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Companies Licensed by the National Insurance Commission and are in Good Standing – November 20, 2020NATIONAL INSURANCE COMMISSION (NIC)INSURANCE, REINSURANCE AND BROKING COMPANIES IN GOOD STANDINGThe National Insurance Commission (NIC) which is the regulatory and supervisory body of theinsurance services sector with a broad consumer and prudential mandate under Insurance Act 2006(Act 724) wishes to bring to the notice of the general public the list of insurance entities in GOODSTANDING as at November 20, 2020.The over one hundred and thirty LICENSED insurance entities comprise of 17 Life InsuranceCompanies, 27 Non-Life Insurance Companies, 3 Reinsurance Companies, one Reinsurancecontact office and 91 Insurance Brokers and Loss Adjusters.For periodic updates, please visit the Commission’s website: www.nicgh.orgLife Insurance CompaniesThe following are Life insurance companies in good standing as at November 20, 2020.NoLife Insurance llianz Life Insurance Company Ghana LimitedDonewell Life Company LimitedExceed Life Assurance Company LimitedEnterprise Life Assurance Company LimitedFirst Insurance Company LimitedGhana Union Assurance Life Company LimitedGlico Life Insurance Company LimitedHollard Life Assurance Company LimitedMetropolitan Life Insurance Ghana LimitedMiLife Insurance Company LimitedOld Mutual Life Assurance Company Ghana LimitedPhoenix Life Assurance Company LimitedPrudential Life Insurance GhanaSaham Life Insurance Ghana LimitedSIC Life Company LimitedStarLife Assurance Company LimitedQuality Life Assurance Company LimitedNon - Life Insurance CompaniesThe following are non-life insurance companies in good standing as at November 20, 2020.NoNon-Life Insurance Company1.2.1 PageActiva International Insurance Company Ghana LimitedAllianz Insurance Company Ghana Limited

Companies Licensed by the National Insurance Commission and are in Good Standing – November 20, 2020NoNon-Life Insurance . Insurance Company LimitedBest Assurance Company LimitedDonewell Insurance Company LimitedEnterprise Insurance Company LimitedGhana Union Assurance Company LimitedGlico General Insurance Company LimitedHollard Insurance Ghana LimitedImperial General Assurance Company LimitedLoyalty Insurance Company LimitedMillennium Insurance Company LimitedNSIA Insurance Company LimitedPhoenix Insurance Company LimitedPrime Insurance Company LimitedPriority Insurance Company LimitedProvident Insurance Company LimitedQuality Insurance Company LimitedRegencyNem Insurance Ghana LimitedSaham Insurance Ghana LimitedSerene Insurance Company LimitedSIC Insurance Company LimitedStar Assurance Company LimitedSUNU Assurances Ghana LimitedUnique Insurance Company LimitedVanguard Assurance Company LimitedWapic Insurance Ghana LimitedReinsurance CompaniesThe following are Reinsurance companies in good standing as at November 20, 2020.NoReinsurance Company1 Ghana Reinsurance Company2 GN Reinsurance Company3 Mainstream Reinsurance CompanyReinsurance Contact OfficesThe following is a Reinsurance contact office as at as at November 20, 2020.NoReinsurance Company1 WAICA Reinsurance CompanyInsurance Brokers, Reinsurance Brokers and Loss AdjustersThe following are intermediaries in good standing as at November 20, 2020.2 Page

Companies Licensed by the National Insurance Commission and are in Good Standing – November 20, 2020NoCompany1.Africa Sureties Insurance Advisory Services Limited2.Afro-Asian Reinsurance Broking Company Limited3.Akoto Risk Management Limited4.Alhet Insurance Brokers Limited5.All Risks Consultancy Limited6.Allied Insurance Brokers Limited7.AllStar Insurance Brokers Limited8.Alpha Insurance Brokers Limited9.AP&L Insurance Brokers Limited10.Apex Insurance Brokers Limited11.ARB Insurance Brokers Limited12.Arrowclass Insurance Brokers Limited13.Ascoma Ghana Limited14.Asterix Insurance Brokers Limited15.Banbo Insurance Brokers Limited16.Benefits Insurance Brokers Limited17.Beulah Insurance Brokers Limited18.Boaitey & Associates Limited19.Cardinal Insurance Brokers Limited20.Ceris International Limited21.CLAIM Limited22.CoverUniversal Insurance Brokers Limited23.Crown Insurance Brokers Limited24.Danniads Insurance Brokers Limited25.Dezag Insurance Brokers Limited26.Dynamic Insurance Brokers Limited27.Edward Mensah Wood & Associates Limited28.Excel Insurance Brokers Limited29.Expertis Ghana Insurance Brokers Limited30.Felin Insurance Brokers Limited31.First Anchor Risk Management Limited3 Page

Companies Licensed by the National Insurance Commission and are in Good Standing – November 20, 2020NoCompany32.Functions Risk Management Limited33.GBL Insurance Brokers Limited34.GG & B Partners Brokerage Limited35.Global Impact Insurance Brokers (Ghana) Limited36.Goldlink Insurance Brokers Limited37.Goodwill Insurance Brokers Limited38.Goldstar Insurance Brokers Limited39.Horizon Insurance Brokers Limited40.Insurance Centre of Excellence Limited41.Insurance Management Services Limited42.Insurance Solutions Limited43.iRisk Insurance Brokers Limited44.iRisk Reinsurance Brokers Limited45.JinG Insurance Brokers Limited46.K&A Insurance Brokers Limited47.KAV Insurance Brokers Limited48.KEK Insurance Brokers Limited49.KEK Reinsurance Brokers (Africa) Limited50.Khols and Hols Insurance Brokers Limited51.Liberty Insurance Brokers Limited52.Lordship Insurance Brokers Limited53.Maxmens Loss Adjusters Limited54.Merite Insurance Brokers Limited55.Metrix Brokerage Company Limited56.Midas Insurance Brokers Limited57.Multinational Insurance Brokers Limited58.NDL Insurance Consults Limited59.Novelty Insurance Brokers Limited60.Oak Insurance Brokers Limited61.Ogyeaman Insurance Brokerage Limited62.Olea M&G Insurance Brokers Limited4 Page

Companies Licensed by the National Insurance Commission and are in Good Standing – November 20, 2020NoCompany63.Pacific Insurance Brokers Limited64.Planwell Insurance Brokers Limited65.Progressive Insurance Brokers Limited66.Prudent Insurance Brokers Limited67.Rellius Insurance Brokers Ghana Limited68.Resolute Insurance Brokers Limited69.Ringfence Insurance Brokers Limited70.Riscovery Insurance Brokers Limited71.Risk Management and Advisory Services Limited72.Risk Partners Limited73.Rudder Insurance Brokers Limited74.Safeguard Insurance Brokers Limited75.Safety Insurance Brokers Limited76.Saviour Insurance Brokers Limited77.Sealand Insurance Brokers Limited78.Securisk Insurance Brokers Limited79.Shield Insurance Brokers Limited80.Spoton Insurance Brokers Limited81.Strategic Insurance Brokers Limited82.Supreme Trust Insurance Brokers Limited83.Titan Insurance Brokers Limited84.Trans-National Insurance Brokers Limited85.Trinity Insurance Brokers Limited86.Tri-Star Insurance Services Limited87.Visal Insurance Brokers Limited88.Visal Reinsurance Brokers Limited89.Westom Insurance Brokers Limited90.Willis Towers Watson Ghana Limited91.Worldwide Insurance Brokers Limited5 Page

Companies, 27 Non-Life Insurance Companies, 3 Reinsurance Companies, one Reinsurance contact office and 91 Insurance Brokers and Loss Adjusters. For periodic updates, please visit the Commission's website: Life Insurance Companies The following are Life insurance companies in good standing as at November 20, 2020.

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