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Manufacturer ofHDPE Pipes, MDPE Pipes,UPVC Pipes, PPRC PipesFittings & AccessoriesYEARS OFEXCELLENCE

HistoryCertifications And stration with FBRInternational Organizationfor Standardization2002ICCI Membership2005LIcence from PSQCA2006Registered as Importer / ExporterPAKISTAN STANDARDSISLAMABAD CHAMBER OFCOMMERCE & INDUSTRIESPAKISTAN ENGINEERINGCOUNCILOUR PRINCIPALSGINDEFISH BRANDNORM GROUPOUR CLIENTS2006Registration with PEC as C4/E2012Registration with MES2012Registered with Registrar of Firms2014ISO-9001 Certification2015APPPPM Membership2019PEC Registration Ugraded to C2/ECDACDA ISLAMABADISLAMABADMESPHE PunjabPHE KPKPHE BalochistanDHABAHRIAGULBERGWASAFWOSUI NORTHERN GASPWD GILGIT BALTISTANPTCLFAZAIA HOUSINGEMAARVILLAS 18MASTER CITYNHA

CEO MessageStarting from scratch in the year 1995, we have put vigorous efforts in making NEWTECH pipes a well-known brand as what it is today.Following the tag-line that we decided at the start of our company “Committed to Excellence”, we transformed this spirit to our TeamMembers to remain committed to provide best quality products in the market and live up to customer expectations. This determination hasresulted in NEWTECH becoming the leading manufacturers of synthetic pipes & fittings in Pakistan.Our vision in transforming the NEWTECH into its shape of today and taking it to the next level, in coming years – is to remain “Committed toExcellence” to embark on a journey of Modernism & Brilliance.We, as a pipe manufacturing company has expectation to become a leading innovator amongst others within the plastic industry throughcontinuous incorporation of feedback from our valued clients that we keep at our utmost priority as quality is our priority.At NEWTECH, let us take you to newer levels and take care of your future generations by providing durable and reliable pipe system. LetNEWTECH enlighten you with excellence and competence along the way.Thank you.Muhammad Kazim AbbasCEO & Founder

Who Are We?NEWTECH is one of the leading names inPlastic pipes industry in Pakistan. From ahumble beginning in 1995 and with lots ofefforts and hard work, the company soongrew into a multi-million revenuegenerating manufacturing unit withcustomers spread nationwide. Thecompany uses well equipped state of artmanufacturing unit, well establishedmarketing network, a team of dedicatedprofessionals, well defined managementhierarchy and a portfolio consisting ofvarious technologically advanced range ofpiping products. From its inception thecompany adopted a continuousimprovement attitude that insureddependable customer service, honestcommunication and tremendousemployee participation.The company manufactures the HDPE, UPVC, PPRC &MDPE Pipes and Fittings as well allied accessoriesunder the popular brand name NEWTECH. Itaccomplishes the quality of its products through anadopted and certified integrated qualitymanagement system in accordance with ISO9001:2015 Standards and production control system inaccordance with theISO-4427/DIN-8074/DIN-8075/BSS-3505 throughStandards as well as periodic tests in accreditedlaboratories.The raw materials for production are imported fromfirst-class World suppliers, which ensure the highquality of our products. Our products are speciallyused in Water Distribution, gas conveyance,protection of optical cables, Construction,Government Enterprises, Irrigation, Agriculture,Industry and other sectors as well as in mega projects.Our Missionand VisionOur mission is toprovide prime qualityproducts according toNational andInternational Standardsand excellent servicesto the customer’sentire satisfaction. Wesincerely feel that thereis no limit to the highstandard of quality; onecan meet and beat thecompetition when theproduct quality iscommendable.YEARS OFEXCELLENCE

YEARS OFEXCELLENCEOur Quality StandardsThe sizes and specifications of all our products are in accordance with ISO,DIN, BS, ASTM and National Standards (PS). Our Unit is equipped with amodern test laboratory, which comprises of state-of-the-art lab testingequipment’s and by qualified technical staff.HDPE Pipes are manufactured in compliance with the ISO-4427, DIN 8074/75standards.MDPE Pipes are manufactured in compliance with the ISO-4437, ASTM D2513 &DIN-807 standardsPPRC Pipes are manufactured in compliance with DIN-8077/78 standardsUPVC Pipes are manufactured in compliance with BS-3505 & PS-3051 standards.UPVC Electrical Conduit Pipes are manufactured according to BS-6099 standards.Our ServicesComplete Project Support on Turn-Key Basis.Complete Technical Support & services.Pipe Network Laying & Testing ServicesTrouble Shooting & Repairing.Consultancy & Advisory Services.State-of-the-artLab EquipmentWe have in-house testing for the following:Melt Flow Rate (MFR) IndexHeat Reversion TestHDPE Butt-Fusion Fittings are manufactured according toISO-4427 standardsA universal testing machinesUPP layered pipes for liquid fuel conforms to EN 14125 standardsImpact TestCompressions Fittings are imported from World Renowned brands.Dichloromethane testHydrostatic Pressure Test

YEARS OFEXCELLENCEHDPE (High Density Polyethylene) Pipeline & Fitting Systems:HDPE Pipes is a cost-effective solution forseveral piping problems in Metropolitan,Municipal, Industrial, Underwater,Mining, Landfill Gas extraction, Cableduct and agricultural applications. Ourpipes are well tested and proven,effective for underground, above ground,surface, under water as well as floatingpipe applications.Polyethylene pipes can carry potablewater, wastewater, slurries, chemicals,hazardous wastes, cables andcompressed gases as well as oils. PEpipes have the lowest repair frequencyper Kilometer of pipe per year comparedwith all other pipe materials used forurban water and gas distribution.Our HDPE pipes will meet all yourrequirements of long service,trouble-free installation, flexibility,resistance to corrosion and chemicals.NEWTECH’s HDPE pipes are strong,tough, non-toxic, light in weight andresistance to corrosion and have beenwidely adopted in a variety of pipingsystem and are replacing most pipes ofconventional materials.Benefits of HDPE Pipe:Light in weightMore flexible than other metal-based pipe, such as-GI, Stainless Steel, Black Iron, and Copper etc.Coating of the HDPE pipe is quite smoothCapable to resist from environmental effectsIt can defy pipeline CorrosionCan protect form Frost & RodentHygienically Safe (Food Grade)Easy to install and handleThere is a least chance to conduct heatAbrasion freeHas Long Life (approx. 50 Years)Saves EnergyApplications:Water supplyTelecommunication Industry for CableProtectionSewerage & DrainageIrrigation/farming/Tube wellsSprinkler Irrigation Systems & Drip IrrigationSystemsConstruction IndustryGas and oil TransmissionIndustrial EffluentsChemical IndustriesOur HDPE Pipe Range & ProductionCapacity:Our pipes are available in outer diameters from20mm - 90mm (in rolls – Long Lengths) and in thediameter from 110mm to 630 mm in straightlengths of 6 & 12 Meter for pressure series PN-6,PN-8, PN-10 PN-12.5, PN-16, & PN-20. PN-25 andhigher can be manufactured on special order.

YEARS OFEXCELLENCEPhysical Properties of PE-100 Pipe MaterialTechnical Specifications:PE 100 Pipe Dimension as per ISO 4427-2, DIN 8074 Specifications:CharacteristicsDensityDesign StressUnitsValuegm/cm30.95MPa8OuterDiameterPN 8SDR 21N/mm223-25Flexural Modules (Bend Creep)N/mm21000-1200Elongation At Break% 60032Crystallite Melt Range C128-13240Surface ResistanceO 1014502.0mm/m*k0.1363W/m*K0.3875Kj /m283 C -70Heat Conductivity At 20 CImpact Strength At 23 Deg CBrittleness TemperatureShore HardnessMelt Flow Rate (Melt Flow Index)Water AbsorptionD62g/10min0.15%0.01-0.04PN 12.5PN 16PN 20SDR 17SDR 13.6SDR 11SDR 9Below mentioned wall thicknesses are in mmTensile Strength At YieldCoefficient Of Linear ExpansionPN 3SDR – Standard Dimension RatioW.T. – Wall ThicknessPN – Nominal PressureNOTE:1. Pipes are available in outer diameters from 20mm to 90mm in Rollsand from 110mm to 630mm in straight lengths of 6 & 12 Meter2. Pipe size above 315mm can be supplied on special request

YEARS OFEXCELLENCEHDPE FITTINGSNEWTECH is Authorized Agent forInternationally well-established fittingmanufacturers. We import, stock & providethe fittings (Compression and Butt-Fusion) toour customers, as & when required.On the other hand, for Butt-Fusion fittings,we are proud to be the first manufacturers ofthese fittings in Pakistan under the brandname of “PLAST-1”About PLAST-1:PLAST-1 is one of the few new names in Pakistan’sPlastic pipes industry being getting immenserecognition due to its quality products. The company isUSA registered and was established in 2016, afterdemand for quality HDPE fittings increasedsystematically. Today, it is a prominent player in theHDPE fittings manufacturing industry and has becomesynonymous with the term quality assurance.HDPE ELECTRO-FUSION FITTINGSThe use of PE electrofusion fittings with polyethylenepipes allows the creation of fully sealed PE pipe networks.Our Electro Fusion fittings are imported from WorldRenowned European brands according to internationalstandards. Our electrofusion pipe fitting system offershigh performance and ease of installation.HDPE COMPRESSION FITTINGSWe have our hands on one of the topcompression fittings manufacturers inthe world known as NORMA GROUPwhich produces compression fittingsunder the brand name of FISH.We are proud to be their SoleDistributor in Pakistan due to our brandidentity and sales turnover. Thesefittings are made according to ISO 4427standards and comply with allinternational specification. The qualityof the materials used makes these FISHfittings resistant to etching bynumerous chemical substances and toUV-rays.

YEARS OFEXCELLENCEMDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene) Pipes for Transportation of GasNEWTECH Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Pipes aresuitable for distribution of natural gas due to theircharacteristics such as strength, flexibility, inertness, lightweight and ease of maintenance and installation. NEWTECHpipes are maintenance free with a design life of over 50 yearsunder normal operating conditions.MDPE PIPES Technical Specifications according ISO 4437and ASTM D-2513 Standards: are made in SDR-11. These areavailable in 3 4”, 1”, 11 4”, 11 2, 2” and 4” sizes.We manufacture these pipes for GAS service as per ISO 4437standards which undergo rigorous quality checksthroughout the entire production process to ensure theirreliability and effectiveness for gas transportation. Pipes areavailable in coils in order to reduce the number of joints tomake a cost-effective choice for contractors and clients.Pipes of bigger diameter are available in straight lengths of6 & 12 meters. The jointing can be done by Butt Fusionjointing methods, providing a completely homogeneousleak free system.

YEARS OFEXCELLENCEUPVC (Un-plasticized Poly Vinyl Chloride) PIPESUPVC's intrinsic properties make it suitable for a wide variety of applications. ThesePipes have excellent chemical resistance across its operating temperature range, witha broad band of operating pressures. Due to its long-term strength characteristics,high stiffness and cost effectiveness, uPVC systems account for a large proportion ofplastic piping installations. These are biologically and chemically resistant, making itthe plastic of choice for most household sewerage pipes and other pipe applicationswhere corrosion would limit the use of metal.uPVC Pipes are manufactured in diameters ½” to 24” [in straight length up to 6 Meter]for pressure series Class B [6 Bar], Class C [9 Bar], Class D [12 Bar] and Class E [15 Bar].Advantages of uPVC Pipes:PVC pipes have clear environmental advantagesover traditional materialsPVC is a low carbon plastic; PVC pipes require lessenergy and fewer resources to manufactureDue to their low weight, less energy is used whentransportedStrong and lightweightLow cost and long service lifeCorrosion & ResistanceTemperature & Pressure ResistanceApplications:Water Mains & Potable Water ServicesCold Water Plumbing ServicesDrainage Installations (Domestic & Industrial)Effluent linesChemical Plant InstallationsBrine lines- Tanning Plant, Ice RinksNon-Explosive Dry Materials Handlings- Sand,Cement, Rock Salt Plastics CompoundsEmergency Repairs to damaged pipelines in allmaterialsSurface Water DrainageTube well Casing and strainerIrrigation Farm and range irrigation-system andsprinkler systemHorticulture and greenhouse Irrigation SystemIrrigation for golf courses and sports grounds

YEARS OFEXCELLENCEUPVC Pipes specifications according to BSS 3505 standards:NominalDiameterClass B (6 bar)Class C (9 bar)Class D (12 bar)Class E (15 bar)Average Wall Thickness in”4.46.311.410.1PVC pipes have clear environmental advantagesover traditional materials6”5.27.511.612.17”6.08.712.913.9PVC is a low carbon plastic; PVC pipes require lessenergy and fewer resources to manufacture8”6.18.814.314.1Due to their low weight, less energy is used 16.324.12½”Physical properties of uPVC Material:Strong and lightweightLow cost and long service lifeCorrosion & ResistanceTemperature & Pressure sile StrengthMPa45-50%80-150Elongation26.0UPVC Pipes for Underground Drainage & Sewerage System as per BSEN 1401 ive StrengthMPa59Modulus of ElasticityMPa3000110 (4”)110Cal/g/ C0.24160 (6”)1603.2 3.84.0 4.64.7 5.4Kcal/m/h/ C0.12200 (8”)2003.9 4.54.9 5.65.9 6.7mm/m/ C0.08250 (10”)2504.9 5.66.2 7.17.1 8.3ohm/cm10¹⁵315 (12”)3156.2 7.17.7 8.78.7 10.4Self Extinguishing400 (16”)4007.9 8.99.8 11.011.0 13.1Specific HeatThermal ConductivityLinear ExpansionVolume ResistivityFlammabilitySDR 51SDR 41----SDR 343.2 3.8

YEARS OFEXCELLENCEPPRC (Polypropylene Random Copolymer) PIPES AND FITTINGSPPRC stands for polypropylene randomCopolymer, can provide very highperformance even under high and lowtemperatures and pressure conditions.Heating and hot water systems used infreshwater, PPRC pipes have ultra-highmolecular structure due to a high level ofuse and durability.Benefits of PPRC Pipes:These pipes are suitable for all sanitary &portable water applications. Our pipes &fittings are made of materials known forits strength & resistance to hightemperatures, their properties are ideallysuited to the requirements for any carrierof drinking water & hot water transfer. OurPPRC Pipes are manufactured as per thenorms of DIN 8077/8078. These pipes areextremely reliable & offer convenient &reliable installation in any plumbingsystem. Built to perform in toughconditions, they have extremely longservice life.Quick & Easy InstallationPPRC Pipes are manufactured indiameters 20mm to 110mm [in straightlength up to 4 Meters].A service lifetime over 50 years Environmentally friendlyChemical stabilityHigh temperature resistanceHigher flow capacitiesReduces energy lossesSuitable for potable water and foodprocessing IndustriesEasy connectivity over a complex networkSafe environment with recyclable abilityResistant against heat and chemical effectsHigh resistance against chemical substancesMaintains heat and sound insulationApplications:Hot / Cold and chilled water pipingIndustrial piping for aggressive fluidsCompressed AirAir Conditioning / RefrigerationFood and Beverage Processing

YEARS OFEXCELLENCEPPRC Pipe Dimensions Conforming toDIN 8077/8078 SpecificationsPhysical properties of PPRC Pipe materaialUnitRandom PPg/10 min0.2Melting TemperatureCelsius140Outer Dia(mm)Tensile Strength (at Yield)Kg/cm27020Elongation (at Break)Kg/cm230%500Kg/cm8.5CategoryMelt IndexFlexural ModulusImpact23Strength0PN-16 (for Cold Water)No BreakerKg/cm8203Service lifeResistance to High TemperatureWall Thickness(mm)Internal I. PipeCopper PipeUPVC PipePPRC Pipe5 -10 Years50 Years30 Years50 YearsGoodGoodBadGoodHygienic PropertyBadCommonBadGoodRecyclable and No PollutionNoNoNoYesPipe ommonCommonCommonGoodReliabilityInternal Dia(mm)20.4Comparison of PPRC Pipes with Conventional Pipe SystemsPipe PropertyWall Thickness(mm)PN-20 (for Hot & Cold Water)

YEARS OFEXCELLENCEUPVC ELECTRICAL CONDUITPipesAn electrical conduit is a tube used to protect and routeelectrical wiring in a building or structure. Electrical conduitmay be made of metal, plastic, fiber, or fired clay. Mostconduit is rigid, but flexible conduit is used for somepurposes. Our uPVC Electrical Conduit Pipes aremanufactured according to BS-6099 standards.PVC Solvent for uPVCPipes JointingPVC solution has become the most popular material for pipeinstallation as it offers significant benefits compared toalternative materials.Why Newtech PVC SolutionsHigh Impact StrengthDamage ResistanceAbrasion ResistanceEase of InstallationHigh Flow CapacityLong Life

YEARS OFEXCELLENCEHDPE BUTT-FUSIONWELDING MACHINESIn the poly welding process known as butt fusion welding,butt welders are used to scrape, heat and weld HDPE pipetogether.Butt welders can come with manual hydraulics or electrichydraulics. All butt welders (except for self-contained welders)need a power supply for the heater plate and millingcutter/scraper. Electric hydraulic butt welders also use theelectricity supply for the hydraulic system, used to hold thepipe while it is being scraped, heated and during cooling.SLUICE VALVE & FIRE HYDRANTSValves are used to regulate the flow of water and to minimizethe wastage of water. Valves either start/stop the flow of wateror control the speed and capacity of water or direct the flowin one direction only. Sluice Valve functions strictly to eitherstart or stop the flow.We have our expert team which provides completeinstallation & provision of these equipment’s. Our majorclients for Sluice valves & fire hydrant systems are high risebuildings and housing societies.NEWTECH maintains stock of quality butt-fusion machines ofvarious importers from well reputed brands, which are readilyavailable for our clients’ requirements. Moreover we also lendsportable generators, designed to be used with poly weldingequipment. pipesHead Office:Suite # 4 & 5, 2nd Floor,Rahman Plaza, Markaz I-10,Islamabad, Pakistan.Tel: 92 51 4438601-4Fax: 92 51 4432132Manufacturing Unit:Ghaffar Khan Gardens Road, Off GTRoad, Tarnol, Islamabad, PakistanTel: 92 51 2168034Fax: 92 51

NEWTECH Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Pipes are suitable for distribution of natural gas due to their characteristics such as strength, flexibility, inertness, light weight and ease of maintenance and installation. NEWTECH pipes are maintenance free with a design life of over 50 years under normal operating conditions.

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