Are You Eating Enough To Lose Weight?

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Free Information Session: (version 1.0)Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight?The Point: Introduce people to theconcepts of The Full Plate Diet andinvite them to attend the Full Plate DietWeight Loss Program.Items needed by Facilitator Program registration table Registration assistant-optional Materials table Eight-Session ProgramParticipant Kit, which includes:o The Full Plate Diet booko Audiobook CDo Participant Guideo Fiber Guide Method of payment Eight-Session Program FacilitatorGuide Timer for timing each activity Extra pens or pencils 11 popsicle sticks 9-page Free Information SessionParticipant GuideNotes to FacilitatorRegistration: at the end of thissession you’ll provide participants anopportunity to register and pay for theirParticipant Kit for the full eight-sessionProgram. By collecting payment now,you can order everyone’s materials andreceive them in time to distribute theirkit at the first session of the Program.(Allow 7 days between placing yourorder and receiving your materials forstandard FedEx Ground shipping rates.)If you anticipate having a largegroup, plan on having one assistant forevery 20 participants to help withregistration and payment. This will freeyou up to answer questions.Materials table: have a separatetable where you place the ParticipantKit materials for people to thumbthrough. We recommend having one Kitfor every 20 people who attend.Method of payment: decide whatmethods of payment you’ll accept, i.e.,cash, check, credit card. Planaccordingly.Thanks for facilitating this session.You’ll give those who attend a taste ofthe complete eight-session Full PlateDiet Weight Loss Program. Noteveryone who attends this introductorysession will sign up for the remainder ofthe Program, but you’ll still providehelpful information and a supportiveenvironment. On behalf of both the FullPlate Diet Team and those who come tothis session—thanks!Be upbeat! Smile—a lot! Many ofthe people who attend this session arefeeling vulnerable, defeated, and alonein their weight loss struggles. They needto leave feeling hopeful andencouraged.

PASS OUT THE 9-PAGE FREEINFORMATION SESSIONPARTICIPANT GUIDE AS PEOPLEARRIVE.1. Greeting(2 minutes 41minutes remaining)TAKE YOUR CELL PHONE OUT,TURN IT OFF, AND INVITEOTHERS TO DO SO. MEANWHILEMAKE SURE EVERYONE CANHEAR YOU OK.LET PARTICIPANTS KNOWWHERE BATHROOMS ARELOCATED.Welcome to the Free InformationSession of the Full Plate Diet WeightLoss Program. My name is (FIRSTNAME ONLY) and I’ll serve as yourfacilitator for today’s session. HOLD UP THE FULL PLATE DIETBOOK.The material I am sharing is fromthe people who created this NewYork Times Bestseller—The Full PlateDiet. They’ve carefully crafted eightsessions that help people like us loseweight, gain greater health, and havemore zest for life.HOLD UP FACILITATOR GUIDE.This session, like the remainderof the sessions, is laid out in aFacilitator Guide. I point that outbecause I want you to know thematerial in this course isn’tsomething I cooked up myself; it’s2from experts with decades ofexperience coming alongside peoplejust like us. People who want to slimdown and feel healthier. Peoplelooking for a doable weight lossprogram that makes sense.Today we’ll look at what’s inthose eight sessions. You’ll leaveknowing whether those sessions willbe useful for you on your own journeytoward slimming down, gettinghealthier, and feeling better.And you’ll leave having learnedsome useful tips, whether or not youdecide to join us for the entireprogram.Let’s dive in. 2. Friendship Questions(5 minutes 36 minutes remaining)I mentioned that the Full PlateDiet Weight Loss Program makessense, and in a moment I’ll tell youwhy.But first, please turn to someoneseated near you. Introduce yourselfand tell that person what drew youhere today. What do you hope to gainby being here?If there is someone without apartner go ahead and join a pair.You’ll have about a minute to talktogether and then I’ll draw yourattention back to the front of theroom.ALLOW PAIRS 1 MINUTE TOSHARE. GIVE 15-SECONDWARNING TO WRAP UPCONVERSATIONS.Thanks!

Now, with your partner, pleasetalk about this: What’s the craziestdiet you or someone you know hasbeen on?Maybe it was 10 days of eatingnothing but grapefruit. Or 15 days ofeating nothing but meat. Or maybeyou knew someone who went on theElvis diet—peanut butter and bananasandwiches for breakfast, lunch, anddinner. As for me, the craziest diet I’veever heard of was BRIEFLY—IN 30 SECONDS—DESCRIBE A DIET YOU ORSOMEONE YOU’VE KNOWN HASBEEN ON. MODEL THE SORT OFRESPONSE YOU’D LIKE TO SEESHARED BY PARTICIPANTS ASTHEY TALK TOGETHER.That’s me.but what about you?Tell your partner about thecraziest diet you or someone youknow has been on. What was it—andhow did it turn out?You’ll have about one minute totalk.ALLOW 1 MINUTE FOR PAIRS TOSHARE. GIVE 15-SECONDWARNING.Thanks for having thatconversation.Something you should know: FullPlate Diet sessions aren’t justlectures or watching videos. There’sa lot of talking together as we applywhat we’re learning, a lot of gettingto know other people who are also ona journey toward slimming down.At these sessions you’llexperience support andencouragement—not judgment. Andall the information you receive ispractical and something you can putto use right away, if you’d like.And, so you know, whatevercrazy diets you talked about—that’snot what the Full Plate Diet is like.Instead the Full Plate Dietteaches you how to fill your plate sothat you’re not hungry all the time.And you’ll not only take weight off—you’ll keep it off. 3. Natural Fiber-Rich Foods(5 minutes 31 minutes remaining)The first step on your journey toslimming down and staying that wayis quick and easy.There’s no decreasing portions ortaking anything off the menu. Instead,your first step is simply addingnatural, fiber-rich foods to mealsyou’re already eating.It’s that simple. There are plenty of fiber-richfoods you already know and like.You simply need to start eating moreof them.PAUSE.Please do something for me rightnow. If you would, stand up.STAND UP WITH ALL THEPARTICIPANTS.I’m going to read a list of a dozencommon, natural, fiber-rich foods.Foods you can find in your local3

grocery store. As I read the list see ifthere are any you like.Please have a seat and turn topage 2.PLEASE READ THE LIST SLOWLYWITH A SHORT PAUSE BETWEENEACH FOOD.Here’s the anuts,lettuce,mangoes,apples,black beans,oranges,and bananas.PAUSE.If you heard a food on this listthat you enjoy eating, remainstanding,PAUSE.but if you don’t like any of thefoods on this list, please sit down.PAUSE.If you’re standing, this is a weightloss program you’ll enjoy.If you’re seated, you’ll be okay,too. That’s because I read just adozen of the 55 natural, fiber-richfoods you’ll discover in The Full PlateDiet book.You actually have a list of them inyour Handout.4PAUSE AS PARTICIPANTS TURNTO PAGE 2.Take the next minute to look overthe entire list, pick out a couple foodsyou enjoy, and tell a person next toyou what they are and why you enjoythem.ALLOW 1 MINUTE. GIVE 15SECOND WARNING.Even though there are 55 natural,fiber-rich foods featured in the book,there are literally thousands ofnatural, fiber-rich foods.That makes the Full Plate Dietboth flexible and easy to personalize.If you or your family doesn’t care forone particular natural, fiber-rich food,there are plenty more to choosefrom. And as far as getting enoughfiber, The Full Plate Dietrecommends eating about 40 gramsof fiber a day.Any guesses on how many gramsof fiber the average American eatsdaily? Here’s a clue: it’s somewherebetween 1 and 40. What do you think? Call out somenumbers and let’s see how close weget.PAUSE AS PARTICIPANTS GUESS. Thanks for taking a shot at that.The answer is just ten grams.

That means most Americans areeating only a quarter of the fiber theFull Plate Diet recommends.So, are you eating enough to loseweight? Are you eating enough natural,fiber-rich foods to lose weight?Two grams.Take a moment and jot that in thespace provided.By the way, if you don’t have apen or pencil, just raise your hand.I’ve got some loaners I’m happy tohand out. PAUSE TO HAND OUT PENS.4. Breakfast Power Up(2 minutes 29 minutes remaining)The eight sessions we’llexperience in the Full Plate DietWeight Loss Program will help usgradually shift how we’re eating.The end result is steady,sustainable weight loss. You won’texperience the yo-yo weight loss andgain that often comes with fad diets.First, we’ll learn how to “PowerUp” what we’re currently eating byadding natural, fiber-rich foods.So please turn to page 3 of yourhandout and you’ll see an example of“Powering Up” something you mightalready be eating: Corn Flakes .PAUSE AS PARTICIPANTS TURNTO PAGE 3.As breakfasts go, most peoplewould say Corn Flakes are prettyhealthy.But if eating enough fiber is a keyto weight loss, a great question isthis: how much fiber do those 2 cupsof Corn Flakes bring to the breakfasttable?What do you think? Anyonewilling to take a guess?ALLOW SEVERAL PEOPLE TOGUESS.But look at what happens whenwe power up that bowl by adding afew natural, fiber-rich foods. Toss onan ounce of walnuts, a half-cup ofraspberries, and a half-cup ofblackberries, and you’re looking atnot two grams of fiber but twelve.Write twelve in the spaceprovided.Almost a third of the fiber you’dneed for the day.If you love Corn Flakes if you’vehad Corn Flakes every morning sinceyou were a child if your great-greatgrandfather invented CornFlakes you can still have CornFlakes for breakfast, just Power themUp by adding natural, fiber-richfoods. 5. Breakfast Makeover(5 minutes 24 minutes remaining)Now let’s take this Power Upprinciple a step further.Please turn to page 4.PAUSE AS PARTICIPANTS TURN TOPAGE 4.There are two meals on this page.Meal #1 is two Breakfast EggMuffins, with sausage and cheese5

and 1 cup of orange juice. Go aheadand total the number of fiber gramsin the meal and write it in the spaceprovided.WAIT FOR PARTICIPANTS TOTOTAL.How many grams of fiber are inMeal #1?WAIT FOR RESPONSE: 4 GRAMS.As you can see, the only fooditems that have fiber are the EnglishMuffins. The Full Plate Diet isn’tabout counting calories, but whowould like to take a guess at howmany calories are in this meal?ALLOW SEVERAL PEOPLE TOGUESS.The answer is 1,000 calories. Goahead and write that in the spaceprovided.Now look at Meal #2. If you wouldbe willing to replace the orange juiceand only one Breakfast Egg Muffinwith natural fiber-rich foods, here’swhat you could get for the same1,000 calories. Besides the oneBreakfast Egg Muffin, you get ½ cup of 2% milkOne cup of cooked oatmealOne appleOne orangeOne banana½ cup of blackberriesand 11 almondsNow total the grams of fiber andwrite it in.WAIT FOR THEM TO ADD.How many grams were in Meal #2?6WAIT FOR RESPONSE: 22 GRAMS.That’s right, 22 grams of fiber.So we’ve gone from 4 grams offiber in Meal #1 to 22 grams in Meal#2. And look at how much food youget to eat for the same 1,000 calories!That’s the beauty of The Full PlateDiet.Now let’s shift our attention backto Meal #1.If you were going to get 40 gramsof fiber for the day from Meal #1, howmany meals would you need to eat?WAIT FOR RESPONSE: 10 MEALS.Write 10 in the space provided.And how many calories would thatbe?WAIT FOR RESPONSE: 10,000CALORIES.Write 10,000 in the space justbelow.You would certainly be full, butwould you lose weight?PAUSE.Now if you were going to get 40grams of fiber for the day from Meal#2, how many meals would you needto eat?WAIT FOR RESPONSE: 2 MEALS.And how many calories would thatbe?WAIT FOR RESPONSE: 2,000CALORIES.That’s right: 2,000 calories. Goahead and write that in.

PAUSE.Many people can lose weight on2,000 calories a day. And look at allthe food you can eat! That’s why theprogram is called the Full Plate DietWeight Loss Program.So the key question is: Are youeating enough to lose weight? Areyou eating enough natural, fiber-richfoods to lose weight?6. Water and Fiber(3 minutes 21 minutes remaining)So how does this work?To find out, I’m going to needyour help.I’ll divide the room in half.This side will be “Water” and thisside will be “Fiber.”POINT TO ONE SIDE AND THENTHE OTHER.When I point to you, WaterPeople, please say the word “Water.”Let’s practice that.POINT TO THE WATER GROUPAND WAIT FOR THEM TO SAY,“WATER.”Excellent!Now let’s also practice, FiberPeople.POINT TO THE FIBER GROUP ANDWAIT FOR THEM TO SAY, “FIBER.”Perfect!Here’s how eating lots of natural,fiber-rich foods helps you lose weightand keep it off.Natural, fiber-rich foods contain alot of POINT TO THE WATER PEOPLE.In fact, fruits and vegetables areabout 90 to 95 percent POINT TO WATER PEOPLE.Cooked whole grains, like brownrice and oatmeal, are about 80 to 85percent POINT TO WATER PEOPLE.Cooked beans are about 6070%.POINT TO WATER PEOPLE.And natural, fiber-rich foods, astheir name implies, also contain POINT TO FIBER PEOPLE.This next point is critical. Pleasedon’t miss this.There are no calories in POINT TO WATER PEOPLE.And there are no calories in POINT TO FIBER PEOPLE.That means these foods arenaturally lower calorie foods. So youget to fill your plate with them andstill lose weight. None of the skimpyportions associated with so manydiets. In fact, that’s why we called thebook HOLD UP THE FULL PLATE DIETBOOK.The Full Plate Diet.7

Also, the water and fiber in thesefoods fill your stomach up when youeat them, so you feel full and stay fulllonger. None of the hunger anddeprivation associated with so manyfad diets.Natural, fiber-rich foods are thefoods that fill you up, not out. The bottom line for losing weightand keeping it off for ever, is eatinglots of foods which are rich in both POINT TO WATER PEOPLE.And POINT TO FIBER PEOPLE.Thanks for your help with that.7. What’s Coming(3 minutes 18 minutes remaining)Let’s take a look at what’scovered in the eight sessions of theFull Plate Diet Weight Loss Program.Please turn to page 5.PAUSE AS PARTICIPANTS TURNTO PAGE 5.With your partner, read throughthe description of the eight sessionsand then talk about how you thinkthis Program can help you loseweight.Take the next two minutes to dothis.ALLOW 2 MINUTES. GIVE 30SECOND WARNING.88. More Than JustInformation(5 minutes 13 minutes remaining)Thanks for having thatconversation.As you can tell, the Full Plate DietWeight Loss Program is packed withgreat information. But informationalone won’t cause you to lose weight.Just because we know the rightthing to do doesn’t mean we’ll do it,right? Or maybe that’s just me. Don’t raise your hand, but it’sconfession time.PAUSE.Mentally raise your hand if you’veever gone through the buffet line asecond or third time even though youknew it was a bad idea.Mentally raise your other hand ifyou’ve ever been watching TV in theevening and a bowl of ice creammysteriously appeared in your lap.And mentally raise your other,other hand if you’ve ever been heldhostage by cookies, chocolate, or abag of potato chips.If you’re like me, you’ve got threehands in the air right now becausewe’ve all done things like that. We’vedone it even though we knew better.Knowing the right thing to do isgreat—but it’s not enough. In fact,good information is just one of tentools used by people who lose weightand keep it off.Let’s see what happens to mostpeople who manage to lose weight.Do this for me please. Put yourpaper on you lap and hold up both

hands with all ten fingers in the air.Now do what I do.PLACE YOUR FACILITATOR GUIDEIN YOUR LAP SO YOU CAN STILLREAD IT AND HOLD UP ALL 10FINGERS.Here’s what research shows: forevery ten people who lose weight,eightLOWER TWO FINGERS WITHEIGHT FINGERS STILL RAISED.of them gain all the weight backwithin one year.Which means only twoLOWER ALL BUT TWO FINGERSout of every ten people who loseweight keep it off for more than oneyear. No wonder so many people arefrustrated with dieting.PUT YOUR HANDS DOWN.Thanks for doing that with me.Good information, even about agood diet, is good, but it’s notenough to help most people keep theweight off.To make my point, I’ll need thehelp of a volunteer. Who’s willing tohelp me?RECRUIT A VOLUNTEER.Thanks!GIVE THE VOLUNTEER 1POPSICLE STICK.Hold your popsicle stick in bothhands as if you were going to breakit.PAUSE.Now, on the count of three please goahead and try to break it.One two three.PAUSE.Excellent! That didn’t seem toodifficult. I’m thinking that onepopsicle stick, by itself, isn’t all thatstrong.Sort of like just having goodinformation about weight loss. Itmight be enough to get you started,but it won’t be strong enough to helpyou lose weight and keep it off.That’s why this is not the onlytool you’ll learn about in the eightsession program.In fact, there are ten tools.Let’s see how ten works in ourpopsicle stick demonstration.GIVE THE VOLUNTEER TEN MOREPOPSICLE STICKS.On the count of three, let’s seehow you do breaking ten popsiclesticks.One two three.LET THE VOLUNTEER TRY TOBREAK THE STICKS. VERY FEWPEOPLE CAN DO THIS.Thanks.So, was that a bit tougher thansnapping one stick?9

LET THE VOLUNTEER RESPOND.The lesson is obvious. There’sstrength in numbers. Just like it’shard to break 10 popsicle sticks, it’shard to fail at losing weight andkeeping it off when you’re using the10 tools that you’ll learn in the FullPlate Diet Weight Loss Program.Give our volunteer a hand!ASK VOLUNTEER TO SIT DOWN.9. What We Really Need(4 minutes 9 minutes remaining)As we’ve just seen, there’sstrength in numbers. And that’s whythis Program is done in a group.At the Full Plate Diet Weight LossProgram you’ll find theencouragement you need to loseweight.The sessions arefun interactive and you’ll actuallyenjoy them.And we’ll have each other as aresource as well as the Full Plate Dietteam arming us for success. That’s why I’m so excited abouttaking this weight loss journey withyou. Together we can encourage andsupport each other. We can talkabout what’s going well and whatchallenges we face.In fact, let’s do that right now.Go ahead and pair up and takethe next minute to talk about howyour life would be different if youwere slimmer, healthier, and hadmore energy and zest for life.10ALLOW 1 MINUTE. GIVE 15SECOND WARNING.Now let’s talk about a secondquestion: what will your life be like ifyou don’t do something about yourweight? What does the future looklike for you? Take the next minute todo that.ALLOW 1 MINUTE FOR SHARING.GIVE 15-SECOND WARNING.Thanks for sharing.We’re all in this together, andtogether we can take strides towardslimming down and having moreenergy.10. About the Program(3 minutes 6 minutes remaining)Now please turn to page 6 of yourhandout.PAUSE AS PARTICIPANTS TURNTO PAGE 6.There are several things I want you toknow about the Full Plate Diet WeightLoss Program before you decidewhether you’ll join us.First, there’s no countingcalories.You can write that beside numberone: “No counting calories.”PAUSE FOR 5 SECONDS.Second, there’s no weighing inwhen we meet.Nobody will post your weight onthe bulletin board. This isn’t the

“Biggest Loser” program where allthat matters is shedding pounds.So write that on line two: “Noweighing in.”HOLD UP PARTICIPANT GUIDE.And a Full Plate Diet Fiber Guide,listing the fiber grams in more than500 foods and beverages.PAUSE FOR 5 SECONDS.HOLD UP FIBER GUIDE.Third is about who’s in charge ofyour weight loss. You can loseweight when you feel ready, and ifthat’s not now—that’s okay. ThisProgram can still help you.So on line three write: “I’m incharge.”PAUSE FOR 5 SECONDS.Fourth, you’ll need somematerials. On this page, you’ll see apicture of the materials included inthe Full Plate Diet Weight LossProgram Participant Kit.HOLD UP EACH ITEM AS YOUMENTION IT.It includes a copy of The New York Times Bestseller,The Full Plate Diet book HOLD UP BOOK.The Full Plate Diet AudiobookCD HOLD UP AUDIOBOOK CD.The Full Plate Diet Weight LossProgram Participant Guide, which isthe main book we’ll be usingthroughout the eight sessions and issimilar to the pages we’re using inthis Free Info Session There’s no special foods to buyor supplements to purchase.The cost of this Program—including all eight one-hour sessionsand all the materials I just showedyou—is . You can write that inthe space provided. That averagesout to only per session.If you’d like to take a closer lookat the materials, they’ll be availablefor you to thumb through when we’redone.11. In Their Own Words(2 minutes 4 minutes remaining)Now that you know what’sincluded in the Program, take aminute to learn how it has improvedpeople lives by reading theircomments on the bottom section ofpage 6.ALLOW PARTICITIPANTS 1MINUTE, GIVE A 15 SECONDWARNING.Now that you’ve read thecomments, pick the one that bestrepresents the experience you’d liketo have by attending this program,and write your name under it. Pleasetake the next 30 seconds and do thatnow.11

PAUSE 30 SECONDS.If you value an approach thathelps you take small steps to lastingweight loss, then I would encourageyou to join us for the Full Plate DietWeight Loss Program.12. Moving Forward(2 minutes 2 minutes remaining)Each session of the Programwraps up with something we call“Moving Forward.” Our friends on theFull Plate Diet Team suggest a coupleof ideas that might be next steps onour journey to weight loss and health.Please turn to page 7.PAUSE AS PARTICIPANTS TURNTO PAGE 7.Step A is to go online and checkout the free resources on the FullPlate Diet website B is to sign up today for theeight-session Full Plate Diet WeightLoss Program that will meet COVER SESSION DATES, TIME,AND LOCATION.And Step C is to create your ownstep. Take the next 30 seconds todecide how you’d like to moveforward. Check the Step or Stepsyou’ve chosen.PAUSE FOR 30 SECONDS.1213. Closing Thoughts(2 minutes of 2 remaining minutes)Thanks for joining me for this freeinformation session.Your handouts are yours to takewith you. If you choose to join us forthe full eight-session program, you’llget even more relevant information,and the help you need to put it togood use.To register for the program today,just complete the one-pageregistration form on page 9. Thentake the form along with yourpayment of to the registrationtable.MENTION FORMS OF PAYMENTYOU’LL ACCEPT, I.E., CASH,CHECK, CREDIT CARDS.You’ll receive your ProgramParticipant Kit at the beginning of ourfirst session starting(date).If you’d like to take a closer lookat a Participant Kit before youregister, there is a sample kit youmay thumb through on the materialstable.POINT TO THE MATERIALS TABLE.If you’re not ready to make thatdecision now, that’s fine. My contactinformation is on page 7.IF YOU PLAN ON LIMITING THENUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS INYOUR EIGHT-SESSIONPROGRAM, READ THE NEXTSENTENCE, OTHERWISE SKIP TOTHE NEXT PARAGRAPH.

Just so you know the Program islimited to participants.Whether you’re signing up or not,please share this with others whomight benefit from this program.The Full Plate Diet Weight LossProgram is a natural way to loseweight, but if you have medicalquestions about the program, youcan reference our Frequently AskedMedical Questions on page 8 of yourhandout or talk with your doctor.If you have other questions about theprogram, please catch me before youleave.Thanks for coming and I hopeyou’ve found this Free InformationSession fun and informative! 13

So, are you eating enough to lose weight? Are you eating enough natural, fiber-rich foods to lose weight? 4. Breakfast Power Up (2 minutes 29 minutes remaining) The eight sessions we'll experience in the Full Plate Diet Weight Loss Program will help us gradually shift how we're eating. The end result is steady, sustainable weight loss.

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