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CURE MEDICALCATALOG Only Cure Medical offers exceptional productsfor a better today while helping to ensure an evenbrighter tomorrow by donating 10% of netincome to research for a cure for spinal cordinjuries and central nervous system disorders. Bob Yant Cure Medical founder and Cure Catheter user

THANK YOU FOR CHOOSING A CURE!Request free samples 800.570.1778The Cure CommitmentContentsProductPageCure Dextra Closed System4Cure Catheter Closed System5Cure Ultra 6Cure Twist 7Hydrophilic Cure Catheter 8Uncoated Cure Catheter 9Cure Medical Pocket Catheter10Cure Medical CatheterInsertion Kits11To aid in product selection, the approximateouter dimension of the catheter French (FR)size is shown below. Additionally, funnelend colors correspond to FR sizes for easyidentification.10FR12FR14FR16FRCure Medical believes that research is the key to finding acure for spinal cord injuries(SCI) and central nervous systemdisorders (CNS/D). So, Cure Medicalhas made an unsurpassed Cure Commitment toalways donate 10% of net income to medical research.Several of the researchcenters that Cure Medicalproudly supports haveachieved a breakthroughin regeneration in thecorticospinal tract in animalstudies. This offers hope forhumans with CNS/D.CST nerves in a mouse, (red), canbe seen growing beyond thelesion site (dotted line).Supporting research isn’t the only Cure Medicaldistinction. Material choices, unique manufacturingprocesses, and user driven innovations also set CureMedical apart from other catheter manufacturers.Not Made With DEHP/DINP,BPA, or Natural Rubber LatexCatheter Size Guide8FRResearch is the Key18FROther manufacturers of intermittentcatheters often use Di(2-ethylhexyl)phthalate (DEHP) orDiisononyl Phthalate (DINP) as an economical way tomake catheters flexible. These phthalates are included ina published list* of chemicals known to cause cancer andreproductive harm according to the state of California –therefore, Cure Medical products are not made with them.Natural rubber latex is a chemical which commonly causesirritation and can cause life-threatening allergic reactions.It may be used in other brands of catheters – fortunately,Cure Medical products are not made with it.By investing in advanced technology and selecting highquality materials for manufacturing, Cure Medical helpsusers experience safety, comfort, and peace of mind.*

DISTINCT BENEFITSRequest free samples 800.570.1778Exceptional BenefitsPolished EyeletsCure Medical uses an ultrasonic process to ensure that all eyelets on allcatheters are always exceptionally smooth. A high magnification ScanningElectron Microscope image (right) shows a Cure Medical catheter between twodifferent national brand catheters. The difference in eyelet quality between theCure Medical product and the other two is clearly seen – and felt!I first tried Cure Medical catheters, I noticed a smoother insertion Whenrightoff the bat. That's important to me because I just had surgeryfor the second time to remove strictures. Other Brand 1Cure MedicalOther Brand 2Rick Hayden – United Spinal Chapter President and paraplegicUser Driven InnovationsAlthough most Cure Medical intermittent catheters function like other brands,they reflect special features that have been designed to increase comfort, safety,and ease of use. Product enhancements such as polished eyelets, easy-openpackaging, and coude tips with control stripe are among the many user driveninnovations found in Cure Medical products.Dual openings for increased ease of useA control stripe helps ensure proper useNLINSONE!JOIN UTips for success using Cure Medical catheters with unique features are includedin this catalog and offered as instruction videos at AT ICure NationCure Medical offers a unique online social media network called Cure Nation. It is designed toprovide relevant information, build community, and serve as a platform to share life enhancingtopics. Sign up on the Cure Nation page at to receive the free eNewsletter.Pediatric ResourcesCure Medical offers a unique Education Program designed to assist adults withteaching a child ‘How To Cath’. This resource includes a backpack with crayonsplus fun, instructional flashcards, and coloring the first child with spina bifida at her school, so we needed My daughterto educate the staff. The pediatric materials in the backpack fromCure Medical has been helpful for everyone. Amanda Kerr - Cure Medical customer3

CATH-IN-A-BAG FOR FULL TO LIMITED DEXTERITYRequest free samples 800.570.1778NEW Cure Dextra Closed SystemThe sterile, single-use Cure Dextra is an innovative closed system catheter. It features polished eyelets on a pre-lubricatedcatheter tip with integrated 1000 ml collection bag. All users, including individuals seeking greater independence due tolimited dexterity, will want to give the Cure Dextra a try. Unique attributes make the Cure Dextra easy to use: A Support Band enables controlled use without the need to grip the device with two hands.Tip Advancing Technology moves the catheter out of the bag and into the body without contact.A Gripper Arrow on the front of the bag is the point of contact for advancing the catheter. A finger, palm, hand, orother body part can be used to slide the Gripper Arrow the entire length of the chamber, in full strokes. The catheteradvances with each full forward stroke. It does not retract into the bag on the full back stroke.Polished eyelets onpre-lubricated tipTip AdvancingTechnologyGripperArrowSupport Band(on the back of the bag)Slide the Gripper Arrow theentire length of the chamberPull RingFinger HoleADVANCE YOURSELF WITH CURE DEXTRA Offered as a case of 90 unitsTIPS FOR SUCCESS with the Cure Dextra Unisex, SinglePart No.DescriptionDEX12Closed System Single, Straight Tip12DEX14Closed System Single, Straight Tip14DEX16Closed System Single, Straight Tip16 Love this. Super easy! Cure Dextra userFR SizePut Introducer Tip into thebody. Slide the GripperArrow back and forth infull strokes to advance thecatheter until urine flows.When finished, tearthe perforated bag tocreate an openingto drain contents.See video instructions at www.curemedical-dextra.com4

CATH-IN-A-BAGRequest free samples 800.570.1778Cure Catheter Closed SystemThe sterile, single-use Cure Catheter Closed System features polished eyelets on a pre-lubricated catheter tip withintegrated 1500 ml collection bag. It is offered as a Single and as a Kit.The Kit includes the Cure Catheter Closed System, a nonstaining BZK wipe, povidone-iodine swabsticks, ambidextrousgloves, gauze wipe, and an underpad. It is offered with options for straight or coude tip design.Pull Ring and Finger Holeincrease ease of useOffered as a case of 100 units.Offered as a case of 100 units.Unisex, KitUnisex, SinglePart No.Description8CB8Closed System Single, Straight Tip8Closed System Kit, Straight Tip10CB10Closed System Single, Straight Tip10CS12*Closed System Kit, Straight Tip12CB12Closed System Single, Straight Tip12CS14*Closed System Kit, Straight Tip14CB14Closed System Single, Straight Tip14CS14C*Closed System Kit, Coude Tip14CB16Closed System Single, Straight Tip16CS16*Closed System Kit, Straight Tip16Part No.DescriptionCS8*Closed System Kit, Straight TipCS10*FR SizeFR SizeI like the pre-lubricated Cure Catheter Closed System, because it doesn’t kink-up or collapse. Although I’ve used several different brands of catheters since my injury, I’ve found Cure Medical cathetersto be the easiest to use and I’ve had the fewest problems with them. I’m sold on Cure Medical catheters. Jerry Diaz - WCMX Star*Not available in Canada.5

READY-TO-USERequest free samples 800.570.1778Cure Ultra The sterile, single-use Cure Ultra is a ready-to-use catheter for men and women. The small package features an easy teartop with minimum waste material. The Cure Ultra features polished eyelets and a unique ‘No Roll’ connector/funnel endto help increase confidence when draining.The unique Gripper enables controlled, clean useThe Cure Ultra for men features a proprietary CoverAll application process for even distribution of lubricantas the catheter is removed from the package – makingit ready-to-use with ultra-low resistance while cathing.Additionally, it includes a unique Gripper for increasedease of use.The small, pre-lubricated Cure Ultra for women is highlyportable and ready-to-use.Offered as a case of 300 units (10 boxes of 30).FemalePart No.DescriptionULTRA8Female, 6”, Straight Tip8ULTRA10Female, 6”, Straight Tip10FR SizeULTRA12Female, 6”, Straight Tip12Offered as a case of 300 units (10 boxes of 30).MaleFR SizePart No.DescriptionULTRA M8Male, 16”, Straight Tip8ULTRA14Female, 6”, Straight Tip14ULTRA M10Male, 16”, Straight Tip10ULTRA16Female, 6”, Straight Tip16ULTRA M10CMale, 16”, Coude Tip10ULTRA M12Male, 16”, Straight Tip12ULTRA M12CMale, 16”, Coude Tip12ULTRA M14Male, 16”, Straight Tip14ULTRA M14CMale, 16”, Coude Tip14ULTRA M16Male, 16”, Straight Tip16ULTRA M16CMale, 16”, Coude Tip16ULTRA M18Male, 16”, Straight Tip18ULTRA M18CMale, 16”, Coude Tip18The big advantage of the Cure Ultra catheters I use is that they are pre-lubricated. Cure Ultra trulyhas changed my life for the better. Wesley Cumpton - Cure Ultra user6The Cure Ultra ready-to-use catheter for women is small and comes in a package that is bendable, thusallowing a person to slip one in their pocket easily.Having the lubrication built in is a convenience.Rosemarie Rossetti - Accessible Home Expert Thank you for the Cure Ultra. They are so comfortable and have just enough lubricant. P. Coleman - Cure Ultra user

READY-TO-USERequest free samples 800.570.1778Cure Twist The unique, sterile, single-use, Cure Twist is similar to the design of cosmetics – so it is the ideal choice for women whovalue discretion and convenience. The Cure Twist features an easy, twist open top and polished eyelets on a pre-lubricatedstraight tip that allows for ‘No Drip/No Mess’ cathing. It is offered as a Single and as a Kit.Easy twist open top‘No Drip/No Mess’ lubricationReady-to-use Cure Twist with Insertion Kit suppliesThe Cure Twist is available as a Single with a universalfunnel end for maximum compatibility with drainagesolutions.The Cure Twist is available with Insertion Kit suppliesincluding a BZK wipe, ambidextrous gloves, underpad,and 1500 ml collection bag with universal connector.Offered as a case of 300 units (10 boxes of 30).Offered as a case of 90 units (3 boxes of 30).Female, SingleFemale, KitPart No.DescriptionT8Female, 6”, Straight TipT10FR SizeFR SizePart No.Description8T8K*Female, 6”, Straight Tip w/Insert. Kit8Female, 6”, Straight Tip10T10K*Female, 6”, Straight Tip w/Insert. Kit10T12Female, 6”, Straight Tip12T12K*Female, 6”, Straight Tip w/Insert. Kit12T14Female, 6”, Straight Tip14T14K*Female, 6”, Straight Tip w/Insert. Kit14T16Female, 6”, Straight Tip16T16K*Female, 6”, Straight Tip w/Insert. Kit16 I am loving the Cure Twist. It’s so easy to use and throw away. And, besides, the packaging is pretty! Andrea Dalzell - Ms. Wheelchair New York 2015 and NYC’s first registered nurse who uses a wheelchair*Not available in Canada.7

HYDROPHILIC COATED CATHETERSRequest free samples 800.570.1778Hydrophilic Cure Catheter The sterile, single-use Hydrophilic Cure Catheter features polished eyelets and a gripper sleeve to help ensure controlled,clean use. It hydrates within the package for mess-free/stain-free use. The hydrophilic Cure Catheter for men is offered as aSingle and with Insertion Kit supplies including BZK wipe, ambidextrous gloves, underpad, and a 1500 ml collection bag.Offered as a case of 300 units (10 boxes of 30).Offered as a case of 300 units (10 boxes of 30).Male, SinglePediatricPart ophilic, Male, 16”, Straight TipHydrophilic, Male, 16”, Coude TipHydrophilic, Male, 16”, Straight TipHydrophilic, Male, 16”, Coude TipHydrophilic, Male, 16”, Straight TipHydrophilic, Male, 16”, Coude TipHydrophilic, Male, 16”, Coude TipFR Size12121414161618Part No. DescriptionHP8HP10HP12HP14FR SizeHydrophilic, Pediatric, 10”, Straight TipHydrophilic, Pediatric, 10”, Straight TipHydrophilic, Pediatric, 10”, Straight TipHydrophilic, Pediatric, 10”, Straight TipHOW TO HYDRATE/LUBRICATEthe Hydrophilic Cure CatheterFOLD - or - PRESS on the water packet to releasepurified water into the package as shown.Offered as a case of 90 units (3 boxes of 30).Male, KitPart No.DescriptionFR SizeHM12UK* Hydro., Male, 16”, Straight Tip, KitHM14UK* Hydro., Male, 16”, Straight Tip, KitHM16UK* Hydro., Male, 16”, Straight Tip, Kit121416Option 1: FOLD the packetand pinch until water flows.Option 2: Fold the packetagainst a surface and PRESSuntil water flows.IMPORTANT NOTE: Wait 30 seconds or less for thehydrophilic coating to fully lubricate the catheter.When ready to use, open the end of the packagejust enough to use the Gripper Sleeve to remove thelubricated catheter – keeping the water in the package.See video instructions at*Not available in Canada.88101214

UNCOATED CATHETERSRequest free samples 800.570.1778Cure Catheter The sterile, single-use Cure Catheter features polished eyelets on a straight or coude tip with control stripe. It is offered inmale, female, and pediatric lengths. Cure Catheter packages feature unique, dual openings for increased ease of use.The Cure Catheter is available in a variety of styles and sizesOffered as a case of 300 units (10 boxes of 30).Offered as a case of 300 units (10 boxes of 30).Male, Straight TipFemalePart No.Description8F8Female, 6”, Straight Tip8Male, 16”, Straight Tip10F10Female, 6”, Straight Tip10M12Male, 16”, Straight Tip12F12Female, 6”, Straight Tip12M14Male, 16”, Straight Tip14F14Female, 6”, Straight Tip14M16Male, 16”, Straight Tip16F14NCM18Male, 16”, Straight Tip18Female, 6”, Straight Tip,No Connector14F16Female, 6”, Straight Tip16F18Female, 6”, Straight Tip18Part No.DescriptionM8Male, 16”, Straight TipM10FR SizeFR SizeMale, Coude TipPart No.DescriptionFR SizeM10CMale, 16”, Coude Tip10PediatricM12CMale, 16”, Coude Tip12Part No.DescriptionM14CMale, 16”, Coude Tip14P8Pediatric, 10”, Straight Tip8M16CMale, 16”, Coude Tip16P10Pediatric, 10”, Straight Tip10M18CMale, 16”, Coude Tip18P12Pediatric, 10”, Straight Tip12P14Pediatric, 10”, Straight Tip14FR Size I find Cure Catheters to be a far superior product to what I’d been using! Julienne Dallara - Abilities Expo host9

DISCREET PORTABILITYRequest free samples 800.570.1778Cure Medical Pocket CatheterThe sterile, single-use, U-shaped Cure Medical Pocket Catheter offers discreetportability – fitting in most pant pockets. It is offered with polished eyelets ona straight or coude tip. Cure Medical Pocket Catheter configurations include: Single (U) Single with lubricant (UL) Extra long (XL) with lubricant and gripper sleeve Kit (UK) containing a nonstaining BZK wipe, one packet of lubricant,ambidextrous gloves, an underpad, and a 1500 ml collection bagOffered as a case of 300 units (10 boxes of 30).UULUXLUKFR SizePart No.DescriptionM12UMale, 16”, Straight Tip12M12ULC*Male, 16”, Coude Tip with Lubricant12M14UMale, 16”, Straight Tip14M14XL*Male, 25” (Extra Long), Straight Tip withLubricant and Gripper Sleeve14M14UL*Male, 16”, Straight Tip with Lubricant14M14ULC*Male, 16”, Coude Tip with Lubricant14M16UMale, 16”, Straight Tip16M16ULC*Male, 16”, Coude Tip with Lubricant16Offered as a case of 90 units (3 boxes of 30).Part No.DescriptionM14UK*Male, 16”, Straight Tip, KitFR Size14HOW TO LUBRICATE the (UL) Cure Medical Pocket CatheterLUBRICANT2” - 4”Peel back plastic completely.Tear open the lubricant packet.Dispense lubricant onto the tip and first2" - 4" as directed by your clinician.See video instructions of these steps at*Not available in Canada.10

CONVENIENT OPTIONSRequest free samples 800.570.1778Cure Medical Catheter Insertion KitWhen combined with a catheter (not included), the sterile, single-use, unisex Cure Medical Catheter Insertion Kit is analternative to using a complete Closed System product. Insertion Kits include a nonstaining BZK wipe, one packet oflubricant, ambidextrous gloves, an underpad, and one of two bag options.Offered as a case of 100 units.Offered as a case of 100 units.Offered as a case of 90 units.Part No.DescriptionPart No.DescriptionPart No.DescriptionK1Insertion Kit withresealable disposal bagK2-100Insertion Kit withuniversal connector ona 1500 ml collection bagK2-90Insertion Kit withuniversal connector ona 1500 ml collection bagCure Medical Extension TubeThe non-sterile, flexible Cure Medical Extension Tubeeasily connects to any catheter to facilitate draining.Offered as a case of 30 units.Part No.DescriptionET129” tube11

Cure Medical3471 Via Lido, Suite 211, Newport Beach, CA 92663phone 800.570.1778 or 949.723.0364fax 949.723.0564 www.curemedical.comCure Medical, the Cure logo, Cure Catheter, Cure Twist, and Cure Ultraare registered trademarks of Cure Medical LLC.June 2020 900,045 - OFollow us on

Cure Medical Pocket Catheter 10 Cure Medical Catheter Insertion Kits 11 2 * The Cure Commitment Research is the Key Cure Medical believes that research is the key to finding a cure for spinal cord injuries (SCI) and central nervous system disorders (CNS/D). So, Cure Medical has made an unsurpassed Cure .

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Cure Medical supports medical research. For information on Cure Medical catheters, visit . or contact your distributor of quality healthcare products. Instruction Guide to Clean Self-Intermittent Catheterization For . Women Using the Cure Twist This educational material is provided by Cure Medical in an effort to answer

Cure time refers to the amount of time required to reach specified states of cure at specified cure temperature or heat history . An example of cure time is the time required for a given compound to reach 50% or 90% of the ultimate state of cure at a given temperature often referred to as t50 and t90 respectivel y. (See Fig.1)

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product is ramped up to a cure temperature and soaked for a specific amount of time until the bond has cured sufficiently. Cure times are shorter at higher temperatures and longer at low temperatures. Many thermal-cured adhesives can cure at ambient temperature as well, but the cure time is too long for most medical-device applications.

The American Revolution Part One: The events leading up the Revolutionary War (1750 – 1775) Background Historically speaking, right now “we” are British. The Colonies are an extension of Britain, so we share their government, their identity, their pride, and also their enemies. There is NO United States of America. Taunton Flag, flown by colonists to show unity with the British crown .