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Six myths of Windows RTrevealed!There has been a lot of (mis)information being circulated about capabilitiesof Windows RT, the new Microsoft operating system for ARM tablets. Thisdiscussion should dispel a number of those myths and will highlight the robustcapabilities of this new and exciting operating system powering the nextgeneration of Dell tablets.Myth # 1 – Windows RT is not manageableAlthough Windows RT is not as openly manageableas a Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 Enterprise PC, ITAdministrators will still be able to remotely manage manyaspects of a Windows RT device.SCCM and InTuneMicrosoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM)and Microsoft’s SaaS product, InTune, are widely adoptedsystems management solutions.Utilizing Exchange Active Sync extensions, Windows RTwill have built-in hooks so that it is manageable by SCCMand InTune. For example, using Exchange Server, SCCMand InTune, the IT admin is able to configure a set ofpolicies including: Allow convenience logon Maximum failed password attempts Maximum inactivity time lockMinimum device password complex charactersMinimum password lengthPassword enabledPassword expirationPassword historyIt also has the ability to query and report back: Drive encryption statusAuto update statusAntivirus statusAnti-spyware statusThis is just a start. In the future, there are manyopportunities for Microsoft to open up additionalmanagement capabilities beyond these critical oneslisted. As Windows RT becomes more mature, we expectMicrosoft to continue expanding the list.

Myth #2 – Windows RT is not secureOut of the box, Windows RT devicesare loaded with a number of built-insecurity features that will appeal to abroad set of customers with varyinglevels of security enforcement policies.Secure BootSecure Boot effectively locks downWindows RT devices by preventingit from loading (or booting for thatmatter) non-Windows operatingsystems. This effectively stops usersfrom loading rogue or pirated copiesof OS onto Windows RT devices.This maintains the integrity of theoperating system so that it can alwaysbe trusted.This same system also helps enforcethat all applications be digitally signedusing a trusted certificate beforebeing installed on the device. Itensures authenticity (knowing wherethe app came from) and integrity(verifying the app hasn’t beentampered with since its publication)for each application on a WindowsRT device, preventing installation ofunauthorized applications.Windows DefenderAlthough the Secure Boot system willprevent the majority of unauthorizedapplications from being installed, thenext line of defense will be built-inWindows Defender, protecting thesystem against spyware and unwantedsoftware. Windows Defender willcontinuously monitor and helpremove malicious and potentiallyunwanted programs from the device.Full device encryptionProtecting data on the system isimportant for a number of reasons andencrypting the data on the device isthe most widely accepted method ofsecuring private information. Windows2RT devices come with full volume dataencryption, which is based on their ownbitlocker technology (although will notbe branded BitLocker by Microsoft). Thisensures that any sensitive data on thedevice will be inaccessible in the eventthe device is lost or stolen. The recoverykey is stored on the user’s SkyDriveaccount for easy access if needed.Firmware Trusted Platform ModuleTPMs are devices that securely storecryptographic keys, such as passwordand login credentials (typed andsmartcard based) and encryptionkeys. Windows RT supports a firmwarebased TPM so that user’s passwordsand credentials remain secure andprotected.Remote wipe of company sensitive dataIn the event that a Windows RTdevice is lost or stolen, the user orIT administrator with the propercredentials has the ability to remotelywipe EAS managed data (like email,contacts, and calendar events) onthe device, even though the datais encrypted (just to be safe!). If theapplications were installed throughthe Enterprise Application Store, ITadmins will also be able to disableaccess to these line of business (LoB)apps (see Myth #4 below).Myth #3 – Setting up WindowsRT to work in an enterpriseenvironment is difficultMulti-factor authenticationWindows RT supports many formsof secure login, including picturepassword, typed password, biometric(fingerprint) and smartcards (PIV,GIDS) utilizing firmware trustedplatform module (TPM), dependingon the hardware configuration.Through the InTune managementconsole, IT admins can also forcepolicies such as strong password,password expiration, inactivity timelock, etc.Separate user profiles are alsosupported which isolates andprotects user’s data from beingaccessed by other users loggedinto the device at the same time.Although separate local user profilesare possible, only one EnterpriseApplication Store credential issupported (i.e. authentication via AD).Windows RT comes with a number ofbuilt-in, out-of-the-box tools that allowthe device to easily connect the userto their enterprise environment anddownload LoB applications. So eventhough Windows RT does not directlysupport features like Domain Join, it isexceptionally “enterprise ready”.VPNVirtual Private Networking (VPN)creates a secure, reliable tunneldirectly through a company’s firewallthat allows users to access corporatedata and email. Windows RT has abuilt-in VPN that is compliant with themajority of advanced VPN systems inthe marketplace today. Inbox VPN client included forMicrosoft, Cisco, CheckPoint, andJuniper servers VPN protocols supported: L2TP,PPTP, SSTP, Ipsec (IKEv2) Multiple ways of configuration(client UX, scripts, or managementinfrastructure) Encryption protocols: WEP, WPA,WPA2, WPA-Enterprise, WPA2Enterprise, 802.1X Certificate-based authenticationUsing the built-in managementagent, Windows RT allows automaticconfiguration of VPN profiles for theuser, so that Windows RT deviceseasily connect to a corporate networkrequiring little user action.

VDI supportFor companies using Virtual DesktopInfrastructure (VDI), Windows RTallows the user to connect directlyto their full Windows desktop andaccess legacy applications using thebuilt-in VDI receiver application. Thisallows for: Full VDI experience Rich experience everywhere(RemoteFX, USB redirection, multitouch remoting) Best value for VDI (Fairshare) Efficient managementSo even though legacy native appswritten purely in native WIN32 codecannot execute directly on WindowsRT devices, these apps may still beaccessible to the user through aconnected VDI session. Plus, all theadvantages of VDI such as sessionmobility, security and IT imagemanagement will be available to theWindows RT user through the built-inVDI receiver.Myth #4 – It’s difficult to installline of business (LoB) apps onWindows RTEnterprise customers have manyoptions available to distribute LoBapplications to their employees (orstudents). One way is through theWindows Store or through the DellShop (store within a store) application.Although this method is a convenientway to discover and download mostpopular off-the-shelf apps, it requiresthe user to log on using their personalMicrosoft Live ID, which may not beappropriate for companies or schoolsystems that have developed ornegotiated separate volume licenseagreements for their LoB applications.Enterprise Application StoreSo by using the built-in Windows RTManagement Agent and EnterpriseApplication Store, a curated set ofcompany approved LoB apps canbe easily discovered, downloadedand installed directly to the device.Microsoft allows the user to browseand discover these types of LoB appsthat have been made available to themby the IT admin:3 Internally developed Windows RTapps that are not published in theWindows Store Apps produced by independentsoftware vendors that are licensedto the organization for internaldistribution Web links that launch websitesand web-based apps directly inthe browser Links to app listings in the WindowsStore. This is a convenient wayfor IT to make users aware ofuseful business apps that arepublicly available.Discovering anddownloading LoBapplications on WindowsRT devices is quitesimple. The Windows RTManagement Agent andEnterprise ApplicationStore allows the userto simply enter theircorporate email addressand password and thedevice will automaticallypresent a set of LoBavailable for the user todownload and install.This same system alsoallows the IT Administratorto populate, manage andaudit which applicationsare available to each user.This is accomplishedby simply adding theuser’s credentials to theActive Directory (AD)service in the SCCM orInTune console.By specifying which ADdomain a particular useris a member of, IT adminscan offer different applications todifferent sets of users. For example,they can offer expense management,contact management and salestracking applications to their roadwarriors and offer quality control,inventory management and logisticsapplications to team members on thefactory floor.

The Windows RT Management Agentalso performs daily maintenance tasks,updates downloaded applications andchecks for new apps available to theuser. It will also report back which appsare installed on which machine forinventory and software license audits.The result is a system in whichenterprise customers can populate aset of curated LoB applications theywant their users to discover, downloadand use. Refer to the following blogfor more information about managingLoB apps using the EnterpriseApplication Store.Ref: Managing “BYO” PCs in the enterprise (including ing-woa.aspxThe new WindowsRT interface is thelargest technologyshift in the PCindustry sinceMicrosoft movedaway from DOS.Myth #5 – Windows RT is notgood for BYOD usersThe consumerization of IT trend inthe marketplace is driving companiesto adopt Bring Your Own Device(BYOD) policies. These companieshave been trending away from fullymanaging devices to more monitoringand maintaining access controls totheir applications, data and services,while leaving the user’s personalapplications and private data alone.4Today, Windows RT is a perfectcomplement to the BYOD trend,primarily because it has the consumerfeatures end users desire and theenterprise enablers corporatecustomers require. Its main focus issecurity, manageability, productivityand application access, when andwhere appropriate to the companyor user. If the company or end user(if in a BYOD environment) choosesto disconnect from the control andcompliance of the enterprise, the ITadmin simply initiates a disconnectionof the device which will: Remove the activation keythat allowed the agent to installLoB apps. Once removed, anyWinRT apps that were installed viathe SSP and management clientare deactivated. Remove any certificates that theagent has provisioned. Cease enforcement of the settingspolicies that the managementinfrastructure applied. Report successful deactivation tothe management infrastructure ifthe admin initiated the process. Remove the agent configuration,including the scheduledmaintenance task. Once completed,the agent remains dormant unlessthe user reconnects it to themanagement infrastructure.This process will not touch thepersonally loaded applications the userpurchased or downloaded throughthe marketplace, but will effectivelyremove all corporate assets off of theemployee-owned device.Ref: Managing “BYO” PCs in the enterprise (including ing-woa.aspxMyth #6: Windows RT is not likehaving a “full” Windows OSThe new Windows RT is a purpose-builtoperating system designed specificallyto be used on ARM-based mobile andtablet devices. Its design intent wasto leverage the many advantages ofWindows 8, but it’s optimized for anARM-based processor.The “Windows Experience” Interface(formally known as the Metro UI)The new Windows RT interface isthe largest technology shift in thePC industry since Microsoft movedaway from DOS. But most legacyx86 software was UI designed forkeyboard and mouse interaction andtherefore, customers would have toredesign the software for optimalfinger touch experience to be used ona tablet.Windows RT apps are, by default,designed specifically for finger touchusing the new WinRT “WindowsExperience” interface. This newinterface allows developers to designlightweight apps that are optimized toconnected run or cloud-based appswritten in HTML5 instead of heavyC native applications. And sinceWindows RT can ONLY run WinRTapps, any application that is writtenfor a Windows RT device can be easilyported to run on a full Windows 8 PCor in cases, execute on either with nochanges required.VDIAs explained earlier, there is yetanother alternative to running x86software on the tablet itself. Whenintermittent access to legacy x86software is required on a tablet,consider VDI and a Dell keyboard dockthat comes with a touchpad.

Windows 8 feature comparisonBelow is a line-by-line comparison of Windows RT versus the other versions of Windows 8. As you can see, Windows RTstacks up pretty well.Feature nameUpgrades from Windows 7 Starter, Home Basic, Home PremiumWindows 8Windows 8 ProXXUpgrades from Windows 7 Professional, UltimateWindows RTXStart screen, Semantic Zoom, Live TilesXXXWindows StoreXXXApps (Mail, Calendar, People, Messaging, Photos, SkyDrive, Reader, Music, Video)XXXMicrosoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote)Internet Explorer 10XXXDevice encryptionXXConnected standbyXXXMicrosoft accountXXXDesktopXXXInstallation of x86/64 and desktop softwareXXUpdated Windows ExplorerXXXWindows DefenderXXXSmartScreenXXXWindows UpdateXXXEnhanced Task ManagerXXXSwitch languages on the fly (Language Packs)XXXBetter multiple monitor supportXXXStorage spacesXXWindows Media PlayerXXExchange ActiveSyncXXXFile historyXXXISO / VHD mountXXXMobile broadband featuresXXXPicture passwordXXXPlay ToXXXRemote Desktop (client)XXXReset and refresh your PCXXXSnapXXX5

Windows 8 feature comparison continuedFeature nameWindows 8Windows 8 ProWindows RTTouch and Thumb keyboardXXXTrusted bootXXXVPN clientXXXBitLocker and BitLocker To GoXBoot from VHDXClient Hyper-VXDomain JoinXEncrypting File SystemXGroup PolicyXRemote Desktop (host)XRef: Announcing the Windows 8 ws-8-editions.aspxSummaryThe new Windows RT powering Dell tablets will allow users to work smarter by allowing easy, secure access to companyapplications and services while enabling rich content creation and consumption with built-in Microsoft Office Suite —even in a BYOD environment.Key security features include built-in secure boot, encryption, multi-factor authentication and the industry acclaimedbuilt-in anti-spyware application, Windows Defender. Windows RT is manageable by the widely adopted Microsoft SCCMand for those companies who opt for a full SaaS systems management solution, Microsoft InTune. It is proven to beenterprise ready with out-of-the-box support for VPN, VDI and a system to discover, download and install a curated set ofLoB applications. It is easy to use, thanks to the new WinRT touch-optimized UI and its built-in features compare well tothe full version of Windows 8.Windows RT is primed and ready to take on the tablet market by storm by giving your customer the power to do more. Isit right for your customer?For more information about Dell’s new Windows RT powered tablets, please contact:xxx xxxxxxDell Inc.(xxx)- xxx -xxxxFLEX6

as a Windows 8 Pro or Windows 8 Enterprise PC, IT Administrators will still be able to remotely manage many aspects of a Windows RT device. SCCM and InTune Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) and Microsoft's SaaS product, InTune, are widely adopted systems management solutions. Utilizing Exchange Active Sync extensions .

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A 16-bit version, named NISTIMEW, may be used with Windows 98, Windows 95, and Windows 3.1 (if a network interface is installed that is compatible with the Winsock standard, v1.1 or later). A 32-bit version, named NISTIME-32bit, may be used with Windows 2000 and Windows NT. (It may also be used with Windows 98 and Windows 95.)

Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition operating system. Windows Vista is an abbreviation for Microsoft Windows Vista Ultimate operating system or Microsoft Windows Vista Business operating system. Windows 7 is an abbreviation for Microsoft Windows 7 Ultimate operating system or Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise operating system.

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