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CLICK TO VIEWINDUSTRY MARKET RESEARCH FOR BUSINESS LEADERS, STRATEGISTS, DECISION MAKERSTable of Contents 2List of Tables & Charts 3Study Overview 5Sample Text, Table& Chart 6Sample Profile, Table &Forecast 7Order Form & CorporateUse License 8About Freedonia,Custom Research,Related Studies, 9World PolyethyleneIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2018 & 2023Study #3210 October 2014 6200 495 pagesThe Freedonia Group767 Beta Drivewww.freedoniagroup.comCleveland, OH 44143-2326 USAToll Free US Tel: 800.927.5900 or 1 440.684.9600Fax: 1 440.646.0484E-mail:

Study #3210October 2014 6200495 PagesWorld PolyethyleneIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2018 & 2023Table of ContentsExecutive SummaryMarket EnvironmenTGeneral. 4World Economic Overview. 6Recent Historical Trends. 6World Economic Outlook. 7World Population Outlook.10World Manufacturing Outlook.12World Consumer Spending Outlook.15World Packaging Outlook.18Technology.21Product Characteristics.22Synthesis & Catalyst Technology.23Environmental & Regulatory Considerations.28Recycling & Waste Disposal.29Plastic Bag Restrictions.32Biobased Resins.34Pricing Overview.36POLYETHYLENE DEMANDOVERVIEWNORTH AMERICAINDUSTRY STRUCTUREEconomic Overview.97Polyethylene Production & Trade.98Polyethylene Capacity. 101Polyethylene Demand. 102United States. 105Canada. 113Mexico. 120General. 366Market Share. 369Marketing & Competitive Strategies. 373Distribution. 374Cooperative Agreements. 375Joint Ventures. 375Other Cooperative Agreements. 381WESTERN EUROPECompany ProfilesEconomic Overview. 128Polyethylene Production & Trade. 129Polyethylene Capacity. 132Polyethylene Demand. 133Germany. 136Italy. 142France. 148United Kingdom. 155Spain. 161Netherlands. 168Belgium. 174Other Western Europe. 180Abu Dhabi Polymers. 386Borealis AG. 388Braskem SA. 392Chevron Phillips Chemical. 396China National Petroleum. 400China Petroleum & Chemical. 402Dow Chemical. 406DuPont (EI) de Nemours. 412Eni SpA. 415Exxon Mobil Corporation. 417Formosa Plastics. 422Haldia Petrochemicals. 424Hanwha Group. 426INEOS Group. 428LG Chem. 432Lotte Chemical. 434LyondellBasell Industries. 436Mitsubishi Chemical. 441Mitsui Chemicals. 443MOL Hungarian Oil and Gas. 446National Petrochemical. 448NOVA Chemicals. 450Petkim PetroKimya. 454Petróleos Mexicanos. 455Petroliam Nasional Berhad. 457Polski Koncern Naftowy Orlen. 458PTT Global Chemical. 461Qatar Petroleum. 463Qenos Pty. 466Reliance Industries. 467Repsol SA. 469Saudi Basic Industries. 471Siam Cement. 476Sumitomo Chemical. 479Total SA. 481Westlake Chemical. 484Other Companies Mentioned in Study. 486ASIA/PACIFICGeneral.39Demand by Region.40Demand by Product.43High Density Polyethylene.45Linear Low Density Polyethylene.48Low Density Polyethylene.50Demand by Market.53Packaging.55Consumer Goods.57Construction.59Other Markets.60Demand by Process.63POLYETHYLENE PRODUCTIONOVERVIEWGeneral.67Ethylene Production Overview.67Feedstock & Cost Dynamics.68Regional Outlook.71Polyethylene Capacity Overview.75Capacity by Region.76Capacity by Product.79Polyethylene Capacity Expansion Activity.81North America.81Europe.83Asia/Pacific.85Central & South America.88Africa/Mideast.89Polyethylene Production.91Polyethylene Trade Flows.94Economic Overview. 188Polyethylene Production & Trade. 189Polyethylene Capacity. 192Polyethylene Demand. 193China. 196India. 204Japan. 212South Korea. 221Thailand. 228Indonesia. 235Malaysia. 241Vietnam. 247Taiwan. 252Australia. 259Other Asia/Pacific. 264OTHER REGIONSCentral & South America. 273Brazil. 281Argentina. 288Other Central & South America. 293Eastern Europe. 300Russia. 308Poland. 315Other Eastern Europe. 320Africa/Mideast. 327Turkey. 336Iran. 341Saudi Arabia. 348Other Africa/Mideast. 356Click here to purchase onlinePage Order now, click here!

Study #3210October 2014 6200495 PagesWorld PolyethyleneIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2018 & 2023List of Tables8 Africa/Mideast: Planned PolyethyleneCapacity Expansions, 2014-2018.919 World Polyethylene Production by Region. 9310 World Polyethylene Net Exports by Region 96Executive Summary1 Summary Table. 3NORTH AMERICAMarket EnvironmenT1 World Gross Domestic Product by Region.102 World Population by Region.123 World Manufacturing ValueAdded by Region.144 World Personal ConsumptionExpenditures by Region.175 World Packaging Demand.216 Major Polyethylene ProcessTechnologies by Company.277 Polyethylene Pricing Trends.38POLYETHYLENE DEMANDOVERVIEW1 World Polyethylene Demand by Region.422 World Polyethylene Demand by Product.453 World High Density PolyethyleneDemand by Region.474 World Linear Low Density PolyethyleneDemand by Region.505 World Low Density PolyethyleneDemand by Region.526 World Polyethylene Demand by Market.547 World Packaging Demand forPolyethylene by Region.568 World Consumer Goods Demandfor Polyethylene by Region.589 World Construction Materials Demandfor Polyethylene by Region.6010 World Other Markets forPolyethylene by Region.6211 World Polyethylene Demand by Process.65POLYETHYLENE PRODUCTIONOVERVIEW1 World Ethylene Production by Region.742 World Polyethylene Capacity by Region.783 World Polyethylene Capacity by Product.814 North America: Planned PolyethyleneCapacity Expansions, 2014-2018.835 Europe: Planned Polyethylene CapacityExpansions, 2014-2018.856 Asia/Pacific: Planned PolyethyleneCapacity Expansions, 2014-2018.877 Central & South America: PlannedPolyethylene CapacityExpansions, 2014-2018.891 North America: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 1002 North America: Polyethylene Capacityby Country & Product. 1023 North America: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 1044 United States: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 1085 United States: PolyethyleneCapacity, Year-End 2013. 1116 United States: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 1137 Canada: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 1168 Canada: Polyethylene Capacity,Year-End 2013. 1189 Canada: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 12010 Mexico: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 12411 Mexico: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 127WESTERN EUROPE1 Western Europe: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 1312 Western Europe: Polyethylene Capacityby Country & Product. 1333 Western Europe: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 1354 Germany: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 1385 Germany: Polyethylene Capacity,Year-End 2013. 1406 Germany: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 1427 Italy: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 1458 Italy: Polyethylene Capacity,Year-End 2013. 1469 Italy: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 14810 France: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 15111 France: Polyethylene Capacity,Year-End 2013. 15312 France: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 15513 United Kingdom: PolyethyleneProduction, Utilization, & Trade. 158Click here to purchase onlinePage 14 United Kingdom: PolyethyleneCapacity, Year-End 2013. 15915 United Kingdom: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 16116 Spain: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 16417 Spain: Polyethylene Capacity,Year-End 2013. 16618 Spain: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 16819 Netherlands: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 17120 Netherlands: PolyethyleneCapacity, Year-End 2013. 17221 Netherlands: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 17422 Belgium: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 17723 Belgium: Polyethylene Capacity,Year-End 2013. 17824 Belgium: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 18025 Other Western Europe: PolyethyleneProduction, Utilization, & Trade. 18326 Other Western Europe: PolyethyleneCapacity, Year-End 2013. 18527 Other Western Europe: PolyethyleneDemand by Resin, Market, & Process. 187ASIA/PACIFIC1 Asia/Pacific: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 1912 Asia/Pacific: Polyethylene Capacityby Country & Product. 1933 Asia/Pacific: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 1954 China: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 1995 China: Polyethylene Capacity,Year-End 2013. 2016 China: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 2047 India: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 2088 India: Polyethylene Capacity,Year-End 2013. 2109 India: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 21210 Japan: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 21611 Japan: Polyethylene Capacity,Year-End 2013. 21812 Japan: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 22013 South Korea: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 224(continued on following page)Order now, click here!

Study #3210October 2014 6200495 PagesWorld PolyethyleneIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2018 & 2023List of Tables(continued from previous page)14 South Korea: PolyethyleneCapacity, Year-End 2013. 22615 South Korea: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 22816 Thailand: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 23117 Thailand: Polyethylene Capacity,Year-End 2013. 23318 Thailand: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 23419 Indonesia: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 23820 Indonesia: PolyethyleneCapacity, Year-End 2013. 23921 Indonesia: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 24122 Malaysia: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 24423 Malaysia: Polyethylene Capacity,Year-End 2013. 24524 Malaysia: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 24725 Vietnam: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 25026 Vietnam: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 25227 Taiwan: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 25628 Taiwan: Polyethylene Capacity,Year-End 2013. 25729 Taiwan: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 25930 Australia: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 26231 Australia: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 26432 Other Asia/Pacific: PolyethyleneProduction, Utilization, & Trade. 26833 Other Asia/Pacific: PolyethyleneCapacity, Year-End 2013. 27034 Other Asia/Pacific: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 272OTHER REGIONS1 Central & South America: PolyethyleneProduction, Utilization, & Trade. 2762 Central & South America: PolyethyleneCapacity by Country & Product. 2783 Central & South America: Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 2804 Brazil: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 2845 Brazil: Polyethylene Capacity,Year-End 2013. 2866 Brazil: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 2887 Argentina: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 2918 Argentina: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 2939 Other Central & South America:Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 29610 Other Central & South America:Polyethylene Capacity, Year-End 2013 29811 Other Central & South America:Polyethylene Demand by Resin,Market, & Process. 30012 Eastern Europe: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 30313 Eastern Europe: Polyethylene Capacityby Country & Product. 30514 Eastern Europe: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 30715 Russia: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 31116 Russia: Polyethylene Capacity,Year-End 2013. 31317 Russia: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 31518 Poland: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 31819 Poland: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 32020 Other Eastern Europe: PolyethyleneProduction, Utilization, & Trade. 32321 Other Eastern Europe: PolyethyleneCapacity, Year-End 2013. 32522 Other Eastern Europe: PolyethyleneDemand by Resin, Market, & Process. 32723 Africa/Mideast: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 33124 Africa/Mideast: Polyethylene Capacityby Country & Product. 33325 Africa/Mideast: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 33526 Turkey: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 33827 Turkey: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 34028 Iran: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 34429 Iran: Polyethylene Capacity,Year-End 2013. 34630 Iran: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 34831 Saudi Arabia: Polyethylene Production,Utilization, & Trade. 35232 Saudi Arabia: PolyethyleneCapacity, Year-End 2013. 35433 Saudi Arabia: Polyethylene Demandby Resin, Market, & Process. 356Click here to purchase onlinePage 34 Other Africa/Mideast: PolyethyleneProduction, Utilization, & Trade. 36035 Other Africa/Mideast: PolyethyleneCapacity, Year-End 2013. 36336 Other Africa/Mideast: PolyethyleneDemand by Resin, Market, & Process. 365INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 World Polyethylene Salesby Company, 2013. 3682 Selected Joint Ventures in thePolyethylene Industry. 3773 Other Selected Cooperative Agreements. 383List of ChartsPOLYETHYLENE DEMANDOVERVIEW1 World Polyethylene Demandby Region, 2013.432 World Polyethylene Demandby Market, 2013.543 World Polyethylene Demandby Process, 2013.66POLYETHYLENE PRODUCTIONOVERVIEW1 Regional Ethylene Productionby Feedstock, 2013.692 Average Ethylene Production Costby Region, 2003 & 2013.713 World Ethylene Productionby Region, 2013.754 World Polyethylene Capacity Increaseby Region, 2013-2023.795 World Polyethylene Productionby Region, 2003-2023.94INDUSTRY STRUCTURE1 World Polyethylene Market Shareby Company, 2013. 369Order now, click here!

Study #3210October 2014 6200495 PagesWorld PolyethyleneIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2018 & 2023Demand will be driven by polyethylene’s versatility, easy processability, low cost, and recyclability; by new ethylene feedstocks; and by improved polymerization catalyst technologies.World demand to rise 4.0%annually through 2018Global demand for polyethylene resinswill rise 4.0 percent per year to 99.6million metric tons in 2018, valued at 164 billion. Gains will match overallworld economic growth, fueled by anacceleration in consumer spending andmanufacturing activity. Polyethylene willcontinue to be the most widely usedplastic resin in the world, benefiting fromits versatility, easy processability, lowcost, and recyclability. The developmentof ethylene feedstocks from new sourcessuch as shale gas, coal, and biobasedmaterials will also give polyethylene aprice advantage over other plasticresins. Moreover, continually improvingpolymerization catalyst technologies willenhance the performance, customization, and yield of polyethylene resins.Further increases will be limited, however, by the highly commoditized andmature position of polyethylene. Additionally, major polyethylene applicationssuch as plastic bags have increasinglybecome subject to environmentalregulations and bans.Asia/Pacific region toremain largest, fastestgrowing marketThe Asia/Pacific region will continue tobe the largest and fastest growingpolyethylene market through 2018,fueled by strong growth in China, whichalone accounted for nearly one-quarterof global demand in 2013. India andWorld Polyethylene Demand, 2018Asia/Pacific(99.6 million metric tons)North AmericaWestern EuropeOther RegionsVietnam will also be among the world’smost rapidly expanding markets. However, advances in most emerging Asiancountries will rise at a slower pace thanduring the 2008-2013 period. On theother hand, North America will see asignificant improvement in polyethylenedemand, while the markets in WesternEurope and Japan will rebound fromrecent declines.LLDPE to gain marketshare over LDPEHDPE is the most widely used of thethree polyethylene resins, accounting forjust under half of total demand in 2013.Above average growth is expected forHDPE through 2018, driven by its risinguse in construction products such aspipe and the increasing popularity ofblow-molded HDPE containers inemerging market countries. LLDPE willcontinue to gain market share overLDPE going forward, as LLDPE is theprimary beneficiary of metallocenecatalyst technology, which improvesresin performance. Packaging willremain the largest outlet for polyethylene, accounting for a majority of demandin 2018. The resin’s favorable sealing,stiffness, moisture barrier, and clarityproperties make it an indispensiblematerial in the packaging industry. Filmaccounts for about half of global polyethylene demand and tends to comprise aparticularly large portion of the market indeveloping countries.Copyright 2014 The Freedonia Group, Inc.Click here to purchase onlinePage Order now, click here!

Study #3210October 2014 6200495 PagesWorld PolyethyleneIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2018 & 2023Sample Text,Table & ChartTABLE VII-4CHINA:POLYETHYLENE PRODUCTION, UTILIZATION, & TRADE(thousand metric tons)Item2003 2008 2013 2018 2023Population (million persons) 1288 1323 1356 1388 1408 GDP/capita 4550 7660 11420 15800 21160asia/pacificGross Domestic Product (bil 2012 ) 5862 10133 15488 21930 29790China: Polyethylene DemandGross Fixed Capital Form (bil 2012 ) 1973 3837 7199 9930 13020Demand for polyethylene in China is forecast to rise 6.1 percentper Value Added (bil 2012 ) 1393 2881 4775 7000 9910Manufactureyear to 27.7 million metric tons in 2018. Gains will be well abovethe Consumption Exp (bil 2012 ) 2317 3596 5591 8390 12140Personalglobal average and among the fastest of any country, further expandingChina’s position as the world’s largest polyethylene consumer. Strongkg polyethylene/capita 6.78.8 15.2 19.9 25.4growth in manufacturing output, packaging shipments, per capitakgGDP,polyethylene/000 GDP 1.47 1.15 1.33 1.26 1.20and fixed investment spending will all bolster demand for polyethylenein China. Increasing levels of disposable income among consumersinPolyethyleneDemand 8605 11655 20590 27650 35700the country will drive demand for polyethylene packaging materialsandconsumer goods such as housewares. However, advances for polyethnet exports -4575 -4445 -9590-11550-14480ylene through 2018 will decelerate significantly from the double-digitgains of the 2008-2013 period and are expected to lag increasesPolyethylenein manu- Production 4030 7210 11000 16100 21220facturing activity and economic growth overall. This trend is dueHDPEin part1810 2850 4710 7890 9730to a greater focus on higher value manufactured goods and serviceLLDPEin1390 2230 4250 5760 8170dustries in the Chinese economy, rather than on the production of lowendLDPE830 2130 2040 2450 3320basic products more likely to consume high volumes of polyethylene.operating rate (%) 93.3 97.8 84.4 88.5 91.3In packaging, China is rapidly increasing its use of key materialsPolyethylene Capacity 4320 7370 13030 18200 23250such as film, blow molded bottles, and injection molded products such ascaps, lids, and pails. Although the use of plastic packaging in China remains low by global standards, this sector is expanding due to the advantages offered by polyethylene over competitive packaging materials suchas glass, metal, and paper. Food packaging applications for polyethylenewill see particularly strong growth, in part due to health and food safetyconcerns triggered by recent scares involving fresh food that spoiledor was contaminated due to poor refrigeration. Chinese consumersare also broadening their interest in packaged products as urbanizationprogresses and middle class populations expand. A substantial increaseCHART IX-1in the number of in large supermarkets serving the Chinese public hasboosted demand for polyethylene packaging, such as bags, pouches, filmWORLD POLYETHYLENE MARKET SHARE BY COMPANYoverwrap, and rigid containers.( 127 billion, 2013)sampletext202sampletableCopyright 2014 The Freedonia Group, Inc.O th e rs6 5 .6 %Click here to purchase onlinePage samplechartM a rke tL e a d e rs3 4 .4 %8.5%D ow C hem8.4%E xxon M obil6.3%S A B IC5.7%S inopec5.6%LyondellB as ellOrder now, click here!

Study #3210October 2014 6200495 PagesWorld PolyethyleneIndustry Study with Forecasts for 2018 & 2023Sample Profile,Table & ForecastTABLE VII-6CHINA:POLYETHYLENE DEMAND BY RESIN, MARKET, & PROCESS(thousand metric tons)Item2003 2008 2013 2018 2023Manufacturing Value Added (bil 2012 )1393 2881 4775 7000 9910kg polyethylene/000 MVA 6.18 4.05 4.31 3.95 3.60Polyethylene Demand 8605 11655 20590 27650 35700By Resin:HDPE 3755 4905 9890 13460 17940LLDPE 2570 3770 6670 8935 11590LDPE 2280 2980 4030 5255 6170By Market:Packaging 4240 5960 10670 14880 19850Consumer Goods 1360 1660 2685 3380 4170Construction Materials 860 1330 2900 3880 4950Other Markets 2145 2705 4335 5510 6730By Process:Film 4750 6400 10870 14340 18070Extrusion 1730 2420 4365 6000 7930Blow Molding 675 965 2065 2960 4110Injection Molding 1130 1460 2625 3455 4460Other Processes 320 410 665 895 1130sampletableCOMPANY PROFILESEniSpAPiazzale Enrico Mattei 100144 eSales: 152.3 billion (2013)Geographic Sales: (2013, as percent of total) Italy 28%, Other Countries in the European Union 28%, Other European Countries 10%,Americas 7%, Asia 16%, Africa 11%, and Other Regions 1%Employment: 83,890 (2013)Key Products: low density polyethylene, linear low density polyethylene, very low density polyethylene, and high density polyethyleneEni SpA is involved in the oil, natural gas, electricity generation,oilfield services and engineering markets. The Company operates inseven major segments: Exploration and Production, Gas and Power,Refining and Marketing, Chemicals, Engineering and Construction,Other Activities, and Corporate and Financial Companies. The Italiangovernment owns a 30 percent stake in Eni.Eni SpA is active in the world polyethylene industry through theChemicals segment, which had sales of 7.4 billion in 2013. Includingeliminations, polymers accounted for 3.9 billion of the segment’s totalsales in 2013. The segment operates mainly through Eni’s Versalis SpAsubsidiary (Italy), which is a key producer of petrochemicals and petroleum-based products, including polymers and elastomers. Among thepolymers made by Versalis are polyethylene resins, such as RIBLENElow density polyethylene (LDPE), FLEXIRENE linear low densitypolyethylene (LLDPE), CLEARFLEX very low density polyethylene(VLDPE), and ERACLENE high density polyethylene (HDPE).Copyright 2014 The Freedonia Group, Inc.415Click here to purchase onlinePage STUDYCOVERAGEThis Freedonia study, Wo

INDUSTRY MARKET RESEARCH FOR BUSINESS LEADERS, STRATEGISTS, DECISION MAKERS 767 Beta Drive Cleveland, OH 44143-2326 USA Toll Free US Tel: 800.927.5900 or 1 440.684.9600

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INDUSTRY MARKET RESEARCH FOR BUSINESS LEADERS, STRATEGISTS, DECISION MAKERS 767 Beta Drive Cleveland, OH 44143-2326 USA Toll Free US Tel: 800.927.5900 or 1 440.684.9600

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