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MINISTRY OF MINESMinistry of MinesGeological Survey of IndiaIndian Bureau of MinesNational Aluminium Company LimitedHindustan Copper LimitedMineral Exploration Corporation LimitedJawaharlal Nehru Aluminium ResearchDevelopment and Design CentreNational Institute of Rock Mechanics2:

ContentsS.No1An Overview2Minerals and Metals in the Country12-223Legislative Framework, Mineral Policy and Implementation23-354Revenue from Mineral Resources36-415International Co-operation42-496Attached / Subordinate offices50-887Central Public Sector Undertakings89-139Science, Technology and Autonomous Bodies140-1509Corporate Social Responsibility151-15710Progressive Use of Hindi158-16311Exploration Activities in the North-Eastern Region164-17112172-18013Welfare Activities for SCs/STs, Women, Minorities & Persons withDisabilities.Budget and Audit Paras14Miscellaneous193-2118 ChaptersAnnexuresPage No.4-11181-192212.3

1 Ministry of Mines:An OverviewBack to IndexMinistry of Mines: An Overview Vision . Page - 5 Role and Organization of the Ministry Page - 5 List of Subjects Allocated to the Ministry Page - 5 Organisational Structure Page 6 Major Highlights / Achievements of Ministry of Mines Page- 8 Major Activities under the Ministry of Mines .Page- 94

1.1Vision(i)India is well endowed with naturalresources, particularly minerals, whichserve as raw material for manyindustries, paving a path for t. This, in turn, will facilitatethe economy’s ascent to a path ofsustained growth and a five trillion dollareconomy.Photo -1.1(ii)During last five years, theGovernment has introduced importantreforms to open up the mineral sector toensure its contribution in achieving thenational policy goals. Major reformsinclude enactment of the Mines andMineral (Development & Regulations)(MMDR) (Amendment) Act, 2015, whichmade the process of allocation ofmineralconcessionscompletelytransparent by introducing publicauctions with active participation of theState Governments. In the federal setup, States are owners of mineral wealthin their respective territories. Forrealising the benefits of mineral wealth,States have primary and significant roleto come up with auctionable mineralblocks that have clearance to startproduction.CMDs of NALCO, HCL and MECL signed JV to establishKABIL in presence of Hon’ble Minister of Mines Shri PralhadJoshiRole and Organisation of the MinistryMain Functions1.2 Ministry of Mines is responsible forsurvey and exploration and mining of allminerals, other than natural gas,petroleum, atomic minerals and coal. Inthe case of atomic minerals and coal,activities of the Ministry are limited toregional exploration. The Ministry isresponsible for the administration of theMines and Minerals (Development andRegulation) Act, 1957 (67 of 1957) andrules made thereunder in respect of allmines and minerals other than coal,natural gas and petroleum. The Ministryalso administers the Offshore AreasMineral (Development and Regulation)Act, 2002 and rules made thereunder.(iii) The Vision is to double theproduction of important minerals in next5 years with resultant reduction in importdependency,byallocatingandregulating minerals in a transparent andsustainable manner and to promoteexploration and mining of deep seatedminerals to meet country’s needs and toeffectively implement other policy goalsstated in the National Mineral Policy,2019, there by enabling the country toprogresstowardsattainingselfsufficiency in major mineral production.1.3List of Subjects Allocated to theMinistry of Mines:(a) Legislation for regulation of minesand development of minerals within theterritory of India, including mines andminerals underlying the ocean within theterritorial waters or the continental shelf,or the exclusive economic zone andother maritime zones of India as may be5

specified, from time to time by or underany law made by Parliament. (b)Regulationofminesanddevelopment of minerals other thancoal, lignite and sand for stowing andany other mineral declared asprescribed substances for the purposeof the Atomic Energy Act, 1962 (33 of1962) under the control of the Union asdeclared by law, including questionsconcerning regulation and developmentof minerals in various States and themattersconnectedtherewithorincidental thereto. NationalAluminiumCompanyLimited (NALCO), Bhubaneswar;Hindustan Copper Limited (HCL),Kolkata; andMineral Exploration CorporationLimited (MECL), Nagpur(c)All other metals and minerals notspecifically allotted to any er,gold,diamonds, lead and nickel.Photo -1.2(d)Planning,developmentandcontrol of and assistance to allindustries related to mineral wealth dealtwith by the Ministry.Release of Lignite Atlas of India publication during 58thCGPB MeetingAutonomous Bodies(e)Administration and managementof Geological Survey of India.(f)Administration and managementof Indian Bureau of Mines.1.6There are three ResearchInstitutions which are AutonomousBodies of this Ministry:(g) Metallurgical grade silicon. Attached Office / Subordinate Office: 1.4Geological Survey of India(Headquarters at Kolkata) is an attachedoffice and the Indian Bureau of Mines(Headquarters at Nagpur) is asubordinate office of the Ministry. JawaharlalNehruAluminiumResearch Development and DesignCentre (JNARDDC), Nagpur;National Institute of Rock Mechanics(NIRM), Bengaluru; andNational Institute of Miners’ Health(NIMH), Nagpur.Organisational StructurePublic Sector Undertakings1.7The Ministry of Mines is headedby Shri Pralhad Joshi as the Minister ofMines, during the period of the report.Shri Pralhad Joshi assumed the charge,after the formation of new Government,1.5There are three Public SectorUndertakings under the Ministry ofMines, namely:-6

on 31st May, 2019, alongParliamentary Affairs and Coal.withDirectors / Deputy Secretaries, oneDirector (Economic Service), oneDeputy Director (OL), one AssistantDirector of IES, one Assistant Director(OL). Sanctioned strength and presentincumbency of officers/officials in theMinistry of Mines is given atTable 1.1. Organisational structure ofthe Ministry of Mines is shown inAnnexure Secretariat of Ministry ofMines is headed by the Secretary,assisted by one Additional Secretary,three Joint Secretaries, one JointSecretary & Financial Adviser (commonfor Ministry of Coal, and Ministry ofMines), one Economic Adviser and NineTable 1.1Information in r/o Secretariat proper employees as on 31st December, 2019GroupSanctionedStrengthTotalNumber ofpresentincumbents(Includinggeneral)Numberof VH/HH/OHSC/ST/OBC/Minority Women outofout of present etted7

Contribution of Mining and QuarryingSector to the Gross Value Added(GVA) of the NationDecember,2019(Q3 of 2019-20)April,2018toDecember, 20181.9As per the Second advanceestimates of national income 2019-20and quarterly estimates of GDP for thethird quarter of 2019-20 released by theNational Statistical Office, Ministry ofStatistics and Program Implementation,the contribution of the mining andquarrying sector in the estimated GrossValue Added (GVA), at 2011-12 prices,for the Q3 of 2019-20 was 2.5%, whichis near to the level of 2.58% in Q3 of2018-19. At the current prices, the sharein Q3 of 2019-20 is 2%, which is closeto the share of 2.23% in Q3 of 2018-19.At the 2011-12 prices, for the periodApril, 2019 to Dec, 2019(Q1 to Q3), theshare is estimated around at the level ofApril, 2018 to Dec, 2018, i.e. 2.5%,similarly, at the current prices, thecontribution is around 2%. The detailsare in Table 1.2.(Q1 to Q32018-19),2019toDecember, 2019(Q1 to Q32019-20)2.54ofSource: MoSPI, Press Note on Second Advance Estimatesof National Income, 2019-20 and Quarterly Estimates ofGross Domestic Product for the Third Quarter (Oct-Dec),2019-20 dated 28.02.2020. Statement Nos.5,6, 9 & 111.10 MajorHighlights/Achievements of Ministry of Mines. An MoU on cooperation in the field ofGeology and Mineral Resourcesbetween the Pluri national State ofBolivia, represented by the Ministryof Mining and Metallurgy and theRepublic of India, represented by theMinistry of Mines was signed on 29thMarch, 2019 during the visit ofHon'ble President of India to Bolivia. During the visit of Hon’ble Presidentof India to Chile, an MoU betweenIndia and Chile on cooperation in thefield of geology and mineralresources has been renewed on 1stApril, 2019 for further five years. ThisMoU was signed on 17th March,2019.The Second Joint Working GroupMeeting under the MoU oncooperation in the field of MineralResources between India andMozambique was held in New Delhion 11th April, 2019.Table 1.2GrossValueAdded(GVA):Share/Contribution of Mining andQuarrying (%)PeriodOctober,2018 toDecember,2018At 2011- At12 price currentprice2.582.232.52.0 (Q3 of 2018-19)October,2019 to8

The presentation ceremony ofprestigious National GeoscienceAward was held on 19th September,2019 at The Ashok, New Delhi. ShriPralhad Joshi, Hon’ble Minister ofParliamentary Affairs, Coal andMinesconferredtheNationalGeoscience Awards – 2018 to 22meritorious geoscientists of thecountry to honour individuals andteams of geoscientists for theirextraordinary achievements andoutstanding contributions in fields offundamental / applied geosciences,mining and allied areas. After several rounds of discussionswith the State Government and ndRegulation) Act, 1957 has beenamended by way of Mineral provides for seamless transfer of allvalid rights, approvals, etc. to thenewlesseetoenablecommencement of mining operationsimmediately after auction of mineralblocks under section 8A(5) & 8A(6)of MMDR Act, 1957. This will ensureuninterrupted supply of minerals tothe downstream industries. projects have been sanctioned underthe scheme. Rs.3,762.63 crore havebeen spent on drinking water supplyproject and Rs.1698.91 crore havebeen spent on education projects.This Ministry is taking steps toupload these details in the publicportal for fostering accountability andinformation sharing. Based on theinputs received from the States,DMF / PMKKKY revised draftguidelines are under finalisation. Inthe draft guidelines, it is beingproposed that States and DMFs shallensure convergence with otherCentral Schemes of Ministry of RuralDevelopment (MoRD), Ministry ofPanchayati Raj (MoPR) and otherMinistries. It will help to fill the gapsin the existing schemes and coverthe whole geographical area affectedby mining. Pradhan Mantri Khanij KshetraKalyan Yojana (PMKKKY) is beingimplemented through the fundscollected under District MineralFoundation (DMF). DMFs have beenset up in 585 districts in 21 majormineral States. As of January 2020,the amount collected in the DMFs isRs.35,927.55 crore. Funds to thetune of Rs.30,651.59 crore havebeen allocated and Rs.12,414.38crore have been spent. 1,50,178National Mineral Exploration Trust(NMET)hasapproved187exploration projects with total cost ofRs.895.72 crore up to 31stDecember, 2019. A total of 69projectshavealreadybeencompleted and 118 projects areongoing. An amount of Rs.209.42 crore has been incurred infinancial years 2017-18 and 201920.During March,2020 MECLachieved58,005 Meter of drillingagainst a target of 59,000 Meter.1.11 Major ActivitiesMinistry of Mines. 9undertheAn Australian delegation led byShri Matthew Canavan, Hon'ble Ministerfor Resources, Northern Australia metHon’ble Minister of Mines, Shri PralhadJoshi on 27th August, 2019 to

discuss theissuesofbilateralcooperation in the field of geology andmining.An Indian delegation led bySecretary (Mines) participated inAIMEX-19 at Sydney, Australia from27th to 29th August, 2019. An Indianpavilion show casing the Indianmineral sector was put up there. Thedelegation held G2G meeting withAustralian Trade & InvestmentCommission to explore possibility ofsourcing lithium from Australia, inaddition to G2B meetings on thesidelines of AIMEX-19.An Indian delegation led bySecretary (Ministry of Steel) andAdditional Secretary (Ministry ofMines) participated in ‘InternationalMining and Resources Conference(IMARC-2019)’ held at Melbourne,Australia from 28th - 31st October2019.and Russia in the field of mineralexploration. Swachhta Pakhawada was observedfrom 16th November, 2019 to 30thNovember, 2019 in the Ministry ofMines and its allied organisationslike Geological Survey of India,Indian Bureau of Mines, NationalAluminum Company Limited, MineralExploration Corporation Limited,Hindustan Copper Limited and threeautonomous bodies.Variousprogrammes like ughbanners,posters, massive tree plantation andshramdan etc. were organized tomark the occasion. The 5th International Yoga Day wasobserved in Ministry and in all theorganisationsunderitsadministrative control on 21st June,2019. The 36thInternational GeologicalCongress (IGC) has organized fouroutreach programs in Italy, Canada,Ireland and Singapore duringJuly’2019- Aug, 2019 to showcasethe activities of 36th IGC includingGeo Expo and Field trips, which gageosciences event scheduled to beheld during 2nd to 8th March, 2020 atDelhi NCR. The Union Cabinet has approved on24th July, 2019, the proposal ofMinistry of Mines to merge NationalInstitute of Miners Health (NIMH), anautonomous body of Ministry ofMines with National Institute ofPHOTO - 1.3Inauguration of Indian Pavilion by Secretary (Steel),Deputy High Commissioner of India at Australia,Additional Secretary (Mines), Additional Secretary(Coal), Consulate General of India at Melbourne, CMDsand Directors of CPSUs Bilateral meeting between RussianState Geological Holding “ROSGEO”and Geological Survey of India, anattached office of Ministry of Mineswas held on 1st October, 2019 inNew Delhi to identify the possibleareas of collaboration between India10

was organized from 21st to 23rdNovember, 2019 in Bhubaneswar inpursuance to the recommendationsof the Strategy Paper on ResourceEfficiency in Aluminium, jointlyprepared by the Ministry of Minesand NITI Aayog. The programfocused on Aluminium recycling andwaste management, including RedMud. It had wide participation fromAluminium Association of India (AAI),Material Recycling Association ociation(ASMA)andtheAluminium Industry. Deliberationsand interactions during the programenlightened the participants tocontribute in efforts aimed atimplementing the desired goals ofresource efficiency in Aluminiumsector, which is in the nationalinterest.Occupational Health (NIOH), anautonomous body under Ministry ofHealth & Family Welfare. Thismerger will bring synergy to NIMHand prove beneficial to both theInstitutes in term of enhancedexpertise in the field of occupationalhealth in addition to the efficientmanagement of public money Ministry of Mines, in an approach toenhance the mineral exploration andmining activities in the country, hasidentified eleven Research andDevelopment projects under itsScience and Technology activityfrom R&D and Academic Institutions.These projects which have identifiedpriorities have been approved forgrant-in-aid under S&T programmeof Ministry. The details of theseprojects are available at.A Capacity Building Program on‘Resource Efficiency in Aluminium’11

2Minerals and Metals inthe CountryBack to IndexMinerals and Metals in the Country National Mineral Scenario . Page -13 Mining . Page - 16 Self-reliance in Minerals and Mineral BasedProducts . Page - 20 Production trends . Page -20 State-wise Mineral Scenario . Page -2212

National Mineral ScenarioIntroductionmineral production from 2004-05 to2011-12. Based on the overall trendso far, the index of mineral production(base 2011-12 100) for the year2019-20 is estimated to be (109.60)as compared to 107.9 of previous yearshowing a positive growth of 1.6%.The trend of index of mineralproduction and trend in value ofmineral export and import is depictedin Figure2.1 and Figure 2.2respectively. The value of mineralsproduced by groups for the last fiveyears is given in Figure 2.32.1 Minerals are valuable naturalresources. They constitute the vitalraw materials for many basicindustries and are a major resourcefor development. The history ofmineral extraction in India dates backto the days of the Harappancivilization. The wide availability of theminerals provides a base for thegrowth and development of the miningsector in India.2.2The country is endowed withhuge resources of many metallic andnon-metallic minerals. Mining sector isan important segment of the Indianeconomy. Since independence, therehas been a pronounced growth in themineral production both in terms ofquantity and value. India produces asmany as 95 minerals, which includes4 fuel, 10 metallic, 23 non-metallic, 3atomic and 55 minor minerals.2.4 The total value of mineralproduction (excluding atomic & fuelminerals) during 2019-20 has beenestimated at Rs.1,23,588 crore, whichshows a decrease of about 3% overthat of the previous year. During2019-20, estimated value for metallicminerals is Rs. 60,822 crore or49.21% of the total value and nonmetallic minerals including minorminerals is Rs. 62,766 crore or50.79% of the total value. Informationon production and value of mineralsfrom 2015-16 to 2019-20 is given inAnnexure 2.1. The details of exportand import of Ores & Minerals duringthe period 2014-15 to 2018-19 isgiveninAnnexure2.2andAnnexure 2.3 respectively.Index of Mineral Production2.3 Ministry of StatisticsProgrammeImplementationshifted the base year of index ofandhas13

Figure 2.1Index of mineral production (Base 2011-12 100)Source: Statutory returns submitted to IBM.Figure 2.2Trends in Value of Mineral Exports & Imports(Export and import are for all minerals excluding atomic minerals)Source: Directorate General of Commercial Intelligence and Statistics (DGCI&S), Kolkata,14

Figure 2.3Value of Minerals Production (By groups)(Excluding atomic & fuel minerals)Source: Monthly statistics on mineral production of IBM.Zinc concentrate, manganese ore,limestone,phosphorite,andsillimanite. The wholesale price indexfor metallic minerals was 148.0 inMarch 2020 as compared to 124.9 inMarch 2019 and that of other mineralswas 187.7 in March 2020 as comparedto 183.7 in March 2019.Price Trend2.5 The WPI for minerals (base 201112 100) stood at 156.8 in March 2020and the corresponding index was138.0 for March 2019.2.6 The minerals included in thewholesale price index are Bauxite,Chromite,ironore,Copperconcentrate, lead concentrate, Garnet,Photo 2.1Advanced tools in dust suppression arrangement Mist gun15

Table - 2.2Mining2.7Indianminingindustryischaracterized by a large number ofsmall operational mines. The number ofmineswhichreportedmineralproduction (excluding atomic, fuel andminor minerals) in India was 1364 in2018-19 as against 1431 in theprevious year.Area Wise Distribution of MiningLeases (Other than Atomic, HydroCarbons Energy & Minor Minerals) ason 31st March, 2018 (All India)Size(Hectare)2.8The number of reporting minesduring 2018-19 is 1364. Detailedinformation regarding mineral wise andstate wise distribution along withproduction and value are available atMonthlyStatisticsonMineralproduction of March 2019 issue at pageno. 33 to 36.The source publication isavailableatthefollowinglink: 845MSMP MARCH REV 2019.pdf0 to 22.9The numbers of reportingmines are given in Table 2.1. Areawise distribution of Mining Leasesallover India pertaining to all mineralsexcluding fuel, atomic and minorminerals is given in Table 2.2.No. ofLeasesLease area(Hectare)456585.861,0003,856.80 5 to 104493,305.82 10 to 204606,761.94 20 to 5052116,960.23 50 to 10030922,043.51 100 to 20023533,718.21 200 to 50022072,372.49Above 5001841,66,271.343,8343,25,876.20 2 to 5TotalSources: - Respective State Governments(DGMs/DMGs); however, the data received fromrespective regional offices of IBM have also beentaken in account wherever necessary.Table 2.1Number of Reporting Mines(P): Provisional.Sector2017-18 2018192019-20(up to Dec,2019)1,3641,356All 6385975837937677732.10 During2019-20,Mineralproduction was reported from 32States/UnionTerritories(actualreporting of MCDR minerals from 22States and estimation of minorminerals for all 32 States/UnionTerritories) of which the bulk of valueof mineral production (excluding fuelSource:Statutory returns submitted to IBM.*Excluding atomic, fuel and minor minerals.16

and atomic minerals) of about90.74% was confined to 10 States.Odisha is in leading position, interms of estimated value of mineralproduction in the country and hadthe share of 24.68% in the nationaloutput. Next in order was Rajasthanwith a share of 16.91% followed byKarnataka (8.76%), Andhra Pradesh(8.46%),Chhattisgarh(7.81%),Telangana (6.69%) and Gujarat(5.19%) in the total value of mineralproduction. The contribution ofStates in the value of mineralproductionduring2019-20(estimated) is shown in Figure 2. 4.Table 2.3Number of Underground Mines2017-18 @(By Principal Minerals)Minerals‘A’Category2.11 The number of undergroundmines in operation mineral-wise(excluding fuel, atomic and minorminerals) is given in Table r ore5-5Gold4-4Lead & Zinc8-8Manganeseore9615Rock Salt011Total32840@ Excluding fuel, atomic & minor minerals‘A’ Mechanized Mines: 150 labour in all or 75 labour in workings below ground.‘B’ Other than ‘A’Figure 2.4Share of States in Value of Mineral Production 2019-20(Estimated)(Excluding Atomic & Fuel Minerals)Source: Statutory returns submitted to IBM.17

2.12 State-wise analysis revealedthat during 2019-20, the value ofmineral production (excluding fuel &atomic minerals) have shown amixed trend as compared to that inthe previous year. The States whichhave indicated major increase in thevalue of mineral production ka(7.57%), Jammu & Kashmir (6.97%)etc. However, some of the principalmineral producing States recordeddecrease in value of mineralproduction (excluding fuel & atomicminerals)andthoseincludeChhattisgarh (17.55%), Uttarakhand(8.55%),Rajasthan(7.95%),Jharkhand (7.18%), Maharashtra(6.07%) and Assam (2.0%).2.14 During 2018-19 (excludingatomic, fuel, and minor minerals), thePrivate Sector emerged to play adominant role in mineral productionaccounting for 69.34% (Rs. 50,800crore). The contribution of publicsector is 30.66% (Rs. 22,459 crore).Small mines, which were mostly inthe private sector, continued to beoperated either as proprietary orpartnership ventures. The mineralswhich were wholly mined / recoveredby the public/joint sector in 2018-19were Copper ore and concentrate,Diamond, Fluorite (graded), Selenite,Rock Salt and Sulphur.2.15 India’s ranking in 2017 in worldproduction was 3rd in aluminium,steel (crude/liquid) & Zinc (slab); 4thin Chromite, iron ore, and lead(refined); 5th in Bauxite, 6th inCopper (refined), 7th in Manganeseore, 14th in Magnesite and 16th inapatite & rock phosphate. Thestatistics on indigenous and worldproduction of principal minerals andmetals are given in Table All India Reserves andResources of various minerals as on01.04.2015, as per parameters ofUNFC 1997System are given inAnnexure 2.4.18

Table 2.4Contribution and Rank of India in World Production of Principal Minerals & Metals,2017-18Unit ofSectorProduction (quantity)Contribution India’s rank inCommodityWorld order (Percentage)WorldIndia*Metallic MineralsBauxite'000 tonnes3,03,80022,3137.345thChromite'000 tonnes37,5003,4819.284thIron oreMillion tonnes3,3322016.034thManganese ore'000 tonnes51,6002,5895.027th'000 tonnes28,7001950.6814thApatite & Rock '000 tonnesphosphate2,53,0001,5340.6116thIndustrial MineralsMagnesiteMetalsAluminium(Primary)'000 tonnes60,1003,4015.653rdCopper (refined)'000 tonnes23,6008303.526thSteel(crude/liquid)million tonnes1,689102.346.063rdLead (refined)'000 tonnes11,300 ##565 #5.004thZinc (slab)'000 tonnes13,7007915.773rdSource: World mineral production data compiled from World Mineral Production, 2013-2017; British Geological Survey.* Figures relate to 2017-18.Note: (i) Data in respect of World Mineral Production is on calendar year basis, however the data on India’s production isbased on financial year.(ii) Data on minor minerals is not included in the table due to non-availability of production data with respect to India. : India's rank based on production mentioned in World Mineral Production 2013-17; British Geological Survey.#: Figures as published in World Mineral Production, 2013-17. However, the production of Lead (Primary) during 2017- 18 is168 thousand tonnes.##: Figure relates to both primary and secondary refined lead and includes the lead content of antimonial lead.19

Self-reliance in Minerals & MineralBased rconcentrate., etc. which wereimported to meet the demand foreither blending with locally availablemineral raw materials and/or formanufacturing special qualities ofmineral based products. To meet theincreasingdemandofuncutdiamonds, emerald and otherprecious & semi-precious stones bythe domestic cutting and polishingIndustry, India is dependent onimports of raw uncut stones for theirvalue-added re-exports.2.16 As far as self reliance isconcerned about minerals (otherthan hydrocarbon energy, atomicand minor minerals), India continuedto be wholly or largely self-sufficientin minerals which constitute primarymineral raw materials that aresupplied to industries such as Iron &steel,Aluminium,cement,refractories, ceramics, glass, etc.India is self-sufficient in Bauxite, Ironore, Sillimanite. India is deficient inPhoto 2.2Underground mines at the Indian Copper ComplexPRODUCTION TRENDSor 70.55%, Zinc concentrate Rs. 5,608or 8.76%, Chromite Rs. 3,584 crore or5.60%, Silver Rs. 2,582 crore or4.03%, while the remaining wascontributed by Manganese ore,Bauxite, lead conc., Copper conc.,Gold and Tin concentrates.Metallic Minerals2.17 The value of metallic minerals in2018-19 at Rs. 64,044 crore increasedby 26.97% over the previous year.Among the principal metallic minerals,iron ore contributed Rs. 45,185 crore20

2.18 The Production of Bauxite at23,688 thousand tonnes during 201819 registered an increase of 6% ascompared to the previous year.Odisha with 65.07% contribution wasthe leading producer of Bauxitefollowed by Jharkhand (10.18%),Gujarat (9.21%), Chhattisgarh (6.47%)and Maharashtra (6.02%) and theremaining 3% of production wascontributed by Madhya Pradesh andGoa. The share of public sector in thetotal production was 46% whileremaining 54% was contributed byprivate sector.2.22 The production of Iron oreconsisting of Lumps, Fines andConcentrates at 206 million tonnes in2018-19 increased by almost 2.7% ascompared to 201 million tonnes in theprevious year. There were 268reporting Iron ore mines in 2018-19 asagainst 294 mines in the previousyear. Odisha was the leadingproducer of iron ore accounting for55% of total production followed byChhattisgarh (17%), Karnataka (14%),Jharkhand (11%) and remaining (7%)production was reported from AndhraPradesh, Goa, Madhya Pradesh,Maharashtra and Rajasthan.2.19 The production of Chromite at3,971 thousand tonnes in 2018-19increased by 14.1% as compared tothat in the previous year. Odishareported almost entire production ofChromite.2.23 The production of Lead & Zincore at 13.75 million tonnes in 2018-19increased by 9% as compared to thatin the previous year. There were eightmines reporting production of Leadand Zinc ore in the current year. Theproduction of Lead concentrateincreased by 17% and the productionof Zinc concentrate decreased by 5%during the year. Rajasthan was thesole producing State of Lead and Zincores and concentrates.2.20 The production of Copper orein 2018-19 at 4,135 thousand tonnesincreased by 12.4% as compared tothat in the previous year. There werefive reporting mines of Copper ore in2018-19. The production of Copperconcentrates at 155 thousand tonnesincreased by 9.6% in 2018-19 ascompared to that in the previous year.2.24 The production of Manganeseore at 2,820 thousand tonnes in 201819 has increased by 9% as comparedto the previous year. There were 142reporting mines of Manganese ore in2018-19. Madhya Pradesh continuedto be the largest producer ofManganese ore contributing 33% inthe total output of the country.2.21 The production of Gold ore at566 thousand tonnes in the year2018-19 increased by 2.9% ascompared to that in the previous year.Almost entire production of Gold oreand bullion was reported fromKarnataka.21

Non-Metallic Minerals2.25 The value of production of nonmetallic minerals at Rs. 9,215 croreduring 2018-19 increased by 12.41%as compared to the previous year.Limestone retained its leading positionby contributing Rs. 8,484 crore or92.07% of the total value of nonmetallic minerals in 2018-19. Theother non-metallic minerals in theorderofimportancewerePhosphorite/Rock Phosphate (3.85%),and Garnet (abrasive) (1.70%).2.28 The production of Phosphoriteat 1,285 thousand tonnes in 2018-19has decreased by 16% as comparedto that in the previous year. Rajasthancontributed 92% and the rest wasaccrued f

Ministry of Mines is given at Table 1.1. Organisational structure of the Ministry of Mines is shown in Annexure 1.1. Table 1.1 Information in r/o Secretariat . been spent on drinking water supply project and Rs.1698.91 crore have been spent on education projects. This Ministry is taking steps to upload these details in the public .

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ME – Ministry of Economics MES – Ministry of Education and Science MEPRD – Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development MF – Ministry of Finance MH – Ministry of Health MI – Ministry of the Interior MJ – Ministry of Justice MRDLG – Ministry of Regional Development and Local Government MT – Ministry of Transport

Government of India Ministry of Mines ShastriBhawan, New Delhi-110001. No.17/1/2013-Met.IV Dated: 26th May 2014 REQUEST FOR PROPOSAL FOR PREPARATION OF A DPR Ministry of Mines, Government of India invites proposals from qualified and experienced consulting firms for the preparation of a Detailed Project Report (DPR) on setting up an .

Ministry of Justice 35 Fiji Corrections Service 37 Ministry of Communications 40 Ministry of Civil Service 43 . Ministry of Health and Medical Services 60 Ministry of Housing and Community Development 64 Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation 68 Ministry of Youth and Sports 73 Tertiary Scholarships and Loans Schemes 77 Ministry .

Ministries/Departments of the Government of India, namely, Department of Space, Ministry of Agriculture, Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers, Ministry of Coal, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Ministry of Drinking Water and Sanitation, Ministry of Earth



Ministry of Civil Service 583.8 1,056.4 Fiji Police Force 59.0 25.0 Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts 23,638.2 18,608.3 Ministry of Health and Medical Services 10,642.7 16,766.0 Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation 2,906.3 6,581.5 Ministry of Youth and Sports 212.3 - Ministry of Agriculture 8,662.8 9,216.8

Student Ministry 2 2 Children’s Ministry 2 Sunday, April 29 Education Ministry Music Ministry 3 3 Family Night Supper First Family News 3 4 Ministry This Week Facts and Figures 5 5 11:00 Worship Guide Sun. Evening Classes 6 7 Coming Events Adult Ministry 7 7 Volum

Government of India Ministry of New and Renewable Energy MNRE . 1,00,000 MW Till year 2022 20,000 MW 20,000 MW 40,000 MW 20,000 MW Solar Park Unemployed Graduate States/Private/ . Ministry MW Potential Ministry of Agriculture 12 Ministry of Chemicals and Fertilizers Ministry of Health and Family 401

On behalf of the Ministry of Energy and Mines, Lao PDR, I am very grateful for the technical and financial support for this Energy Statistics Project. We will continue to consult ERIA to build the energy data to support energy policies and planning in Lao PDR. 24 May 2018 Dr. Khammany INTHIRATH Minister of Ministry of Energy and Mines, Lao PDR .

Colorado School of Mines Fall 2018 Principles of Corporate Finance – EBGN 345A Instructor: Dr. Becky Lafrancois (Dr. L or Professor L) Office: 110 Engineering Hall email: Office Phone: 303-384-2191 Office Hours: 8-9 AM Monday, Wednesday, Friday; 9:30-11:30AM Tuesday; or by appointment* *You may schedule appointments outside of office hours through email.

of Substations Understanding Direct Lightning Stroke Shielding of Substations P.K. Sen, Ph.D., P.E. Professor Division of Engineering Colo. School of Mines Golden, Colorado (303) 384-2020 PSERC Seminar Golden, Colorado November 6, 2001 '2002 Colorado School of Mines

6/20/13 SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT – FALL 2013 COURSE: EBGN 559, 3 Credits. MEETING TIMES: Wednesdays 10:00a – 12:45p, Room 211. INSTRUCTOR: Prof. Gregg Macaluso E-mail: or; (303) 492-0497 Prof. Macaluso is a now an adjunct member of the Mines ETM faculty as

the Viet Minh used improvised explosive mines and boobytraps effectively against the French forces. The VC/NVA have con tinued to improve upon these techniques and are employing mines and boobytraps as an effective weapons system against free world military forces in SVN today. The number of Marine casualties, perhaps

ecole des ponts paristech supaero (isae), ensta paristech, telecom paristech, mines paristech, mines de saint–etienne, mines de nancy, tel ecom bretagne, ensae paristech (fili ere mp) ecole polytechnique (fili ere tsi) concours d’admission 2012 seconde epreuve de physique filiere pc (dur ee de l’ epreuve: 4 heures)

Ecole des PONTS ParisTech, ISAE-SUPAERO, ENSTA ParisTech, TELECOM ParisTech, MINES ParisTech, MINES Saint-Etienne, MINES Nancy, TELECOM Bretagne, ENSAE ParisTech (Filière MP). CONCOURS 2016 LANGUES VIVANTES (Durée de l’épreuve : 1 h 30) L’emploi de tous documents (dictionnaires, imprimés, .) et de tous appareils

ecole des ponts paristech supaero (isae), ensta paristech, telecom paristech, mines paristech, mines de saint–etienne, mines de nancy, tel ecom bretagne, ensae paristech (fili ere mp) ecole polytechnique (fili ere tsi) concours d’admission 2011 seconde epreuve de physique filiere psi (dur ee de l’ epreuve: 4 heures)

Rapport de présentation du projet de ZAC Gare des Mines-Fillettes 3 / 26 I. CONTEXTE ET HISTORIQUE DE L’OPÉRATION I.1 Contexte Le périmètre du secteur Gare des Mines - Fillettes, sur Paris (18ème arrondissement,) comprend principalement des terrains de la Ville de Paris – essentiellement les équipements sportifs du stade des Fillettes, le quartier

ASME Materials Division 2019 Fall News 5 2019 Awards Nadai Medalist: The Nadai Medal is awarded in recognition of significant contributions and outstanding achievements which broaden the field of materials engineering. The 2019 Nadai Medalist is Ellen M. Arruda, Tim Manganello/ Borg Warner Department Chair of Mechanical Engineering, and the Maria Comninou Collegiate Professor of Mechanical .