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Regional MLS RulesAs approved the ORTIS BoDAugust 18, 2015

Index of ArticlesStatement of Principles1Association Pledge of Competition1Preface2Article 1– Definitions and Interpretation2Article 2– Listing Procedures7Article 3– Compensation14Article 4– Permissions Management Rules16Article 5– Trading Procedures16Article 6– Appointments16Article 7– Trading Rules17Article 8– Presentation of Offers on MLS ListedProperties21Article 9Article 10– Reporting of Trades– Ownership, Copyright, Access to and Use ofthe MLS System database, MLS Systemdata, and Other Association Publications23Article 11– Privacy Compliance Requirements28Article 12– Breaches and Penalties28Article 13– Commission Trust29Page i of i24Approved - August 18, 2015

Regional MLS RulesStatement of PrinciplesWHEREAS the Association has adopted these MLS Rules with the understanding that theMembers will abide by them, as well as by their spirit and intent, for the betterment of theMembers and the public;AND WHEREAS the Association wishes to ensure there is freedom of choice for the Membersand the public they serve, but has adopted certain principles as the basis for representationas outlined in the Association Pledge of Competition;AND WHEREAS the Association has determined that Members submitting Listings to theMLS System must offer co-operation, including an offer of compensation, to other Memberswhether acting as a Buyer's Representative, or otherwise;THE Association HAS ENACTED these MLS Rules, which shall apply notwithstanding anyagreement or arrangement to the contrary between a Representative and his Client.Association Pledge of CompetitionMember Boards and Associations of the Canadian Real Estate Association support free andopen competition. We believe in the principles embodied in the Competition Act of Canada.Therefore we adhere to a Code of Conduct which includes the following standards: Compensation Members charge for services offered to the public, and the divisionof those fees among co-operating Members, are solely the choice of thoseproviding the services. A Brokerage may offer any variety of services e.g. exclusive, open, MLS listings,etc. Real Estate Boards and Associations accept MLS listings regardless of theprice, compensation, or the division thereof. Advertising by Members and non-members is subject to the discretion of theindividual, as long as it is honest and lawful. We encourage creative,competitive choice in the services advertised to the public. The business relationships between Brokerages, their salespersons and nonmembers are theirs to determine. With regard to Board and Associationmembership, Members may choose for themselves to work full or part time, aslong as they remain available to serve the public on a regular basis.All Members are required to meet uniform and reasonable financial and educationalstandards. They are required to demonstrate integrity and character necessary to protectthe public.By using the MLS and REALTOR trademarks, all member Boards and Associations ofthe Canadian Real Estate Association proclaim adherence to these principles, designed topreserve free and open competition.Page 1 of 25Approved - August 18, 2015

Regional MLS Rules (Cont’d)Preface:In all relationships with fellow REALTORS and with those Buyers and Sellers involved,whether as Clients or otherwise, the Regulations under the Real Estate and BusinessBrokers Act, 2002, the REBBA Code of Ethics, and the REALTOR Code of Ethics must beobserved. Where any of the following Rules conflict with any relevant Regulations of theReal Estate and Business Brokers Act, 2002, the REBBA Code of Ethics, or the REALTOR Code of Ethics, in diminishing order, the Regulations of the Real Estate and BusinessBrokers Act, 2002, the REBBA Code of Ethics, or the REALTOR Code of Ethics shall bedeemed to be paramount.ARTICLE 1 – Definitions and Interpretation1.01Did not existin old rules.Did not existin old rules.In these Regional MLS Rules, unless the context otherwise requires:(a)“Act” means the Real Estate and Business Brokers Act 2002 and itsregulations, and any successor legislation.(b)“Advertising” means promotion of any description including the posting anduse of signs, and the words “Advertise” and “Advertisement(s)” have acorresponding meaning. Notwithstanding the generality of the foregoing,“Advertising” shall include any form of message to the general public, whethercommunicated by computer, radio, television, newspaper, flyers, form letterseven though personally addressed, computerized telephone messages, or thesearch results of unattended computer databases or sites.(c)“Amendment” means the process by which a Listing Agreement is changed inany way and shall be evidenced by any document used to advise theAssociation of such change which shall include but not be limited to anAmendment to Listing Agreement form, Assignment of Listing Agreementform, Cancellation of Listing Agreement form and Suspension of ListingAgreement form. The verb “Amend” in its various forms shall have acorresponding meaning.(d)“Association” means the insert the Association/Board name.(e)“Association Data Entry” means the entering of listing information from theMLS Data Input Form, Listing Agreement, if applicable, and other data ontothe MLS System database by Association staff.(f)"Authorized User" means any Person other than a Member who has beenauthorized by the Association to access or use any part of the MLS Database.(g)“Broker” means an individual who is registered as a broker in accordance withthe Act(h)“Broker Member” means a Broker who is a Member.(i)“BROKER OF RECORD” means the Broker so designated by the Brokerageunder the Act.(j)“Brokerage” means a corporation, partnership, sole proprietor, association orother organization or entity that, is registered in accordance with the Act andon behalf of others and for compensation or reward or the expectation ofsuch, Trades in real estate or holds himself, herself or itself out as such.(k)“Brokerage Member” means a Brokerage that is a Member.Page 2 of 25Approved - August 18, 2015

Regional MLS Rules (Cont’d)Did not existin old rules.(l)“Business Day” means all days other than Saturday, Sunday and statutoryholidays in the Province of Ontario.(m)“Buyer” means any Person or Persons, or their lawfully authorizedrepresentative(s) who is/are acquiring or seeking to acquire an interest in realestate.(n)“Buyer’s Representative” means the Brokerage representing the Buyer under aBuyer Representation Agreement.(o)“Buyer Representation Agreement” means the representation agreementformed between a Buyer as Client and a Brokerage regarding one or moreaspects of an acquisition of property.(p)“By-law” means the By-law of the Association.(q)“Client” means a Person who is represented under a RepresentationAgreement by the Brokerage to whom is owed primary allegiance includinggood faith, full disclosure, competence, obedience and accounting.(r)"Commission Trust Agreement" means the agreement in the form attached asSchedule "A" to these Regional MLS Rules.(s)"Commission Trust" has the meaning ascribed to it in Article 14, Section14.02.(t)"Commission Trust Account" means a trust account maintained at a Canadianchartered bank or trust company and designated as a "Commission TrustAccount". The Commission Trust Account shall be used only for the receiptand disbursement of Commission Trust funds, or any amounts the Brokeragehas otherwise agreed to receive in trust from a Broker/Salesperson forremittance to a third party on behalf of a Broker/Salesperson, and keptseparate and apart from the statutory trust account that a Brokerage isrequired to maintain for consumer funds.(u)”Commission Trust Amount" in any transaction shall be the Commission TrustAmount indicated on the Commission Trust Agreement for that Transaction,provided that if no such amount is indicated on the Commission TrustAgreement, the Commission Trust Amount shall be calculated in accordancewith the compensation that the Listing Brokerage shall pay to the Cooperating Brokerage, in accordance with Article 4, Sections 4.01 or 4.02, asthe case may be, or as agreed to by the Listing Brokerage and Co-operatingBrokerage, as provided for in Article 4, Section 4.04.(v)"Content" means, but is not limited to, information, comments, opinions,statements, advice, descriptions, data, Images, graphics, audio clips, videoclips, icons, attachments, files, links, ideas, or software.(w)“Co-operating Brokerage” means a Brokerage that effects the Trade of theproperty as a Buyer’s Representative, or otherwise.(x)“CREA” means The Canadian Real Estate Association or any successororganization.(y)“Customer” means a Person who is receiving customer service under theterms of a Customer Service Agreement from the Brokerage, or otherwise.Page 3 of 25Approved - August 18, 2015

Regional MLS Rules (Cont’d)Did notexist inold rules.NewDefinition.(z)“Designated Signing Representative” means the individual(s) designated bythe BROKER OF RECORD of the Listing Brokerage as being permitted to signdocuments on behalf of the Listing Brokerage, and the Association shall beadvised of such designation.(aa)“Direct Data Entry” means the entering of listing information from the MLS Data Input Form, Listing Agreement, if applicable, and any other data onto theMLS System database by the Listing Brokerage’s office or authorizeddesignate.(bb)“Directors” means the Board of Directors of the Association.(cc)"Employed" means hired, appointed, authorized, or otherwise arranged tohave another individual act on one’s behalf, whether by an engagementcontract (either oral or written) or by any other contract for service and,without limiting the generality of the foregoing, includes an independentcontractor relationship; and "Employ", and "Employs" have a correspondingmeaning.(dd)"HST" means the tax commonly known as the Harmonized Sales Tax imposedby the Excise Tax Act (Canada) as may be amended or replaced from time totime.(ee)"Image" means any depiction, including but not limited to photographs, digitalimages, virtual tours, renderings, sketches and maps, or any substitute forany of the above.(ff)“Listing Agreement”, also referred to as a Seller Representation Agreement inthe REBBA Code of Ethics, means the Representation Agreement, includingany Amendment thereto, formed between a Seller as Client and a Brokerageregarding one or more aspects of a Trade in property, and shall be evidencedby a duly executed copy of the standard Listing Agreement form prescribedfrom time to time by the Association.(gg)“Listing Brokerage” means the Brokerage that is a member of CREA and thathas listed the property for Trade through the MLS System.(hh)“Managing Broker” means, at the choice of the Brokerage Member:i)the individual who is the BROKER OF RECORD of the BrokerageMember, if the Brokerage Member’s BROKER OF RECORD is a Member;orii)a Member in the Employ of the Brokerage Member who has beendesignated as the Managing Broker for the purpose of the relationshipbetween the Brokerage Member and the Association, whether or not theBrokerage Member’s BROKER OF RECORD is a Member.Every Brokerage Member shall advise the Association of whom it hasdesignated as its Managing Broker and shall also immediately advise theAssociation when that designation changes.(ii)“Member” means Brokerage Member, Broker Member or Salesperson Memberas defined in the By-Law.(jj)“MLS ” and “Multiple Listing Service ” are two of the MLS Marks owned byCREA and licensed by CREA.Page 4 of 25Approved - August 18, 2015

Regional MLS Rules (Cont’d)(kk)“MLS Data Input Form” means the data input form, as prescribed by theAssociation from time to time to be used to obtain and submit propertyinformation for an MLS Listing.(ll)“MLS Listing” means a listing which is entered onto the MLS Systemdatabase and includes:i)the Listing Agreement portion; andii)the MLS Data Input Form portion; andall subsequent Amendments thereto.(mm) “MLS Marks” – made up of MLS , Multiple Listing Service and the MLS logos permitted by CREA – are certification marks owned by CREA andlicensed by CREA pursuant to the terms and conditions set out in CREA’s bylaws, rules and policies. The MLS Marks identify professional servicesrendered by members in good standing of CREA to effect the purchase andsale of real estate as part of a “plural system arrangement”, also known as aco-operative selling system (the “MLS services”), in compliance with CREA’sby-laws, rules and policies, and the REALTOR Code of Ethics as amendedfrom time to time, and in compliance with all applicable federal and provinciallaws and regulations. The MLS Marks do not identify or describe a computerdatabase of real estate listings.Did not exist inold rules.(nn)“MLS System” means the co-operative selling system operated and promotedby the Association in conjunction with the MLS Marks. The MLS Systemincludes an inventory of listings of participating REALTORS , and ensures acertain level of accuracy of information, professionalism and co-operationamongst REALTORS to effect the purchase and sale of real estate.(oo)“MLS System data” means any part of the MLS System database.(pp)“MLS System database” means the database of MLS Listings and Tradesoperated by the Association for the benefit of its Members and AuthorizedUsers as part of the MLS System, and includes any and all Content gathered,compiled, stored or published by the Association as part of the MLS System,in whatever format it is gathered, compiled, stored or published by theAssociation, and further includes any and all such Content which is madeavailable by the Association to Members and Authorized Users, in whateverformat it is disseminated to the Members and Authorized Users.(qq)"Offer" means any proposal relating to a Trade or Transaction and "Seller"shall include "lessor" or “optionor" and "Buyer" shall include "lessee" or"optionee" as the nature of the Trade or Transaction may require.(rr)“Person” means where applicable an individual, a partnership, a corporation,an organization, and a business.(ss)“Property Specific Information” means information about the Real EstateComponent itself and aspects of the immediate surroundings that relatedirectly to the Real Estate Component, including, but not limited to, sceneryviewed from the Real Estate Component.Page 5 of 25Approved - August 18, 2015

Regional MLS Rules (Cont’d)Did not existin old rules.(tt)“Real Estate Component” means real property, a leasehold, or other interestin real property less than a fee simple, and a time share agreement withregard to real property. It also includes a moveable dwelling that is designedfor use as a permanent residence; and a business, including an interest orshare of a business, with or without premises, and the fixtures, stock-intrade, goods and chattels associated with the business, provided such itemsare sold in bulk as part of the business operation.(uu)“REALTOR ” and “REALTORS ” are two of the REALTOR Marks controlled byCREA and licensed by CREA.(vv)“REALTOR Marks” – made up of REALTOR , REALTORS and the REALTOR logos permitted by CREA – are certification marks controlled by CREA andlicensed by CREA pursuant to the terms and conditions set out in CREA’s bylaws, rules and policies. They identify members in good standing of CREA whoprovide real estate brokerage services (the “REALTOR services”) incompliance with CREA’s by-laws, rules and policies, and the REALTOR Codeof Ethics, as amended from time to time, and in compliance with all applicablefederal and provincial laws and regulations.(ww)“REBBA Code of Ethics” means the Code of Ethics for all registrants containedin the regulations to the Act, and any successor Code.(xx)“Registrant” means a Brokerage, Broker or Salesperson registered under theAct.(yy)“Representation” means that relationship between Client and Brokeragewherein the Brokerage is considered in law to represent the Client and“Representative” shall have a corresponding meaning.(zz)“Representation Agreement” means an agreement between a Brokerage and aClient, under which the Brokerage and Client agree that the Brokerage willrepresent the Client in respect of one or more aspects of a Trade in realestate, and without limiting the generality of the foregoing, includes a ListingAgreement and a Buyer Representation Agreement.(aaa) “Salesperson” means an individual registered as a salesperson in accordancewith the Act.(bbb) “Salesperson Member” means a Salesperson who is a Member.(ccc)“Seller” means every Person:i)registered on title as the owner(s) of the property; and/orii)having the legal authority to Trade the property;or their lawfully authorized representative(s).Existed in old (ddd) “Show" means the introduction of a prospective Buyer to the Real EstateComponent by the act of causing the prospective Buyer, where buildingsrules. Definitionexist, to examine the Real Estate Component both internally and externallyin new rulesor, where buildings do not exist, to view the grounds and, in either case, thehas beensurrounding area, in company with the Member who is attempting to sell therevised.Real Estate Component or by causing such examination of the Real EstateComponent by the prospective Buyer under arrangement made with theListing Brokerage so that it may be done in company with the Seller, and"Shown" and "Showing" have a corresponding meaning.Page 6 of 25Approved - August 18, 2015

Regional MLS Rules (Cont’d)(eee) "Special Agreement" means:(fff)i)any modification to the Association’s form of Listing Agreement, and/orii)any arrangement or agreement between the Listing Brokerage and theSeller relating to the compensation offered to a Co-operating Brokerageother than the compensation as published by the Association, providedsuch arrangement or agreement does not render the listing ineligible tobe an MLS Listing, and includes any circumstances under which thecompensation offered to a Co-operating Brokerage will be paid or not paid,or that may affect a Member's or Co-operating Brokerage's ability tocomplete the Trade or earn the compensation offered.“Special Offer Condition” means any arrangement or stipulation between theListing Brokerage and the Seller relating to the conditions of an offer whichshould be considered by a Co-operating Brokerage when preparing an offer oragreement to Trade.In the case of multiple representation, a Special Offer Condition exists if thereis any arrangement between the Listing Brokerage and the Buyer Client orcustomer of said Listing Brokerage relating to conditions of an offer whichshould be considered by a Co-operating Brokerage when preparing an offer oragreement to Trade.Did not exist inold rules.(ggg) “Subscriber” means an Authorized User who is also a Registrant and aREALTOR and who meets all eligibility requirements as outlined in the Bylaw.(hhh) “Transaction” or Trade” means a disposition or acquisition of, or transaction inreal estate by sale, purchase, agreement for purchase and sale, exchange,option, lease, rental or otherwise and any offer or attempt to list real estatefor the purpose of such a disposition, acquisition or transaction, and any act,advertisement, conduct or negotiation, directly or indirectly, in furtherance ofany disposition, acquisition, transaction, offer or attempt, and the verb“Trade” has a corresponding meaning.1.02Did notexist in oldrules.Where the terms “written”, “in writing”, “execute”, “executed”, or “execution”are used in these Regional MLS Rules, the required action shall be deemed tobe satisfied when performed and delivered in person, by mail or courier, byfacsimile transmission, or by electronic means as allowed by the ElectronicCommerce Act, 2000 and its Regulations, and any amendments thereto.1.03These Regional MLS Rules shall be read with all changes of gender or numberrequired by the context.1.04WHEREAS the Association has adopted, as its official position, the principle thata Co- operating Brokerage shall, for the purpose of these Regional MLS Rules,be deemed to be acting as a Buyer’s Representative unless such Co-operatingBrokerage discloses otherwise. This official Association position does not relievea Member from full compliance with the Act, the REBBA Code of Ethics, and theREALTOR Code of Ethics.Page 7 of 25Approved - August 18, 2015

Regional MLS Rules (Cont’d)ARTICLE 2 – Listing Procedures2.01The Listing Brokerage shall secure an MLS Listing signed on behalf of the Listing Brokerageand by the Seller, satisfactory to the Association, and said Listing Brokerage shall beaccountable for the Content of that MLS Listing.2.02Only listings that comply with the following three pillars of the MLS Marks as establishedby CREA shall be listed on the MLS System database:2.032.04(a)Only Listing Brokerages may place an MLS Listing on the MLS System database.(b)The Listing Brokerage shall act as Representative for the Seller in order to post,amend or remove an MLS Listing on the MLS System database. The nature ofany additional services to be provided by the Listing Brokerage is determined byagreement between the Listing Brokerage and the Seller.(c)The Listing Brokerage agrees to pay to the Co-operating Brokerage compensationfor the co-operative selling of the property. An offer of compensation of zero is notacceptable.The following are the interpretations of the three (3) pillars of the MLS Marks, as set outin CREA’s by-laws and rules:(a)The Listing Brokerage shall be available to provide professional advice and counselto the Seller on all offers and counter offers unless otherwise directed by the Sellerin writing.(b)The Listing Brokerage is responsible and accountable for the accuracy ofinformation submitted to the Association for inclusion in the MLS System database(see Section 2.10 below). The Association is responsible for ensuring that the datasubmitted to it meets reasonable standards of quality.(c)Only REALTORS are permitted to display the MLS Marks in signage, advertisingetc.(d)Where the Seller directs the Listing Brokerage in writing to do so, the Seller’scontact information may appear in the REALTOR only remarks (non-public)section of an MLS Listing on the MLS System database. The Seller’s contactinformation shall not appear on or in the general (public) remarkssection of an MLS Listing on the MLS System database. The Listing Brokeragemay include a direction in the general description section on or onwebsites operated by CREA or the Association to visit the Listing Brokerage (and/orlisting REALTOR ) website to obtain additional information about the listing (butthe nature of such additional information shall not be specified).(e)Where the Seller has reserved the right to sell the property himself/herself, thatfact shall be specified in the non-public portion of the MLS System database.While all efforts have been made by the Association to ensure that none of the otherRegional MLS Rules in this document violate any of the principles in the 3 Pillars and theInterpretations of the 3 Pillars set out in Sections 2.02 and 2.03 above, if it is determinedby the Association in consultation with CREA, that any of the other Regional MLS Rules inthis document violate any of the principles in the 3 Pillars and the Interpretations of the 3Pillars set out in Sections 2.02 and 2.03 above or the Competition Act, they will beamended or deleted as required.Page 8 of 25Approved - August 18, 2015

Regional MLS Rules (Cont’d) notexist in oldrules.By submitting an MLS Listing to the MLS System the Listing Brokerage:(a)represents and warrants to the Association and to all Members that it owns theMLS Listing and has the authority to cause all content of that MLS Listing to bepublished on the MLS System, and that a valid, MLS Listing Agreement is ineffect between the Seller and the Listing Brokerage.(b)shall indemnify and save the Association harmless from any loss to the Associationarising out of any claim regarding the Listing Agreement, the MLS Data InputForm and/or publication of the MLS Listing on the MLS System. This appliesregardless of any agreement between the Listing Brokerage and the Seller thatattempts to waive or shift the responsibility for the accuracy and/or completenessof the MLS Listing and all matters that make up the MLS Listing or anyinformation submitted to the Association for inclusion in the MLS Systemdatabase to the Seller or any other Person.The following are the rules regarding multi-media links:(a)All multi-media links must be limited to property specific information and noadvertising of private sales is permitted on those links, including Seller contactinformation.(b)All multi-media links must be limited to their respective fields and shall comply withthe CREA MLS Technology Council’s multi-media Policy.(c)Webpages linked directly from the MLS System through multi-media links shallnot indicate where private sale information can otherwise be located.(d)Webpages linked directly from the MLS System through multi-media links or‘REALTOR Website’ links shall not automatically redirect users to a third party site.(e)The listing REALTOR or Listing Brokerage website may be linked directly through the ‘REALTOR Website’ link that appears on REALTOR.cafeature sheets, but this specific webpage of the REALTOR or Brokerage websiteshall not display Seller contact information. As well, members may include in thepublic remarks a comment to “see my website for further information” withoutspecifying the nature of such additional information.In addition to the provisions of Sections 2.02, 2.03, 2.04, and 2.05 above and withoutlimiting the generality of the other provisions contained in these MLS Rules, a Listingshall not be accepted by the Association as an MLS Listing if:(a)it excludes any Members from showing the property; and/or(b)it excludes any Members from acting as Co-operating Brokerages; and/or(c)all mandatory data input fields have not been completed; and/or(d)it is not immediately available for showings and the registration of offers; and/or(e)it is not immediately available for the Presentation of Offers, except where theListing Agreement is accompanied by an OREA Form 244 (Seller’s Direction re:Property/Offers), fully executed in relation to that part of the form dealing with thePresentation of Offers and attached as a Schedule to said Listing Agreement; and/or(f)it includes disclaimers of responsibility by the Listing Brokerage or the Seller for theaccuracy or completeness of the information on the MLS Listing, or anyrequirement for Members or Co-operating Brokerages or Buyers to verify theinformation; and/orPage 9 of 25Approved - August 18, 2015

Regional MLS Rules (Cont’d)(g)it includes any instruction from a Seller that would relieve the Listing Brokerage orany other Brokerage of any obligation under these MLS Rules; and/or(h)it does not include a “real estate component”.2.08The Listing Brokerage shall be a Brokerage Member or a Brokerage that is a member of areal estate board/association that is a signatory to an agreement with the Association toaccept and publish Listings on the MLS System, subject to the provisions of Article 2,Section cases where an MLS Listing:(a)has a Special Offer Condition; and/or,(b)includes any Special Agreement;the existence of such Special Offer Condition or Special Agreement must be identified inthe non-public section of the MLS Listing. The precise terms of any such SpecialAgreement or Special Offer Condition shall be provided in writing to other Members andCo-operating Brokerages immediately upon request.2.10Only the Association’s approved forms shall be used for MLS Listings to be servicedthrough the MLS System.2.11Forms made available by the Association are protected by copyright law and may only beused by Members and Authorized Users as specifically authorized by these Regional MLS Rules or in writing by the Directors. In no instance may any such form be sold or distributedto any third party.2.12Since there are areas within the MLS Data Input Form where the Listing Brokerage mayinsert its contact information, including but not limited to, an area of the form where theListing Brokerage may insert virtual tour information and electronic links, including urls (ifany), then subject to and without limiting the generality of Section 2.03 above:Existedin oldrules.Wordingis2.13revised.(a)only comments which provide pertinent information concerning the property shallbe permitted in the public remarks section of any MLS Listing with the exception ofa direction to visit an unbranded link to obtain additional information; and(b)only comments which provide pertinent information concerning the property, theshowing of the property, the remuneration, the transaction or other factorsimpacting Co-operating Brokerages shall be permitted in the non- public remarkssection of any MLS Listing.Every Image submitted to the MLS shall prominently feature the Property SpecificInformation relating to the MLS Listed property but shall not include advertising or marketingmessages or embellishments of any type.2.14A Member shall post or cause to be posted at least one Image for each MLS Listing notlater than 11:59 p.m. of the Business Day following the MLS Listing being submitted to theMLS System.2.15The Association acts solely as publisher of the MLS System database and:(a)was 48 hours.Excepted vacantland.(b)is not obligated to or responsible for reviewing the accuracy, thecompletion/completeness and/or propriety of any MLS Data Input Form or ListingAgreement, andwhether the MLS Listing is handled by Association Data Entry or Direct Data Entry,the Association is not responsible for the accuracy, the completion/completenessPage 10 of 25Approved - August 18, 2015

Regional MLS Rules (Cont’d)and/or the propriety of any

Regional MLS Rules (Cont'd) (kk) "MLS Data Input Form" means the data input form, as prescribed by the Association from time to time to be used to obtain and submit property information for an MLS Listing. (ll) "MLS Listing" means a listing which is entered onto the MLS System database and includes: i) the Listing .

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