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Enterprise Mobility ServicesMS AnandTechnical Architect EvangelistAnirudh Singh RautelaEnterprise Mobility Business lead - India

The challenges we face today inkeeping users productive whileprotecting company information

Mobility is the new normal52%52% of information workersacross 17 countries reportusing three or more devicesfor work**90%90% of enterprises will havetwo or more mobile operatingsystemsto support in 2017**Forrester Research: “BT Futures Report: Info workers will erase boundary between enterprise & consumer technologies,” Feb. 21, 2013** Gartner Source: Press Release, Oct. 25, 2012, http://www.gartner.com/newsroom/id/2213115*** -apps-report 80% 80% of employees admit tousing non-approved softwareas-a-service (SaaS)applications in their jobs***


People-centric approachDevicesEnableyour usersAppsUnify Your EnvironmentDataProtectyour data

DesktopVirtualizationAccess &InformationProtectionEnableyour usersHybridIdentityMobile Device &ApplicationManagementProtectyour data

What is the Enterprise Mobility Suite?Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premiumsecurity reports, andaudit reports, multifactor authenticationSelf-service passwordreset and groupmanagementConnection betweenActive Directory andAzure Active DirectoryMicrosoft IntuneMobile device settingsmanagementMobile applicationmanagementSelective wipeMicrosoft Azure Rights Management serviceInformation protectionConnection to onpremises assetsBring your own keyEnterprise Agreement (EA) prices starting at 4 per user per monthLimited time EA Level A promotion pricing. Requires 250 seat minimum purchase and underlying CAL Suite license (Core CAL Suite and Enterprise CAL Suite)

Hybrid IdentityUserUserEnable usersUnify your environmentProtect your dataUnify your environmentEnable usersProtect your dataCreate a centralized identityacross on-premises and cloudUse identity federation tomaintain centralizedauthentication and securelyshare and collaborate withexternal users and businessesProvide users with self-serviceexperiences to keep themproductiveEnforce strong authenticationwhen users access resources andapply conditional access controlsto sensitive company informationConfigure single sign-on across allcompany applicationsEnsure compliance withgovernance, attestation andreportingEnable single sign-on for usersacross all the resources they needaccess to

One User. One Identity. Everywhere.Single sign-onSelf-service experiencesDesktopVirtualizationCommon identityAccess &InformationProtectionHybridIdentityConditional accessSaaS applicationsMobile Device &ApplicationManagement


Device choice. Simplified management.Consistent user experienceSimplified device enrollment and registrationDesktopVirtualizationSingle console to manage devicesAccess &informationprotectionHybrididentityMobile device &applicationmanagementApplication management for Office and LOB

User and Device ManagementUserUserEnable usersAccess to company resourcesconsistently across devicesSimplified registration andenrollment of devicesSynchronized corporate dataUnify your environmentProtect your dataOn-premises and cloud-basedmanagement of devices within asingle console.Protect corporate information byselectively wiping apps and datafrom retired/lost devicesSimplified, user-centric applicationmanagement across devicesA common identity for accessingresources on-premises and in thecloudComprehensive settingsmanagement across platforms,including certificates, VPNs, andwireless network profilesIdentify which mobile deviceshave been compromised

Managing Office Mobile Apps with IntunePersonalOffice 365 and Intune protect data on mobile deviceswithout sacrificing user productivityCorporateSecure Collaboration IT can set and manage policy around how data is shared withmanaged and non-managed apps In addition to Office mobile apps for iOS and Android, Intunewill support management of LOB iOS and Android appsRich Office Experience Give users familiar, full-featured Office applications Maintain document formatting across platforms Securely store, sync, and share content via OneDrive forBusiness


Key learnings from our customersData privacy is importantand is often mandatedRegulatory requirementsare on the riseThe perimeter is fading Mobile workforces, BYOD,outsourcing, virtual orgsMany models ofdata protection policesare more reactiveWe need data to be bornencrypted and to maintain apersistent protectionIT must ‘reason over data’as they do high valueservicesWaiting for the “ultimatedata protection solution” istemptingP2P federation is notpractical or scalablePoint to point encryptionfails them today yet data is leaking nowThere has to be a better way

Our approachProtect any file typeProtect in place,and in flightShare with anyoneDelight with Office docs,PDF, Text, and Images.Data is protected all the timeB2B sharing is mostimportant withB2C on the riseImportant applications andservices are enlightenedMeet the variedorganizational needsCSOs and Services can‘reason over data’Delight with Office docs,PDF, Text, and Images.Protection enforced in thecloud, or on-premises; withdata in both places.Delegated access to datawith bring-your-own-key

*Coming SoonMicrosoft Rights ManagementAuthentication andcollaborationClient integrationUserAuthenticationIntegrationClient integrationBYO Key

Right info. Right person. Right device.Dynamic Access ControlDesktopVirtualizationAccess &informationprotectionRights managementHybrididentityMobile device &applicationmanagementSecure access to work files


Why the suite? - ComprehensiveOther options in the marketCloud and hybrididentity managementMobile devicemanagementInformationProtectionExtend corporate user identities to avariety of mobile devices and appsManage multiple device types runningmultiple operating systemsEnsure robust data protectionSalesforce IdentityOktaPing IdentityGoogleAirWatchSymantecAmazon Web ServicesGoodMobileIronKaseyaAdobe LiveCycleSecloreFasooCentrifyWhy Microsoft? User productivity across devicesSecurity and regulatory compliance Mobile device & app managementSensitive data protectionOne Vendor, One Contract, One SKUAzure Active Directory PremiumMicrosoft IntuneAzure Rights Management service

Why the Suite? - Cost EffectivePeople-centric IT with one license suiteand one vendor60-percent discountand introductorypromotionEnterprise MobilitySuite add-onpromotion4 4.501.2.3.4.Seclore assumes blended cost across 500 authors ( 7 per user) , 1000 consumers (no cost).AirWatch per device per month Cloud Hosted MDM Suite List pricing. Management of multiple devices per user requires additional licensing.Salesforce Identity per user per month list pricing , included for existing Salesforce customers. Okta list price 10 per user per month.Per user per month Open NL price 4.5/u/m. EA pricing starts at 4/u/m. Promo requires 250 minimum purchase and qualifying CAL Suite license.60-percent discount over list pricingwith limited time promotionAdd-on SKU requires Core CAL, ECAL, orBridge CAL

DevicesEnableyour usersAppsUnify Your EnvironmentDataProtectyour dataHelp organizations enable their users to be productive on the devices they love whilehelping ensure corporate assets are secure

Your Feedback is ImportantFill out evaluation of this session and help shape future events.OPTION 1OPTION 2Replace this space with theactual QR CodeOPTION 3: Feedback stations outside the hall

What’s the EMS benefit for O365 customers?security reports, and multi-factorauthenticationHybrid identity and single sign-on forOffice 365Domain-based identity management(single sign-on for on-premisesapplications)Centralized PC managementInformation protection for on-premisesOffice deploymentsOn-premises solutionMulti-factor authentication for Office 365Cloud-based information protection forOffice 365Mobile Device settings managementSelf-service password reset and GroupmanagementConnection between Active Directory andAzure Active DirectoryMobile application managementSelective wipeInformation protectionConnection to on-premises assetsCloud solution

EMS IT Manageability benefits for O365 customersCloud and hybrididentity managementEnterpriseMobilitySuiteAzure AD for O365 Single Sign on for all cloud apps Advanced MFA for all workloads Self Service group managementand password reset with write backto on prem directory Advanced security reports FIM (Server CAL)Basic Identity Mgmt via AzureAD for O365: Single Sign on for O365 Basic Multifactor Authentication(MFA) for O365 GA Dec 2014Mobile devicemanagementInformationprotectionMDM for O365 PC Management Mobile App Management (preventcut/copy/past/save as fromcorporate apps to personal apps) Secure content viewers Certificate Provisioning System Center integrationRMS for O365 Protection for on-premisesWindows Server file shares Departmental templates Email notifications when sharingdocuments Email notifications when shareddocuments are forwardedBasic Mobile DeviceManagement via MDM for O365 Device Settings Management Selective Wipe Built into O365 Mgmt ConsoleRMS Protection via RMS forO365 Protection for content stored inOffice (on prem or O365) Access to RMS SDK Bring your own Key

Azure Active Directory Offering Comparison

Azure MFA Offering ComparisonMFA for O365/AzureAdministratorsWindows Azure Multi-FactorAuthentication / EMS

Azure RMS Offering ComparisonRMS for O365Azure RMS (EMS)

DeviceconfigurationDevice management feature comparisonInventory mobile devices that access corporate applicationsRemote factory reset (full device wipe)Mobile device configuration settings (PIN length, PIN required, lock time, etc.)Self-service password reset (Office 365 cloud only users)PCmanagementPremium mobiledevice & appmanagementOffice 365Provides reporting on devices that do not meet IT policyGroup-based policies and reporting (ability to use groups for targeted device configuration)Root cert and jailbreak detectionRemove Office 365 app data from mobile devices while leaving personal data and apps intact (Selectivewipe)Prevent access to corporate email and documents based upon device enrollment and compliance policiesSelf-service Company Portal for users to enroll their own devices and install corporate appsDeploy certificates, VPN profiles (including app-specific profiles), and Wi-Fi profilesPrevent cut/copy/paste/save as of data from corporate apps to personal apps (Mobile applicationmanagement)Secure content viewing via Managed browser, PDF viewer, Imager viewer, and AV player apps for IntuneRemote device lock via self-service Company Portal and via admin consolePC management (e.g. inventory, antimalware, patch, policies, etc.)OS deployment (via System Center ConfigMgr)PC software managementSingle management console for PCs and mobile devices (through integration with System CenterConfigMgr)

Enterprise Agreement (EA) prices starting at 4 per user per month Limited time EA Level A promotion pricing. Requires 250 seat minimum purchase and underlying CAL Suite license (Core CAL Suite and Enterprise CAL Suite) Microsoft Intune Mobile device settings management Mobile application management Selective wipe Microsoft Azure Active .

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Aruba 7008 Mobility Controller Aruba 7010 Mobility Controller Aruba 7024 Mobility Controller Aruba 7030 Mobility Controller Aruba 7210 Mobility Controller ArubaOS_72xx_8.1.0.0- ArubaOS_72xx_ ArubaOS_72xx_8.4.0.0- Aruba 7220 Mobility Controller Aruba 7240 Mobility Con

2 Introduction: - Transformational Shifts Reshaping the Future of Mobility New Mobility Business Models Mobility Integration Convergence of Corporate Mobility The City as a Customer Women and the Automotive Industry Focus on Health Wellness and Wellbeing in the Automotive Industry Connected and Automated Mobility Growth in high Speed Rail and Public transport .

Don’t write your policies for only today! Keep in mind what enterprise mobility will look like in the next few years. Mobility, devices and users’ needs will continue to evolve and expand the potential of mobility, but they will also introduce new implications for security, compliance, manageability and user experience.


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USA Mobility Corporate Overview USA Mobility, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, is a leading provider of paging, cellular, enterprise applications and other wireless services to the healthcare, large enterprise and government sectors. USA Mobility offers traditional one-way and advanced two-way paging via

The top enterprise mobility management resources - February 2018 Edition Jack Madden, guest contributor This article is your guide to everything you need to know about enterprise mobility management and related topics. If you're new to EMM, you can learn the basics. If you're already familiar, bookmark this to find key resources. And if

What is required to use AutoPilot? Azure Active Directory P1/P2 -Available in any one of the following SKUs Microsoft 365 Business, E3 or E5 Enterprise Mobility Security (EMS) E3 or E5 Intune for Device Management -Available in any one of the following SKUs Intune Intune Device Enterprise Mobility Security E3 Enterprise Mobility Security E5

Als kosteneffizientes Angebot umfasst die Enterprise Mobility Suite drei Produkte: Azure Active Directory (AD) Premium zur hybriden Identitätsverwaltung, Windows Intune zur Verwaltung von Geräten und Apps sowie zur Anwendungsbereitstellung und Azure Rights Management (RMS) zum Schutz Ihrer Daten. Enterprise Mobility Suite 06/07

This is why we called the 4th High Level Dialogue on Connected & Automated Mobility in Vienna “Beyond SAE LEVELS: Towards Safe and Sustainable Mobility”. We wanted to pick up on the Swedish focus on integrated mobility and ask ourselves how we can integrate new automated services into a future-proof and sustainable mobility eco-system.

mobility in the advisor role The evolution of the global mobility professional is a continual process. The increased use of flexible mobility policy, along with growing business and employee demands for choices, requires those in the function to advise and support decision-makers in new ways.

FIREPOWER MOBILITY (Maneuver) PROTECTION Mobility (manoeuvrability), is a key element of combat power At the strategic level, mobility usually involves the movement of forces and resources to the theatre of conflict. At the operational level, mobility involves placing forces and resources at the critical place in time to achieve an .

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 - IBM Power System PPC64LE (Little Endian) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 for IBM Power LE Supplementary (RPMs) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 for IBM Power LE Optional (RPMs) Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 for IBM Power LE (RPMs) RHN Tools for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 for IBM Power LE (RPMs) Patch for Red Hat Enterprise Linux - User's Guide 1 - Overview 4 .

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) Enterprise Search Business Results & KPIs Modern . Enterprise Mobility Security Enterprise Mobility Security Azure Active Directory Microsoft Threat Protection Microsoft Intune Microsoft Threat Protection Azure Information Protection. Single Sign-on Apps Management Sharing sensitive

den med. Til gengæld vil vi se nærmere på både Enterprise Mobility Security, da det er her, vi ser de største fordele ved opgraderingen til Microsoft 365. Microsoft 365 E3 Office 365 Enterprise E3 Enterprise Mobility Security E3 Windows 10 Enterprise E3 Chat- centralt arbejdsområde Teams Identity & Access Management Azure Active Directory

WINDOWS INTUNE Mobile device settings management Mobile application management Selective wipe MICROSOFT AZURE ACTIVE DIRECTORY PREMIUM Security reports, and audit . Enterprise Mobility, Microsoft EMS, Mobility Strategy, Office 365, Azure, Cloud, Catapult Systems Created Date:

te' ensures mobile access to Microsoft Outlook calendar, email and contacts from third parties via BlackBerry or iPhone. ISEC7 Mobility Cloud is an innovative and ground-breaking Managed Service for the provision of customised Enterprise Mobility infrastructures based on EMM solutions like the ISEC7 EMM Suite,