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Leica GeosystemsConstruction CatalogueTools for any site

Service & SupportStrongest warranty and calibration certification offeringPROTECTby Leica GeosystemsLifetimeWarrantyNo CostPeriodCertifiedQualitySwissTechnologyLeica CalMasterProfessional calibration for maximum precisionConstruction sites are harsh environments and putincredible strain on lasers. In the majority of constructionprojects, lasers face so many impacts that their accuracycan no longer be guaranteed. This can cause inaccuracyand thus, application mistakes may occur. As an example,a wrong reference height during concrete pouring can leadto structural and security issues. Such mistakes can becostly and result in reputation loss for the contractor. Toensure accurate and consistent performance, laser ownersshould carry out periodic calibration and maintenance oftheir equipment.PROTECT by Leica GeosystemsLifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty:Our lifetime warranty guarantees the quality andreliability of our products. However, should a device failbecause of defects in material or workmanship, we willrepair or replace it free of charge.Reliable calibration – reliable performance Have all your rotating, grade, pipe, line and point lasersprofessionally checked, calibrated and certified at yourlocal Leica Geosystems distribution partner Avoid costly mistakes by having your lasers periodicallychecked and calibrated Work with peace of mind knowing that your lasers arecalibrated to the highest accuracy standards As the industry’s only calibration system issuing ISOcertifications, you can trust that your Leica Geosystemsrotating laser will perform with complete accuracyIn the event of a repair being necessary, you benefitfrom the following services: R epair or replacement of all defective parts C alibration and check of settings C omprehensive functional test and safety check S ervicing and cleaning of the device02No Cost Period:Leica Geosystems’ products fulfil the highest qualityrequirements to support you efficiently in your everydaywork on site. Should your product become defective, wewill repair or replace it at no charge, simply andstraightforwardly.PROTECT is subject to Leica Geosystems International LimitedWarranty and PROTECT General Terms & Conditions set out underwww.leica-geosystems.com/protect.

ContentsLaser Distance MetersLeica DISTO FamilyLeica 3D DistoLine & Point LasersLeica Lino FamilyConstruction LasersLeicaLeicaLeicaLeicaRugby CLA/CLH/CLIRugby 600 SeriesPiper 100 / 200MC200 DepthmasterLeicaLeicaLeicaLeicaNA300 SeriesNA500 SeriesNA700 SeriesNA2 / NAK2Optical LevelsDigital LevelsLeica Sprinter SeriesTotal StationsLeica Builder SeriesLeica iCONiCONiCR70gps 60gps 70builder 60iCR80CC80LeicaLeicaLeicaLeicaDS2000ULTRADD Series LocatorsDA Signal TransmittersDetection SystemsDetection SoftwareLeica DX ManagerLeica DX Office VisionDX Shield 555658596062646567707274767803


Laser Distance MetersQuick and efficientMeasure distances and tilts at the touch of a button,in just a few seconds. Saving you time and money.Precise and reliableMeasure distances to millimetre accuracy.Laser technology makes it possible.Versatile and functionalThe perfect solution for every measuring situation.With more flexibility for you.Safe and modernAvoid dangerous measuring situations at work.Use today’s modern technology.06–12 Leica DISTO Family13–15 Leica 3D Disto05

Leica DISTO FamilyThe right one for each jobLeica DISTO D1Handy, simple, precise!At the touch of a button the Leica DISTO D1 measures heights, distances as well asniches quickly and reliably. Complicated or dangerous measurement situations, whereladders may be necessary, are now in the past. The functionality of the DISTO D1 can beextended with the Leica DISTO Plan app.Article no. 843418Leica DISTO D110Small size, big possibilitiesThe Leica DISTO D110 is the first laser distance meter with Bluetooth Smart that fits to apocket. Its handy design with a pocket clip and simple functions make it a perfect tool foranyone that wants to take effortless measurements.Article no. 808088Leica DISTO D2The compact model with 100 m rangeDue to the latest measurement technology the Leica DISTO D2 achieves a range of 100m. With Bluetooth Smart the measurements can be transferred immediately tosmartphones or tablets. Sensors in the flip-out end-piece enable the automatic detectionof the end-piece position.Article no. 83703106

Leica DISTO X3Designed for tough, rugged conditionsThe Leica DISTO X3 combines innovative distance measurement technology with asite-proof design. It withstands drop tests from up to 2 meter and is dust tight and jetwater protected to IP 65 standards. In combination with the Leica DST 360 adapter it allowsfor Point-to-Point measurements and all measured data is easily documented andvisualised with the Leica DISTO Plan app.Article no. 850833Leica DISTO X4Designed for bright, outdoor environmentsIn addition to all features of the Leica DISTO X3, the DISTO X4 is equipped with aPointfinder camera, allowing for easy targeting of distant objects in bright sunlight. Thelaser dot may not be visible but the target object displays clearly on the high-resolutioncolour display.Article no. 855107Leica DST 360Make your X-series into a P2P toolThe DST 360, made entirely out of metal, is a great addition for the Leica DISTO X3 andX4. It will transform the handheld tool into a real station allowing to measure distancesbetween any 2 points. In combination with the Leica DISTO Plan app you can draw scaledplans which can be used in CAD tools.Article no. 864982Article no. 848783 package incl. TRI 120 tripod in rugged caseLeica DISTO D510Great outdoor functionality and appsThe DISTO D510 stands for easy and effortless outdoor distance measurement. Theunique combination of digital Pointfinder and 360 tilt sensor allows measurements whichare not possible with conventional distance meters.In addition, with Bluetooth Smart and attractive free apps, you are prepared forthe future.Article no. 79229007

Leica DISTO D810 touchThe smartest solution to measure and documentThe Leica DISTO D810 touch is the world’s first laser distance meter with a touch screenand revolutionary “measure with a picture” feature. The integrated camera can be used totake pictures and download them to a computer. The high level of functionality is perfectlycompleted by the smart free app Leica DISTO Plan.Article no. 792297Leica DISTO S910Measure anything from anywhereThe Leica DISTO S910 is worldwide the first laser distance meter with the revolutionaryP2P Technology. Measure fast and easily distances between any two points from onelocation. The measurement results can be transferred instantly to PC's via WLAN orBluetooth Smart. Alternatively the results can be saved on the device as DXF data anddownloaded later with the USB interface for use in CAD software. This shortens theworkflow and saves valuable time.Article no. 805080Technical DataTypical accuracyRangeMeasuring unitsDISTO D1DISTO D110DISTO D2DISTO X3DISTO D510DISTO D810touchDISTO S910 2.0 mm 1.5 mm 1.5 mm 1.0 mm 1.0 mm 1.0 mm 1.0 mm 1.0 mm0.2 - 40 m0.2 – 60 m0.05 – 100 m0.05 - 150 m0.05 - 150 m0.05 – 200 m0.05 – 250 m0.05 – 300 mm, ft, inm, ft, inm, ft, inm, ft, inm, ft, inm, ft, in,m, ft, inm, ft, in360 360 360 360 360 4x zoom4 zoom4 zoom,Overviewcamera4 zoom,OverviewcameraTilt sensorColour display withPointfinderBluetooth SmartBluetooth SmartBluetooth SmartBluetooth SmartBluetooth SmartBluetooth SmartBluetooth SmartBluetooth Smart, WLANBatteriesType AAA 2 1.5 VType AAA 2 1.5 VType AAA 2 1.5 Vtype AA 2 1.5 Vtype AA 2 1.5 VType AA 2 1.5 VLi-Ion batteryLi-Ion batteryDimensions115 x 43.5 x23.5 mm120 37 23 mm116 44 26 mm132 56 29 mm132 56 29 mm143 58 29 mm164 61 31 mm164 61 32 mm87 g92 g100 g184 g188 g198 g238 g290 gData interface*Weight withbatteriesMemory10 results20 results20 results30 displays30 displays50 crecognitionAutomaticrecognitionSmartbaseLaser classProtection classWarrentyClass 2Class 2Class 2Class 2Class 2Class 2Class 2Class 2IP 54IP 54IP 54IP 65IP 65IP 65IP 54IP 542 years warranty3 years warranty after registration on www.disto.com* System requirements and other details can be found at www.disto.com08DISTO X4

Leica DISTO FamilyProfessional packages for each applicationLeica DISTO X4 kit – P2P measurement and convenient aimingThe Leica DISTO X4 and DST 360 adapter comes with a compact butsturdy tripod TRI 120. Everything is stored in a very robust caseprotected to IP 67 standards. This package allows for Point-to-Pointmeasurements.Article no. 6013636Leica DISTO D510 case – Convenient aiming, precise and easyoutdoor measuringThis package is the perfect outdoor combination for convenient aimingand precise measurements, even in bright sunshine. The cleararrangement of the Leica DISTO D510, Leica FTA360 tripod adapterand Leica TRI 70 tripod in a robust case means you always haveeverything safe and at hand.Article no. 823199Leica DISTO D810 touch case – Convenient aiming, precisemeasuring and easy documentationThis package consists of the Leica DISTO D810 touch, the LeicaFTA360 adapter and the tripod TRI 70. In combination with the FTA360adapter, the Leica DISTO D810 touch becomes a highly precisemeasuring station. Everything comes together in an attractive androbust carrying case.Article no. 806648Leica DISTO S910 case – The complete set to measureanything from anywhereThis package is the complete professional system for convenientaiming, precise measurements of point data and creating drawings. Itconsists of the Leica DISTO S910, the Leica FTA360-S tripod adapterand the Leica TRI 70 tripod. The instrument and accessories come inan attractive, robust case.Article no. 80667709

Leica DISTO FamilyAccessories supplied with / optional11TRI 70 TripodThe small portable tripod is intended for everyday use. Itsfeatures include easy fine adjustment and a bubble level.Extendible length from 0.40 m to 1.15 m. Ideal with theFTA360 or FTA360-S adapter.Article no. 7949632TRI 100 Tripod2Quality tripod with bubble level, very easy fine adjustment.Extendable length from 0.70 m to 1.74 m.Article no. 7579383TRI 120 TripodTwist locks for the legs are making this tripod even morestable. The 180 foldable legs are making it ultimatelycompact. Ideal for any tripod adapter for all Leica DISTO models. Extendable length from 0.40 m to 1.20 m.Article no. 848788434TRI 200 TripodStable construction tripod with 1/4" screw to use withDISTO on a FTA360 or FTA360-S adapter or Lino.Extendable length from 0.75 m to 1.15 m.Article no. 8284265FTA360 and FTA360-S AdapterSturdy adapter with fine drive for convenient and precisetargeting. The adapter eases the task of targeting, aboveall over long distances, and result in minimum discrepancieswhen taking indirect measurements. For use in combinationwith Leica TRI 70, TRI 100, TRI 120 and TRI 200 tripods.5aArticle no. 828414 for Leica DISTO S910Article no. 799301 for Leica DISTO D510 and D810touch6LSA360-S AdapterAdapter to have the laser beam aligned to the tilting axiswhen measuring angles and moving the Leica DISTO vertically. Works in conjunction with the Leica DISTO D810touch or Leica DISTO S910 and set up poles withdiameters between 11-35mm.5bArticle no. 838704610

77GZM3 Target PlateThe new target plate is the perfect accessory for measuringtemplates, worktops etc. – wherever shapes have to becaptured. Edges, curves, markings and corners can bemeasured in any position.8Article no. 8209438GZM26 Target Plate, largeGrey side for short and brown side for long distancemeasurements.Size: 210 297 mm (A4).Article no. 72338599GZM27 Stick-On Target PlateTarget plate held in place with kneading adhesive.Size: 45 100 mm.10Article no. 72377410GZM30 Target PlateStick-on target plates for placing on ground markers.Size: 274 197 mm.Article no. 76656011TPD 100 KitThe target plate for improved targeting with digitalPointfinder on long distances. The kit with pole and bubbleenables measurement on landmarks and performance ofbasic surveying tasks with a Leica DISTO .11Article no. 50123521212POWERLINE 4 LIGHT ChargerFor charging 4 rechargeable batteries; type AA or AAA; with4 adapters for worldwide use; including 4 rechargeablebatteries AA / 2500 mAh.Article no. 80667913UC20 Universal Quick ChargerFor charging 2 rechargeable batteries; type AAA; with4 adapters for worldwide use; Including 2 rechargeablebatteries type Micro AAA NiMH / 800 mAh.13Article no. 7889561414GLB30 Super Light Laser Visibility Glasses 3 in 1With three different lenses: laser visibility glasses, safetyglasses and sun glasses. Red lens glasses for improvedvisibility of the laser dot in bright rooms and outdoors up to10–15 m.Article no. 78011711

Leica DISTO PlanMeasuring requires documentationThe Leica DISTO Plan app assists you with the vital task of documenting andvisualising your measurements. This way you can easily plan the next steps ofyour project.Sketch Plan — create a scale drawingSimply use your fingers to create a sketch on your smartphone or tablet. Thentake corresponding measurements and assign them to the relevant lines of yousketch. The app’s ‘auto-scale’ function automatically adjusts the lines’ lengthand the result is a scaled drawing, showing surface area and circumference. It isthat easy to produce a CAD ready floorplan.Smart Room — plan while you are measuringA newly integrated sensor in the Leica DISTO X3 and X4 makes it possible tocreate accurate floor plans simply by taking clockwise or counter-clockwisemeasurements of a room. Once all measurements are taken, the appautomatically generates the plan. Keeping records of each measurement andthe angle between any two of those measurements at the same time makes itpossible.Measure Plan — create as-build plans for CADThe Leica DISTO app supports P2P technology which makes it possible tocreate detailed floor or wall plans, including doors and windows. Once complete,simply export your plans as a dxf or dwg file into your preferred CAD solution.Sketch on Photo — dimension objects in picturesLeica DISTO Bluetooth Smart technology allows you to assign distancemeasurements to the appropriate part of a picture taken with your tablet orsmartphone. This way you can document all your measurement results andeasily process them later in the office.12

Leica 3D DistoRecreating the real worldThe high-precision Leica 3D Disto is used whenever the use ofconventional measuring tools is only possible with a great deal oftime and effort. With the various measurement functions you canrecord all spatial situations precisely and use the data afterwardsin your customary software environment. With the realistic datayou can produce the final parts directly. The time-consumingtemplate and modification work during installation is no longernecessary. The fully digitalised workflow saves valuable time.113

Leica 3D DistoVersatility meets efficiencyLeica 3D Disto with 3D Disto software for Windows Leica 3D Disto with a licence for the Leica 3D Disto softwarefor Windows . The intelligent software ona Windows device controls the Leica 3D Disto, automaticallycarries out all complicated calculations in the backgroundand only supplies all the relevant information.Article no. 844692Licence for Leica 3D Disto software for Windows Windows License for Leica 3D Disto software for operationsystems Microsoft Windows 7 or higher.Single license, valid for one Leica 3D Disto.Article no. 784472Customer Care Package for 3D DistoBenefit from online access to a network of support professionalswho will work with you to solve any problems that may arise.Additionally get the latest software improvements and newfeatures to keep your products up-to-date.Article no. 6013493 (for one year)Article no. 6013494 (for two years)Article no. 6013495 (for three years)14

Leica 3D Disto with 3D Disto softwarefor Windows Leica 3D Disto License for 3D Disto Software for Windows Remote control RM100 Power supply for 3D Disto 4 country specific power cords for worldwideuse USB memory stick Self-adhesive target points Ruler (for measuring hidden points) Leica GZM3 target plate USB cable1Quickstart Technical specificationsDistance in mTie distance accuracy in mm10, 30, 50 m1, 2, 4 mmRange0.5 to 50 m / 1.7 to 165 ftDistance in mØ of the laser dot in mm10 m: 7 mm x 7 mm30 m: 9 mm x 15 mmAngle measuring rangehorizontalvertical360 250 Self-levelling range tilt sensor 3 Digital pointfinder1x, 2x, 4x, 8x zoomImport: DXF, CSVExport: DWG, DXF, TXT, CSV, JPGFile formatUSB cable connectionWLANData interfaceOperating time8hBatteriesLi-ion rechargeableCharging time7hProtection classIP 54Dimensions Ø x H186,6 x 215,5 mmWeight2.8 kgRange of remote control (IR)30 mSystem requirements for a Windows device(not included in the scope of delivery)Operating systemWindows 7 or higherRecommended screen resolutionMinimum 1000 680 pixels, desktop or touchscreenFurther recommendationsUse of a pen for the touchscreen, replacement batteries, robust housingFollowing tablet computers are tested andrecommended by Leica Geosystems AGMicrosoft Surface Pro 3 - i5128 GB, WiFi, 12", Windows 10 proLeica CC 80 (Icon)7", Windows 8.1 pro15


Line & Point LasersSet-up, switch on and start working.Leica Lino lasers project lines or points to millimetre accuracy, makingit easier for you to get the job done right.All Leica Lino lasers are self-levelling, so you can set-up, switch on andstart working. Top quality optics and proven accuracy ensure that theprojected lines give you a reference line that you can trust. Lino lasersare so simple to understand and operate, providing you with theflexibility to complete any interior application that require you tolevel, align, plumb or square.18–21 Leica Lino Family17

Leica Lino FamilyExcel on every point across the whole rangeLeica Lino L2You can rely on its sharp linesThe handy cross line laser with outstanding laser line visibility up to25 meters. Its exceptionally long horizontal and vertical laser lines areprojected to floors, walls and ceillings at more than 180 degrees. Smartmagentic adapters allow for quick and precise positioning.Article no. 848435 Lino L2sArticle no. 864413 Lino L2 set incl. Li-Ion battery in carrying caseLeica Lino L2GVisibility on a new levelThe green cross line laser with up to 4-times higher visibility. The Li-Ionbattery ensures continuous working. The Lino can easily be connectedto precision engineered adapters via strong magnets, allowing to workfaster and more precisely.Article no. 864420 set incl. Li-Ion battery in carrying caseLeica Lino P5Right to the point!The 5 point laser for quick setting-out and layout jobs and for easyupward and downward vertical aligning. Magnetic smart adapters allowto quickly attach the Leica Lino P5 to edges, profiles, iron pipes, tracksor bars.Article no. 864427 set in carrying caseLeica Lino L2P5Combining points and linesThe small and handy all-rounder for quick setting-out, layout andalignment jobs. It comes with a smart magnetic adapter which allow toposition the instrument quickly and with absolute precision. Due to theLi-Ion batteries it runs for up to 44 hours on one chargeArticle no. 864431 set incl. Li-Ion battery in carrying caseLeica Lino L2P5GMulti-functionality with highest visibilityThe point and cross-line laser with the best green laser technology. Itsgreen laser beams and points are up to four times more visible to thehuman eye. Li-Ion batteries allow this all-round laser tool to run up to28 hours on just one charge. With the smart magnetic adapters it canbe set up over edges and profiles, attached to iron pipes or to varioustracks and bars.Article no. 864435 set incl. Li-Ion battery in carrying case18

Leica Lino L4P1Multi line laser to cover a wide range of applications. It can be turned by360 on a base plate with fine adjustment thus facilitating simple and easymarking of 90 layouts. It is easy to exchange the Li-Ion batteries with 24hours of operation with normal alkaline batteries. Target plate red, Li-Ionbattery pack, international charger with 4 plugs, Alkaline battery tray, hardcase.Article no. 834838Leica Lino ML180(ML90 manual version)With the Smart Targeting function it is possible to produce layout drawingsvery efficiently without help from another person, even involving longdistances. The laser line is aligned with the XCR Catch receiver by justpressing a key. When producing layouts of up to 100 m, accuracy isextremely important in order to prevent expensive errors. This is where theprecision of the electronic self-levelling system provides a real advantage.Article no. 784437 (Lino ML90)Article no. 784438 (Lino ML180)Technical DataRange*Lino L2sLino L2Lino L2GLino P525 m25 m35 m30 mSmart TargetingLino L2P5Lino L2P5GLino L4P1Lino ML90Lino ML18025 m35 m15 m20 m20 m–Levelling accuracyyes 0.2 mm/m 0.07 mm/m 4 Self-levelling rangeDot accuracy– 3 5 0.2 mm/m 0.1 mm/mHorizontal line accuracy 0.3 mm/m– 0.3 mm/m 0.2 mm/m 0.1 mm/mVertical line accuracy 0.3 mm/m– 0.3 mm/m 0.2 mm/m 0.1 mm/mvertical,horizontalup, down,forward,right,leftBeam directionvertical,horizontalvertical,horizontal525 nm/635 nm/class 2Laser typeclass 2vertical,horizontal,up,down,right, leftvertical,horizontal,up,down,right, left1 horizontal,1 plumbdown525 nm/class 2635 nm/class 2Protection class3 vertical,verticalverticalforward forward rightright,horizontal,plumb down left,horizontal,plumb down635 nm/class 2IP54Li-IonBattery typeAA 3 x 1.5VLi-Ion rechargeable(or AA 3 1.5V)AA 3 x 1.5VLi-Ion rechargeablerechargeable(or AA 3 1.5V)(or AA 4 NiMH rechargeable(or D 2 1.5V)1.5V)Operating time**Weight with batteriesup to 13 hup to 44 h(AA)(Li-Ion)500 gWarrantyup to 28 h(Li-Ion)530 gup to 37 hup to 44 hup to 28 hup to 24 h(AA)(Li-Ion)(Li-Ion)(Li-Ion)495 g530 g1173 gup to 15 h(NiMH)up to 12 h(NiMH)2200 g2 years warranty3 years warranty after registration on www.disto.com* depending on lighting conditions** depending on laser mode19

Leica Lino FamilyAccessories supplied with / optional1Receiver RVL 801For detecting red line laser beams over longer distances or in difficultlight conditions. Localizes the laser beam at a distance of up to80 m. Optical and acoustic signals help to find the laser plane.Compatible with Lino L2, L2 , L2P5, L4P1.Article no. 83875722RGR 200 ReceiverOne laser receiver for all! Robust IP 65 housing with front and backside display, incl. magnets for ceiling attachment. Locating red andgreen laser beams at distances up to 80 m. For Leica Lino L2, L2G,L2P5, L2P5G and L4P1.Article no. 8660903XCR Catch Receiver3Smart Targeting receiver enables automatic aligning of the verticallaser beam from the Leica Lino ML180. It includes a laser receiverand a remote control for automatic layouting tasks up to 50 m. Theclamp can be attached quickly by magnets. Automatic alignment justcompatible with Lino ML180.Article no. 84201844UAL 130 Wall MountThe universal adapter for Lino allows to attach and adjust the heightof the Leica Lino by 130 mm easily and precisely. Can be used forthe new Leica Lino L2, L2G, L2P5, L2P5G and P5.Article no. 8661315Wall BracketWall and ceiling adapter with 1/4" screw, of universal applicationthanks to screw fastening. Compatible with L4P1.Article no. 758839205

Leica Lino FamilyAccessories supplied with / optional6CLR290 Clamp RodFor stepless positioning of lasers at different heights up to 2.90 m.With mounting platform. For all Linos.6Article no. 7617627TRI 70 TripodThe small portable tripod is intended for everyday use. Its featuresinclude easy fine adjustment and a bubble level. Extendable lengthfrom 0.40 m to 1.15 m.7Article no. 7949638TRI 100 TripodQuality tripod with bubble level, tilting platform, and very easy fineadjustment. Extendable length from 0.70 m to 1.74 m. Compatiblewith DISTO and Lino.Article no. 75793889GLB 10R / GLB 10G Laser GlassesRed and green laser glasses for improved visibility of laser lines anddots in bright rooms and out-doors up to 15 m.Article no. 834 534 (for red lasers)Article no. 772 796 (for green lasers)910Li-Ion Battery PackThe long life Li-Ion batteries allow you to work uninterrupted for upto 44 hours. The batteries are re-chargeable and more cost efficientthan standard Alkaline batteries.Article no. 842427 for L2, L2G, P5, L2P5, L2P5GArticle no. 835711 for L4P11021


Construction LasersWhether it’s general construction, pipe laying, machine control or interiorwalls and ceilings, our lasers are built to handle any environment.All construction lasers are of high technology and high precision tools.Compare these features and you’ll see why our construction lasers setthe standard for durability and value. Leica Geosystems lasers arewaterproof, that means all critical components are completelyprotected from all wet weather conditions.With the new Leica Rugby CLA you can get your laser upgradedto match your application needs. The maximum flexibility andthe ability to quickly adjust to the job’s needs is vital for yourprojects.24–28 Leica RugbyCLA/CLH/CLIUpgradableLasers29–33 Leica Rugby 600Series34-35 Leica Piper100/20036–37 Machine Receivers23

Leica Rugby CLA/CLH/CLIThe first upgradable lasersRugby CLHBasic Instrument including battery, charger and carry caseArticle6012274DescriptionRugby CLH BasicRugby CLH packages including battery, charger and carrying caseArticleDescription6012276 Rugby CLH & CLX200, manual grade6012277 Rugby CLH & CLX300, semi auto single grade6012278 Rugby CLH & CLX400, semi auto dual gradeCombo required for all packagesRugby CLH AgricultureRugby Agriculture Laser including battery, charger and carrying caseArticleDescription6012275 Rugby CLH & CLX001, semi auto dual grade, 20 RPSCombo required for all packages24

Rugby CLABasic Instrument including battery, charger and carrying caseArticle6012279DescriptionRugby CLA BasicRugby CLA packages including battery, charger and carrying caseArticleDescription6012281 Rugby CLA & CLX250,6012282 Rugby CLA & CLX500,6012283 Rugby CLA & CLX600,6012284 Rugby CLA & CLX700,6012280 Rugby CLA & CLX800,Combo required for all packagesmanual grademanual grade, lay downauto single grade, lay downauto dual grade, lay downauto dual grade, 20 RPS25

Rugby CLIBasic Instrument including battery, charger and carrying caseArticle6012285DescriptionRugby CLI BasicRugby CLI packages including battery, charger and carrying caseArticleDescription6012286 Rugby CLI & CLX900 auto dual grade, 20 RPS invisible beamCombo required for all packagesLEICA RUGBYWarrantyGrade capability* (X/Y Axes)Self-levelling accuracy**CLHCLACLI5Y/2Y knockdown5Y/2Y knockdown5Y / 2Y knockdown8%15%15% 1.5 mm at 30 m( 1/16" at 100 ft) 1.5 mm at 30 m( 1/16" at 100 ft) 1.5 mm at 30 m( 1/16” at 100 ft) 6 6 6 1350 m diameter1350 m diameter1350 m diameter600 m diameter600 m diameter600 m diameter121Environmental -STD-810GOperating temperature-20 C to 50 C-4 F to 122 F-20 C to 50 C-4 F to 122 F-20 C to 50 C-4 F to 122 FStorage temperature-40 C to 70 C-40 F to 158 F-40 C to 70 C-40 F to 158 F-40 C to 70 C-40 F to 158 FSelf-levelling rangeOperating range with Combo, RE 140/160Remote rangeLaser classRotation speed10, 15, 20 RPS0, 2, 5, 10, 15, 20 RPS10, 15, 20 RPSBatteries (Li-Ion)Li-IonLi-IonLi-IonBattery operating time**50 h50 h50 h5 h (full charge)1 h fast charge 8 h operating5 h (full charge)1 h fast charge 8 h operating5 h (full charge)1 h fast charge 8 h operating230 mm / 9,1 in296 mm / 11,7 in212 mm / 8,3 in230 mm / 9,1 in296 mm / 11,7 in212 mm / 8,3 in230 mm / 9,1 in296 mm / 11,7 in212 mm / 8,3 in3.8 Kg / 8,3 lbs3.9 Kg / 8,5 lbs3.9 Kg / 8,5 lbsBattery chargingDimensions (H W D)Weight with batteries* Up to 45 with adapter. ** Accuracy defined at 25 C (77 F) battery life depending upon environmental conditions. All specifications are depending onactivated functionality.26

Leica Combo Receiver/RemoteCombo including Bracket (receiver & remote for Rugby CLH,CLA)ArticleDescription864848Combo receiver & remoteLEICA COMBO (RECEIVER/REMOTE)Warranty3YAnti-Strobe Working range - Receiver1350 m / 4430 ft (diameter)Working range - Remote600 m / 1969 ft (diameter)Detection window120 mm /4.7 inDigital read out Offset Variable detection window length Audio volumes4 (including mute)Detection bandwidth0.5, 1, 2, 5 mmEnvironmental standardIP67Batteries (li-ion) / Battery operating time**Li-Ion 3.7V / 50 hBattery charging5 h (full charge) 1 h (fast charge - 8 h operating)Rechargeable battery / charging option with powerbank (USB-C) Operating temperature-20 C to 50 C, -4 F to 122 FDimensions (H W D)205 mm/8,1 in, 86 mm/3,4 in, 32 mm/1.2 inWeight with batteries0.4 Kg / 0.9 lbs** Defined at 25 C (77 F) battery life depending upon environmental conditions. All specifications are depending on activated functionality.Leica Rugby ReceiversFor all Rugby laser1Rod Eye 120Great receiver for all general constructionapplications.Article no. 78992221Rod Eye 140 Classic and Bracket2Standard receiver with arrow display.Article no. 7899233Rod Eye 160 Digital and BracketGreat receiver with digital readout.Article no. 789924327

Leica Rugby CLA/CLH/CLI Accessories1Flexi Rod with mm scaleArticle no. 8681322CT 160 Tripod with screw clampsArticle no. 8648563CTP104 Tripod with fast clampsArticle no. 7677104Rugby Smart Adapter with 90 RE clampfor all Rugby lasers213Article no. 8648555Combo and Rod Eye Receiver bracketArticle no. 835666690 RE Clamp (all Rod Eyes and Combo)Article no. 864860745A270 Facade Adapter Assembly(1x50cm)6Article no. 7951768Rugby Scope with adapter plate forRugby CLA7A

Leica Rugby 600 Series 29 Leica Piper 100 / 200 34 Leica MC200 Depthmaster 36 Optical Levels 38 Leica NA300 Series 40 Leica NA500 Series 41 Leica NA700 Series 42 Leica NA2 / NAK2 43 Digital Levels 44 Leica Sprinter Series 46 Total Stations 48 Leica Builder Series 50 Leica iCON 52 Leica iCON iCR70 54 Leica iCON gps 60 55 Leica iCON gps 70 56 .

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Leica Geosystems GEB90, 7.2 volt, 2100 mAh Lithium-Ion batteries must be used to power the Leica GS20 and WoRCS equipment. Charge only with the Leica Geosystems battery charger provided in the system. 1.1.1 Battery Status The Leica Geosystems GEB90 battery uses a microprocessor to acc

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Leica Geosystems Original Accessories – perfectly suited for Leica Geosystems measuring equipment. You’ll recognise Original Leica Geosystems Accessories by the security label with an unique code and colour-shifting logo, found on either the packaging or additional leaflet. The genu

Leica EZ4, Leica EZ4 E or Leica EZ4 W 22 Eyepieces (only for Leica EZ4) 33 Photography Using the Leica EZ4 E or Leica EZ4 W 41 Get Set! 47 The Camera Remote Control (Optional) 55 Care, Transport, Contact Persons 68 Specifications 70 Dimensions 72

Leica Geosystems, Inc. 534509 Addn 3 4/4/2019 Accessories Leica Geosystems 560274 560274 GPCL3 Invar Bar Code Leveling Rod, 3m, with circular level, with length calibration. ea 1628 2035 Accessories Leica Geosystems 563625 563625 GEV102, Data transfer cable, connec

The Leaving Certificate Russian syllabus is set out in the context of a common syllabus framework for the teaching and examining of French, German, Spanish and Italian. The syllabus is "communicative" in the sense that it is based on the purposes to which learners are likely to want, need or expect to put the knowledge and skills they acquire in class to use, and in the sense that the .