Field Installation Kit, Worklight On Rear Fender

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Field installation kit,worklight on rear fenderAL205374INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONSMHM1121 21JAN11(ENGLISCH)European version tractors 6230 Premium to 6930 Premium,7430 Premium, 7530 Premium, 7430 E Premium and 7530E Premium; tractors for North America 6230 Premium to6430 Premium and 7130 Premium to 7530 PremiumJohn Deere Werke MannheimMHM1121 (21JAN11)PRINTED IN GERMANYCOPYRIGHT 2011DEERE & COMPANYEuropean Office MannheimAll rights reserved.A John Deere ILLUSTRUCTION ManualPrevious EditionsCopyright 2010, 2009, 2007, 2006MHM1121 19 21JAN11

AL205374Check Status of Installation InstructionsInstallation Instructions in Pathways: Servlet?SearchID agdlrdoc.IMPORTANT: Before starting installation work,check if there is a newer version of theLX26150,00004A1 19 03FEB10 1/1Recognize Safety InformationThis is a safety alert symbol. When you see this symbolon your machine or in this manual, be alert to the potentialfor personal injury.T81389 —UN—07DEC88Follow recommended precautions and safe operatingpractices.DX,ALERT 19 29SEP98 1/1Understand Signal WordsDANGER or WARNING safety signs are located nearspecific hazards. General precautions are listed onCAUTION safety signs. CAUTION also calls attention tosafety messages in this manual.TS187 —19—30SEP88A signal word—DANGER, WARNING, or CAUTION—isused with the safety alert symbol. DANGER identifies themost serious hazards.DX,SIGNAL 19 03MAR93 1/1Carefully read all safety messages in this instruction. Readthe product operators manual for operating instructionsand safety messages. Do not let anyone operate withoutinstruction. (A copy of the operators manual may also beavailable from the Service ADVISOR application.)TS201 —UN—23AUG88Follow Safety InstructionsService ADVISOR is a trademark of Deere & CompanyDX,READ,INS 19 23JUN09 1/1MHM1121 (21JAN11)1012811PN 3

AL205374Observe Safety Instructions in RelevantTechnical ManualCAUTION: When performing the work describedbelow, comply with the safety instructions inthe relevant Technical Manuals.LX25500,000029A 19 17JUL09 1/1Park Machine SafelyBefore working on the machine:TS230 —UN—24MAY89 Lower all equipment to the ground. Stop the engine and remove the key. Disconnect the battery ground strap. Hang a "DO NOT OPERATE" tag in operator station.DX,PARK 19 04JUN90 1/1General InformationCAUTION: When performing the work describedbelow, comply with the safety instructions inthe relevant Technical Manuals.NOTE: For related work, refer to the relevantTechnical Manual.NOTE: Where torques for screws and screwunions are not specified here, refer to therelevant Technical Manual.NOTE: Due to the variety of tractor types and materialsused, it is not possible in these installationinstructions to describe and illustrate all thedifferent methods of installation.LX26150,00006D6 19 28OCT09 1/1MHM1121 (21JAN11)2012811PN 4

AL205374Lights with Halogen BulbsSafety instructions for replacing halogen bulbsCAUTION: Make sure that the bulb is seatedcorrectly in its holder in the light.When replacing a halogen bulb, always comply with thefollowing safety instructions:CAUTION: Check the light for signs of damageand make sure the seals are seated correctly.CAUTION: Always switch the lights offbefore you change a bulb.IMPORTANT: Use only bulbs that require 12 voltsand are of the same type and wattage asthe bulb that is being replaced.CAUTION: First allow the bulb to cool down(may cause burns).IMPORTANT: Never touch the glass surface of thehalogen bulb, hold it only by its base.CAUTION: Wear safety goggles and gloveswhen changing the bulb.CAUTION: The bulb is made of glass and containshalogen gas; the bulb is under high pressure,so there is a risk of it shattering.CAUTION: Do NOT use any bulbs that have fallenon the ground or have scratches on their surface,as there is a risk of them shattering.IMPORTANT: Use a clean cloth and alcohol to removeany fingerprints from the glass bulb.IMPORTANT: Old halogen bulbs that have beenreplaced must be disposed of properly(i.e. as hazardous waste).LX26150,00000BA 19 06SEP06 1/1Disconnecting the BatteryLX000872 —UN—19SEP94CAUTION: Disconnect the negative terminalfirst. When reconnecting, do the positiveterminal first. Always pay attention to thepositive/negative markings on the battery.LX26150,00000AD 19 29JAN02 1/1SummaryInstall the worklight on the left fender for left hand trafficand on the right fender for right hand traffic.Type of trafficTractorsLocation of license plate light Location of worklightRegionLeft hand traffic6230 Premium to 6930 PremiumRight fenderLeft fenderEuropean version7430 Premium and 7530 PremiumRight fenderLeft fenderEuropean versionRight hand trafficRight hand traffic7430 E Premium and 7530 E Premium Right fenderLeft fenderEuropean version6230 Premium to 6930 PremiumLeft fenderRight fenderEuropean version7430 Premium and 7530 PremiumEuropean versionLeft fenderRight fender7430 E Premium and 7530 E Premium Left fenderRight fenderEuropean version6230 Premium to 6430 PremiumLeft fenderRight fenderNorth America7130 Premium to 7530 PremiumLeft fenderRight fenderNorth AmericaLX26150,00003F9 19 30OCT09 1/1MHM1121 (21JAN11)3012811PN 5

AL205374Extra Parts That are Requiredrequired, this can be ordered separatelythrough normal parts channels.NOTE: When leaving the factory, the light is equippedwith a gray ring; if a silver colored ring isPart numberDesignationTractor modelsAL205375Ring for worklight (silver)for all 6x30 Premium and 7x30 Premium modelsQuantity2LX26150,00006E4 19 25JAN10 1/1Preliminary workSupport the tractor safely and remove the rear wheels,see Section 80, Group 10 of the Technical Manual.Remove the rear wheels if necessary.LX26150,000044A 19 03AUG06 1/1NOTE: On leaving the factory, worklights are equippedwith a gray ring. If a silver ring is desired,order parts kit AL205375 separately (one foreach light) through normal parts channels andreplace the rings on the lights.Take off existing ring (A), remove screws (B) and lift offglass mounting (C).Secure the new glass mounting with the screws and installthe new ring.A—RingB—ScrewsLX1049105 —UN—15DEC09Replace the Ring on the LightC—Glass mountingLX26150,00006ED 19 25JAN10 1/1Pre assembling the WorklightSecure worklight (A) to bracket (E), using cap screw (C),hex. nut (D) and washer (B).A—WorklightB—Spring WasherC—Cap ScrewLX1050973 —UN—18JAN11Route the connection lead through the opening of thebracket (see arrow).D—Hex. NutE—BracketLX26150,00004EA 19 19JAN11 1/1MHM1121 (21JAN11)4012811PN 6

AL205374Assembling the Worklight PlugsD—WhiteE—BlackLX1031493 —UN—17JAN03A—Male terminal bodyB—Contact lockC—LugLX013177 —UN—12DEC96In male terminal body1 (A), insert white cable (D) in pos. Aand black cable (E) in pos. B. Note lug (C). Put contactlock (B) on male terminal body (A).1See drawingLX26150,00001C4 19 22MAY06 1/1Installing the WorklightNOTE: Depending on equipment and region, the worklightis installed either on the right or on the left fender.LX1039123 —UN—31JUL06NOTE: Installation on the right hand side is describedhere; installation on the left hand side is identical.1. Remove stopper (A) from the fender.A—StopperContinued on next pageMHM1121 (21JAN11)5LX26150,000041A 19 03AUG06 1/5012811PN 7

AL2053742. Remove screws (A) and (C) and remove panel (A).C—ScrewsLX1041255 —UN—31JUL06A—Metal panelB—ScrewsLX26150,000041A 19 03AUG06 2/53. Install the pre assembled worklight (A) on the fenderusing washers (B) and (C) and hex. nut (D).Assemble the worklight plug (E) as described.D—Hex. nutE—Worklight plugLX1039124 LX26150,000041A 19 03AUG06 3/54. Connect worklight plug (A) to wiring harness plug1 (B).A—Worklight plugB—Wiring harness plug X174F(left) or X106F (right)LX1039125 —UN—31JUL06Reinstall the metal panel.1Plug X106F shownContinued on next pageMHM1121 (21JAN11)6LX26150,000041A 19 03AUG06 4/5012811PN 8

AL205374NOTE: The coding plugs (A) (D) are located belowor behind the fuse box.LeadLeadFunctionTractor sideOrange (A)Orange (B)WorklightRightGray (C)Gray (D)License plate lightLeftOrange (A)Gray (D)WorklightLeftOrange (B)Gray (C)License plate lightRightA—Orange coding plugB—Orange coding plugLX1041252 —UN—03AUG065. The coding plugs (A) (D) must be reconnected forthe different options as follows.C—Gray coding plugD—Gray coding plugLX26150,000041A 19 03AUG06 5/5Re installing Tractor ComponentsLower the tractor to the ground.Re install the rear wheels and tighten to 500 N m (370lb ft).LX26150,00000ED 19 19MAR02 1/1Settings at the CommandCenter (DTI)In order to configure the lights, it is necessary to checkthe relevant values in various input addresses via theCommandCenter (DTI); it may be necessary to changethese values.“Operation and Entering the Program Mode with theCommandCenter (DTI)”See the following pages:“Activate the Function (Configuring Control Units)”“Summary of the Various Lights”LX26150,0000488 19 25JAN07 1/1MHM1121 (21JAN11)7012811PN 9

AL205374Operation and Entering the Program Modewith the CommandCenter (DTI)1. Press the “Main menu” button (D) to access the mainmenu.2. Use the selection wheel to select “Messages” (E) andpress the “Confirm” button.3. Use the selection wheel to select “Diagnosticaddresses” (F) and press the “Confirm” button.4. Use the selection wheel to select the relevant controlunit (BCU, DTI, BIF etc.) and press the “Confirm”button.5. Use the selection wheel to select the relevant inputaddresses and press the “Confirm” button.Changing input addresses via the CommandCenter(DTI)1. Use the selection wheel to select the relevant address,and confirm.2. Confirm the current value and key the new value inat the address.3. Confirm the new value, select “Confirm”, and confirm.4. Check whether the correct value has been keyed in.A—Selection wheelB—“Confirm” buttonC—“Cancel” buttonD—“Main menu” buttonE—MessagesF— Diagnostic addressesG—Diagnostic trouble codesLX1036833 —UN—15NOV05NOTE: If active diagnostic trouble codes aredisplayed, confirm them at button (D).LX1036834 —UN—15NOV05Entering via CommandCenter (DTI)LX1036831 —UN—26OCT06Entering program mode using the CommandCenter(DTI) and changing the input addressesLX26150,0000486 19 29JAN07 1/1MHM1121 (21JAN11)8012811PN 10

AL205374LX1037702 —UN—09FEB06Summary of the Various LightsA—Front corner worklightsB—Worklights on cab frame(below beltline)C—XENON (HID) worklights oncab frame (above beltline)D—Worklights on front of roof,inner positionsE—Worklights on front of roof,outer positionsF— Worklights on fendersG—XENON (HID) worklights onrear of roof, inner positionsH—XENON (HID) worklights onrear of roof, outer positionsLX26150,0000487 19 26OCT06 1/1MHM1121 (21JAN11)9012811PN 11

AL205374Activate the Function (Configuring Control Units)LX26150,00003F5 19 19JAN11 1/4Configuration of worklight on fenderLX26150,00003F5 19 19JAN11 2/4Input address BCU073At the address, key in the value X1XXXX (if there is a worklight on the fender).NOTE: X stands for a digit already on the display.OK: Change the nextaddress.Make a note of the existing value and change only the entry that isrequired. Do NOT change the values at the locations marked with anX, as this will de activate other lights on the tractor.NOTE: The value in the CommandCenter (DTI) appears only from the first 1, e.g. thevalue 101 on the display corresponds to 000101 in the control unit’s memory.The 6 digits are displayed in their entirety only if the first digit is not a zero.XExisting value (example)0XXXXRequired inputX1XXXXValue to be keyed in (example)X1XXXXNOT OK: Repeat the input.LX26150,00003F5 19 19JAN11 3/4Input address DTI155At the address, key in the value 1 (if there is a worklight on the fender).OK: End of input.NOT OK: Repeat the input.LX26150,00003F5 19 19JAN11 4/4MHM1121 (21JAN11)10012811PN 12

AL205374LX1049102 —UN—01DEC09Parts List for Field Installation Kit AL205374ItemPart no.Designation1AL202743Worklight257M7256Male terminal body MPM 15013AL78675Bracket1419M7269M8 x 50 cap screw1514M7166M8 hex. nut16L58892Washer1724M7047Washer1814M7367Retaining nut1957M7289Locking cap MPV 15011012M5442Spring washer111AL205375a,bRing for worklight (silver)2MHM1121Installation instructions1Quantity1aNOT included in the field kit; if required, order separately through normal parts channels.bNot illustratedLX26150,00006E3 19 27JAN10 1/1MHM1121 (21JAN11)11012811PN 13

AL205374MHM1121 (21JAN11)12012811PN 14

AL205374MHM1121 (21JAN11)13012811PN 15

AL205374MHM1121 (21JAN11)14012811PN 16

Field installation kit, worklight on rear fender Author: Dirk Leitschuh Subject: European-version tractors 6230 Premium to 6930 Premium, 7430 Premium, 7530 Premium, 7430 E Premium and 7530 E Premium; tractors for North America 6230 Premium to 6430 Premium and 7130 Premium to 7530 Premium Created Date: 1/28/2011 6:32:07 AM

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10.Always stand on firm, level ground. 11.Do not cover the halogen bulbs or place combustable materials on top of the worklight. 12.Do not place within 1m of combustable materials. SAFETY SYMBOLS The following symbols ap

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