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Rising Cyberthreats in Taiwan –Building a Security PlatformMichael F MontoyaChief Cybersecurity OfficerMicrosoft Enterprise CyberSecurity Group, Asia

How did we end up here?140 Security Solutions at average Enterprise

Our traditional solutionsComplexityInitial setup, fine-tuning,creating rules andthresholds/baselinescan take a long time.Prone to falsepositivesDesigned to protectthe perimeterYou receive too manyreports in a day withseveral false positivesthat require valuabletime you don’t have.When user credentials arestolen and attackers are inthe network, your currentdefenses provide limitedprotection.


Hard truths

Taiwan active risk

Harder factsGlobal Malware Encounter RateMicrosoft Security Intelligence Report (SIR), Volume 21

Taiwan malwareTop Active Malware inTaiwan

Malware encountered in Taiwan vs Global

Cybersecurity isMicrosoft’s #1 priority

Building a cybersecurity postureASSUME YOU ARE BREACHED!1IT Hygiene matters2No more Antivirus3Protect the critical email application vector4Implement an intelligence detection platform not dependent on signatures5Employ an advanced cybersecurity response and operations

1Hygiene – minimum operating guidelinesKnow your environment How many users, endpoints, network devices, data classification and locationPatching and maintenance updates Ensure genuine software, current versions, hotfixes and security updatesStrong password management and disc encryption Complex passwords and change policy, multi-factor authentication, discencryptionHardened Administration and Network configurations Hardened networks, ports, authentication and access controlsLogging Maintain accurate logs and reporting

2Endpoint protect hasta la vista AntivirusTHE WINDOWS 10 DEFENSE STACKPROTECT, DETECT & reach detectioninvestigation icecontrolSmartScreenWindowsBuilt-inHello2FA nGuardDeviceBitLockerprotectionand/ BitLockerDrive encryptionto GoConditionalWindowsAccessDefenderATPWindowsDevice GuardMicrosoftDevice onConditionalDefender ATPDevice ControlCredential GuardMicrosoftPassportWindows Hello :)accessSecurity policiesNetwork/Firewall

2 Endpoint protect hasta la vista AntivirusPass the Hash (PtH) attacks arethe #1 go-to tool for hackers.Used in nearly every majorbreach and APT type of attackCredential Guard uses VBS toisolate Windows authenticationfrom Windows operating systemProtects LSA Service (LSASS) andderived credentials (NTLM Hash)Fundamentally breaks derivedcredential theft using MimiKatzPA S S T H E H A S H S O LU T I O N :CREDENTIAL GUARD

2 Endpoint protect hasta la vista AntivirusPass the Hash (PtH) attacks arethe #1 go-to tool for hackers.Used in nearly every majorbreach and APT type of attackCredential Guard uses VBS toisolate Windows authenticationfrom Windows operating systemProtects LSA Service (LSASS) andderived credentials (NTLM Hash)Fundamentally breaks derivedcredential theft using MimiKatzPA S S T H E H A S H S O LU T I O N :CREDENTIAL GUARD

3Protect email No Phishing allowedSenderAttachmentSafe Attachmentsdetonation chamber(sandbox)Behavioral analysis withmachine learningExecutable? Registry call?Elevation?UnsafeSafe Supported file type Clean by AV/ASfilters Not in ReputationlistExchange Online Protection Multiple filters Three anti-virus enginesLinks Continuouslyupdated lists ofmalicious URLsSafe Links rewriteRecipient

4Intel platform to detect the unknownMaliciousSoftwareRemoval Tool1 billion customersacross enterprise andconsumer segments200 cloud services

4Indicators of CompromiseMonitoring “What (who) we know”Threat Intelligence database of known adversary and campaign IOCsStrontium IOCs – files and spoofed domains

4Indicators of AttackMonitoring “What (whom) we don’t recognize – yet”Generic IOA Dictionary of attack-stage behaviors, tools, and techniques

4Intel platform to detect the unknown

5Advanced cybersecurity responseIndustry PartnersAnti-MalwareNetworkINTELLIGENT SECURITYGRAPHSensor NetworkCERTsCyber DefenseOperations CenterMalware ProtectionCenterCyber Hunting TeamsSecurity Response CenterAugment your security operations:Continuous monitoring of your network forattacks, vulnerabilities, and persistent threatsIncident Response:Investigate and disrupt suspicious events toprovide a diagnosis and potential mitigationsEnterprise ThreatDetection (ETD)Tactical RecoveryIncident ResponseStrategic RecoveryDigital Crimes UnitEnterprise CybersecurityPersistent Adversary DetectionService

If notYOU,WHO?


Hardened Administration and Network configurations Hardened networks, ports, authentication and access controls . Microsoft Passport Windows Hello :) Identity protection Conditional Access Windows Defender ATP Device integrity Device control BitLocker and BitLocker to Go Windows Information Protection Windows Firewall Microsoft Edge .

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Yen-Zen Wang, Far East University Tzuu-Hseng S. Li, National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan Honorary Co-Chairs Ming-Jyi Jang, Far East University, Taiwan General Chair Yen-Liang Yeh, Far East University, Taiwan General Co-Chairs Jui-Sheng Lin, Far East University, Taiwan Neng-She

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M.S., 2015, Sam Houston State University Major: Chemistry Dissertation: Carbon Dots Based Nano-Deliveries for Brain Diseases Adviser: Roger M. Leblanc I Kuan Hu B.S., 2008, National Taiwan University, Taiwan M.S., 2011, National Taiwan University, Taiwan Major: Meteorology and Physical Oceanography Dissertation: Exploring the Behavior of the

The Connector for Amazon continuously discovers Amazon EC2 and VPC assets using an Amazon API integration. Connectors may be configured to connect to one or more Amazon accounts so they can automatically detect and synchronize changes to virtual machine instance inventories from all Amazon EC2 Regions and Amazon VPCs.

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SAP HANA on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud by using AWS CloudFormation templates. The Quick Start builds and configures the AWS environment for SAP HANA by provisioning AWS resources such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2), Amazon Elastic Block Store (Amazon EBS), and Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC).

In scenarios where you use Amazon S3 from within Amazon EC2 in the same Region, access to Amazon S3 from Amazon EC2 is designed to be fast. Amazon S3 is also designed so that server-side latencies are insignificant relative to Internet latencies. In addition, Amazon S3 is built to scale storage, requests, and numbers

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)—Amazon S3 provides a highly durable storage infrastructure designed for mission-critical and primary data storage; it provides backup storage for snapshots of Amazon EBS disks as well as any other static content your application needs. Amazon S3 is designed for 99.999999999% data

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Amazon's control over Plaintiffs' work include but are not limited to the below. 7. Defendant Amazon required Plaintiffs to wear a uniform and/or apparel that displayed the name "Amazon" on it. Defendant Amazon provided DSP drivers with a 120 store credit to Zappos.com to purchase work shoes. 8.

Andreas Wagner PROFILE IT administrator, urbanist, manager, freelancer Main interest in organisational forms of urban labor & coworking spaces and professionalizing IT knowledge SKILLS Languages Mother tongue German, Fluent in spoken and written English, Fair knowledge of French, Basic Arabic Project Management Organized cultural events with budgets up to 20.000 and teams of up to 20 people .