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COH-Prelims.qxd11/15/045:56 PMPage iGilbert of MonsCHRONICLE OF HAINAUTThe importance of the late twelfth-century Chronicle of Hainaut (ChroniconHanoniense) as an historical record cannot be overestimated. Gilbert of Monswas an eye-witness to important events affecting Count Baldwin V of Hainaut,and provides much significant information about persons and affairs withinFrance and the Empire, particularly Count Philip of Flanders, King PhilipAugustus and Emperor Frederick Barbarossa; he had a keen interest in noblemarriages, making his chronicle an unmatched source for genealogical andprosopographical material for this region. Moreover, his work is a mine of information on a great many subjects, such as the crusades, political events, noblewomen, the lives of saints, lord-tenant relationships, customary practices and theassociation of churches with lay advocates; it is particularly informative on military matters, giving detailed accounts of sieges, campaigns and tournaments.This volume presents a clear translation, accompanied by detailed annotationsclarifying the text, identifying people, events and concepts, an introduction, andbibliography.LAURA NAPRAN has a Ph.D. in medieval history from University of Cambridge(Pembroke) and is an independent scholar.

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COH-Prelims.qxd11/15/045:56 PMPage iiiGilbert of MonsCHRONICLE OF HAINAUTTranslated into English byLaura Napranwith introduction and notesTHE BOYDELL PRESS

COH-Prelims.qxd11/15/045:56 PMPage iv Laura Napran 2005All Rights Reserved. Except as permitted under current legislationno part of this work may be photocopied, stored in a retrieval system,published, performed in public, adapted, broadcast,transmitted, recorded or reproduced in any form or by any means,without the prior permission of the copyright ownerThe right of Laura Napran to be identified asthe author of this work has been asserted in accordance withsections 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988First published 2005The Boydell Press, WoodbridgeISBN 1 84383 120 1The Boydell Press is an imprint of Boydell & Brewer LtdPO Box 9, Woodbridge, Suffolk IP12 3DF, UKand of Boydell & Brewer Inc.668 Mt Hope Avenue, Rochester, NY 14620, USAwebsite: www.boydellandbrewer.comA CIP catalogue record for this book is availablefrom the British LibraryLibrary of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication DataGislebertus, of Mons, d. 1225.[Chronicon Hanoniense. English]Chronicle of Hainaut / by Gilbert of Mons ; translated with introductionand notes by Laura Napran.p. cm.Includes bibliographical references and index.ISBN 1–84383–120–1 (hardback : alk. paper)1. Hainaut (Belgium)—History—Sources. 2. Hainaut (Belgium)—History—Early works to 1800. 3. Baudouin V, count of Hainaut,1150–1195. 4. Gislebertus, of Mons, d. 1225. Chronicon Hanoniense.I. Napran, Laura, 1961– II. Title.DH801.H26G413 2005949.3 4201—dc222004016867This publication is printed on acid-free paperPrinted in Great Britain bySt Edmundsbury Press Ltd, Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk

COH-Prelims.qxd11/15/045:56 PMPage vCONTENTSAcknowledgementsixMapsCounty of FlandersCounty of Hainaut and environsxxiGenealogiesFrench royal houseEnglish royal houseComital house of BoulogneComital house of Brabant/LouvainComital house of ChampagneComital house of Flanders: house of AlsaceComital house of HainautComital house of NamurComital house of nsxxiiIntroductionGilbert of MonsThe manuscriptsEditions and translationsInfluence of Chronicon Hanoniense on medieval sourcesPrinciples of translation and annotationHistorical importance of Chronicon HanonienseDatesPlacesCHRONICLE OF ibliography183Index199

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COH-Prelims.qxd11/15/045:56 PMPage viiFor Norm Socha

COH-Prelims.qxd11/15/045:56 PMPage viii

COH-Prelims.qxd11/15/045:56 PMPage ixACKNOWLEDGEMENTSI am exceedingly grateful to Dr Elisabeth van Houts and Professor John Francefor their encouragement to translate and publish Gilbert of Mons’ ChroniconHanoniense, and for their astute comments on my work. I thank Dr Leonie Hicksfor her careful proofreading of the text, for her assistance with maps, and for herconstant and amicable support. I am grateful for the generous financial assistance received from the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council ofCanada for my postdoctoral research fellowship, during which I completed thiswork. My research was facilitated by the assistance of the staff at the BibliothèqueNationale de France at Paris, the Bibliothèque Royale at Brussels, the CambridgeUniversity Library and the Library of the Pontifical Institute of Medieval Studiesat Toronto. The execution of this work has benefited greatly from the supportgiven by the institutions with which I was associated at this time. I would like totake this opportunity to express my gratitude to the Master and Fellows ofPembroke College, Cambridge, and to the Department of Classical and MedievalStudies, University of Waterloo, Canada. Caroline Palmer, editor at Boydell andBrewer, has been unfailingly patient and understanding during the completion ofthis work, and has provided much helpful advice. I thank Dr Greti DinkovaBruun for many fruitful discussions on the Latin language, and Dr George Riggand Dr Virginia Brown for instruction given which provided me with the toolsto accomplish this translation. Finally, I wish to thank my late husband NormanSocha for his cheerful and loving encouragement during the early months of thisproject.

11/15/045:56 PMPage xThe county of FlandersCOH-Prelims.qxd

11/15/045:56 PMPage xiThe county of Hainaut and environsCOH-Prelims.qxd

Henry(‘the youngking’ ofEngland)xMargueriteWilliam IIcount ofPonthieuxAlix(2) Constance of CastilexPierre II CourtenayPierre I CourtenayAgnesLouis VIII king of France (1223–26)(1) Elisabeth of HainautxPhilip II Augustusking of France (1180–23)(3) Adela of Champagne (1) Agnes of Nevers(2) Yolende of HainautConstance*Here and in the other genealogies, rulers of each house are shown in bold type.Thibaut Vcount ofBloisxxHenry Icount ofChampagneAlixMarie(1) Eleanor of AquitaineRobert Icount ofDreux5:56 PMxHenryarchbishopof Reims11/15/04Louis VIIking of France(1137–80)(1) Lucienne of Rochefort (2) Adela of Savoy (Maurienne)xLouis VI king of France (1108–37)FRENCH ROYAL HOUSE*COH-Prelims.qxdPage xii

Matilda(d. 1189)xHenry the LionGeoffreyRichard I Lionheartcount of Brittanyking of England(d. 1186)(1189–99)xBerengariaEleanorJoanJohnking of England(1189–1216)Eustace IVcount of Boulogne (d. 1153)Thibaut IVcount of Blois(d. 1152)Adela (d. 1137)xStephen III count of Blois (d. 1134)Stephenking of England(1135–54)xMathilde of BoulogneHenry II x Eleanor of Aquitaineking of England (1154–89)Matildaempressx(2) Geoffreycount of Anjoux(1) Edith-Matilda(d. 1118)Henry Iking of England(1100–35)5:56 PM(1) Henry Vemperor of GermanyWilliam Clitocount of Flanders(1127–8)Robert Curthoseduke of Normandy(1087–1106, d. by 1134)11/15/04Henrythe Young King(d. 1183)xMarguerite of FranceWilliam II Rufusking of England(1087–1100)William I the Conqueror x Matilda of FlandersENGLISH ROYAL HOUSECOH-Prelims.qxdPage xiii

Baldwin Iking of Jerusalem (1100–18)xHenry I duke of Brabant(1190–1235)MathildeMariecountess of Boulogne(formerly abbess of Romsey)xMatthew of Flanders, count of Boulogne(d. 1173)Idacountess of Boulogne (d. 1216)x(1) Gérard III count of Gueldre (d. 1182)(2) Berthold IV duke of Zähringen (d. 1186)(3) Renaud I count of Dammartin (d. 1227)Williamcount of Boulogne(d. 1160)5:56 PMEustace IVcount of Boulogne(d. 1153)xConstance daughter ofLouis VI king of FranceGodfrey of Bouillon (d. 1100)defender of Holy Sepulchre11/15/04Mathilde countess of Boulogne x Stephen king of England (1135–54)Eustace IIIcount of Boulogne (1088–1125)Eustace II count of Boulogne (1047–88) x IdaCOMITAL HOUSE OF BOULOGNECOH-Prelims.qxdPage xiv

Williamlord of Perwez(2) Imaine of LoozGodfrey11/15/04Albert bishop of LiègeHenry I(d. 1192)duke of Brabant(1190–1235)x(1) Mathilde of Boulogne(2) Marie of Francedaughter of King Philip AugustusGodfrey IIIduke of Brabant(1143–90)x(1) Marguerite of LimbourgCOMITAL HOUSE OF BRABANT/LOUVAINCOH-Prelims.qxd5:56 PMPage xv

xIsabella queen of JerusalemHenry II count of Champagne(d. 1197)(betrothed to Elisabeth of Hainaut)(betrothed to Yolende of Hainaut)(betrothed to Ermesinde of Namur)xAlix daughterof Louis VIIStephencount ofSancerrePhilip II Augustusking of FranceAdelaxLouis VIIking of France3 more daughtersThibaut Icount of Barx(1) Laureta of Loos(2) Isabelle-Ermesindeof Bar-sur-Seine(3) Ermesinde of NamurxRenaud IIcount of Bar-le-DucAgnesHenrycount of BarWilliamarchbishopof Reims5:56 PMThibaut Vcount of BloisStephen king of Englandcount of Boulogne11/15/04Henry Icount of Champagne(d. 1181)xMarie daughter ofLouis VII of FranceThibaut II of Champagne[also called Thibaut IV of Blois]xMathilde of CarinthiaStephen III count of Blois x Adela daughter of William the ConquerorCOMITAL HOUSE OF CHAMPAGNECOH-Prelims.qxdPage xvi

Idax(1) Gérard count of Gueldre(2) Berthold IV duke of Zähringen(3) Renaud I of DammartinMathildexHenry I dukeof BrabantLouis VIIIking of FrancePhilip IIAugustusking of FranceElisabeth(Isabelle)xMatthewPetercount of Boulogne(d. 1176)(d. 1173)xxMathilde ofBurgundy(1) Marie of Boulogne(2) Eleanorof VermandoisxPierre IICourtenaycount of NeversYolende(betrothedto HenryII count ofChampagne)MathildeMargueritex(1) Raoul I count ofVermandois(2) Baldwin V countof Hainaut[as Baldwin VIIIcount of Flanders]Baldwin VIcount of Hainaut[as Baldwin IXcount of Flanders]xMarie ofChampagneGertrudex(1) HumbertIII of Savoie(2) Hugh IIIof Oisy5:56 PMPhilipcount of Flanders(1168–91)xElisabeth ofVermandois11/15/04Lauretax(1) Iwan ofAlost(2) Henry I ofLimbourg(3) Raoul I ofVermandois(4) Henry I ofNamurThierry of Alsacecount of Flanders(1128–68)x(2) Sibylle of Anjou(1) SuanchildeCOMITAL HOUSE OF FLANDERS: HOUSE OF ALSACECOH-Prelims.qxdPage xvii

Baldwin IVcount of Hainaut(1120–71)xAlix of NamurxYolende of GueldreGerardx?HenryGertrudexRoger of TosnyArnoul LouisxBeatrice of AthRichildexAmaury IVof MontfortRichildex(1) Thierry of Avesnes(2) Évrard II castellan of TournaiIdaxThomas of MarleWilliamAlixxNicholas IIof Rumigny5:56 PMBaldwin IIIcount of Hainaut(1102–20)Baldwin II x Ida of Louvaincount of Hainaut(1071–98 [declared dead 1102])11/15/04Arnoul IIIcount of Flanders(count 1070–1, d. 1072)Richilde countess of Hainaut and Flanders (1051–84)x(2) Baldwin VI count of Flanders (and Hainaut)(1) Hermann count of Hainaut(1067–70)(d. c.1050 or 1051)COMITAL HOUSE OF HAINAUTCOH-Prelims.qxdPage xviii

Baldwin Vcount of Hainaut(1171–95)[as Baldwin VIIIcount of Flanders]Yolende(betrothed toHenry II ofChampagne)SibylxGuichard IVof BeaujeuLauretax(1) Thierry of Alost(2) Bouchard V ofMontmorency5:56 PMxPierre II Courtenaycount of Neversemperor of ConstantinopleHenryemperor ofConstantinopleAgnesHenryYolendexxxJean of (1) Ivo countRaoul ofCysoingof SoissonsCoucy(2) Hugh IVcount of Saint-PolBaldwin VIPhilipcount of Hainaut marquis of Namur(1195–1205)(betrothed to[as Baldwin IXMathilde of Nevers)count of Flanders]xxMarie of FranceMarie ofdaughter of King PhilipChampagneII AugustusxMarguerite of FlandersGodfreyxEleanor ofVermandois11/15/04ElisabethxPhilip IIAugustusking of France(1180–1223)BaldwinCOH-Prelims.qxdPage xix

Albert(d. young)x(1) unknown(2) Laureta of Flanders (annulled)(3) Agnes of GueldreHenry the Blindcount of Namur(1139–96)AlixxBaldwin IVcount of HainautPhilipmarquis ofNamur(1196–1212)Baldwin V (d. 1195)count of Hainaut, marquis of Namur[as Baldwin VIII] count of FlandersxMarguerite of FlandersBeatricexGonthier ofRethelBaldwin VI count of Hainaut[as Baldwin IX] count of FlandersClemencexConrad ofZähringen5:56 PMErmesinde of Namur(betrothed to Henry II count of Champagne)xThibaut I count of Bar, lord of BrieFlandrine11/15/04ElisabethGodfrey count of Namur (d. 1139)x(2) Ermesinde of Luxembourg(1) Sibylle of PorcienCOMITAL HOUSE OF NAMURCOH-Prelims.qxdPage xx

(2) Adelaide of GuyenneElisabethcountess of Vermandois(d. 1182)xPhilip count of Flandersand of Vermandois(1168–91)Raoul IIcount of Vermandois(d. 1167)xMarguerite of Flanders(later countess of Hainaut)(d. 1194)Eleanorcountess of Vermandois(d. 1214)x(1) Godfrey of Hainaut (d. 1167)(2) William IV of Nevers (1169–70)(3) Matthew of Boulogne (d. 1173)(4) Matthew of Beaumont (d. 1208)(3) Laureta of Flanders11/15/04(1) Eleanor of ChampagneRaoul Icount of Vermandois(1117–52)xCOMITAL HOUSE OF VERMANDOISCOH-Prelims.qxd5:56 PMPage xxi

COH-Abbreviations.qxd11/15/045:56 PMPage xxiiABBREVIATIONSAASSAASSBSACiActesAHPAHRAlberic ofTrois-FontainesAMidiAmplissima collectioAndreas ofMarchiennesAnnales FuldensesAnnales RodensesAnonymous of LaonANSAristocratic WomenA-SEASHBASHEBBCRHBECBenedict ofPeterboroughBibliotheca sanctorumBIHRActa sanctorum quotquot tot orbe coluntur, 67 vols (Antwerp,1643–1940)Acta sanctorum Belgii selecta, eds J. Ghesquière and C. Smet,6 vols (Brussels, 1783–94)Analecta CisterciensiaRecueil des actes de Philippe Auguste roi de France, edsH.-F. Delaborde, C. Petit-Dutaillis et al., 3 vols(Paris, 1916–66)Archivum Historiae PontificiaeAmerican Historical ReviewAlberic of Trois-Fontaines, Chronica, ed. P. Scheffer-Boichorst,MGH SS XXIII (Hanover, 1874), pp. 630–950Annales du MidiEdmund Martene and Ursin Durand, eds, Veterum scriptorumet monumentorum historicum, dogmaticorum, moralium,amplissima collectio, 2 vols (Paris, 1724)Andreas of Marchiennes, Historia regum Francorum, ed.G. Waitz, MGH SS XXVI (Hanover, 1882), pp. 204–15Annales Fuldenses, ed. F. Kurze, MGH SS rerum Germanicarumin usum scholarum (Hanover, 1891); Annales Fuldenses, ed.G. H. Pertz, MGH SS I (Hanover, 1826), pp. 337–415; TheAnnals of Fulda, trans. Timothy Reuter, Manchester MedievalSources (Manchester, 1992)Annales Rodenses, ed. S. P. Ernst, Histoire du Limbourg, vol. 7(Liège, 1848); Annales Rodenses, ed. G. H. Pertz, MGH SS XVI(Hanover, 1859), pp. 698–723Anonymous of Laon, Ex chronico universali AnonymiLaudunensis, ed. G. Waitz, MGH SS XXVI (Hanover, 1882),pp. 442–57Anglo-Norman Studies: Proceedings of the Battle ConferenceTheodore Evergates, ed., Aristocratic Women in Medieval France(Philadelphia, 1999)Anglo-Saxon EnglandAnalectes pour servir à l’histoire de la BelgiqueAnalectes pour servir à l’histoire ecclésiastique de la BelgiqueBulletin de la Commission Royale d’HistoireBibliothèque de l’École des ChartesBenedict of Peterborough, The Chronicle of the Reigns ofHenry II and Richard I, ed. William Stubbs, RS 49, 2 vols(London, 1867)Bibliotheca sanctorum, 12 vols (Rome, 1961–9)Bulletin of the Institute of Historical Research

COH-Abbreviations.qxd11/15/045:56 PMPage xxiiiABBREVIATIONSBMCLBMGSBNBook of SaintsBTPButlerByZc./cc.CChr.CMCCMChronicon SanctiHubertiCîteauxCJHcol.DADOPDuvivier, ActesEECEHREMAFemmesFlandria generosaFrance de PhilippeAugusteGalbert of BrugesGerald of WalesGervase ofCanterburyGesta LobbiensiumxxiiiBulletin of Medieval Canon LawByzantine and Modern Greek StudiesParis, Bibliothèque Nationale de FranceBenedictine monks of St Augustine’s Abbey, Ramsgate,The Book of Saints, 6th edn (London, 1989)Biblioteca Theologiae PracticaeH. J. Thurston and D. Attwater, eds and rev., Butler’s Lives ofthe Saints, 4 vols, 2nd edn (London, 1956)Byzantinische Zeitschriftchapter/chaptersCorpus Christianorum Continuatio MediaevalisCahiers de civilisation médiévale, Xe–XIIe sièclesChronicon Sancti Huberti Andaginensis, eds L. C.Bethmann and W. Wattenbach, MGH SS VIII (Hanover, 1848),pp. 565–630; La chronique de Saint-Hubert dite Cantatorium,ed. Karl Hanquet (Brussels, 1906)Cîteaux: Commentarii Cistercienses. Revue d’histoire cistercienneCanadian Journal of HistorycolumnDeutsches ArchivDumbarton Oaks PapersCharles Duvivier, ed., Actes et Documents anciens intéressant laBelgique, 2 vols (Brussels, 1898–1903)A. Di Berardino, ed., Encyclopedia of the Early Church, trans.Adrian Walford (Cambridge, 1992)English Historical ReviewAndré Vauchez, Barrie Dobson and Michael Lapidge, eds,Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages, trans. Adrian Walford, 2 vols(Cambridge, 2000)Jean Dufournet, Michel Jezierski et al., eds, Femmes.Mariages-lignages, XIIe–XIVe siècles. Mélanges offerts àGeorges Duby (Brussels, 1991)Flandria generosa, ed. L. C. Bethmann, MGH SS IX (Hanover,1846), pp. 313–34Robert-Henri Bautier, ed., La France de Philippe Auguste.Le temps des mutations, Actes du colloque internationalorganisé par le C.N.R.S. (Paris, 29 septembre–4 octobre 1980)(Paris, 1982)Galbert of Bruges, De multro, traditione, et occisione gloriosiKaroli comitis Flandriarum, ed. J. Rider, CChr.CM 131(Turnhout, 1994); Galbert of Bruges, Histoire du meurtre deCharles le Bon comte de Flandre (1127–1128), ed. H. Pirenne(Paris, 1891); Galbert of Bruges, The Murder of Charles theGood Count of Flanders, trans. J. B. Ross (New York, 1960)Gerald of Wales, De principis instructione liber, in GiraldiCambrensis opera, ed. George F. Warner, RS 21:8(London, 1857)Gervase of Canterbury, Opera historica, ed. William Stubbs,RS 73:1 (London, 1879)Gesta abbatum Lobbiensium, ed. W. Arndt, MGH SS XXI(Hanover, 1869), pp. 307–33

COH-Abbreviations.qxd11/15/04xxivGilles of OrvalHSJHemptinne, DeOorkondenHerman of TournaiIMRJacques of GuiseJEHJMHJosephusKBLambert of HersfeldLambert of WaterlosLayettesMAMeHMGH ConstitutionesMGH SSMGH SSRMMICOMTOrdericPLRalph of DicetoRBPHRDNREByzRHC OcRHFRigordRodulfus Glaber5:56 PMPage xxivABBREVIATIONSGiles of Orval, Gesta episcoporum Leodiensium, ed. J. Heller,MGH SS XXV (Hanover, 1880), pp. 1–129The Haskins Society JournalDe Oorkonden der Graven van Vlaanderen (Juli 1128–September1191). Vol. 2: Uitgave 1: Regering von Diederik van de Elzas(Juli 1128–17 Januari 1168), eds Thérèse de Hemptinne,A. Verhulst and L. de Mey, Recueil des actes des princes Belges(Brussels, 1988)Herman of Tournai, Liber de restauratione monasterii SanctiMartini Tornacensis, MGH SS XIV (Hanover, 1883), pp. 274–317International Medieval ResearchJacques of Guise, Annales historiae illustrium principumHanoniae, ed. Ernest Sackur, MGH SS XXX (Hanover, 1896),pp. 44–334Journal of Ecclesiastical HistoryJournal of Medieval HistoryJosephus, Jewish Antiquities, trans. H. St J. Thackeray, LoebClassical Library, 6 vols (London/Cambridge, MA, 1967)Brussels, Bibliothèque Royale (Königsbibliothek)Lambert of Hersfeld, Annales, ed. O. Holder-Egger (Berlin,n.d.); Lambert of Hersfeld, ed. G. H. Pertz (Hanover, 1866)Lambert of Waterlos, Annales Cameracenses, ed. G. H. Pertz,MGH SS XVI (Hanover, 1859), pp. 509–54Layettes du Trésor des Chartes, ed. Alexander Teulet, 5 vols(Paris, 1863–1909)Le Moyen ÂgeMediaevalia et HumanisticaConstitutiones et acta publica imperatorum et regum,ed. L. Weiland, MGH Legum section IV:1 (Hanover, 1893)Monumenta Germaniae Historica, ScriptoresMonumenta Germaniae Historica, SS rerum MerovingicarumMonumenta Iuris CanoniciOxford Medieval TextsOrderic Vitalis, The Ecclesiastical History of Orderic Vitalis, ed.and trans. Marjorie Chibnall, OMT, 6 vols (Oxford, 1969–80)Patrologia Latina, ed. J.-P. Migne, 221 vols (Paris, 1844–1903)Ralph of Diceto, Ymagines Historiarum, ed. William Stubbs,RS 68, 2 vols (London, 1876)Revue Belge de Philologie et d’HistoireRevue du NordRevue des Études ByzantineRecueil des historiens des croisades, historiens occidentaux,ed. Académie des Inscriptions et Belles Lettres, 5 vols(Paris, 1844–95)Recueil des historiens des Gaules et de la FranceRigord, Gesta Philippi Augusti, in Oeuvres de Rigord et deGuillaume le Breton, ed. H. François Delaborde, vol. 1(Paris, 1882)Rodulfus Glaber, The Five Books of the Histories, ed. and trans.John France, in Rodulfus Glaber Opera, eds J. France, N. Bulstand P. Reynolds, OMT (Oxford, 1989)

COH-Abbreviations.qxd11/15/045:56 PMPage xxvABBREVIATIONSRobert of TorignyRoger of HowdenRSSCHser.Sigebert ofGemblouxSuger, ed. MolinierSuger, ed. WaquetVanderkindereWilliam of AndresWilliam of TyreWilliam the BretonxxvRobert of Torigny, Chronica, in Chronicles of the Reigns ofStephen, Henry II and Richard I, ed. R. Howlett, RS 82:4(London, 1889); Robert of Torigny, Chronique de Robert deTorigni, abbé du Mont-Saint-Michel, ed. Léopold Delisle, 2 vols(Rouen, 1872–3)Roger of Howden, Chronica, ed. William Stubbs, RS 51, 4 vols(London, 1857–71)Rolls Series, ed. William Stubbs et al.Studies in Church HistoryseriesSigebert of Gembloux, Chronica cum continuationibus, ed.L. C. Bethmann, MGH SS VI (Hanover, 1844), pp. 268–474Suger, Vie de Louis le Gros par Suger suivie de l’histoire du roiLouis VII, ed. Auguste Molinier (Paris, 1987)Suger, Vie de Louis le Gros, ed. Henri Waquet (Paris, 1929)Gilbert of Mons, La chronique de Gislebert de Mons, ed. LéonVanderkindere (Brussels, 1904)William of Andres, Chronica, ed. J. Heller, MGH SS XXIV(Hanover, 1874), pp. 684–773William, archbishop of Tyre, A History of Deeds done beyondthe Sea, trans. Emily Atwater Babcock and A. C. Krey, 2 vols(New York, 1943)William the Breton, Philippidos, in Oeuvres de Rigord et deGuillaume le Breton, ed. H. François Delaborde, vol. 2(Paris, 1882)

COH-Abbreviations.qxd11/15/045:56 PMPage xxvi

LAURA NAPRAN has a Ph.D. in medieval history from University of Cambridge (Pembroke) and is an independent scholar. . The manuscripts xxviii Editions and translations xxx . Places xxxviii CHRONICLE OF HAINAUT 1 Bibliography 183 Index 199 COH-Prelims.qxd 11/15/04 5:56 PM Page v. COH-Prelims.qxd 11/15/04 5:56 PM Page vi. For Norm Socha COH .

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