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Newtech Hardware is an established supplier of twinslot andfixed bracket shelving systems, along with a growing range ofhardware and ironmongery products.The Newtech twinslot shelving range has become the preferred choicewith architects and specifiers, and can be found in many schools,hospitals, colleges and universities, as well as commercial buildingsand in the home.Stockists and distributors have come to rely on the quality of Newtechproducts; the range now includes a comprehensive selection ofown brand abrasives, line marking paint, chrome tubes, worktopaccessories and floor trims.As we continue to develop our range, our aim is to offer our customershigh quality hardware and ironmongery products at competitive prices,along with the highest standards of service and customer care.For further information and enquiries, please contact our sales office.The Newtech range of twinslotshelving is treated with antibacterial powder coating,making it particularly suitablefor use in classroom andlaboratory

ContentsThe information given in this catalogue has been checked foraccuracy and every effort has been made to ensure that it isfree from error. We cannot accept responsibility for any errorsthat may arise in the text, E&OE (errors & omissions excepted).Twinslot Shelving & Accessories. 04Fixed Bracket Shelving. 05Technical Information.06-08Decorative Shelf Brackets. 09Floor Trims.10-11Decorative Tubes & Fittings. 12Worktop Accessories. 13General Ironmongery. 14Aerosol Products. 15Abrasives.16-22Merchandising Solutions.

Twinslot Shelving & AccessoriesTwinslot System - BracketsReinforced BracketsTwinslot System - UprightsTwinslot System - Spring Rod BookendsTwinslot System - Shelf EndsAdjustable BookendInset:Twinslot System Square Bookends4Part cm47cm61cm[2” base][2” base][2” base][2” base][2” base][2” base][3” base][3” base][3” ½”24”37cm47cm61cm[4” base][4” base][4” base]Part 122cm160cm198cm240cmPart Part Shelf EndShelf EndShelf EndShelf EndShelf EndShelf EndPart No.Description1150011520BookendAdjustable ”

Fixed Bracket ShelvingReinforced BracketsPart No.Description211652118621108WhiteWhiteWhitePart hitePart hitePart 121403234032450325603268032793281032012322146” x 5”8” x 6”10” x 8”150 x 120mm200 x 150mm250 x 200mm8” x 8”10” x 10”12” x 12”14” x 14”200 x 200mm250 x 250mm300 x 300mm350 x 350mm4” x 3”6” x 5”8” x 6”10” x 8”100 x 75mm150 x 120mm200 x 150mm250 x reyGreyGreyGreyGreyGreyGrey3” x 4”4” x 5”5” x 6”6” x 8”7” x 9”8” x 10”10” x 12”12” x 14”3” x 4”4” x 5”5” x 6”6” x 8”7” x 9”8” x 10”10” x 12”12” x 14”75 x 100mm100 x 125mm125 x 150mm150 x 200mm175 x 225mm200 x 250mm250 x 300mm300 x 350mm75 x 100mm100 x 125mm125 x 150mm150 x 200mm175 x 225mm200 x 250mm250 x 300mm300 x 350mmPart sedGalvanisedGalvanised3” x 2”4” x 3”5” x 4”6” x 5”8” x 6”10” x 8”12” x 10”Mitred BracketsCantilevered BracketsLondon BracketsGalvanised Fluted x 50mm100 x 75mm125 x 100mm150 x 125mm200 x 150mm250 x 200mm300 x 250mm5

Technical Specifications & Weight LoadingsFormulationThe construction together with its high quality polyester antibacterial powder coat finish, means that the product will maintain itsTechnicalsteel shelvingRaw material:specificationprime mild steel - Drop & Lock architecturalappearanceand performance even in conditions of heavy prolongeduse.Newtech Drop & Lock architectural steel shelving is manufacturedSafetyFormulationSafetyfrom the best quality mild steel.Newtech architectural steel shelving incorporates a safetyNewtech architecturalshelvingincorporatesa safety protectionprotectionfeature whichpreventsthe bracket[and shelf]feature accidentallywhich preventsdislodgedthe bracketwhile(and shelf)beingbeingin use.Theaccidentallybracket firstdislodgeduse. Theslots andlockingthen dropsslotsand whilethen ce, effectivelytheposition,bracket onceit is in bethisdislodgedposition, itbracketonce it lockingis in thisit cannotcannot bedislodgedunlessfirst the shelfremovedand then istheunlessfirstthe shelfis removedandisthenthe bracketangledto enablewithdrawalfromthetheupright.bracket isupwardsangled upwardsto enablewithdrawalfromupright.Raw material: prime mild steelPaint FinishNewtech Drop & Lock architectural steel shelving he bestdipqualitymild lityHigh quality polyester anti-bacterialpowder coatRAL 9016phosphate dipdegreaseThe phosphate pre-treatment ensures keying and bonding toFinish:highqualitypowderpolyesterpowdercoattothe metal, while thepolyestercoat isimperviousInterpon 610 AB Anti Bacterialmost commonly encountered chemicals and solvents, ensuringmaintenance of its attractive appearance during many years ofColour:RAL 9016hard-wearing service.The bracket cannot beaccidentally dislodged from the uprightStrengthDurabilityof the featuresof this systemis its ngstrength.and bondingfollowingshowsloadings perto themetal,chartwhilethe maximumpolyesterrecommendedpowder coatweightis imperviousbracket.These are encounteredbased on resultschemicalsachieved byindependentto mostcommonlyandsolvents,testing1(see below) and incorporatea minimumappearance50% safety marginto coverensuringmaintenanceof its attractiveduringmanyyearshard-wearingusagein allofworkingsituations.service.Maximum recommended weight loadings per bracketStrengthCodeLengthOne of the features of this system is its inherent strength.Thefollowing chart shows maximum recommended112054½12cm149weightbracket. These11207loadings per 6½17cm are based on results 10411209 by independent8½22cm84achievedtesting[see below1] and1121110½ 50% safety27cm margin to cover usage 62incorporatea minimum1121312½32cm55in allworking 185136121108215Existing applications include the ls, librariesExistingapplicationsincludethe following:Institutional:CommercialHealthcareMax Load2 (Kgs*)1131514½37cm11319 Maximum recommended18 ½47cm loadings per bracketweight1141918 ½Length 47cmcodemax ications98727267673547455378665555 maximum load [including safety margin] where the loadmaximumload(includingmargin)where the load is at theis at2 thecentre ofthebracketsafetylengthspecified.2centre of the bracket length specified.Performancein nghas beenNewtechDropDrop&&LockLock architecturalsteelshelvinghas ydesigned to meet the highest of demands in a variety of situations.of situations.ItsconstructionfromheavygaugemildIt’s construction from heavy gauge mild steel means that itsteelcan bemeansthatit canthebedemandstrusted oftoloadmeetthe demandsof loadtrustedto meetbearingfor long periodswithoutbearing for long periods without failing or deforming.failing or deforming.The construction together with its high quality polyesterpowder610 Anti Bacterial, means6 coat finish with the product will maintain its appearance andCommercial:Healthcare:Accessoriespublic buildingsuniversities,colleges,schools, libraries,Offices,retail, aryHospitals, clinics, ms, showrooms,medicalresearchveterinaryclinicsdental laboratories plus many morehospitals, clinics, laboratories, medicalresearch establishments, dentallaboratoriesThe range of bookends (4 designs) is designed to meet the varietyof applications anticipated for the product including libraries, officesplus many moreand institutional uses.These are complementedby a comprehensive range of steel shelvesProductrangefrom a company with long experience in fabrication from sheet andtubularsteel. data sheets for full range and specificationSeeattacheddetails.Where the ranges described herein still fail to meet the demandsof a specific application Newtech is also able to offer a bespokeAccessoriesproduction facility.1Therangetestingof bookends[3 bracketsdesigns]is designedmeettheIndependentof uprights andwas conductedduring toMarchand April2000. Detailedresults available uponrequest. for the product includingvarietyof applicationsanticipatedlibraries, offices and institutional uses.Tests conducted by:Salford University Faculty of Engineering, Department of Aeronautical, Mechanical andTheseare complementedby aof comprehensiverange ofManufacturing,Engineering,The UniversitySalford. M5 4WT, England.steel shelves from a company with long experience infabrication from sheet and tubular steel.Where the ranges described herein still fail to meet thedemands of a specific application Newtech is also able tooffer a bespoke production facility.1Independent testing of uprights and brackets was conducted during Marchand April 2000. Detailed results available upon request.Tests conducted by: Salford University Faculty of nt of Aeronautical, Mechanical and

Technical Specifications Drop & Lock Architectural Steel ShelvingComponentsbBrackets: ��50mm3¼”82mm3¼”82mm3¼”82mmb4 ”6 ”8 ”10½”12½”14 ”14 ”18 10mmBrackets: Heavy Duty (reinforced)Code114151141911424a4 ”118mm4 ”118mm4 ”118mmbb14½”18½”24”370mm470mm610mmaWall 2cm63”160cm78”198cm94¼”240cmFixed centres for uprightsie. Distances between fixing holes in uprights (for setting of noggins sb b234456638mm 350mm 6mm445mm38mmFixing of wall uprightsThe strength of the installation is dependent onthe strength of these fixings; it is the installersresponsibilty to ensure the strength and suitability ofthese fixings (especially when fixing to partitions orhollow/stud walling) and that the substrate materialis adequate.The wall uprights are countersunk to accept no. 12screws which will sit into the countersink withoutprojection.The length of the screw will be selected on site asappropriate.uprights are 1000mm. When using MDF or othertimber material the thickness of the material willdetermine suitable centres; however as a generalguide 600mm centres could be the maximumsuitable where material of 20mm thickness orabove is used.Fixing centres between uprights: Where Newtechstandard steel shelves are used the centres

Technical specification - Drop & Lock architectural steel shelvingTechnical Specifications Bookends and Steel ShelvesAccessoriesAccessories1 Bookends:spring rod typeTechnicalspecification- Drop & Lock architectural steel shelving1 Bookends:Spring RodType ba5 î3 î115065 /8145mm4 /8115mm3 î115087Accessories/8200mm43/8î115mm1151093/4î 248mm57/8î152mmcode1 Bookends: spring rod typeCode11506 code11508115061151011508a5 ”a145mm7 5”5/8î 145mm200mm9 7”3/8î n of11506/08/10aaSpring rod bookends clip onto the uprights and can be placed at each upright for extra supportSpring rod bookends clip onto the uprights and can be placed at each upright for extra supportbApplication of11506/08/10a2 Bookends:ShelfSupportType2 Bookends:shelfsupporttypeSpring rod bookends clip onto the uprights and can be placed at each upright for extra supportcodeab11606L6î152mm6î11606Rshelf support typeCode 2 Bookends:a11606L îcode 6” 06R11608L 10R11608R11610L10” 2mmaaa3 Bookends:squarebooksupport3 Bookends:SquareBookSupportcodeb3a Bookends: square 500 5 ” 130mm5î128mmbb î55”128mm130mmc5îc128mm5” 128mm128mmc5îb128mmbccaa4 Steel Shelves4 Steel shelvesb4 Steel shelvesbcodeabcodeab1 îî11707 Code3911707/4 a1000mm717cm 17cm7î391/4î 1000mm b1 îî11709 117073911709/4 39¼”1000mm91 îî39 /4 1000mm1000mm 7”922cm17cm22cm1 î1 î1 î127cm211711 117093911711/4 39¼”1000mm10/39 /4 1000mm1000mm 9” 10 /2î 22cm27cm1 î117133911713/4 1000mm121/2î391/4î1000mm1000mm12132cm/2î 27cm32cm1171139¼”10½”1 î391/4î 1000mm14137cm/2î37cm117153911715/4 1000mm141/2î11713 1 î 39¼” 1 4î1000mm 1 î 12½” 1 2î 32cm39 / 1000mm18 47cm/47cm117193911719/4 1000mm18 /211715 1172439¼” 391/4î1000mm14½”1000mm24161cm/2î 37cm61cm11724391/4î �”1000mm24½”61cmpage 58page 5Newtech Hardware Ltd, Victoria Road, Todmorden, Lancashire, OL14 5LNNewtech HardwareLtd, 01706813071Fax: 01706814916 OL14 5LNaa

Decorative BracketsItem CodeTypeColourSizeBox QtyItem CodeTypeSizeColourBox 0Chrome Twinslot ShelvingChrome BracketsWorktop TrimsPart No.Description Pack Quantity12205122071220912211122131221512319Bracket 5” 12 cm [2” base]Bracket 7” 17 cm [2” base]Bracket 9” 22 cm [2” base]Bracket 10½” 27 cm [2” base]Bracket 12½” 32 cm [2” base]Bracket 14½” 37 cm [2” base]Bracket 18½” 47 cm [3” base]10101010101010Chrome UprightsPart No.Description Pack Quantity12117121281214012148121631217812194Upright 16¾” 42.5cmUpright 28” 71cmUpright 40” 100cmUpright 48” 122cmUpright 63” 160cmUpright 78” 198cmUpright 94” 240cm10101010101010NB: Chrome Twin Slot is Not Antibacterial

Floor TrimsThe range of floor trims is made to fit all types of wood and laminate floors, carpet and vinyl flooring and ceramic tiles. These high quality trimsadd the perfect finished look to any carpet or vinyl floor. The trims are supplied in printed vinyl sleeves and come complete with fixings.Extra Wide Carpet CoverUsed between two carpets/doorways for frayed or damaged carpets.900mm and 2700mm long.900mm84891 Gold84892 Silver2700mm84821 Gold84822 SilverTwin GripTo finish the join between two carpets.900mm long900mm84491 Gold84492 SilverSingle NapFinishes the edge of a carpet where the adjoining floor is solid.900mm.900mm84391 Gold84392 SilverCarpet to LaminateFor where there is a height variance up to 9mm.900mm.900mm84591 Gold84592

Floor TrimsNarrow Vinyl CoverUnobstrusive profile for equal height900mm and 2700mm.900mm84291 Gold84292 Silver2700mm84221 Gold84222 SilverCarpet CoverUsed between two carpets/doorways.900mm and 2700mm900mm84691 Gold84692 Silver2700mm84621 Gold84622 SilverVinyl CoverUsed between two hard coverings of equal height.900mm.900mm84791 Gold84792 SilverVinyl EdgeUsed where there is a difference in heights up to 4mm.900mm.900mm84191 Gold84192

Decorative Chrome / Brass Plated Tube & FittingsDecorative Tube and FittingsChrome TubeItem 5641258412503/4” (19mm)3/4” (19mm)3/4” (19mm)3/4” (19mm)3/4” (19mm)1” (25mm)1” (25mm)1” (25mm)1” (25mm)1” (25mm)LengthxxxxxxxxxxWall Thickness3ft (914mm)4ft (1219mm)6ft (1829mm)8ft (2438mm)13ft (4 mtr)3ft (914mm)4ft (1219mm)6ft (1829mm)8ft (2438mm)13ft (4 mtr)Pack 7mm10101010101010101010Chrome FittingsItem 20074200842009420104201142012420133/4” (19mm)1” (25mm)3/4” (19mm)1” (25mm)3/4” (19mm)1” (25mm)3/4” (19mm)1” (25mm)3/4” (19mm)1” (25mm)3/4” (19mm)1” (25mm)1” (25mm)Pressed Sockets ChromePressed Sockets ChromeDiecast Sockets ChromeDiecast Sockets ChromeTowel Rail End Brackets ChromeTowel Rail End Brackets ChromeTowel Rail Centre BracketsTowel Rail Centre BracketsWardrobe Rail End BracketsWardrobe Rail End BracketsWardrobe Rail Centre BracketsWardrobe Rail Centre BracketsConcealed SocketsPack Qty10101010101010101010101010Chrome and Brass platedcut lengths.Available in 3/4” (19mm)and 1” (25mm) diametersin a range of lengthsA range of pre-packed andboxed loose fittings is alsoavailableBulk FittingsItem 3011430123/4” (19mm)1” (25mm)3/4” (19mm)1” (25mm)3/4” (19mm)1” (25mm)3/4” (19mm)1” (25mm)Pressed Sockets ChromePressed Sockets ChromeMazak BracketMazak BracketWardrobe Rail End BracketsWardrobe Rail End BracketsWardrobe Rail Centre BracketsWardrobe Rail Centre BracketsSizeDescriptionPack Qty10010010010010(pair)10(pair)1010Oval TubeItem CodeOval Tube Chrome41304Oval41306Oval41308Oval4ft (1219mm)6ft (1829mm)8ft (2500mm)Oval Fittings4202042021Oval End SocketsOval Centre Bracket12Pack Qty10101010

Worktop Trims & LegsItem thFinishEND CAP12mm Standard30mmCORNERT JOINTEND CAPCORNER12mm Standard12mm Standard12mm Standard12mm Standard30mm30mm40mm40mmItem CodeDescriptionDepthSatin Silver82232CORNER12mm Standard30mmPolished SilverSatin Silver83232T JOINT12mm Standard30mmPolished SilverSatin Silver81242END CAP12mm Standard40mmPolished SilverSatin Silver82242CORNER12mm Standard40mmPolished SilverSatin Silver83242T JOINT12mm Standard40mmPolished SilverEND CAP10mm Bullnose40mmSatin SilverProfileFinish83243T JOINT12mm Standard40mmSatin Silver8114381231END CAP12mm Standard30mmBlack82143CORNER10mm Bullnose40mmSatin Silver82231CORNER12mm Standard30mmBlack83143T JOINT10mm Bullnose40mmSatin Silver83231T JOINT12mm Standard30mmBlack81141END CAP10mm Bullnose40mmBlack81241END CAP12mm Standard40mmBlack82141CORNER10mm Bullnose40mmBlack82241CORNER12mm Standard40mmBlack83141T JOINT10mm Bullnose40mmBlack83241T JOINT12mm Standard40mmBlack81142END CAP10mm Bullnose40mmPolished Silver81232END CAP12mm Standard30mmPolished Silver82142CORNER10mm Bullnose40mmPolished Silver83142T JOINT10mm Bullnose40mmPolished SilverAdjustable Worktop LegsItem hromeSatin Satin uk Qty13

General IronmongeryHandrail Brackets and Coat HooksACBDItem CodeItem CodeDescriptionBox Qty42024102420341032.5”Handrail Brackets Zinc Plated (D)2.5”Handrail Brackets White3”Handrail Brackets Zinc Plated3”Handrail Brackets White10101010DescriptionPack Quantity25 Medium Duty Hat & Coat Hooks (A)70011Hat & Coat Hook70012Coat Hook25 Heavy Duty Hat & Coat Hooks (B)70001Hat & Coat Hook70002Coat HookHat & Coat Rails (C)700044 Hook Chrome Plated700144 Hook Chrome Plated700055 Hook Chrome Plated700155 Hook Chrome Plated25252525WhitePineWhitePine6666*Product may vary in appearanceGrab RailsItem CodeSizeDescription420144201542016420171” x 12”1” x 12”35 x 460mm35 x 600mmWEC GrabrailChrome GrabrailWhite GrabrailWhite GrabrailPack Qty6666Corner Braces75mm Screen Printed DiscsItem ”3”4”5”6”Sign Discs are Available in Four Finishes (10 per pack)SAA Satin Anodised AluminiumSSS Satin Stainless Steel14PB Polished BrassPSS Polished Stainless Qty5050505050252525

Aerosols / LinemarkersAerosols for IndustryThe range of aerosols for industry from Newtech is suitable for engineering, DIY, automotive, agricultural and general purpose use. The range isheaded by AC-90, a high quality, silicone free multi-purpose lubricant. The range also includes anti-rust paint and food safe products.CodeDescriptionSize mlColourCtn QtyAC-90 Lubricant, Cleaner, Penetrates & Releases, Displaces Moisture, does not contain Silicone.72202AC-90 (multi-purpose)42515Food Grade Product Range H1 approvals by NSF & INS.72201AC-90 H1 Food Grade42515CD-90 Chain & Drive Spray.72217CD-9050015CG-90 Food Grade Clear Grease Lubricant PTFE.72220CG-9050015CT-90 Cutting, Tapping, Drilling Fluid. Makes cutting easy, extends tooling life.72203CT-9050015Isopropyl Alcohol-Electronic Cleaning Solvent.72204I.P.A.50015Hand Cleaner with Poly-Grains - Lemon 5lt.72214Industrial Hand Cleaner5ltr4Large Hand Wipes - Strong Industrial Grade72228Large Wipes80 wipes6SA-90 Industrial Strength Adhesive.72212SA-9050015SP-90 Dry Film Silicone Lubricant.72218SP-9050015RP-90 Rapid Penetrating Release Fluid. Releases seized, corroded parts.72205RP-9050015TF-90 Fast Drying Cleaning Solvent & Degreaser.72219TF-9050015ZG-90 Cold Zinc Galvanise Paint. Corrosion Protection.72206ZG-90 Red5001572207ZG-90 Green5001572208ZG-90 White5001572209ZG-90 Black5001572210ZG-90 Blue5001572211ZG-90 Zinc50015ZG-90 Cold Zinc Galvanise Paint Brushing.72221ZG-90 Zinc500ml tin672222ZG-90 Black500ml tin672223ZG-90 White500ml tin672224ZG-90 Red500ml tin672225ZG-90 Green500ml tin672226ZG-90 Blue500ml tin6LinemarkersThe Newtech range of line marking paint is available in 750ml aerosol tins in a choice of 7 colours. The paint is suitable for use for playing fields,car parks, warehouses, golf courses and road markings as well as many other applications. Also available are a range of wheeled applicators for aprofessional finish.750ml Line Marking Paint AerosolsLine Marking ApplicatorsItem iteGreenYellowBlackBlueOrangeVoyager IV72100Spray Master (above)Voyager II (2 wheel applicator)Voyager IV (4 wheel applicator)

The Newtech range of own brandabrasives has been carefully selectedto offer stockists a wide selection,high quality product and eye catchingpackaging to encourage the customerto buy. The range includes sanding beltsand sheets, 5m, 10m and 50m rolls,discs and accessories in a range of gritsto fulfil all requirements.A brasives g u ide

AbrasivesPaint StrippingBare SurfacesIn Between CoatsCoarse 40 - 60 GritMedium 80 - 120 GritFine 180 GritFor heavy removalof paint & varnishFor surface levelling andsmoothing of bare surfacesFor surface smoothingin between coatsGritApplicationThe Newtech range of abrasives consists of the following products;Sanding Fibre DiscsAvailable with 16mm hole and 22mm hole.For power sanding on metal, masonry, ceramics, plastics, hard fillers, enamels & hardwoods.Sanding Sponge Medium / coarse Designed for use either wet or dry Simply rinse and re-use Suitable for use on metal, wood, plastic, filler & paint Use prior to application of paint or varnishParticularly suitable for sanding contoured areasThe sanding belts, sheets, discs and delta sanding pads will fit all the current major brands.RollsYellowFor hand and power sanding onpaint, plaster, fillers, boards andsoftwoodsBrownFor hand and power sanding onmetal, masonry, ceramics, plastics,hard fillers, enamels and hardwoodsGreenFor hand and power sanding onpaint, plaster, fillers, boards andsoftwoodsWhiteFor hand and power sanding onwood, metal, varnish, paint, plasticand for keying & finishing allsurfacesSanding Mesh RollDouble-sided silicon carbide graincoated mesh. 5m x 115mm Suitablefor plasterboard, rough timber, rustremoval and metal polishing. Openscreen design resists clogging.Glass Paper Sanding SheetThese economy hand sandingsheets are ideal for general purposeapplications.Suitable for sanding Wood and PaintDry Stearate Sanding SheetFor working on close grainedhardwoods of the type typicallyused in furniture making and highend woodworking.Wet & Dry Sanding PaperWet & Dry Paper is perfect for finesanding of primer undercoat andsanding between coats of paint. Itis made from silicone carbide for aprofessional finish on metal, paintand fillers.First of all they are stearated.Stearate is a dry lubricant,chemically similar to soap, it makesthe surface of the abrasive resistantto clogging which provides a moreuniform result and extends the life ofthe abrasive.Wet & Dry Latex Sanding SheetsComposed of a latex impregnatedpaper backing material with extradurable coating which helps toproduce a high quality finish,particularly on coarser surfaces.The particles are Silicon Carbide,a very sharp angular abrasive thatgives optimum results on tightgrained hardwoods.Sanding Cloth Suitable for heavy-dutyapplications, such as rustremoval and metal shapingThe abrasive particles are appliedin an open coat - separated fromeach other - improving flexibility,extending working life and giving amore uniform

AbrasivesCodeSizeDescriptionAbrasiveGrit91104 13X45591106 13X45591108 13X45591112 13X45591204 50x68691206 50x68691208 50x68691212 50x68691304 75X45791306 75X45791308 75X45791312 75X74591404 75X53391406 75X53391408 75X53391412 75X53391504 100X61091506 100X61091508 100X61091512 100X61092406 4.5”92408 4.5”92412 4.5”92418 4 4.5”93406 4.5”sanding belt 3pcssanding belt 3pcssanding belt 3pcssanding belt 3pcsal oxideal oxideal oxideal oxide406080120sanding belt 3pcssanding belt 3pcssanding belt 3pcssanding belt 3pcsal oxideal oxideal oxideal oxide406080120sanding belt 3pcssanding belt 3pcssanding belt 3pcssanding belt 3pcsal oxideal oxideal oxideal oxide406080120sanding belt 3pcssanding belt 3pcssanding belt 3pcssanding belt 3pcsal oxideal oxideal oxideal oxide406080120sanding belt 3pcssanding belt 3pcssanding belt 3pcssanding belt 3pcsal oxideal oxideal oxideal oxide406080120sanding disc self-adhesive 5pcssanding disc self-adhesive 5pcssanding disc self-adhesive 5pcssanding disc self-adhesive 5pcsal oxideal oxideal oxideal oxide6080120180sanding disc self-adhesive 5pcssanding disc self-adhesive 5pcssanding disc self-adhesive 5pcssanding disc self-adhesive 5pcssanding disc self-adhesive 5pcsal oxideal oxideal oxideal oxideal oxide406080120180sanding disc self-adhesive 5pcssanding disc self-adhesive 5pcssanding disc self-adhesive 5pcssanding disc self-adhesive 5pcssanding disc self-adhesive 5pcsal oxideal oxideal oxideal oxideal oxide406080120180sanding disc hook&loop 5pcssanding disc hook&loop 5pcsal oxideal

935125”935185”sanding disc hook&loop 5pcssanding disc hook&loop 5pcssa

Newtech Hardware is an established supplier of twinslot and fixed bracket shelving systems, along with a growing range of hardware and ironmongery products. The Newtech twinslot shelving range has become the preferred choice with architects and specifiers, and can be found in many schools,

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GLOBAL ORIENTATION Newtech has completed and is currently undertaking consultancy assignments in a wide range of projects that best illustrate Newtech'sspecial capabilities in integrated and multi-disciplinary consulting services. Newtech has been providing such consulting services for a diversified large number of clients, including governmental, private, regional and international .

Newtech International Cargo Services W.L.L Flat No. 107, Building No. 1501, Road No. 2116, Block No. 321, Al Gudaibiya, Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain Tel: 973 1771 0454, Fax: 973 1771 4481 E-mail: India Newtech International H-15, TNHB Colony, Sector 4 Railar Nagar, Madurai - 625018 Tamil Nadu, India Tel : 91 452 266 2665

Newtech is engaged in the planning and engineering of all modes of transportation including air, river & marine ports, river transport, railway, pipeline, roads and bridg-es. involvement in the road sector covers all types of highways as well as rural and feeder roads. Newtech's work in the transport field covers different countries with

NEWTECH Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE) Pipes are suitable for distribution of natural gas due to their characteristics such as strength, flexibility, inertness, light weight and ease of maintenance and installation. NEWTECH pipes are maintenance free with a design life of over 50 years under normal operating conditions.

NEWTECH ENG. & TRD. EST. P.O Box - 6193, Doha - Qatar TEL- 974-44311063 / 44326305 FAX- 974-44311062 Web. . INTRODUCTION We would like to introduce our company as NEWTECH ENG & TRD.EST. One of the well- established and leading companies .

NEWTech Prep (formerly NEWTech Skills enter) just added a SURGIAL PROESSING TEHNI IAN course for 2022-23! The NEWTech Surgical Processing Technician program is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills required for entry-level work as a sterile processing technician. Students will complete 200 hours

by Newtech. All goods are subject to our conditions of sale. All pricing is RRP and valid until 31/01/2022, GST inclusive. Please confirm pricing . with your local merchant. E & OE. Errors and Omissions excepted. For more information please visit Flexible Packages. Newtech's pre-designed . packages offer flexible design .

Araling Panlipunan Grade 10 . Alternative Delivery Mode . Ikalawang Markahan- Modyul 3: Mga Dahilan at Epekto ng Migrasyon . Unang Edisyon, 2020 . Isinasaad ng Batas Republika 8293, Seksiyon 176na “Hindi maaaring magkaroon ng karapatang- sipi sa anomang akda ang Pamahalaan ng Pilipinas. Gayon pa man, kailangan muna ang pahintulot ng ahensiya o tanggapan ng pamahalaan na naghanda ng akda kung .