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Enterprise Mobility Suite(EMS)MEEC-TeamDavid Pearlman-Director EnterpriseMobilityUS EducationDavid.Pearlman@microsoft.com

74% of higher education CIOs say mobilityand BYOD has increased as strategic priority overprevious year.What is the value of Azure’s mobility solutionin education? Hybrid Identity: Give students and educators access to cloudand on-premises assets, for a consistent UX and more efficientIT management.Mobile Devices and Application Management: Provide easyaccess to the apps teachers and students need, making itsimple to manage multiple devices across many platforms.Access and Information Protection: Register devices andallow users to access assignments and content from onesecure location, and maintain the privacy of their data.Threat Protection: Give your IT the ability to stay one stepahead of any potential security threats to your system.

Enterprise Mobility SuiteIdentity and accessmanagementDevice and appmanagementMicrosoft Azure ActiveDirectory PremiumMicrosoft IntuneSystem CenterConfiguration ManagerMicrosoft Azure RightsManagement PremiumLeverage PC management,MDM, and MAM to protectcorporate apps and data onalmost any deviceEncryption, identity, andauthorization to securecorporate files and email acrossphones, tablets, and PCsEasily manage identities acrosson-premises and cloudSingle sign-on and self-servicefor corporate resourcesInformationprotectionBehavior-basedthreat analyticsAdvanced ThreatAnalyticsIdentify suspicious activitiesand advanced threats in nearreal time with simple,actionable reporting

Integrated Identity as the control planeOne common identitySimpleconnectionWindows ServerActive DirectoryOtherDirectoriesSelf-serviceSinglesign onUsername SaaSAzurePubliccloudOn-premisesMicrosoft Azure Active DirectoryOffice 365Cloud

1000s of apps, 1 identityMaking the lives of users (and IT) easierManaging identitiesCollaborating with partnersEnabling anytime/anywhere productivityIdentity-driven securityConnecting with consumersYour Domain Controller as a Service

HRappsConnect and sync on-premisesdirectories with AzureMIM* Azure Active Directory Connect*and Connect HealthPowerShellSQL (ODBC)LDAP v3Web Services( SOAP, JAVA, REST)OTHER DIRECTORIESMicrosoft AzureActive Directory

OTHER DIRECTORIESMicrosoft Azure2500 pre-integrated popular SaaS appsSelf-Service application integration viatemplatesEasily publish on-premises web apps viaApplication Proxy custom appsSaaS appsWeb apps(Azure Active DirectoryApplication Proxy)Integratedcustom apps

Company branded, personalizedapplication Access Panel:http://myapps.microsoft.com Mobile AppsManage your account , apps andgroupsSelf-service password resetApplication access requests160k employeesCut help desk costs byeliminating top volume driver- “Forgot my password”Result: 400 – 500 help deskcalls per week eliminated

20075% 500B 3.5MThe median number of daysthat attackers reside within avictim’s network beforedetectionof all network intrusions aredue to compromised usercredentialsThe total potential cost ofcybercrime to the globaleconomyThe average cost of a databreach to a company

Government &Public SectorEnergy &TelcoManufacturing

Microsoft Advanced Threat AnalyticsATABehavioralAnalyticsForensics forknown attacksand issuesProfile normalentity behavior(normal vs.abnormal)Search for knownsecurity attacks &issuesAdvancedThreatAnalyticsDevices andserversSIEM Active DirectoryDetect suspicioususer activities,known attacks andissues

Credit card companiesmonitor cardholders’behavior.By observing purchases,they learn what is typicalbehavior for each buyer. If there is any abnormalactivity, they will notify thecardholder to verifycharge.

An on-premises platform to identify advanced security attacks before they cause damageBehavioralAnalyticsMicrosoft Advanced ThreatAnalytics brings the behavioralanalytics concept to IT and theorganization’s users.Detection for knownattacks and issuesAdvanced ThreatDetection

Detect threatsfast withBehavioralAnalyticsAdapt as fastas yourenemiesFocus on whatis importantfast using thesimple attacktimelineReduce thefatigue of falsepositivesPrioritize andplan for nextsteps

Mobile devicemanagementMobile applicationmanagementPC managementUserITMicrosoft IntuneIntune helps organizations provide their employees with access to corporateapplications, data, and resources from virtually anywhere on almost anydevice, while helping to keep corporate information secure.

EnrollProvision Provide a self-service CompanyPortal for users to enroll devices Deliver custom terms andconditions at enrollment Bulk enroll devices using AppleConfigurator or service account Restrict access to Exchange emailif a device is not enrolled Deploy certificates, email, VPN,and WiFi profiles Deploy device security policysettings Install mandatory apps Deploy app restriction policies Deploy data protection policiesUserITRetireManage and Protect Revoke access to corporateresources Perform selective wipe Audit lost and stolen devices Restrict access to corporateresources if policies are violated(e.g., jailbroken device) Protect corporate data byrestricting actions such ascopy/cut/paste/save outside ofmanaged app ecosystem Report on device and appcompliance

ITITUserUsername Microsoft Intune

Consistent experience across:Discover and install corporate appsManage devices and dataCustomizable terms and conditionsAbility to contact IT

Multi-identity policyManagedManaged appsappsCorporatedataPersonaldataUserITMaximize mobile productivity and protect corporateresources with Office mobile apps – including multi-identitysupportPersonal appsExtend these capabilities to your existing line-of-businessapps using the Intune App Wrapping ToolEnable secure viewing of content using the Managed Browser,PDF Viewer, AV Player, and Image Viewer apps

Hardware properties for mobiledevices are collectedITUserCompany app inventory iscollectedPersonal app inventory is notcollectedReporting

Managed appsCompany PortalAre you sure you want to wipecorporate data and applicationsfrom the user’s device?OKITCancelPerform selective wipe via self-service company portal or admin consolePersonal appsRemove managed apps and dataKeep personal apps and data intact

Intune standalone (cloud only)ITConfiguration Manager integrated with Intune (hybrid)ITIntune web consoleConfiguration Manager consoleSystem CenterConfigurationManagerMobile devices and PCsDomain joined PCsMobile devices


Why the Suite? - Cost Effective & Feature RichPeople-centric IT with one license suiteand one vendor60-percent discount over list pricingwith limited time promotionEnterprise MobilitySuite add-on 1.07(EDU) Facultyand Staff w/Intune free forStudentsAdd-on SKU requires Core CAL, ECAL, orBridge CALNow with the addition ofAdvanced Threat AnalyticsEffective 10/1/2015


Enterprise Mobility Suite Microsoft Azure Active Directory Premium Microsoft Azure Rights Management Premium Advanced Threat Analytics Easily manage identities across on-premises and cloud Single sign-on and self-service for corporate resources Leverage PC management, MDM, and MAM to protect corporate apps and data on almost any device

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2 Introduction: - Transformational Shifts Reshaping the Future of Mobility New Mobility Business Models Mobility Integration Convergence of Corporate Mobility The City as a Customer Women and the Automotive Industry Focus on Health Wellness and Wellbeing in the Automotive Industry Connected and Automated Mobility Growth in high Speed Rail and Public transport .

Als kosteneffizientes Angebot umfasst die Enterprise Mobility Suite drei Produkte: Azure Active Directory (AD) Premium zur hybriden Identitätsverwaltung, Windows Intune zur Verwaltung von Geräten und Apps sowie zur Anwendungsbereitstellung und Azure Rights Management (RMS) zum Schutz Ihrer Daten. Enterprise Mobility Suite 06/07

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USA Mobility Corporate Overview USA Mobility, headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, is a leading provider of paging, cellular, enterprise applications and other wireless services to the healthcare, large enterprise and government sectors. USA Mobility offers traditional one-way and advanced two-way paging via

Don’t write your policies for only today! Keep in mind what enterprise mobility will look like in the next few years. Mobility, devices and users’ needs will continue to evolve and expand the potential of mobility, but they will also introduce new implications for security, compliance, manageability and user experience.

Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Intune, Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS), Microsoft Azure, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. M365 Business and M365 Enterprise. Microsoft Azure The Microsoft cloud platform: is a set of integrated computing, storage, data and network services and applications Enterprise Mobility Suite

SHAPING CAPABILITIES FOR THE FUTURE ANNUAL REPORT 2016/2017. OUR MISSION OUR CORE VALUES OUR VISION Life-Ready Work-Ready World-Ready A future-ready institution that prepares our learners to be life-ready, work-ready and world-ready. . Asia Pacific at SP and the signing of a five-year Memorandum of Cooperation (MoC), where .

The top enterprise mobility management resources - February 2018 Edition Jack Madden, guest contributor This article is your guide to everything you need to know about enterprise mobility management and related topics. If you're new to EMM, you can learn the basics. If you're already familiar, bookmark this to find key resources. And if

What is required to use AutoPilot? Azure Active Directory P1/P2 -Available in any one of the following SKUs Microsoft 365 Business, E3 or E5 Enterprise Mobility Security (EMS) E3 or E5 Intune for Device Management -Available in any one of the following SKUs Intune Intune Device Enterprise Mobility Security E3 Enterprise Mobility Security E5

This is why we called the 4th High Level Dialogue on Connected & Automated Mobility in Vienna “Beyond SAE LEVELS: Towards Safe and Sustainable Mobility”. We wanted to pick up on the Swedish focus on integrated mobility and ask ourselves how we can integrate new automated services into a future-proof and sustainable mobility eco-system.

mobility in the advisor role The evolution of the global mobility professional is a continual process. The increased use of flexible mobility policy, along with growing business and employee demands for choices, requires those in the function to advise and support decision-makers in new ways.

FIREPOWER MOBILITY (Maneuver) PROTECTION Mobility (manoeuvrability), is a key element of combat power At the strategic level, mobility usually involves the movement of forces and resources to the theatre of conflict. At the operational level, mobility involves placing forces and resources at the critical place in time to achieve an .

WINDOWS INTUNE Mobile device settings management Mobile application management Selective wipe MICROSOFT AZURE ACTIVE DIRECTORY PREMIUM Security reports, and audit . Enterprise Mobility, Microsoft EMS, Mobility Strategy, Office 365, Azure, Cloud, Catapult Systems Created Date:

te' ensures mobile access to Microsoft Outlook calendar, email and contacts from third parties via BlackBerry or iPhone. ISEC7 Mobility Cloud is an innovative and ground-breaking Managed Service for the provision of customised Enterprise Mobility infrastructures based on EMM solutions like the ISEC7 EMM Suite,

Enterprise Agreement (EA) prices starting at 4 per user per month Limited time EA Level A promotion pricing. Requires 250 seat minimum purchase and underlying CAL Suite license (Core CAL Suite and Enterprise CAL Suite) Microsoft Intune Mobile device settings management Mobile application management Selective wipe Microsoft Azure Active .

Mobile Device Management with Enterprise Mobility Suite Created for: TechReady 24 mai 2016 Version 0.2 Created by: Adrian Stoian IT Consultant MVP Enterprise Mobility . . Add Microsoft Intune trial to the existing Office 365 subscription. If you follow the procedure described below, this step is performed automatically. .

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