CCUS Moving Ahead: Recent Technical Advances

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CCUS Moving Ahead: RecentTechnical AdvancesJohn GaleGeneral ManagerIEA Greenhouse Gas R&D ProgrammeIEA-MOST WorkshopAdvances in Deployment of Fossil Fuel TechnologiesWednesday 25th June 2014Beijing, China

What is our remit?All GreenhouseGases – Focus onCO2OurRemitCoversFossil Fuels &BioCCSPower Sector andMajor Industrial sectors

What do we do?Assessing Mitigation Options– Focus our R&D CCSOur CoreActivitiesAre:Tracking Capture TechnologyDevelopments/CostsMonitoring GeologicalStorage PerformanceProviding Members and PolicyAudience with IndependentTechnical Input

Commercial Application ofCCS (to date)Sleipner1Mt/y CO2In-SalahWeyburn2.5 Mt/y CO2 1.2 Mt/y CO2150MWe350km overlandpipeline19961998200020022004Snohvit0.7Mt/y CO2160km subsea pipeline200620082010Gorgon4Mt/y CO2 Major Scale up inStorage experience 600MWe power plant PressureManagement involved2012201420162018

Boundary Dam, 110MWe

Major CCS Demonstration ProjectsProject Locations & Cost ShareCCPIFutureGen 2.0Large-scale Testing of Oxy-Combustion w/ CO2Capture and Sequestration in Saline FormationProject: 1.65B – Total; 1.0B – DOESALINE – 1M MTPY 2017 startICCS Area 1FutureGen 2.0Archer Daniels MidlandCO2 Capture from Ethanol PlantCO2 Stored in Saline Reservoir 208M – Total, 141M – DOESALINE – 0.9M MTPY 2015 startSummit TX Clean EnergyCommercial Demo of AdvancedIGCC w/ Full Carbon Capture 1.7B – Total, 450M – DOEEOR – 2.2M MTPY 2017 startSouthern CompanyKemper County IGCC ProjectTransport Gasifier w/ Carbon Capture 4.12B – Total, 270M – -DOEEOR – 3.0M MTPY 2014 startHECACommercial Demo of AdvancedIGCC w/ Full Carbon Capture 4B – Total, 408M – DOEEOR – 2.6M MTPY 2019 startNRGW.A. Parish Generating StationPost Combustion CO2 Capture 775 M – Total 167M – DOEEOR – 1.4M MTPY 2016 startAir Products and Chemicals, Inc.Leucadia EnergyCO2 Capture from Steam Methane ReformersEOR in Eastern TX Oilfields 431M – Total, 284M – DOEEOR – 0.93M MTPY 2012 startCO2 Capture from Methanol PlantEOR in Eastern TX Oilfields 436M - Total, 261M – DOEEOR – 4.5M MTPY 2017 start7

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. ICCS Area 1Steam Methane Reforming with CO2 Capture Port Arthur, TX (Hydrogen plant at Valero Refinery) 90% CO2 capture (Vacuum Swing Adsorption) from 2steam-methane reformers (SMRs) yielding 925,000 tonnes CO2/year 30 MWe cogeneration unit to supply makeup steam toSMRs and operate VSA and compression equipment CO2 to Denbury “Green” pipeline for EOR in Texas atWest Hastings oil field Total Project: 431 MM; DOE Share: 284 MM (66%)StatusKey Dates Phase 2 Awarded: Jun 15, 2010 FEED completed: Nov 2010 Permit By Rule (PBR) and Standard AirPermits issued: May 2011 NEPA FONSI: Jul 2011 Construction started: Aug 2011 Operation started: Dec 2012 PA-1 initiated operation: Mar 3, 2013PA-2 initiated operation: Dec 16, 2012Full capacity achieved: Apr 2013CO2 compressor trip; damage to internals; May 29,2013; CO2 compressor restart: July 1, 2013Has operated at 100% of design when necessary 1MM tonnes CO2 delivered on 4/24/14 1,111,076 tonnes CO2 delivered as of 6/9/14

Existing SMRCo-Gen UnitCO2 Compressor &TEG UnitVSA VesselsCO2 SurgeTanksBlowersAir Products and Chemicals, Inc. - Port Arthur 2

CO2 Transportation to Sequestration Site(from Final Environmental Assessment)(from Final Environmental Assessment)

US Industrial CCS Drivers

CO2-EOR Driving ExpansionOf Industry CCS.

ESI CCS Project Technical Overview13

Abu Dhabi CCS: Future Potential CO2 as an EOR agent has been endorsed: Success of the ESI CCS Project and Rumaitha / Bab Injection are key to futuredevelopment. Changing landscape in Abu Dhabi with potential CO2 targets for fieldtesting and development: CO2 capture linked to ADNOC field demand and performance; Whilst preliminary, the EAA CCS Value Proposition study forecast agrowing CO2 demand in the next 25-30 years, based on ADNOCestimations.14

Some Examples of CCSResearch in Steel Industry ULCOS Project - Europe Developing oxy blast furnace with top gasrecycle and capture – pilot scale blast furnace Japan - COURSE 50 Project Demonstrate post combustion capture fromblast furnace – 30tpd pilot scale Korea Demonstrate ammonia scrubbing of blastfurnace gas, 2nd stage pilot testing ( 10tpd)

Oxy-Blast FurnaceOperationCO2 avoided(Picture of OBF courtesy of Tata Steel)Nitrogen 56/t5 Nm3Raw MaterialsCarbon Dioxide867 kgOBF TopGasCoke 253 kgSinter 1096 kg (70%)Pellets 353 kg (22%)Lump 125 kg (8%)Limestone 6 kgQuartzite 3 kg1385 Nm3CO2 Capture &Compression PlantTop Gas CleaningOBF ScreenUndersizeOBF Process GasBF Dust15 kg21 kgBF SludgeSteam938 Nm32.0 GJ4 kgDRR: 11%FT: 2140oCTGT: 170oCHM Si: 0.5%HM C:4.7%AirNatural Gas332 Nm3 18 Nm3563 Nm3900oC205 Nm341oCOxygen253 Nm3BF SlagNitrogen5 Nm3235 kgPCI Coal152 kgHot Metal1000 kg1470oCFlue Gas352 Nm3OBF Process GasFired HeatersOBF-PG toSteel Works171 Nm3

CCS Research in CementIndustry European Cement Research Association(ECRA) Phased development project for pilot scaledemonstration of oxy fuel firing of cement kilnin late 2013. NORCHEM/CLIMIT & ECRA Pilot scale project for post combustion captureon cement kiln in 2013/14o Also testing:Fixed bed absorbers & Membranes

CO2 Capture at CementPlantsOxy-combustion Pilot Plant Project Feasibility of oxy-combustion at cement plants investigatedby Lafarge, FLSmidth and Air Liquide Pre-calciner pilot plant at Dania, Denmark successfullymodified and operated with oxy-combustion 2-3t/h raw meal ( 1t/h CO2)Pre-calciner accounts for 90% of CO2 from carbonate decompositionand 60% of fuel-derived CO2 from a cement plant Feasibility and costs of retrofitting oxy-combustion calciner toLafarge commercial cement plant at Le Havre was assessed 62/t CO2 captured (consistent with IEAGHG studies) Technology now ready to move into the demonstration phase Next stage would be a 1-2 year FEED studyCurrently no viable business case for CCS at European cement plants

www.GHGT.infoTechnical Programme Two technical sessions– 10 papers on CCS inIndustry 20 industry CCS papersin poster sessions One panel discussionsession on IndustrialCCSOctober 5 - 9TWO THOUSAND FOURTEENAUSTIN, TX – USAKey dates Registration opened 7th March 2014 Early bird closes13th June 2014

Thank you, any Questions?Contact me at: 8?ref hl

CCUS Moving Ahead: Recent Technical Advances John Gale General Manager IEA Greenhouse Gas R&D Programme IEA-MOST Workshop Advances in Deployment of Fossil Fuel Technologies Wednesday 25th June 2014 Beijing, China . What is our remit? Our Remit Covers All Greenhouse Gases - Focus on CO2

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Dr. Sean Monkman-CarbonCure Mr. Brian Leary Director Business Development - Solidia Technologies 18:30 - 18.35 Wrap up and close of Day 1 Agenda - Day 2 (Thursday 14 June 2018) 08.30 - 09.00 Arrival Coffee/Tea 09.00 - 10.30 Session 4: What is required to make CCUS financeable? Introduction by the Chair (5 min)

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