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GE 2020 fourth quarter performanceFinancial results & company highlightsJanuary 26, 2021CAUTION CONCERNING FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS:This document contains "forward-looking statements" – that is, statements related to future events that by their nature address matters that are, to different degrees, uncertain. For details on the uncertainties that may cause our actual futureresults to be materially different than those expressed in our forward-looking statements, see ution-concerning-forward-looking-statements as well as our annual reports on Form 10-K andquarterly reports on Form 10-Q. We do not undertake to update our forward-looking statements. This document also includes certain forward-looking projected financial information that is based on current estimates and forecasts. Actualresults could differ materially.NON-GAAP FINANCIAL MEASURES:In this document, we sometimes use information derived from consolidated financial data but not presented in our financial statements prepared in accordance with U.S. generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Certain of these dataare considered “non-GAAP financial measures” under the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission rules. These non-GAAP financial measures supplement our GAAP disclosures and should not be considered an alternative to the GAAPmeasure. The reasons we use these non-GAAP financial measures and the reconciliations to their most directly comparable GAAP financial measures are included in the appendix of this presentation, as applicable.Our financial services business is operated by GE Capital Global Holdings, LLC (GECGH). In this document, we refer to GECGH and our financial services business as “GE Capital”. We refer to the industrial businesses of the Company asGE Industrial.GE’s Investor Relations website at and our corporate blog at, as well as GE’s Facebook page and Twitter accounts, contain a significant amount of information about GE, including financial and otherinformation for investors. GE encourages investors to visit these websites from time to time, as information is updated and new information is posted.

4Q & FY 2020 snapshot4Q’20GE Industrialorganic revenuedecline*Adjusted GE Industrialorganic margincontraction*Adjusted EPS*(includes impact of restructuring)GE Industrialfree cash flow*(13.7)%(350) bps 0.08 4.4BFY’202020 Dynamics Organic top-line pressured 95% of order & revenuedeclines Aviation-related GE Industrial margins* of 3.4%. sequentialimprovement throughout year as more than 2B costactions took hold Adjusted EPS* of 0.01 includes (0.05) forrestructuring recast Positive GE Industrial FCF* of 0.6B working capitalimprovement across businesses; more than 3B ofcash actions realized Momentum growing across businesses(12.9)%(520) bps 0.01 0.6BStrong free cash flow* finish to a challenging year* Non-GAAP Financial Measure2

Meaningful progress against prioritiesContinuing to strengthenour businessesSolidifying ourfinancial positionDriving long-termprofitable growth Protecting safety, servingcustomers & communities Strong liquidity & maintainingflexibility 37B of cash Purpose leading in energytransition, precision health, futureof flight Building & empowering team withhumility, transparency, focus De-risking balance sheet &pension reduced debt 16B in2020, 30B since 2019 Lean foundation built, scalingcompany-wide, drivingperformance & cultural changeProgress in operational executiondriving improved results 0.6BFCF* in 2020 ( 3B cash actionsrealized) Committed to reducing leverageover time Focus ruthless prioritization,unlocking upside potential withcash generation & deploymentProud of how our team rose to the challenge well-positioned into FY’21* Non-GAAP Financial Measure3

Earnings performance( in billions – except EPS)4Q’20y/yy/y (org.)FY’20(3)% 72.0Orders %Revenues- GE IndustrialAdjusted GE Industrial profit*-a)Adjusted GE Industrial profit margin*-a)GAAP Continuing EPS0.27F0.59Adjusted EPS*0.08(60)%0.01Adjusted EPS* excluding restructuring-c)0.10(52)%0.064Q’20 EPS walkGAAP Continuing EPSLess: MTM & Gains 0.270.27Less: Restructuring & other-b)(0.03)Less: Non-op. pension & other benefits(0.05)Adjusted EPS* 0.08Improving results while managing through market volatility actions taking hold* Non-GAAP Financial Measure(a – Excludes interest & other financial charges, non-operating benefit costs, gains (losses), restructuring & other, Steam asset impairment, and goodwill impairments(b – Includes legal reserves associated with the SEC investigation, debt extinguishment cost & BP related tax benefit(c – Excluding 0.2B of after tax restructuring programs spend that are now included in segment profit and adjusted EPS4

Industrial free cash flow*( in billions)4Q’20y/yFY’20y/yNet earnings (loss)-a) impairments-(0.0)0.9(0.6)Depreciation & .0(0.4)1.1(0.6)3.3Inventory1. payable0.50.2(2.6)(2.9)Progress collections1.0(0.6)(0.2)(1.7)Current contract 7) workingCurrent receivablesOtherCFOA-c)Gross CAPEX-d)GE Industrial FCF*4Q’20 commentary Positive FCF* across all businesses sequentialimprovement in earnings & working capital; 0.9B y/yex BioPharma Healthcare earnings growth a highlight; earnings includenon-cash items, offset in Other CFOA (primarily BKRMTM) Revised definition of working capital to better alignfinancials to operations: Receivables a use billings on seasonal volume &reduced factoring Significant inventory release across all businesses,notably in Renewables & Aviation Progress inflow on large orders in Renewables continued demand in Onshore Wind4Q’20 GE Industrial FCF* results better y/y despite Aviation & BioPharma disposition headwinds* Non-GAAP Financial Measure(a - Aggregates the following: Net earnings (loss) and (earnings) loss from discontinued operations(b - Aggregates the following: current receivables, inventory (including deferred inventory), accounts payable (& equipment project accruals), progress collections & deferred income, current contract assets(c - Aggregates the following: (Gains) losses on sales of business interests, (Gains) losses on equity securities, principal pension plans (net), other post retirement benefit plans (net), income taxes (net), and all other operatingactivities; excludes deal taxes and GE Pension Plan contributions(d - Includes additions to property, plant & equipment (PP&E) and internal use software5

4Q’20 Industrial segments results( in billions)AviationHealthcarePower /%y/yy/y(org.)*Orders 6.3(41)%(40)% 5.0(15)%1% 5.626%27% 6.334%32%Revenue 5.8(35)%(34)% 4.8(11)%6% 5.4-%(1)% 4.4(6)%(7)%Segmentprofit 0.6(73)%(72)% 0.9(17)%27% 0.33%6% %20bps40bps(2.0)%280bps290bps(1,340)bps (1,360)bps /%y/yy/y(org.)* /%Renewable Energyy/yy/y(org.)* /%y/yy/y(org.)*Momentum growing across our businesses Aviation still hardest hit* Non-GAAP Financial Measure: organic segment revenue, organic segment profit, and organic segment margin in columns labeled y/y (org.)6

4Q’20 GE Capital & Corporate results( in billions)GE CapitalAdjusted continuingearnings*-a)GE Capital cash-b)Corporate y/y /sequential (0.0)Uy/yFunctions & Operations (0.3)5%EH&S-c) and other items (0.1)20%Eliminations (0.0)89%Adjusted Corporate costs* (0.4)23%y/y 13.4 (0.7)sequentialAssets(ex-liquidity)* 103.0 1.2sequential Adjusted earnings* down y/y: lower gains and higher taxes partially offsetby lower marks & impairments Adjusted Corporate costs* better driven by continued functional cost-out& GE Digital progress GECAS earnings 120M, down y/y primarily due to sale of PK platform inprior year; 50M-d) FY’20 ex Goodwill impairment despite COVID-19challenges Corporate headcount down (13)% in FY’20 Accelerating decentralization across the organizationGE Capital pressured by end markets . continuing to streamline Corporate* Non-GAAP Financial Measure(a – Excludes legal reserves associated with the SEC investigation, debt extinguishment cost & BP related tax benefit(b – Excludes 0.5B of discontinued operations cash and 0.5B of insurance cash.(c – Environmental, Health, and Safety(d – GECAS 2020 Net Income ( 786)M excluding Goodwill charge 836M after-tax7

Liquidity and de-leveraging update( in billions)LiquidityDebt4Q’20GE Industrial cash 23.2GE Capital cash -a) 13.4Consolidated cash 36.6 Reduced liquidity needs 10.5B through ‘24 Continue to improve cash operating processes Expect Industrial go-forward cash needs to belower, reducing intra-quarter borrowing by 3.6B y/y Continue to hold elevated cash through this periodof uncertaintyGE IndustrialBorrowingsGE CapitalBorrowings 66 59 52 40 33 24‘18‘19‘20Pension / Preferred / Op LeaseCash at 75%GE Industrial Net Debt*–b)‘1828(12) 55‘1928(13) 48‘2026(17) 32 Debt reduced by 16B in ’20 30B since the beginning of ’19, down 28% GE Industrial net debt* reduced 16B in ’20 23B since the beginningof ’19, down 41% Actively de-risking the pension pre-funded 2.5B to cover through 2023-c)Significant progress in FY’20 on improving our financial position* Non-GAAP Financial Measure(a - Excludes 0.5B of discontinued operations cash and 0.5B of insurance cash.(b - Includes GE Industrial borrowings, pension, preferred stock, operating leases offset by 75% cash(c - GE Pension Plan ERISA funding requirement based on current assumptions8

2021 overviewRevenuesMarginsOutlook assumptions Aviation market recovery beginning 2H top line flat to upLSD250 bps expansion(GE Industrial organic*)(Adjusted GE Industrialorganic margin*) Gas continues to play important role in the energytransition services growth, selective equipment deals Renewable market growth expand international & servicesin Onshore, ramp up Offshore, optimize cost base Attractive Healthcare market with scans at pre-COVIDlevels invest in Healthcare systems growth, PDx recoveryFree cash flow*EPS 2.5B to 4.5B 0.15 - 0.25(GE Industrial FCF*)(Adjusted EPS*) FCF* performance driven by earnings growth & workingcapital, offsetting headwinds from ’20 non-repeatsKey variables Aviation market recovery, timing of aircraft deliveries Renewable Energy operational execution, working capital Healthcare market recovery & growth Restructuring timing & executionPositive trajectory in 2021, though still challenged by Aviation* Non-GAAP Financial Measure9

Wrap-upStrong free cash flow* finish to a challenging yearMomentum growing across businessesDelivering value for the long-term Sustaining lean efforts will drive performance improvements and cultural change Purpose leadership positions in energy transition, precision health, future of flight Leading to HSD free cash flow* margin over time unlocking upside potential with cash generation/deployment, profit,growthStrengthening GE for the long-term* Non-GAAP Financial Measure10


Appendix – supplemental information13. GE Industrial free cash flow* by segment23. GECAS supplemental information14. Aviation & GECAS update: what we’re seeing & doing24. Financial reporting presentation updates15. 2020 Earnings performance25. GE segment profit margin excluding restructuringexpense16. Supplemental Information – Industrials Orders & backlog bysegment17. Supplemental Information – Industrial Equipment/Servicerevenue by segment18. Supplemental Information – Units summary – orders & sales19. Liquidity update20. Maturity profile21. Debt walk – 4Q’19 - 4Q’2022. Supplemental Information – GE Capital segment results &assets26. GE Industrial restructuring and other expense and cash27. Balance sheet presentation – assets28. Balance sheet presentation – liabilities29. Balance sheet as of December 31, 202030. Changes to Statement of Cash Flows presentation31. Statement of Earnings – Changes in presentation32. 2020 Industrial Earnings33. 2020 GE Industrial free cash flow* details34. 2020 Industrial segments results* Non-GAAP Financial Measure

GE Industrial free cash flow* by segment( in billions)20192020y/y2021GE Industrial2.30.6(1.7)2.5 to 4.5Aviation4.4(0.0)(4.4)Up, partial recoveryHealthcare2.52.90.3Healthcare, ex. BP1.22.61.3Flat to slightly up FlatPower(1.5)0.01.5(GP up & PP down)Renewable Energy(1.0)(0.6)0.3Up & positive0.5Steady withsome improvementCorporate(2.1)(1.6)* Non-GAAP Financial Measure13

Aviation & GECAS update: what we’re seeing & doingEnd market dynamics: departures-a)125GE/CFM departures (48)% compared toweekly baseline10075Aviation-b) Commercial Engines: installs and spares (30-40)% y/y; aligned to airframerproduction rates; managing MAX RTSGECAS Current trending:o 0.4B deferral balance as of yearend customers paying with 84%of invoices collectedoContinue to restructure credit riskcustomers & maintain economicso27 AOG primarily driven byrepossessions Commercial Aftermarket: shop visits trend (45)% y/y and flat q/q; CSA billings (35)%5025 Military: demand remains strong – supplychain execution impacted ’20 growth01Q’202Q’20GE/CFM engines3Q’20Domestic departures4Q’20JanInt'l departures 26% of GE/CFM fleet parked-c) 1B cost / 2B cash actions realized: 25% workforce reduction in ’20; furthercost actions underway in ‘21 Freight up 14% vs. baseline-d) China now (26)% decline, Americas (39)% & Europe (75)% vs. baseline-d) Watching: 1) travel restrictions, 2) carrierand passenger behavior, 3) case trends,vaccine distribution/impact, 4) freight Reduced skyline, pursuing secondaryvolume deals Regulatory approval of PIMCO JV in 4Qsupports additional off-book capacityDemand remains challenged planning for roughly flat market through the first half of ‘21 and acceleration thereafter(a - Normalized rolling 7-day avg global departures vs. baseline global departures (baseline avg of Jan 21-27 of 2020)(b - 1Q trending as of January(c - as of January 21st(d - Normalized rolling 7-day avg through January 23rd (baseline avg of Jan 21-27 of 2020)14

2020 Earnings performance( in billions – except EPS)2020y/yOrders 72.0(20)%Backlog386.5(4)%79.6(16)%Revenues- GE IndustrialAdjusted GE Industrial profit*-a)Adjusted GE Industrial profit margin*-a)GAAP Continuing EPSAdjusted EPS*y/y 0)bps0.59F(98)%Adjusted EPS* excluding restructuring-c) 0.06(91)%GAAP Continuing EPSLess: MTM & Gains73.10.012020 EPS walk 0.591.13Less: Restructuring & other-b)(0.10)Less: Non-op. pension & other benefits(0.22)Less: Goodwill impairment & related(0.20)Less: Steam asset impairment(0.04)Adjusted EPS* 0.01* Non-GAAP Financial Measure(a – Excludes interest & other financial charges, non-operating benefit costs, gains (losses), restructuring & other, Steam asset impairment, and goodwill impairments(b – Includes legal reserves associated with the SEC investigation, debt extinguishment cost & BP related tax benefit(c – Excluding 0.4B of after tax restructuring programs spend that are now included in segment profit and adjusted EPS15

Supplemental information( in billions)4Q’20y/yy/y (org.)2020y/yy/y (org.) 4.746%47% 7%16.0(5)%(4)%Renewable .6(41)%(41)%Healthcare5.0(15)%1%18.6(12)%1% 23.2(7)%(3)% 72.0(20)%(17)%Orders by segmentGas PowerPortfolio PowerGE IndustrialBacklog by segmentPowerRenewable EnergyAviationHealthcareGE Industrial4Q’20 79.6y/y(7)%30.09%260.4(5)%17.1(7)% 386.5(4)%*Note: GE Industrial orders and backlog include Digital orders and backlog as well as eliminations between Industrial Segments. As a result, the sum of the segments may not add to the total.16

Supplemental information( in billions)Service revenueEquipment rg.)*2020y/y(org.)*Gas Power 1.412% 4.717% 2.4(10)%7.9(12)%PowerPortfolio 0.828% 2.0(8)% 0.8(11)% nergy 3.8(1)% 12.97% 0.7(32)% 2.8(8)%Aviation 2.3(31)% 8.6(31)% 3.5(36)% 13.5(33)%Healthcare 2.710% 10.08% 2.12% 8.0(1)%GE Industrial 10.7(5)% 37.6(5)% 9.6(22)% 35.5(20)%* Non-GAAP Financial Measure17

Supplemental information(in units unless otherwise GE Gas Turbines3668-GE Gas Turbine2871-Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines-a)3457-Heavy-Duty Gas ne-b)Aeroderivative-a)211-Aeroderivative-a)GE Gas Turbine Gigawatts-c)915Renewable EnergyRenewable Energy-Wind Turbines-f)1,2663,602-Wind Turbines-f)1,0133,744-Wind Turbine Megawatts-c), -f)4,91512,666-Wind Turbine Megawatts-c) -f)3,06610,836-Repower Upgrades305504-Repower Upgrades1461,022AviationAviation-Commercial Engines387678-Commercial engines3661,487-LEAP Engines-d)305351-LEAP Engines-d)193815-Military Engines1721,023-Military Engines226683-Spares rate-e) ( in millions) 17.5 18.0(a - Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines and Aeroderivatives are subsets of GE Gas Turbines(b - HA-Turbines are a subset of Heavy-Duty Gas Turbines(c - Gigawatts / Megawatts reported associated with financial orders in the periods presented(d - LEAP engines are a subset of commercial engines(e - Commercial externally shipped spares and spares used in time & material shop visits in millions of dollars per day(f – Includes Onshore and Offshore units18

Liquidity update( in billions)GE Industrial cash balance walkIndustrial cash beginning balance – 3Q’20GE Capital cash balance walk 24.3Capital cash beginning balance – 3Q’20 -a) 14.14.4Business operations / other0.7Pension pre-funding(2.5)Contractual debt maturities(2.8)Intercompany debt repayment(1.5)Debt tender(2.2)Capital contribution to GE Capital(2.0)Intercompany debt repayment1.5Capital contribution from GE Industrial2.0GE Industrial FCF*All Other (includes BKR proceeds of 0.4B)Industrial cash ending balance – 4Q’200.6 23.2* Non-GAAP Financial Measure(a - Excludes discontinued operations cash and Insurance cash of 1.2B in 3Q’20 and 1.0B in 4Q’20.Capital cash ending balance – 4Q’20 -a) 13.419

Maturity profile( in billions)GE IndustrialGE Capital 19.2B long term debt maturitiesoutstanding as of December 31, 2020-a) 50.9B long term debt maturitiesoutstanding as of December 31, – Principal amount outstanding on publicly traded long term .80.320282029'30-'5520

Debt walk – 4Q’19 to 4Q’20–a)( in billions)GE IndustrialBeginning balance – 1/1/20GE Capital 32.9Beginning balance – 1/1/20Debt issuance7.5 59.0 6 in April, 1.5 in JuneDebt issuance6.0 4.5B in May; 1.5B in June9.0 6 in April (w/ BP proceeds), 1.5 June, 1.5 in DecemberIntercompany debt repayment(9.0) 6 in April (w/ BP proceeds), 1.5 June, 1.5 in DecemberIntercompany debt repaymentDebt tender(4.2)’20 - ’24 maturitiesDebt tender(11.9)Commercial paper reduction(3.0)Contractual debt maturities(10.5)Other(0.6)Ending balance 4Q’20VarianceOther borrowings (0.8), Maturity (0.3), FX 0.6Other0.5Ending balance 4Q’20 52.1Variance (6.9) 5.4B April, 4.4B May, 2.2BDecemberMTM 1.4, Alt Funding (1.3),FX/Other 0.4 23.5 (9.4)4Q activity: Intercompany debt repayment (1.5B)4Q activity: (2.8B) contractual debt maturities; (2.2B) debt tender, 1.5B intercompany loan and 0.4B alternative funding(a – Consolidated debt of 90.9B in 4Q’19 and 75.1 in 4Q’20, after intercompany eliminations of (1.0)B at 4Q’19 and (0.6B) in 4Q’20.21

Supplemental informationGE Capital segment assets ( in billions)GE Capital segment results ( in millions)4Q’203Q’20Seq. 35.9 %Other continuing18.618.7(1)% 113.5 112.91%Plus: assets of discontinuedoperations3.43.4(1)%Less: discontinued operationscash0.50.53%13.414.1(5)% 103.0 101.71%4Q’20y/y2020y/y 120(44)% )(73)%(1,232)6%U (1,710)UTotal segment assetsGECASInsuranceOther continuingContinuing earnings (151)Less: goodwill impairment--%(836)ULess: Insurance LRT--%-F(75)U(194)U47F14546%Less: SEC charge(100)U(100)UAdjusted continuingearnings* (24)U (724)ULess: debt extinguishmentLess: tax adjustments* Non-GAAP Financial MeasureGECASLess: GE Capital cashAssets ex-liquidity*22

GECAS supplemental information( in billions)Collateral typeNarrow-body aircraftWide-body aircraftCargoRegional jetsHelicoptersEnginesTotal by collateral type-a)4Q’20Loans and leases3Q’204Q’19 31.9 31.8 32.2Airline regionU.S.EuropePacific BasinAmericasOtherTotal by airline region-b) 26.9 26.9 27.2Aircraft vintage profile0 - 5 years6 - 10 years11 - 15 years15 yearsTotal by aircraft vintage profile-c) 22.7 22.8 23.5(a - Includes loans and financing leases of 2.7 billion, 2.7 billion and 2.8 billion (less non-aircraft loans and financing leases of 0.0 billion, 0.0 billion and 0.0 billion) and ELTO of 29.2 billion, 29.1 billion and 29.4 billion at December 31, 2020, September 30, 2020, and December 31, 2019 respectively, related to commercial aircraft at GECAS(b - Excludes helicopters(c - Includes aircraft owned by GECAS and leased to others; excludes engines, loans and helicopters23

Financial reporting presentation updatesAs part of our continued efforts to align our financial statements with the way we operate the company, and for improvedcomparability with peers and best practices, we voluntarily elected to implement the below-referenced financial reportingchanges. These changes are reflected in all periods presented in our presentation today and will be reflected in our 202010-K. A summary of these changes is enclosed in today’s appendix. Changed our presentation of GE Industrial restructuring program costs To drive increased visibility and accountability forrestructuring expense in our businesses, we now include this in our segment profit and adjusted EPS, except for significant, higher-costprograms that continue to be recorded within Corporate Items and Eliminations. This change better aligns our restructuring expensewith our cash spend at the segments, driving accountability in both managing costs and benefits. See pages 25-26. Classification of Statement of Financial Position (current and non-current) and revised working capital definition To driveincreased transparency to operational drivers for near- and long-term cash needs and enhanced linkage to Free Cash Flow metrics.See pages 27-30. Presentation of research and development (R&D) expenses separately as part of costs and expenses in our consolidatedStatement of Earnings (Loss) Provides increased transparency to R&D spend and trends as part of our total investment ininnovation. See page 31. Ceased reporting GE Capital as an equity method investment within the GE Industrial column of our financial statements TheGE Industrial column now contains only the earnings and cash flows of GE Industrial. This change has no impact on the GE Capital orConsolidated columns. All commercial transactions between GE Industrial and GE Capital continue to be reported on arms-lengthterms and are eliminated upon consolidation. See page 31.24

Non-GAAP reconciliation: GE segment profit margin excludingrestructuring expense(Dollars in millions)Total revenues (GAAP)Profit (GAAP)Less: restructuring expenseProfit excluding restructuring expense(Non-GAAP)Power202020192018 17,589 18,625 22,150 274 291 (1,105)(16)(94)(297)Renewable Energy202020192018 15,666 15,337 14,288 (715) (791) 140(200)(125)(152)Aviation202020192018 22,042 32,875 30,566 1,229 6,812 6,454(26)(8)(12)Healthcare202020192018 18,009 19,942 19,784 3,060 3,737 3,522(134)(159)(176)Corporate202020192018 (932) (305) 673 (1,328) (1,736) (1,514)(172)(43)(260)GE Industrial202020192018 73,100 87,719 89,038 2,520 8,313 7,496(549)(430)(896) 1,255 (1,155) (1,693) (1,255) 290 386 (808)(515) (666) 292 6,820 6,4663,194 3,896 3,6983,069 8,743 8,392Profit margin 17.0%18.7%17.8%3.4%9.5%8.4%Profit margin excluding restructuringexpense 4) Renewable Energy4Q'204Q'194Q'184,442 4,747 4,646(87) (227) (37)(65)(30)(16)(786) (Dollars in millions)Total revenues (GAAP)Profit (GAAP)Less: restructuring expenseProfit excluding restructuring expense(Non-GAAP) Power4Q'204Q'195,383 5,401 306 297 (3)(5)309 302 (22) (197) (21)Aviation4Q'204Q'194Q'18 5,847 8,936 8,456 564 2,054 1,721(10)(2)(1) 574 2,056 1,723 Healthcare4Q'204Q'194,823 5,402 949 1,138 (34)(45)983 1,183 4Q'185,3981,140(36)Corporate4Q'204Q'194Q'18 (362) (343) 142 (443) (573) (377)(93)3(38)GE Industrial4Q'204Q'194Q'18 20,271 24,460 24,437 1,289 2,689 1,527(204)(78)(226)1,176 (350) (577) (339)1,493 2,767 1,753Profit margin .4%19.7%21.1%21.1%6.4%11.0%6.2%Profit margin excluding restructuringexpense 0%20.4%20.4%21.9%21.8%7.4%11.3%7.2%* Non-GAAP Financial Measure25

GE Industrial restructuring and other expense and cash(Dollars in millions)Power1Q'201Q'19 26 17 2Q'202Q'19 85 105 68Healthcare30Corporate33132181 2302728 207 258 (51) 433 345 88 226 322 (96)GE Industrial restructuring and othercash(b) 198 266 (68) 320 348 (28) 316 240 76(Dollars in millions)Power1Q'191Q'18 17 82 V (65)2Q'192Q'18 105 63 V 42Renewable Energy16749(19)(99) (49) (1)3719561763173654427172754120(66)4655415 rate1327953120114230 25328131(103) 258 384 (126) 345 468 266 339 348 258AviationGE Industrial restructuring expense(a)Other expenseGE Industrial restructuring and otherexpenseGE Industrial restructuring and othercash(b) (23)(73) 291 53298124 214(34) 12 4Q'20 4Q'1975 227 2020206 2019371 1120215745389 V 62224336(112)353 357(4) 1,163 1,031934(25)66285 362 391 (29) 1,229 1,315 (86) 311 303 8 1,146 1,157 (11)2019371 2018544 V (173)152 17062 (158)V (237) 55V (152)213Q'193Q'18 21 258 (39) 4Q'19 4Q'18227 140 V 87 37245369159176(17)65516429285(256)336641(305)357 481(124) 1,031 1,58134128(94)2851,371(1,086)- 35V (1)AviationOther expenseGE Industrial restructuring and otherexpense563Q'203Q'19 20 21 25 (5)V (20)Renewable EnergyGE Industrial restructuring expense(a)30V 9(7) 152(117)170942(772) (123) 322 1,491 (1,169) 391 609 (218) 1,315 2,952 (1,637) 90 240 303 500 (197) 1,157 1,474 170(a – expense amounts shown reflect total restructuring expense(b – cash amounts shown recorded in segment CFOA (GAAP) and Other expense cash recorded in Corporate 548(109)378 (396)(138) (550)(317)26

Statement of Financial Position presentation - assets(December 31, 2019 as presented in 3Q’20 10-Q; in million)Prior presentationConsolidatedCash, cash equivalents & restricted cashInvestment securitiesCurrent receivablesFinancing receivables – netInventoriesOther GE Capital receivablesProperty, plant and equipment - netReceivable from GE CapitalInvestment in GE CapitalGoodwillOther intangible assets - netContract and other deferred assetsAll other assetsDeferred income taxesAssets of businesses held for saleAssets of discontinued operationsTotal assets 5316,80116,4619,8899,1494,109 266,048GECurrent presentationGE CapitalClassification 907 121,454CurrentSplit 1)CurrentSplit 2)CurrentSplitNon-currentSplitCeased 4)Non-currentNon-currentSplit 3)SplitNon-currentCurrentNon-current ,46116,8338,3998,1898,626202 186,1001)Investment in Baker Hughes current; Investments in GE Capital insurance business non-current2)3)Loan receivables current and lease receivables non-currentLong-term services agreements, Short-term & other services agreements and equipment contract current; Non-recurring engineeringand customer advances and other non-current4)Ceased reporting GE Capital as an equity method investment within the GE Industrial column5)Reclassified cash in GE Capital insurance entities of 583 million to All other assets6)7)Reclassified deferred inventory costs of 3,111 million from Current contract assets to InventoriesReclassified 564 million from deferred income in liabilities to contract and other deferred assets for finance discount associated withcustomer advances at AviationGEConsolidated Industrial GE CapitalCash, cash equivalents & restricted cash 5) 35,811Investment securities9,888Current receivables16,568Financing receivables – net1,0776)Inventories, incl. deferred inventory costs17,215Other GE Capital receivables2,635Receivable from GE CapitalCurrent contract assets 6)7,390All other current assets3,362Assets of businesses held for sale9,149Current assets 103,096Investment securitiesFinancing receivables - netOther GE Capital receivablesProperty, plant and equipment-netReceivable from GE CapitalGoodwillOther intangible assets - netContract and other deferred assets 7)All other assets 5)Deferred income taxesAssets of discontinued operationsTotal assets 4,109 265,177 17,6139,88813,68217,2152,1047,3908528,626 77,371 18,1984,9226,8812,936241 33,177 12017,44717,03825,89510,4615,7697,7488,189202 170,238 38,5142,0574,88629,8868391926,2941,7003,907 121,45427

Statement of Financial Position presentat

GE 2020 fourth quarter performance CAUTION CONCERNING FORWARD-LOOKING STATEMENTS: This document contains "forward-looking statements" -that is, statements related to future events that by their nature address matters that are, to different degrees, uncertain.

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Seadrill Limited (SDRL) - Fourth quarter 2013 results Highlights Seadrill reports fourth quarter 2013 EBITDA* of US 768 million Seadrill reports fourth quarter 2013 net income of US 281 million and earnings per share of

DEERFIELD, Ill. - Caterpillar Inc. (NYSE: CAT) today announced fourth-quarter and full-year results for 2019. Sales and revenues for the fourth quarter of 2019 were 13.1 billion, an 8% decrease compared with 14.3 billion in the fourth quarter of 2018. Fourth-quarter 2019 profit per share was 1.97, compared with 1.78 profit per share in

U.S. arts, entertainment and recreati on services revenue for the fourth quarter of 2021, adjusted for seasonal variation but not for price changes, was 85.6 billion, an increase of 2.2 percent ( 1.9 percent) from the third quarter of 2021 and up 53.3 percent ( 5.7 percent) from the fourth quarter of 2020. The

Personal saving was 4.12 trillion in the first quarter, compared with 2.25 trillion in the fourth quarter. The personal saving rate—personal saving as a percentage of disposable personal income—was 21.0 percent in the first quarter, compared with 13.0 percent in the fourth quarter. Source Data for the Advance Esti

STATISTICS SOUTH AFRICA 2 P0441 Gross domestic product, Fourth quarter 2021 Key findings for the fourth quarter of 2021 Real gross domestic product (measured by production) increased by 1,2%1 in the fourth quarter of 2021, following a decrease of 1,7% in the third quarter of 2021. Figure 1 - Growth in GDP (%)

The Key Performance Indicators Summary Dashboard provi des a brief synopsis of how all 64 KPIs are performing for the fourth quarter (April 1, 2021 – June 30 , 2021). Additional performance details can be found on the summary sheets for each KPI. Informatoi na KPIs are non -performance driven. Third Quarter KPI Performance: 25 On-Target

South Dakota had the largest increase in the fourth quarter . Real gross domestic product (GDP) increased in all 50 states and the District of Columbia in the fourth . statistics released today by the U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis. The percent change in real GDP in the . fourth quarter ranged from 9.9 percent in South Dakota to 1.2 percent .

RESUME OF EFFORTS TO SAID LEASE SECTION 19: The Northeast Quarter of the Southwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter; and The Northwest Quarter of the Southeast Quarter of the Southeast Quarter. Checked probate records in Nevada County. Checked old leases, royalty payment records, and peo

Jan 01, 1980 · Fourth Shift Release 7.50 Fourth Shift Basics 7 Fourth Shift Basics Using Fourth Shift The Fourth Shift program contains a wide variety of features allowing you to enter, view, and

TROPICAL BATTERY ANNUAL REPORT 2020 2nd Quarter Financial Year 2021 vs 2nd Quarter Financial Year 2020 REVENUE 7.5% OPERATING EXPENSES 11.6% EBIDTA 49.6% NET INCOME AFTER TAX 314.4% Tropical Battery Compant Limited Interim Report 2nd Quarter Period Ended March 31, 2021 2nd Quarter Interim Report to our Shareholders 1 Unaudited Financial Statements:

EU Tracker Questions (GB) Total Well Total Badly DK NET Start of Fieldwork End of Fieldwork 2020 15/12/2020 16/12/2020 40 51 9-11 08/12/2020 09/12/2020 41 47 12-6 02/12/2020 03/12/2020 27 57 15-30 26/11/2020 27/11/2020 28 59 13-31 17/11/2020 18/11/2020 28 60 12-32 11/11/2020 12/11/2020 28 59 12-31 4/11/2020 05/11/2020 30 56 13-26 28/10/2020 29/10/2020 29 60 11-31

Grade 7 English Group, DepEd K-12 Learning Area Team for Languages and Multi-literacies 2 CONTENT STANDARD FIRST QUARTER SECOND QUARTER THIRD QUARTER FOURTH QUARTER OL OL: Oral Language and Fluency OL1: Use the right stress, intonation, phrasing, and pacing when reading short written pa

The monthly gross domestic product (GDP) rose by 1.1% during September 2020, but it reached 8.2% below February 2020 levels. Quarter 3 (July to Sept) 2020 saw a 15.5% growth in GDP following a 19.8% fall in Quarter 2 (Apr to June) 2020; Quarter 3 GDP was 9.7% which was lower than that in Quarter 4 (Oct to Dec) 2019. 2 Services

Year-end Report Q4 2021 A strong quarter with record revenue Fourth quarter of 2021 - compared to fourth quarter 2020 - Group revenue increased to 148,930 kSEK (1,224) EBITDA amounted to -3,383 kSEK (-10,358) EBIT amounted to -11,737 kSEK (-10,373) The result for the period amounted to -12,568 (-9,533) Earnings per share before dilution amounted to SEK

15 INCH KEG GUIDE *With supplied wire shelf. SINGLE TAP MODELS Slim Quarter Barrel CO 2 Sixth Barrel CO 2 24 INCH SINGLE TAP MODELS Sixth Barrel Sixth Barrel CO 2 Sixth Barrel CO 2 Slim Quarter Barrel Slim Quarter Barrel CO 2 CO 2 Quarter Barrel Short DUAL TAP MODELS 11 1/8" 23 3/8" 9 1/4" 23 3/8" 13 7/8" 16 1/8" SHORT QUARTER BARREL SLIM .

*Note that actual class periods will vary and students must be enrolled in 3 classes/quarter. 9 SAMPLE SCHEDULE for the COLLEGE BOUND MUSIC STUDENT Quarter 1 9 t h Grade Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 Period 1 English 9 (credits) English 9 (credits) Math (5

3. Credit by Quarter (as correlated to district curriculum map): Quarter 1 Module– September and October Quarter 2 Module– November and December Quarter 3 Module– January and February Quarter 4 Module– March and April 4

7th Grade Yearlong Scope and Sequence Quarter 1 Quarter 2 Quarter 3 Quarter 4 Unit 1 Matter Unit 2 Cell Structure and Function Unit 3 Human Body Systems Unit 4 Reproduction, Survival, and Heredity Unit 5 Cycling of Matter and Energy Unit 6 Earth’s Atmosphere 8 weeks 6 weeks 3 weeks 9 weeks

sigurime, financë-kontabilitet, lidership dhe menaxhim burimesh njerëzore, administrim publik, lidership, e drejta publike, e drejta e biznesit, komunikim publik dhe gazetari ekonomike). Me VKM nr. 564 datë 28.05.2009 “Për hapjen e programeve të reja të studimit “Master i Nivelit të