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Chapter 16Mobile HomesLegal Tactics: Tenants' Rights in MassachusettsEighth Edition, May 2017Mobile Homes - Pullout . 371Key Terms to Know . 373Buying and Selling a Mobile Home . 3731. Buying2. SellingBecoming a Mobile Home Park Tenant . 3741. Moving In2. Park RulesPark Conditions . 3761. Owner's Responsibilities2. Tenant's ResponsibilitiesRent . 3771. Rent Increases2. Rent ControlPark Closings and Sales . 3781. Local Protections2. State Law Protections3. Purchasing a ParkEvictions . 3791.2.3.4.Reasons an Owner Can Evict YouTerminating the TenancyDefending an Eviction in CourtAfter JudgmentChapter 16: Mobile Homes 369

370 Chapter 16: Mobile Homes

Pullout 16Mobile HomesTenants’ Rights in MassachusettsRenting a SiteBefore you rent a site, the park owner mustgive you the following information both inwriting and by telling you: Park rules. Total rent. Extra fees, like charges for fuel orservices or a local mobile home tax. Names and addresses of the parkowners.The new rules are only legal if the ownersubmits them to the Attorney General’s(AG) office and the Department of Housingand Community Development (DHCD): At least 75 days before new rules gointo effect, the owner must post themand give them to any tenant association. At least 60 days before they go intoeffect, the owner must submit to the AGand DHCD. Any proposed or recent changes, likeplans to close or sell the park. At least 30 days before the new rules gointo effect, the owner must give them toeach tenant with proof that the AG andDHCD received the proposed rules. A paper called “Important NoticeRequired by Law,” that has informationabout your rights.If you believe a rule change is unfair, submityour comments to the AG as soon aspossible within the 60-day review period.If you meet a park’s rules and you canafford the rent the owner must rent to you.If you are a new tenant, the owner mustoffer you a 5-year lease at fair market rent.They may also charge a security deposit andlast month’s rent. See Chapter 3: SecurityDeposits and Last Month’s Rent.Park RulesProtect YourselfPark ConditionsYou have the right to decent parkconditions. The owner is responsible for: Park roadways and common areaslike lawns and shared buildings. Collection of tenants’ garbage.Many of your rights as a park tenant arebased on your park’s rules. Gas, electric, water, and sewer linesand utility hook-ups.While the park owner makes the park’srules, all rules must follow state regulations.You are responsible for keeping yourmobile home and site in good conditionand free of garbage and rubbish. If yourowner refuses to fix a problem, askthe Board of Health to inspect.Chapter 16: Mobile Homes 371

RentEvictionLocal Mobile Home Rent ControlA park owner can only evict you from amobile home park if:If the park is rent-controlled, the parkowner must get approval from the local rentcontrol agency before increasing rents. Rentcontrol rules are available at town hall. As of2017, there is mobile home rent control opeeMerrimacLudlowNorth AdamsNorth sWest BridgewaterNo Local Rent ControlIf there is no mobile home rent controlwhere you live, the park owner can chargeany rent they want. A park owner mayincrease your rent, but only if: All other park tenants get the sa

372 Chapter 16: Mobile Homes Rent Local Mobile Home Rent Control If the park is rent-controlled, the park owner must get approval from the local rent control agency before increasing rents. Rent control rules are available at town hall. As of 2017, there is mobile home rent control in: No Local Rent Control

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2000 data. In Wind Zone 2, the majority of mobile homes are generation 2 (built between 1977 and 1994) mobile homes, whereas in Wind Zone 3, the majority of mobile homes are generation 1 mobile homes. Again, there are clearly more mobile homes in Wind Zone 2 because Wind Zone 2 includes 53 counties as compared to 14 Wind Zone 3 counties

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1.3 The Mobile Homes Act 2013 introduced a new site licensing regime for relevant protected sites (that is park home sites and mixed sites of both residential park homes and holiday homes) which came into force on 1st April 2014. The new site licensing regime gives local authorities more effective control of conditions on

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SHIPPENVILLE, Pa. -- The Commodore Corp. family of homes displayed 24 new models at its fall show Sept. 16-18 at its locations at and around Shippenville, Pa. Under the theme “Homes that rock,” the homes were constructed and displayed by Com-modore Homes of Pennsylvania, Colony Factory Crafted Homes, Manorwood

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The number of occupied homes increased 14 percent between 2001 and 2018, from 106 million to 122 million. The number of vacant homes has increased 49 percent over the same period. Growth in the number of vacant homes since 2006 has been concentrated among homes for seasonal or recreational use and other vacant homes. The

The new council homes will be a mixture of one, two, three and four bedrooms, enabling larger families to find appropriate-sized homes. The new council homes will comprise approximately 60% of the habitable rooms in the development homes. The income generated from the sale of the private homes on the site will be used to fund the building of

B. Anatomi dan Fisiologi 1. Anatomi Tulang adalah jaringan yang kuat dan tangguh yang memberi bentuk pada tubuh. Skelet atau kerangka adalah rangkaian tulang yang mendukung dan melindungi organ lunak, terutama dalam tengkorak dan panggul. Tulang membentuk rangka penunjang dan pelindung bagi tubuh dan tempat untuk melekatnya otot-otot yang menggerakan kerangka tubuh. Tulang juga merupakan .