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NewtechWarrnambool 26th March 2009MANTRA DEEP BLUE RESORT16 Pertobe RoadWarrnamboolA VictorianGovernmentinitiative

Published by the Victorian Government Department of Sustainability and EnvironmentMelbourne, March 2009 The State of Victoria Department of Sustainability and Environment 2009This publication is copyright. No part may be reproduced by any process except in accordance with the provisions of theCopyright Act 1968.Authorised by the Victorian Government, 570 Bourke Street, MelbournePrinted by Stream SolutionsPrinted on 100% Recycled paperFor more information contact the DSE Customer Service Centre 136 186DisclaimerThis publication may be of assistance to you but the State of Victoria and its employees do not guarantee that the publicationis without flaw of any kind or is wholly appropriate for your particular purposes and therefore disclaims all liability for any error,loss or other consequence which may arise from you relying on any information in this

WelcomeOn behalf of the organising team, I would like to welcome you to Newtech Warrnambool.Today is our twenty-seventh Newtech conference, and the second for the Warrnambool district.Newtech rural and regional conferences are designed to provide accessible, stimulating and valuablelearning and business opportunities for people involved in the use and development of land and spatialinformation in Victoria.Our aim is to provide a forum for people to keep abreast of government policies and directions, tostimulate professional development and promote new technologies.The Department of Sustainability and Environment is pleased once again to organise and present Newtech.Our approach for Newtech is to use convenient regional centres, offer a diverse program, keep participantcosts down and work with local groups to assure relevant content.We hope to maintain the high standard now expected of Newtech Conferences by introducing a range ofspeakers who will stimulate discussion and provide you with up to date information.The Warrnambool Newtech Conference will incorporate a high calibre of presenters covering a wide rangeof topics including the use of spatial information in e-Planning, a presentation on the Victorian CoastalElevation project, 3D modelling of Groundwater Resources by Spatial Vision, a presentation on Free andOpen Source Geospatial Software, a member of the Victorian Spatial Council presenting on VSIS andCustodianship, a presentation on the development of Spatial Road/Pavement Asset management at HumeCity Council, an update on Spatial industry directions in Victoria, Australia and Internationally and muchmuch more.We hope you enjoy the opportunity to attend all of the presentations.Your feedback is important to us and we encourage you to complete the Feedback form in your Newtechkit. This information assists us in ensuring that Newtech conferences meet your needs.I would like to express my thanks to today’s speakers, presenters and participating businesses that havemade the time and effort to come to Warrnambool to share their experiences with us. I would also like tothank Warrnambool City Council for their assistance along with delegates for their attendance today and Ilook forward to seeing you at future Newtech conferences.Bruce ThompsonDirector, Spatial Information InfrastructureDepartment of Sustainability and EnvironmentNewtech is proudly brought to you by Department of Sustainability and Environment and Warrnambool City Council with thesupport of the Spatial Sciences Institute (Victoria) and The Institution of Surveyors Victoria.

Venue erviceAreaNewtech Trade &Refreshment AreaPresentationAreaFoyerCorridorPertobe RoadMANTRA DEEP BLUE RESORT16 Pertobe 03 5559 2000Entrance

Conference proceedingsmorning sessions8:45 – 9.30amREGISTRATION9.30 – 9.40amWELCOME & OFFICIAL OPENING9.40 – 10:00amSESSION 1Spatial Industry directions and government updateBruce Thompson Director, Spatial Information Infrastructure (SII), DSEUpdate on happenings in Victoria, Australia and Internationally and ANZsi , the AustralianNew Zealand spatial infrastructure initiative.10:00 – 10:20amSESSION 2The Use of Spatial Information in e-PlanningSusan Brown/Nigel Hutton, Dept of Planning & Community DevelopmentThe ePlanning process and how spatial information assists.10:20 – 10:40amSESSION 3The Victorian Coastal Elevation ProjectNathan Quadros, Spatial Information Infrastructure, DSEAn overview of the Victorian Coastal Elevation Project and the Victorian Government FutureCoasts program.10:40 – 11:00amSESSION 43D Modelling of Groundwater ResourcesMilos Pelikan, Spatial VisionAn overview of groundwater management through DSEs exploration with Spatial Visionsprototype.11:00 – 11:30amMORNING TEA AND TRADE EXHIBIT11:30 – 11:50pmSESSION 5Introduction to Free and Open Source Geospatial SoftwareSimon O’Keefe, Ground Truth Mapping SystemsA presentation on Free and Open Source Geospatial Software.11:50 – 12:10pmSESSION 6The Victorian Spatial Council UpdateDiane Daniell, VSC memberThe latest on the Victorian Spatial Information Strategy (VSIS) and Custodianship from theVictorian Spatial Council.12:10 – 12:30pmSESSION 7Managing a National Property PortfolioCharles Moscato, OMNILINKA Global Property Management System that provides integration between separate systems,enabling information to be accessed via a web interface.

12:30 – 12:50pmSESSION 8Managing Assets – Spatially and Graphically - Development of Spatial RoadPavement Asset Management processes at Hume City CouncilRecep Alakus, Hume City CouncilDevelopment of spatial road/pavement asset management processes atHume City Council.12:50 – 2:00pmLUNCH AND TRADE EXHIBIT1:30 – 1:40pmOUTDOOR SESSIONLunchtime demonstration 'The Statewide Emergency Services Solution'Jan Wandek, AuSoft Solutions Pty LtdThis outdoor presentation will highlight a Statewide Emergency Solution providing real timeinformation to the key decision makers, supported by a demonstration of a National SafetyAgency (NSA) Command vehicle using this solution.2:00 – 2:20pmSESSION 9Glenelg Online Mapping: A web platform for accessing Councilrecords & informationBrad Sharkey, GIS consultant for Warrnambool City CouncilA web platform for accessing Council records & information.2:20 – 2:40pmSESSION 10Asset database Upgrade project at Wannon WaterGarry McLay, Wannon WaterAn integrated asset database / register that includes all infrastructure assets defined at alevel useful for all stakeholders, particularly in operations and maintenance.2:40 – 3:00pmSESSION 11A-Spec Local Government Data Standards and LandXML)George Havakis, Workforce SolutionsThe A-SPEC consortium coordinates and supports various standards for Local Government.A presentation on the current program and a business case for developing a LandXML dataschema and how it “fits” with other government initiatives.3:00 – 3:30pmAFTERNOON TEA AND TRADE EXHIBIT3:30 – 3:50pmSESSION 12GPSnet & Positioning Regional Victoria (PRV)Hayden Asmussen, Spatial Information Infrastructure (SII), DSEGPSnet and the PRV State wide GNSS base station project update & latest developments.3:50 – 4:10pmSESSION 13Use of Digital Elevation Models for Catchment Management ApplicationsGeorgina Race, SKMUse of DEMs for catchment modelling and analysis.4:10 – 4:30pmSESSION 14Notification & Editing Service (NES) an updateJohn Gallagher / Mark O’Brien Spatial Information Infrastructure (SII), DSEPresentation on the DSE Notification and Editing Service being developed to provideinteractive change request notification by Vicmap customers and remote editing bycustodians.4.30pmCLOSE

Presentation abstractsSESSION 19.40 – 10.00amSpatial Industry directions and governmentupdateBruce Thompson, Director, Spatial InformationInfrastructure, DSEThis presentation will provide delegates with aninsight into spatial industry directions in Victoria,Australia and internationally and ANZsi, theAustralian New Zealand spatial infrastructureinitiative.SESSION 210.00 – 10.20amThe Use of Spatial Information in e-PlanningSusan Brown and Nigel Hutton, Department ofPlanning and Community DevelopmentLand use planning in Victoria has always includeda location-based process involving the preparation,collation and interpretation of a wide array ofmap-based information – for policy, strategic andstatutory purposes. As map based informationhas become more readily available in digital formit has opened up greater opportunities to make anincreasing amount of information more accessibleand easier to use.The e-Planning Roadmap is a five-year strategyto guide the development of planning systems inVictoria. Improving access to and use of spatiallybased information is a key aspect of the Roadmap.SESSION 310.20 – 10.40amThe Victorian Coastal Elevation ProjectNathan Quadros, Coastal LIDAR AcquisitionManager, DSEFuture Coasts is a major program of the VictorianGovernment. This program was initiated to assessthe physical vulnerability of Victoria's coast toclimate change, as well as develop strategies to helpcommunities respond and adapt to coastal change.The Victorian Coastal Elevation Project is a significantcomponent of the Future Coasts program. Thedigital elevation model (DEM) produced bythis project is being acquired by topographicand bathymetric LIDAR systems. Currently, thetopographic DEM from the South Australian borderto Western Port Bay is available, whilst the rest ofthe state’s elevation is undergoing the QA process.These remaining topographic areas will be availablein stages throughout 2009.The bathymetry (seafloor) is also a major part ofthe coastal DEM. The bathymetric LIDAR system iscurrently surveying the Victorian coast till the 20mdepth contour. The complete dataset including thebathymetry is anticipated for release in November2009.SESSION 410.40am – 11.00pm3D Modelling of Groundwater ResourcesMilos Pelikan, Spatial Vision InovationsGroundwater in Victoria is administered throughGroundwater Management Units (GMU), thatdefine 3D volumes of the earth that each carrydifferent usage, licensing and legal constraints.Effective management of groundwater requiresan understanding of three dimensional nature ofthe resource. The Department of Sustainability& Environment (DSE) has begun to explore 3Drepresentation of groundwater resources andcommissioned Spatial Vision to produce a prototypeto illustrate relationships between managementunits. This presentation will explain the key featuresof the approach used to develop a 3D visualisationtool to explore the relationship between GMUs andaccess related information.You can find more information 511.30 – 11.50amIntroduction to Free and Open SourceGeospatial SoftwareSimon O'Keefe, Geospatial Systems Developer,Groundtruth Mapping SystemsFree and open source geospatial technologies arecurrently delivering real benefits to organisationsaround the world via a model of collaborativedevelopment and zero software licensing costs. It'stime for local businesses and authorities to startexploring how we can make use of the global opensource movement to equip our organisations andusers with high quality GIS software.This presentation discusses why users and developersare turning to open source software and which opensource GIS applications are being used right now bylocal and overseas organisations. The presentationwill conclude with a showcase of ‘Sweeping Plains’,a municipal web mapping application developed byGroundtruth Mapping Systems using open sourcetechnologies.

SESSION 611.50 – 12.10pmOUTDOOR SESSION1.30 – 1.40pmThe Victorian Spatial Council UpdateDiane Daniell, Victorian Spatial Council MemberThe Statewide Emergency Services SolutionJan Wandek, AusSoft Solutions Pty LtdThe Victorian Spatial Council has been operatingsince 2004, and in May last year it published the firstVictorian Spatial Information Strategy 2008-2010.But who or what is the VSC? What does it do?What can it do for you, and more importantly, howcan you get involved?This outdoor presentation will highlight a StatewideEmergency Solution providing real time informationto the key decision makers, supported by ademonstration of a National Safety Agency (NSA)Command vehicle using this solution.This is the first of what it is hoped will be a regularseries of presentations at Newtech on the activitiesof the Victorian Spatial Council.SESSION 712.10 – 12.30pmManaging a National Property PortfolioCharles Moscato, Senior GIS Consultant,OMNILINK Pty LtdGPMS refers to a Global Property ManagementSystem, which has been developed for the PatrickCorporation. OMNILINK have designed the system toallow integration between separate existing PatrickIT systems, enabling the Property Information to beaccess via a web interface. The system is designedaround maintaining the property/lease informationwithin links to commercial Property Managementsoftware (Vision), as well as external links to essentialsafety information for compliance verification(Verified).The system allows property maintenance staff to beaware of when crucial dates appear on the horizon,so that they can action lease renewals, contractexpiry dates, or to monitor times when maintenanceis due against a property.SESSION 812.30 – 12.50pmSESSION 92.00 – 2.20pmGlenelg Online Mapping: a web platform foraccessing Council records & informationBrad Sharkey, GIS Consultant MakoMap onbehalf of Warrnambool City CouncilGlenelg Shire Council first implemented their onlinemapping system in November 2007. Since then ithas expanded significantly in terms of the amount ofCouncil specific information which is now accessibleto the public.More recent developments, such as the securelogin feature have allowed previously restrictedinformation to be made available for specific externalstakeholders. Some ‘maps’ such as property sales,are restricted to users who subscribe by payingan annual fee. In the past such information wasprovided on a ‘fee-for-service’, but in a more ad-hocway. Other records such as building permits areavailable over the counter in printed form, but usingthe online mapping enables greater flexibility interms of property searches facilities.This presentation discusses the online mappingservice in terms of implementation with a focus onthe ‘unlocking’ of various Council databases.SESSION 102.20 – 2.40pmManaging Assets – Spatially and GraphicallyDevelopment of Spatial Road/Pavement AssetManagement processes at Hume City CouncilRecep Alakus, GIS Administrator - Hume CityCouncilAsset database Upgrade project atWannon WaterGarry McLay, Wannon WaterHume City Council has developed a Roads andPavements Asset Management Application fullybased on processes of Spatial Technology. Thesystem also includes field data collection and workorder process with the aid of GPS, tablet PC’s andblue tooth camera and 3G/GPRS relaying data liveback to GIS server in the office.As part of an asset management improvementstrategy currently being implemented in WannonWater, an Assets Database Upgrade Project isunderway in Wannon Water. The objective of thisproject is to develop an integrated asset database /register that includes all infrastructure assets definedat a level useful for all stakeholders, in particularOperations and Maintenance. This project is nowwell advanced and expected to be completed in mid

2010. An overview of each part of the project ispresented as well as an overview of how this fits intothe long term improvement of asset management inWannon Water.SESSION 112.40 – 3.00pmA-Spec Local Government Data Standards andLandXMLGeorge Havakis, Managing Director, WorkforceSolutionsThe A-SPEC consortium was established tocoordinate and support the various standardsdeveloped for Local Government. Initially under thebanner of D-Spec created to streamline the processesundertaken to display all new drainage assets andtelecommunication conduits within council’s GIS &Asset Management Systems. The consortium nowhas developed a LandXML data schema.This presentation will provide not only an updateto the current program but also describe in somedetail the business case for developing a LandXMLdata schema and how it “fits” with other initiativesaround Australia such as ePlan and our ownVictorian SPEAR program.What are the likely short and long term benefitsthat Local Government can expect to receive fromanother standard fortmat?George Havakis will discuss these issues and presentan informative session.SESSION 123.30 – 3.50pmGPSnet & Positioning Regional VictoriaHayden Asmussen, Spatial InformationInfrastructure, DSEThis presentation will discuss Vicmap Position GPSnet and the services that are available includingStatewide Submeter Differential GPS and MELBpos2cm Network RTK. It will provide information as tohow GPSnet works, examples of how you can usethe network and the future plans to role out a 2cmaccurate statewide service over the next 3 years aspart of the Positioning Regional Victoria Project.SESSION 133.50 – 4.10pmUse of Digital Elevation Models for CatchmentManagement ApplicationsGeorgina Race, Sinclair Knight MerzHydrologically enforced DEMs can be used fordefining and modelling surface water catchments.A quality terrain model is often considered the basisof hydrological modelling. The new Victorian DEM,developed by SKM and DSE, has been created withhydrological applications in mind. This presentationwill outline the features of the DEM and describeapplications for catchment and natural resourcemanagement including : Defining catchments for water resourcemanagement including farm dams and wetlands Sediment transport modelling Stream order calculations Forestry management.SESSION 144.10 – 4.30pmNotification & Editing Service (NES) an updateJohn Gallagher, Manager Data Acquisition &Management, Mark O'Brien, NES Administrator,Spatial Information Infrastructure, DSEThe Notification and Editing Service (NES) has beendeveloped by DSE to facilitate the lodgement,examination and actioning of Change Requests todata held in DSE’s Corporate Spatial Data Library(CSDL).The CSDL houses more that 400 data productsincluding the Vicmap series. The long term visionfor the CSDL is for data custodians to be able to editand upgrade their information directly and makethis information available to users within hours, ifnot immediately. The NES is pivotal to achieving thisvision.This presentation will demonstrate the NES V1.0and provide an update on current activity and futureplans.

Presenter contact detailsBruce ThompsonSpatial Information Infrastructure, BrownDepartment of Planning & Community HuttonDepartment of Planning & Community QuadrosDepartment of Sustainability and PelikanSpatial Vision Innovations Pty O’KeefeGroundtruth Mapping DaniellCentral Goldfields Shire MoscatoOMNILINK Pty AlakusHume City WandekAusSoft Solutions Pty Ltdjan.wandek@aussoft.comBrad SharkeyMakomap on behalf of Warrnambool Shire McLayWannon HavakisWorkforce AsmussenSpatial Information Infrastructure, RaceSinclair Knight O’BrienSpatial Information Infrastructure, DSEmark.o’ GallagherSpatial Information Infrastructure,

ServiceArea9Corridor16151412112101318Newtech Trade &Refreshment rade exhibition map

Trade exhibitorsSTAND 1AAMHatch Pty LtdRohan PotterSpatial SolutionsSuite 1, 1 Oxley Road, Hawthorn VIC 3122Phone 03 9572 8750 Fax 03 9572 8751Email W: 2AusSoft Solutions Pty LtdSteven FerraroGIS Consultant395 Canterbury Road, Vermont VIC 3133Phone 03 9264 8869 Fax 03 9264 8800Email W: www.aussoft.comSTAND 3C R Kennedy & Co Pty LtdChris LandvogtGPS/TPS Sales Consultant, Survey663 Chapel Street, South Yarra, Melbourne VIC 3141Phone 03 9823 1533 Fax 03 9827 7248Email W: 4ESRI Australia Pty LtdRobyn WardManager Client Services100 Franklin Street, Melbourne VIC 3000Phone 03 9321 3400 Fax 03 9321 3444Email W: 5Fugro Spatial Solutions Pty LtdMichael De LacyBusiness Development ExecutiveLevel 7, 390 St Kilda Rd, Melbourne, VIC 3004Phone 03 9780 0610 Fax 03 9780 0641Email W: 6Geocomp Systems Pty LtdJerry CrespSales Manager2 - 6 Albert Street, Blackburn, VIC 3130Phone 03 9877 8400 Fax 03 9877 8411Email W: 7Groundtruth Mapping Systems Pty LtdSimon O'KeefeGeospatial Systems DeveloperLevel 2, 140 Queen Street, Melbourne VIC 3000Phone 03 9017 6850 Mobile 0409 413 890Email W: 8Lagen Spatial Pty LtdDamien PearceAccount ManagerSuite 19, 248 Maroondah Hwy, Chirnside Park VIC 3116Phone 03 9726 7442 Fax 03 9726 9876Email W:

STAND 9LisTech Pty LtdAndrej MocickaBus Development Manager10 Harvey Street, Richmond VIC 3121Phone 03 9005 1105 Fax 03 9005 1106Email W: 10OMNILINK Pty LtdDavid BruceBusiness Development DirectorSuite 13, Level 4, 150 Albert Rd, Sth Melbourne VIC 3205Phone 03 9685 7562 Fax 03 9685 7568Email W: 11QASCO VICAndrew WattsManager67-69 Canterbury Road, Canterbury VIC 3126Phone 03 8646 6900 Fax 03 8646 6990Email W: 12Spatial Vision Innovations Pty LtdNicholas MartinBusiness Development ManagerLevel 2, 170 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC 3000Phone 03 9691 3058 Fax 03 9691 3001Email W: 13Ultimate PositioningSimon BestNational Mapping & GIS Product Mgr72 Batesford Rd, East Malvern VIC 3145Phone 03 9563 0088 Fax 03 9563 2208Email simon W: www.ultimatepositioning.comSTAND 14Pitney Bowes Business InsightSimon DuginaField RepresentitivePitney Bowes Business InsightLevel 7, Elizabeth Plaza, North Sydney NSW 2060Phone 02 9437 6255 Fax 02 9439 1773Email W: 15Geomatic Technologies Pty LtdMatthew Croft. Account ManagerLvl 6, 4 Riverside Quay, Southbank Vic 3006T 03 9694 4244 F 03 9694 4233Email W: 16PhotoMapping ServicesPeter Saunders, Manager133 Abbotsford Street, North Melbourne Vic 3051T 03 9328 3444 F 03 9326 6476Email W:

Conference organising committeeThe Newtech conference organising committee is responsible for the planning and organisation of theNewtech circuit.The committee members are: Rod Flynn, Manager Customer Engagement & Services, Spatial Information Infrastructure, DSE Joanne Curran, Spatial Information Infrastructure, DSE Jeffrey Green, Spatial Information Infrastructure, DSE Rohan Anderson, Spatial Information Infrastructure, DSENewtech Warrnambool is proudly organised by the Department of Sustainability and Environment.For more information about DSE, visit or conferences are held twice a year in various locations. The committee always welcomessuggestions for conference presentations. If you have an idea for a future presentation topic, please emailyour suggestion to


For more information about the Newtech conference circuit,visit by Spatial Information InfrastructureDepartment of Sustainability and Environment

The Warrnambool Newtech Conference will incorporate a high calibre of presenters covering a wide range of topics including the use of spatial information in e-Planning, a presentation on the Victorian Coastal Elevation project, 3D modelling of Groundwater Resources by Spatial Vision, a presentation on Free and .

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