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Terminal Operating SystemManagement and Operation of Lattakia Container TerminalSTRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL


LATTAKIA CONTAINER TERMINALSTANDARD OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES1.TERMINAL OPERATING SYSTEM PURPOSEThe latest generation of international standard Terminal Operating System software will beimplemented on the terminal.The basic terminal operating system includes software:- “Yard Planning” that optimizes the yard stacking configuration in order to maximize yard stackingdensity and container destination, minimize unproductive moves, reduce internal traffic congestion,- “Berth Planning” that optimizes vessel berthing and equipment and resources allocation on berth,-“Ship planning” that assists the ship planner to prepare the vessel’s operations and maximize craneproductivity, minimizes shifting and restow, guaranty vessel’s stability - “Traffic” that ensures minimal Straddle Carrier traffic distance per moved container, throughcontinual calculation and algorithms, thus minimizing fuel consumption, emissions, noise andincreasing productivity.- “Delivery interface” that ensure the necessary interface between the gate operations, customs andyard operations. This module will minimize waiting time for trucks, direct the truck to the rightposition at the interchange area or directly to the empty depot and instruct directly the straddle of thedelivery action and inform customs of delivery of the container (in case of import).- “Information and documentation portal” through EDI transmission, all documentation attached toeach container as well as vessels movement will be introduced into the system and available toauthorized person. This will minimize waiting time for trucks, guaranty a strict control to terminal,provide to customs all necessary information about the cargo in a simple and easy way and providenecessary information of vessels and cargo to terminal customers.For this last point we will initiate the implementation of the EDI system within the shippingcommunity (shipper, terminal, shipping agent, port and customs) in Syria. We rely on the support ofLPGC for this project.Furthermore, If technically possible (web access available to customers) we will implement a “bookingsystem” for truck delivery that shown a great efficiency in international container terminals worldwide.This process will avoid unnecessary truck call at the terminal, optimize delivery process and minimizetrucking waiting time at the terminal.Terminal and handling equipment will be equipped with radio system in order to exchange data withthe TOS.Page 2SOP-OPS-01

LATTAKIA CONTAINER TERMINALSTANDARD OPERATIONAL PROCEDURES2.PROPOSED SYSTEMSSeveral terminal operating systems (TOS) are able to match Lattakia Container Terminalneeds:-SPARCS and EXPRESS systems from NAVIS-OSCAR system from TGI-COSMOS-TSB (Total Soft bank)-TMSPRO from Wave Systems-JADE Master systems-TerminalStar from INFORM GmbH-Autostore from Central Systems & AutomationAs Terminal Link developed expertise in both two first operating systems by installing and operatingthem in several container terminals, Terminal link contemplates the installation of Navis or TGIsystems at Lattakia: installation of a known system enable to reduce installation and operating costs,to reduce installation schedule and training period of users.Terminal and handling equipment will have to be equipped with radio system in order to exchangedata with the TOS.A.Main characteristicsBoth systems provide all functionalities described above.Data exchanges are fully compatible and guaranteed between these two softwares and withall software commonly used by shipping companies. They use international standard messagesas:a)BAPLIE for bay plansb)CODECO / COARRI for container movements (loading, unloading, in and out moves)Page 3SOP-OPS-01

LATTAKIA CONTAINER TERMINALSTANDARD OPERATIONAL PROCEDURESB.Example of two terminal operating lation timeInstallation costsOperating costsTechnologyC.SPARCS / EXPRESSOSCAR- Industrial tool- Need well-structured and stableenvironment (terminal processand third parties)- Other systems must be installedto interface with customs andshipping agents- Optimise rather export loadingprocess and transhipmentNAVIS – calls for specialisedintegrating companies for thedeployment of their products (moreexpensive).1 000 000 TEU and more containerterminals (Malta Freeport forexample.)6 to 12 months 1,5 M 150 K /year 3 to 5 personsSophisticated and more expensive,need 3 to 5 persons to operate thesystem- flexible tool for small structures- Allows easy interface with any thirdparty even if their equipmentlevel is low (internet dataexchange)- Optimise rather Import processTGI : small and efficient structureinstalling their system on their own ;not sized for consequent call fortenders15 terminals in France and Africawith up to 1 000 000 TEU capacity.4 months 450K 30 K /year 1 personVery simple but integrated, solid andsafe, very low operating cost.Final decision processA detailed analysis will have to be carried out before the final choice of the operating system,including: The number and type of users (shipping agents, customs, companies, LCT people, )with their needs Detailed terminal operations and operating procedures Local rules (customs, administration, etc.) Competences of local IT technicians IT Competences of future users (acquainted with IT tools?) IT technology of handling equipment (straddle carriers, STS cranes, reach stackers) Installation timing Cost analysisPage 4SOP-OPS-01

As Terminal Link developed expertise in both two first operating systems by installing and operating them in several container terminals, Terminal link contemplates the installation of Navis or TGI systems at Lattakia: installation of a known system enable to reduce installation and operating costs, to reduce installation schedule and training .

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