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VITAE OFPROF. P.B. SHARMAVice ChancellorDelhi Technological University(formerly Delhi College of Engineering)(Govt. of NCT of Delhi)Founder Vice ChancellorRAJIV GANDHI TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY(State Technical University of Madhya Pradesh)01.Name:Professor Pritam B. Sharma02.Present Position:Vice ChancellorDelhi Technological University(formerly Delhi College of Engineering)Bawana Road, Delhi – 110 042.Ph: 011-2787 1018, 011-2785 8877Website:, Positions:DirectorDelhi College of EngineeringBawana Road, Delhi – 110 042.ProfessorDepartment of Mech. Engg.IIT Delhi, New Delhi – 110 016.Vice ChancellorRajiv Gandhi Technological UniversityState Technological University of MP.Airport Bypass Road, Gandhi Nagar,Bhopal (M.P.) 462 03604.Date of Birth:April 04, 194805.Field of Specification:Mechanical Engg, Green Energy Technologies,Turbo-Machinery, Management of TechnicalEducationPage 1 of 30

06.07.Educational Qualifications:(i)B.E. (Mechanical), Vikram University, Ujjain, 1969, First Class First, „GoldMedallist‟(ii)M.Sc. (Engg.), Mech. Engg. Dept., University of Birmingham (UK), Topperof 1974, Received the Avery Prize for Postgraduate Studies 1973-74(iii)Ph.D. Mech. Engg. Dept., University of Birmingham (UK), 1978, „RotatingStall Behaviour of an Axial Compressor Rotor‟Teaching, Research and Administrative Experience:Teaching and Research Experience:44 Years.Administrative Experience:23 Years.(including 10½ years as Vice Chancellor of Technological Universities – RGPV andDTU)23-09-2009 to date08.Vice ChancellorDelhi Technological University4-08-2008 to 22-07-2009DirectorDelhi College of Engineering11-10-2006 to 2-08-2008Vice ChancellorRajiv Gandhi TechnologicalUniversity, Bhopal, MP25-08-2003 – 9-10-2006PrincipalDelhi College of Engineering23.08.1999 - 23-08-2003FounderVice-ChancellorRajiv Gandhi TechnologicalUniversity, Bhopal, MP06.12.1990 - 22.08.1999PrincipalDelhi College of Engg. Delhi07.03.1990 - 31.03.1994Professor(on lien w.e.f. 06.12.1990)Mech. Engg. IIT Delhi20.03.1980 - 06.03.1990Asstt. ProfessorIIT Delhi07.08.1978 - 19.03.1980LecturerIIT Delhi21.07.1969 - 16.04.1978LecturerMech. Engg. Dept. S.A.T.I.,Vidisha M.P.Significant Contributions to Higher Technical Education:Made distinct contributions to the policies relating to the Planning and Administrationof Technical Education at National and State level.Page 2 of 30

President of India Nominee, at University of Hyderabad, Indian Institute ofMines, Dhanbad, University of Science and Technology, Cochin and IGNOU. Chairman, Central Counseling Board, MHRD, Govt. of India (2003 – 2007) Member, CABE, Ministry of HRD, Govt of India, (2004-2006) Chairman of the Govt. of Delhi Committee on Growth and Expansion ofTechnical Education, 2003 Member, Governing Body, Association of Indian Universities (September, 2013till date). Chairman, Board of Tech. Education, AICTE (2007 – 2008) Chairman, Board of UG Studies, AICTE (2004-2006) President, Engineering Division, Indian Science Congress, 1997-98 Member, High Power UGC Review Committee for review of VIII and IX Plan ofCentral Universities, such as BHU and AMU, 2003 UGC Expert Nominee on the AICTE Committee to inspect the Deemed to beUniversity proposals of engineering colleges Convener of Govt. of Delhi Committee on Resource Generation in HigherTechnical Education Institutions Member of Northern Western Regional Committee of AICTE Member of the High Power Committee on Norms and Standards for TechnicalEducation, AICTE, 2001-2003 Member of Board of Governors, Thapar Institute of Engineering andTechnology, Patiala (Deemed University) 1994-1998., IIT Kanpur (2002 – 2005),NIT Calicut (2005 to 2010) Member, Task Force on National Workers University, Ministry of HRD,2006-2007 Vice Chairman, World Confederation of Productivity Sciences, India section,2008- 2010 Chairman, Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2007-2009 Member Higher Education Committee, FICCI, New Delhi. Chairman, ISTE Delhi Section (January 2012 till date) Conference Chair, ASME Gas Turbine India Conference 2014. Chairman, Equivalence Committee of AIU (October 2013 onwards)9.Research and Development Experience and Expertise:(a)Rolls Royce Research Assistant at University of Birmingham (UK), Oct. 1974to 1978(b) Principal Investigator of a number of Ministry of Defence, Aero R&D Boardsponsored projects at IIT Delhi from July 1978 to December 1990(c)Guided 16 Ph.D, in frontal areas of technology (6 at IIT Delhi and 10 at DCE /RGPV / DTU)Page 3 of 30

(d) Offered Industrial Consultancy to the world-renowned organizations includingRolls Royce of UK, Gas Turbine Instt. Bangalore and Ministry of Defence(e)Visiting Consultant on Rolls Royce Aero Compressor Stall Project at Universityof Birmingham, June - December 1980(f)Visiting Research Fellow on National Engineering Laboratory (UK), RedialCompressor Stall Project at University of Birmingham, Oct.1984 to July 1985(g) Principal Investigator – Aero R&D Board (Ministry of Defence), Project onDevelopment of Contra-rotating Axial Compressor Research Facility (Jan. 1981 –Dec. 1984)(h) Principal Investigator – Aero R&D Board (Ministry of Defence), Project onStall and Surge in Axial Compressor (Jan. 1985 to Dec. 1990)(i)Chief Consultant – Gas Turbine Research Est., Consultancy Project on RotatingStall Studies using Hydraulic Analogy, Jan. 1985 to Jan. 1987(j)Chief Consultant – Rolls Royce Plc. (U.K.), Project at IIT Delhi on Contra-fanInvestigators (a Project on Future Generation Advanced Turbo-fan Enginesutilizing Contra-rotating Bypass Fan), completed in March 1990(k) Chief Consultant – Ministry of Defence on AIFS Projectiles, completed in Nov.1990(l)Chief Mentor: DTU Innovation Projects – Hybrid Car, Unmanned Arial Vehicle(UAV), All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) and DTU Solar Car (Solaris) for World SolarChallenge (2005 to 2011).(m) Research Team Leader : RGTU Solar-Biodiesel Hybrid Car (2007)(n) Research Team Leader : RGTU Pilot Plant for CO2 absorption andConversion to H2, DST GoI project (2006 – 2008)(o) Chief Mentor: DTU Solar Passenger Car Innovation Project at DTU (2011-12).(p) Chief Mentor: DTU – Lockheed Martin UAS (Unmanned Aircraft System)Project (2009 – till date)(q) Project Investigator: MNRE Sponsored Bio-Diesel Reactor DevelopmentProject at DTU (2005 – 2008).10.Membership of Professional Societies: FellowFellow-World Academy of Productivity SciencesInstitutions of Engineers (India)Page 4 of 30

11.FellowAeronautical Society of IndiaBoard Member (India Representative), South Asia Pacific Region Board ofAmerican Society of Mechanical Engineers 1998-1999Vice Chairman – World Confederation of Productivity Sciences, IndiaChapter,2008-2010Fellow - Indian Society of Technical Education (ISTE)Chairman - Indian Society of Mechanical Engineers (ISME) 2007-2009 andagain from January 2012 onwards.Consultancy Projects undertaken:(i)Rolls Royce Plc. (U.K.)Worked as Consultant In charge of a consultancy project on Contra-fan StageInvestigation. The project is being carried out at IIT Delhi and is useful forFuture Ultra-high Bypass Ratio Turbo-fan Engine being developed by RollsRoyce Plc. (U.K.)Year CompletedPart IContra-fan Performance1986Part IINormal Rotor – Stator Stage1987Part IIIRotor – Rotor (Contra) Stage1989Part IVAero Acoustic Investigation1990(ii)Gas Turbine Research Establishment, Bangalore„Rotating Stall Studies for GTX Aero Engine Compressor Stage using aRotating Water Table‟. Completed in 1986In this project, the compressor stage was simulated on a water table. Aerofoilblades for rotor and stator for the water table simulator are machined using aN.C. machine at IIT Delhi. The detailed performance of the stage was studiedusing an on-line signal processor.(iii)Bhakra Project Power Plant„Cracking of Hydro Turbines‟ – In this project, the causes of cracking ofFrancis Turbines, installed at the Right Bank Bhakra Power, are investigated.Detailed computation of rotor dynamics of these turbines are carried out tofind the excitation frequencies. Completed in 1986(iv)Driving Band for AIFS ProjectilesThe Project was concerned with Ramjet Propelled Project Spin ControlPage 5 of 30

Clients : Ministry of Defence, Govt. of IndiaStatus : Completed in Nov.1990(v)CNG in IC engines, 1992 (Co Investigator Prof S Maji)Under this R&D project the use of CNG for automotive engine wasinvestigated to establish reduced emissions and improved engine performance.The work led to large scale utilization of CNG for transport vehicles.(vi)Development of Bio-diesel Reactors at DCE, 2003 (Co Investigator ProfNaveen Kumar)Under this programme, Bio-diesel reactors of 10, 100 and 600 ltrs per daycapacity were designed, developed and commissioned in Bio-diesel Park ofDCE. Extensive research has been carried out on use of biodiesel mix forautomotive engines. Use of neat biodiesel for IC Engines for tomorrow‟sgenerators has also been carried out.(vii)Development of DCE Hybrid, 2005 (Co- Supervisor Prof S Maji)A single seater Hybrid car with centre steering was designed and developedfor participation in the green car competition at Newark in US. The car has a350cc petrol engine integrated with a battery driven drive chain supported bya 3.5 hp motor. The DCE Hybrid touched 27 km/ltr on engine mode and 100km on a single battery charge and bagged the First Prize in Student Categoryin 2005(viii) Development of Supermilege Vehicle at DCE, 2005 (Co-supervisor Prof SMaji)A Supermilege single seater car capable of achieving over 225 km/ltr wasdesigned and developed by reengineering a 110cc IC engine into a 55cc fourstroke electronic ignition engine. The aerodynamically designed car bodyachieved the drag to lift ratio of 0.08 and touched 225 km/ltr on mileage. TheDCE Supermilege vehicle competed in the world competition at Marshall,Michigan US and received the Best Visual appeal and Best AerodynamicAward in 2005(ix)Development of 80 kW Solar wind Hybrid at RGTU, 2007At RGTU an innovative project of development of 80kW Solar Wind Hybridhas been undertaken under sponsorship of Min of New and Renewable EnergyResources, Govt. of India in 2007. The project is under installation. Itcomprises of 5 wind turbines each of 12kW capacity integrated with Solarpower of 3kW and each separately connected to electric load of StreetPage 6 of 30

lighting, Boys hostel, Administrative block and two Academic blocks ofRGTU.(x)Development of 500kg/day CO2 Absorption and its conversion intoHydrogen, Methane and Biodiesel at RGTU, 2008This is one of the high value impact project aligned to mitigate climate changeby designing and developing a Pilot Plant for capture of 500kg per day of CO2and its conversion into Hydrogen, Methane and algae based biodiesel. Theproject has been sponsored by Dept of S&T Govt. of India and is in advancedstage of its implementation at RGTU Green Energy Technology Park.(xi)MNRE 100 kW Solar Photovoltaic Project at DTU, Co-Investigator Dr.J.P. Kesari.Under this project a 100 kW Solar PV Plant is being installed at DTU toshowcase latest technology developments in the areas of Solar PV.(xii)Kitchen Waste Based Biogas Plant for DTU Canteen (Co-Investigator Dr.J.P. Kesari).Under this project a 50 litres per day Biogas plant is being developed forinstallation near the DTU Canteen to utilize the kitchen waste from UniversityCanteen and Hostel Messes.(xiii) Development of a Biodiesel reactor for production of Bio-Diesel from wastecooking oil-Department of Environment, Government of India, 2010. Phase Icompleted and Phase II in progress. (Co-Investigators: Prof. S Maji, Dr. S SKachhwaha & Dr. Amitpal)12.Seminars / Sponsored Talks delivered in India and Abroad(i)(ii)(iii)(iv)(v)(vi)BHEL Sponsored Seminar on Productivity Enhancement, „Institute IndustryInteraction for Product and Process Improvement‟, Feb. 1987.Gas Turbine Research Est. Bangalore – April 1994, „Recent Advances in Useof Water Table for Compressor Stall Investigations‟.Specialist Presentation at International Conference of AIAA, Beijing, China,September, 1985.Pennsylvania State University (USA) – May 1986, Department of Aeronauticsand Aerospace Engineering Seminar, „Recent Advances in UnsteadyOperation of Gas Turbine Compressors‟.Cleveland State University (USA), May 1986, „Recent Advances inUnsteady Operation of Gas Turbine Compressors‟.University of Windsor (Canada), May 1986, „Aero-acoustic Monitoring ofAero Compressors‟.Page 7 of 30

ity of Maryland (USA), May 1986, „A Technique for ThermalPower Plant on-line Performance Monitoring‟.University of Maryland, June 1987, „Stall Suppression in AxialCompressors‟.University of North Carolina, June 1987, „Recent Advances in Aerocompressor Technology‟.University of Southern Mississippi, June 1987, „Aero-acoustic Performanceof a Ducted Contra-fan‟.University of Birmingham, UK, July 1987, NEL Industry Seminar, „StallSuppression in Radial Compressors‟.University of Cleveland, Sept.1992, „Human Resource Development – NewChallenges‟.University of Southern Connecticut, Sept. 1992, „The World ofInternational Business – Role of HRD‟.Indian Plastic Industry, New Delhi, „Manpower Requirement of PlasticIndustries‟, Inaugural Address for PG Diploma of IPI, 1993.National Foundation of Indian Engineers, New Delhi, February 1993, PanelDiscussion on „Future of S&T Education in Emerging Global EconomyEnvironment‟.National Foundation of Indian Engineers, New Delhi, July 1993, Key NoteAddress on „Quality & Productivity in Higher Technical and ManagerialEducation System‟.Key Note Address, „Information Technology Vision 2000‟, InternationalConference organized by NAFEN, New Delhi, 1994.Key Note Address, „Environment Challenges for India‟, InternationalConference, ENVIRO 2000, organized by NAFEN, New Delhi, 1986.Key Note Address, „Frontal Areas of R&D in Science & Technology in 21stCentury‟, International Conference R&D Vision 2000, organized by NAFEN,New Delhi, Jan. 1999.Presidential Address, „Frontal Areas of Science and Technology relevant to21st Century‟, Engineering Sciences Division, 86th Indian Science Congress,Jan. 1999.Expert Presentation on „Challenges of Knowledge and InnovationManagement‟, Engineering Sciences Division, 86th Indian Science Congress,Jan. 1999.Expert Presentation on „Mechanical Engineering in the Third Millennium‟,ASME, South Asia Pacific Board Meeting, Tokyo, Japan, Jan. 1999.Invited Address on „Funding of R&D in Engineering Institutions‟,Association of Indian Universities Seminar, RRL Bhopal, Sept.1999.Invited Lecture on „Challenges in Information Technology Sector inIndia‟, IBM-ACE Centre, Indore, Nov.1999.Page 8 of 30

(xxv) Invited Address on „Revitalizing Technical Education in the newMillennium‟, Annual Conference of Vice-Chancellors, AIU, Mangalore,Dec.1999.(xxvi) Presidential Address „India Specific Challenges in Energy Sector‟,International Seminar on Global Energy Requirement, Institution ofEngineers, Jabalpur, Jan.2000.(xxvii) Invited Key Note Address „Challenges of Technical Education in India‟,National Seminar on Technical Education, Hitkarini College of Engineering,Jabalpur, Feb.2000.(xxviii)Invited Lecture on „Impact on Information Technology on Nation‟sEconomy‟, WPC National Seminar on e-commerce, New Delhi, March 2000.(xxix) Convocation Address „Professionals of the New Millennium – meet the newchallenges‟, M.P. Regional Centre, IGNOU, Bhopal, March 2000.(xxx) Keynote Address „Libraries and Information Systems in 21st Century‟,Nat.Conv., Indian Asso. of Libraries and Info. Centers, Bhopal, Nov.2000.(xxxi) Keynote Address „Engineering Profession at Cross Roads‟, Annual GeneralBody meeting, Inst. of Engrs. (India), Bhopal, Dec.2000.(xxxii) Keynote Address on „Professional Morality and Ethics for Engineers andManagers‟ delivered at Institution of Engineers Annual General BodyMeeting, Bhopal, March 2001.(xxxiii)Keynote Address on „Challenges for Indian Agriculture Scientist in theNew Millennium‟, Institution of Engineers, National Convention ofAgriculture Engineers, Jabalpur Centre, March 2001.(xxxiv) Raman Memorial Lecture , “Economics of Water”, National Conventional ofWater Works Association, 2001(xxxv) Keynote Address on “Mapping of Excellence”, National Conferenceorganized by IPER, Indore, September 2002.(xxxvi) Convocation Address, „Managing India of 21st Century‟ DPC Institute ofManagement, New Delhi, November 2002.(xxxvii) Keynote Address on “Mechanical Engineering in the knowledge age”, 14thISME International Conference, Dec 2005.(xxxviii) “Managing Knowledge and Innovations in the Knowledge Age”, AITBangkok, Dec 2006.(xxxix) “Empower Youth with the Wings of Knowledge”, Convocation Address,NIT Surat, March 2007.(xl)Keynote Address on “Mechanical Engineering in the new knowledgeage”, 15th ISME International Conference, March 2008.(xli)Invited Address at IE(I) Delhi State Centre on “Synergetic partnershipBetween Academia and Industry for Excellence in Education, Researchand Innovations”, Delhi July 2008.(xlii) Invited Address at FICCI, Delhi on “Innovations in Indian Universities “Nov, 2009Page 9 of 30

Invited Address at Consultation Workshop on “Use of Fly Ash”, Sri RamInstitute of Industrial Research, July 19, 2011.(xliv) Invited Address at First International Symposium of APS on Sun BeltDevelopment, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan, July 25, 2011.(xlv)Invited Keynote Address on “3rd Industrial Revolution – Indian Context”,FICCI Mega Trends International Conference, Delhi, January 2012.(xlvi) 47th Nidhu Bhushan Memorial Lecture on “India‟s Engineering Education inSearch of Quality, Relevance and Excellence” at 27th Indian EngineeringCongress Engineering, 2012 at Vigyan Bhawan, New Delhi.(xlvii) Invited Keynote Address on “Ethical and Professional Moral Foundation ofAncient India's Economic and Governance System”, “1st InternationalConference on Vedic Foundations of Indian Management” at Haridwar,organised by ISOL and FMS, Delhi University, April 21, 2012.(xlviii) Invited Keynote Address on “Strengthening Ethical and Moral Foundation inUniversity Education – Role of Spirituality”, Science and Spiritual Quest2008, pp 11-20, published by Bhaktivedanta Institute, Kolkata.(xlix) Invited Keynote Address on “Integrating Capabilities with Values”(l)Engineers Day Lecture at IET India Network on “Frugal Engineering Achieving More with Fewer Resources”, New Delhi September 15, 2013.(xliii)13.Ph.D. Projects Supervised: PhD Awarded: 16; In progress: 05.S.No.Name of Student01.V. Krishna, IITD02.Y.P. Jain, IITD03.S.K. Bansal, IITD04.D.S. Pundhir, IITD05.06.07.08.Title of ThesisMathematicalModelingandOptimization of Heat Rate of aThermal Power PlantStalling Behaviour of Contrarotating Axial Compressor StageAstudyofAerodynamicsPerformance of a Radial CompressorStageAero-acoustic Performance of aDucted Contra-rotating CompressorStageP.K. Gupta, NSITTrendsinHigherTechnicalEducation, A Techno-economicAnalysisY.S. Goel, IITDThermal Performance of a CoolingTower – Condenser SystemAdremiAdekoya, Through-flow Study in a ContraDCErotating Axial CompressorImran Khan, Jamia ThermalAnalysisofSolarPage 10 of 30Yearcompleted19861989198919901993199519961997

Millia lination Stills (Dr.G.N.Tiwari,IITD, Jt.Sup.)O.P.Sharma, DCEManagementofFlexibleTechnology in IndustriesA.K.Agrawal, Strategic Management of GlobalM.D., Auto Meters, Technology TransferNoidaSagar Maji, DCEStudiesonBioFuelsforAutomobilesPawan K Sharma, Total quality Mgt of Tech EduDCEMukeshPandey, Computer aided Design of MultiRGTUgoal ProblemsShamama Ahmed, Combined Aided Analysis of MultiJamia Millia Islamia StageContra-rotatingAxialCompressorRajiv ChoudharyPankaj JainRajneesh MahajanSupply Chain Management in FoodProcessing IndustryO.P. ShuklaFlexibility Management in HigherTechnical EducationRaghvendra GautamShailesh

PROF. P.B. SHARMA Vice Chancellor Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering) (Govt. of NCT of Delhi) Founder Vice Chancellor RAJIV GANDHI TECHNOLOGICAL UNIVERSITY (State Technical University of Madhya Pradesh) 01. Name: Professor Pritam B. Sharma 02. Present Position: Vice Chancellor Delhi Technological University (formerly Delhi College of Engineering) Bawana Road .

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