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STANDARD FEATURESWINCHPlanetary winch for speed and durability. The integrated Two Block DamagePrevention System eliminates theneed for boom tip apparatus and cordreel. Complies with ANSI B30.5.HORSE HEADNo bail and limit switch to interferein operation, low profile design, andoptional boom tip hook.LOAD BLOCK STOWING BRACKETBracket and pads designed to keepload block from contacting the boomwhen stowed.HEXAGONAL BOOMSMaintenance free high tensile strengthself-centering single weld boom sections powered by internal extensioncylinders.CYLINDERSAll cylinders are e-coated and use a5 stage marine grade seal system,exceeding ANSI B30.5.WIRELESS REMOTEPush button style proportional wirelessremote control, standard.3RD WRAP LIMITING SYSTEMIntegrated system prevents wire ropespool off, ensuring three wraps remainon drum. Exceeds ANSI B30.5.PROPORTIONAL CONTROLFully proportional control is standardthrough the control valve.3 YEAR WARRANTYIndustry leading 3 year warranty onstructural components.

OPTIONSBOOM TIP HOOK2.5 ton capacity boom tip hook.Horsehead has threaded weldment formounting.ELS (EASY LOAD BLOCK STOWING)SYSTEMUnique solution to lower the hookingpoint for the load block. Winch is usedto lift load block in its stowed position.P2 RADIO REMOTE CONTROLPaddle-style controller offers the possibility to completely eliminate theradio signal when cord is plugged in.REMOTE CONTROL STOWINGBRACKETSteel stowing bracket for radio remote control can be mounted in thechassis or in the work truck body.BOOM RESTAdjustable or fixed non-marring boomrest.OUTRIGGERSOutriggers may be required to complywith OSHA 1910.180.E-COAT PROTECTIONMEDIA BLASTA high quality exterior protection thatremoves any surface imperfectionsand provides an optimized surface forE-Coating.E-COATEfficient, environment-friendly andrecyclable paint is applied with a precise thickness over the entire product toensure superior corrosion protection.TOP COATFor all non-black crane components,a top coat polish is applied to certifymaximum durability and finish.

SUPERIOR REACH AND LIFTWeights of load-handling devices are part of the load lifted and must be deducted from the capacity.lbs.kgBoxes denote two-part line required.

TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONSPLANETARY GEAR WINCHCRANE RATINGRated lifting moment43,000 ft. lbs. (58.3 kNm (5.9 mt))Max. winch force single line4,000 lbs. (1,825 kg)Maximum lifting moment49,180 ft. lbs. (66.5 kNm (6.8 mt))Max. winch force double line8,000 lbs. (3,650 kg)29.12 ft. (8.9 m)Maximum hydraulic outreach2,149 lbs. (975 kg)Crane weight60 ft./min (18.2 m/min)Max. line speed120‘ x 7/16“ (36.5 m x 11 mm)Galvanized aircraft cableTwo hydraulically powered extensionsTwo-block damage prevention systemHexagonal boom profile3rd wrap end stop systemHYDRAULIC SYSTEMCONTROL SYSTEM3,045 psi (20.1 Mpa (210 bar))Wireless remote control unitOperating pressureIntegrated E-stop buttonRequired oil flowManual valve activation capabilityElectronic overload protection systemIntegrated warning hornMarine grade 5 seal system on all cylinders12V DC power supplyNon integrated load-holding valves on all cylindersROTATION SYSTEMSlewing torqueCRANE CHASSIS INTERFACE4,920 ft. lbs. (6.8 kNm (0.7 mt))400 rotationSlewing angleWorm gear drive with surface hardened gear teethCalculationANSI B30.5Base plate dimension16.75“ x 16.75“ (425 mm x 425 mm)Hole pattern14.75“ x 14.75“ (375 mm x 375 mm)Mounting boltsSTANDARDS (meets or exceeds)Crane8.0 - 12.0 GPM (30.0 - 45.0 L/min)4 x 1 1/4“ -7 UNCCHASSIS RECOMMENDATIONOSHA 1910.28EN 12999 H1,B6Chassis styleRecommended GVWRConventionalClass 6 (19,501 lbs. (8,845 kg))

Omaha Standard PALFINGER LLC3501 S. 11th StreetCOUNCIL BLUFFS, IA 51501T. 1-800-279-2201F. 1-712-328-8383WWW.PALFINGER.COMPALFINGER Service Crane - Product RangePSC 3216PSC 4016PSC 4025PSC 5025PSC6025PSC 4329PSC 6229PSC 7229PSC 862918,500 ft. lbs.32,500 ft. lbs.38,500 ft. lbs.43,000 ft. lbs.62,000 ft. lbs.72,00 ft. lbs.86,000 ft. lbs.Rated LiftingMoment12,500 ft. lbs18,500 ft. lbs.(17kNm (1.7mt))(25.1kNm (2.6mt))Max LiftingMoment14,560 ft. lbs.23,235 ft. lbs.(19.6kNm (2.0mt))(31.4kNm (3.2mt))4,000 lbs.4,000 lbs.4,000 lbs.5,000 lbs.6,000 lbs.8,000 lbs.10,800 lbs.12,500 lbs.14,000 g)(4900kg)(5700kg)(6400kg)2 Hydraulic2 Hydraulic2 Hydraulic2 Hydraulic2 Hydraulic2 Hydraulic2 eed1 Hydraulic 1Manual 1 Hydraulic 1Manual(25.1kNm (2.6mt)) (44.2kNm (4.5mt)) (52.2kNm (5.3mt)) (58.3kNm (5.9mt)) (84.1kNm (8.6mt)) (97.6kNm (10mt)) (116.6kNm (11.9mt))20,585 ft. lbs.34,580 ft. lbs.43,730 ft. lbs.49,180 ft. lbs.68,900 ft. lbs.79,450 ft. lbs.94,676 ft. lbs.(27.9kNm (2.9mt)) (49.3kNm (5.0mt)) (58.0kNm (5.9mt)) (66.5kNm (6.8mt)) (93.2kNm (9.5mt)) (107.7kNm (11mt)) (128.4kNm (13mt))(2 HydrualicOption)(2 Hydrualic Option)11.4ft (16ft)11.4ft (16ft)25 ft25 ft25 ft29.1 ft29.1 ft29.1 ft29.1 ft3.5m (4.9m)3.5m n)(18.2m/min)(18.2m/min)StandardWeight650 lbs.650 lbs.1010 lbs.1170 lbs.1280 lbs.2149 lbs.2407 lbs.2731 lbs.2833 2kg)(1239kg)(1285kg)ControlSystemRadio RemoteRadio RemoteRadio RemoteRadio RemoteRadio RemoteRadio RemoteRadio RemoteRadio RemoteRadio mendedGVWR)Class 3Class 3Class 3Class 4Class 4Class 6Class 8Class 8Class 810,001 lbs.10,001 lbs.10,001 lbs.14,001 lbs.14,001 lbs.19,501 lbs.33,001 lbs.33,001 lbs.33,001 8,845kg)(14,970kg)(14,970kg)(14,970kg)Made in USAPALFINGER reserves the right to modify, change or revise published specifications and furnish products so altered without prior notice.PSC 02.14Download the PALFINGER Mobile App for more information about PALFINGER products in North America!

Omaha Standard PALFINGER LLC 3501 S. 11th Street COUNCIL BLUFFS, IA 51501 T. 1-800-279-2201 F. 1-712-328-8383 WWW.PALFINGER.COM PSC 02.14 PALFINGER reserves the right to modify, change or revise published specifications and furnish products so altered without prior notice. Chassis Specifications (Min.Recommended GVWR) Made in USA MOBILE APP

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