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Millionaire Real Estate AgentMREA: SystematizingLead GenerationBryon EllingtonA Course for the Millionaire Real Estate Agent 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

PrefaceNotes 32BRealtor is a trademark designation of a member of the National Associationof Realtors. No person who is not a member of NAR may use the designationRealtor to refer to themselves. 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

PrefaceAcknowledgementsKeller Williams University would like to thank all of the contributors toMREA: Systematizing Lead Generation. We would like to give special thanks tothe following contributors:Gary KellerThe Goodlife TeamDave JenksThe Hardie GroupJay PapasanThe McKissack GroupThe Gary & Nikki TeamThe Scheffe GroupThe Gentry GroupSmith & AssociatesNOTICESWhile Keller Williams Realty International (KWRI) has taken due care in the preparation of allcourse materials, we cannot guarantee their accuracy. KWRI makes no warranties eitherexpressed or implied with regard to the information and programs presented in the course or inthis manual.This manual and any course it’s used as a part of may contain hypothetical exercises that aredesigned to help you understand how Keller Williams calculates profit sharing contributionsand distributions under the MORE System, how Keller Williams determines agentscompensation under the Keller Williams Compensation System, and how other aspects of aKeller Williams Market Center’s financial results are determined and evaluated. Any exercisesare entirely hypothetical. They are not intended to enable you to determine how much moneyyou are likely to make as a Keller Williams Licensee or to predict the amount or range of salesor profits your Market Center is likely to achieve. Keller Williams therefore cautions you not toassume that the results of the exercises bear any relation to the financial performance you canexpect as a Keller Williams Licensee and not to consider or rely on the results of the exercisesin deciding whether to invest in a Keller Williams Market Center. If any part of this notice isunclear, please contact Keller Williams’ legal department.Materials based on the Recruit-Select-Train-Manage-Motivate (RSTMM ) system and theWinning Through Selection course have been licensed to Keller Williams Realty International byCorporate Consulting. KWRI has the exclusive right within the residential real estate industryto market and present material from RSTMM , Winning Through Selection , and any derivativesowned by or created in cooperation with Corporate Consulting.Material excerpted from The Millionaire Real Estate Agent appears courtesy of The McGraw-HillCompanies. The Millionaire Real Estate Agent is copyright 2003 Rellek Publishing PartnersLTD. All rights reserved.All other materials 2004 Keller Williams Realty Inc. All rights reserved.Printed August 2007.No part of this publication and its associated materials may be reproduced or transmitted in anyform or by any means without the prior written permission of Keller Williams Realty Inc. 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

PrefaceTABLE OF CONTENTSINTRODUCTION TO MREA: SYSTEMATIZING LEAD GENERATION .1UU1. Ground RulesU2U2. What You Will Learn33. Why You Are Here5UUUU4. How You Will LearnU6UCHAPTER 1: IN THE BUSINESS OF LEAD GENERATION . 7UU1. The Evolution of Lead GenerationU8U2. The Positioning BattleU11U3. Lead Generating vs. Lead ReceivingU14UCHAPTER 2: BUILDING YOUR DATABASE .20UU1. Your Business is Your Database212. Build a Database23UUUU3. Feed It Every DayU34UCHAPTER 3: WORKING YOUR DATABASE .39UU1. Communicate with It in a Systematic WayU40U2. Service all the Leads that Come Your WayU67UCHAPTER 4: MARKETING-BASED, PROSPECTING-ENHANCED.74UU1. MREA Lead Generation Strategy752. Clarity of Message783. Focus83UUUUUU4. DiversityU98UCHAPTER 5: MILLIONAIRE REFERRAL SYSTEMS . 103UU1. Referral StrategyU104U2. Cultivating Your Inner CirclesU112UCHAPTER 6: KNOWING YOUR NUMBERS . 122UU 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

Preface1. Weighing Your OptionsU123U2. Playing the Numbers GameU125U3. The Influence of Your Economic ModelU4. Lead Generation RatiosU5. Hitting Your NumbersUU128U131U6. The Cost of SuccessU127136UCHAPTER 7: PUTTING IT ALL TOGETHER. 141UU1. Overcoming ObstaclesU142U2. Protecting Your Lead Generation Time1433. Keeping Focused146UUUU4. What Have You Learned?U149UAPPENDIX . 151UU1. Communicating Your Message1522. Sample Marketing Materials1723. IVR Script Template190UUUUUU4. Your Annual Lead Generation GoalsUU 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.191

IntroductionMREA: S Y S T E M A T I Z I N G L E A D G E N E R A T I O NIntroduction toMREA:SystematizingLead GenerationIn this chapter, you will [1] Describe the ground rules for the MREA:Systematizing Lead Generation class.[2] Describe the Why, What, and How for learningMREA: Systematizing Lead Generation. 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

IntroductionGround Rules0B1.Arrive to class on time and return promptly from breaks.2.Move quickly when you are instructed to form small groups or partnerwith someone to role play.3.Limit your side conversations.4.Turn your cell phones and pages to vibrate or OFF.5.Feel free to stand and walk around if you find yourself getting tired.6.Accept the reality of time and participation.7.Respect the different learning styles and opinions of others.8.Help each other learn because none of us is as smart as all of us workingtogether to improve our skills and knowledge.9.Consider everything we discuss confidential. What is discussed and roleplayed behind closed doors stays behind closed doors.UU10. Have Fun! 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

IntroductionWhat You Will Learn1BAbout MREA Business Systems184BThe Millionaire Real Estate Agent courses were created to help you and your teamdesign and implement business systems that will increase your productivity.From lead generation to lead conversion, post-closing to managing the office,the systems you put into place will dictate the efficiency of your team.The courses in the MREA curriculum present a comprehensive set of systemsto improve and maintain key elements of your business. Used in conjunctionwith the MREA: Operation Manual and the MREA: Scripts Catalogs, the MREAcourses will train each member of your team on how to design and implementthe systems that affect their particular duties. Once they are trained on thesesystems, you can easily incorporate the distinctive elements of your team andlocal market, such as marketing messages and customer services.Many of the ideas and systems presented in these courses will be a completeparadigm shift for you and your team. The goal is to train your team to gofrom an entrepreneurial mindset to a purposeful one (E to P). This shift ismeant to change you and your team’s way of thinking from that of a salescareer to that of a real estate business. If you are in the process of buildingyour team, these courses will show you how to leverage others to get the jobdone better than you ever could have alone.Integrating any one of these systems may necessitate changes in currentprocedures. However, exercise caution in implementing excessive amounts ofchange in your business too quickly. Trying to completely rearrange manyfacets of your business all at once can have disastrous effects on yourproductivity. These changes should come about incrementally over time. Forbest results, use the 4-1-1 to plan out a progressive incorporation of thesesystems into your business. And after implementing any changes to yourbusiness, you should always play Red Light, Green Light to hold those changesaccountable and determine their effect on your team’s productivity.(continued on the next page) 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

IntroductionWhat You Will Learn3BYou are here.MREA: Systematizing Lead Generation Outline185BChapter1.2.3.Topicsa.In the Business ofb.Lead Generationc.a.Building Yourb.Databasec.a.Working d5.MillionaireReferral Systems6.Knowing YourNumbers7.Putting It AllTogetherThe evolution of lead generationThe positioning battleThe difference between lead generation and lead receivingUnderstanding that your business is your databaseBuilding a databaseFeeding it every dayCommunicating to it in a systematic wayServicing all the leads that come your wayUnderstanding the MREA Lead Generation StrategyPresenting a clear, cohesive and consistent image and a powerful messageFocusing on seller listingsDiversifying your lead generation by making it marketing-based,prospecting- enhanceda. Educating, asking, and rewarding for referralsb. Cultivating your Met database inner circlesa.b.c.d.a.b.c.d.e.f.a.b.c.Discovering what works and doesn’t work for youPlaying the lead generation numbers gameThe influence of your Economic ModelLead generation ratiosHitting your numbersThe cost of massive lead generation successOvercoming obstaclesProtecting your lead generation focus timeKeeping focused(continued on the next page) 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

IntroductionWhy You Are Here2BGoal of MREA: Systematizing Lead GenerationTo show you how to take your business to the next level byinstituting a scalable lead generation planWhat do you want to get out of this course?239B 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

IntroductionHow You Will Learn3BGet ready for some action-oriented training!186BIn order to learn and succeed, you will:240B1.Participate in large group interactive lecturettes.2.Participate in small group discussions and exercises.3.Observe your instructor as he/she demonstrates the desired skills andbehaviors.4.Develop an Action Plan based a self-assessment.Are you ready for some action-oriented training?Are you ready to learn how to be as profitable as youcan be? 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

In the Business of Lead GenerationMREA: S Y S T E M A T I Z I N G L E A D G E N E R A T I O NChapter 1: In theBusiness of LeadGenerationIn this chapter, you will [1] Describe the evolution of lead generation in realestate and an agent’s career.[2] Recognize the positioning battle and yourstrategy to win it.[3] Understand that the real estate business isactually the lead generation business.[4] Describe the difference between lead generatingand lead receiving. 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.Chapter 1

In the Business of Lead GenerationChapter 1The Evolution of LeadGeneration4BHow the Game Has MarketingUUReferralsUUUHaven’t MetDatabaseTargeted Haven’tMet and MetDatabasesMet DatabaseMet and Haven’tMet DatabasesFinding business bycold calling, doorknocking, andnetworking throughyour sphere ofinfluence generatesimmediate results.This is the quickestway to find business.Targeting groupsand steadily gettingspecific messagesacross to them is along-term strategyto bring newcustomers to youthat requires asignificant financialinvestment.Asking people youknow to give youbusiness can yield asteady stream ofwarm, qualifiedleads. This is along-term strategythat is dependenton a high level ofcustomer serviceand constantpersonalcommunication.Hiring the rightindividuals and usingtechnology allowsyou to utilize all ofthese types of leadgeneration. Thisdiversity will addstability to yourbusiness and allowyou to continuallyadd a new stream ofclients to yourdatabase to whomyou can market forbusiness nued on the next page) 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

In the Business of Lead GenerationChapter 1The Evolution of Lead Generation34BHow Your Career Will Evolve18BPlanning for the Future with the Present in Mind241BWhat you should see is that the evolution of Lead Generation over the past 50years closely mirrors the evolution of lead generation in an agent’s business.Surviving312BThe need to pay the bills forces newer agents to focus their efforts on gettingthe next deal. So their lead generation plans tend to be transaction-based.Meeting the immediate financial needs of their business pushes them towardprospecting activities like cold-calling and door-knocking. These sorts ofaggressive lead generation activities will generate leads in the shortest amountof time. Targeted prospecting also enables agents to amass a great deal ofnames in their contact database in a relatively short amount of time.Developing31BAgents who don’t like the anxiety and rejection associated with prospectingprefer the more indirect method of lead generation, marketing. Marketingallows them to reach a broad targeted audience while expending a minimalamount of time.And after they have been in the business for a while, most agents will begin tobecome more relationship-focused—that is, they will begin to use a database ofclients to generate referrals. Referrals are people-leveraged in that they allowagents to generate leads through others. But marketing and referrals take timeto generate leads and can be expensive. And agents’ databases do not grow asquickly as with prospecting.Thriving314BIn order to generate the leads necessary to net—and ultimately receive—amillion, you will need to follow a highly leveraged lead generation plan thatincorporates both marketing and prospecting activities. Your lead generationmust become relationship-focused (long term) and yet, still remain transaction-based(short term). You must work on generating referral leads and repeat businessfrom past clients while still searching out new clients through marketing andprospecting to keep your business fresh.(continued on the next page) 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

In the Business of Lead GenerationChapter 1The Evolution of Lead Generation35BHow Your Career Will Evolve (continued)This is when you become a lead generation artist—it requires mastery andinternalization of the lead generation elements. The ultimate evolution in yourlead generation game is becoming a master at passing that knowledge on toothers on your team and holding them accountable for doing it.Lead generationfor the long-termthat still keeps theimmediacy isreferred to as“marketing-based,prospectingenhanced.” 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

In the Business of Lead GenerationChapter 1The Positioning Battle5BWinning the Battle189BExerciseHow many brands can you think of?Directions:1.With a partner, each of you take a turn picking a product or service(such as bottled water) that your partner must name as many brands ofthe product (Evian , Dasani , etc.) as they can in one minute.2.Keep track of how many each of you names.Time: 10 minutesReal Estate Mind Share Positioning24BUnder the constant bombardment of advertising and marketing, the humanmind becomes saturated by brands and can hold only a finite number at anyone time. Al Ries and Jack Trout, in their book Positioning: The Battle for YourMind, cite the work of Harvard psychologist George A. Miller when they assertthat the maximum number of product brands we can remember for a givencategory—the brand “saturation point” for the mind—is seven.Chances are, if the average person can’t name more than seven brands ofpotato chip, they can’t possibly name more than two or three real estate agentsin their market. Data from the “2002 National Association of Realtors (NAR) Profile of Buyers and Sellers” tends to back this up.(continued on the next page) 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

In the Business of Lead GenerationChapter 1The Positioning Battle36BWinning the Battle (continued)Average out theNAR statistics, andyou’ll see thatroughly 86.5% ofall buyers andsellers seem tohave room in theirminds for only oneor two real estateagents.Appears on page 134 of The Millionaire Real Estate AgentAccording to NAR research:1.76% of all sellers contacted only one agent and 16% contacted just two.2.59% of all buyers contacted only one agent and 22% contacted just two.(continued on the next page) 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

In the Business of Lead GenerationChapter 1The Positioning Battle37BWinning the Battle (continued)The PointYou want to be one of these two agents.In fact, your success in real estate will be in direct proportion tothe number of people, who, when they think of real estate, thinkof you!QuestionHow do you win the first positions of real estate mind sharewith enough people to meet your goals?AnswerThrough systematic lead generation. 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.In the battle forreal estateconsumer mindshare, you’re eitherfirst or second, oryou’re out ofcontention.

In the Business of Lead GenerationLead Generating vs.Lead Receiving6BReal Estate is Lead Generation190BNo Leads Mean No Business243BTruthYour real estate business is your ability to generate leads;nothing is as important to your sales career as prospectivebuyers and sellers.And yet many agents still put trivial activities before lead generation. Leadgeneration must be at the forefront of your consciousness and your activities atall times.And your lead generation must never stop. There is no such thing as too manyleads. If your lead generation methods are consistently bringing you homemore business than you think you can currently manage, then it is time toleverage by hiring talent. It is not time to stop lead generating. When your leadgeneration stops, your business suffers.A Not-Too-Subtle Point24BThere is a world of difference between lead generating and lead receiving: 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.Chapter 1

In the Business of Lead GenerationChapter 1(continued on the next page) 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

In the Business of Lead GenerationChapter 1Lead Generating vs. Lead Receiving38BReal Estate is Lead Generation (continued)Lead ReceivingLead Generating Erratic Active and systematic Relies on passive sources (yardsigns, floor duty, etc.), casualreferrals, and luck to get leads Focuses on direct prospecting andmarketing activities Agents find themselves sellingvery few houses when the marketshiftsAgents shift their mix ofprospecting and marketing inshifting marketsTruthUntil you have enough leads to exceed your goals, there isno other issue but lead generation.Your Biggest Challenge245BThe biggest challenge to being successful at the highest level in real estate iscontinuing to focus on lead generation no matter how many leads you have norhow busy you become.Once a high number of leads are being generated, there is a tendency to settlefor that number, and devote more time and energy to servicing that business.Agents and their teams become stretched trying to handle their existingbusiness and simply take their eye off the ball, neglecting their lead generationprogram.(continued on the next page) 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

In the Business of Lead GenerationLead Generation vs. Lead Receiving39BReal Estate is Lead Generation (continued)Fight temptation315B1.Your lead generation program must always be active; when it is idle forany length of time, it loses its strength and momentum. Many agentsshift their focus between generating leads and servicing the leads. Theseagents experience an up-and-down cycle of activity and cash flow thatdoes not support long-term stability and success. Don’t let this happento you. Dealing with today’s business should never take precedence overgrowing tomorrow’s business. To be most effective, your lead generationneeds to be systematic, consistent and sustained. It never stops andnever rests; never take your eye off of the lead generation ball.2.Since time is a critical issue, you should shift your lead generationactivities largely toward marketing. Marketing is simply more timeefficient and, therefore, more leveraged than prospecting.3.Marketing is at its best and most effective when it is database-driven.Within a few hours a week, agents can shape and disseminate theirmarketing messages, which reach as many people as they can amass intheir database.4.Use the 8 x 8, 33 Touch, and 12 Direct programs to systematically deliveryour marketing messages to your chosen audiences.5.Don’t ignore prospecting. Use prospecting to enhance your marketing,but delegate some of it to a dedicated telemarketer. Calling your Sphereof Influence and people who can send you multiple leads is always yourjob until you replace yourself.6.Everyone on your team must master scripts and dialogues.7.Don’t wait until you are being overwhelmed by leads to hire someone.Be proactive in hiring. You are in the business of lead generation notonly for leads, but for talent, as well. 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.Chapter 1

In the Business of Lead GenerationChapter 1My Scorecard40BExerciseDirections:We have reached the end of this chapter! Before we move on, take fiveminutes to assess your mastery of this chapter's objectives.1.Refer to the My Scorecard sheet located at the back of this manual.2.Review the topics for this chapter.3.Grade yourself on your mastery level of each topic (A - F). Be honestwith yourself. At the end of this course, you will use this scorecard toevaluate your weak areas and develop an action plan for complete masteryof the subject matter.Time:5 minutes 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

In the Business of Lead GenerationChapter 1Give an Aha!, Take an Aha!41BExerciseDirections:1.Look at numbers 1 and 2 below. Think about what concepts you arestill struggling with. And think about any Aha!’s you may have hadabout being in the business of lead generation.2.Your instructor will throw out an Aha! topic. If you have an Aha!about that topic, raise your hand and share.3.When you have given your Aha!, you will name the next Aha! topic forsomeone else to share. If you are struggling with a particular concept orwould like to hear someone else’s take on it, solicit an Aha! on thetopic.4.Put your Aha! or the Aha! of someone else into action using theworksheet belowTime: 10 minutes1.The concept I’m still struggling with:2.The single most important “Aha!” for me:3.How I will use this “Aha!”:4.How I will benefit:5.What I need to do to make this happen: 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

Building Your DatabaseMREA: S Y S T E M A T I Z I N G L E A D G E N E R A T I O NChapter 2:Building YourDatabaseIn this chapter, you will [1] Understand that your business is your database.[2] Build a database using contact managementsoftware that can handle a millionaire-level leadgeneration program.[3] Set up systems to incrementally grow yourcontact database. 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.Chapter 2

Building Your DatabaseYour Business is YourDatabase7BBuilding Your Business19BYour ability to generate leads—and therefore, grow your business—is tied toyour ability to amass and systematically market to a large database of contacts.This is why we say your business is your database.Think about it for a moment. When you hear of anyone in the personalservices industry selling their business, what do you think they mean? What isit that a doctor or an attorney really sells? Since they don’t have a product perse, what they’re selling usually boils down to a few things: their staff, theirsystems, and their customer base.When a doctor buys the practice of another doctor, the most important thingsthat he buys are the names of clients and the relationships of those clients withthe former doctor. The importance of this concept should not be overlooked.TruthAt the heart of your lead generation program is a large,powerful contact database. And the size of your real estatebusiness will be in direct proportion to the size and quality ofyour database. 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.Chapter 2

Building Your DatabaseYour Business is YourDatabase182BThe Four Laws of Lead Generation192BThe following four laws will help you maintain your focus on daily leadgeneration:1.Build a database.2.Feed it every day.3.Communicate with it in a systematic way.*4.Service all the leads that come your way.** Laws 3 and 4 will be discussed further in the next chapter. 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.Chapter 2

Building Your DatabaseBuild a Database8BContacts193BContact information246BYour job is to fill your database with as many clients and people you know aspossible. When entering contacts into your database, be sure to include allrelevant information.For all contacts316BThe following information is a must have for all of your contacts: number (home, mobile, office, and fax)Email addressHome addressNotes on past correspondenceSourceDatabase groupActive (Are they actively searching or selling or are they prospectivebuyers or sellers?)9. Status level (A, B, or C)10. Contact typea. FSBOb. Expiredc. PTAd. Women’s Symphony Leaguee.f.g.h.i. 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.Chapter 2

Building Your DatabaseChapter 2(continued on the next page) 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

Building Your DatabaseChapter 2Build a Database42BContacts (continued)For your inner circles317BThe following information is nice to have for all of your contacts, but is a musthave for your inner circles:1.Birthday2.Spouse’s/children’s birthdays3.Children’s names4.Anniversary5.Hobbies6.Job position7.CompanyYou should calendar all important dates (birthdays, anniversaries, etc.) and setcalendar reminders, so you remember to call these contacts on those dates.Updating your database318BEvery time a contact completes a transaction or finishes a plan, be sure that:1.Their contact information is updated.2.They are in the correct database category and group.3.They are on the correct database plan.4.The notes are current*.*It is very important that all team members record the dates and relevant highlights of anycorrespondence with a contact. Recalling important details about a client lets them know thatthey are important, but this can be difficult on a team since different team members interactwith the client. Keeping notes in your contact management software (CMS) allows anyone onthe team to be able to quickly look at the client’s history and carry on a continuing dialoguewith him or her.(continued on the next page) 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

Building Your DatabaseBuild a Database43BContacts (continued)Customizable fields319BThe top contact management software will allow you to create customizablefields for information you would like to keep on your customers. These fieldsallow you to perform quick searches of your database to find contacts of aparticular nature to send out specific marketing messages. Such fields mightinclude:1.Name of team’s Buyer/Listing Specialist working with contact2.Year closed3.Co-op agent4.Referring agent5.Investor6.Adopted buyer (non-team buyer who bought a team listing)7.Sales price8.Description of house9.Interest rates10. Type of loan11. 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.Chapter 2

Building Your DatabaseChapter 2Build a Database4BContact Management Software194BUsing Contact Management Software247BYour lead generation is dependent upon the size and effectiveness of yourdatabase. The more contacts you add to your database and the more efficientlyyou manage those contacts, the more leads your marketing and prospecting willgenerate. But managing the large number of contacts necessary for millionairelevel lead generation is neither practical nor cost-effective unless you are usingcontact management software (CMS).CMS (such as Top Producer, Online Agent, Act, etc.) allows you to effectivelyleverage yourself in lead generation. Keeping your contacts in a computerizeddatabase provides:1.Quick access to your contacts for eMarketing.2.Easier direct mailing since you can print labels or export your databasefile to a direct mail service from your desktop.3.A centralized location to store all information about your contacts. Thedynamics of a mega team requires that several people be able to accessyour database at the same time.And 4.The top software programs have process/campaign/plan generation forteam members.5.Many contact management programs now offer PDA synchronizing andWeb-based versions, so your database can go where you do.(continued on the next page) 2004 V3.2 KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY, INC.

Building Your DatabaseChapter 2Build a Database45BContact Management Software (continued)Deciding Which CMS to Use248BWhen it comes to contact databases, size and frequency of use distinguish topagents. A poll of several top twenty associates at Keller Williams reveals anaverage database size of 3600 contacts, and these agents use their contactdatabases daily (Source: Eagentc Survey, December 2002).In addition to updating existing contacts continually, these top agents add anaverage of 17 new contacts per week and remove an average of 7 contacts perweek. Due to the large sizes of their databases, these agents group theircontacts by relevance to their business, so they can send marketing piecestargeted to each group.Managing a database of this size without using contact management softwarewould be extremely inefficient, to say the least. Contact management softwareis more than a glorified address book. Think of it as a production tool. Eachcontact you have is a potential sale, and used properly, contact managementsoftware will help you tap into that potential with minimal effort. It’s a moneymachine!Although there are many different contact database management programs,84% of KW associates surveyed use Top Producer, Online Agent, ACT!, orMicrosoft Outlook (Source: Eagentc Survey, November 2002). Most agentsprefer programs like Top Producer, which are real

UI NTRODUCTION TO MREA: SYSTEMATIZING LEAD GENERATION U.1 1. UGround Rules U 2 2. UWhat You Will Learn U 3 3. UWhy You Are Here U 5 4. UHow You Will Learn U 6 UC HAPTER 1: IN THE BUSINESS OF LEAD GENERATION U. 7 1. UThe Evolution of Lead Generation U 8 2. UThe Positioning Battle U 11 .

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