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REFERENCES & CASE STUDIESICDLREFERENCES &ENDORSEMENTSDigital Skills for Employability and Productivityicdl.org1

ICDLCONTENTSICDL Global Footprint. 6Government Endorsements and Framework Mapping. 6ECDL Foundation plays an active role in the development of DigComp, The European Commission'sDigital Competence Framework. 8UNESCO highlights ICDL as an example of an International Competence Framework. 9ICDL receives a "seal of alignment' from the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). 9American Council on Education (ACE) recommends college credit for five ICDL Modules to access HigherLevel Institutions in the USA. 9ICDL ASIA. 10SkillsFuture Singapore, embeds ICDL in its Workforce Skills Qualification Framework and providessignificant funding to employers and employees for ICDL certification. 10ICDL collaborates with Singapore Academy of Law to develop ICDL Professional Legal Programme. 10ICDL Asia partners with Singapore National Employers Federation to upskill members . 10ICDL collaborates with SIEMENS PLM to develop 3D Design module . 11ICDL collaborates with ACCA to benefit Finance and Accounting professionals. 11ICDL collaborates with 'The Association' in financial decision-making course. 11ICDL Asia and the University of Malaya embark on a joint initiative to develop the digital skills for thefuture Malaysian workforce . 1115,000 Civil Servants and Tertiary Students to be ICDL certified under Thailand Professional QualificationInstitute (TPQI). 12Malaysia Department of Skills Development (DSD) officially recognises ICDL.12Vietnam Ministry of Information and Communications (MIC) recognises ICDL as a Qualified IT Standard.12National Centre for Educational Technology (NCET) recommends ICDL as the first solution for vocationalcolleges in China . 12ICDL Foundation signs MoU with Vietnam Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) during Irishpresidential state visit. 13Department of Information and Communications Technology endorse ICDL as an International DigitalStandard ICT Certification. 13ICDL is the endorsed provider of New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) registeredProfessional Development, at 'Proficient Teacher level'. 13MoU signed with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC) to certify 1 million Indians over 5years. 13ICDL is endorsed by Thailand's Ministry of Education. 132

REFERENCES & CASE STUDIESICDL AFRICA.14ICDL invited by Ministry of ICT to collaborate on the development of the National Digital Talent Policy.14The University of Tourism Technology and Business Studies makes ICDL compulsory for all students in theUniversity. 14TETFUND makes ICDL the certification standard for all Public Tertiary Institutions in Nigeria.14ICDL signs MoU with Rwanda’s Ministry of Youth and ICT to certify 85,000 public sector employees.15ICDL signs MoU with the Ministry of Digital Economy and Communication.15The Government of Kenya recognises ICDL Certification as the entry level computer certification .15ICDL Africa Signs MoU with AIMS to train more than 4000 Science and Mathematics teachers over threeyears. 15The National Agency for Universal Telecommunications (ANSUT) plans to ICDL certify 50,000 peopleannually in Côte d'Ivoire . 15Rwanda Revenue Authority partners with ICDL to train and certify 500 employees.16Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB) commit to ICDL certify all Staff across Rwanda .16ABSU-CEP partners with ICDL to certify 30,000 Beninese civil servants.16The Technical and Vocational Education and Training Authority (TVETA) accredits ICDL Africa as a“Foreign Examination Body” in Kenya. 16The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in Guinea partners with ICDL to launch thedigital access program. 16UCC adopts ICDL to upskill members of the Federation of Small and Medium Enterprises in Uganda.17ICT Commission Partners with ICDL to certify the Tanzanian Workforce with an International benchmarkcertification in Digital Skills. 17The National Bank of Rwanda becomes ICDL Test Center to certify staff. 17ICDL South Africa and Western Cape Government bring ICDL to people across rural South Africa.17ICDL EUROPE. 18ECDL, the only digital skills certification included in funding guidelines by Polish Ministry of Education.18Italian Ministry of Education recognise ECDL as the official standard for evaluating computer skills.18ECDL supports access to teaching and training jobs in Portugal.18ECDL Certification used as an exemption for over 40% of QQI awards in Ireland.18ECDL recognised by Romanian Ministry of Education as equivalent to the Baccalaureate for DigitalLiteracy .18The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) maps ECDL to the UK QualificationsFramework. 19Turkish Ministry of Education aligns school curricula with ECDL Syllabi.19ECDL is mapped to France's National Register of Professional Qualifications (CPF) .193

ICDLNational Commission for Further and Higher Education maps ECDL to the Maltese QualificationsFramework. 19Swiss Post and the unions agree to fund ICDL training as part of a package of measure to ensure longterm employability for staff. 20Irish Defence Forces provide administration staff and soldiers with essential skills and certificationsrecognised nationally and internationally within the civilian world. 21ICDL MENA. 22Government commits to ICDL to train and certify 1 Million Egyptians. 22Islamic Society in Jordan trains ICDL through UNICEF-funded project. 22Norwegian Refugee Council endorses ICDL for Syrian Refugees. 22ICDL Training and Testing provided to all citizens in rural areas of Jordan. 22Yemen Ministry of Communication & Information Technology makes ICDL available to all citizens . 22The Government of Dubai make ICDL a mandatory requirement for all UAE Public Sector Workers. 22ICDL AMERICAS. 23Association of Universities of Latin America and the Caribbean sign MoU to promote and develop digitalskills in Latin America. 23CONACED joins forces with ICDL to train Staff, Teachers and Students. 23SENA, The National Working Department in Colombia adopts ICDL as the standard for ICT skills. 23University of Panama partners with ICDL to develop skills for employability and productivity. 23CONACED joins forces with ICDL to develop digital skills in Colombia. 23IBEC offers ICDL as part of their ICT training across Peru, Ecuador and soon to expand further acrossLatin America. 23CONTACT US.244


ICDLICDL Global FootprintWORLDWIDEICDL Foundation is a Global Social Enterprise dedicated to raising digitalcompetence standards in the Workforce, Education and Society. We believe thataccess to technology and developing digital skills dramatically improves livesand that no one should be left behind in this era of digital transformation.ICDL Foundation is the regulatory body forthe ICDL Certification, recognised throughoutthe world as 'The Digital Skills Standard'.ICDL was formerly known as ECDL in Europe,from its launch in 1997 until May 2019, whenthe new ICDL brand Identity was launched,officially uniting ECDL and ICDL as one brand.in Rwanda), ICDL Asia (based in Singapore) andICDL Americas (based in Panama). Our NationalOperators, Partners and Test Centres adhere tostrict Quality Assurance Standards, which ensurethat ICDL Certification is the trusted digitalskills standard wherever you are in the world.ICDL Certification is now available in over100 countries, across our network of morethan 20,000 Test Centres, delivering over70 Million ICDL Certification Tests to morethan 16 million people worldwide.22 YearsICDL Foundation supports the initiatives ofNational Operators of the programme in Europeand the Arab States from our headquartersin Dublin, Ireland and our European office inBrussels, Belgium. We have also establishedthree regional operations – ICDL Africa (based16,000,000 Candidates100 Countries20,000 Test Centres70,000,000 TestsGovernment Endorsements and Framework MappingGovernments on almost every continent have endorsed the ICDL programme fortheir citizens, or use it to train and certify the digital skills of their public servants.ICDL EuropeItaly - Ministry of EducationIreland - QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland)Malta - National Commission forFurther and Higher EducationRomania - Legal Act by Romanian ParliamentGreece - Hellenic Ministry of Culture,Education and Religious AffairUnited Kingdom - The Office of Qualificationsand Examinations Regulation (OfQual)European Commission - DigComp,The European CommissionPoland - Ministry of EducationFrance - National Register ofProfessional Qualifications, CPFTurkey - Ministry of Education6

REFERENCES & CASE STUDIESICDL AfricaKenya - Ministry of Information, Communicationsand Technology, The Technical and VocationalEducation and Training Authority (TVETA)Rwanda - National Digital Talent Policy,Ministry of ICT (MINICT), Social Security Board,Accelerated Christian Education (ACE), RwandaRevenue Authority (RRA), Rwanda Central BankBenin - Ministry of Digital Economyand Communication, ABSU-CEPNigeria - Tertiary Education Trust Fund (TETFund)Cote D'Ivoire - The National Agency forUniversal Telecommunications (ANSUT)Egypt - A consortium of EgyptianGovernment MinistriesUganda - Uganda CommunicationCommission (UCC)Tanzania - The Tanzania Informationand Communication Technologies(lCT) Commission (ICTC)Guinea - The Ministry of HigherEducation and Scientific ResearchSouth Africa - The Western CapeGovernment, Cape Access programme.ICDL AsiaSingapore - SkillsFuture Singapore (SSG),Singapore Academy of Law (SAL)Philippines - Department of Informationand Communications Technology (DICT)Thailand - Thailand ProfessionalQualification Institute (TPQI)Malaysia - Department of Skills Development(DSD–MOHR), University of MalayaVietnam - Ministry of Information andCommunications (MIC) and Ministry ofEducation and Training (MOET)China - National Centre for EducationalTechnology (NCET)India - National Skill DevelopmentCorporation (NSDC)ICDL AmericasRegional - Association of Universities of LatinAmerica and the Caribbean for Integration (AUALCPI), IBECUSA - American Council on Education(ACE, International Society forTechnology in Education (ISTE)Australia - endorsed provider of New SouthWales Education Standards Authority (NESA)Colombia - Ministry of Information andCommunication Technology, SENA, TheNational Working Department, CONACED,the National Catholic Confederationof Education, UPB MedellÍnPanama - University of PanamaMexico - Autonomous University ofTamaulipas, University of Veracruz7

ICDLICDL Foundation plays an active role in thedevelopment of DigComp, The EuropeanCommission's Digital Competence Framework.In order to understand what the key elements of digital competence are and how toassess it, the European Commission developed a Digital Competence Framework forCitizens called DigComp. DigComp provides a common reference for digital competencein Europe. It aims to assist citizens and organisations to identify digital competencegaps and to reflect on how to address them. It also helps policy makers to formulatepolicies in the area of digital competence and serves as an inspiration for educationand training providers to improve digital competence of various target groups.DigComp proposes a set of digital competences for all citizens to achieve, related to work, learning, leisureand participation in society. Individual competences (21 in total) are grouped into five competence areas:Information and Data Literacy, Communication and Collaboration, Digital Content Creation, Safety andProblem Solving.ICDL Foundation has been an active stakeholder in the development of this framework fromits initial stages, sharing our expertise in defining, structuring and assessing digital skills. Weattended a number of workshops where we provided our input for the content of this framework.ICDL has been identified as an implementation example by the European Commission'sJoint Research Centre. The graphic below shows how ICDL Modules map to DigComp.ICDL AND DIGCOMP COMPETENCIESDigComp AreaDigComp CompetencesInformation and DataLiteracyBrowsing, searching and filtering data,information and digital contentEvaluating data, information and digital contentManaging data, information and digital contentCommunication andCollaborationInteracting through digital technologiesSharing through digital technologiesEngaging in citizenship through digitaltechnologiesCollaborating through digital technologiesNetiquetteManaging digital identityICDL orationComputer &Online EssentialsIDigital ContentCreationSafetyProblem SolvingDeveloping digital contentIntegrating and re-elaborating digital contentCopyright and licencesProgrammingProtecting devicesProtecting personal data and privacyProtecting health and well-beingProtecting the environmentSolving technical problemsIdentifying needs and technological responsesCreatively using digital technologiesIdentifying digital competence es(Advanced)Documents(Advanced)2D SecurityComputingNote: Some modules may support more than one competence area - for example, Computing relates to Programming in Digital Content Creation, as well as Problem Solving; Computer andOnline Essentials include issues relating to Safety.8

REFERENCES & CASE STUDIESUNESCO highlightsICDL as an exampleof an InternationalCompetenceFrameworkICDL receives a "seal of alignment'from the International Society forTechnology in Education (ISTE)UNESCO undertook a project to identify a GlobalFramework of Reference for Digital LiteracySkills. Built on the European Commission’sDigital Competence Framework for Citizens(DigComp 2.0), UNESCO identified theframeworks which were adopted across theglobe, including National Frameworks andEnterprise Frameworks of which ICDL is one.A not-for-profit organisation ISTE provides astandard framework for "rethinking educationand creating innovative learning environments.Since 2017 ECDL Foundation Programmeshave received a "seal of alignment" for ourcertifications against the Digital Skills level ofthis standard. While ISTE is very useful in theUSA, ISTE does have a world-wide dimensionand other territories use ISTE for their teachers.The digital skills competence areas werecross-referenced with the learning outcomesof each framework. ICDL was found to have177 learning outcomes mapped to thesecompetence areas which was by far the highestof all the frameworks included in the study. Digital Literacy FrameworksTotalKenya Basic Education Curriculum38Philippines ALS-K to 12 LS 698India Pradhan Mantri Gramin DigitalSaksharta Abhiyan (PMGDISHA)12Costa Rica Student PerformanceStandards in Digital TechnologyEnhanced Learning107Chile SIMCE TIC Matrix ofICT Skills for Learning14British Columbia DigitalLiteracy Framework106IC3 Global Standard 594ICDL Certification177Microsoft Digital LiteracyStandard Curriculum Version 467American Council on Education(ACE) recommends college credit forfive ICDL Modules to access HigherLevel Institutions in the USA.The American Council on Education’s CollegeCredit Recommendation Service (ACE CREDIT )has evaluated and recommended college creditfor five of ICDL Foundation’s modules. , ACE is themajor coordinating body for all the United States’higher education institutions, representing morethan 1,600 college and university presidents andmore than 200 related associations nationwide.9

ICDLICDL ASIASkillsFuture Singapore,embeds ICDL inits WorkforceSkills QualificationFramework andprovides significantfunding to employersand employees for ICDLcertification.ICDL ASIAICDL collaborates withSingapore Academy ofLaw to develop ICDLProfessional LegalProgrammeICDL ASIAICDL Asia partnerswith SingaporeNational EmployersFederation to upskillmembers in DigitalMarketingSINGAPORESINGAPORESINGAPOREICDL Asia has signedtwo Memorandums ofUnderstanding (MoU) withSkillsFuture Singapore (SSG,formerly Singapore’s WorkforceDevelopment Agency) toalign Singapore’s nationalEmployability Skills ICT moduleswith ICDL standards. Up to95% of funding is provided bySSG to the candidates who arecitizens and permanent residentsof the country. By 2019, morethan 40,000 candidates hadregistered for ICDL programmes.18 ICDL modules are adoptedby SSG WSQ Frameworkand SkillsFuture Approved.The alignment with SSG ESFramework set ICDL as thenational standard for digitalliteracy and opened the gate toall working adults in Singapore tobenefit from ICDL programmes.The financial aid from SSG andsupport from local CommunityDevelopment Councils enabledthe socially disadvantaged groupto upgrade themselves, includingthose who are unemployed,self-employed, low wageworkers, or people working atsmall and medium enterpriseswhich are not able to sponsoremployees for ICT training.10ICDL Foundation has signedan agreement to developan ICDL ProfessionalLegal programme with theSingapore Academy of Law.This collaboration makesSingapore Academy of Lawthe preferred global partnerof ICDL Foundation for thedevelopment and promotionof the ICDL ProfessionalLegal programme. Three ICDLmodules, namely ApplicationEssentials, IT Security andOnline Collaboration have beenidentified for contextualisationto suit the training needs of thelegal profession. Four groups oflearners have been identifiedfor this programme: practisinglawyers, in-house legal counsel,paralegals and law students.The Legal programme willkick off in Singapore and willcontinue to be offered to othercountries in the future. ICDLAsia will be responsible for thedelivery of the programmethrough its selected AccreditedTest Centres in Singapore.ICDL Asia, Shopee, andSingapore National EmployersFederation (SNEF) jointlyannounced collaborationefforts to enhance the ICDLDigital Marketing programmefor working professionals andcompanies in Singapore.The collaboration between ICDLAsia, Shopee, and SNEF startedin early 2019, where ICDL Asiaand SNEF hosted a seminar forsmall and medium enterprises(SMEs) to gain insights intodigital marketing. Since then,the three partners have workedtogether to enhance theDigital Marketing Programme,incorporating Shopee’s reallife digital marketing casestudies into the course.SSG provides upto 95% funding forICDL to citizensand permanentresidents ofSingapore

REFERENCES & CASE STUDIESICDL ASIAICDL collaborateswith SIEMENS PLMto develop 3D DesignmoduleSINGAPOREIn September 2017, ICDL Asiaand Siemens PLM Softwarecommenced a partnership forthe ICDL 3D Design Module,part of the ICDL WorkforceProgramme, using Solid Edge asthe first platform software. Themodule is designed for anyone,particularly students, to learnthe essential concepts and skillsrelating to the fundamentals ofusing 3D Design software.ICDL Programme modulesinclude Advanced Presentation,Advanced Spreadsheets, ITSecurity, Online Collaborationand Project Planning. ICDLand ACCA have conductedsystematic training and testsfor Accounting and Financestudents and professionalsin Asia-Pacific countries.ICDL ASIAICDL collaborateswith 'The Association'in financial decisionmaking course.Financial Decision MarketingCourse will include the ICDLProject Planning part of ICDLProfessional Programme andPresentation Module part ofICDL Workforce Programme.ICDL ASIAICDL Asia and theUniversity of Malayaembark on a jointinitiative to developthe digital skills forthe future MalaysianworkforceSINGAPOREMALAYSIAICDL ASIAICDL collaborateswith ACCA to benefitFinance and AccountingprofessionalsSINGAPOREACCA (the Associationof Chartered CertifiedAccountants) is one ofthe most internationallyrecognised certificates in thefinancial accounting area.ICDL collaborates with ACCAto provide a series of ICDL’sglobally-accredited ICTcertification programmes tofulfil the digital competenciesof accounting and financeprofessionals. The ACCA-A Memorandum ofUnderstanding was signed in2019, signalling the beginningof the partnership betweenICDL Asia and The Association.The two professional bodieswill jointly develop a newprogramme titled ‘ICDLThe Association FinancialDecision-Making Course’.The Association of InternationalCertified ProfessionalAccountants (the Association)is the most influential bodyof professional accountants,combining the strengths of theAmerican Institute of CPAs(AICPA) and the CharteredInstitute of ManagementAccountants (CIMA) to poweropportunity, trust and prosperityfor people, businesses andeconomies worldwide.The Kuala Lumpur Digital SkillsDeclaration is a joint initiative byICDL Asia and the University ofMalaya. By invitation only, thedeclaration was participated byprominent companies who arecommitted to the continuousdevelopment of digital skills forthe future digital workforce.With a common mission,they will continue to developtactical strategies and carryout structured activities tobuild a digitally agile workforcethrough standardisation,training and assessment, foremployees and for society.The ICDL-The Association11

ICDLICDL ASIA15,000 Civil Servantsand TertiaryStudents to beICDL certified underThailand ProfessionalQualification Institute(TPQI).THAILANDICDL Asia and the ThailandProfessional QualificationInstitute (TPQI) signed aMemorandum of Understandingfollowing the official recognitionof ICDL as the National ICTStandard for workplaces inThailand. Under the agreement,ICDL Asia and TPQI willcollaborate to offer ICDL to atleast 10,000 civil servants andtertiary education students in thefirst year, with plans to offer ICDLto 30,000 people in year two.The Department of SkillsDevelopment (DSD), Malaysiais the national and certificationbody that manages, coordinatesand promotes skills trainingprogrammes and careerdevelopment based on skillscompetencies for all types ofskills sectors in Malaysia. Thedepartment is under the purviewof the Ministry of HumanResources (MOHR), Malaysia andregulated under the NationalSkills Development Act (ACT 652).DSD officially recognise 5 ICDLmodules in the NCS DigitalEssentials, which will be widelyused by all DSD accreditedinstitutes, government agencies,organisations (public and privatecompanies) and individuals inMalaysia. The 5 modules are:Computer Essentials, OnlineEssentials, Word Processing,Spreadsheets and Presentation.ICDL ASIAVietnam Ministryof Information andCommunications (MIC)recognises ICDL as aQualified IT StandardVIETNAMICDL ASIAMalaysia Departmentof Skills Development(DSD) officiallyrecognises ICDLMALAYSIA12The Ministry of Information andCommunications Vietnam (MIC)endorsed ICDL certificationofficially through a newqualification framework entitledDecision 111/QD-BTTTT. Thenew framework is valid for threeyears, commencing from 21stJanuary 2020. This makes ICDLthe first and only internationalcertification programme in thecomputer skills area in Vietnam.ICDL ASIANational Centre forEducational Technology(NCET) recommendsICDL as the firstsolution for vocationalcolleges in ChinaCHINATo implement the new vocationaleducation reform policyannounced by Chinese Ministryof Education, National Centrefor Educational Technology(NCET) held a conference atNanjing Vocational College ofInformation Technology on 10April 2019, to launch the newproject – Upskilling and Certifyingthe Digital Skills of ChineseVocational College Students.The conference started with thesharing of 1 X Policy by DeputyDirector of Vocational and AdultEducation Division of MOE,Mr. Dong Zhenhua. This policyencourages vocational studentsto graduate with not only thediploma from the college, but alsowith one or several occupationalskills-based certifications.Mr. Han Jun, Deputy ChiefDirector of NCET, furtherhighlighted that to enhanceemployability of the students,it is important for vocationalcolleges to look for certificationprogrammes that are recognised

REFERENCES & CASE STUDIESby the industry. That is whyNCET would recommendthe ICDL programme as thefirst solution for vocationalcolleges in China. It is skillsbased, highly practical, andrecognised in the world as theglobal digital skills standard.ICDL ASIAICDL Foundation signsMoU with VietnamMinis

ICDL 6 Italy - Ministry of Education Ireland - QQI (Quality and Qualifications Ireland) Romania - Legal Act by Romanian Parliament United Kingdom - The Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (OfQual) Poland - Ministry of Education Turkey - Ministry of Education Malta - National Commission for Further and Higher Education Greece - Hellenic Ministry of Culture,

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