Architectural Planning For Implementing Hyperion System 9 An Overview .

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An Architectural OverviewEric HelmerDirector – Hyperion Infrastructure ServicesHackett Technology ackettGroup.comCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.1

Strategic and technical implementation consulting #1 Hyperion Reseller Award at Solutions 2006 AND 2007 Member of Hyperion Partner Advisory Council; CustomerAdvisory Boards and participant in the Partner DevelopmentExchange 600 successful Hyperion projects Scores of Hyperion-certified consultants, plus Preferred PartnerCertificationCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.2

We consider functionally just as important asReporting Design.Design Services Hardware Sizing/architectureInstallation/configurationHigh Availability/clusteringBackup/disaster recoveryPerformance tuningUpgrades and migrationsSecurity servicesEducational servicesFinanceCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.IT3 Hyperion has changedMajor Hyperion componentsIntroduction to Hyperion ArchitectureImplementing HyperionHardware Sizing examplesNote: We will cover the basic BI architecture for Hyperion system 9 and willnot cover additional BI applications such as Planning, HFM, etc. ComeSee me for more information on these.Copyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.4

Copyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.5

Separate Products Individually installed Complexity on the user Separate log-ons Separate look and feelCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.6

Integrated Enterprise Complex architecture Seamless to end user Single sign-on Same look and feelCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.7

Pre System 9 NameSystem 9 Name Hub Shared Services Reports Financial Reporting Analyzer Web Analysis Intelligence Interactive Reporting SQR Production Reporting Excel spreadsheet add-in Smart View for Office Essbase Analytic Services Essbase Administration Server Analytic Administration ServicesCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.8

Enterprise Strategic Planning Move from separate best of breed to integrated Enterprise Consider new System 9 components Plan up front: Prerequisites Sizing, Scalability High availability Backup/Recovery External authentication Selection of hardware, operating systems, 3rd party components Licensing Validation and roll-out Technical Issues Financial Managers: Involve IT group from the beginning! IT Managers: Involve Finance from the beginning! Use project managers Shared Services ETL Process WorkspaceCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.9

Copyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.10

Financial ReportingStandard ReportsWeb AnalysisDrill Down AnalysisSmart ViewProvider ServicesMS Office IntegrationESSBASEAdministration ServicesEssbase AdministrationCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.11

Financial ReportingWorkspaceWeb AnalysisShared Services ConsoleInteractive ReportingHyperion PlanningCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.12

All Hyperion products register with Shared Services External Authentication/Single Sign-on User security provisioning Components Relational Web Interface Open LDAPCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.13

Copyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.14

Why so many processes? SOA is a collection of independent services and anestablished communication mechanism that betweenthem Generally accepted standard in modern enterprisesoftware Breaks down into separate processes and services Advantage - enterprise class servicing Platform and location independentScalableMore reliable, less riskBetter performance, efficiencyCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.15

Client Tier Smart View for Office:Office Microsoft product integration Authoring Studios:Studios Design and authoring of reporting objects Application Tier Web Servers:Servers Web interface utilizing J2EE web application server Services layer:layer SOA independent server processes with core service managingsessions, logging, etc (CORBA) Database Tier Relational Repositories:Repositories A single point for metadata Data Sources Multidimensional (Essbase, SAP BW) Hyperion Packages (Planning, HFM, Strategic Finance, Scorecard) Legacy Systems (Flat Files, Spreadsheets)Copyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.16

Client TierWindows Desktop ClientsWeb HTML ClientsAnalytic Administration ClientData EntryAnalysisReportingSmart View for OfficeHyperion Reports DesktopEnd User LayerServicesApplicationsTierFinancial Reporting ServicesAnalytic AdministrationInteractive ReportingCore ServicesWeb App ServerIT Managed LayerShared ServicesAnalytic AdministrationWeb AnalysisWorkspaceSmart View ProviderDBA Managed HAASHyperion EssbaseRDBMSCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.17

ClientBrowser/Windows/ExcelDesign, Use and AdministerReporting and AnalysisTCP/IP – HTTP – SOAPServerApplicationsWindows/UNIXReporting and AnalysisCommon grationTCP/IP – Database tionalEAI / ETL/DirectExternal SourcesDWERPBPMSCMCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.CRM18

When to install Desktop Clients? Who gets them? Desktop Clients - Administrative functions and Authoring Analytic Administration (Essbase) Services Console Analytic Service Administration Financial Reporting Studio Creating and Authoring standard reports Smart View for Office Microsoft Integration – available via Workspace 99% of End Users will only use Web (and SmartView) Workspace URL: http://server:19000/workspaceCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.19

What products have server processes, web processesBI Server Processes BI Core Services Workspace ServerCommunication ServerPrint ServerScheduler none Deploys to 16000Analytic Administration Services Analytic Smart View Provider Deploys to 8200Web Analysis AAS ServerDeployed to 45000Web Server to 19000Financial Reporting NoneNoneWorkspace Analytic Administration Services BI Core Services NoneWeb Analysis Financial Reporting BI Base ServiceBI Data Access ServiceBI Communication ServicesBI Web ProcessesDeploys to 10080Analytic Smart View Provider Deploys to 13080Copyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.20

Which products have relational repositories? Shared Services Product registration information Business Intelligence Used by Workspace, FR, WA, IR Analytic Administration Services More for Planning, HFM, etcCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.21

Copyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.22

PLAN! PLAN!! PLAN!!! Operating System Hardware Sizing, disk space, scaling estimations Relational repositories 3rd Party requirements User IDs, access Acquire all the software and licenses Network readiness J2EE Web Application ServerWeb ServerRelational RepositoryPDF distillerASP, .NET, etcSSL certificatesExternal Authentication methodCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.23

ScalabilitySecurity needsNetwork topology, LAN, WAN, FirewallService Level requirements. Failover/clustering?Backup and disaster recovery strategyMigration strategy of objects DEV-TEST-PRODHelpdesk integrationKnowledge transfer/training ITSystem monitoringOngoing maintenance and automationCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.24

Must have a partnership IT with Finance! System Administrator Operating system Backups Hardware Application Administrator End user support Logs, troubleshooting Hyperion support tickets Security Administrator User Provisioning, filters Should be Finance driven Database Administrator Database Maintenance Project ManagerCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.25

Implementation is a process of installation and configuration Installation is done through packaged wizard installers. Configuration is done though a common config tool. Activates/checks license Registers with Shared Services Creates a relational repository Deploys to Web Application Server Order of configuration is important! Think of the foundation!Copyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.26

Operating System Windows 2000 SP4Windows Server 2003 SP1Sun Solaris 9, 10AIX V5.2, V5.3HP-UX (11i)Red Hat Linux AS 4.0Windows Only The Financial Reporting Print Server for PDF generationHALDIMStrategic FinanceHFMFDMCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.27

Check the compatibility matrix for verification External Authentication Relational database Web Application Server PDF Distiller NTLM MSAD LDAP Oracle, 10.1.02 SQL Server 2000 SP3a 2005 SP1 IBM DB2 8.1 FP7a, 8.2 FP2 Apache Tomcat BEA Weblogic 8.1.4 IBM WebSphere, 6.0.2 Adobe Distiller Server 6.0 AFPL Ghostscript 8.5.1 GNU Ghostscript 7.0.6Copyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.28

No System 9 start/stop script is provided out of the box Service Names are listed in the Install Start Here document. You coulduse that information to create starting & stopping automation scripts. Start/stopping services is not trivial. Start processes in order offoundation, allow plenty of time for each to come up.Copyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.29

Hardware SizingCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.30

Number of named and concurrent usersSize of applicationsAmount of Report Creation vs. End user viewingBreakout of how many users use each applicationReporting cycle usage patterns (Daily, Monthly, weekly, etc) Maximum/Minimum users per activity Types of usage PDF Printing Batch Reporting Smart View usage Workspace StudiosCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.31

Use case scenarios, expected volumes (IT/Finance)Separate Hyperion Application from other EnterprisesoftwareSeparate heavily used applicationsSeparate competing resource applicationsSeparate Analytic Services and RelationalSize Core Services (Shared Services/Workspace) largerAnalytic Services – CPU intensiveWeb Applications – Memory intensiveDon’t forget other infrastructure Adequate Network, Disk Systems, firewalls, loadbalancers, SSLCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.32

Generic ExampleCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.33

Generic ExampleCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.34

Generic ExampleCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.35

Replace Replace existing hardware withbigger hardware Separate Separate Hyperion services Replicate Add hardware to existinghardware and load balance Clustering Failing over “The Highlander”ServicesCopyright 2007, The Hackett Group. All rights reserved.36

Eric HelmerDirector – Infrastructure Helmer.comFor more information

How Hyperion has changed 2. Major Hyperion components 3. Introduction to Hyperion Architecture 4. Implementing Hyperion 5. Hardware Sizing examples Note: We will cover the basic BI architecture for Hyperion system 9 and will not cover additional BI applications such as Planning, HFM, etc. Come See me for more information on these.

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