleMouth HeightMouth WidthMouth Width LMouth Width RMouth Side HeightMouth Side Height LMouth Side Height R

GeneralMouth CurveMouth Curve LMouth Curve RMouth AngleMouth OffsetMouth DepthMouth Over DepthMouth Under DepthMouth Corner HeightMouth Corner Height LMouth Corner Height RMouth Corner TurnMouth Corner DepthMouth Corner Depth LMouth Corner Depth RMouth Corner Cheek DepthMouth Corner CheekDepth LMouth Corner CheekDepth RMouth Corner OuterDepthMouth Corner OuterDepth LMouth Corner OuterDepth RMouth Corner UnderDepthMouth Corner UnderDepth LMouth Corner UnderDepth RMouth Corner Crease AMouth Corner Crease BMouth Corner Crease CLip ScaleLip Upper ScaleLip Lower ScaleLip Edge DefineLip Upper Edge DefineLip Lower Edge DefineLip CurveLip Upper CurveMouth Under CurveCornerLip

LipLip Upper Curve LLip Upper Curve RLip Lower CurveLip Lower Curve LLip Lower Curve RLip Upper Center CurveLip Quarter CurveLip Quarter DepthLip DepthLip Upper DepthLip Lower DepthLip Upper FillLip Lower FillLip Upper FlattenLip Lower FlattenLip Upper Outer DepthLip Seam HeightLip Seam Center HeightLip Seam CurveLip Seam Corner HeightLip Seam Corner Height LLip Seam Corner Height RLip Seam DepthLip Upper Seam DepthLip Lower Seam DepthLip Upper Inner CloseOpenLip Lower Inner CloseOpenLip Close OpenLip Lower Outer DepthLip SeamLip Show Teeth

Mouth Inner HeightMouth Inner Upper HeightMouth Inner Lower HeightMouth Inner WidthMouth Inner DepthMouth Inner Upper DepthMouth Inner Lower DepthMouth Inner Corner DepthMouth Inner CornerDepth LMouth Inner CornerDepth RMouth Uvula ScaleMouth Uvula HeightMouth Philtrum DefineMouth Philtrum DepthMouth Philtrum CurveInnerMouth Uvula CurveMouth Philtrum WidthPhiltrumMouth Philtrum AngleChinGeneralChin HeightChin Upper HeightChin Side HeightChin Side Height LChin Side Height RChin Angle LChin Angle RChin WidthChin Depth

DetailChin Side DepthChin Side Depth LChin Side Depth RChin Outer DepthChin Outer Depth LChin Outer Depth RChin Outer Upper DepthChin Outer Upper Depth LChin Outer Upper Depth RChin Over DepthChin Upper DefineChin Upper DepthChin Middle Upper DepthChin Middle DepthChin Middle Lower DepthChin Lower DepthChin Lower DefineChin CleftChin DimpleJawJaw ScaleJaw HeightJaw WidthJaw Width LJaw Width RJaw DepthJaw Side HeightJaw Side Height LGeneralJaw Side Height R

Jaw Outer HeightJaw Outer Height LJaw Outer Height RJaw Outer WidthJaw Outer Width LJaw Outer Width RJaw Outer AngleJaw Outer Angle LJaw Outer Angle RJaw Outer DefineJaw Outer Define LJaw Outer Define RJaw Middle WidthJaw Middle Width LJaw Middle Width RJaw Inner WidthJaw Inner Width LJaw Inner Width RJaw Outer SmoothJaw Outer Smooth LNeck Upper WidthDetailJaw Outer Smooth RNeckNeck ScaleNeck HeightNeck WidthNeck DepthNeck Back DepthNeck Front DepthNeck Front WidthNeck Front Width LNeck Front Width RGeneralDetailNeck Front Smooth

Neck Front CurveNeck Double ChinNeck Front DefineNeck Adams AppleHead Turn R LHead Look D UHead Back ForwardDetailNeek Adams Apple HeightRotateHead Tilt R LActor Parts CC Base Teeth HeadshotTeethGeneralTeeth HeightTeeth Upper HeightTeeth Lower HeghtTeeth Scale HeightTeeth Upper Scale HeightTeeth Lower Scale HeightTeeth Scale WidthTeeth Upper Scale WidthTeeth Lower Scale WidthTeeth Scale Back WidthTeeth Upper Scale BackWidthTeeth Lower Scale BackWidthTeeth Front WidthTeeth Upper Front WidthTeeth Lower Front WidthTeeth Offset

GeneralTeeth Upper OffsetTeeth Lower OffsetTeeth Rotate FrontTeeth Upper Roate FrontTeeth Lower Rotate FrontTeeth Rotate SideTeeth Upper Roate SideTeeth Lower Rotate SideTeeth DepthTeeth Upper DepthTeeth Lower DepthTeeth Scale DepthTeeth LengthTeeth Upper LengthTeeth Lower LengthTeeth WidthTeeth Upper WidthTeeth Lower WidthTeeth Upper Front WidthTeeth Lower Front WidthTeeth AngleTeeth Upper AngleTeeth Lower AngleTeeth Upper CentralIncisors ScaleTeeth Upper CentralIncisors GapTeeth Edge ContourTeeth Upper Edge ContourTeeth Lower Edge ContourTeeth Root WidthTeeth Upper Root WidthTeeth Lower Root WidthTeeth Gum ReceedTeeth Gum UpperReceedTeeth Gum LowerReceedUpper Central Incisor RootWidth LUpper Central Incisor RootWidth RUpper Lateral Incisor RootWidth LUpper Lateral Incisor RootWidth RDetailRoot

Upper Canine RootWidth LUpper Canine RootWidth RLower Canine RootWidth LLower Canine RootWidth RLower Lateral IncisorRoot Width LLower Lateral IncisorRoot Width RLower Central IncisorRoot Width LLower Central IncisorRoot Width RUpper Central IncisorReceed LUpper Central IncisorReceed RUpper Lateral IncisorReceed LUpper Lateral IncisorReceed RUpper Canine Receed LUpper Canine Receed RLower Canine Receed LLower Canine Receed RLower Lateral IncisorReceed LLower Lateral IncisorReceed RLower Central IncisorReceed LLower Central IncisorReceed RUpper Central IncisorWidth LUpper Central IncisorWidth RUpper Lateral IncisorWidth LUpper Lateral IncisorWidth RUpper Canine Width LUpper Canine Width RLower Canine Width LLower Canine Width RLower Lateral IncisorWidth LLower Lateral IncisorWidth RLower Central IncisorWidth LLower Central IncisorWidth RUpper Lateral IncisorLength LUpper Lateral IncisorLength RRootGumWidthFrontLengthUpper Central IncisorLength LUpper Central IncisorLength R

Upper Canine Length LUpper Canine Length RLower Canine Length LLower Canine Length RLower Lateral IncisorLength LLower Lateral IncisorLength RLower Central IncisorLength LLower Central IncisorLength RBackUpper First PremolarLength LUpper First PremolarLength RUpper Second PremolarLength LUpper Second PremolarLength RUpper First MolarLength LUpper First MolarLength RUpper Second MolarLength LUpper Second MolarLength RUpper Third MolarLength LUpper Third MolarLength RLower Third MolarLebgth LLower Third MolarLebgth RLower Second MolarLength LLower Second MolarLength RLower First MolarLength LLower First MolarLength RLower Second PremolarLength LLower Second PremolarLength RLower First PremolarLength LLower First PremolarLength RLengthFrontMoveUpper Central IncisorMove Front LUpper Central IncisorMove Front RUpper Lateral IncisorMove Front LUpper Lateral IncisorMove Front RUpper Canine MoveFront LUpper Canine MoveFront RLower Canine MoveFront LLower Canine MoveFront R

Lower Lateral IncisorMove Front LLower Lateral IncisorMove Front RLower Central IncisorMove Front LLower Central IncisorMove Front RSideMoveUpper Central IncisorMove Side LUpper Central IncisorMove Side RUpper Lateral IncisorMove Side LUpper Lateral IncisorMove Side RUpper Canine MoveSide LUpper Canine MoveSide RLower Canine MoveSide LLower Canine MoveSide RLower Lateral IncisorMove Side LLower Lateral IncisorMove Side RLower Central IncisorMove Side LLower Central IncisorMove Side RTiltRotateUpper Central IncisorTilt LUpper Central IncisorTilt RUpper Lateral IncisorTilt LUpper Lateral IncisorTilt RUpper Canine Tilt LUpper Canine Tilt RLower Canine Tilt LLower Canine Tilt RLower Lateral IncisorTilt LLower Lateral IncisorTilt RLower Central IncisorTilt LLower Central IncisorTilt RUpper Lateral IncisorTurn LUpper Lateral IncisorTurn RTurnUpper Central IncisorTurn LUpper Central IncisorTurn R

Upper Canine Turn LUpper Canine Turn RLower Canine Turn LLower Canine Turn RLower Lateral IncisorTurn LLower Lateral IncisorTurn RLower Central IncisorTurn LLower Central IncisorTurn RTwistRotateUpper Central IncisorTwist LUpper Central IncisorTwist RUpper Lateral IncisorTwist LUpper Lateral IncisorTwist RUpper Canine Twist LUpper Canine Twist RLower Canine Twist LLower Canine Twist RLower Lateral IncisorTwist LLower Lateral IncisorTwist RLower Central IncisorTwist LLower Central IncisorTwist RAngleEdgeUpper Central IncisorEdge Angle LUpper Central IncisorEdge Angle RUpper Lateral IncisorEdge Angle LUpper Lateral IncisorEdge Angle RLower Lateral IncisorEdge Angle LLower Lateral IncisorEdge Angle RLower Central IncisorEdge Angle LLower Central IncisorEdge Angle RUpper Lateral IncisorEdge Contour LUpper Lateral IncisorEdge Contour RContourUpper Central IncisorEdge Contour LUpper Central IncisorEdge Contour R

Upper Canine EdgeContour LUpper Canine EdgeContour RLower Canine EdgeContour LLower Canine EdgeContour RLower Lateral IncisorEdge Contour LLower Lateral IncisorEdge Contour RLower Central IncisorEdge Contour LLower Central IncisorEdge Contour RChipEdgeUpper Central IncisorInner Chip LUpper Central IncisorOuter Chip LUpper Central IncisorInner Chip RUpper Central IncisorOuter Chip RUpper Lateral IncisorInner Chip LUpper Lateral IncisorOuter Chip LUpper Lateral IncisorInner Chip RUpper Lateral IncisorOuter Chip RLower Lateral IncisorInner Chip LLower Lateral IncisorOuter Chip LLower Lateral IncisorInner Chip RLower Lateral IncisorOuter Chip RLower Central IncisorInner Chip LLower Central IncisorOuter Chip LLower Central IncisorInner Chip RLower Central IncisorOuter Chip R

Actor Parts CC Base Eye HeadshotEyeballEyeball Iris ScaleEyeball Pupil ScaleEyeball Rotate UpEyeball Rotate Up LEyeball Rotate Up REyeball Rotate DownEyeball Rotate Down LEyeball Rotate Down REyeball Rotate InEyeball Rotate In LEyeball Rotate In REyeball Rotate OutEyeball Rotate Out LEyeball Rotate Out RHeadshot

Headshot Morph 1000 is the world's most comprehensive facial morph system. Specially designed for photo-modelling and controlled modification of Headshot photo-generated models, they can be used to produce virtually scan-level results. Headshot morphs can also be used for general modelling, and in tandem with existing Character Creator morphs.

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Cable Pack Sony Cable Pack P/Oly Cable Fuji. CAPTUR Compatibility Part No. 1000 710.0 1000 710.1 1000 710.4 1000 710.3 1000 710.2 1000 708.1 1000 708.3 1000 710.5 1000 710.6 1000 710.7 1000 711.0 1000 710.8 Range Up to 100m Up to 100m Up to 100m Up to 100m Up to 100m Up to 100m Up to 100m Up to 100m

resume. If you do not have a quality headshot, you will also need to secure a photographer and schedule a headshot session. Please bring in your current headshot and resume for the first mock audition. On Jan 29 please email your appointment time and photographer’s info for your headshot

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Image Pre-processing Using OpenCV Library on MORPH-II Face Database B. Yip, R. Towner, T. Kling, C. Chen, and Y. Wang ABSTRACT.This paper outlines the steps taken toward pre-processing the 55,134 images of the MORPH-II non-commercial dataset. Following the introduction, section two

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Headshot Alley Exclusive (Product or Corporate) Located within ASH Central, Headshot Alley will be open Saturday-Monday for attendees to have their professional headshot taken. Support opportunity includes professional photographer, assistant, camera, lighting, and backdrop. In addition to recognition on signage, your corporate or product

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EnKa English-Kannada 10,955 1000 1000 EnBa English-Bangla 13,623 1000 1000 EnHe English-Hebrew 10,501 1000 1000 HeEn Hebrew-English 9,447 1000 1000 Table 1: Official data sets in NEWS 2018 which we use in our experiments. transliteration datasets (Haizhou et al.,2004), and the VNU-HCMUS dataset (Cao et al.,2010;Ngo et al.,2015), respectively .

panoramic X-ray machine and the PC-1000/Laser 1000 dental panoramic/cephalometric dental X-ray machine. The PC-1000 will enable the user to take panoramic X-ray images. The PC-1000/Laser 1000 will enable the user to take panoramic X-ray images, as well as cephalometric X-ray images. A laser alignment device is incorporated into the PC-1000 .

panoramic X-ray machine and the PC-1000/Laser 1000 dental panoramic/cephalometric dental X-ray machine. The PC-1000 will enable the user to take panoramic X-ray images. The PC-1000/Laser 1000 will enable the user to take panoramic X-ray images, as well as cephalometric X-ray images. A laser alignment device is incorporated into the PC-1000 .

2. At Morph 2 was the solution unsaturated, saturated, or supersaturated? Explain your answer. 3. At Morph 3 was the solution unsaturated, saturated, or supersaturated? Explain your answer. 4. When sodium acetate dissolves in solution, it breaks up into a positive sodium ion and a negative polyatomic acetate ion.

Aug 31, 2019 · Ego Traits 46 Increased Flex 46 Extra Languages 46 Extra Rep 46 Extra Skills 46 Psi Sleights 46 Specializations 46. Step 11: Derived Stats 46 Step 12: Starting Morph & Gear 46. 46 Morph Traits 46 46 Flex Points 46. Step 13: Motivations 47. Optional: Motivational Goals 47. Final Touches 47 Skills 48. Skills and Aptitudes 48 Skill Categories 48 .

FBX ActorX exporter NVidia PhysX APEX “Unreal Lightmass” Content browser With previews Animset editor Morph, sequence editing Price 99 license Free 50,000 income 25% of income 50,000 Unity Object import FBX (Maya, Max) native NVidia PhysX “Beast” lightmapping Search for assets No previews Manual setup No morph support Price .

6-regular triangulations of the torus. We also make heavy use of a natural extension of Tutte’s spring embedding theorem to torus graphs. 1 Introduction Computing a morph between two given geometric objects is a fundamental problem, with applications to questions i

lEC 1000-4-3. Radiated Electromagnetic Field Requirements lEC 1000-4-4. Electrical Fast Transient (Burst) Requirements lEC 1000-4-5. Surge Voltage Immunity Requirements lEC 1000-4-6. Immunity to Conducted Disturbances Induced by Radio Frequency Fields Above 9kHz Sections lEC 1000-4-2 through lEC 1000-4-

Very Special Functions — unbeknownst to Mathematica and kinship numerical explorations of random matrix distributions 6 (a) (c)-1000 -500 0 500 1000-1000-500 0 500 1000 0 1000 2000 3000 0 500 1000 1500 2000 (b) (d) (mm) (mm) Fig. 3 Growing DSM2 cluster with a circular (a,b) and at (c,d) in

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guided inquiry teaching method on the total critical thinking score and conclusion and inference of subscales. The same result was found by Fuad, Zubaidah, Mahanal, and Suarsini (2017); there was a difference in critical thinking skills among the students who were taught using the Differentiated Science Inquiry model combined with the mind