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MappingReliable allies in the European Parliament (2014 – 2019)for the Open Society European Policy Institute

A. IntroductionB. European Parliament ence of Presidents. iiiBureau of the European Parliament . iiiCommittee on Foreign Affairs (AFET) . iiiSubcommittee on Human Rights (DROI) . vSubcommittee on Security and Defence (SEDE). viCommittee on Development (DEVE).viiCommittee on International Trade (INTA) . viiiCommittee on Economic and Monetary Affairs (ECON). ixCommittee on Employment and Social Affairs (EMPL) . xiCommittee on Regional Development (REGI) .xiiCommittee on Legal Affairs (JURI) . xiiiCommittee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs (LIBE). xivCommittee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) . xviDelegation to Albania . xviiDelegation to Bosnia and Herzegovina & Kosovo . xviiDelegation to the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia . xviiDelegation to Moldova . xviiDelegation to Montenegro . xviiiDelegation to Serbia . xviiiDelegation to Turkey . xviiiDelegation to Belarus . xixDelegation to the Russian Federation . xixDelegation to South Caucasus countries . xixDelegation to Ukraine . xxDelegation to Euronest . xxDelegation to the Union for the Mediterranean . xxDelegation to Israel . xxiDelegation to the Palestinian Legislative Council . xxiDelegation to the Maghreb countries . xxiiDelegation to the Mashreq countries . xxiiDelegation to the Arab Peninsula . xxii32. to Iraq . xxiiiDelegation to Afghanistan . xxiiiDelegation to Central Asia . xxiiiDelegation to Southeast Asia and ASEAN countries . xxivDelegation to India . xxivDelegation to South Africa . xxivDelegation to the Pan-African Parliament . xxvDelegation to African, Caribbean and Pacific (ACP) countries . xxvC., non-discrimination and social inclusion for minorities,including on grounds of race, ethnicity (including the Roma),and disability . xxviiUpholding fundamental rights in the EU . xxixEU accession to the ECHR . xxxFreedom of movement . xxxiMigration and asylum . xxxiiiCriminal justice, in particular suspects’ procedural rights . xxxiiiMedia freedom and pluralism . xxxivFreedom of information, particularly over the internet . xxxvData protection and privacy . xxxvDrug policy, including harm reduction approaches . xxxviThe use of structural and regional funds. xxxviWestern Balkans and Turkey .xxxviiEastern Europe and the South Caucasus . xxxviiiCentral Asia . xxxixMiddle East and North Africa . xxxixSub-Saharan Africa . xlBurma, Cambodia, Indonesia and Thailand . xliAll Members indexed by political group . xliiAll Members indexed alphabetically . xlvD. Members1Cover photograph: European Union 2013

A. IntroductionPurposeThis mapping provides the Open Society European Policy Institute and the Open Society networkintelligence on Members of the 8th European Parliament likely to support Open Society valuesduring the 2014–2019 legislature.It spans 11 committees and 26 delegations, as well as the European Parliament’s highest decisionmaking bodies: 226 MEPs who are proven or likely Open Society allies.The presence of an MEP in this mapping indicates that they are likely to support Open Society’swork. They should be approached with an open mind: although they will most likely want to work onareas they’re already interested in, they could also welcome hearing about new issues.Beyond discussing individual topics, Open Society should seek to build lasting and trustworthyrelationships with these European lawmakers.Using this documentSection B. European Parliament bodies lists the official bodies of the European Parliament, theirfields of competence, and the potential Open Society allies taking part in their work. They alsoinclude the names of political advisers* helping MEPs in committees, although these may changeduring the legislature, and they may not be Open Society allies themselves.Section C. Members lists 226 Members’ individual profiles. They provide information on Members’parliamentary affiliations (country, political group, nature of their mandate, and the committees anddelegations they belong to); their background (professional history, parliamentary interests, andother relevant intelligence); and their contact details.Finally, section D. Indexes provides three additional ways to find relevant Members: by issue ofinterest, by political group, and alphabetically.*Political advisers can be reached via the European Parliament’s standard e-mail addresses:

ProfilesIndividual profiles were compiled using both publicly available information and original research.Judgments made therein may be subjective, and should serve to give a sense of a Member’s politicsand priorities; it shouldn’t be seen as a definitive guide to an individual Member.Committees and delegations in bold (e.g. ‘AFET’, or ‘Ukraine’) indicate an MEP is a full member, andwill likely dedicate more time to these topics. Those indicated in a regular font (e.g. ‘AFET’, or‘Ukraine’) indicate an MEP is a substitute member.Note that profiles only list committees and delegations covered by this mapping, and will not featureothers. These can be discovered on MEPs’ online profiles (see below).By July 2019, some Members will leave the European Parliament for other mandates; others willreplace them; some will change committees or delegations; special committees may be set up; andimportantly, MEPs—particularly newcomers—may shift their priorities to other areas, or changetheir views.The information contained in these profiles is correct as of September 2014. Up-to-date andaccurate information, including assistants’ names, is available on MEPs’ online profiles: of abbreviationsiiECHRThe European Court of Human RightsISDSInvestor-state dispute settlement, a mechanism potentially included in TTIPOSCEOrganization for Security and Co-operation in EuropePACEParliamentary Assembly of the Council of EuropeTTIPTransatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, likely to be intensely discussed duringthe 8th legislature

B. European Parliament bodiesPresidentSCHULZ Martin (Germany, S&D) . 511. Conference of PresidentsThe Conference of Presidents is the Parliament’s highest politicaldecision-making body. It convenes several times monthly to decideon the Parliament’s plenary agenda, approve the drafting of newreports, and steer the Parliament’s legislative and political work.The Conference of Presidents takes decisions by weighed votes,with each chair weighing as much as their own political group. Thelist below goes from the strongest to the weakest group.PITTELLA Gianni (Chair, S&D) . 67KAMALL Syed (Chair, ECR) . 120VERHOFSTADT Guy (Chair, ALDE) . 10ZIMMER Gabriele (Chair, GUE/NGL) . 53LAMBERTS Philippe (Co-Chair, Greens/EFA) .7HARMS Rebecca (Co-Chair, Greens/EFA). 442. Bureau of the European ParliamentThe Bureau is responsible for the internal running of the EuropeanParliament, including the organisation of plenary sessions,extraordinary delegation or committee activities, and funding forEuropean political parties. Vice-Presidents may replace thePresident in representing the European Parliament or chairingplenary sessions. Quaestors are responsible for the day-to-dayrunning of the Parliament.The President, Vice-Presidents and Quaestors hold a 2.5-yearmandate, up for renewal in January 2017. They are listed below byorder of precedence.Vice-PresidentsMcGUINNESS Mairead (Ireland, EPP) . 61VĂLEAN Adina-Ioana (Romania, EPP) . 92GUILLAUME Sylvie (France, S&D) . 33CREŢU Corina (Romania, S&D) . 88REHN Olli (Finland, ALDE) . 27LAMBSDORFF Alexander Graf (Germany, ALDE) . 46LUNACEK Ulrike (Austria, Greens/EFA) . 2PAPADIMOULIS Dimitrios (Greece, GUE/NGL) . 56QuaestorsMORIN-CHARTIER Elisabeth (France, EPP) . 35LIBERADZKI Bogusław (Poland, S&D) . 82BEARDER Catherine (United Kingdom, ALDE) . 118KOVATCHEV Andrey (Bulgaria, EPP) . 133. Committee on Foreign Affairs (AFET)The Committee on Foreign Affairs is “responsible for thepromotion, implementation and monitoring of the Union’s foreignpolicy as regards: the common foreign and security policy (CFSP) and thecommon security and defence policy (CSDP). In this contextthe committee is assisted by a subcommittee on security anddefence; relations with other Union institutions and bodies, the UNOand other international organisations and interparliamentaryassemblies for matters falling under its responsibility; oversight of the European External Action Service;iii

the opening, monitoring and concluding of negotiationsconcerning the accession of European States to the Union; all legislation, programming and scrutiny of actions carried outunder the European Instrument for Democracy and HumanRights, the European Neighbourhood Instrument, theInstrument for Pre-Accession Assistance, the Instrumentcontributing to Stability and Peace and the PartnershipInstrument for cooperation with third countries, and thepolicies underpinning them; the monitoring and follow-up of, inter alia, the EuropeanNeighbourhood Policy (ENP), in particular with regard to ENPAnnual Progress Reports; issues concerning democracy, the rule of law, human rights,including the rights of minorities, in third countries and theprinciples of international law. In this context the committee isassisted by a subcommittee on human rights, which shouldensure coherence between all the Union’s external policiesand its human rights policy. Without prejudice to the relevantrules, members from other committees and bodies withresponsibilities in this field shall be invited to attend themeetings of the subcommittee. ChairBROK Elmar (Germany, EPP) . 38Vice-ChairsCOUSO PERMUY Javier (Spain, GUE/NGL) . 99PAŞCU Ioan Mircea (Romania, S&D) . 91CoordinatorsHOWITT Richard (United Kingdom, S&D) . 120LOCHBIHLER Barbara (Germany, Greens/EFA) . 48LÖSING Sabine (Germany, GUE/NGL) . 48MESZERICS Tamás (Hungary, Greens/EFA). 57NEYTS-UYTTEBROECK Annemie (Belgium, ALDE) . 8PREDA Cristian Dan (Romania, EPP) . 92TANNOCK Charles (United Kingdom, ECR) . 127MembersADAKTUSSON Lars (Sweden, EPP) . 110ALLIOT-MARIE Michèle (France, EPP) . 29AUŠTREVIČIUS Petras (Lithuania, ALDE) . 69BUCHNER Klaus (Germany, Greens/EFA) . 39CRISTEA Andi-Lucian (Romania, S&D). 89DEMESMAEKER Mark (Belgium, ECR) . 6FLECKENSTEIN Knut (Germany, S&D) . 41FREUND Eugen (Austria, S&D) . 1IGLESIAS Pablo (Spain, GUE/NGL) . 103KHAN Afzal (United Kingdom, S&D) . 121KOVATCHEV Andrey (Bulgaria, EPP) . 13Parliament’s involvement in election observation missions,where appropriate in cooperation with other relevantcommittees and delegations;The committee provides political oversight to, and coordinates thework of, joint parliamentary committees and parliamentaryivcooperation committees as well as that of the interparliamentarydelegations and ad hoc delegations falling within its remit.”†the strengthening of political relations with third countries bymeans of comprehensive cooperation and assistanceprogrammes or international agreements such as associationand partnership agreements;†All excerpts are from the Parliament’s Rules of Procedure, Annex VI: Powers andresponsibilities of standing committees.

KYUCHYUK Ilhan (Bulgaria, ALDE) . 14LUNACEK Ulrike (Austria, Greens/EFA) .2NART Javier (Spain, ALDE). 105PANZERI Pier Antonio (Italy, S&D) . 66PICULA Tonino (Croatia, S&D) . 16PIRI Kati (Netherlands, S&D) . 76RADOŠ Jozo (Croatia, ALDE) . 17SAKORAFA Sofia (Greece, GUE/NGL) . 56THEOCHAROUS Eleni (Cyprus, EPP) . 19VAJGL Ivo (Slovenia, ALDE) . 97VALENCIANO MARTÍNEZ-OROZCO Elena (Spain, S&D) . 109van BAALEN Johannes (Netherlands, ALDE) . 78ZALA Boris (Slovakia, S&D) . 95SubstitutesALI Nedzhmi (Bulgaria, ALDE) . 11BENIFEI Brando Maria (Italy, S&D) . 62BJÖRK Malin (Sweden, GUE/NGL) . 111CEBALLOS Bodil (Sweden, Greens/EFA) . 111DE SARNEZ Marielle (France, ALDE) . 31FAJON Tanja (Slovenia, S&D) . 96GABRIEL Mariya (Bulgaria, EPP) . 12GOMES Ana (Portugal, S&D) . 84GRZYB Andrzej (Poland, EPP) . 80GUALTIERI Roberto (Italy, S&D) . 64HADJIGEORGIOU Takis (Cyprus, GUE/NGL) . 18HARMS Rebecca (Germany, Greens/EFA) . 44LAMBSDORFF Alexander Graf (Germany, ALDE) . 46LEINEN Jo (Germany, S&D) . 47LÓPEZ AGUILAR Juan Fernando (Spain, S&D) . 104MACOVEI Monica (Romania, EPP) . 90MARTIN David (United Kingdom, S&D) . 123MAURA BARANDIARÁN Fernando (Spain, ALDE) . 104NEUSER Norbert (Germany, S&D) . 49POST Soraya (Sweden, S&D) . 115SCHAAKE Marietje (Netherlands, ALDE) . 77SCHOLZ Helmut (Germany, GUE/NGL) . 50URTASUN Ernest (Spain, Greens/EFA). 108VÄYRYNEN Paavo (Finland, ALDE). 28VERGIAT Marie-Christine (France, GUE/NGL) . 37WEBER Renate (Romania, EPP) . 93AdvisersEPP Jesper HAGLUND; Zacharias GIAKOUMIS; Jan-WillemVLASMAN; Silke DALTON; Robert GOLANSKIS&D Vincenzo GRECO; Eldar MAMEDOV; Jörgen SIIL; ZoltanSIMON; Anita TUSARECR Wojciech DANECKI; Aleksander GRABCZEWSKI; RichardHAZLEWOOD; Ondrej KOVARIKALDE Rune GLASBERG; Renaldas VAISBRODAS; EdoardoFERRARA; Katia STASINOPOULOUGUE/NGL Karin SCHUTTPELZ; Vera POLYCARPOU; ElviraHERNANDEZ; Dominik ZGANECGreens/EFA Paolo BERGAMASCHI; Sabine MEYEREFDD Aivars BERNERS; Rezio PASINI4. Subcommittee on Human Rights (DROI)The Subcommittee on Human Rights assists the Committee onForeign Affairs on matters “concerning democracy, the rule of law,human rights, including the rights of minorities, in third countriesand the principles of international law.”The Subcommittee on human rights “should ensure coherencebetween all the Union’s external policies and its human rightspolicy.”ChairVALENCIANO MARTÍNEZ-OROZCO Elena (Spain, S&D) . 109v

Vice-ChairsPAGAZAURTUNDÚA RUIZ Maite (Spain, ALDE) . 105PREDA Cristian Dan (Romania, EPP) . 92LOCHBIHLER Barbara (Germany, Greens/EFA) . 48CoordinatorsAUŠTREVIČIUS Petras (Lithuania, ALDE) . 69GRZYB Andrzej (Poland, EPP) . 80LOCHBIHLER Barbara (Germany, Greens/EFA) . 48PANZERI Pier Antonio (Italy, S&D) . 66VERGIAT Marie-Christine (France, GUE/NGL) . 37WEIDENHOLZER Josef (Austria, S&D) .4MembersADAKTUSSON Lars (Sweden, EPP). 110BUCHNER Klaus (Germany, Greens/EFA) . 39CRISTEA Andi-Lucian (Romania, S&D) . 89DEMESMAEKER Mark (Belgium, ECR) .6GOERENS Charles (Luxembourg, ALDE) . 71HOWITT Richard (United Kingdom, S&D) . 120IGLESIAS Pablo (Spain, GUE/NGL) . 103KOVATCHEV Andrey (Bulgaria, EPP) . 13MARTIN David (United Kingdom, S&D) . 123POST Soraya (Sweden, S&D) . 115SubstitutesCOUSO PERMUY Javier (Spain, GUE/NGL) . 99GUERRERO SALOM Enrique (Spain, S&D). 102MAURA BARANDIARÁN Fernando (Spain, ALDE) . 104MICHEL Louis (Belgium, ALDE) .8MINEUR Anne-Marie (Netherlands, GUE/NGL) . 76PIRI Kati (Netherlands, S&D) . 76RODRIGUES Liliana (Portugal, S&D) . 85viSARGENTINI Judith (Netherlands, Greens/EFA) . 77SCHAAKE Marietje (Netherlands, ALDE) . 77TANNOCK Charles (United Kingdom, ECR) . 127ZALA Boris (Slovakia, S&D). 95AdvisersEPP Myriam ORSAGOVAS&D Brigitte BATAILLEECR Jannes DE JONGALDE Itziar MUÑOA SALAVERRIA; Katia STASINOPOULOUGUE/NGL Charlotte BALAVOINEGreens/EFA Raphaël FISERA5. Subcommittee on Security and Defence (SEDE)The Subcommittee on Security and Defence assists the Committeeon Foreign Affairs on “the common foreign and security policy(CFSP) and the common security and defence policy (CSDP).”Vice-ChairsKHAN Afzal (United Kingdom, S&D) . 121LÖSING Sabine (Germany, GUE/NGL) . 48CoordinatorsCEBALLOS Bodil (Sweden, Greens/EFA) . 111LÖSING Sabine (Germany, GUE/NGL) . 48PAŞCU Ioan Mircea (Romania, S&D) . 91MembersNEYTS-UYTTEBROECK Annemie (Belgium, ALDE) . 8BUCHNER Klaus (Germany, Greens/EFA) . 39FREUND Eugen (Austria, S&D) . 1NART Javier (Spain, ALDE) . 105PICULA Tonino (Croatia, S&D) . 16COUSO PERMUY Javier (Spain, GUE/NGL) . 99

van BAALEN Johannes (Netherlands, ALDE) . 78GOMES Ana (Portugal, S&D) . 84SubstitutesFLECKENSTEIN Knut (Germany, S&D). 41HOWITT Richard (United Kingdom, S&D) . 120IGLESIAS Pablo (Spain, GUE/NGL) . 103RADOŠ Jozo (Croatia, ALDE) . 17MAURA BARANDIARÁN Fernando (Spain, ALDE) . 104AdvisersEPP Robert GOLANSKIS&D Ciprian MATEIECR Aleksander GRABCZEWSKI; Wojciech DANECKIALDE Edoardo FERRARAGUE/NGL Vera POLYCARPOUGreens/EFA Tobias HEIDER6. Committee on Development (DEVE)The Committee on Development is “responsible for: the promotion, implementation and monitoring of thedevelopment and cooperation policy of the Union, notably:opolitical dialogue with developing countries, bilaterallyand in the relevant international organisations andinterparliamentary fora,oaid to, and cooperation agreements with, developingcountries, notably oversight of effective aid funding andevaluation of output, including in relation to povertyeradication,omonitoring of the relationship between the policies of theMember States and those implemented at Union level,opromotion of democratic values, good governance andhuman rights in developing countries,othe implementation, monitoring and advancement ofpolicy coherence with regard to development policy; all legislation, programming and scrutiny of actions carried outunder the Development Cooperation Instrument (DCI), theEuropean Development Fund (EDF) – in close cooperationwith national parliaments – and the Humanitarian AidInstrument, as well as all matters related to humanitarian aidin developing countries and the policy underpinning them; matters relating to the ACP-EU Partnership Agreement andrelations with the relevant bodies; matters relating to Overseas Countries and Territories; Parliament’s involvement in election observation missions,when appropriate in cooperation with other relevantcommittees and delegations.The committee coordinates the work of the interparliamentarydelegations and ad hoc delegations falling within its remit.”ChairMcAVAN Linda (United Kingdom, S&D) . 124Vice-ChairsCHRYSOGONOS Kostas (Greece, GUE/NGL) . 54VÄYRYNEN Paavo (Finland, ALDE). 28CoordinatorsGOERENS Charles (Luxembourg, ALDE) . 71NEUSER Norbert (Germany, S&D) . 49SÁNCHEZ CALDENTEY Lola (Spain, GUE/NGL) . 106vii

HEUBUCH Maria (Germany, Greens/EFA) . 44HAUTALA Heidi (Finland, Greens/EFA) . 25MembersGUERRERO SALOM Enrique (Spain, S&D). 102PAGAZAURTUNDÚA RUIZ Maite (Spain, ALDE) . 105PREDA Cristian Dan (Romania, EPP) . 92SCHLEIN Elena Ethel (Italy, S&D) . 677. Committee on International Trade (INTA)The Committee on International Trade is “responsible for mattersrelating to the establishment, implementation and monitoring ofthe Union’s common commercial policy and its external economicrelations, in particular: financial, economic and trade relations with third countriesand regional organisations; the common external tariff and trade facilitation as well as theexternal aspects of customs provisions and management; the opening, monitoring, conclusion and follow-up of bilateral,multilateral and plurilateral trade agreements governingeconomic, trade and investment relations with third countriesand regional organisations; measures of technical harmonisation or standardisation infields covered by instruments of international law; relations with the relevant international organisations andinternational fora on trade-related matters, and withorganisations promoting regional economic and commercialintegration outside the Union; relations withdimension.SubstitutesALBIOL GUZMÁN Marina (Spain, GUE/NGL) . 98BEARDER Catherine (United Kingdom, ALDE) . 118DANCE Seb (United Kingdom, S&D) . 119DÍAZ DE MERA GARCÍA CONSUEGRA Agustín (Spain, EPP) . 99HAYES Brian (Ireland, EPP). 60LÓPEZ AGUILAR Juan Fernando (Spain, S&D) . 104LÖSING Sabine (Germany, GUE/NG

relationships with these European lawmakers. Using this document Section B. European Parliament bodies lists the official bodies of the European Parliament, their fields of competence, and the potential Open Society allies taking part in their work. They also

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