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FACULTY OF BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BIOMOLECULAR SCIENCESUndergarduate Programme offered :Bachelor Programme1.Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry with Honours2.Bachelor of Science in Microbiology with Honours3.Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology with Honours4.Bachelor of Science in Cell and Molecular Biology with Honours

STUDY SCHEME (BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOCHEMISTRY WITH HONOURS)Notes : L Lecture, L/T Laboratory/TutorialSEMESTER 1SEMESTER 21ST YEARCODECOURSE NAMELL/TSKP2101Malaysian Nationhood30SKP2203Asian and Islamic Civilizations20BCH3003Biological Chemistry21BCH3106Basic Techniques andCalculations in Biochemistry11BCH3107Biomolecules30BSM3101Cellular and Effective Listening andSpeaking143CODECOURSE NAMELL/TBBI2423Academic Interaction andPresentation21MGM3180Basic iology40BSM3201Molecular Biology30TOTAL143CODECOURSE NAMELL/TLAXTOTAL2ND YEARCODECOURSE NAMELL/TBBI2424Academic Writing21FCE3204Thinking Skills20BMY3201Basic Microbiology Techniques02PRT2008Agriculture and Man20BCH3109Carbohydrate Metabolism21BCH311031BCH3203Analysis of Biomolecules11Protein and Nucleic AcidMetabolismSKP2204Ethnic eCo-curriculumTOTALTOTAL3CODECOURSE NAMELL/TKOM3403Public Oration30BCH3111Lipid Metabolism andMembranes31BCH4101Biochemistry of Hormones30ElectiveRDYEARCODECOURSE NAMELL/TBCH4959ABachelor Dissertation03BCH4902Current Topics in Biochemistry20BGY3701Biostatistics21BCH4904Service Learning inBiochemistry01LAXElectiveTOTALTOTAL4TH YEARCODECOURSE NAMELL/TBCH4959BBachelor Dissertation03BCH4303Industrial Applications ofBiochemistry30ElectiveTOTALCODECOURSE NAMELL/TBCH4901Industrial Training06TOTAL06

STUDY SCHEME (BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN MICROBIOLOGY WITH HONOURS)Notes : L Lecture , L/T Laboratory/TutorialSEMESTER 1SEMESTER 21ST YEARCODECOURSE NAMELL/TSKP2101Malaysian Nationhood30BCH3003Biological Chemistry21BMY3101Microbiology I40BMY3201Basic Microbiology Techniques02KOM3403Public Oration30QKXXXXCo-curriculum01CEL2102Effective Listening andSpeakingCODECOURSE NAMELL/TBBI2423Academic Interaction andPresentation21SKP2203Asian and Islamic Civilizations20BMY3102Microbiology II40BCH3106Basic Techniques andCalculations in Biochemistry11BMY3202Techniques in MicrobialCharacterization03FCE3204Thinking Skills20Co-curriculum01TOTAL116LAXTOTAL1242ND YEARCODECOURSE NAMELL/TCODECOURSE NAMELL/TBBI2424Academic Writing21MGM3180Basic mology31SKP2204Ethnic Relation20BMY4302Virology30BMY3103Microbial Physiology30BMY4303Mycology30PRT2008Agriculture and Man20BMY3203Advanced TAL154ElectiveLAXTOTAL3RD YEARCODECOURSE NAMELL/TCODECOURSE NAMELL/TBMY4304Immunology30BMY4959ABachelor Dissertation03BMY4310Microbial y30BMY499202Service Learning inMicrobiologyCurrent Topics 016/2017LAXTOTALTOTAL4CODECOURSE NAMELL/TBMY4959ABachelor Dissertation03ElectiveLAX orCEL2104/2015/2016/2017TOTALTHYEARCODECOURSE NAMELL/TBMY4901Industrial Training06TOTAL06

STUDY SCHEME (BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN BIOTECHNOLOGY WITHHONOURS)Notes : L Lecture , L/T Laboratory/TutorialSEMESTER 1SEMESTER 21ST YEARCODECOURSE NAMELL/TCODECOURSE NAMELL/TBTC3000Biophysical Chemistry21BTC3001Introduction to Biotechnology20BCH3003Biological Chemistry21BCH3002Comprehensive Biochemistry II31BMY3001Microbiology40BSM3201Molecular Biology30BCH3001Comprehensive Biochemistry 130BMY3201Basic Microbiology Techniques02SKP2203Asian and Islamic Civilizations20SKP2101Malaysian Nationhood30KOM3403Public Oration30BBI2423Academic Interaction AndPresentation21CEL2102Effective Listening and SpeakingXXX 1234Co-curiculum01TOTAL135COURSECODECOURSE NAMELL/TBTC3301Bioprocess Engineering40BTC3101Enzyme Technology31BSM3202Genetic Engineering31LAXTOTAL162CODECOURSE NAMELL/TBTC3201Fermentation Technology31BTC4001Biosafety and Bioethics20BSM3104Principles of Cell and TissueCulture21BBI2424Academic Writing21BTC3402Waste Management and Utilisation21MGM3180Basic Entrepreneurship21XXX 1234Co-curiculum01PRT2008Agriculture and Man20LAXTOTAL134TOTAL1242ND YEAR3RD YEARCODECOURSE NAMELL/TCODECOURSE NAMELL/TBTC4959ABachelor Dissertation03BTC3002Commercialisation and CurrentIssues in Biotechnology20BTC3302Bioseparation and Purification31BTC4305Bioprocess Modelling andOptimization21BTC4904Service Learning in Biotechnology01BTC3305Bioprocessing andBiomanufacturing Design21BGY3701Biostatistics21SKP2204Ethnic ion ElectiveBTCXXXSpecialisation ElectiveLAXCEL2105/TOTAL2106/2107TOTAL4TH YEARCODECOURSE NAMELL/TBTC4959BBachelor Dissertation03BTC4991Seminar01Global Language21BTCXXXXSpecialisation ElectiveLAXTOTALCODECOURSE NAMELL/TBTC4901Industrial Training06TOTAL

STUDY SCHEME (BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN CELL AND MOLECULAR BIOLOGYWITH HONOURS)Notes : L Lecture , L/T Laboratory/TutorialSEMESTER 1SEMESTER 21ST YEARCODECOURSE NAMELL/TSKP2203Islamic Civilisation and lular and DevelopmentalBiology30BCH3001Comprehensive Biochemistry I30SKP2101Malaysian Nationhood30QKXXXXCo-curriculum01CEL2102Effective Listening andSpeakingCODECOURSE NAMELL/TBSM3201Molecular Biology30BCH3003Biological Chemistry21BSM3204Principles of Genetics21FCE3204Thinking Skills20KOM3403Public Oration30BBI2423Academic Interaction andPresentation21BMY3201Basic Microbiology Techniques02TOTAL145CODECOURSE NAMELL/TPRT2008Agriculture and Man2021LAXTOTAL1522ND YEARCODECOURSE NAMELL/TBCH3002Comprehensive Biochemistry II31BSM3501Plant Cell and Tissue Culture21BSM3203Research Techniques inMolecular BiologyBSM3202Genetic Engineering31BSM4301Bioinformatics21MGM3180Basic Entrepreneurship21BSM3401Animal Cell and Tissue Culture21BBI2424Academic Writing21SKP2204Ethnic Relation20Elective I30Elective OURSE NAMELApplied Molecular Genetics31BSM3402Cell and Molecular Immunology30BGY3701Biostatistics21Service Learning in Cell andMolecular Biology0RDL/TBSM4201BSM4904LAXYEARCODECOURSE NAMELL/TBTC3002Commercialisation andCurrent Issues inBiotechnology20BSM4959ABachelor Dissertation03Cell and Molecular BiologyCore Elective IIManagement and HumanityElective I1Cell and Molecular BiologyCore Elective ICEL2105/2016/2017or LAXLAXTOTALTOTAL4THYEARCODECOURSE NAMEKACODECOURSE NAMELL/TBSM4959BBachelor Dissertation03BSM4901Industrial Training06BSM4991Seminar01TOTAL06Cell and Molecular BiologyCore Elective IIIManagement and HumanityElective IICEL2105/2016/2017TOTAL

COURSE SYNOPSISDepartment of Biochemistry3(3 0)BCH3001Comprehensive Biochemistry 1Prerequisite : NoneThis course encompasses various structures and characteristics of biomolecules in the biological system. Roleand function of biomolecules such as carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, lipids and nucleic acids in biologicalsystem are discussed4(3 1)BCH3002Comprehensive Biochemistry IIPrerequisite : BCH3001This course encompasses major metabolism pathways of biomolecules occurring in biological systems. Physicochemical properties and biomolecules metabolism are discussed. Analyses of biomolecules metabolism reactionsare also conducted3(2 1)BCH3003Biological ChemistryPrerequisite : NoneThis course encompasses basic principles and techniques of biological chemistry in biomolecules analysis.Concept of organic chemistry in identifying functional groups of biomolecules’ structuresare emphasized. Experimentation using basic laboratory instruments in biological chemistry are also conducted2(1 1)BCH3106Basic Techniques and Calculations in BiochemistryPrerequisite : NoneThis course encompasses techniques and basic calculations in biochemistry. Experimentation using basicbiochemistry instruments and data analysis are also emphasized3(3 0)BCH3107BiomoleculesPrerequisite : NoneThis course encompasses various structures and characteristics of biomolecules in the biological system. Roleand function of biomolecules such as carbohydrates, amino acids, proteins, lipids andnucleic acids in biological system are discussed4(3 1)BCH3108EnzymologyPrerequisite : BCH3001 or BCH3107This course encompasses general characteristics and factors affecting enzyme activity. Enzyme activation factorsand regulations are discussed. Enzyme purification process from living system using various purificationtechniques is also conducted3(2 1)BCH3109Carbohydrate MetabolismPrerequisite : BCH3108This course encompasses carbohydrate metabolism in cell. Integration and regulation mechanisms ofcarbohydrate metabolism are discussed. Experimentation and analysis of carbohydratesmetabolic processes are conductedBCH3110Protein and Nucleic Acid Metabolism4(3 1)Prerequisite : BCH3108This course encompasses metabolism of amino acids, proteins, nucleotides and nucleic acids in cells. Metabolismsof proteins and nucleic acids and their regulations are discussed. Analyses of proteinand nucleic acid metabolic reactions are conducted

4(3 1)BCH3111Lipid Metabolism and MembranesPrerequisite : BCH3108This course encompasses cellular metabolisms of lipid and membrane. Regulation of lipid and membranemetabolisms are discussed. Analysis of lipid and membrane metabolic reactions are conducted2(1 1)BCH3203Analysis of BiomoleculesPrerequisite : BCH3002 or BCH3108This course encompasses analytical techniques of water content, acidity, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins andnucleic acids. Analysis of physical and chemical properties, molecular weight andhomogeneity of biomolecules are discussed. Analyses of biomolecules are conducted3(3 0)BCH4101Biochemistry of HormonesPrerequisite : BCH3105 or BCH3002This course encompasses the classification, chemical properties and production of hormones. The function ofhormones in cell metabolism, cell coordination, interactions among molecules and pathophysiological disordersare also discussed.3(3 0)BCH4301Plant BiochemistryPrerequisite : BCH3108 or BCH3002This course encompasses classification of primary and secondary metabolites as well as various metabolicsystems in plant. Metabolic integration in plants and its regulations are discussed3(2 1)BCH4302Plant Genetic ManipulationPrerequisite : BCH4301This course encompasses plant gene manipulation techniques through genetic transformation, biomarkersapplication, reporter genes and bioinformatic. Implication of plant gene manipulation technologies towardseconomy, environment and sociocultural are discussed. Plant gene manipulation is conducted3(3 0)BCH4303Industrial Applications of BiochemistryPrerequisite : BCH3002 or BCH3108This course encompasses biochemistry concepts in product manufacturing. Application of biochemistry invarious industries such as pharmaceuticals, chemicals, food and diagnostic are discussed. The importance ofpatent and safety aspects are also described3(3 0)BCH4304Food BiochemistryPrerequisite : BCH3108 or BCH3002This course encompasses physico-chemical properties of foods and their main components. Microbial activity,food preservation methods and the use of enzymes in food technology are discussed. Effects of biochemicalreactions on appearance and the nutritional value of food are also discussed3(3 0)BCH4305Nutritional BiochemistryPrerequisite : BCH3108 or BCH3002This course encompasses the role of nutrients in human and animal physiology. Nutritional requirement andeffects of nutrient imbalance towards human and animal health are discussed. Dietary assessment methods arealso discussed3(3 0)BCH4306Biochemistry of Animal TissuesPrerequisite : BCH3108 or BCH3002This course encompasses biochemical processes in various tissues of animals. Metabolic integrations betweentissue are discussed. Pathophysiological related to animal tissue biochemistry are alsodiscussed

3(3 0)BCH4307Environmental BiochemistryPrerequisite : BCH3108 or BCH3002This course encompasses process of decomposition of organic matter, waste water treatment and the molecularmechanisms of adaptation to extreme environments. Effects of bioaccumulation, development of resistance toenvironmental contaminants and pathogenicity towards cellular metabolism, environment, economy and healthare discussed3(2 1)BCH4308Techniques in MetabolomicsPrerequisite : BCH3109 or BCH3110 or BCH3111This course encompasses analytical techniques of metabolite components in plants, animals, microbes,environment and foods. Usage of advanced instruments in metabolomics is emphasized.Analyses of metabolomics data using related software and database are also conducted6(0 6)BCH4901Industrial TrainingPrerequisite : BCH3109 or BCH3110 or BCH3111This course introduces students to the real working environment in industries/organizations. Training includesapplication of the theoretical and practical aspects that have been studied with current practices in the workplace.Problem solving and communication skills are also emphasized2(2 0)BCH4902Current Topics in BiochemistryPrerequisite : BCH3109 or BCH3110 or BCH3111This course focuses on selected problems, issues and trends related to biochemistry field. Exploration of keyissues and new direction is conducted through analysis of critical issues and problems to recommend solutions.Business opportunities in commercialization of products related to biochemistry field is discussed1(0 1)BCH4904Service Learning in BiochemistryPrerequisite : BCH3109 or BCH3110 or BCH3111This course encompases activities between students and communities to increase awareness and understandingof the importance of biochemistry in daily lives among communities. Community services through application ofbiochemistry knowledge are emphasized. Cooperation towards enhancing scientific knowledge among society isalso emphasized6(0 6)BCH4959Bachelor DissertationPrerequisite : BCH3109 or BCH3110 or BCH3111This course covers the preparation of proposal, implementation and scientific writing of research project.Scientific approach to generate data systematically through appropiate design, data collection and analysis areemphasized

Department of Microbiology4(4 0)BMY3001MicrobiologyPrerequisite : NoneThis course encompasses several aspects of basic microbiology including the microbial organization andstructure, microscopy, microbial systematics and ecology. Classification and identificationof microorganisms are also described4(4 0)BMY3101Microbiology IPrerequisite : NoneThis course encompasses aspects of basic microbiology including the organization and characteristics ofprokaryotes and eukaryotes. Microbial metabolism, growth and control are discussed4(4 0)BMY3102Microbiology IIPrerequisite: BMY3101This course encompasses microbial systematics and ecology, and introductory to immunology. Application ofmicroorganisms in the environment and their roles in daily lives are discussed3(3 0)BMY3103Microbial PhysiologyPrerequisite : BMY3102 or BMY3001This course encompasses structure and metabolic activities of microorganisms. Central metabolism and energyproduction reactions are described. Macromolecular biogenesis and functions as well as the integration ofmetabolic processes are discussed2(0 2)BMY3201Basic Microbiology TechniquesPrerequisite : NoneThis course encompasses basic microbiology techniques in handling microbial culture. The use of microscopeand various staining techniques are emphasized. Physical and chemicalrequirements in microbial growth and enumeration techniques are discussed3(0 3)BMY3202Techniques in Microbial CharacterizationPrerequisite : BMY3201This course encompasses biochemical tests for the identification of microorganisms from various sources.Techniques in microbial identification and virus enumeration are conducted. Effects of physical and chemicalfactors on microbial growth are also studied3(0 3)BMY3203Advanced Microbiological TechniquesPrerequisite : BMY3202This course encompasses several techniques in microbiology including identification of enteric bacteria usingcomputer-assisted system, virus propagation and purification as well as the ability of fungi to utilise variouscarbon sources for growth. Various techniques on serology and molecular are also conducted3(0 3)BMY4201Specialised Techniques in MicrobiologyPrerequisite : BMY3203This course encompasses the specialized techniques in microbiology. Isolation and identification of anaerobicmicroorganism are demonstrated. Techniques of food fermentation, bioinformatics and animal cell culture arediscussed3(3 0)BMY4301BacteriologyPrerequisite : BMY3102 or BMY3001This course encompasses classification, characterisation, ecology and activities of various bacteria. Thepathogenicity of bacteria in environment and human is explained. The uses of bacteria in theindustry and agriculture are discussed

3(3 0)BMY4302VirologyPrerequisite : BMY3102 or BMY3001This course encompasses various properties of viruses and the methods used in virology. Classification andtaxonomy of viruses are introduced. Viroids and prions are discussed. Viral infection and its effects in hosts,epidemiology and pathogenicity are described.3(3 0)BMY4303MycologyPrerequisite : BMY3102 or BMY3001This course encompasses classification, structure, growth and reproduction, genetics and interactions of fungi assaprophytes and parasites. The roles of fungi in the prevention and control of microbial growth are discussed3(3 0)BMY4304ImmunologyPrerequisite : BMY3102 or BMY3001This course encompasses several concepts in immunology. Immune system regulations and their roles in diseasesare discussed. Research and current developments in immunologyare described3(3 0)BMY4305Microbial EcologyPrerequisite : BMY3102 or BMY3001This course encompasses various aspects of microbial ecology which involve the interaction betweenmicroorganisms with their environment. Methods and technology used to study microbes and their activities arediscussed. The economic importance and biodiversity of microbial population are also elaborated3(3 0)BMY4306Pathogenic MicrobiologyPrerequisite : BMY3102 or BMY3001This course emphasizes the importance of microbiology in medicine. Interactions between bacterial, viral, andfungal pathogens with their hosts are discussed. Diagnosis, treatment and prevention of infections are described3(3 0)BMY4307Fungal PhysiologyPrerequisite : BMY4303This course encompasses the chemical composition and molecular structures of fungal cells. The physical andchemical requirements for fungal growth, primary and secondary metabolisms, genetics and spore developmentare discussed. Resistance and defensive mechanisms against fungicides are described3(3 0)BMY4309Applied Food MicrobiologyPrerequisite : BMY3102 or BMY3001This course encompasses current issues in applied food microbiology which include new and emerging foodborne pathogens, rapid identification and characterization of foodmicroorganisms. The effects of food compositions and preservation techniques are described. Functionalproperties of selected food microorganisms and their industrial applications are discussed4(3 1)BMY4310Microbial GeneticsPrerequisite : BMY3102 or BMY3001This course encompases various aspects of microbial genetics such as DNA replication, control of geneexpression, mechanisms of DNA transfer and genetic recombination. Elements and mechanisms of transpositionas well as molecular techniques in microbial and applied genetics are discussed6(0 6)BMY4901Industrial TrainingPrerequisite : NoneThis course introduces students to real working environment in industries/organizations. Training includesapplication of the theoretical and practical aspects that have been studied with current practices in the workplace.Problem solving and communication skills are also emphasized

BMY4904Service Learning in Microbiology1(0 1)Prerequisite : BMY3203This course encompasses activities to increase awareness and understanding of the community on the importanceof microbiology in daily lives. Knowledge in microbiology is applied through joined activities with thecommunity2(0 2)BMY4992Current Topics in MicrobiologyPrerequisite : BMY3203This course encompasses reviews on current topics in microbiology such as nanobiotechnology, molecularbiology, molecular immunology and genomics. Reviews on the selected topics are presented in the form ofseminars6 (0 6)BMY4959Bachelor DissertationPrerequisite : NoneThis course covers the preparation of proposals, implementation and scientific writing of research projects. Scientificapproaches to generate data systematically through appropriate design, data collection and analysis are emphasized

Department of Bioprocess Technology3(2 1)BTC3000Biophysical ChemistryPrerequisite : NoneThis course encompasses principles of biophysical chemistry related to life science. Fundamental knowledge ofquantitative technique in measuring the physico-chemical properties of biomolecules is elaborated2(2 0)BTC3001Introduction to BiotechnologyPrerequisite : NoneThis course encompasses the introduction on various biotechnology fields. Recent advances and issues inbiotechnology will also be discussed through seminar presentation2(2 0)BTC3002Commercialisation and Current Issues in BiotechnologyPrerequisite : NoneThis course encompasses concept and steps in the commercialization of biotechnology products. Case studies andlatest development related to commercialization of biotechnology products are also discussed3(2 1)BTC3003Instrumentation in Biotechnology ResearchPrerequisite : NoneThis course encompasses the principles of scientific instrument operation in biotechnology research. Method forresearch data interpretation resulted from the selected scientific experiment is also discussed3(3 0)BTC3004Scientific Writing in BiotechnologyPrerequisite : NoneThis course encompasses methods to search and evaluate information related to biotechnology field from varioussources for scientific writing. Several selected manuscripts are also discussed4(3 1)BTC3101Enzyme TechnologyPrerequisite : BCH3002 or BCH3108This course encompasses various aspects of production, extraction and purification of intracellular andextracellular enzymes. The use of enzyme in various fields is also discussed4(3 1)BTC3201Fermentation TechnologyPrerequisite : BMY3001 or BMY3101This course encompasses important aspects in fermentation technology that include the steps involved prior toand during fermentation and the analyses after fermentation process. The applications of fermentation technologyin industry are discussed3(2 1)BTC3402Waste Management and UtilizationPrerequisite : NoneThis course encompasses introduction towards various waste, including methods of waste management andutilization, as well as case study in Malaysia and other countries. Standard characterization of solid waste andwastewater is also introduced3(2 1)BTC3501Biotechnology Entrepreneurship IPrerequisite : MGM3180This course encompasses bioentrepreneurship concept involving elements such as selection of biotechnologicalproducts and services, types of business and market analysis. Market survey activity for commercialization ofbiotechnological products and services is emphasized

3(2 1)BTC3502Bioentrepreneurship PlanningPrerequisite : BTC3501This course encompasses preparation of a business plan for biotechnological products or services. Importantelements in business plan and creative techniques in developing product concept are also discussed4 (4 0)BTC3301Bioprocess EngineeringPrerequisite : BTC3201This course encompasses aspects related to bioprocess engineering such as fundamental engineering calculationand process optimisation. Overview on the industrial equipments and the engineering aspects in the bioreactoroperation for cell cultures and enzyme reaction are discussed4 (3 1)BTC3302Bioseparation and PurificationPrerequisite : BTC3201This course encompasses the downstream processing for the recovery and purification of biotechnologicalproducts. Various bioseparation and purification techniques are discussed using flow chart, mass balance analysisand costing3 (2 1)BTC3305Bioprocessing and Biomanufacturing DesignPrerequisite : BTC3301This course encompasses aspects of designing and consolidating various unit operations involved in theproduction, bioseparation, purification and formulation of biotechnological products. Process synthesis andanalysis as well as case studies related to bioprocess are discussed3 (3 0)BTC3306Bioreactor SystemPrerequisite : BTC3201 and BTC3301This course encompasses various aspects of bioreactor system used in the production of biotechnological productsemploying microorganisms, enzymes, animal and plant cells. Specific requirement for the design and scaling-upapproaches of bioreactor for different biological systems are discussed2 (2 0)BTC4001Biosafety and BioethicsPrerequisite : NoneThis course covers biosafety and bioethics issues in biotechnology including safety level in laboratory design.Issues on safety and ethics, including the handling of biological issues and rational decisions-making are alsodiscussed2 (2 0)BTC4002Biotechnology in BioeconomyPrerequisite : BTC3002This course covers concept and issues related to biotechnology in bioeconomy. The importance of bioresourcesand contribution of biotechnology towards sustainable generation of economy are discussed. The advantages andchallenges of bioeconomy globally are also elaborated4 (3 1)BTC4102Advanced Enzyme TechnologyPrerequisite : BTC3101This course encompasses immobilization of enzymes and cells and application of immobilized enzyme in theindustry. The use of immobilized enzymes and cells in biosensor and non-conventional media are discussed3 (2 1)BTC4104Food BiotechnologyPrerequisite : BTC3101This course involves the applications of biological catalysts in the food and food ingredient industries, andstudents will learn about the preparation and modification of traditional foods, beverages, food macromolecules,transgenic foods and food ingredients (geneticallymodified foods and ingredients) and current issues; and lawsthat regulate the use of biocatalysts in foods.

2 (2 0)BTC4105Advanced Food BiotechnologyPrerequisite : BTC4104This course encompasses the roles and contributions of food biotechnology towards people’s lifestyle, securityand social well-being. Latest development in food biotechnology is discussed3(2 1)BTC4205Industrial MicrobiologyPrerequisite : BMY3001 or BMY3101This course encompasses methods of increasing product yield from microorganisms used in industry. A varietyof applications in the production of industrial microbiology products are discussed3(2 1)BTC4305Bioprocess Modelling and OptimizationPrerequisite : BTC3201 and BTC3301This course encompasses application of optimisation and simulation technique in biological process. Computersimulation programs are used for modeling of mathematical equations, statistical analysis and bioprocessparameters optimisation3(3 0)BTC4406BioremediationPrerequisite : BTC3402This course encompasses treatment methods and bioremediation of toxic waste especially in polluted soil andgroundwater. The potential use of microorganisms in various treatments of toxic and hazardous wastes arediscussed. Industrial processes are referred in order to clarify the method and concept of bioremediation3(2 1)BTC4407Solid Waste Treatment TechnologyPrerequisite : BTC3402This course covers management and treatment technologies for solid waste from various sources. Solid wastetreatment methods for sustainable development and case studies related to solid waste treatment technology arealso discussed3(2 1)BTC4408Wastewater Treatment TechnologyPrerequisite : BTC3402This course encompasses technologies involved in wastewater treatment. The types of treatment methods andcomparison of each method, wastewater disposal and re-use are discussed3(1 2)BTC4502Bioentrepreneurship ManagementPrerequisite : BTC3502This course encompasses the study of current issues on business operation and management, marketing, financialand entrepreneurship. Risk analysis and management are discussed towards sustainability of biotechnologyentrepreneur in the global market3(1 2)BTC4503Biotechnology BusinessPrerequisite : BTC4502This course encompasses strategies for biotechnology business or company set up. Methods to designbiotechnological products or services for promotional purpose are discussed6(0 6)BTC4901Industrial TrainingPrerequisite : NoneThis course introduces students to real working environment in industries/organizations. Training includesapplication of the theoretical and practical aspects that have been studied with current practices in the workplace.Problem solving and communication skills are also emphasized1(0 1)BTC4904Service Learning in BiotechnologyPrerequisite : BTC3001This course encompasses involvement of students in community / industrial activities to promote awareness andunderstanding to the public on the role of biotechnology in their daily lives. The learning process involvesactivities planning with the community, demonstrations and hands-on activities to meet community needs

6(0 6)BTC4959Bachelor DissertationPrerequisite : NoneThis course covers the preparation of proposal, implementation and scientific writing of research project.Scientific approach to generate data systematically through appropriate design, data collection and analysis areemphasized1(0 1)BTC4991SeminarPrerequisite : BTC4959This course encompasses the effective preparation and delivery of seminar on research project in bioprocesstechnology. Exposure to different techniques of seminar presentation is achieved by attending selected seminarsheld in campus

Department of Cell & Molecular Biology3(3 0)BSM3101Cellular and Developmental BiologyPrerequisite : NoneThis course encompasses the principles of biology and compares various cell types such as prokaryotes, eukaryotesand viruses in terms of physiology and genome organisation. Concept of the

Molecular Biology 2 1 BSM4301 Bioinformatics 2 1 BSM3401 Animal Cell and Tissue Culture 2 1 SKP2204 Ethnic Relation 2 0 Elective II 3 0 QKXXXX Co-Curriculum 0 1 LAX TOTAL 13 4 3 RD YEAR CODE COURSE NAME L L/T BSM4201 Applied Molecular Genetics 3 1 BSM3402 Cell and Molecular Immunology 3 0 BGY3701 Biostatistics 2 1

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Unit B: Plant Biotechnology 75 1. Overview of Biotechnology (1 3 10 hrs) 14 hrs Introduction : A) Origin and History of biotechnology, B) Scope and importance of biotechnology: a) Biotechnology in Medicine, b) Biotechnology in food industry, c) . Dubey R.C. 2009. A text Book of Biotechnology

What is agricultural biotechnology? Biotechnology is a broad collection of tools and technolo-gies that involve the manipulation of living cells and/or biological molecules to solve problems and make useful products. Agricultural biotechnology is the application of biotechnology to agriculture. Agricultural biotechnology

UNIT I - INTRODUCTION TO BIOTECHNOLOGY . Lesson 1: An Overview of Biotechnology . Competency/Objective: Summarize the importance of biotechnology to agriculture. Study Questions . 1. What is biotechnology? 2. What has been the role of biotechnology in agr iculture? 3. What is the current

Biotechnology BT 20412 BT Plant Biotechnology 3 1 - 20 15 15 50 70 120 4 3 Biotechnology BT 20413 BT Food Biotechnology 3 1 - 20 15 15 50 70 120 4 4 Biotechnology BT 20414 BT Recombinant DNA Technology 3 1 . A textbook of Biotechnology by R.C. Dubey, S.Chand & company Ltd. References Books:

But recent developments in molecular biology have given biotechnology new meaning, new prominence, and new potential. It is (modern) biotechnology that has captured the attention of the public. Modern biotechnology can have a dramatic effect on the world economy and society (3). One example of modern biotechnology is genetic engineering.

students of Botany at University level, which is organised every year since last 7 years. The Department aims to be a Centre of Excellence. The Department of Biotechnology established in 2002, at present offers UG, PG and Ph.D. programmes in Biotechnology. There are 4 recognized research guides for Ph.D. in Biotechnology and M.Sc. (by research) in Biotechnology. Name of the research centre .

Agricultural biotechnology is the term used in crop and livestock improvement through biotechnology tools. This monograph will focus only on agricultural crop biotechnology. Biotechnology encompasses a number of tools and elements of conventional breeding techniques,

8 Agricultural Biotechnology in the Philippines 143 9 Agricultural Biotechnology in Thailand 151 10 Agricultural Biotechnology in Viet Nam 165 11 Biotechnology Activities of the CGIAR Centers Relevant to Asia 169 12 Intellectual Property Rights 177 13 Increased Public-Private Sector Collaboration 187

4 Modern Biotechnology and India's Governance Imperatives The State of Play in Biotechnology Modern biotechnology is defined as "the application of science and technology to living organisms, as well as parts, products and models thereof, to alter living or non-living materials for the production of knowledge, goods and services."1

Biotechnology regulation. We will address the ethical, legal and social implications of advances in biotechnology and will discuss governmental regulation of food, drugs and biotechnology itself. The laboratory exercises will focus on recombinant DNA and other techniques, which have played a fundame

Today, pharmaceutical biotechnology still has its fundamentals in fermentation and bioprocessing, but the paradigmatic change affected by biotechnology and pharmaceutical sciences has led to an updated defini-tion. The biotechnology revolution redrew the research, development, p

Business development for the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry 1. Biotechnology industries 2. Pharmaceutical industry I. Title 615.1'0684 ISBN-13: 9780566087813 Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data Austin, Martin. Business development for the biotechnology and ph

Pros and Cons of Biotechnology 8. Ethical issues of biotechnology 9. What is genetic engineering? 10. Summarize the advantages and disadvantages of biotechnology in food, water, medicine, shelter and agriculture. Bio – (biological) – means living .

Environmental Biotechnology and Environmental Engineering. This was particularly true for developing countries, although the situation in developed countries was not much better. On the one hand, there were several international and regional events dealing with Biotechnology but no international event was devoted to Environmental Biotechnology.

The Agricultural Biotechnology Program at the University of Lethbridge Agricultural Biotechnology examines agriculture and the natural world, emphasizing the relationships between food production, the environment, science and society. The program focuses on the life sciences, with prominence given to the application of Biotechnology in agriculture.

Biotechnology – Definitions – Major concepts and importance – International organizations involved in biotechnology – Biotechnology in India Introduction The term Biotec hnology was coined by karl Ereky a Hungarian engineer in 1919. This te

BIO—Biotechnology Industry Organization—BIO is the world's largest trade association representing biotechnology companies, academic institutions, state biotechnology centers and related organizations across the United States and in more than 30 other nations. BIO members are involved

of biotechnology innovations are aimed towards increasing crop yields, there could be a reduction in retail cost of table food as farmers, especially small to mid-size farms, are able to cut input costs. How the biotechnology industry will transfer research and development costs of agricultural biotechnology products remains to be seen.

immobilization techniques, downstream processes. Medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, environmental applications are discussed. The Plan: Time)weeks( Contents 1 General Lectures (Introduction to Biotechnology in Gaza Strip) Definition of Biotechnology, Introduction to processes and products 2 3 History, Tim

Biotechnology 294 BIOLOGY Notes MODULE - 5 Emerging Areas in Biology 30.1 BIOTECHNOLOGY The word biotechnology has come from two words, bios (meaning biology) and technology (meaning technological application). Thus biotechnology is defined as the industrial appli