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imc FAMOSvisualization signal analysis test reportingComprehensive data analysis and documentationimc – productive testing

www.imcfamos.comimc FAMOS at a glance Easy management of large data sets Simplify comprehensive data visualization Accelerate your data analysis Create professional test reports Automate work flows

Advantagesimc FAMOS ensures fast resultsComprehensive data processing and signal analysis frameworkYou have data. You need answers. Fast.The extensive capabilities and workflow orientedRegardless of where your data originates – testframework of imc FAMOS boosts your productivity bystand, bench top, or mobile measurements –integrating:imc FAMOS provides you with the versatile softwaretools necessary to visualize and analyze your data, Data source and file format managementautomating routine and complex tasks – from data Multi-facetted visualizationimport to test report. Comprehensive data analysis with function assistant Report creationimc FAMOS is designed for your day to day analysis Quick processing of large data sets: 64 bit technologyneeds: it is the ideal tool for engineers constrained Automated macro-supported work flowby the limited functionality of vendor supplied Project oriented work approach“viewer” software, seeking independence from out- Synchronize measurement data with maps or videosside programmers, or overwhelmed with data analysisand reporting in a spreadsheet or programming intenIn Practicesive environment.2D and 3D histograms, and surface mapsfrom independent x, y, and z channelsFunction assistant to guide users throughthe function parameters and optionsAdvanced algorithms: spectral analysis,fatigue classification, order tracking,.GPS data x-y map overlay, with bothline color and scrolling, linked to relatedtime-based dataSynchronized playback of multiple videos,linked to time-based data channel displaysFacts & FeaturesTime based and x-y data: zoom, scroll,markers, overlays, line stylesAdvantages // 03“Worldwide, imc FAMOS has helped people to understand their test data, extractuseful information, and document test results in manufacturing industries fromautomotive development to wind power.”Stefan Hippe, Product Manager of imc FAMOSComplete data analysis workflowData administrationFile Assistant easily scripts the interpretation andformat interpretation conversion of data files; no moretedious data importing!Data source administration ensures that the correctformats and options are applied, based on data filelocations.Display dataSeeing is believing: The intuitive Curve Windowvisualizes measurement data in imc FAMOS; there aremany display types for your data, such as color maps,3D and 2D histograms or waterfall charts - to name afew. Dialog driven configuration and toolbars for mostcommon functions enhance your productivity.Viewing & comparing dataCan you imagine combining a test run oriented filebrowser, file importing, visualization curve windows,overlaying test data with reference curves, usingsequences, and a report generator, all into one easy touse tool?The solution is called imc FAMOS Data Browser.

AdvantagesPresentation with PanelsThe Panel is not only used for multi-page display ofdata, it combines visualization, automated analysisand the creation of test reports. Typical displays are,for example, curve windows, tables or text boxes. Youcan also utilize active input elements such as functional buttons and text entry fields.Data analysisForget tedious programming or column-basedspreadsheets - using the imc FAMOS formula assistantyou can directly apply analysis functions on signals oreven entire groups of signals. Everything in a singleIn Practicestep - with impressive speed - even when it comes tolarge amounts of data.Automatization & GUIIncrease your efficiency and automate routine tasks.While interactive analysis is great for getting a feel foryour data, complex and repetitive tasks benefit fromthe straight forward sequences of imc FAMOS macrocommands and intuitive operation of the dialog editor.Test reports & documentationCutting & pasting plots and tables can work for onetime test reports, but repetitive analysis benefits fromthe time savings of report templates and automaticFacts & Featuresupdates, export and printing.In Practice // 05

www.imcfamos.comIn PracticeOptimization of diesel enginesTo optimize V12 diesel engines for the aviation industry, it is possible to reduce torsional vibrations to a minimum. Test engineers are able to acquire the periodicspiking, or high points, of the RPM from the gearbox,shafts and starter motor, and then, transmit this datato the signal analysis software imc FAMOS. From here,the time and angular ranges are calculated from theangular velocity and then examined as order lines. Thisallows an optimization of the firing order for reductionof torsional vibrations.Keeping things under control – vibration analysisIn order to safeguard the health of machinery users,hand-held power tools must comply with the EN ISO5349-1/2 Standard. To ensure this, the project teamperforms tri-axial vibration measurements. Acceleration sensors are mounted near the hand, thus allowingthe oscillations in all three orthogonal directions to bemeasured simultaneously. With the help of a weightingfilter for hand-arm vibration, the frequency-weightedrms value is determined from the three channels, whichare compared with the ISO 5349 information about riskof harm. The weighting filter is defined by imc FAMOSsequences.Current analysis of lightning strikesA lightning strike has unbelievable potential. The Austrian Association for electrical engineering and the Austrian Power Grid AG investigate just how strong theseforces are. Using a measurement device placed on thetransmission tower on the summit of the Geisberg inSalzburg, the engineers receive around 60 strikes peryear. For each measurement, up to around 1 GB of datamust quickly and effectively be evaluated. For years, researchers have relied on the imc FAMOS signal analysissoftware, as it makes large datasets easy to handle. Viaspecially developed analysis sequences, each datasetcan be progressively filtered, calculated, and analyzedstep by step and provide subsequent visualizations ofthe results.

imc FAMOS: Editions & OptionsFour editions to fit your needs and budgetFreeReaderStandardProfessionalEnterpriseData ImportCurve WindowReport GeneratorData BrowserData AnalysisMacro EditorDialog EditorData ExportProject / Pack & GoSpectrum AnalysisVideoClass CountingOrder TrackingASAM ODS: Included;: imc FAMOS Reader edition includes only viewing functionality: Standard can open dialogsand projects, but cannot create or alter them. Note: Pack & Go projects create self-contained visualization andFree Reader“I need to open data filesfrom multiple sources,visually review test data,create simple test reports.”Professional“Visualization and analysis isnecessary, but I also deploystand alone analysis withGUIs for non-experts to use.”Standard“Visualization is cool, butI also need analysis andmanipulation, data exportand scripting.”Enterprise“Analysis tools for a rangeof physical testing, acrossan entire company, frompower users to novices.”imc FAMOS licensing for your entire group*Single UserLicense is assigned to each user‘s PCDongleHardware key for easy license sharingNetworkConcurrent licenses for unlimited PCssharing a pool of licenses via networkFree demo: try it yourselfExperience the full power of imc FAMOS for yourself:30-day free full Enterprise version available*quantity discounts availableFacts & Features / 07Facts & Featuresanalysis environments for deployment to imc FAMOS Runtime, or higher users only. Test & Measurement GmbHVoltastraße 513355 BerlinGermanyTel.: 49 (0)30 - 46 70 90 0Fax: 49 (0)30 - 463 15 76hotline@imc-tm.dewww.imc-tm.comimc FAMOS 112018 edition1 english // Printed in Germany 2014 // Errors and changes excepted. All registered trademarks are the property of the respective companies.Benefit from our international partner network

imc FAMOS provides you with the versatile software tools necessary to visualize and analyze your data, automating routine and complex tasks - from data import to test report. imc FAMOS is designed for your day to day analysis needs: it is the ideal tool for engineers constrained by the limited functionality of vendor supplied

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