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Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansAttentionspansConsumer Insights,Microsoft Canada1

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansForewordThink digital is killing attention spans? Think again.As more and more facets of Canadians’ lives go digital, we felt it wasimportant to understand what impact today’s digital lifestyles arehaving on consumers and their attention, and what that means formarketers. Hence, this research was born. I can honestly say this studyproves you don’t always get what you expect It is no surprise that increased media consumption and digital lifestylesreduce the ability for consumers to focus for extended periods of time.But, I never would have guessed that tech savvy consumers are actuallygetting better at processing information and encoding thatinformation to memory. If there’s no need to stay tuned in, why notmove onto the next new and exciting thing for another hit ofdopamine?I would have thought spending more time online or with media ingeneral would heighten one’s ability to filter out distractions. Wrongagain, not the case. No matter what environment humans are in (be itthe plains of Africa or a crowded street in New York), survival dependson being able to focus on what’s important — generally what’smoving. That skill hasn’t changed, it’s just moved online.Today, multi-screening is a given, so it’s reassuring to know thatmultiple screens don’t reduce the (potential) impact of advertising.Since consumers turn to their secondary screens to fill in those inbetween moments when they might otherwise drop off completely,they’re more engaged overall and already primed for immersiveexperiences.While these results certainly held some surprises for us, they are allgood surprises. Rest assured, digital won’t be the cause of our (at leastattentional) downfall.Alyson GausbyConsumer Insights Lead, Microsoft Canada2

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans3Table ofcontentsExecutive 10Findings3 types of attention:14SustainedIn shortIn action152425SelectiveIn shortIn action263234AlternatingIn shortIn action364344Key takeawaysContact usAppendix454849

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans4“We are moving from a world where computing powerwas scarce to a place where it now is almost limitless,and where the true scarce commodity isincreasingly human attention”- Satya NadellaExecutivesummaryGood news! It’s not as bad as you think.For readers withoutthe attention span (ortime) to read the fullreport, here are theneed-to-knows:Marketing too must evolve:Attention is obviously a necessary ingredient for effectiveadvertising, but Canadians’ digital lifestyles are changing thebrain, decreasing the ability for prolonged focus and increasingtheir appetite for more stimuli. Don’t believe everything you read: there’s a lot of variancebeyond the 30 year old digital natives. Mediaconsumption, frequency of multi-screening, and socialmedia usage are the main indicators of attention spanvariance. Overall, digital lifestyles deplete the ability to remainfocused on a single task, particularly in non-digitalenvironments. But, all is not lost. Connected consumers arebecoming better at doing more with less via shorter burstsof high attention and more efficient encoding to memory. Multi-screening trains consumers to be less effective atfiltering out distractions – they are increasingly hungry forsomething new. This means more opportunities to hijackattention but also that brands need to work harder tomaintain it.What can marketers do? Be clear, personal, relevant and (quickly) get to the point Defy expectations, leverage rich media and movement tograb attention Embed calls to action, be interactive, use sequentialmessaging, and build cohesive, immersive experiencesacross screens

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansReportOur environment israpidly changing andwe’re adaptingConsumers’ lives are increasingly digital- at work, home and everywhere inbetween. With news reduced to 140characters and conversations condensedto emojis, how is this affecting the wayCanadians see and interact with theworld?5

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans6We know human attentionis dwindling12seconds8seconds9The average humanattention span in2000secondsThe average humanattention span in2013The average attentionspan of agoldfishSource: Statistic brain

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans7Addictive technology behaviours areevident, particularly for youngerCanadians(% agree)18 to 2465 When nothing is occupying myattention, the first thing I do is reachfor my phone77%10%I check my phone at leastevery 30 minutes52%6%The last thing I do before I go tobed is check my phone73%18%I often use other devices whilewatching TV79%42%I watch more TV programs throughcatch-up/streamed TV than live74%13%I often watch a number of episodesof a show back-to-back87%43%From Microsoft’s Cross-Screen Evolution research, we know consumers’ relationshipswith their devices (particularly their phones and TVs) are continuing to evolve.

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans8“[What information consumes is] the attention ofits recipients. Hence a wealth of informationcreates a poverty of attention.”- Herbert SimonNobel winner, Economics (1978)Theory:brain plasticityThe goal for thisresearch is tounderstand whatimpact technologyand today’s digitallives are having onattention spans.The brain has the miraculouscapability to change itself overtime. It is able to rewire andform new capabilitiesthroughout the course of one’slife. This ability allows humansto adapt both to new, orchanging situations in theirenvironment.

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans9An academic framework:Sohlberg & Mateer’s modelof attentionThis study breaksattention into threeparts because wedon’t think thatattention can besimply characterizedas how long peoplecan concentrate —different tasks,devices, and lifestylesrequire different setsof attention types.3 types of attention:SustainedProlonged focusMaintaining prolonged focus duringrepetitive activitiesSelectiveAvoiding distractionMaintaining response in the face ofdistracting or competing stimuliAlternatingEfficiently switching between tasksShifting attention between tasks demandingdifferent cognitive skills

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans10MethodologyTo understand the changing natureof attention, we used a multi-phaseapproach:Quantitative survey to gauge overallattention and gauge habits and perceptionsNeurological research for finermeasurement of attention spikes and togauge connection and encoding to memory

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansPart 1:Onlinequantitativesurvey11Gameified online quantitative survey 2,000 Canadianrespondents fielded Q4 2014The survey and games were designed to assess consumers’attention capacities. They also included a range of metrics ondigital lifestyles that academic evidence suggests could havean impact on attention and broader cognitive functioning.Respondents were divided into three equal sized groupsbased on performance – low, medium, and high attention –each representing 1/3 of the sample.FK8AIs the letter avowel or aconsonant?K8Is the numberodd or even?XCBSustainedResponding to patternsSelectiveSpotting differences*See Appendix for additional methodological informationAlternatingClassifying numbersand letters

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansPart 2:Neurologicalresearch(neuro deep-dive)12Tracked activity stations and gamefied survey112 Canadian respondents fielded December, 2014Participant brain activity was recorded and behaviour filmed asthey interacted with different media and performed variousactivities across devices and in different environments.Attention levels were captured via portableelectroencephalograph (EEG) and activities were mapped againsttasks and behaviours to understand how attention varies byscreen, task, content type, and structure.Results were reported as ACE (Attention, Connectivity, Encoding)scores, as well as number of attention bursts (individualinstances where the attention activity in the brain breached thetop quartile of brain activity for the task).*See Appendix for additional methodological information

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansGlossary(just for reference,here are some keyterms you’ll seethroughout thisreport)13ACEAttentionNeuro research EEG outputscore (acronym forattentional resources,connection, encoding)The allocation of mentalresources to visual orconceptual objectsConnectionAttentionburstsThe measured emotionalconnection to stimuli(one of three ACE scores)EncodingThe ability to encode stimulito memory (one of threeACE scores)A count for the number oftimes attentional activityreaches the 75th percentilefor an e ability to shiftattention between tasksdemanding differentcognitive skillsThe ability to avoid distractionand maintaining responses inthe face of competing stimuliSustainedattentionThe ability to maintainprolonged focus duringrepetitive activity

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansFindingsIt’s not just ‘kids thesedays’.Top factors that impact attention: Media consumption Social media usage Technology adoption rate Multi-screening behaviourThese factors affect different aspectsof different types of attention, indifferent environments.So how, why, and what does thismean for marketers?14

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansTypes of attentionSustainedSelectiveAlternatingProlonged focusThe ability to maintainprolonged focus duringrepetitive activities15

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans16Canadians struggle to keep their attentionfocused. This has a significant impact on work-lifebalance, particularly for tech and media savvyconsumersAt work/school(% agree)44%45%37%Higher among:Higher among:Higher among:68%early tech adopters66%early tech adopters71%18-24 year olds67%heavy social media users65%heavy social media users62%early tech adopters67%18-24 years old61%18-24 years old62%heavy social media users57%heavy multi-screeners60%heavy multi-screeners51%heavy multi-screeners55%high volume mediaconsumers55%high volume mediaconsumers48%high volume mediaconsumersof Canadians really haveto concentrate hard tostay focused on tasksget side tracked fromwhat they’re doing byunrelated thoughts orday dreamsdon’t make the best useof their time sosometimes they have towork late/weekends

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans17The ability to remainfocused on a single task ismost correlated with:1. Volume of media consumption2. Social media usage3. Multi-screening behaviour4. Adoption of technologyNot surprisingly, these behaviours are also highly correlated witheach other as well. While age is also correlated with thesebehaviours, it isn’t significantly tied to sustained attention.Sustained attention spans age & gender% high sustained attention by demographicAge18-3435-5455 Gender31%34%35%33%31%MaleFemale

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans18Long-term focus erodes withincreased digital consumption, socialmedia usage, and tech savviness% high sustained attention by behaviour39%Light33%MediumWeb browsingHeavy27%36%LightMulti-screeningwhile online33%MediumHeavy27%36%LowMediumSocial media usageHigh29%23%35%LateTech adoptionMediumEarly31%25%

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans19Neuro readings show higher usage ofsocial media increases short bursts ofhigh attentionWhile they may havelower sustainedattention overall,moderate to heavysocial media usershave moreintermittent bursts ofattention (highintensity for shortdurations) in theshort-term. As timelapses, this advantagegets smaller.Index: average number of peaks (bursts*) inattentional behaviour by timeframe 5s10s15s30sLight/no social media usersModerate/heavy social media users*A burst occurs each time attentional activity reachesthe 75th percentile for an individual

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans20The impact social has on sustainedattention is different in differentenvironmentsHeavier social mediausers pay moreattention in interactive(digital) environments,but their attentionscores are lower thanlighter users in morepassive experiences(TV).In both environments,their bursts ofattention allow heavierusers of social mediato process informationand encode it tomemory moreefficiently.Index: overall performance across attention (concentration),connection (emotional) and encoding (memory)Interactive environments (not TV)1071-2-21-29AttentionConnectionEncodingTV Only2613-9Light/no socialmedia users3-5Moderate/heavy socialmedia users-8

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans21Early tech adopters have more burstsof high attentionSimilar to heavy socialmedia users, earlytech adopters havelower sustainedattention in the longrun but more burstsof high attention inthe short term. Again,this advantageerodes over time.Index: average number of peaks in attentionalbehaviour by sLater adoptersEarly adopters1.250.8830s*See the appendix foradditional methodologicalinformation

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans22The impact of tech adoption differs byenvironmentFollowing the samepattern as socialmedia usage, earlytech adopters paymore attention todigital screens. Theyalso processinformation betterthan later adaptors inthese interactiveenvironments.For TV, while earlyadopters pay lessattention overall, theystill processinformationsignificantly better –they’ve trained theirbrains to do morewith less.Index: overall performance across attention (concentration),connection (emotional) and encoding (memory)Interactive environments (not TV)337-3-17AttentionEncodingTV Only3721-42Later adoptersEarly adopters-19

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansOverall, digital lifestyles have anegative impact on prolonged focusThe thrill of finding something new oftenmakes connected consumers jump offone experience into another. The 'feelgood' neurotransmitter, dopamine, isreleased when consumers are doingsomething they find rewarding.19% of onlineThe goodnews:tech adoption andsocial media usageare trainingconsumers tobecome better atprocessing andencoding informationthrough short burstsof high attention.Source 1: Visible measuresviewers defect in thefirst 10 seconds.1But, this varies significantly by creative.With today’s digital lifestyle, marketersneed to make an almost immediateimpact before consumers switchoff/move on.23

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansIn short Digital lifestyles affectthe ability to remainfocused for extendedperiods of time.Canadians with more digital lifestyles (those who consumemore media, are multi-screeners, social media enthusiasts,or earlier adopters of technology) struggle to focus inenvironments where prolonged attention is needed. Why?The thrill of the new. Increasingly immersive, multitouchpoint experiences should become the priority tocombat drop-off amongst these audiences.While digital lifestyles decrease sustained attention overall,it’s only true in the long-term. Early adopters and heavysocial media users front load their attention and have moreintermittent bursts of high attention. They’re better atidentifying what they want/don’t want to engage with andneed less to process and commit things to memory.When consumers are looking for something to care about atevery moment, rapid fire tactics like branded content,native advertising and generally useful, entertaining,and shareable content are best.24

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans25In action Get your message across,right out of the gateCanadians lose interest, FAST.They’re suckers for novelty. It's more exciting to jump fromsubject to subject or device to device than to concentrate on asingle thing at any one time. Hook consumers right off the batwith clear and concise messaging that’s communicated as earlyas possible. We don’t always have time to build a story so craftheadlines that can say it all.With the attentiongrabbing opening line“ship my pants?”, Kmarthit home its new shippingfeature. The ad certainlymakes one’s ears perk up,begging the question“did I just hear what Ithought I heard?!”How can your brand help?Make it personal and communicate clear consumer value. Howwill paying attention make their life be better? Today’smarketing is about instant gratification and appealing toconsumers’ needs and desires to ensure your message isrelevant.Lowe’s “Fix in Six” videos helped consumers one life hack at a time bysimplifying everyday tasks through fun stop-motion 6-second videos.

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansTypes of attentionSustainedSelectiveAlternatingAvoiding distractionMaintaining response in theface of distracting orcompeting stimuli26

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansThe same devices used to get things done PC, tablet, smartphone (or some combination)- are now the gatekeepers of an infinitenumber of distractions and sources of instantgratification.“We keep the toplevel item in focusand scan theperiphery in casesomething moreimportant emerges."Or something morealluring, reassuring,or simply lessdemanding.1Source 1: Harvard Business Review, Take Back you Attention27

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans28As consumers are exposed to more messagingacross devices, they’re starting to look for waysto simplify, “switch off”, and identify what’s mostimportant.54%of Canadians saytechnology cansometimes maketheir lives worse51%think it’s importantto make time toswitch off all theirdevicesonlyBut39%disconnect frompersonal technologymonthly or moreoften

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans29Messaging needs to be tailored andrelevant to cut through the clutter49%of Canadians are more likely to payattention to communications when they’redelivered in the right context, at theright time146%are interested in tools to better filtercontent (up from 39% in 2014)141%“Offering an ad Idon’t like is SPAM. Anad that I can use andlike is a service.”– Male, 40Source 1: Microsoft Digital Trends 2015, Canadaof Canadians like it when ads are tailored totheir personal interests/preferences35%don’t mind if a brand sponsors articles orcontent on a website

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans30The ability to filter out distractions isn’taffected when consumers are onlyusing one screen% high selective attentionAge34%18-3430%35-5435%55 Gender31%35%MaleFemaleWeb browsinglightmediumheavy35%33%31%Age, gender,and digitallifestyles don’tsignificantlyimpact selectiveattention

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans31Introducing secondary screensreduces selective attentionIt’s a question oflifestyle. We see nodrop in performancewith device or socialmedia usage, justwhen multi-tasking.Index: Selective attention levels by behavior551357People with highselective attentionactively choosefewer distractions.Those that spendmore time multiscreening havesignificantly lowerselective attentionalscores.238183-17-72-147-255SocialMedia &TV181TV &InternetEmails &InternetLower usage of device combinations-179Phone &InternetEmails &TVHigher usage

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans32In short Canadians’ ability to filter out distractions is a function of theirsurroundings, not their demographics, media consumption,social media use or device usage. People with higher selectiveattention appear to actively choose to have fewer distractionsand multi-screen less frequency.On the other hand, heavy multi-screeners find it difficult tofilter out irrelevant stimuli – they’re more easily distracted bymultiple streams of media.Since 3/4 Canadians use multiple devicesat once (9/10 amongst millennials)1,marketers should look for ways to: Hold attention (versus competingstimuli) Create opportunities to captureconsumers’ wandering eyesSource 1: Microsoft Cross-Screen Evolution Research, 2014

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansIn short What consumers cansee in one glance haseverything to do withwhat they’ll do next.If overwhelmed by input or lack themotivation to process it, their brain will stoptaking it in.Exclude unnecessary information. Part ofachieving clarity is eliminating distractors.Stick to the main message. If somethingdoesn’t play a significant role, it’s not needed.33

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansIn action Be differentStand out andchallenge the norm.“Violate people’sexpectations youwant to have peopleturn their eyes up alittle bit more we’re attuned tosurprises and wehave a pleasantexperience withpositive surprises.”Ben ParrAuthor, ‘Captivology’Look to outdoorads for inspiration– they’re alwayscompeting againsttheir surroundings!Source: Forbes, ‘Ben Parr wants your attention: Q&A with the author of Captivology’, 201534

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans35In action Get movingHarness the power ofperipheral motion.Human survival has beenbased on the ability to focuson what’s most important(generally what’s moving).Rich media ads help captureattention and dramaticallyimprove engagement.CTREngagementStandard display0.13%0.98%Rich media display0.16%11% 23% 1022%Source 1: eMarketer Adform, 2014Draw consumers inLinking directly to full screen video or landingexperiences can drive immediate action.2 On Xbox,the ad is the only animated/moving tile tonaturally grab users’ attentionXbox 360 Example - CASource 2: Xbox Advertising Internal Data on 55 Xbox 360 advertising campaigns from (Sept 2013 – Aug 2014) – CA

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansTypes of attentionSustainedSelectiveAlternatingEfficiently switchingbetween tasks:Shifting attention between tasksdemanding different cognitive skills36

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans37Multi-screening behavior is thesingle biggest driver of theability to shift between tasksAlternating attention levels are mosthighly correlated with:1. Multi-screening behaviour2. Volume of media consumption3. Adoption of technology4. Social media usageOdds are, you’re a multi-screener67%of Canadians say multitasking is the only way theycan get things done.Higher among younger:76%18 to 2438%65

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans38Age and gender don’tsignificantly impact the abilityto shift between different tasks% high alternating attention by demographicsAge36%18-3435-5428%36%55 Gender33%34%MaleFemaleContrary to popularbelief, women don’tappear to be anybetter at attentionmulti-tasking thanmen.

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans39Digital behaviours improvealternating attention% high alternating attention by behavioursLateTech adoptionMedium39%Early40%LightMediumWeb e online31%High27%32%37%

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans40An active social media lifestylebuilds alternating attention – to acertain pointModerate users ofsocial media arebetter at multitasking than lowerusers.But, when crossinginto the top quartileof social mediausage, scoresplummet.Social media candrain one’s resources,reducing the ability toallocate attention,connect with contenton an emotionallevel, and processinformation.Index: overall performance across attention, connection, andencoding by social media usage (divided based on usage)605735110-6-84-125AttentionLow social usageMedium social usageHigh social usage-134ConnectionEncoding

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans41Multi-screen environments not onlyimprove overall attention, theyimprove emotional connection andencoding to memoryIndex: overall performance across attention (concentration),connection (emotional) and encoding (memory)The more resourcesthat consumerscommit in multiscreeningenvironmentsimproves connectionto content andencoding to memory.Multi-screenersappear to be in aheightened neuralstate – they’re primedfor more een-102ConnectionTV onlyEncoding

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansBy analyzing video footagefrom multi-screeningenvironments, we see thatwhile consumers may belooking at their phones (ratherthan the TV), they are stillresponding to auditory cues,like laughing at jokes.It was also observed that ‘calls to action’ wereeffective in encouraging consumers to lookup at key moments (e.g., when abrand/product is featured).42

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansIn short Canadians with more digital lifestylesare better at simultaneouslyprocessing information from differentsourcesMulti-screening doesn’t reduce the potential impact ofadvertising - digital lifestyles are associated withgreater levels of attention. But, immersive, engaging,multi-touchpoint experiences are needed tocapitalize on these opportunities.Embedding ‘calls to action’ within content helps tooptimize multi-screeners’ attention. These are criticalfrom an auditory standpoint – while a consumer maynot be always be watching, they’re likely listening –make sure to capture their attention (and eyeballs) atkey moments.Leverage multi-screening behaviours and be actionfocused. Encourage consumers to seek out additionalcontent on other devices (e.g., visit a website topurchase). Multi-taskers are adept at acting quickly todo something new/different.43

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans44In action 1HondaHonda’s “Other Side”campaign instructs viewersto switch between twoscenarios (via keyboardkeys) to see the two sidesof a man’s life: one as afamily man collecting hiskids from school and theother as a bank robber.This engaging campaignuses active involvement tosustain attention andfulfill the need fornew/different stimuli.2DisneyDisney’s second screenapp extends the filmexperience with usercontrolled, in-depthgalleries, flipbooks 360turnarounds, and puzzles.It holds even a youngchild’s attention andencourages deeperengagement.3SamsungSamsung’s Note 4interactive video ad –with image gallery,features information, andclick-to-shop feature –plays to multitasking/multi-screeninghabits by embedding asecond screen within thevideo window.

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspansKeytakeaways4545

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans46“Brains are being rewired — any shift in stimuli results in arewiring.the techniques and mechanisms to engage in rapid-fireattention shifting will be extremely useful”Danah Boyd,Microsoft ResearchTechnology isn’t athreat or a problemfor marketers, per se.While it introduces some challenges, it also createssignificant opportunities.In today’s connected age, digital media consumptionis a given and Canadians are adapting to the massiveamounts of information they’re exposed to every day.As the prevalence of multi-screening increases, socialbecomes integrated in different ways, and consumerscontinue to adopt new technologies, attention spansare decreasing overall. This is a universal truth, it’sNOT just ‘kids these days’. Brands must go beyondbasic demographic segmentation because digitallifestyles and behaviours are more tied to attentionlevels than demographics are.Now for the good news: Canadians’ increasinglydigital lifestyles are also making them more efficientat processing information and recording it to theirmemories. They’re able to do more with less, so thatthey can move on to the next new/exciting thing.All this means that brands need to find different,more creative, and increasingly immersive ways tomarket themselves and engage Canadian consumers.

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans47Address all 3 typesof attention:SustainedTech adoption, socialmedia usage, and multiscreening behavioursmean consumers aregetting worse at payingattention for extendedperiods of time, butthey’re able to do morewith less through higherbursts of attention andmore efficient encodingto memory.Be clear, personal,relevant, and get tothe point.SelectiveFiltering out distractionsisn’t related to tech orsocial media usage ormedia consumption, butit declines with moremulti-screening. Brandsneed to hold consumersattention to compete withother stimuli, but there’salso potential to grabattention away from otherinterests.Defy expectations,keep it moving, anduse simplicity to focuson your message.AlternatingDigital lifestyles improvethe ability to switchbetween tasks, but onlyto a certain point, whenconsumers can getoverwhelmed.Embed calls to action,be interactive,continue experiencesonto other screens,and use sequentialmessaging.

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans4848Questions?

Microsoft attention spans, Spring 2015 @msadvertisingca #msftattnspans An academic framework: Sohlberg & Mateer's model of attention This study breaks attention into three parts because we don't think that attention can be simply characterized as how long people can concentrate — different tasks, devices, and lifestyles

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