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LIACPE2014 Clean Car Buying GuideCleaningthe airthat webreathe.SMore Alternative Fuel Vehicles on the RoadBy Kailah Byrd, Student InternAccording to the U.S. Energy Information Administration there are over two million clean cars onAmericas roadways, manufactured by more than a dozen different automakers. This past year alone,more than 50 new clean cars entered the automobile market, with the largest segment being electricvehicles.The Electric Drive Transportation Association reports that nearly 160,000 EVs have been soldnationwide since January 2011, and of those, almost half were purchased in 2013. California accountsfor one-third of total sales with the numbers increasing monthly. According to a recent report, salesof plug-in electric vehicles (PEVs) in the U.S. overall are projected to grow at an annual rate of 18.6percent through the next ten years. This is significantly higher than the expected growth rate forthe overall light-duty vehicle market during the same period, according to the report from NavigantResearch. This report expects that four states, California, New York, Washington and Florida, will leadthe way in PEV sales over that period.California Governor Jerry Brown issued a Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Action Plan in February 2013following an Executive Order issued in March 2012 that established a goal of 1.5 millionZEVs on California roads by 2025. This plan details concrete actions thatstate agencies are taking to help accelerate the market for plug-inelectric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles. You can takeaction too. When you are ready to purchase or lease a newvehicle, consider the cleaner alternatives highlighted inthis special edition.About ThisClean CarGuideThe vehicles featured inthis Special Edition ofthe SCAQMD Advisorcan do much more thanget you from point A topoint B. Some can getyou there sooner, likeplug-in electric cars withgreen stickers that allowsolo drivers access toHOV lanes. Some canget you there cheaper,by lessening your tripsto the pump, savingyou money and time.Others still, with theirfuturistic design, willget you there with styleas you cruise down thehighway. Regardlessof your preference,vehicles in this issue canhelp you make a moreinformed decision, loweryour carbon footprintand help you do yourpart to clean the airthat we breathe. Thisis why the South CoastAir Quality ManagementDistrict produced thispublication for you.Visit SCAQMD’s CleanAir Choices websiteat to find moreinformation on specificmodels.

Financial Incentivesand Other BenefitsAvailable for Clean Vehicle OwnersBy Norma Boster, Student InternState and federal Incentive programs have made buying aclean vehicle easier than ever for both the environmentand drivers’ wallets. Prospective car buyers shouldconsider these incentive programs as they prepare to purchaseor lease their next vehicle.There are more clean vehicles on the roads in Californiathan anywhere else in our nation. That may be due to theClean Vehicle Rebate Project, administered by the CaliforniaAir Resources Board, which offers rebates up to 2,500 for thepurchase or lease of plug-in hybrid electric and zero-emissionvehicles.Federal incentive programs also promote the use of cleanvehicles on a national level to help clean our environment.These programs currently offer up to a 7,500 income taxcredit for the purchase of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. Someprivate companies are also helping their employees purchasehybrid or alternative fuel vehicles by offering incentives thatrange from 1,000- 5,000.Besides the cash incentives, owners of clean vehiclesreceive additional benefits. For instance, some clean vehicledrivers can access High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes onCalifornia freeways with just one occupant. Time ismoney, and state-issued HOV lane stickers in green (forplug-in hybrids) or white (for battery electric, hydrogen ornatural gas vehicles) decrease the amount of time drivers spendsitting in traffic.Clean vehicle owners can also save on their autoinsurance. Geico and AAA, for instance, offer a 5% discount,while Farmers and Travelers Insurance each offer up to a10% discount on auto insurance for most hybrid and otheralternative fuel vehicles. Individuals should check to see ifsuch discounts are available through their insurance provider.Several gas and electric companies also offer discountedrates for electricity used to charge EVs. Additionally, selectcities like Santa Monica and Hermosa Beach provide freemetered parking for electric vehicles displaying the Clean FuelVehicle sticker.Visit Savings/Incentives.php to learn more about additional state, federal and privateincentive programs for clean vehicles.Dispelling Range Anxiety OneNew Fuel Station at a TimeBy Tiffany Tran, Student InternE2ach year, there are more and more models of alternativefuel vehicles on the market. These attractive choices areoften cheaper to fuel and are better for the environment.However, drivers of alternative fuel vehicles sometimesexperience what is commonly known as “range anxiety.”That’s the fear that the vehicle has insufficient fuel to reachits destination, leaving the vehicle’s occupants strandedsomewhere far from a station. The feeling can be causedeither when there are not enough refueling stations located inan area, or drivers are uncertain where refueling stations arelocated.The availability of more and more stations operatingthroughout the Southland can make range anxiety a distantmemory. Whether you need an EV charger or access to aCNG, LNG or hydrogen fuel pump, refueling stations arecloser than you think.To find the closest fueling station, download the freeSCAQMD smartphone app (it’s available for iPhone andAndroid) which provides an updated list of refueling locationsby fuel type across the South Coast basin. Visit for a national list of alternative fuel stations.

2014Clean Air Choice VehiclesModelsAdvanced Technology - Zero-Emission Vehicles (ZEVs)40874FordFocus FWD BEV(City/Hwy)* 110/9950763.6**Honda**Fit EV(City/Hwy)* 132/1055Mitsubishii-MiEV(City/Hwy)* 126/99**40627Nissan**Leaf(City/Hwy)* 128/10950754SmartConvertible EVCoupe EV(City/Hwy)* 122/9320766**0824Tesla**Model S 60kWh(City/Hwy)* 94/9750208 10ToyotaRAV4EV(City/Hwy)* 78/7450103 6****Maximum Federal Tax Credit: 7,500 /CA State Tax Credit: 2,500*Approximate MPG based on 204 model year data; Carbon Footprint information based on vehicle driven 15,000 miles per year.Source: For more information, see CARB’swebsite at South Coast AQMD’s website at for its Clean Air Choices site.MPGe: Miles per gallon gasoline equivalent (MPGe) is a measureof the average distance traveled per unit of energy consumed.Based on EPA formula of 33.7 kW/hour equal to one gallon ofgasoline energy.240 V ChargingTime (hrs)Fiat**500e(City/Hwy)* 122/108Battery Range7**41.4384FordFusion Energi (Plug-InHybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 44/41 (gas) 100 (elc)**51.8212.5FordC-Max Energi (plug-InHybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 44/41 (gas) 100 (elc)**51.8212.5HondaAccord (plug-InHybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 47/46 (gas) 115 (elc)**52.1131ToyotaPrius Plug-In(Hybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 51/49 (gas) 95 (elc)**52.2111.5VehiclesChevroletVolt (Plug-InHybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 35/40 (gas) 98 (elc)Passengers82Plug-In HybridElectric VehicleIncentivesBattery Range0VehiclesChevrolet**Spark EV(City/Hwy)* 128/109240 V ChargingTime (hrs)Carbon Footprint(CO2 tons/yr)*4IncentivesPassengersZEVsAT-PZEVsCarbon Footprint(CO2 tons/yr)*ZEV is an acronym for Zero Emission Vehicle. A ZEV has zero tailpipe emissions and emits 98 percentcleaner emissions than the current model year’s average vehicle. Electric-only vehicles and fuel cellvehicles qualify as ZEVs.LEAFThe Nissan LEAF is100% electric. It hasan EPA average rangeof 75 miles and doesnot use a single dropof gas. It has zeroemissions and notailpipe.Tesla SZero to 60 MPH in 5.9 seconds. Topspeed of 120 MPH. 302 hp (225 kW)Zero tailpipe emissions.3

Clean Air Choice VehiclesAdvanced Technology-Partial Zero-Emission Vehicles (AT-PZEVs)Carbon Footprint(CO2 tons/yr)*Passengers**53.8HondaInsight(Hybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 41/44**53.5BuickRegal eAssist (2.4)(Hybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 25/36**55HyundaiSonata, Sonata Limited(Hybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 36/40**53.9BuickLaCrosse eAssist (2.4)(Hybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 25/36**55KiaOptima, Optima ExHybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 36/40**53.9ChevroletImpala eAssist(Hybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 25/35**55.1MercedesE 400(Hybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 24/30**55.6ChevroletMalibu eAssist(Hybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 25/36**55**53.6HondaAccord(Hybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 50/45**53.1ToyotaCamry LE, Camry SE,Camry XLE(Hybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 43/39**53HondaCR-Z(Hybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 36/39**ToyotaPriusHybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 51/48VolkswagenJetta(Hybrid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* brid gas-electric)(City/Hwy)* 39/38Vehicles5** for list of incentivesCadillac XTSNew to the XTS is Automatic ParkingAssist. Once activated, this availablesystem will locate a suitable parallelparking spot and then helpyou park your car.4Carbon Footprint(CO2 tons/yr)*AT-PZEVsPassengersAT-PZEV is an acronym for Advanced Technology Partial Zero Emission Vehicle. These are vehicles that meet the super ultra-low emission vehicle(SULEV) and PZEV tailpipe emissions requirements, but also include components on the cutting edge of technology that help to improve the fuel mileage ofPZEVs. Hybrid drivetrain components are a good example. PZEVs run on gasoline, yet offer extremely clean SULEV tailpipe emissions with zero evaporativeemissions and 150,000 mile emission waranty.3.9VehiclesPriusPrius offers an EPA-estimated 51 mpgcity/48 mpg highway. In addition tonormal operating mode Prius offers threedriver-selectable modes: EV, ECO andPOWER; with EV Mode allowing Prius torun on battery power only for up to onemile.

Clean Air Choice VehiclesPartial Zero-Emission Vehicles (PZEVs)55.3BuickLaCrosse (3.6)City/Hwy)* 18/285PZEVsFord5Focus (2.0)(City/Hwy)* 27/374.8KiaSportage 2WD, 4WD (2.4)(City/Hwy)* 19/2656.655.3Mazda3 (2.0)(City/Hwy)* 30/4154.36.9FordFusion (1.5)(City/Hwy)* 23/3656.34.86.9Mazda6 (2.5)(City/Hwy)* 26/385Cadillac5ATS (3.6)(City/Hwy)* 18/28GMCTerrain FWD, AWD (2.4)(City/Hwy)* 20/2954.957.155.8CadillacCTS sedan,CTS sedan AWD (3.6)(City/Hwy) 18/2657.1HondaAccord (3.5)(City/Hwy)* 21/34Mercedes5C 300 4MATIC, C 350, E 350,E 350 Coupe, E 350 4MATIC,E 350 4MATIC Coupe(City/Hwy)* 20/296.3CadillacATS, ATS AWD (3.6)(City/Hwy)* 18/26HondaAccord (2.4)(City/Hwy)* 27/3656.854.6CadillacXTS (3.6)(City/Hwy)* 18/2856.9HondaCivic (1.8)(City/Hwy)* 28/39MercedesGLK 350, GLK 350 4MATIC(City/Hwy)* 19/2654.954.6ChevroletCruze (1.8)(City/Hwy)* 22/3555.5HyundaiElantra (1.8)(City/Hwy)* 28/38SubaruImpreza AWD (2.0)(City/Hwy)* 27/3654.955.3ChevroletEquinox FWD, AWD (2.4)(City/Hwy)* 20/2956.3HyundaiElantra, Elantra Coup (2.0)(City/Hwy)* 24/34SubaruImpreza Wagon AWD (2.0)(City/Hwy)* 27/3655.455.3ChevroletImpala (2.5)(City/Hwy)* 21/3156HyundaiSonata (2.4)(City/Hwy)* 24/35SubaruLegacy AWD (2.5)(City/Hwy)* 24/3255.455.1ChevroletSonic, Sonic 5 (1.8)(City/Hwy)* 25/3555.2KiaForte, Forte Eco (1.8)(City/Hwy)* 25/36SubaruForester AWD (2.5)(City/Hwy)* 24/3255.65.3Chrysler200FWD (2.4)(City/Hwy)* 20/3156.2Kia5Forte, Forte 5,Forte Coupe (2.0)(City/Hwy)* 24/34SubaruOutback AWD Wagon (2.5)(City/Hwy)* 24/305.25.3DodgeAvenger (2.4)(City/Hwy)* 21/3056.2KiaOptima (2.4)(City/Hwy)* 23/34Subaru5XV Crosstrek AWD (2.0)(City/Hwy)* 25/33VehiclesVehiclesPassengersCarbon Footprint(CO2 tons/yr)*Carbon Footprint(CO2 tons/yr)*BMW328i, 328i xDrive,428i Convertible428i Coup, 428i Coup xDrive(City/Hwy)* 23/35PZEVsPassengersPassengersPZEVsCarbon Footprint(CO2 tons/yr)*PZEV is an acronym for Partial Zero Emission Vehicle. PZEVs are modern vehicles with advanced engines equipped with cutting-edge emissionscontrols. PZEVs run on gasoline, yet offer extremely clean emissions with zero evaporative emissions. However some PZEVs don’t concurrently offeroutstanding fuel mileage, with the majority of them falling in line with current model year averages.5VehiclesChevrolet CruzeThe Chevrolet Cruze is the first car in its class with10 standard airbags, helping earn the 2014 Cruze a5-Star Overall Vehicle Score from the NationalHighway Traffic Safety Administration.5

Clean Air Choice VehiclesPartial Zero-Emission Vehicles (PZEVs)Carbon Footprint(CO2 tons/yr)*Carbon Footprint(CO2 tons/yr)*55.2VolkswagenBeetle,Beetle Convertible (2.0),(1.8),(2.5)(City/Hwy)* 23/2945.9VolkswagenCC (2.0)(City/Hwy) 21/315VolkswagenGolf (2.5)(City/Hwy)* 23/305VolkswagenPassat (1.8)(City/Hwy)* 24/345VolkswagenPassat (2.0)(City/Hwy)* 22/31PZEVsPassengersPassengersPZEVs55.7VolvoS80 (3.2)(City/Hwy)* 20/2956.356.85.8VolvoXC60 (3.2)(City/Hwy)* 18/2657.15.7VolvoXC60 AWD (3.2)(City/Hwy)* 18/2556.85.3VolvoXC70 (3.2)(City/Hwy)* 18/2657.155.8VolvoXC70 AWD (3.2)(City/Hwy)* 18/25VolkswagenJetta (1.8)(City/Hwy)* 25/3655.1VolkswagenJetta, Jetta SportsWagen (2.5)(City/Hwy)* 23/3055.7Volkswagen5GTI (2.0)(City/Hwy)* 24/325.5VehiclesToyotaCamry (2.5)(City/Hwy)* 25/35VehiclesVolkswagenJetta GLI (2.0)(City/Hwy)* 23/29Approximate MPG based on 2014 model year data; Carbon Footprint information based on vehicle driven 15,000miles per year.Source: For more information, see CARB’s website at South Coast AQMD’s website at and for its Clean Air Choices site.MPGe: Miles per gallon gasoline equivalent (MPGe) is a measure of the average distance traveled per unit ofenergy consumed. Based on EPA formula of 33.7 kW/hour equal to one gallon of gasoline energy.62014ModelsSubaru ForesterEvery Forester 2.5i model is aPartial Zero Emission Vehicle (PZEV),meaning it exceedsCalifornia’s stringent emissionsstandards and offers loweremissions than some hybrid oralternative fuel vehicles.

First it was hybrids,then all-electricvehicles. What’snext? Fuel cellvehicles, of courseSCAQMD Employees AdoptingCleaner TechnologiesBy Louis Penna II, Student InternThe electric car - it’s a clean, green, environmentally-friendly machine. Ditch thegas pump, the future is here.With leasing options starting as low as 199 per month and substantial incentive programs that make certain models more affordable than most mid-level sedans,automakers have finally brought their technology and price range for these futuristicvehicles down to Earth.SCAQMD has its own way of sweetening the deal. Employees hired prior to 2006who drive their all-electric vehicle to work can receive a rideshare incentive of up to 85 a month. SCAQMD has several EV chargers available for employees to rechargetheir vehicles while they work.The incentives spurred one rideshare group to jointly lease a Nissan Leaf. Thethree employees, Information Management, Systems & Programming SupervisorsSaad Karam and David Yeh, along with Systems Analyst George Haddad, have beencarpooling together for over a decade. When they calculated that they could share anew car with little out of pocket costs they leased the vehicle in 2013. The state’s 2,500incentive covered their down payment and the combined monthly rideshare incentivepayment each receives from SCAQMD covers the car’s monthly payment. Accordingto Karam, “We just pay a little bit out of pocket each month to cover the insurance.”Though incentive-laden, some consumers may be hesitant to sign on the dottedline. Without the comfort of a 20-gallon tank, there is the worry that running out ofpower could turn their modern transportation machine into a half-ton brick on thefreeway.But Jeanne Pandes Villacorte, an Air Quality Engineer II, doesn’t feel anxiousduring her 56-mile commute.“Having access to workplace charging eliminates the doubt of being able to makethe commute, including being able to handle unexpected trips,” said Villacorte.As a working mom with two kids in school, Villacorte has put over 37,000 mileson her 2011 Nissan Leaf. She enjoys the extra benefit of solo access to HOV lanesand the 80 percent drop in her driving costs. Her home’s solar panelshelp foot the bill while charging after work.“At first, it took some time getting accustomed todriving an EV. But now I have no intention ofgoing back to gas cars. My next car willdefinitely be another all-battery EV.”By Marc CarrelIn 2000, Toyota began a revolution byintroducing the Prius to the U.S. Thethen-unheard of hybrid vehicle claimed afuel efficiency rating of 48 mpg (equivalent to41 mpg today) due to its gas-electric motor andregenerative braking that recharges the car’sbattery. The Prius was a hit. By 2011 Toyota soldover a million of the new hybrid in the U.S.A decade later, in 2010, Nissan introducedthe LEAF, which has become the best sellingall-electric car in history with over 50,000 unitssold worldwide by February 2013. Today thereare dozens of alternative fuel vehicles on themarket.But with technology moving soquickly, the newest clean vehicle technology,hydrogen, is expected to be powering cars in2015. Honda Motor Co. and Toyota plan to havehydrogen-powered fuel cell vehicles (FCVs) intheir showrooms next year. Hyundai MotorCo. recently announced it will offer a fuel-cellversion of its Tucson crossover model in Spring2014. This would make it the first federallycertified hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle available formass-market sale in the United States.FCV hydrogen cars have a range similar togasoline-powered vehicles, take just as muchtime to refuel (3-5 minutes) and do not produceany tailpipe emissions. Production capacity forthese vehicles is expected to increase over thecoming years as automakers work to meet thecorporate average fuel economy target of 54.5mpg. Automakers are also required to meetCalifornia’s goal of 15.4% of the state’s vehiclesbeing zero-emissions vehicles by 2025.The tricky part in encouraging the generalpublic to adopt FCVs is to ensure there isadequate refueling locations for hydrogenfuel cell vehicles. California’s recently adoptedlegislation, which SCAQMD strongly supported,will provide more than 200 million in fundingto build at least 100 hydrogen fueling stationsby 2025. The Golden State currently has 10publicly-available hydrogen fueling stations.Automakers have said they’re focusing on sellingfuel-cell vehicles in California initially, thenexpanding to other states when more hydrogenfueling stations are available.7

South CoastAir Quality Management District21865 Copley DriveDiamond Bar, CA 91765-4178Address Service RequestedRental Car Companies Offering Electric Optionsby Michelle Cirrito, Student InternSeveral major rental car companies areproviding electric vehicles for rent inSouthern California. Among these isEnterprise Holdings, which now offerscustomers cleaner choices through its threerental car companies, Enterprise, Alamo andNational. With this new option, individualsare able to express their pledge to sustainabilityby selecting a plug-in electric vehicle (EV). Inaddition, EV charging stations will be installedat select Enterprise locations. Together, theseoptions offer customers the opportunity tomake a simple choice that will benefit theenvironment.Hertz is also offering an all-electric optionby making Tesla Model S available to rent as partof its Dream Cars collection that includes otherhigh end vehicles such as models fromFerrari, Porsche and Lamborghini. TheTesla vehicle is only available to rentfrom its San Francisco and LosAngeles airport locations.Hertz’ Green TravelerCollecion includes aline of alternativefuel vehicles,includingEVs for rent in New York, Washington, D.C.,San Francisco, London, and two cities in China.Enterprise’s goal is to spark the generalpublic’s interest in clean vehicles. For curiousconsumers, renting an EV or hybrid car for aweekend could encourage them to considergoing green when purchasing their next car,truck or SUV. The inclusion of EVs and otherclean vehicle options in both the Enterpriseand Hertz fleets is an innovative leap towardsadvancing our region’s automotive future.Other companies, such as Avis BudgetGroup, which owns Avis and Budget CarRentals, offer the Toyota Prius hybrid modelfor rent, but have not added EVs to their rentalfleets.This publication is produced by the SouthCoast Air Quality Management District’s(SCAQMD) Legislative & Public Affairs Office.SCAQMD is the air pollution control agencyfor Orange County and major portions ofLos Angeles, San Bernardino and RiversideCounties. SCAQMD does notendorse or warrant any products, services orcompanies mentioned in this publication.To subscribe, send your name andaddress to: SCAQMD Advisor, SCAQMD,21865 Copley Drive, Diamond Bar,CA 91765-4178, or [email protected] news updates and other information,visit SCAQMD’s Web site at SCAQMD Advisor is also availableonline at aGreen AdvisorSubscriberJoin the growingnumber of SCAQMD Advisorsubscribers who have switched from theprint edition to the online version. Tohelp save paper and resources, sign up or send ane-mail to [email protected] with‘Green Advisor’ as the subject line.

state agencies are taking to help accelerate the market for plug-in electric vehicles and fuel cell electric vehicles. You can take action too. When you are ready to purchase or lease a new . php to learn more about additional state, federal and private incentive programs for clean vehicles. 2. Clean Air Choice Vehicles 2014 Models Chevrolet .

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The following topics in the Introduction to Green Cleaning and Green Cleaning Programs training manual were covered: § New York State Green Cleaning Product Mandates and products currently covered under the mandates; § Reasons for creating the green cleaning mandates; § A description of green cleaning;

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your Infant Car Seat, as described in the instruction manual provided by the Infant Car Seat manufacturer. † WHEN USING ONLY ONE INFANT CAR SEAT ADAPTER OR TWO FOR TWINS, THE FOLLOWING INFANT CAR SEATS CAN BE USED: † If your Infant Car Seat is not one of the models listed above, DO NOT use your infant car seat with this car seat adapter.

last minute cruise deals -58.50% Car Rental Queries WoW Change car rental -43.80% rental cars -46.30% car rentals -40.60% cheap car rentals -48.00% car rentals cheapest rates -52.20% rent a car- 40.30% cheap rental cars -45.60% rental car -41.80% car rental deals -49.30% rental cars lowest price -53.90% Flight Queries WoW Change cheap flights .

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clean and clear. Choose the cleaning method that fits in your daily routine. You can quickly clean your aligners while you shower, eat meals, or on-the-go. It’s that easy! Everyday at-home use for an excellent clean Retainer Brite Cleaning Tablets Retainer Brite Cleaning Foam Sonic Cleaner Convenient

Results based on over 000 swab samples collected and analyzed by Ecolab. Clean with ease. The Cleaning Caddy and QC products work together to deliver touch-free cleaning in half the time. 54%. cleaner than traditional cleaning methods. 4. Get. restrooms Clean and . 3 minutes. 3

CAR-O-DATA. 4. The vast majority of vehicles on the road today can be found in Car-O-Liner's database. Your . Car-O-Tronic. is delivered with a 14-day trial . Car-O-Data Vision2. subscription. Car-O-Data. is available with different subscription periods and database. 4. Check all options with our distributors. SOFTWARE PART. NO. Vision2 X1 .

Car-O-Tronic, Vision2 Software and Car-O-Data. Car-O-Tronic is the measuring hardware, Vision2 Software is the measuring software. Car-O-Data is a database containing Car-O-Liner DataSheets, photo DataSheets and indexes for most vehicles. Car-O-Data is available through an online subscription or a DVD subscription which is updated 4 times a year.

York Rite 15.00 _ CE40 Car Emblem - Order of the Eastern Star Cut-Out Auto Car Emblem-CE40 OES 15.00 _ CE41 Car Emblem - Shriners Cut-Out Auto Car Emblem-CE41 Shrine 15.00 _ CE42 Car Emblem - 33rd Degree Wings Up Cut-Out Auto Car Emblem-CE42 Scottish Rite 15.00 _ CE43 Car Emblem Free & Ac

Queueing Theory-12 Car Wash Example Consider the following 3 car washes Suppose cars arrive according to a Poisson input process and service follows an exponential distribution Fill in the following table What conclusions can you draw from your results? ! µ! L L q W W q P 0 Car Wash A 0.1 car/min 0.5 car/min Car Wash B 0.1 car/min

June 1982 concerning certain products used in animal nutrition(6), should be included as a category of feed additives and therefore transferred from the scope of that Directive to this Regulation. (13) Implementing rules concerning applications for authorisation of feed additives should take into account different documentation requirements for food-producing and other animals. (14) In order .