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BUSINESS PROFILEP.O Box No. 54005, AdilyaKingdom of BahrainTel: 973 1771 6151, Fax: 973 1771 4481E-mail:

Business ProfilePage 1 of 55Table of ContentsGeneral Information. 4Group Companies . 4Qatar. 4Bahrain. 4India . 4The Company. 5Business Divisions . 6Instrumentation Division . 7Principal – Tempsens Instruments (I) Pvt. Ltd.n . 7Principal - Moore Industries . 8Temperature Transmitters, Sensors & Assemblies . 8Signal Transmitters, Isolators &Converter . 8Principal – Hycontrol Ltd. . 9Principal – Fluid Components International LLC. 10Principal – Katronic Technologies Ltd. . 11Principal – Sensor Technology . 12Principal – Richards Industries . 13Principal – Meyle. 14Principal – Agar Corporation. 15Interface Detectors, Oil/Water Meters, Multiphase Flow Meters & Hydrate Detectors. 15Interface Detectors . 15Oil / Water Meters . 15Multiphase Flow Meters . 16Hydrate Detectors . 16Principal – Edibon Technical Teaching Equipment. 17Principal – Time Electronics. 18Electro-Mechanics Division. 19Prinicipal – Airpack Netherlands. 19Principal – Garlock . 20Principal – Halton . 21Marine Division . 21Food Service Division. 22Principal – Parker Hannifin . 23Principal – Rittal . 24Principal – Saacke. 25Principal – Winsted Control Room Consoles . 26Energy and Power Division . 27Industrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 2 of 55Principal – Pheonix Contact. 27Principal – Emerson Network Power. 28Principal – Powertronix . 29Home & Business Network Power Solutions . 29Solar Products . 29UPS & APC Products . 29Principal – Turbostar Technical Services LLC. 30Principal – Triveni Turbine Ltd. . 31Principal – Walter Meier. 32Principal – Summit Electric Supply. 33Sophisticated Electrical Components, Cables and Project Solutions. 33Process and Power Automation Solutions . 33Power Management . 33Engineering Consultancy . 33Health and Safety Division . 35Principal – BW Technologies . 35Principal – Graywolf Sensing Solutions . 36Principal – Air Quality Engineering . 37Principal – Mars. 37Principal – Caribbean Clear . 38Principal – Traffic Logix . 39Radar Speed Signs . 39Modular Rubber Solutions. 39Principal – Carmanah. 40Airfield Lighting . 40Principal – Digitex . 41Principal – Owls. 42Environment Division. 43Principal – Environmental Systems Products Inc. . 43Principal – E Instruments. 44Principal – TECORA . 45Dioxin Emission Continuous Monitoring . 45Portable Ambient Air Quality Monitor. 45Principal – Graywolf Sensing Solutions . 46Principal – Unitec . 47Principal – Neo Monitors. 48Open Path Monitor. 48TDLS Analyzer. 48Industrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 3 of 55Principal – 01 dB Metravib. 49Principal – Lamtec . 49Principal – ion Science. 50Corvus Indoor Air Quality Monitor . 50LEO Multi-gas Monitor . 50Tiger Select – Benzene & Total Aromatic Compound (TAC) detection in one instrument . 50GasCheck Leak Detectors:. 51PID/VOC Detectors: . 51Benzene Monitors: . 51Principal – Land Ametek . 52Land Calibration Laboratory - Dronfield. 52Re-Calibration Reminder Service . 52Emissivity Determination . 52Cathodic Protection Division. 53Products . 53CP Anodes . 53PT Anodes. 53General Services Division. 55Cathodic Protection. 55Industrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 4 of 55GENERAL INFORMATIONCompany Name:Newtech International W.L.L.Commercial Registration:58309 - 1Nature of Business:Industrial Engineering Products / ServicesKey Personnel:Mr. A. Ponnuchamy – Managing DirectorMr. R. Murali – General ManagerMr. T. V. Shrithar – Commercial / Admin. ManagerMr. Felix Anbarasan – Manager – Environment DivRegistered Office:Flat No. 107, Building No. 1501, Road No.2116, Block No. 321, Al Gudaibiya,Manama, Kingdom of BahrainGROUP COMPANIESQatarNewtech International Co. Ltd.P. O. Box No: 23407, Doha – QatarTel: ( 974) 4603451, Fax: ( 974) 4506206E-mail: qatar@newtechgcc.comBahrainEnvirotech Consultancy S.P.CFlat No. 102, Building No. 1501, Road No. 2116,Block No. 321, Al Gudaibiya, Manama, Kingdom of BahrainTel: 973 17 71 6112, Fax: 973 1771 4481E-mail: enviro@newtechgcc.comNewtech International Cargo Services W.L.LFlat No. 107, Building No. 1501, Road No. 2116,Block No. 321, Al Gudaibiya, Manama, Kingdom of BahrainTel: 973 1771 0454, Fax: 973 1771 4481E-mail: nics@newtechgcc.comIndiaNewtech InternationalH-15, TNHB Colony, Sector 4Railar Nagar, Madurai – 625018Tamil Nadu, IndiaTel : 91 452 266 2665Email: india@newtechgcc.comIndustrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 5 of 55THE COMPANY“Newtech International W.L.L” is a leading Engineering based Trading and Support Servicescompany in the Middle East which was established by its founder Mr. A. Ponnuchamy in theyear 1991 headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain.Our corporate core motto is:“BRINGING SOLUTIONS, NOT JUST EQUIPMENT”Newtech has carved niche for itself in the industrial sector because of its ongoing commitmentto quality in its products and services. Newtech has ventured into the realms of ElectroMechanics, Instrumentation and Process Control and has emerged as a leadingsupplier/service provider in the fields of Oil and Gas sector.With a view to providing specialized expertise for the growing environmental needs of ourmarket, a new company called “Envirotech Consultancy S.P.C” was established in Bahrain in1999. Envirotech has technical collaborations and associations with a number of internationalengineering consultancy companies and environmental laboratories to provide added value toits services. It mainly deals with environmental monitoring and also provides comprehensiveenvironmental testing and compliance consulting services to industrial and commercialclients.Due to the increasing customer database from Qatar, we formed a Qatar based “NewtechInternational Co. Ltd” , another independent subsidiary company in partnership withPetromech Trading & Construction in 2005.Our achievements and increasing clientele had persuaded a few of our major suppliers tochoose Newtech as their Middle East Representative for their products. We also work in othergulf countries through our business partners i.e. with Rezayat group in Saudi Arabia, MoshinHyder Darwish (MHD) group in Oman, Business communications LLC in UAE etc.Industrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 6 of 55BUSINESS DIVISIONSInstrumentationElectro-MechanicsEnergy and PowerHealth and SafetyEnvironmentCathodic ProtectionGeneral ServicesIndustrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 7 of 55INSTRUMENTATION DIVISIONPRINCIPAL – TEMPSENS INSTRUMENTS (I) PVT. LTD.NRTD’s - offer accurate temperature measurement from -2000C to 8000C - Wire wound &Thin Film Sensors, Ceramic Encapsulated, Class A & Class B accuracy. Protection sheathSS316, SS304 and other grades and sizes from 3 mm to 15 mm and more.Wire configuration - 2-Wire, 3-Wire and 4-wire, Simplex and Duplex constructions - SensorElements have calibration & traceability to ASTM E585 / E 585 M – 01a, BS EN 60584-1IEC 584, IEC 1515, ANSI / MC96.1.Thermocouples - ElementTypes: K, N, J, E, T, R, S, B, W.– Simplex, Duplex & Triplex,covering wide temperatureRange 0 to 23500C.Sheath sizes: from 0.5 mm 12.7 mm Dia., MineralInsulated - MgO, Al2O3Sheathmaterials:SS316,SS310, SS321, Inconel 600,Molybdenum etc.Sensor Elements have calibration & traceability to ASTM E585 / E 585 M – 01a BS EN60584-1; IEC 584, IEC 1515, ANSI / MC 96.1.Thermowells - protect the basic sensor from mechanical damage, pressure and corrosion.Materials available are SS304, SS316, SS310, SS321, Inconel 600, Inconel 601, Inconel 625,Incolloy 800, Monel, Stellite, Hastelloy, Brass, etc. Wake Frequency Calculations are donein accordance with ASME PTC 19.3.Types of Thermowells: Bar Stock Threaded (NPT, BSP, Metric)Bar Stock FlangedBar stock Van stoneBar Stock socket weldBar Stock welded-in bar stock ground jointBar stock clamp jointIndustrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 8 of 55PRINCIPAL - MOORE INDUSTRIESTemperature Transmitters, Sensors & AssembliesTemperature transmitters allow you to take weak signals of low-level RTD or thermocoupletemperature sensors, and convert it to high-level analogue signals more appropriate for longdistance transmission through a loud plant, and prepared for direct interface with an indicator,recorder, PLC, DCS or PC-based SCADA system.Signal Transmitters, Isolators &ConverterConvert, isolate, split, boost, and step down process signals so field instruments can interfacedirectly with indicators, recorders, DCS, PLC, and PC-based SCADA systems. We providea wide range of interface solution.Industrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 9 of 55PRINCIPAL – HYCONTROL LTD.Types of Level Measurement tools- radar, TDR, ultrasonic, thruwall,hydrostatic, plumbob, bypass andfoam.Types of Level Switches - Float,rotarypaddle,capacitance,admittance, vibrating probes of solids, tuning forks for liquids, microwave, foam andconductivity.SILO Protection – a pneumaticconveying operation is necessary toprevent over-pressurization orover-filling. The pressure sensor,level sensor and the pressure reliefvalve alert on likely danger andultimately provide relief ofdangerous pressure. Monitoring the level and pressure allow other control functions to beactivated such as: High level alarm High pressure alarm Tanker fill pipe shut-off Activate filter alarms Alarm on a PRV event pressure Provide filter blockage information Provide valuable preventive maintenance info Record the number of high pressure events Record the number of PRV lifts Record the number of near miss eventsIndustrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 10 of 55PRINCIPAL – FLUID COMPONENTS INTERNATIONAL LLCMass Flow Meters, Flow and Level Switches for ProcessMeasurement and Automation. Rugged, accurate,repeatable superior quality designs have made FCI theleader in thermal dispersion mass flow meters, flowswitches and level switches for industrial processmeasurement applications. FCI air and gas flow metersare applied from small dosing lines to the largest stacks. Mass Flow Meters Gas Flow Meters Liquid Level Switches Gas Flow Switches Liquid Flow SwitchesIndustrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 11 of 55PRINCIPAL – KATRONIC TECHNOLOGIES LTD.Specialized clamp-on ultrasonic flow meters and non-invasiveprocess measurement instruments manufactured with state-ofthe-art electronics and sensor technology that are highly reliableand easy to operate.The clamp-on ultrasonic flow metersof the KAT flow series can measure on pipes of every commonmaterial and diameter.Industrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 12 of 55PRINCIPAL – SENSOR TECHNOLOGYRotary Torque measurement solutions and sensors - exclusivetechnology for instrumentation, test and OEM markets, capableof measuring torque ranges from 10mNm to 13000Nm.Digital RWT310/320 Series torque sensors with integratedelectronics and the digital RWT330/340 Series torque sensorswith separate electronics include the latest non-contact TorqSense(SAW) technology. Also offer Optical and Strain Gaugetechnology torque transducers. TorqView, based on NILabVIEW, is available as an easy to use Advanced TorqueMonitoring software tool to assist data recording.Customers can specify any full-scale torque range, withinthe standard range, to optimize accuracy. Included within thepurchase is a free calibration for the first year and a LifetimeWarranty.Industrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 13 of 55PRINCIPAL – RICHARDS INDUSTRIESPopular brands of - Jordan Valve, Steriflow Valve, Low Flow Valve,Marwin Valve and Bestobell Steam Traps, various types of PressureRegulators, Back Pressure Regulators, Temperature Regulators, ControlValves, and Sanitary Valves since 1940 under Jordan brand. “Sliding gatedesign” was first developed in 1947 by William Jordan.2-piece, 3-piece flanged, 2-way, 3-way ball valves with actuators &accessories are manufactured underthe brand “Marwin” and steam Trapsunder “Bestobell”.Industrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 14 of 55PRINCIPAL – MEYLEA one-stop solution for major well knownInstrumentation & electrical items from Siemens,ABB, E&H, Pepprel & FuchsAlso manufacture level, flow and pressure sensorsas well as transducers and encoders. Some of themost common products supplied by them are asfollows: Drives control units Relays PLC, Encoder Pneumatic valves, cylinders Proximity sensors Circuit breakers, mini powersupplyIndustrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 15 of 55PRINCIPAL – AGAR CORPORATIONInterface Detectors, Oil/Water Meters, Multiphase Flow Meters & Hydrate DetectorsDevelopment, design, and manufacture of multiphase flow meters (MPFMs), oil/watermeters, interface, emulsion & foam detectors, and hydrate detectors. Our solutions increasethe efficiency of oil production and processing in applications such as heavy oil well testing,waste water treatment, automatic tank dewatering, desalters, emulsion & foam control, andhydrate detection where hydrocarbons and aqueous mixtures are present.Interface DetectorsThe ID-200 Series Interface Detectors are used for interface measurement andcontrol in all types of liquid/liquid and vapor/liquid separation processesincluding emulsions and foam.A wide range of models, process connections, and output options are availablefor the control of a variety of process installations such as Tanks, Decanters,Dehydrators, Desalters, Coalescers, etc. The ID-200 Series advanced controlcapabilities can be used to automate upset responses, antifoam and demulsifierchemical feed systems, and eliminate cross-contamination of separating phases.Oil / Water MetersAgar's OW-200 series is a second-generation design, microwavebased liquid/liquid analyser developed by Agar Corporation afterintroducing the first 0-100% oil/water meter to the market in 1985.Our current design is the only device in which the accuracy of themeasurement is not affected by changes in salinity, density,viscosity, temperature or velocity of the components beinganalysed.Applications: Crude Oil and finished pipeline monitoring Oil in wastewater Glycol and water Aqueous/organic measurementIndustrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 16 of 55Multiphase Flow MetersThe AGAR MPFM is a non-nuclear, versatile, three-phase flow meter designedfor true field conditions. It provides accurate, real-time measurements of oil,water and gas flows simultaneously without separation of the phases. Speciallydesigned for low maintenance and ease of operation, they require no fieldcalibration or prior knowledge of fluid properties (such as fluid density andsalinity) to attain the specified accuracies. The real-time data capabilities of thesemeters allow for optimization of all types of critical production enhancementtechniques.Advantages of the Agar MPFM-50 series: Gas void fraction 0-100% Water-cut 0-100% Not affected by flow regimes High accuracy, real-time flow measurement High and low viscosities No nuclear (radioactive) sources Compact, portable, and easy to transport and install Wet gas applicationHydrate DetectorsMeasurement of the water-cut and hydrate presence is performed by measuring thecomplex permittivity properties of the flow stream using the multiple highfrequency method. This method will compensate for the effected of changinghydrocarbon composition and water salinity while providing two unique outputs,one for water cut, the second for hydrate concentration.The presence of hydrates, within a pipeline, can severely impair fluid flow andrequires regular pigging. Low Dosage Hydrate Inhibitor (LDHI) or methanolinjection is used to minimize hydrate formation. By detecting the presence ofhydrates, LDHI or methanol injection can be optimized.Industrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 17 of 55PRINCIPAL – EDIBON TECHNICAL TEACHING EQUIPMENTInternationally renowned, more than 3000 patented Technical Teaching Unitsand 2800 different software packages for various fields of science.Complete laboratory and Industrial Systems, based on several new TeachingTechniques like 3D Physics, Computer Aided Instruction (CAI), Real TimeControl, Computer Control (SCADA), Photoelasticity etc. The SCADA – NETSystem, in exclusive and extensive ranges cover: PhysicsoSecondary educationoAdvanced physics laboratories nics laboratoriesoHigher education electronics laboratories TelecommunicationsoTechnical and vocational education telecommunications laboratoriesoHigher education telecommunications laboratories Fluid MechanicsoFluid Mechanics Laboratories –Phase-1oFluid Mechanics Laboratories –Phase-2oFluid Mechanics Laboratories – Phase-3 Process ControloGeneral Process Control laboratoryoProcess Control and maintenance training centreoRegulation, control and process control laboratoryIndustrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 18 of 55PRINCIPAL – TIME ELECTRONICSDesign and manufacturing of calibration and metrology instruments: Decade Boxes - Resistance, capacitance, and inductance Portable Voltage and Current Test Equipment - Handheld andtransportable calibrators, simulators, and sources Portable Loop and Temperature Calibration Instruments -Handheld loop calibrators, RTD and thermocouple calibrators Pressure Calibration Instruments - Calibration pumps,pressure calibrators, and digital gauges Electrical Test Calibrators - Instrumentsfor rapid calibration of electrical testequipment Multifunction Calibrators 5025E, 5025Cand 5051 - Precision calibrators for wideworkload coverage ATE/Bench Calibrators and Digital Multimeters - Programmable calibrators andbenchtop DMMs Calibration Benches - Comprehensive modular test benches and complete laboratorydesign Calibration Software - For laboratory, office, and site calibration workIndustrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 19 of 55ELECTRO-MECHANICS DIVISIONPRINICIPAL – AIRPACK NETHERLANDSAirpack Netherlands offers: Air and gas compressor packages,Air and gas dryer packages, andNitrogen generators.Industrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 20 of 55PRINCIPAL – GARLOCKIndustrial Engineering Products and Services Provider

Business ProfilePage 21 of 55PRINCIPAL – HALTONMarine DivisionDampers, DiffusersSafety is the most important in extreme working conditions, wherea fire could put people's life at risk unless necessary precautions aretaken. Therefore, it is essential that the equipment chosen to preventfire progression within a ventilation ductwork is top-class. Becausesmoke and other toxic gases can be more dangerous than the fireitself, it is important that the fire dampers also prevent smoke fromspreading. Halton is the manufacturer supplying smoke-tight firedampers.Marine ServicesIndoor climate solutions - products and systems - forvarious environments and quality of indoor environmentfrom design to the use of the facilityMarine HVAC Audits - Ships are required to dry-dockevery now and then. Major overhauls usually extend theship's life cycle, attract new passengers and create anopportunity to upgrade the ship with modern up-to-datesolutions.Successful dry-docking requires a great deal of planningand some serious decisions concerning what should andcan be done. Prior to dry-docking, Halton Marine can offeran HVAC Audit for galley and cabin ventilation - the areas that use a sub

Newtech International Cargo Services W.L.L Flat No. 107, Building No. 1501, Road No. 2116, Block No. 321, Al Gudaibiya, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 973 1771 0454, Fax: 973 1771 4481 E-mail: India Newtech International H-15, TNHB Colony, Sector 4 Railar Nagar, Madurai - 625018 Tamil Nadu, India Tel : 91 452 266 2665

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Newtech is engaged in the planning and engineering of all modes of transportation including air, river & marine ports, river transport, railway, pipeline, roads and bridg-es. involvement in the road sector covers all types of highways as well as rural and feeder roads. Newtech's work in the transport field covers different countries with

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BSS 7230 Flammability testing of aircraft materials BSS 7238 Fire test to aircraft material – toxicity BSS 7239 Toxic gas generation CA TB 117 Requirements, test procedure and apparatus for testing the flame retardance of resilient filling materials used in upholstered furniture CA Title 19 Flame retardant regulations FMVSS 302 Flammability of interior materials ISO 1182 Reaction to fire .