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Southeast Asia Games MarketThe World’s Fastest Growing RegionC A SUAL GAMES SEC TOR REPORT 2015

Why focus onSoutheast Asia?Revenues of the Southeast Asia gamesmarket will double to 2.2 Bn by 2017Key reasons why Southeast Asiawill be the key battleground forglobal players in the game space.1. World’s Fastest Growing GamesRegionThe Big 6Representing 99% ofRegion RevenuesVietnam2. Enormous Underlying OnlineConnectivity and Economic GrowthThailandPhilippines3. Already a Bn Games MarketMalaysia4. Mobile Games are Dominant75%Singapore5. Established WesternDistribution ChannelsIndonesia6. High English LanguagePenetrationSource: Newzoo 2014 Southeast Asia Games Market Report

southeast asiaGames MARKETFastest Growing Games RegionSoutheast Asia’s economic growthprospects, huge population, and fast-rising(mobile) internet connectivity essentiallyguarantee double-digit growth rates interms of game spending for many years tocome.Underlying Growth 2013 to 2017 (CAGR) 10.2% 6.6% 6.8%Southeast Asia is growing beyond othersimilar regions such as LATAM. Projections 4.9%show 85% of games industry growth by2017 will come from Asia.In certain ways Southeast Asia resemblesEurope as a region, not only in terms ofpopulation size, but more importantly, interms of diversity of individual countries. 13.1% 4.1%Latin AmericaFrom a games market perspective, thisresults in significant differences in gamerdemographics, genre preferences andspending behavior.Eastern EuropeSoutheast AsiaLatin AmericaEastern EuropeSoutheast AsiaOnline Connectivity GrowthEconomic Growth (GDP)Source: Newzoo 2014 Southeast Asia Games Market ReportGame Revenues 2014 230.3M 214.2M 201.6M 181.1M 155.8M ippinesKPI Regional Comparisons 2014Latin AmericaEastern EuropeSoutheast ine Population (%)311,000,000 (50%)218,000,000 (62%)188,000,000 (30%)Gamers176,000,000134,000,000126,000,000Game Revenues 3,349,000,000 2,445,000,000 1,094,000,000CAGR 2013-2017 14.2% 14.7% 28.8%Source: Newzoo 2014 Southeast Asia Games Market ReportS o u t h e a s t a s i a g a m e s m a r k e t ca s ua l G a m e s Ass o c i at i o n3

Southeast Asia Better Option than China?Southeast Asia may be easier to enterthan China and has already become abattleground for global players in thegames space.Estimated English SpeakersSingaporeOne reason for this is that all countriesin the region are familiar with Englishas a language of international businessand popular culture. In Singapore andPhilippines, English is an officiallanguage. In Malaysia, English is anactive second language and otherregions widely use English in business.80%PhilippinesMalaysia32%Southeast Asia also shares many of thesame preferences for social networks asthe West. As high as 95% of those usingmobile social networks or chatapplications in Vietnam are actively onFacebook. The lowest percentage ofFacebook users in the region isIndonesia, and that is still at 78%.Twitter and Instagram are also utilizedat a good rate in all regions.57%Thailand27%VietnamIndonesia 15% 10%China 1%Sources: Singapore Census 2010, David Crystal The Cambridge Encyclopedia of the EnglishLanguage 2003, John Benjamins English in Southeast Asia 2012Popularity of Social 36%26%21%8%4Source: 2015 Newzoo Data Explorer

southeast asiaGames MARKETMobile Gaming in SEAOverall, half of the topgrossing games in SoutheastAsia are Western titles.Western games are mostpopular in the Philippines,where they make up 65% ofthe top games. Only 35% ofthe top games in Thailand areWestern titles, the lowestpercentage in Southeast Asia.King and Supercell are by farthe most dominant Westernpublishers with their hittitles making apperances inevery Top 20 ranking.Best performing Westerns Gamesis one of thehighest grossinggames in everySEA countryAlso big in all countries:# of Top Grossing Apps from Western Companies January 2015AppleGoogle PlayThailand Top 20Phillipines Top 20Indonesia Top 2013 209 20Apple15 20Apple8 20Google Play11 20Google Play6 20Singapore Top 20Malaysia Top 20Vietnam Top 2011 20Apple13 20AppleGoogle Play11 20Google Play8 20Apple9 20Google Play7 20S o u t h e a s t a s i a g a m e s m a r k e t ca s ua l G a m e s Ass o c i at i o n5

Indonesia: Urban and WorkingAn important demographic strength isIndonesia’s young population andcorresponding large workforce, a keydriver for growth of consumption. Witha population of 252.8 million in 2014,Indonesia is the most populous countryin Southeast Asia and fourth in theworld. Over half of that populationlives in an urban environment, with 10million living in Jakarta alone, themost populous city in the region.Indonesia’s large population, growingmiddle class and mobile internetpenetration contribute to reasons forinvestment.Key Data for 2014Population252,800,000Online Population52,600,000Gamers34,000,000Paying Gamers19,900,000 9.12Annual Spend / Payer2014 Revenues (exl. Tax) 181,100,000Source: Newzoo 2014 Southeast Asia Games Market Report51% of Indonesians liveA large percentage of mobile gamers in Indonesia have spentmoney on mobile games. Strategy games is the most popularmobile genre, with similar percentages of spenders and nonspenders across all of Indonesia’s top 5 mobile an urban eviromentSource: CIA The World Factbook 2014Popularity of Mobile Game Genres Amongst Mobile GamersSpendersNon-Spenders41% 42%35%30%24% 24%20% 19%49% of mobilegamers spend moneyon mobile games614%StrategyGamesRacingGamesAction / AdventureGamesArcadeGames17%SimulationGamesSource: 2015 Newzoo Data Explorer

southeast asiaGames MARKETMalaysia: Multiscreen GamersKey Data for 2014Population30,200,000Online Population (%)21,400,000Gamers14,300,0006,600,000Paying Gamers 32.61Annual Spend / Payer2014 Revenues (exl. Tax) 214,200,000In Southeast Asia, Malaysia is thecountry where playing on multiplescreens is most popular. Of allMalaysian gamers, 26.5% play on allfour screens: Computer Screen (PC),Personal Screen (smartphone),Entertainment Screen (console) andFloating Screen (tablet/handheldconsole). This is above the globalaverage of 23.9%.Computer screens and personal screensare the most prevalently used, with93.2% and 87.4%, respectively, of thegaming population utilizing these.Source: Newzoo 2014 Southeast Asia Games Market ReportMany mobile gamers in Malaysia have spent money on mobilegames. This is especially interesting considering that theannual spend is second highest in Southeast Asia at 32.61 perspender.27% of gamers play onall four screensSource: Newzoo 2014 Southeast Asia Games Market ReportPopularity of Mobile Game Genres Amongst Mobile GamersSpendersNon-Spenders40%31%25%27%21% 21%43% of mobilegamers spend moneyon mobile gamesSource: 2015 Newzoo Data ExplorerStrategygamesRacingGamesAction / AdventureGames19%20%16%13%Simulation Puzzles / 3-in-a-rowgamesGamesS o u t h e a s t a s i a g a m e s m a r k e t ca s ua l G a m e s Ass o c i at i o n7

Philippines: Increasingly OnlineBetween 2004 and 2014, internetaccess in the Philippines grew morethan 800%, the fastest rate inSoutheast Asia, due primarily to theboom in mobile internet.Key Data for 2014Population100,100,000Online Population (%)42,000,000Gamers27,200,000Paying Gamers11,000,000 8.76Annual Spend / Payer2014 Revenues (exl. Tax)Other contributing factors include:investments from telecom companiesinto expanding coverage across theislands, computer literacy programs inschools, and increasing affordability ofcomputers and gadgets. Internetpenetration reached 42% in 2014,translating to an online population ofabout 42 million. 96,800,000Source: Newzoo 20154 Southeast Asia Games Market Report42% of the PhilippinesThe Philippines has a lower percentage of mobile gamespenders compared to the rest of the region, and similarpercentages of spenders and non-spenders across all of thePhilippines’ top 5 mobile online, compared to 5%only 10 years agoSource: ITU, Newzoo forecast for 2014Popularity of Mobile Game Genres Amongst Mobile GamersSpenders33%Non-Spenders36%32%29%25%27%20% 20%20% 20%38% of mobilegamers spend moneyon mobile games8StrategyGamesRacingGamesAction / Adventure Role PlayingGamesGamesArcadeGamesSource: 2015 Newzoo Data Explorer

southeast asiaGames MARKETSingapore: Payers Spend BigKey Data for 2014Population5,500,000Online Population4,100,000Gamers2,800,000Paying Gamers1,100,000 189.30Annual Spend / Payer2014 Revenues (exl. Tax) 201,600,000Singapore has the lowest percentage ofpaying mobile gamers at 29%, but thosemobile game spenders have far andaway the highest annual spend perpayer in Southeast Asia at 189 acrossall platforms. When looking at payersby platform, tablet and mobile phonegamers have the highest average yearlyspend compared to payers on otherscreens.One factor that certainly contributes tothe high spend per payer overall is thatSingapore has the third highest percapita GDP (PPP) in the world.Source: Newzoo 2014 Southeast Asia Games Market ReportStrategy games is the most popular mobile genreamong non-spenders, while action or adventuregames is the most popular mobile genre amongspenders. 189the highest annualspend per player inSoutheast AsiaSource: Newzoo 2014 Southeast Asia Games Market ReportPopularity of Mobile Game Genres Amongst Mobile GamersSpendersNon-Spenders30%27%22%21%16%26% 26%19% 18%14%29% of mobilegamers spend moneyon mobile gamesSource: 2015 Newzoo Data ExplorerStrategyGamesRole Playing Puzzles / 3-in-a-rowGamesGamesArcadeGamesAction / AdventureGamesS o u t h e a s t a s i a g a m e s m a r k e t ca s ua l G a m e s Ass o c i at i o n9

Thailand: Largest Game RevenuesThailand boasts the highest gamesrevenues in Southeast Asia at 230.3Min 2014. More impressively, therevenues seen in 2014 are expected togrow to 490.9M by 2017, representinga CAGR of 30.9% and putting Thailandin the global top 20 countries by gamerevenues.Key Data for 2014Population67,200,000Online Population (%)21,100,000Gamers14,700,000 27.76Annual Spend / Payer2014 Revenues (exl. Tax)Currently mobile games revenues makeup 31% of the total, but are projectedto account for over half of gamerevenues by 2017.8,300,000Paying Gamers 230,300,000Source: Newzoo 2014 Southeast Asia Games Market Report213% increase in gameAlmost half of mobile gamers in Thailand spend moneyon mobile games. Racing games is the most popularmobile genre among both spenders and non-spenders.revenue between 2014 and 2017Source: Newzoo 2014 Southeast Asia Games Market ReportPopularity of Mobile Game Genres Amongst Mobile 15%15%49% of mobilegamers spend moneyon mobile games10RacingGamesAction / esSource: 2015 Newzoo Data Explorer

Vietnam: Mobile Games on the RiseAlthough the mobile phone gamessegment currently has the highestnumber of players, smartphone gamesonly account for about 18% of revenuesin Vietnam.Key Data for 2014Population92,500,000Online Population (%)44,700,000Gamers31,400,000Paying Gamers12,300,0002014 Revenues (exl. Tax)However, this segment will see animpressive CAGR of 87.7%, the fastestin Southeast Asia, becoming thebiggest segment by 2017. Additionally,revenues for mobile phones and tabletstogether will reach 161.6M in 2017,accounting for just over 50% of allgames revenues. 12.67Annual Spend / Payersoutheast asiaGames MARKET 155,800,000Source: Newzoo 2014 Southeast Asia Games Market Report39% of game revenues willRacing games is the most popular mobile genre amongboth spenders and non-spenders. More non-spenders inVietnam play brain-training or educational gamesthan payers from mobile phones in 2017Source: Newzoo 2014 Southeast Asia Games Market ReportPopularity of Mobile Game Genres Amongst Mobile GamersSpendersNon-Spenders44% 44%35%27%* Does not include Poker Games25%23%19%20%20%18%48% of mobilegamers spend moneyon mobile gamesSource: 2015 Newzoo Data ExplorerRacingGamesBrain Training / EducationalGamesStrategyGamesRole PlayingGamesCard*GamesS o u t h e a s t a s i a g a m e s m a r k e t ca s ua l G a m e s Ass o c i at i o n11

See you in SingaporeCasual Connect Asia in Singapore brings together nextgeneration developers, publishers, distributors andplatforms to explore the fastest growing region in thegames industry. Explosive consumer growth coupled withproven creative development make APAC a valuablemarket to explore on both ends of the value chain, andCasual Connect Asia brings the perfect mix of businessand creativity enabling you to stake your claim in theregion’s potential.http://usa.casualconnect.orgFor press inquiries, please emailjessica@casualgamesassociation.orgLearn more about the games industry with the bestspeakers, networking, lectures and data to help yousucceed in a crowded market at:Casual Connect Asia in Singapore19-21 May 2015Casual Connect USA11-13 August 2015Casual Connect Tel-AvivNovember 2015Casual Connect Europe in Amsterdam February 2016Casual Connect Asia in SingaporeMay 19-21, 2015About NewzooNewzoo is an international full service marketresearch and consulting firm, focusedcompletely on the games industry. It providesindependent market data across all gamesegments, business models and regions of theworld based on a unique combination ofprimary consumer research, transactional dataand financial analysis.About the Casual Games AssociationWhen it comes to the health of your business, the more things that worktogether, the better. Which is why the Casual Games Association is a criticalportion of the success of your company and the industry as a whole. Itmeans that you and your team have access to cutting edge educationalresources and are connected to thousands of other game industryprofessionals, members of the press and service providers around the globe.Learn more at

Popularity of Mobile Game Genres Amongst Mobile Gamers 5,500,000 4,100,000 2,800,000 1,100,000 189.30 201,600,000 Population Online Population Gamers Paying Gamers Annual Spend / Payer 2014 Revenues (exl. Tax) Action / Adventure Games Arcade Games Puzzles / 3-in-a-row Games Role Playing Games Strategy Games 30% 22% 26% 26% 14% 27% 19% 18% 21% .

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The art of not being governed : an anarchist history of upland Southeast Asia / James C. Scott. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. isbN 978--300-15228-9 (cloth : alk. paper) 1. Ethnology—Southeast Asia. 2. Peasantry— Southeast Asia—Political activity. 3. Southeast Asia—Politics and government—1945-. 4.

Southeast Asia's Maritime Security Dilemma: State or Market? By Carolin Liss Introduction In the past few years, an increasing number of Private Security Companies (PSCs—sometimes also referred to as Private Military Companies, PMCs [1]) have emerged and are offering and conducting maritime security services in Southeast Asia.

The Games organised at Olympia led to the development of the Panhellenic Games. These included: - The Games at Olympia (Olympic Games): every four years - The Games at Delphi (Pythian Games), 582 B.C.: every four years (third year of each Olympiad) - The Games at the Isthmus of Corinth (Isthmian Games), from 580 B.C.:

Section 3: Playground Markings Games 16 Section 4: Skipping, Hula Hoop & Elastics 25 Section 5: Catching games 32 Section 6: Relay games 41 Section 7: Ball games 48 Section 8: Fun games 59 Section 9: Frisbee games 66 Section 10: Parachute games 70 Section 11: Clapping and rhyming games 74 Useful websites 79

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Regional Games and Multi-Sport Games (such as Pan American Games, African Games, European Games, Commonwealth Games, Mediterranean Games, Francophone Games, Youth Olympic Games) International Tournaments organised by the IJF (Grand Prix, Grand Slam, Masters) or under its auspices (continental open and cups),

I believe that Asia rather than Asia-Pacific is the region of consequence. I define Asia broadly to include Northeast, Southeast, South, and Central Asia, United States, Russia, Australia, and New Zealand. In due course delimitation of the Asian region will extend westward to include West Asia and parts of the Middle East especially the Gulf .

Japanese imperialism in East Asia The rise of Japan The Meji restoration in 1868 The Meji Constitution (of the Empire of Japan) in 1889/1890 . Outbreak of the Pacific war in 1941, and the occupation of Southeast Asia 2019/11/5 8. . colonialization of Southeast Asia ensued 2019

5 SPECIAL REPORT Southeast Asia: An Evolving Cyer Threat Landscape APT AND TARGETED MALWARE DETECTIONS JULY-DECEMBER 2014: GLOBAL LV (aka NJRAT) 24% Gh0STRAT 20% Kaba (aka SOGU) 15% SpyNet 11% XtremeRAT 9% ZXShell 8% ChinaChopper 4% PHOTO 3% Page 3% SAFERSING 3% APT AND TARGETED MALWARE DETECTIONS JULY - DECEMBER 2014: SOUTHEAST ASIA Lecna 27% Gh0STRAT 14% Mirage 7% Page 7% .

5. TVM Capital Healthcare in Southeast Asia TVM Capital Healthcare is a specialist private equity firm that invests growth capital in transformational healthcare companies operating in Southeast Asia and the Middle East. By helping to fulfil unmet healthcare needs, the company's activities complement national healthcare systems.

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SOUTHEAST CONFERENCE SOUTHEAST ALASKA BY THE NUMBERS 2017 A SOUTHEAST CONFERENCE PUBLICATION BY RAIN COAST DATA DEMOGRAPHICS 2014 2016 % CHANGE 2014-2016 CHANGE 2014-2016 Population 1 74,460 73,812 -1% -648 Ages 65 and older 2 9,243 10,144 10% 901 Un

Central Asia (pg. 454-458). Complete the chart provided. Physical Geography of Central Asia Landforms Water Systems Climate, Biomes, and Resources What are the major landforms of Central Asia? What water features are important to the people of Central Asia? How does the climate affect human activity in Central Asia? How do the landforms of Central

Asia-Pacific Development, Diplomacy & Defence Dialogue Synthesis Report Australia and Southeast Asia: Shaping a Shared Future SUPPORTED BY . Asia-Pacific Development, Diplomacy & Defence Dialogue Why it Matters Southeast Asia has been considered one of Australia's highest foreign policy priorities since at least the 1940s.1

Regions: Identify each of the following regions: Caribbean, Central America, Central Asia, East Asia, Eastern Europe, Middle East (aka Southwest Asia), North Africa, North America, Australia/Oceania, South America (aka Latin America), South Asia, Southeast Asia, Sub‐Saharan Af rica, Western Europe F E G

Zero-Sum Games vs. Non-Zero-Sum Games 29 Static vs. Dynamic Games; Repeated Games 30 Cooperative vs. Non-Cooperative Games 30 Other Key Game Theory Concepts 31 Threats and Rewards (Promises) 31 Credibility 31 Sample Game with Threats 31 The Threat as a Strategy 32 Games of Chance: Uncertainty and Risk 32 Chapter 3 Modeling Games with Computer .

music (Guitar Hero), to first-person shooter games (Halo), to more civically oriented games (Civilization). Some games have violent content, but by no means all. Almost all youth who play games that contain violent content also play games that do not.2 Youth play these games on computers,

gaming platform. According to [17] games can be divided into four di erent cate-gories; singleplayer games, pseudo multiplayer games, turn-based multiplayer games and real-time multiplayer games. The article rules out real-time multiplayer games for mobiles, since they require a lot of bandwidth and a stable connection; this is

still way ahead of other Southeast Asian countries, with Thailand, Malaysia and the Philippines grouped in the middle of the next tier (“Below today’s application threshold”). Indonesia and Vietnam were bottom of the tier.4 Overcoming these divides will be critical to the next phase of Southeast Asia’s media evolution.

BIOGRAPHIES James Brown b. 3 May 1928, Barnwell, South Carolina, USA. Brown claims he was born in 1933 in Macon, Georgia. "The Hardest Working Man In