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Fridley High SchoolInternational Baccalaureate World School2016– 2017REGISTRATION & COURSEPLANNING GUIDE

ADMINISTRATIONMs. Renee Van GorpFridley High School PrincipalMr. Kelly McConvilleFridley High SchoolAssistant PrincipalMr. Dan RoffFridley Activities DirectorSTUDENT SUPPORT OFFICESMs. Chris AndersonStudent Data Manager763-502-5612Ms. Carrie WronaDean of Students Class of 2019763-502-5619Mr. Jim CummingsDean of Students Class of 2017763-502-5617Ms. Nicole KaiserDean of Students Class of 2018763-502-5609Ms. Chandra HankeDean of Students for 9th Grade763-502-5610IB COORDINATORSMs. Carol Neilson763-502-5036A Message to Students and Parents:Welcome to Fridley High School for the 2016-17 school year. Fridley High School is anIB World School. We are proud and committed to offer a comprehensive curriculumin a caring environment.This guide is a catalog of courses and programs offered during the school year atFridley High School. Please keep it as a reference throughout the year.As you use this registration guide, you will be choosing from a large selection ofcourses appealing to a wide variety of interests. Electives provide the opportunity toexplore special fields of interest. These courses also make it possible to pursuespecialized preparation for advanced post-high school training or to enter the jobmarket.Carefully read the information in the next few pages and browse through the courseofferings and programs then begin planning a course of study. Before registration,decide on a schedule of courses for the remaining year(s) in high school. Seriousthought about an overall educational plan is essential. It is important that courseselections for next year are made very carefully. We will tally all course selections andmake critical decisions regarding staffing, room use, and dollar allocation.Once those decisions are made, it will be very difficult to change course selections.Choose with your future in mind. Some points to consider:What kinds of interests do you have for post-college? Do some planning by callingpeople in the professions in which you have interests to ask them what kind ofpreparation they would recommend.Make yourself attractive to the colleges you are interested in attending. Makecontact with an admissions person to see what they are looking for in candidatesfor their schools, particularly if you are interested in highly selective schools. Takethe time to make this happen.Consider taking extra core academic courses. This is the last time in youreducational career that you will have the opportunity to take free courses. In postsecondary levels, you have to pay to learn. Take that course in high school thatmight be interesting to you.Good luck as you plan for the upcoming school year.Sincerely,Ms. Jessica Baker763-502-5062Our mission is to guide students in the development of learning skills to helpthem reach their full potential. To accomplish this mission, we will: Provide a nurturing environment. Respect individual differences To care for others Create high expectationsdefined by learner outcomes. Fridley's vision is to developan educational foundationfor students To be adaptable Develop exemplary programsand continuously improve them. Strive to meet students' needs. To be prepared to thrive ina diverse, changing society To be life-long learners To develop high skill levelsFridley High School 6000 W. Moore Lake Drive Fridley, MN 55432 763-502-5600

Table of Contents:How to Use This GuideTerminology and DefinitionsThis Registration Catalog is designed to help you and yourparents select your courses for next school year. We useregistration data to build our master schedule and hire andassign teachers. The guide explains which courses you need forgraduation and when you need to take them. It will also helpyou choose courses to meet your goals after high school,whether you want to get a particular kind of job, go to college,or enlist in military service.Prerequisite CourseCourses that students must pass before registering for anothercourse or the next course in the sequence.Required CourseCourses that every student must pass in order to graduate fromFridley High School.Elective CourseA course students choose to take to fulfill the graduationrequirements.International Baccalaureate Diploma ProgrammeInternational Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Programme is arigorous, internationally-recognized program for 11th and 12thgrade students. Students may earn college credit based on theirscores from IB assessments. The IB Diploma Programme is atwo-year commitment at Fridley High School. Informationalmeetings are conducted several times throughout the year.Please contact Jessica Baker, DP Coordinator, at 763-502-5062for more information.DP SL Course: Diploma Programme Standard Level:a college level course requiring 150 hours of instruction(may be a one or two year course).4Introduction & Graduation Requirements5International Baccalaureate9Career Fields, Clusters and Pathway14Program OptionsAVIDArticulated CoursesPSEO16Preparing for Post High School EducationCommunity, Vocational, & Technical CollegesFour-Year Colleges and Universities18Academic TestingPLAN (Pre-ACT), PSAT, ACT,SAT, SAT Subject Tests19NCAA Eligibility for College Athletics20Career Planning/Timeline22Assistance for Students23Arts (Visual & Music)30AVID31Design: (Business, FACS, Technology)36Individuals and Societies (Social Studies)DP HL Course: Diploma Programme Higher Level:a college level course requiring 240 hours of instruction(is always a two year course).38Language and Literature (English)40Language Acquisition (World Language & EL)REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS44Mathematics46Physical and Health Education49Sciences46Additional Course Offerings52Specialized Services Program (IEP)53Index of Course Offerings1. Please read carefully ALL instructions and explanations in thebook. Make sure you understand the procedures before you begin.2. Review requirements for graduation.3. Read and understand the course descriptions and prerequisites.4. Decide which courses you want to take based on your plans forafter high school.5. Discuss plans with your parents/guardians. Consult withteachers and your dean if you need help.6. Use information you have about yourself such as test results,interest inventories, and past grades.7. Check entrance requirements for colleges and other postsecondary programs before you select your school courses forfuture endeavors.CLASS CHANGE REQUESTSStudents are encouraged to plan programs carefully. Once theregistration process is complete, class change requests are discouraged,and in some cases, not possible after the initial registration. Please referto the student handbook for additional information.Fridley High School 6000 W. Moore Lake Drive Fridley, MN 55432 763-502-5600

IntroductionGraduation Requirements & CriteriaDistrict 14 students must completecredit requirements and complete statemandated tests to receive a Fridley HighSchool diploma. Students are on a7-period semester schedule. Each classequals .5 credits. Credit requirements arelisted in the chart below:Please see a Dean of Students withquestions regarding testing andgraduation requirements. Students mustbe credit ready to participate in thecommencement ceremony.PLANNING COURSESStudents are encouraged to carefully selectcourses for the entire year and take advantageof the broad selection of offerings from alldepartments. It is strongly recommended thatstudents wishing to take a large number ofrigorous courses make an overall plan fortheir sophomore, junior and senior years. Thiswill make scheduling these classes easier.The scheduling office will keep each student’sregistration plan on file for the year. In theevent there are conflicts, closed classes, orclasses not offered due to inadequateenrollments, the alternate selections would beused to adjust the schedule. Be sure alternateselections are listed on the registration form inpriority order. There will be limitedopportunities for students to makeadjustments in their schedule based onavailability of seats.CREDITS REQUIREDClassof 2017Classof 2018 andbeyond54Individuals & Societies(Social Studies)3.53.5Mathematics3.53Sciences3.53Physical & Health Education1.51.5Arts(Performing, Visual)11Design(Business, FACS, Technology)11Language Acquisition(Chinese, German, Spanish, EL)22Total Required Credits20.519Elective Credits for graduation8.58Total Credits for graduation2927SUBJECTLanguage & Literature: EnglishFridley High School 6000 W. Moore Lake Drive Fridley, MN 55432 763-502-5600

International BaccalaureateMiddle Years Programme (MYP)How is the IB Middle YearsProgramme Unique?We encourage internationalmindedness in IB students, startingwith a foundation in their own languageand culture. Students have theopportunity to learn to communicatein a second language.We encourage a positive attitude tolearning by challenging students tosolve problems, show creativity andresourcefulness, and participate activelyin their communities.We reflect real life by providing aframework that allows students tosee the connections among the subjectsthemselves, and between the subjectsand real issues.We support the development ofcommunication skills to encourageinquiry, understanding, languageacquisition, and to allow studentreflection and expression.Through the learner profile,we emphasize the development ofthe whole student—physically,intellectually, emotionally and ethically.Approaches to LearningApproaches to learning skills are setsof strategies and techniques that areused to achieve a specific purpose. Inthe MYP, students develop skills thathave relevance across the curriculumand help them “learn how to learn”.Personal ProjectDuring the final year of the program(Grade 10), all students complete aPersonal Project, a significant piece ofwork that is the product of thestudent's own initiative and creativity.Students apply the skills acquiredthroughout the program. Students areexpected to choose their project, whichcan take many forms, and take theprocess through to completion underthe supervision of a staff member.The IB Middle Years Programme, forstudents aged 11 to 16, provides aframework of concept-based learningand academic challenge thatencourages students to embrace andunderstand the connections betweentraditional subjects and the real world,and to become critical and reflectivethinkers. Students study subjects fromeach of the eight subject groups:Arts (Performing/Visual)Service in ActionIndividuals & SocietiesThe role of service in action in theMYP addresses the place and role ofthe student in communities—from theimmediate family and schoolenvironment to the world at large. Inthe MYP, the qualities and motives ofan act of service in action areconsidered more important than the actitself or the number of hours devotedto it. The idea of service in action isdeveloped as an integral part of theprogram—present in the curriculum aswell as in whole-school activities.Learning about one’s role in thecommunity starts with learning in theclassroom based on the writtencurriculum, and leads to raisingawareness that may lead to principledACTION.Language & LiteratureLanguage hysical & Health hese skills are organized intothe following categories: Communication Social Self-management Research ThinkingFridley High School 6000 W. Moore Lake Drive Fridley, MN 55432 763-502-5600

Grades 9-10 MYP: Course SequencingInternational Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme Planning WorksheetGrade9Grade10English 10Language & LiteratureEnglish 9Language & LiteratureLanguage AcquisitionChinese 3German 3Spanish 3Language AcquisitionIndividuals & SocietiesU.S. HistoryIndividuals & SocietiesSciencesPhysicsSciencesChemistryMathMath FoundationsNon-Linear AlgebraGeometryAlgebra 2MathGeometryNon-Linear AlgebraAlgebra 2Pre-CalculusPhysical & HealthEducationPE 1Physical & HealthEducationPE 2DesignElective1 courseFrom listDesignElective1 courseFrom listArtsElective1 courseFrom listArtsElective1 courseFrom listElective1 elective classElective1 elective classChinese 4German 4Spanish 4World History/GeographyAll students and families should make fouryear plans with support from Deans andAdvisors during their 9th grade year to bestprepare for their preferred 11th and 12th gradeacademic experience.Plans can be reviewed and revised each year asrequested. This worksheet serves as an outlinefor planning purposes-see a Dean or IBCoordinator to plan an individual schedule tomeet full DP candidacy requirements.Fridley High School 6000 W. Moore Lake Drive Fridley, MN 55432 763-502-5600

Grades 11-12DP: Course SequencingInternational Baccalaureate Diploma Programme Planning ChartGrade 11Grade 12Language & LiteratureDP Lang & Lit SLor HL year 1Language & LiteratureDP Lang & Lit SLor HL year 2Language AcquisitionDP ChineseSL year 1DP GermanSL year 1DP SpanishSL year 1Language AcquisitionDP ChineseSL year 2DP GermanSL year 2DP SpanishSL year 2Individuals & SocietiesDP History of the Americas HLyear 1OR DP Global Politics SL year 1Individuals & SocietiesDP History of the Americas HLyear 2OR Politics & Econ.SciencesDP Biology HLyear 1SciencesDP Biology HLyear 2MathAlgebra 2 orDP Math StudiesorDP Math SL or HL year 1MathDP Math Studies orPre-CalcorDP Math SL or HL year 2Theory of KnowledgeTOK ATheory of KnowledgeTOK BVisual Arts SL or HLMusic SLBusiness Management SLPhysics SLEnvironmental Systems SLElectives: students must taketotal of 3 HL & 3 SL courses andexams. Choose elective to meetthis requirement based on yourschedule(SL courses are usually 2 semesters and HL are 4 semesters)Options include:Visual Arts SL or HLMusic SLBusiness Management SLPhysics SLEnvironmental Systems SLElectives: students must taketotal of 3 HL & 3 SL courses andexams. Choose elective to meetthis requirement based on yourschedule(SL courses are usually 2 semesters and HL are 4 semesters)Options include:Fridley High School 6000 W. Moore Lake Drive Fridley, MN 55432 763-502-5600

IB Diploma CandidatesIB Diploma Candidates The IB Diploma is recognized by colleges anduniversities around the world as a superioreducation, preparing students to succeed at postsecondary institutions and beyond. Successful fulldiploma candidates will receive an IB Diploma inaddition to the Fridley High School Diploma. Students earning the IB diploma may receive up toone full year of college credit. Candidates choose one course from each subjectgroup; may choose an additional subject from onegroup in place of the arts group. Take 3 HL courses and exams (no more than four) Take 3 SL courses and exams (2 if 4 HL coursesare selected) Complete Core elements: Extended Essay, Theoryof Knowledge, and CAS.Extended EssayA 4,000 word essay, supported by original research, on a subjectof the student’s choice. Students will develop skills for in-depth,independent research.Theory of Knowledge(2 semesters)An interdisciplinary course that challenges students to question the basisof knowledge and to reflect critically on how they know what theybelieve to be the facts or the truth. This class will be taught over bothyears of the program, be linked to all other DP classes, and ispredominantly discussion-based.CAS - Creativity, Activity, Service(approximately 150 hours over two years)The CAS component encourages students to share theirenergy and talents with others through experiential learning.CAS requires participation in outside of class activities andreflection on learning outcomes.IB Course Students Studentsmay register for anynumber of IB DiplomaProgramme courses, up to thefull diploma. Studentsmay earn college creditfor individual courses, dependingon the university and exam score. Theexam is part of the course;there is a required exam fee. Recognitionwill be given atgraduation for completing 4 ormore DP courses and exams.Theory of Knowledge isconsidered one of these courses.Fridley High School 6000 W. Moore Lake Drive Fridley, MN 55432 763-502-5600

International Baccalaureate / Career–related ProgramFridley High School is a candidate school* for theIB Career-related Programme. We plan toimplement this program beginning in September2016 enrolling students in the Class of 2018.The IB Career-related Program (IBCP) is designedfor students interested in pursuing a career-relatededucation. It provides them with an excellentfoundation to support their further studies, as well asensure their preparedness for success in theworkforce.The CP enables students to:combine academic subjects with their personaland professional interests and skillsengage in learning that makes a positivedifference to their communitythink critically and creativelycommunicate clearly and effectively in a variety ofsituationseffectively work independently and incollaboration with othersconsider new perspectives and other points ofviewdevelop self-confidence, self-awareness,resilience, flexibility, and agility of mindbe internationally-minded and globally awareapply their knowledge to real-world scenarios andsituationsThe IBCP framework is built around threeinterconnected elements:1. at least two Diploma Programme courses. Thesecourses provide and enhance the academic rigor ofthe CP.2. an IBCP core that includes a personal andprofessional skills course, service learning, languagedevelopment and a reflective project3. an approved career-related study culminating withan industry standard certificateFridley’s IBCP Pathways:Health Career PathwayIT Career PathwayEMREMTA Software and HardwareIntro to ComputerProgrammingReducing the “academic versus vocational”divideDrawing on its experience and reputation in curriculum andassessment development through international collaboration, theIB can contribute positively to career-related studies by challengingthe perception (still prevalent in many parts of the world) thatcareer-related studies is of lesser status than academic studies. TheIBCP has been designed to remove the distinction that exists inmany educational systems around the world between knowledgeskills and practical skills and, in so doing, maximize theeffectiveness of young people as they continue their education,enter the workforce and take their place in society.*Fridley High School is an IB World School offering the IBDiploma Programme. It is now also a candidate school for the IBCareer-related Programme. IB World Schools share a commonphilosophy – a commitment to high-quality, challenging,international education – that we believe is important for ourstudents.Only schools authorized by the IB Organization can offer any ofits four academic programmes: the Primary Years Programme(PYP), the Middle Years Programme (MYP), the DiplomaProgramme (DP) or the IB Career-related Programme (IBCP).Candidate status gives no guarantee that authorization will begranted. For further information about the IB visit High School 6000 W. Moore Lake Drive Fridley, MN 55432 763-502-5600

Minnesota Career Fields, Clusters & PathwaysThinking ahead and preparing for careers is helpful as students are headed to theworkplace or college. Some careers that are common today may not be neededtomorrow. All careers require flexibility, knowledge, and skills.The knowledge and foundation skills needed for academic and technical literacy are:EmployabilityEthicsSystemsTeamworkCareer developmentProblem solvingCritical thinkingInformation technology applicationLegal responsibilitiesCommunicationSafety, health, and environmentSocial studiesMathSciencesEnglishPersonal financeWithin each of these broad areas, students may choose a “Program of Study” that focuses and deepens learning in coursework that speaks to a student’s individual interests and passions. Students are not limited to one program of study; theymay select electives within any of the areas of interest.Career FieldsScience, Technology, Engineering & Math (STEM)Health & Social SciencesManufacturingTransportation TechnologyEngineering & ArchitectureEnvironmental & Research SciencesScientistBiomedical ScienceHealth & Food SciencesExercise & Sports SciencesSocial ScienceGovernment & Public AdministrationLaw, Public Safety, Corrections & SecurityHuman ServicesArts & CommunicationBusiness, Management & AdministrationMedia & Publications / Journalism and BroadcastingComputer TechnologyPerforming Arts - Instrumental Music, Choral Music, DramaArts & Jewelry CeramicsDrawing & Painting Design & Digital ArtBusiness, Marketing & FinanceWorld Politics & HistoryRestaurant & HospitalityChineseGermanSpanishFridley High School 6000 W. Moore Lake Drive Fridley, MN 55432 763-502-5600

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math)Students focus on investigation and application of sciences, technology, engineering and math. Electives providereal-world, hands-on opportunities to explore elements of engineering, environmental, and research Sciences.Career Cluster PathwayFoundational CoursesProgramming & Software DevelopmentArchitecture & ManufacturingEnvironmental & Research SciencesA Programming:Hardware/SoftwareIntroduction to ComputerScience 1 and 2Woodworking TechnologyHome RepairBiologyChemistryCosmos and ClimatePhysicsEnhancement CoursesDP PhysicsDP Math StudiesDP MathematicsDP BiologyDP Environmental SystemsPossible Careers: Actuary, Analytical Chemist, Assembler, Automotive Technician, Biomedical Engineer,Boilermaker, Chemical Engineer, Civil Engineer/Technician, Design Engineer, Environmental Engineer,Environmental Research Scientist, Foundry Worker, Freight, Industrial Machinery Mechanic, Inspector, LabTechnician, Logistician, Manufacturing Technician, Naturalist, Network Systems and Data Communication Analyst,Pattern and Model Maker, Physicist, Production Manager, Quality Control Technician, Researcher, Safety Engineer,Health & Social SciencesStudents focus on understanding and serving people through medicine and the social sciences. Electives provideopportunities to explore the biomedical field, health careers, leadership and the social/psychological needs anddevelopment of people.Career Cluster PathwayHealth & Food SciencesFoundational CoursesEnhancement CoursesStrength Training & ConditioningFood TechProstart 1 & 2Team SportsChemistryBiomedical SciencesBiologyAnatomy & PhysiologyForensicsChemistrySocial SciencesPsychologyChild DevelopmentBasic LawLeadershipWorld ReligionsSociologyDP BiologyDP Environmental SystemsDP PhysicsEMR/EMTPossible Careers: Administrator, Art Therapist, Athletic Trainer, Biochemist, Bioengineer, Child Care Provider,Clinical Psychologist, Community Service Director, Corrections Officer, Day-Care Facility Director, Dental Hygienist,Doctor, EMT/Paramedic Lab Technician, Geneticist, Home Health Aide, Licensed Practical Nurse, Medical LaboratoryTechnician, Nutritionist, Occupational Therapist, Pharmacist, Pharmacy Assistant, Physical Therapist, PhysicianAssistant, Principal, Psychologist, Radiologic Technician, Registered Nurse, School Counselor, School Psychologist,Social Worker, Speech Pathologist, Surgeon, Teacher, Toxicologist, VeterinarianFridley High School 6000 W. Moore Lake Drive Fridley, MN 55432 763-502-5600

Arts & CommunicationStudents focus on the creative process through a variety of mediums: visual, performance, music, drama andwritten word. Electives provide opportunities to communicate ideas, interpret media and develop methodsof self-expression through project-based classes.Career Cluster PathwayMedia and PublicationsFoundational CoursesEnhancement CoursesYearbookMicrosoft WordComputer ApplicationsMarketingComputer TechnologyMedia Arts: AnimationMedia Arts: Video ProductionWeb page Design & AnimationMicrosoft WordBeginning Adobe IllustratorGraphic ArtsComputer ApplicationsComputer ProgrammingComputer SciencePerforming ArtsVarsity BandConcert BandConcert Choir/Bel CantoJazz EnsembleMusic & IssuesDanceVisual ArtsFoundation Art 2 DFoundation Art 3DDesign and IllustrationMedia Arts Animation-Video ProdDrawing & PaintingPhotography 1, 2Beginning Adobe IllustratorGraphic ArtsWoodworkingDP Language & LiteratureTheory of KnowledgeDP MusicDP Visual ArtsPossible Careers: Actor, Advertiser, Art Dealer, ArtHistorian, Art Teacher, Cartoonist, Cinematographer,Composer, Computer Engineer/Programmer, CostumeDesigner, Director, Editor, Exhibit Designer, FilmAnimation Artist, Film Editor, Framer, Fame Designer,Graphic Designer, Interior Designer, Illustrator, InstrumentRepair, Jewelry Designer, Journalist, Lighting Designer,Music Teacher, Music therapist, Musician, NetworkSpecialist, Painter Publisher, Producer, Radio & TVAnnouncer, Reporter, Sculptor, Set Designer, SoftwareEngineer & Developer, Sound Engineer, Technical SupportSpecialist, TV Station Manager, Web Designer, WriterFridley High School 6000 W. Moore Lake Drive Fridley, MN 55432 763-502-5600

Business, Management & AdministrationStudents focus on the interplay of people, systems, and cultures. Electives provide opportunities to explorethe relationships between business, politics, and history, with an emphasis on world languages and cultures.Career Cluster PathwayFoundational CoursesBusiness, Marketing & FinanceAccounting A,BMarketingManaging Your Own BusinessPersonal FinanceMicrosoft WordComputer ApplicationsWorld History & PoliticsEconomicsSociologyWorld ReligionsWorld HistoryWorld StudiesPoliticsUS HistoryBasic LawLanguagesChinese- all levelsGerman- all levelsSpanish- all levelsEnhancement CoursesDP Business ManagementDP History of the AmericasDP Global PoliticsDP ChineseDP GermanDP SpanishPossible Careers: Accountant, Actuary, Advertising, Ambassador, Anthropologist, Archaeologist, ArtHistorian, Auditor, Business Executive, Counselor, Customer Representative, Diplomat, Director of Tourism,E-Commerce, Entrepreneur, Financial Advisor/Analyst, Foreign Correspondent, Foreign Service officer,Historian, Hospitality and Tourism Industry, Human resources, Immigration officer, International Business,Interpreter, Journalist, Judge, Law Enforcement, Lawyer, manager, Marketing, Marketing Research Analyst,Military, Peace Corps/AmeriCorp Volunteer, Policy Advisor, Politician, Professor, Psychologist, PublicRelations, Sales, Secret Service, Social Worker, Teacher, WriterFridley High School 6000 W. Moore Lake Drive Fridley, MN 55432 763-502-5600

Program OptionsAVIDArticulated CoursesWhat is AVID?Articulated courses allow students the opportunity to earntechnical or community college credit(s) while staying in thehigh school setting. Fridley High School offers articulatedagreements in the following courses:AVID stands for Advancement Via Individual Determination.It is an academic support program that prepares students forcollege eligibility and success. The program targetsacademically average students and places them in advancedcourses, while supporting them in the AVID elective course.Mission of AVIDTo close the achievement gap by preparing all students forcollege readiness and success in a global Societies.The AVID StudentIn order to be eligible for AVID students must apply andinterview for the program. The typical AVID student willhave average to high test scores, a 2.0-3.5 GPA and collegepotential with support, and desire and determination. Theyalso must meet at least one of the following criteria: First to attend college Historically underserved in 4-year collegesAccounting AAccounting BChild DevelopmentComputer ApplicationsFood TechGraphic Arts AdvancedManaging Your Own BusinessMarketingMicrosoft WordProstart 1 & 2Beginning Adobe IllustratorA Programming-HardwareA Programming-SoftwareEMR/EMT Low income Special circumstances(ELL, foster care, single parent family, etc.)Course Overview:Contact a Dean for moreinformation about articulated courses.AVID is a 2 semester sequence course each year.Prerequisite: Application and interview.Course PhilosophyAVID is an elective course that prepares students forentrance into four-year colleges. It is based on rigorousstandards developed by middle and high school teachers andcollege professors. It is driven by analytical writing, inquiry,collaboration, organization and critical reading (WICOR),and in addition, it focuses on study skills, test taking skills,note taking, research, organization, critical thinking, goalsetting, choosing a college, and preparing for college entranceexams.Fridley High School 6000 W. Moore Lake Drive Fridley, MN 55432 763-502-5600

Program OptionsPost Secondary Enrollment Option (PSEO)The Post-Secondary Enrollment Options Act was passed bythe Minnesota Legislature in 1985. Its purpose was topromote rigorous academic pursuits and to provide a widervariety of options to high school students by enabling themto enroll full-time or part-time in eligible post-secondarycourses not offered at local high schools. Through PSEOhigh school students receive both high school and college/university credit for courses that are completed.The student and his/her parent(s), if the student is under age18, determine whether the student will apply for enrollmentin a post-secondary program under this Act. This decisionshould be discussed with the high school dean andappropriate post-secondary school staff to assure that thecourses or programs of interest will aid the student inmeeting his or her education goals and diploma. (See theDean to fill out appropriate paperwork and applicationmaterials) To increase the likelihood of student success,Minnesota State Colleges and Universities (MNSCU) has setthe following standard to admission to PSEO(website:

Arts (Performing, Visual) 1 Design (Business, FACS, Technology) 1 1 Language Acquisition (Chinese, German, Spanish, EL) 2 2 . How is the IB Middle Years Programme Unique? Personal Project . Fridley High School 6000 W. Moore Lake Drive Fridley, MN 55432 763-502-5600 6

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