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Return to PPT Website4-Stroke Oil FiltersGeneralInformationSelect Item # to OpenProduct in PPT OnlineStoreRigging EstimateGuide (Diagrams)5GH-13440-30-00F25, F15 (1998-1999)F15C, F20F15 (20000 2005)F40 (1999-2000)F25 (04/2009 )F30, F40, F40BT50 (1996-1999)F40A (2001 )F50 / T50 (1999-2004)F50 (1995-1999)F50 / T50 (2005 )F60 / T60 (1999-2004)F80, F100 (1999)F60 / T60 (2005 )F75, F90, F115F70T25, F25 iggingComponents3FV-13440-20-00T9.9 / F9.9 (2005 - 04/06)EngineAccessoriesF80, F100 (2000 0-00-00F150F225C, F250C, F300 (4.2L)F9.9 (1990 - 04/05)VF150F300, F350 (V8)T9.9 (1991 - 04/05)F200 (Inline)VF200, VF225, VF250 (4.2L)F250, F250B7-6Generators& AccessoriesOil Drain ScrewUsed on most Yamaha4-Stroke Models.90340-14M06-00Accessories& ApparelOil Drain Screw GasketUsed on most Yamaha4-Stroke Models.90430-14M09-00Why Yamaha Oil Filters?Customers come to your dealershipfor the service they trust. Why riskthat on a aftermarketfiltrationelementand cardboard filterends?Yamaha oilfilters are constructedwith molded highqualitymediaforlong life and superiorfiltration.Detailing &Trailer SuppliesF200, F225 (V6)Oils& Lubes69J-13440-03-00

RiggingComponentsRigging EstimateGuide (Diagrams)GeneralInformationSelect Item # to Open Product in PPT OnlineStore2-Stroke Oil Strainers6E5-13411-00-006J8-13411-00-00115, 130, 150, 175 , 20020, 25, 30 (89 )B115, D150, DX150, PX15040, 50, 60, 70 (89 )ProV150, V6 EXCELC30 (89 )P115, P150, P175, P200P40, P50, P60 (89 )S115, S130, S150, S175, S200Pro50SX150, SX200V150, VX150, V175Z150, Z175, sVZ150, VZ175, VZ200 (2.6L)61A-13411-00-006H1-13411-00-00V200, V22590 (89 )VX200, VX225, VX250C90, B90 (89 )VZ200, VZ225 (3.3L)S225, SX225, S250, SX250250 (90 95)Z250, Z300Electric Oil Pump StrainerUsed on all HPDI enginesbetween the engine oil tankand the electric oil pump.68F-13440-00-00Remote Oil Tank FilterRemote oil tank filters areregularly missed during yearlyservice. Replacing the filterduring the service can helpprevent issues later down theroad.646-24251-02-00Generators& AccessoriesAccessories& ApparelDetailing &Trailer SuppliesOils& LubesMaintenanceItemsVZ250, VZ300 (3.3L)7-7

Select Item # to Open Product in PPT OnlineStore6C5-24251-00-004 (97 99)Z150, Z175F40 (EFI)F4 (99 06/2008)Z200, Z225F50/F60 (05 )5 (97 01)Z250, Z300T50/T60 (05 )6 (86 00)VZ150, VZ175, VZ200F708VZ225, VZ250, VZ300F75/F90 (05 6 (09/2009 )F30 (05 )F80F6 (01 04/2006)F40 (05 F80 (Carb Inlet)F2.5 (03 )F300 (V8)F100 (Carb Inlet)3 (92 02)F350 (V8)RiggingComponents60V-24251-01-00Rigging EstimateGuide (Diagrams)646-24251-02-00GeneralInformationIn Line Fuel FiltersF9.9 (85 04/2005)ElectricalComponentsT9.9 (91 04/2005)PropellersF9.9/T9.9G (04/2007 )EngineAccessoriesF8/T8 (01 )MaintenanceItemsOils& LubesF4 (99 06/2008)Detailing &Trailer Supplies68V-24502-02-00F115 (04/2010 )F115 ( 03/2010)Accessories& Apparel68V-24502-30-00Generators& Accessories7-8

69J-24501-00-0069J-24502-00-0069J-24501-10-00F150 ( 05)F70 (05 )F150 (04/2005 )F200 V6 ( 05)F90 (05 )F200, F225 V6 (04/2005 )F225 ( 05)F150 (05 )F250, F250BF200, F225 V6 (05 )Primary Fuel FiltersAccessories& ApparelDetailing &Trailer SuppliesOils& ectricalComponentsRiggingComponentsRigging EstimateGuide (Diagrams)GeneralInformationSelect Item # to Open Product in PPT -00-009.9, 15, 20, 25, C25 (94 )VZ150, VZ175 (04/2006 )9.9, 15 ( 93)F9.9/T9.9 (05 04/2006)Z200, Z300 (04/2006 )25, 30, 40, 50, 70, 90 ( 93)F15, F20, F25, T25 (05 )VZ200, VZ225 (04/2006 )C25, C30, C40, C55, C85 ( 93)30, 40, 50, 70, 90 (94 )VZ250, VZ300 (04/2006 )CV25, CV30C30, C40, C50, C55, C70 (94 )F150, F200, F225 (04/2006 )CV40, CV50, CV85P40, P50, P60, P75 (94 )F250, F250B (04/2006 )P50/P60 ( 93)F40 (99)VF200, VF225, VF250 (4.2L)PRO50E48, E60, E75F225C, F250C, F300C (4.2L)115/130/150/175 ( 93)F50/T50 (95 04)F300, F350 (V8)200/225 ( 93)F60/T60 (04 04/2005)C115 ( 93)C75, C80, C85, C90 (94 )P115, P150, P200 ( 93)F75 (03 04), F90 (03 04)ProV150F80, F100, B90, B115V6Special, V6Excel115/130/150/175 (94 )C115 (94 96)Generators& AccessoriesP115, P150, P175, P200 (94 )S115, S130, S150, S175, S200D150, V150, V1757-9

Select Item # to Open Product in PPT OnlineStoreGeneralInformation68F-24563-10-00SX150, SX200, SX225, SX250F50/T50 (05 04/2006)VZ150, VZ175 (05 04/2005)VX150, DX150, PX150F60/T60 (04/2005 )VZ200 (05 04/2005)F150, F200, F225 ( 04/2005)F75/F90 (05 04/2006)Z150, Z175 (05 04/2005)V200/V225F115 ( 04/2006)Z200, Z250 (05 04/2005)VX200, VX225, VX250VZ225, VZ250 (05 04/2005)S225/S250 (97 99)VZ300, Z300 (04 04/2005)RiggingComponents68V-24563-00-00Rigging EstimateGuide , S250 (96)Z150, Z175, Z200, Z250 ( 04)F50/T50, F60/T60 (04/2006 )C115, C150 (97 )VZ225, VZ250 ( 04)F70MaintenanceItemsF75, F90, F115 (04/2006 )Propellers68F-24563-00-00VZ150, VZ175, VZ200 ( 04)Oils& LubesDetailing &Trailer Supplies6P2-WS245-00-00F250 (2005 04/05)Accessories& ApparelGenerators& Accessories7 - 10

Remote Mounted Fuel Filters10-Micron Fuel/Water Separating FilterThey are a primary line of defense against ethanol-related fuel systemissues. Highly recommended for all two stroke and four stroke EFIoutboards and two stroke HPDIs. Also excellent for carbureted engines.New, improved 10-micron filter provides superior filtration ahead of theengine’s onboard filters and injectors. Large filtering and water captureareas maximize filtration while maintaining adequate flow rate for largerengines.Rigging EstimateGuide (Diagrams)GeneralInformationSelect Item # to Open Product in PPT OnlineStoreRiggingComponentsAssembliesAssembly Stainless Steel Head MAR-SPRTR-HD-SSAssembly Stainless Steel Head 3/8” Fittings MAR-SPRHD-38-SSAssembly Aluminum Head MAR-SEPAR-AT-ORElementsElectricalComponentsSpin-On Filter Only MAR-FUELF-IL-TRBulk pack of 12 MAR-FUELF-LT-12Filter HeadsAluminum Filter Head 12 Pack MAR-FLTHD-AL-12EngineAccessoriesStainless Steel Filter Head 12 Pack MAR-FLTHD-SS-12Stainless Steel Filter Head 3/8” Fittings 12 Pack MAR-FHDSS-38-12mini-10 Assembly Aluminum Head MAR-MINIF-LT-ASMaintenanceItemsPropellersSpin-On Filter only MAR-MINIF-IL-TROils& LubesYamaha Remote FilterAssembly includes aluminum mounting head, spin-on element, metalbowl, and water sensor probe. Requires Yamaha Multifunction FuelManagement Gauge for water detection indication.Assemblies60 GPH with water sensor MAR-24560-00-00Detailing &Trailer Supplies90 GPH with water sensor MAR-24590-00-0090 GPH clear bowl without water sensor MAR-SEPAR-AC-LR*Elements60 GPH MAR-24563-00-00Accessories& Apparel90 GPH MAR-10171-20-00Filter BowlsClear Bowl without water probe MAR-REPLB-OW-L1*Generators& AccessoriesClear bowl with water probe MAR-REPLB-OW-L2*Replacement Water Probe MAR-10171-30-00* For above deck use only7 - 11

Select Item # to Open Product in PPT OnlineStoreGeneralInformationVapor Separator Tank (VST) Fuel FiltersRigging EstimateGuide (Diagrams)6CB-24501-00-006BG-13915-01-00SX150, SX200, SX225, SX250VF200, VF225, VF250 (4.2L)F40 EFIDX150, PX150F225, F250, F300 (4.2L)ElectricalComponentsVX150, VX200, VX225, VX250RiggingComponents66K-13915-00-00S225, S250, V200, V225 (99 15-00-00S225, S250 (97 98)Z150, Z175, Z200F115V200, V225 (97 98)VZ150, VZ175, VZ200F200, F225 (V6)MaintenanceItems65L-13915-00-00VZ225, VZ250, VZ300Oils& LubesZ250, Z300Detailing &Trailer Supplies63P-13915-00-00F50/T50, F60/T60VF200, VF225, VF250 (4.2L)F150F70, F75, F90F225, F250, F300 (4.2L)F225 Sport, F250, F250BF300, F350 (V8)7 - 12Generators& Accessories6CB-13915-00-00Accessories& Apparel6C5-13915-00-00

ends? Yamaha oil filters are constructed with molded high quality media for long life and superior filtration. 3FV-13440-20-00 F25, F15 (1998-1999) F40 (1999-2000) T50 (1996-1999) F50 (1995-1999) F80, F100 (1999) Oil Drain Screw Used on most Yamaha 4-Stroke Models. 90340-14M06-00 Oil Drain Screw Gasket Used on most Yamaha 4-Stroke Models. 90430 .

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Why Yamaha Oil Filters? Customers come to your dealership for the service they trust. Why risk that on a aftermarket filtration element and cardboard filter ends? Yamaha oil filters are constructed with molded high quality media for long life and superior filtration. 3FV-13440-20-00 F25, F15 (1998-1999) F40 (1999-2000) T50 (1996-1999) F50 (1995 .

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