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Washington Apple Health (Medicaid)EligibilityCitizenship & ImmigrationOffice of Medicaid Eligibility and PolicyMedicaid Eligibility and Community SupportAug 20, 2019

Topics Citizenship & Immigration Washington Healthplanfinder Scenarios Verification Resources2

Citizenship & ImmigrationWashington Apple HealthMaggie ClayRegional Eligibility Policy RepresentativeOffice of Medicaid Eligibility and PolicyAugust 5, 2016

Citizenship and ImmigrationAll Apple Health applicants must provide theircitizenship/immigration status, which determines what programapplicants are eligible for.Individuals fall into one of the following groups: U.S. Citizens, U.S. Nationals, Qualifying American Indianborn abroad Lawfully Present Qualified Non-Citizens Lawfully Present Nonqualified Non-Citizens Immigrants Who Are not Lawfully PresentSee WAC 182-503-05354

Citizenship & Immigration GroupsThe different categories include:U.S. Citizen: Individuals born in the U.S. or its territories - Guam, PuertoRico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, and residents of the NorthernMariana Islands who chose to become U.S. citizens Individuals who have become naturalized U.S. citizens Certain individuals born abroad to at least one U.S. citizen5

Citizenship & Immigration GroupsU.S. National: Individuals born in American Samoa or Swains Island andresidents of the Northern Mariana Islands who did not chooseto become U.S. citizensQualifying American Indian born abroad: Born in Canada and has at least fifty percent American Indianblood, regardless of tribal membership; or Born outside of the U.S. and is a member of a federallyrecognized tribe or an Alaska Native enrolled by the Secretaryof the Interior under the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act.6

Citizenship & Immigration GroupsQualified Non-Citizen: Individuals who are lawfully present in the U.S. and must meetor are exempt from the five year barNonqualified Non-Citizen: Individuals who are lawfully present in the U.S. whose status isnot included in the qualified non-citizen categoryImmigrants Who Are not Lawfully Present Individuals who entered the U.S. without document inspectionor who entered the U.S. lawfully but whose status has expiredor been revoked by United States Citizenship & ImmigrationServices (USCIS)7

The Citizenand NonCitizen Guideshows whichprograms anindividual maypotentially beeligible for.8

Citizenship & Immigration QualifiedImmigrantsThe five year bar applies to the following individuals: Lawful Permanent Residents (LPR) Parolees granted parole for at least one year Abused spouses with children with an I-130 notice of “primafacie” approval or a pending approved self-petition under theViolence Against Women Act (VAWA) Admitted to the U.S. as a conditional entrant prior to April 1,19809

Citizenship & Immigration QualifiedImmigrantsA lawfully present qualified non-citizen is exempt from the five yearbar if they were: Admitted to the U.S. as a refugeeGranted asylumGranted withholding of deportation or removalA Cuban or Haitian national who was paroled into the U.S. orgiven other special status An Amerasian child of a U.S. citizen under 8 C.F.R Section204.4(a)10

Citizenship & Immigration QualifiedImmigrants From Iraq or Afghanistan who have been granted specialimmigrant status Certified or approved as a victim of trafficking by the federalOffice of Refugee Resettlement, or if they are family Armed service members, veterans or family members who areLPR, parolee or abused person Hmong (or Highland Laotian) tribe members born before May 8,1975 whose tribe assisted the U.S. military during the Vietnamera and their spouse and unmarried dependent children age 18or younger11

Citizenship & ImmigrationNonqualified ImmigrantsLawfully present nonqualified non-citizens include but are notlimited to: Citizens of Marshall Islands, Micronesia or Palau Business visitors, students and tourists entering the U.S.for limited time, for a specific purpose Fiancé of a citizen Immigrants paroled into the U.S. for less than one year12

Citizenship & ImmigrationNonqualified ImmigrantsLawfully present nonqualified non-citizens include but are notlimited to: K”, “S”, “U” or “V” status visa holders who are allowed towork and eventually adjust their status to LPR Cancellation of removal, suspension of deportation grantedor deferred action (with the exception of Deferred Action forChildhood Arrivals (DACA))13

Citizenship & ImmigrationNot Lawfully Present ImmigrantsIndividuals who enter the US and are not lawfully presentor entered legally but their lawful presence status hasexpired could qualify for some Washington Apple Health(Medicaid) programs.14

Washington HealthplanfinderWashington Apple HealthMaggie ClayRegional Eligibility Policy RepresentativeOffice of Medicaid Eligibility and PolicyAugust 5, 2016

How to Report Lawful PresenceWhen applicants attest to being lawfully present, they will need toprovide their immigration documentation details on theirapplication. This will allow the system to try to automatically verifythe information.It is important to know what resources you have available whenassisting individuals with reporting their status, entry dates, andany identifying numbers associated with their lawful presencestatus.16

Lawful PresenceThere are a numberof documents anindividual could haveassociated to theirimmigration status.Depending on thedocument, additionaldetails will beneeded such asalien number,USCIS number,expiration dates, etc.17

How to Report Lawful Presence –Permanent Resident CardAlienNumberDate ofEntryThe USCIS receiptnumber starts with threeletters followed by aseries of numbers (usually10).The number is located onthe back of the customer’scard.ReceiptNumber18On some cards thereceipt number could belocated on the front.

How to Report Lawful Presence –Permanent Resident Card19

How to Report Lawful Presence I-94The following are two different examples of the I-94:Date of EntryI-94 NumberDate of Entry20

How to Report Lawful Presence I-9421

U.S. VisaAlien NumberExpirationDateVisa Number22

U.S. Visa23

Warning ModalNaturalized citizens answer “Yes” to the question to indicate they’re aU.S. citizen. At the end of the application, they may get this alert:Select theUpdateCitizenshipbutton to returnto the previousscreen to updatethe individual’scitizenshipinformation.24

Naturalized CitizenshipNaturalized citizensneed to return to thispage to enter eithertheir Certificate ofNaturalizationnumber orCertificate ofCitizenship Numberand Alien Number.25

Certificate of NaturalizationCertificatenumberAliennumber26

Certificate of CitizenshipCertificatenumberAliennumber27

ScenariosWashington Apple HealthMaggie ClayRegional Eligibility Policy RepresentativeOffice of Medicaid Eligibility and PolicyAugust 5, 2016

Eligibility ResultsPart of the application flow includes behind-the-scenes data checkswith the federal hub. The federal hub verifies certain data such asSocial Security Numbers and lawful presence.Washington Healthplanfinder sends all the data to the EligibilityService (ES) to determine eligibility for health care coverage.If an applicant’s citizenship or immigration status cannot be verifiedby the federal hub, and they are otherwise eligible for Apple Health,they are approved Apple Health and given time to provideverification.29

Scenario OneApplicationRose completes a Washington Healthplanfinder application andreports the following: Household size: One Income: 500 a month from her job Lawful Presence: Permanent resident but the federal hubcannot verify the informationWhat is the outcome for this scenario?30

Scenario OneOutcome: Rose is approved Washington Apple Health for Adults andis given time to provide proof of her immigration status.Next Steps: Rose receives a letter requesting verification of herlawful presence. She uploads a copy of her permanent resident cardto her Washington Healthplanfinder document center.HCA staff verifies her immigration status and updates Rose’sapplication to show her immigration status is verified.Rose receives a letter confirming there are no changes to hereligibility.31

Scenario TwoApplicationBritney is pregnant and reports the following on her WashingtonHealthplanfinder application: Household Size: Two (herself plus unborn) Income: 1500 a month from her job Lawful Presence: Not a citizen or lawfully presentWhat is the outcome for this scenario?32

Scenario TwoOutcome: Britney is approved for Washington Apple Health forPregnant Women.Next Steps: Britney will receive Apple Health for the duration of herpregnancy plus two months of post-partum coverage.Her newborn will be a U.S. citizen and be eligible for WashingtonApple Health for Kids once added to Britney’s application.33

Scenario ThreeApplicationJustin submits his Washington Healthplanfinder application inDecember and attests to the following: Household Size: One Income: 1800 a month from his job Lawful Presence: Naturalized U.S. citizen, but not verified bythe federal hubWhat is the outcome for this scenario?34

Scenario ThreeOutcome: Justin is denied Washington Apple Health for Adultsbecause he is over income. He is conditionally eligible for a qualifiedhealth plan with tax credits and selects a plan.Next Steps: Justin receives an Eligibility Results letter showing thereason he is not eligible for Apple Health, but is eligible for aqualified health plan.He must provide proof of his income and naturalization status sincehe is conditionally eligible for tax credits.35

VerificationWashington Apple HealthMaggie ClayRegional Eligibility Policy RepresentativeOffice of Medicaid Eligibility and PolicyAugust 5, 2016

Eligibility ResultsA banner willdisplay on theEligibility Resultsscreen whenindividuals need tosubmit documentsfor verificationpurposes.37

This is an exampleof a letterrequestinginformation.The table displayswhat is needed forverificationpurposes and thedue date.38

How to SubmitTranslation?Individuals are given 15 days to provide requested information.The information can be submitted by: Email: Fax: (855) 867-4467 Mail: Health Care AuthorityPo Box 45531Olympia, WA 98504 Online: www.wahealthplanfinder.orgHCA may grant additional time upon request.39

ResourcesWashington Apple HealthMaggie ClayRegional Eligibility Policy RepresentativeOffice of Medicaid Eligibility and PolicyAugust 5, 2016

ResourcesHCA Training & and-educationCitizenship and n-status-generalResidency e/program-administration/residencyCommunity Based ingHCA Area area representatives.pdf41

Lawfully present nonqualified non-citizens include but are not limited to: K", "S", "U" or "V" status visa holders who are allowed to work and eventually adjust their status to LPR Cancellation of removal, suspension of deportation granted or deferred action (with the exception of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA .

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