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The WindowA Publication of Germantown Presbyterian ChurchFebruary 2022Germantown Presbyterian Church * 2363 S Germantown Rd * Germantown TN 38138www.GPCTN.org

Dear Church Family and Friends,A new favorite set of verses for me lately has been Ephesians3:20-21: “Now to him who is able to do immeasurably morethan all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is atwork within us, 21 to him be glory in the church and in ChristJesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen.”I have come to appreciate more and more the power behindthese verses and what they means for a church like ours.Paul scripts these versus at the end of Ephesians 3 as abenediction at the end of a prayer. He has prayed for theirunity and witness as a church, and then he reminds themof the God they serve who can accomplish anything. Thefirst part of this verse talks about God’s power at work in ourlives to bring about good results. We frequently ask for God’sprovidence to be at work on our behalf, especially when weare hurting. We pray prayers of supplication, knowing that Godpromises to hear us. Verse 20 reminds us that God can andwill do abundantly more than we even ask. God’s providenceand love are working on our behalf even beyond our owndesires. Behind the scenes of our lives God is orchestratingcircumstances for our benefit and blessing.The most remarkable thing about this truth is that God worksnot only beyond what we ask for -- but also beyond what wecan even imagine. And we can imagine a lot! God loves usso much and cares so much for our well-being that he iscapable of working and directing our lives in ways that arebetter then we can think for ourselves. How comforting is thistruth, especially in times of dire need or emotional distress?Our imaginations can run wild sometimes, and it often movesin a negative direction. God, however, is always seeking ourgood according to his purposes for our lives in positive andbeneficial ways. Sometimes we don’t know what to pray, andso we pray for God’s will to be done. This verse reminds usthat God’s will for us is always better then our most positivethoughts and desires.Sometimes we have to be reminded that God’s power is atwork within us, even when we get bogged down in the detailsof everyday work and life. We lose sight of the big picture ofour lives and what God desires for us. God’s power is at workwithin us when we are succeeding and doing well. We recognize God’s hand when we’re walking faithfully with Christ.God’s power at work within us, however, does not depend onour faithfulness or goodness. God’s power is at work withinus even when we stumble and fall. God is faithful, even whenwe are not.One of the most fascinating and important ideas of verse21 is the ascription of glory to God in the church. God willbe glorified in the church because of our collective faith andwork on behalf of God’s Kingdom. God is glorified when wefollow Christ’s mission in the world to the broken, suffering, and lost. God is glorified when we worship withour whole hears and minds.As I think about our church in the fledgling stages ofthis year of 2022, I am eager and hopeful that Godwill be glorified within GPC as we seek to be faithful inour worship services, education, and service. You haveheard much talk already about our four strategic goalsfor this year: Connecting, Growing, Caring, Sharing. Eachdeacon and elder committee is focusing its work withthese concepts in mind.How can we connect better with each other as brothersand sisters in Christ? How can we grow spiritually andnumerically as a church, including more people in ourfellowship of grace and love? How do we witness toChrist’s compassion with our own comfort and caringvisible in the world? How do we share via our communication the good news of God’s love alive within us andavailable for the world? We are striving to glorify Godin our church so that God;s grace for all people can beknown by everyone who comes within our influence.The long term effect will be God’s faithfulness knowngeneration after generation after generation. We havemany generations of witnesses at GPC that have comebefore us, glorifying God in their own day and time. Webelieve that God will be glorified in the community ofGermantown through our congregation for many generations to come because we are faithfully following hiswill during our lives.This happens day by day month by month, in the smalldetails as well as the grand visions. I am so gratefulthat we are in this together and that we are connecting,growing, caring, and sharing together in 2022 throughthe events of this month of February and the rest of theyear. May God bless you individually in ways beyond yourbest imaginations, and may God bless our congregationin ways that we don’t deserve -- but are forever grateful.Grace, mercy, peace,

3GROWING 2022DATES FOR YOUR 2022 PLANNERNOTE: SOME CHANGES SINCE LAST MONTHFebruary5 - Saturday: Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner?11 - Friday: Room in the Inn - GPC hosts18, 19 - Friday, Saturday: Senior High Lock-In27 - Sunday: Joining SundayMarch2 - Wednesday: Ash Wednesday6 - Sunday: Children’s Sunday; Youth Auction11 - Friday: Room in the Inn - GPC hostsApril10 - Sunday: Palm Sunday11-15 - Monday-Friday: Lenten Lunches/Midday Worship14 - Thursday: Maundy Thursday15 - Friday: Good Friday17 - Sunday: Easter24 - Sunday: Confirmation Sunday/Youth Sunday/SeniorBanquet29 - Friday: Memphis Joy Prom29-1 - Friday-Sunday: NaCoMe2021 W ednesday E veningA dvent D evotional S eriesDuring the 4 Wednesdays of Advent, the Adult Education Committee, in partnership with our Children’s,Youth, and Music Ministries, hosted a church-wideWednesday Evening Advent Devotional Series calledCome, Lord Jesus, Come. Each evening consisted ofa big family-style dinner supporting different localrestaurant favorites from 5:30-6pm. This was followed by an adult small group devotional from 6-7pmwhile the kids enjoyed Lessons and Carols. This eventwas a great success, with much higher attendancethan expected and new friendships being formedeach week.Statements of Giving for 2021 were mailed on January 12. This statement also contains the confirmation of your pledge for Engaging Our Potential. Please review the statement carefully to be sure your giftsin 2021 were allocated according to your wishes and the amount recorded for Engaging Our Potentialin 2022 and 2023 is correct. Please contact the church office if you have any questions. If you haven’tmade a pledge for Engaging Our Potential, it’s not too late. Every pledge is important. Just return thepledge card sent to you in November, pick up a new one at the church, or go online. Questions? Call thechurch office at 901-754-5195.

4SHARING 2022MORE STAFF BOOK SUGGESTIONS IN 2022Start 2022 off with a new devotional book and a new devotional practice - below aresome staff suggestions for new ways to set aside daily quiet time with God in 2022.(descriptions below all from Amazon)Pray without ceasing with this compact edition of the Daily Office complete with prayers andpsalms for one week. This beautiful little book, excerpted from The Book of Common Prayer,will enable anyone to say the hours every day: Morning Prayer, Noonday Prayer, Evening Prayer,and Compline. Perfect for prayer and worship at all times and in all places.A 31-Day Devotional in a Liturgical Style, Featuring Daily Scripture Readings, Historical Prayers,Catechisms, and CreedsEvery Christian knows the importance of a daily quiet time with the Lord. But anyone who’s been abeliever long enough has likely experienced seasons that feel more mundane or routine, leading toaimlessly skimming a couple of Bible verses or praying the same prayer over and over.In Be Thou My Vision, Jonathan Gibson has created a 31-day liturgical guide designed to providestructure to the daily worship of individuals and families. Each daily reading includes a call to worship,adoration, confession, assurance, creed and catechism, the Gloria Patri, a prayer of illumination,Bible reading, intercessory prayer, and the Lord’s Prayer. Designed to be read in 15–20 minutes aday, this beautifully produced liturgy will give readers focus and purpose to their daily quiet time whileteaching them historical prayers, creeds, and catechisms that point them to Christ.This is probably the most widely read collection of daily readings from the Bible ever published,and it is presented in this edition in the words of The New International Version (North AmericanEdition). For three generations, Daily Light on the Daily Path has been a classic religious work,and it has gone through a countless number of printings. It was compiled by the descendantsof the London bookseller, Samuel Bagster. Bagster’s grandson, Robert, who died in 1924, wroteof the origins of this book, “Daily Light on the Daily Path was prepared entirely within the family.Few are able to appreciate the heart-searching care with which every text was selected, the days,nay the weeks of changes, alterations and improvements, until at last each page was passedto the printer.” There are two selections of Bible readings for every day in the year -- for Morningand Evening.

5CARING 2022HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.See below for the list of members' birthdays for the current and upcoming months. Be sure to wish yourfriends a happy birthday and if you know anyone who's been left out, let us know by emailing [email protected] or calling the church office 901-754-5195 and asking for the communicationsdepartment.February2 – Ryan Schwaigert3 – Drew Hensarling5 – Judy Nokes6 – Mary K Grantham6 – Jim Simpson7 – Becky Barton7 – Linda Oakes8 – Abby Howell9 – Dixie Johnson10 – Nancy Halter10 – Cheri Howle10 – Donna Wilhite11 – Meredith Geyer11 – Pat Plunk12 – Michael Gyura12 – Mary Heimlicher12 – Walton Prest13 – Lea Buring13 – Lalla Colmer14 – Bill Boyle14 – Spencer Harris14 – Tomas Morse14 – Win Morse16 – Kelly Galyean16 – Bo Hormberg16 – Leah Lumm17 – Keith Ellis Prest18 – Alice Kiser18 – Tyler Russell21 – Krista Tadlock22 – Carol Boals22 – Reed Brasfield22 – Debbie Florendo23 – Stewart Carlin24 – Alex Ivy25 – Beth Brock25 – Deborah Shorter26 – David Paris27 – Gaye Pitts27 – Tommy Trenor28 – Martha Mayers28 – Donna Morley28 – Wayne TansilMarch2 – Jennifer Goodin2 – Stephanie Wall3 – Bill Armstrong4 – Will Carlin4 – Lance Warren6 – Katie Burrow6 – Judy Chandler6 – Kevin Patterson7 – Joe Graddy8 – Ray Carroll8 – Rebecca Floyd8 – Allie Willingham9 – Sarah Hardin9 – Allie Hughes10 – Carolyn Cates10 – Tom Drannon15 – Bryce Duke15 – Lauren Hurley16 – Teresa Hardin16 – Jerry Wilhite17 – Betsie Menedez18 – Phil Russell19 – Cole Gwin19 – Wendy Holmes19 – Sandy Jones19 – Jenny Overbey20 – Roscoe Phillips21 – Susan Shirley Hurt21 – Susan Robinson22 – Jeff Harding22 – Sherrie Horner23 – Malcom Lipscomb24 – Kevin Cullum25 – Margaret Owens26 – Kelly Hogan26 – Ken Plunk26 – Lauren Wade27 – Claire Lino27 – Mark Mestemacher28 – Andrew Drannon28 – Woodie Whited29 – Bob Bobo29 – Mark McClellan30 – Molly Miller31 – Ann Harbor31 – Joyce Henry

6CARING 2022Special Christmas EveOfferingWith all the totals in, GPC raised a total of 17,370 for this year’s Christmas Eve SpecialOffering. This year’s special offering benefits 2local mission partners: Rising Together Foundation and Binghampton Christian Academy.Thank you, GPC family, for your continued generosity!Career Support GroupGPC is picking up a new support ministry! We areglad to be the new host home of the GermantownCareer Support and Networking Group. The grouphas been active for 15 years and is relaunching afterthe COVID shutdowns. Its purpose is to assist peoplein career networking, interviewing skills, and generalsupport during times of job/career transition or loss.There are no fees: NONE -- all is pro bono support.The meetings are held on the 2nd and 4th Mondayevenings of the month from 6:30pm-8:30pm in thecommunity room on the lower-level in the chapel building.The hosts for the meetings are Mark McKee, RobMann, and Carlin Stuart.If you have questions, please email [email protected]

7CONNECTING 2022Finding Your People in Your Faith CommunityEach of our 5 adult Sunday School classes are gearing upfor the new year in the building and meeting every week asthey grow closer together in faith and friendship. God hasblessed our church family with a passion for helping eachother grow as disciples of Jesus.Each of our Sunday School classes meet from 9:40am10:40am and are vibrant, healthy, and offer a wonderfulplace to connect meaningfully with others. So if you’recurious about what it would be like to feel a deep senseof belonging and friendship, our groups are an easy andenjoyable way for you to experience that sense of home.There is nothing better than growing closer to Christthrough authentic relationships. So come check out ourSunday School classes. We can’t wait to welcome you onthe journey of faith.If you want to get involved in a Sunday morning group, emailPastor Mike at [email protected] NameDescriptionStudyingCoffee &ConversationsParents of youngchildrenThe Characters of Easter: The Villains, Heroes,Cowards and CrooksWho Witnessed History’sBiggest MiraclePaula’s Hearts& HandsWomen’s knittinggroupPsalm 78Parents of schoolage childrenThe SeekersAdults of all agesHits of the AgesAdults of all agesLocation:2nd FloorPoint of ContactRoom UL-217Candace Askew:[email protected] God byTim KellerSession RoomMary [email protected] Characters of Easter: The Villains, Heroes,Cowards and CrooksWho Witnessed History’sBiggest MiracleRoom UL-215Rebecca Floyd:[email protected] TestamentCharacters byCarolyn NystromMatthew for Everyone by Tom WrightRoom UL-216Room UL-218Randy Harris:[email protected] Callicott: [email protected] unday S cheduleMorning8:30-9:30am – Early Morning Worship9:30am – Children’s Sunday School Dropoff9:40-10:40am – Sunday School Hour10:45am – Children’s Sunday School Pickup10:30-11:00am – Coffee & Donuts11:00am-12:00pm – Late Morning WorshipEvening5:00pm – Nursery Open5:30-7:30pm – Youth Group6:00-7:00pm – Evening Contemporary Worship

8CONNECTING 2022M enatGPCW omenatGPCMen's BreakfastPresbyterian WomenMen's Breakfast meets Friday mornings at 6:30am in Warren Fellowship Hall and on Zoom (with occasional exceptionsfor holidays). Breakfast starts at 6:30am (bring 3) andBible study at 7:00. Different men lead each week's studyusing Scripture from the lectionary. Come one, come all!Currently the meetings take place in a hybrid format, soyou can attend in person or via Zoom.The next Presbyterian Women (PW) meeting will be TuesdayFebruary 1 at 10:00 am and 6:45pm night circle. Our studywill be Lesson 6 - Bathsheba. Our study book this year isWhat My Grandmothers Taught Me - Learning from theWomen in Matthew.Circle 1 - Room UL215Circle 2 - Room UL216Circle 3 - Room UL217Circle 4 (night circle) - The ParlorNew members that are interested in joining or have questions, contact Bonnie Algee - [email protected] orBrenda Jeter - [email protected]'s Lunch DevotionsAll men are invited to come as you can on the 2ndand 4th Mondays of the month, 12:00pm. The groupis currently discussing readings from the book Mornings with Bonhoffer. Currently this group is meeting inperson in Warren Fellowship Hall. Keep watching thenewsletter for updates. Part of GPC’s Men’s Ministry,the contact person for this bimonthly lunch study isAnthony Duke ([email protected]).E at , P ray , R ead W omen ’ s B ook G roupCome as you are for fellowship, prayer, and studyEat, Pray, Read is a study group for those interested inexpanding their faith and spiritual growth through Christianbooks and Bible study. This women’s group meets on thesecond Monday of the month in the church parlor unlessotherwise specified from 10:00am-11:30am.Participants take turns leading the discussion, prayer,and fellowship. Each person is responsible for purchasingher own book and reading it before the day of discussion.Everyone is invited! Come for one, come for some, comefor all!If interested, please contact Ann Harbor at [email protected] or 901-258-5010.The schedule for the rest of the year is:February - Walking with Mary: A Biblical Journey fromNazareth to the Cross, Edward SriMarch - We Need to Hang Out - A Memoir of MakingFriends, Billy BakerApril/May - TBD

9CONNECTING 2022What GPC Means To MeSo welcome one anotherin the same way thatChrist also welcomedyou, for God’s glory.Romans 15:7It was the summer of2001 when I first visitedGPC. I was church shopping. Having moved outof the state for a while,when I returned to Tennessee I was living inGermantown. My personal life was in turmoil,and I was looking for a way to fix myself. I sat behindMargaret Owens who introduced herself and took meunder her wing. We went to the Activity Center afterchurch for refreshments and I met Jean Carroll. I gotinvolved with the Presbyterian Women’s Night Circleand met the Circle Leader Rachel Gwin. Erwin Westmoreland came in to my life to minister to me and over theyears we have continued to minister to each other. Now,twenty years later these women are very special friends.I have healed from my personal turmoil and moved forward with my life, surrounded by a loving church family.I feel I have grown but always am seeking to improvemy faith walk. The key for me was getting involved.There were then and still are so many opportunitiesto spend time learning and sharing time with GPC’smission outreach programs.We all have 24 hours in each day. The key is how dowe share our gift of those 24 hours to further God’skingdom. Our calling is to have the love of Christ flowthru us and out into the world. Every day is our veryspecial gift to be shared.Blessings, Bonnie AlgeeDo you want to share what GPCmeans to you? We want to hear aboutit! Contact Pastor Will at 901-7545195 or [email protected] Our Potential UpdateThe Stewardship Team is grateful and encouraged by theresults of our Engaging Our Potential stewardship campaign! As you know, our goal was to raise two year's worthof operating income (approximately 2 million/year) plusthe amount needed to retire the remaining debt on our2019 Education Building ( 1.5 million). Our overall goalwas 5.6 million, and we are so pleased to announce thatwe have raised 4,738,149 in pledges from 192 households. This is the most money we’ve ever raised in a singlecampaign, and it puts us well on our way to funding all ofour ministries and retiring the debt. We are grateful to Godand the congregation for such sacrificial giving.What are some of the take-aways from these numbers?First, we will be able to budget appropriately for 2022 and2023, investing in our great commission to reach out tothe world with God’s love in Jesus Christ. Second, there aremany generous GPC members who choose not to pledge,but who support the church faithfully every year. Over atwo year period, our unpledged offerings would conservatively amount to 650,000, moving us much closer to ouroverall goal. Third, we anticipate new families and giversjoining the church this year and next, and we know theywill be generous to support the church. Fourth, the Session recently released 92,000 from our reserves to paydown the debt. Finally, our members have always beenoverly-generous and have, historically, given more than theypledge. All of these factors give us great hope that we willachieve our goal of retiring the debt by the end of 2023.Thank you for all you do to support what God is doingthrough Germantown Presbyterian Church.

10CONNECTING 2022We are so excited to share that GPC has launched a newly revampedexperience that is fun and relaxing for the whole family - GPConnect.This program has evolved over the years as Parents’ Night Out, and mostrecently as Breathe. But it’s a new day and a new year, and so too we haverecast this experience to more inclusively support the unique demands ofyoung families today. One evening a month, from 6pm-9pm at the church(and the occasional Sunday brunch), GPConnect is a time for children andstudents up to the age of 12 to enjoy a fantastic evening that includesdinner, themed crafts and activities, Bible-based story time/lessons, anda movie. Pickup and drop-off will take place at the preschool entranceunder the overhang. And that’s only half of the experience.For parents, this is an opportunity to intentionally connect with one anotherin deep and meaningful relationships. With all the demands on parentstoday, it can be so hard to find the time and energy to build lasting friendships. So we offer these evenings as an opportunityfor parents to connect and enjoy a great faith-filled night out together, with the comfort and confidence of knowing your childis well cared for.So mark your calendars and watch for registration information on the church website and the GPCKids weekly e-blast. Signup to receive the GPCKids weekly e-blast by sending your email to [email protected] Spring 2022 GPConnect DatesFall 2022 GPConnect Dates February 25 – Friday Evening August 26 – Friday Evening March 27 – Sunday Morning Brunch September 23 – Friday Evening April 29 – NaCoMe Church Retreat Weekend October 21 – Friday Evening May 20 – Friday Evening November 13 – Sunday Morning Brunch December 9 – Friday Evening

11SPECIAL NEEDS MINISTRYBirthday Shout-Outs: February9: Ms. Brandy Nolan, PA to Chris Mitchell ofFriendship CircleHappy, Happy Birthday!Spring 2022 Schedulesfor AMPlify & Friendship CircleFebruary is:National Heart Month,National Cancer Prevention Month, &Int’l Prenatal Infection Prevention MonthFebruary:3, 10, 17, 24February:2, 9, 16, 23March:3, 10, *, 24, 31*No meeting on March 17 forSpring Break.March:2, 9, *, 23, 30*No meeting on March 16 forSpring Break.Related dates include:World Cancer Day, February 4National “Wear Red Day” for women’s heart health, Feb 5April:7, 14, 21, 28April:6, 13, 20, 27May:5, 12, 19May 19 will be our finalrehearsal.May:4, 11, 18May 18 will be the finalmeeting for Spring 2022.Additionally, each week serves to focus awareness on:African Heritage and Health, Feb. 1-7Congenital Heart Defects, Feb. 7-14Heart Failure, Feb. 14-20Eating Disorders, Feb. 22-28Spring Performance Dateand Time TBD.Why eating disorders?Possible lethal health problems affiliated with eating disorders include altered sequence of the heart’s impulsescausing the heart to beat too fast, too slow, or erratically, which can cause sudden death. Decreased cardiacmuscle, mass chamber size, and output can also lead tocardiac arrest.2022 Joy Prom InformationMemphis Joy Prom will be held at Christ Church Memphis,4488 Poplar Ave. Memphis, TN 38117, on the evening ofFriday, April 29. If you're interested in volunteering, pleasestay tuned to the Special Needs announcements in theweekly service bulletins and E-blast messages. Volunteerregistration will open March 1.

12SPECIAL NEEDS MINISTRYC o n t r i b u te d b y J a c k ie C l a s s e n W i l l i a m sWhen you meet Chase, he will be your friend – he has nevermet a stranger! In stores, restaurants, elevators, or parkinglots, Chase will come right up to you and state, “Hi! I’m ChaseBeech. Who are you?” Once he knows your name, he’ll say,“Well, nice to meet you, [your name here]!” He wears a bigsmile as he meets new friends everywhere.If you happen to meet Chase on a summer day, you’ll receivean on-the-spot invitation to go swimming, which is his numberONE most favorite activity! Due to cerebral palsy, Chase isnot an independent walker; he gets around with wheelchairassistance or with leg braces and a walker or with adulthelp, which he even needs for standing. Getting into a poolequalizes his abilities for walking, running, and jumping. Sobe ready to be challenged if you accept his swimming invitation – he will want you to engage with him in any and everypossible racing scenario in the pool!His family shared that Chase always has some funny orpositive statement to brighten others’ days. So, despite hisdiagnoses of cerebral palsy and autism, and his ongoingmedical issues, Chase maintains a positive outlook on life.His various medical issues have, in fact, caused him to spenda great deal of time in the hospital. In fact, Chase was sofrequently hospitalized for extended periods of time, that hereceived his high school education via home schooling, viaHomeLife Academy.Speaking of family, Chase lives in Memphis with his twomoms, Dana and Renee. His 32-year-old brother, a StaffSergeant in the U.S. Air Force, is stationed in Salt Lake City,Utah. He has some furry family members, too – two 11-yearold rescue dogs named Maggie and Hurley. Maggie, the largerof the two, is a female Schnauzer. Hurley is a male Yorkie.They have lived with Chase for about half of their lives, andChase loves them and his human family dearly.Chase was born in Memphis, at the Methodist Hospital, a fewweeks ahead of schedule. His first ten days of life were spentin the Neo-Natal Intensive Care Unit. He was released to gohome the day before Thanksgiving, making Thanksgiving aspecial time for his family. Chase’s 2021 Thanksgiving wasspent with his family and friends in Gulf Shores, Alabamadoing some of his favorite activities, like riding the coast highway in a tripod dune buggy car, playing arcade games, andeating lots of seafood. Always adventurous with food, Chasenow proudly acclaims that Gator Bites rank among his manyfavorite foods. His other favorite foods include cheeseburgers,crab cakes, and Red Lobster’s Lobster Fest he loves goingto restaurants with his family and friends!Chase is quite an active young man. He enjoys playing gamesor watching video games on YouTube. He loves to watch movies, especially when he goes to the theater with his friends.He’s a super fan of the Back to the Future trilogy and lovesto share his knowledge of things that happened in differenttimes. He’s a big fan of history and enjoys reading and “stilllearning every day.” He sings and dances to all types of musicand loves to dress in his formal attire (with custom-madebow ties) for dances and proms. He has participated in theNight To Shine and Joy Proms for several years and enjoys theGermantown Parks and Recreation Spring Fling dances, too.His first favorite superhero, The Incredible Hulk, inspired hisfavorite color choice: green. To this day he quotes the Hulk,saying “Don’t make me angry; you won’t like me when I’mangry!” His fanhood has spread to all superheroes. He spenthis special 18th birthday at Universal Studios in Orlando,meeting most of his superheroes! He’s even personal friendswith our “Bluff City Batman” and occasionally appears withhim and his Batmobile at events around town!

13CONGREGATIONAL CAREDo you recognize that person you always see onSunday morning sitting in the third pew up fromyou? Remember their name?You know what you need? Nametags!Simply contact the GPC office at 901-754-5195 [email protected] and request your nametag. Ifyou can’t remember what you did with one you hada long time ago, contact the GPC office and ask fora replacement.Updates from FellowshipGroup ConvenersFellowship Group Conveners were scheduled to meetin January, but the meeting was postponed as theomicron variant of COVID surged. Watch GPC’s mediafor further information on the rescheduled meeting.Interested in joining a fellowship group? Contact Pastor Susie at [email protected] with each other by wearing your nametagsto worship and greeting each other by name!G ood M orning ,W elcome to W orship !Ever wonder who those friendly folks are that welcome youto the morning worship services? They smile, open the dooror hand you a bulletin. Well, they are Greeters, and you canbe one, too! It’s one of easiest jobs out there - no experiencenecessary - and a great way to interact with new and long-timechurch members and visitors. To apply just email Missy Gwinat [email protected], and she will add you to herSign-Up Genius account which goes out once a month for thefollowing month. On the flip side, if you are already receivingthese emails and arebunable to serve in this way - just let herknow. Thank you for your service to our church.How To Dedicate a SundayWorship Flower ArrangementEver wonder how to dedicate a Sunday flowerarrangement for Sunday worship? It's easy.Call or email the church office (901-754-5195 [email protected]), ask if the date you'reinterested in is free and then provide your name andthe wording you want to use in the worship bulletin,including the honoree and the occasion.One arrangement is 100 and two arrangements are 150. When you give the church the money, makesure to put "flower arrangement" in the memo line.

14MUSIC & WORSHIP ARTSMUSIC NOTESThank you to ALL of our GPC musicians and to you, thecongregation, for your love of music in worship and support for our music ministry. With the recent COVID surgeand weather concerns we have had a slow start to 2022.Our choir ensemble had to take a couple of weeks off;and our children’s music program, now meeting Sundayafternoons 4:30-5:30pm, returned in January.Our ensemble will sing on Sunday mornings (unlessdeemed unsafe) and, of course, our excellent array ofsoloists will sing each Sunday for both services. Duringthe month of February you will hear Dane Surarez, tenor/Mike Anderson, baritone/Althea and Russell Crouse/ andKerriann Otano, soprano. All of these singers are excellent and will greatly enhance your worship experience.Looking ahead we will be doing selections from the Easterportion of Handel’s Messiah on Palm Sunday, April 3 atboth the 8:30am and 11:00am worship services, and,as usual, a very special service of music and the spokenword on April 14, Maundy Thursday. All of these serviceswill be accompanied by the Memphis String Quartet.Again, I so appreciate your continued support of music atGPC even in these trying times. Your support of the churchbudget process and additio

Jesus throughout all generations, for ever and ever! Amen." I have come to appreciate more and more the power behind these verses and what they means for a church like ours. Paul scripts these versus at the end of Ephesians 3 as a benediction at the end of a prayer. He has prayed for their unity and witness as a church, and then he reminds them

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Digital Media Middle East & Middle Eastern Digital Media Awards 29-30 Nov 2022 Riyadh Digital Media Africa & African Digital Media Awards 12-13 July 2022 Virtual Digital Media LATAM & LATAM Digital Media Awards 16-18 Nov 2022 Mexico City Digital Media India & Indian Digital Media Awards 08-10 Mar 2022 Virtual Digital Media Asia &

Swansea Epic Trail 10K 2022 Participants EventName RaceNumber Firstname Lastname Swansea Epic Trail 10K 2022 1 Waleed Abalkhil Swansea Epic Trail 10K 2022 2 Christopher Adams Swansea Epic Trail 10K 2022 3 Emily Adams Swansea Epic Trail 10K 2022 4 Rhys Adams Swansea Epic Trail 10K 2022 5 suzanne Adams Swansea Epic Trail 10K 2022 6 Thomas Addison Swansea Epic Trail 10K 2022 7 Scott Addison-Evans

C21 Intro PC Applications. 3 06/13/2022. 07/23/2022 CCCONLINE. STAFF 11127. CIS 1035. C11 Complete Word Processing. 3 05/31/2022. 08/06/2022 CCCONLINE. STAFF 11030. CIS 1045. C21 Intro to Desktop Database. 3 06/13/2022. 07/23/2022 CCCONLINE. STAFF 11031. CIS 1055. C21 Complete Spreadsheets. 3 06/13/2022. 07/23/2022 CCCONLINE. STAFF 11208. CIS .

Certification Examination for AIS Coding Specialists Candidate Handbook 2022 APPLICATION DEADLINE* TESTING BEGINS TESTING ENDS February 9, 2022 March 12, 2022 March 26, 2022 August 3, 2022 September 3, 2022 September 17, 2022 *Late applications will NOT be accepted Apply online at www.ptcny.com .

Monday, April 4, 2022 1 Corinthians 4 Tuesday, April 5, 2022 1 Corinthians 5 Wednesday, April 6, 2022 1 Corinthians 6 Thursday, April 7, 2022 1 Corinthians 7 Friday, April 8, 2022 1 Corinthians 8 Memory Verses: Matthew 5: 29-30 Monday, April 11, 2022 1 Corinthians 9 Tuesday, April 12, 2022 1 Corinthians 10 We

the Central Dauphin East High School. January 10, 2022 January 24, 2022 February 7, 2022 February 28, 2022 March 14, 2022 March 28, 2022 SCHOOL BOARD MEETINGS T he Central Dauphin School District is governed by a board of nine school directors who are citizens of the school district and who are elected for four-year terms on a staggered basis.

iii 1 Mass Media Literacy 1 2 Media Technology 16 3 Media Economics 39 4 Cybermedia 59 5 Legacy Media 75 6 News 98 7 Entertainment 119 8 Public Relations 136 9 Advertising 152 10 Mass Audiences 172 11 Mass Media Effects 190 12 Governance and Mass Media 209 13 Global Mass Media 227 14 Mass Media Law 245 15 Mass Media Ethi

International Wushu Tournament MOSCOW WUSHU STARS 2022 22-28 February, 2022 Moscow (Russia) REGULATIONS 1. DATE AND PLACE International tournament "Moscow Wushu Stars" will be held from 22nd to 28th February, 2022 in Moscow (Russia). Teams must arrive not later than the 23rd February, 2022 prior to 14:00 (see Competition schedule). 2 .

RENO COUNTY 4-H NEWSLETTER FEBRUARY 2022 All 4 4 TAGS 3.50 EXECUTIVE TEAM MEETING February 21, 2022 @ 6pm Reno County Extension Office west meeting room -H Council Officers are required to attend. -H COUNCIL DATE February 28, 2022 @ 7pm Reno County Extension Office west meeting room JUNIOR LEADERS 4-Hers 12 & up Kim Griffith will be

Jan 09, 2022 · June 20-23, 2022 (High School Camp) July 10-13, 2022 (High School Camp) Youth entering into grades 9-12 in the Fall of 2022 July 14-17, 2022 (Jr. High Camp) Youth entering into grades 7 & 8 in the Fall of 2022 Cost: Early Bird (until Feb. 1): 275 / Cost for camp is 325 Search f

Appendix C: Book List . Spring 2022, DBEC January 3, 2022 - January 14, 2022 Summer 2022, DBEA May 31, 2022 - June 10, 2022 . Participation in this activity introduces students to lifelong learning and the quality and advantages of continuing dental education. In a world that changes so rapidly,

Libelle_Module Mécanique du point Thermodynamique 1 Atomistique Thermochimie Analyse 1 Algébre 1 Langue et Terminologie I Date d'examen 07/02/2022 07/02/2022 09/02/2022 09/02/2022 11/02/2022 11/02/2022 04/02/2022 Heure de début 15H45/17H15 14H-15H30 10H45/12H15 9H/10H30 14H30/16H 16H15/17H45 11h30-13h

Media Terminology Media Planning - A series of decisions involving the delivery of messages to audiences. Media Objectives - Goals to be attained by the media strategy and program. Media Strategy - Decisions on how the media objectives can be attained. Media - The various categories of delivery systems, including broadcast and print media.

February 2014 Safety Focus Topics February 1 - Complacency February 2 - Safety, It's your Choice February 3 - Luck Has Nothing to do with Safety February 4 - Are You Safe or Just Lucky? February 5 - Slips, Trip and Falls - Pay Attention February 6 - Give Yourself a Hand February 7 - Lifting Properly

media pembelajaran, hakikat media pembelajaran Bahasa Indonesia, jenis-jenis media Pembelajaran BI. dan penggunaan media pembelajaran bahasa. 2. Mampu menguasai konsep mengenai beda antara media . pengembangan materi dan mediayang tepat, 4) menggunakanmateri dan media, 5) meminta tanggapan dari siswa, dan 6) mengevaluasi proses belajar. .

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Within this programme, courses in Academic Writing and Communication Skills are available. There are also more intensive courses available, including the Pre-Sessional Course in English for Academic Purposes. This is a six-week course open to students embarking on a degree course at Oxford University or another English-speaking university. There are resources for independent study in the .