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Working with IMC

IMC Worldwide Ltd. (IMC) is an international development consultancywith over 60 years of experience in delivering complex and high impactprojects globally to make a positive impact on the world’s mostdisadvantaged populations.Whowe areAs part of the DT Global family, we have a solid global presence withcorporate offices in Washington DC, Madrid, Adelaide, and London, andlong- and short-term presence in 95 countries.IMC believes in building better futures together for all. We do this bybuilding better economic futures, better places to live and betterinfrastructure. We also offer a range of services to support the widerdevelopment community to build better futures together.

We help countries compete within a globally connected economy and wehelp simplify and diversify trade across borders. We help develop citiesand other places to provide opportunities for all people that live there,become resilient to climate change, and protect the environment.Whatwe doWe help build physical structures like roads, water treatment plants,cyclone shelters and schools. We also offer a range of services that helpdonors and international development organisations manage, improve,and adapt their programmes so they achieve greater impact.We work in a connected way too. We partner with communities,governments, aid organisations, and the private sector to ensure our workis locally driven and sustainable. We put quality before profit, operateopenly and adhere to the highest ethical standards – essential ingredientsfor productive partnerships and outcomes.

OurWorkingEnvironmentThe work environment is friendly informal and creative, but we areuncompromising on the quality of work delivered to our clients. In return foryour hard work, you will have the opportunity to develop your skills andgrow with the business.We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds and support equalopportunities for all.We believe that diverse backgrounds, cultures, perspectives, andexperiences support our values, ways of working and help us achieve ourbusiness objectives.We will treat your application fairly and assess you for the job based onmerit, capability and skills.

Our ValuesLearning &AdaptationDiversity &InclusionInnovationCivilityTechnicalExcellence

Hours of work – Our full-time working hours are 37.5 per week.Location – Please refer to the job description. Our UK office is in Redhill, Surrey. Our other officesare located in Malaga -Spain and Washington DC – U.S.A. We also have hubs in Nepal and Ethiopia.Hybrid Working - Employee wellbeing is of utmost importance to us. We offer the flexibility to workbetween home and the office. We ask employees to attend the office for a minimum of 6 days permonth.Our contracts require our employees to be able to travel overseas on business, when and if requiredBenefitsSalary – Competitive salary depending on experience.Annual leave – 25 days annual leave plus 8 public holidays. The holiday year is 1st January – 31stDecember.Other Benefits – Buying and selling of annual leave employee assistance programme wellbeing portal health cash plan life assurance private medical insurance (applies to seniority ofrole or length of service) company contributory pension scheme cycle to work scheme enhanced family friendly benefits reimbursement of a professional membership subscription professional development assistance learning and development opportunities study leave company sickness protection insurance.For roles based outside the UK, the benefits package will be discussed at interview.

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IMC Worldwide Ltd. (IMC) is an international development consultancy with over 60 years of experience in delivering complex and high impact projects globally to make a positive impact on the world's most disadvantaged populations. As part of the DT Global family, we have a solid global presence with

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