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Sydney Law SchoolSTRATEGY 2020-25Reimagining Sydney Law School

“As a mark of respect to localAboriginal communities and FirstNations people of Australia, and theworld, I acknowledge the Indigenoussystems of law and justice that havecontinuously operated inthis land. I also wish to acknowledgethe law-giving roles of Elders, past,present and emerging.”– Professor Simon Bronitt, DeanContentsA message from the Dean.4Shaped by our history, reimagining our future.6The strategic planning process.8A world-leading Law School: our vision, mission,ambition and strategy.10Clear strategic priorities drive our ambitious vision.12Education. 12Research.16External Engagement.18Culture, people, resources and governance.22“In the law schools we . have togive the new generations of lawyersnot merely the bare tools of theirprofession, but a sense of the greatnessof their calling, and the inspiration ofan informal and inquiring approachto the problems of law in our complexmodern democracies. So that they mayenter upon their careers with a visionof the noble role of the law in thedevelopment of our civilisation.”Appendix: Consultation Process. 26– Professor Julius Stone, Challis Chairof Jurisprudence and International Law,Sydney Law School Dean, 1942- 197223

A message from the DeanAbout the Law SchoolSydney Law School, founded in 1890, has a longtradition of excellence in legal education andscholarship that spans more than a century. Thisyear, on its 130th anniversary, the School embarkson the next exciting chapter with the developmentand launch of our new aspirational vision andmission, embodied in its 2020-2025 Strategy,Reimagining Sydney Law School.“When you reduce it to [its] simplest terms, anyfaculty of any university, insofar as it deserves thatname, must turn on a very simple relation of humanbeings, some older in learning, some younger, talkingtogether not only about what is known, but alsoabout what is not known”– Professor Julius Stone, Challis Chair of Jurisprudence andInternational Law, Sydney Law School Dean, 1942-1972As one of the University of Sydney’s mostrecognised Schools, we operate within a highlycompetitive and highly complex environment.Across the globe, we are witnessing rapid changes,and we, like the University, are having to respondto one of the most volatile, uncertain, complexand ambiguous periods in our history – our abilityto speak into this world whilst also navigating itdefines both the greatest challenge and greatestopportunity that we face.An ambitious strategy to inspire legal mindsOver the next five years we will strive towardsrealising our new and exciting vision through theSchool’s 2020-2025 strategic plan as presentedin this document. The plan is centred on threecore pillars, Education, Research and ExternalEngagement, and underpinned by a clearapproach to our Culture, People, Resources andGovernance.Our strategy will help us achieve our vision andfulfil our purpose to harness our history as aworld-leading Law School to inspire legal minds.Above all, the strategy ensures that students, staff,partnerships and community remain at the heart ofSydney Law School.Through this strategy of re-imagining the futureof Sydney Law School, we build on our traditionof excellence, celebrating and harnessing ourfoundational DNA. Drawing lessons from our longhistory of achievement, and wealth of talent acrossthis newly engaged community of students, alumniand staff, the School confronts emerging anduncertain challenges. As we chart this course ofinnovation in education, research and communityengagement, the School remains true to itsfoundational mission of inspiring legal minds.Determining our own futureSydney Law School has a proud history of drivingsocial justice and law reform, with graduates andscholars playing prominent roles in reshapingthe fabric of Australian law. From supportingthe admission of the first cohort of women lawstudents, through to supporting their admissionto the legal profession, the Foundation Dean,Professor Pitt Cobbett, sought to redefine legaleducation. Requiring more than mere mastery oflegal doctrine, Sydney law students undertookcompulsory studies in jurisprudence, internationallaw and political science. This founding visionshaped the form of a Sydney legal educationacross the 20th century. The innovative andpath-breaking teaching and scholarship of thiscommunity of inspiring jurists, which included JuliusStone and Alice Tay, helped to shape the mindsof a generation of judges, lawyers, scholars andbusiness and community leaders that followed.Today, the development of the School’s nextstrategy sits within the context of a rapidlychanging world with shifting expectations fromstudents, employers and the broader community.4The 2020-2025 strategy was an important processof self-determination for the Law School, groundedon a highly consultative and iterative processwith broad engagement across the School’sacademic community, students, alumni, donors andprofessional community. I thank my colleagues andthe wider Law School community for such positiveengagement in this critical process.– ProfessorJulius Stone,Challis Chair ofJurisprudenceandInternationalLaw, SydneyLaw SchoolDean, 19421972Courtesy of the University of Sydney Archives, Julius Stone,Professor of International Law and Jurisprudence, 2010[G3 224 0672]5

Shaped by our history, reimagining our futureOur ambition is to be a world-leading Law School, contributing to some of society’smost complex challenges, anchored by our longstanding tradition of excellence andshared commitment to law reform and justice.Since its inception in 1890, Sydney Law Schoolhas fostered a proud heritage of excellence andleadership, challenging convention and drivinglaw reform and justice. Today, the Law School isa globally leading institution, consistently rankingin the top 15 law schools worldwide (QS WorldUniversity Rankings by Subject). We are aninternationally engaged academic communityworking at the forefront of our disciplines.Collectively, we address complex problems anddeliver research of the highest quality, creatingimpact across a wide range of traditional,established and emerging areas of globalsignificance.15TOPGLOBALLaw School forthe past 7 yearsSource: QS World University Rankings by subject(2013-2020)The Law School is a passionate community ofeducators, instilling a love of the law and learningin our students; providing them with the core legalknowledge and critical thinking skills to challengethe status-quo, be publicly-minded, and shapethe law of the future. Our outstanding graduatesensure that the Law School ranks among thehighest in Australia for employment outcomes (QILTGraduate Outcomes Survey) and 10th in the worldfor employer reputation (QS World UniversityRankings by Subject, 2018).6“A leading law school is one thatis instantly recognisable as athought leader, as are its people.It is called upon by governmentto participate in reform ideas. Itsstudents are strong ambassadorsand it delivers courses that inspireand challenge studentsand industry.”– Industry professional (interview)The world around us is highly complexwith shifting expectationsAcross Sydney, NSW, Australia and beyond,the world is changing rapidly. This decade willcontinue to be a period of significant complexityand uncertainty in our School’s lifetime; businessas usual is not an option. It is in this context ofa more volatile world, characterised by radicalshifts in student and societal expectations, a highlycompetitive research landscape and an evolvinglegal profession, that we have chosen to reimagineour Law School. We have set ourselves anambitious strategy that re-captures the progressiveDNA of our School while delivering on our vision:to inspire legal minds.To achieve our vision demands an ambitious strategyAs a globally leading law school, our strategy must be clear,compelling and ambitious; enabling us to continue to contribute toemerging problems of global significance and the critical issues oflaw reform and justice.This Strategy for 2020 - 2025 is characterised by our sharedambition to inspire legal minds within the Law School, theprofession and beyond. It builds on our history and collective desireto have a positive impact - transforming the legal landscape andsociety more broadly. It embeds our determination to increase andcelebrate diversity across the Law School and to continue to offeropportunities to those who have been traditionally excluded fromthe study and practice of law. We will ensure our students are atthe heart of this vibrant community of learning and scholarship andmaintain our focus on applying our academic rigor to foundationalas well as new and emerging areas of law and justice.[Expressing a New Visionfor Sydney Law School:]“Leading and innovative in legaleducation offering exceptionalstudent experience.”– Law School academic staff member(Strategy workshop)“The Law School’s ‘reimagining plan’ responds to thecall for urgent action on sustainability and climatechange. We seek to inspire our researchers andstudents to address these challenges and the significantjustice questions which they raise. Climate changeis implicated in every area of the law. In recenttimes, bodies such as the ASX, ASIC and APRA aredemanding that directors disclose the material risksof climate change to corporations. Public and privateclimate litigation is burgeoning globally while new anddisruptive technologies surge. All of this requires theattention of smart legal minds that are switched on tothe new order. Our 2020-2025 plan recognises this.”– Professor Rosemary Lyster, Professor of Climate andEnvironmental Law, Co-Director, Australian Centre for Climateand Environmental Law7

The strategic planning processThe development of our 2020-2025 strategy was a process of self-determination for the Law School. Itwas initiated in late 2019 with a whole of School strategy day and continued throughout the first halfof 2020. We adopted an iterative and highly consultative approach; seeking input and feedback froma broad range of stakeholders including staff, students, alumni and external stakeholders. The processconsisted of three key stages: Stage 1: Broad consultation and research Stage 2: Develop and test high level strategy Stage 3: Develop and refine full strategyPREPARATIONStrategy DaySTAGE 1Broad consultationand researchAll staff strategy dayAll staff surveySTAKEHOLDERCONSULTATIONSYNTHESISESTAGE 2Develop and testhigh level TIONREFINE ANDDELIVER8Deliver insights reportFocus groups1:1 interviewsDEVELOPSTAGE 3Develop and refinefull strategyAll student surveyFocus groups1:1 interviewsDeliver high level strategyWorkshops1:1 interviewsWritten feedbackDeliver strategic plan9

Reimagining Sydney Law School: Strategy 2020-2025A world-leading Law School:our vision, mission, ambition and strategyMISSIONTo be a vibrant, diverse and innovative community oflegal scholarship, recognised globally for our excellence;training tomorrow’s leaders and addressing societalchallenges through law reform and justiceAMBITIONAs a world-leading law school we aim to be ranked inthe global top 10 and recognised as the premier lawschool in Australia.DescriptionStrategic prioritiesEducationPosition academic excellenceat the heart of an engaginglearning experience thatequips our graduates for thefuture. Provide a rigorous, academic, contemporary andadaptive legal education. Enrich the student experience through a vibrant,diverse and engaged academic learning community.Drive world-leading researchcapability to deliver relevantand impactful research witha wide range of globalpartners. Drive research of the highest quality and impact thataddresses problems of global significance. Grow and diversify research funding. Continue to foster a collaborative and innovativeresearch culture.Engage in a wide range oflocal, national and globalpartnerships to contributeto positive reform and thetransformation of society. Develop and deliver on an external engagementstrategy guided by our expertise in research andteaching. Raise the profile of our contribution to society throughexternal communication and increased alumniengagement.ExternalEngagementCulture, people,resources andgovernance10Ensure our culture, people,resources and governanceare set-up to enable us tosuccessfully deliver on ourstrategy. To be a vibrant, diverse and innovative community of legal scholarship,recognised globally for our excellence; training tomorrow’s leaders andaddressing societal challenges through law reform and justice.AMBITIONThe strategy to realise thisvision comprises twelve prioritiesacross four core pillars:CORE PILLARSResearchMISSIONStrive for a vibrant, diverse and innovative culture.Embed our Indigenous strategy.Determine our ideal size and shape.Advance our commitment to sustainability.Adapt and strengthen our structures of internalgovernance and external engagement.To be a worldleading law school we aim to be ranked in theglobal top 10 and recognised as the premier law school in Australia.CORE PILLARSSTRATEGIC PRIORITIESTo harness our tradition of excellence and reform toinspire legal mindsTo harness our tradition ofexcellence and reform to inspire legal mindsSydney Law School will achievethis vision and mission throughan uncompromising pursuit ofexcellence in teaching, researchand external engagement,underpinned by a commitmentto reform and justice. TheSchool will deliver this Strategythrough collaboration with ourstudents, alumni and througha wide range of partnershipsboth within and beyond theUniversity. Our approach willbe underpinned by a vibrant,diverse and innovative culture.EDUCATIONRESEARCHEXTERNAL ENGAGEMENTPosition academicexcellence at the heart ofan engaging learningexperience that equips ourgraduates for the future.Drive our world-leadingresearch capability to deliverrelevant and impactful researchwith a wide range of globalpartners.Engage in a wide range oflocal, national and globalpartnerships to contribute topositive reform and thetransformation of society. Provide a rigorous, academic,contemporary and adaptivelegal education. Enrich the student experiencethrough a vibrant, diverse andengaged academic learningcommunity. Drive research of the highestquality and impact thataddresses problems of globalsignificance. Grow and diversify researchfunding. Continue to foster acollaborative and innovativeresearch culture. Develop and deliver externalengagement strategy guidedby our expertise in researchand teaching. Raise the profile of ourcontribution to society throughexternal communication andincreased alumni engagement.KEY ENABLERSCULTURE, PEOPLE,RESOURCES AND GOVERNANCEEnsure our culture, people, resources and governanceare set-up to enable us to successfully deliver on our strategy.STRATEGICPRIORITIESVISIONVISIONStrive for a vibrant,diverse andinnovative cultureEmbed ourIndigenousStrategyDetermineour ideal sizeand shapeAdvance ourcommitment tosustainabilityAdapt and strengthen ourstructures of internal governanceand external engagement11

Clear strategic prioritiesdrive our ambitious visionEDUCATIONWe will position academic excellence at the heart of an engaginglearning experience that equips our graduates for the future.Our strategic priorities for education are to:1. Provide a rigorous, academic, contemporary and adaptive legal education2. Enrich the student experience through a vibrant, diverse and engagedacademic learning community10IN THEWORLDTHFor employerreputationSource: QS Survey Rankings By Subject 2018Sydney Law School is a globally leading LawSchool with a long history of providing anoutstanding academic legal education, attractingthe most capable and high-achieving students.Our graduates possess exceptional technical legalknowledge, alongside advanced analytical, criticalthinking, problem-solving and communication skills.Our graduates continue to serve at the highestlevels of leadership, both within and outsideof the legal profession, across Australia andinternationally. The Law School ranks amongst thehighest in Australia for employment outcomes andranked 10th in the world for employer reputationin 2018. The strategy will ensure that the Schoolcontinues to harness this strength through thedelivery of a rigorous, contemporary, andadaptive legal education.12Rapid shifts in technology, the way we work andsocial norms have driven significant changes instudent expectations over the past decade. As aresult, a student-centred approach that engagesstudents in their learning, enhances employabilityand shapes the student experience, is now afundamental characteristic of all leading LawSchools.Sydney Law School will continue to ensure studentsare at the centre of the academic community;enriching the student experience both in andoutside of the classroom; and working evermore closely in partnership with our students.The School will support and enrich the vibrantstudent community, fostering a sense of belonging,increasing diversity and ensuring resources areavailable in critical areas of need.“We need a genuine diversity ofexperience and opinions to be aworld-leading Law School.”– Law School alumni (interview)The Law School will know it has been successfulwhen we:STUDENTFOCUSSEDLEARNINGStructuresof learningStudentengagementWhole-ofcampus ydney Law School will continue to supporta rigorous and contemporary academicenvironment that enables our students to flourish,aligning modes of delivery with the specificlearning objectives of our courses. The Schoolis committed to increasing student engagementand participation to deliver the highest levels ofscholarly outcomes and achievement. We willcontinue to take a research-led approach toteaching; investing in the professional developmentof teachers, promoting student autonomy inlearning, and developing and adapting thecurriculum to stay at the forefront of delivering aworld-leading, academic, legal education. Have maintained or improved QS ranking foremployer reputation. Have maintained or improved graduate full-timeemployment rates. Are among the highest ranked Go8 universitiesfor student experience across all indicatorsas measured by the QILT Student Experiencesurvey. Have increased the level and diversity of directstudent representation across the School’sCommittees. Are using post-employment surveys to trackoutcomes of graduates in the workforce. Can demonstrate increased participation inmicro-credentials and short courses. Have successfully increased studentengagement, sense of ‘belonging’ and wellbeing as measured by student surveys. Have increased student satisfaction with careersupport as measured by student surveys. Have a clear process for coordination anddelivery of priorities for the Student Lifeportfolio, including support for the AssociateDean Student Life.“We have a great depth of knowledge andexperience at Sydney. You know that you’relearning from the leaders in the industry. To bea part of that is challenging and inspiring;it is shaping me to be a better person.”– Law School alumni (interview)13

What we plan to do to enhance LEARNING AND TEACHINGEnhance curriculum renewalThe Law School will continue to develop andadapt the curriculum to provide a rigorous andcontemporary legal education that results inexcellent outcomes for students. This includesmonitoring and refreshing individual units of studyand broader programs on a periodic basis. TheSchool will continue to look at the trajectory ofstudents’ learning and development and makechanges to programs as needed. We will reviewthe electives offered and assess the flexibility ofprograms to ensure that we cater for a broadrange of interests and specialisations. The Schoolwill ensure that curriculum renewal is embeddedwithin the annual performance review processthrough individual, peer and team assessments.Enhance learning of core legal andcritical thinking skillsThe Law School will be uncompromising in its focuson facilitating the learning of core legal knowledgealongside advanced analytical, critical thinkingand communication skills in order to position ourgraduates for extraordinary careers. Through aresearch-led teaching approach we will continue tobring our expert knowledge and research into theclassroom to help students address contemporaryand complex problems. The School will workclosely with the legal profession and with industryrepresentatives to equip graduates with the skillsto adapt to a changing work environment. At thepostgraduate level, we will continue to develop ourgraduates’ cross-disciplinary and inter-disciplinaryskillsets alongside the depth of their critical thinkingcapability.Invest in the professional developmentof our teachersThe Law School will develop the capability ofteachers, embrace innovation, and engagewith contemporary learning methods to ensurewe continue to deliver teaching of the highestacademic rigor and quality. The School willsupport teachers to become more intentional inhow they teach and to develop core legal andcritical thinking skills of students, equipping themto succeed as graduates.Develop new micro-credentials andshort courses to support continualprofessional developmentThe Law School will grow and innovatepostgraduate course options and delivery methodsto help upskill a broad range of professionals,including our alumni. This will include workingclosely with government and industry to developand deliver new multi-disciplinary productsthat meet continuing professional developmentneeds (e.g. virtual learning, seminars, coursesdelivered on site and micro-credentials). We willwork closely with our alumni to identify gaps inpathways to further professional development andstudy.Raise rankings and graduate reputationThe Law School will enhance its profile bycelebrating and promoting the achievementsof our exceptional alumni, within and outsideof Australia. We will continue to identify andprioritise initiatives to drive the School’s reputationand rankings performance more broadly.14Nurture a vibrant, engaged andinclusive student community whichfosters a sense of belongingThe Law School will foster a vibrant, engaged andinclusive community that generates a strong senseof belonging in our students. We will: Increase the visibility of senior leaders acrossthe Law School. Improve the level of direct student engagementacross the School. Grow the number of formal and informalengagement opportunities between differentstudent cohorts, academics, professional staffand alumni. Continue to foster a culturally safe environmentfor students and staff.Celebrate student diversityThe Law School will increase and celebrate thediversity of the student cohort across a range ofmeasures, including students who are from lowsocio-economic backgrounds, regional, rural andremote areas, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanderheritage and those with disabilities. The Schoolwill diversify our international student recruitment.We will engage with high schools and improveeducational access to communities experiencingdisadvantage through a wide range of accesspathways (see External Engagement section). TheSchool will support more diverse student cohortsas they join the University, ensuring a smoothtransition and the foundation for a successful studyprogram.Enable students to articulate their skillsand identify employment pathwaysEnhance student engagement in classesThe Law School will support a variety ofapproaches to teaching and learning, elicitinghigh levels of critical engagement and adaptingour approach in line with learning outcomes. TheSchool will continually reflect on our range ofapproaches to assessment to ensure these alignwith learning objectives. The key to success willbe the development of a culture and communityof practice that shares lessons and insights acrossthe School and celebrates teaching achievements,strengths and diversity.What we plan to do to enhance the STUDENT EXPERIENCE“Providing capstone experiencesfor professionals – supportingthem to apply a legal frameworkto a wide range of multidisciplinary contexts – would betransformational, both for Industryand for the Law School.”– Law School alumni (interview)The Law School will articulate the links andpathways between our curriculum and excellentemployment opportunities in a broad range ofprofessions and areas. In addition to academiclearning and skill development, the School willidentify and promote opportunities for studentsto meet with successful leaders and professionalsacross a wide range of industries and engage inworkshops, mooting competitions and clerkships.Ensure high quality student supportWorking closely with the University and with theSydney University Law Society (SULS), the Schoolwill listen attentively to the needs of studentsand ensure that we connect them to high-qualityuniversity-wide programs and support services.Where appropriate, the School will developbespoke programs of support for students, forexample for new and commencing students,international students and those from diverse andnon-traditional backgrounds. The whole-Schoolstudent survey, which was undertaken in early2020 in order to inform this Strategy, confirmedthat the areas of most importance to studentsincluded: Academic enrichment and study support:The Law School will work closely with studentsto facilitate access to study support, includingthrough the University’s Learning Centre andpeer mentoring schemes. The School will providebespoke and tailored programs for studentsduring Welcome Week. Our goal is to ensurethat high-quality academic support is availableto both domestic and international studentsoutside of the classroom, to provide them withthe best opportunity to succeed in their studies.Our efforts will focus on first year students andkey transition phases in the student journey. Career guidance: The School will promote theUniversity’s career advice services and careerrelated events to students. We will identifyopportunities to raise students’ awareness of therange of career pathways available to themboth within and outside of the legal profession. Health and Wellbeing: The Law School willpromote the health and wellbeing of studentsand ensure that students are aware of thewellbeing and mental health resources andsupport services available at the University. Thiswill require all academics and professional staffto become familiar with the supports that areavailable, to be proactive in assisting studentsin need, and to develop the skills to do soeffectively.15

RESEARCHWe will drive our world-leading research capability to deliver relevant andimpactful research with a wide range of global partners.The Law School will know it has been successfulwhen we:Further developing our capability forresearchOur strategic priorities for research are to: Attain 1st place in Australia and top 10 inthe world in QS rankings.1. Drive research of the highest quality and impact that addresses problems ofglobal significance Maintain a rating of 5 in the Excellence inResearch for Australia (ERA) assessment.2. Grow and diversify research funding Achieve a “high” score across all categoriesin the Excellence in Research Engagementand Impact assessment.The School will develop and foster the nextgeneration of leading researchers in key fields ofexcellence. This will involve both growing internalcapability and attracting external expertise.Internally, we will nurture and build our researchcapability, particularly Early Career Academics(ECAs) and PhDs. The School will develop and supportECAs and Middle Career Academics (MCAs), forexample through workshops, mentorship programs,and structured professional development. Alongsidethis, we will recruit a diverse range of highly talentedresearchers, through an open and competitive globalprocess, in line with our key areas of research.3. Continue to foster a collaborative and innovative research culture Have grown our research income across awider range of sources.ERA5Sydney Law School has a longstanding traditionof excellence as a world leading, researchintensive law school. It ranks in the top 13 lawschools worldwide (QS rankings by subject 2020),consistently receiving the highest availableExcellence in Research Australia (ERA) rating of 5.Our dynamic research community is made up ofleading scholars at the forefront of their disciplinesdelivering research of the highest quality thatshapes, transforms and inspires the world around us.Outstanding researchperformance, wellabove world standardkey emerging areas of global significance:sustainability, health, and innovation andtechnology.What we plan to doTRADITIONALAREASESTABLISHEDAREASEMERGINGAREASfor the past 3 assessmentsSource: Excellence in Research (ERA) 2012, 2015, 2018In a world that is increasingly volatile, uncertain,and complex we must continue to invest in ourcapability to further advance the quality andimpact of our research, providing clear solutions tocomplex problems.Our research focus is broad with a commitmentto advancing equity, diversity and justice, but wecannot expect to do everything in an environmentof limited resources. We will harness our worldleading capability in core areas of legal research,whilst building our capability to address three16

world-leading Law School to inspire legal minds. Above all, the strategy ensures that students, staff, partnerships and community remain at the heart of Sydney Law School. Sydney Law School has a proud history of driving social justice and law reform, with graduates and scholars playing prominent roles in reshaping the fabric of Australian law.

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