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INDEXXPS Steering System.4Security Systems.6King Pin Anchors.8Safe-Skeg Skeg Protection & Repair 10Outboard Motor Brackets.12Motor Lift/Set-Backs.14For over 30 years Panther trim and tilts, Safe-Skeg, Outboard motor brackets, and PRO series oil extractors havebeen a top seller throughout the United States and around the world. The Model 35 Trim and Tilt is the number onetrim and tilt used on the Masters Walleye Circuit.Within the last few years, Panther has grown its product line to include many quality accessory products; Panthermanufactures a high quality shallow water anchor system called King Pin, in addition Panther in 2015 launchedPanther Security Systems which offers lower unit locks, turnbuckle and transom bolt style locks. In 2017 Panthertook another leap by launching Panther XPS Power Steering. This revolution in steering continues the innovativetrend that Panther is known for.Fluid Extractors.15Trim & Tilt.16Ladders.18Accessories.19NEW 2020 PRODUCTS.22Kicker Steering.24In addition, Panther Products offers a full line of steering solutions, battery gauges, rope cleats, transom savers/motor supports and a curated offering of the best ladders on the market.23

XPS STEERING SYSTEMXPS STEERING SYSTEMPanther XPS Power Steering SystemThe Panther XPS System gradually reverts to cable10-7200steering in case of hose failure, steering fluid leak orpower loss to pump.Each Panther XPS Power SteeringSystem comes with specially formulated,fully synthetic power steering fluid. 1,000-hour run test without failureExceeds ABYC standardsPatented designQuiet operationShorter install timesControlled steeringSelf priming with no bleeding hosesThe Panther XPS System is designed to be installed on 75 to 300 HP outboard motors that are equipped with a single steering-cable system.Other Cylinder Mount PlatesHose KitsThe Panther XPS Power Steering System byMarineTech Products is a hybrid steering systemthat combines the durability and dependability ofcable steering with the ease of automobile-likepower steering.Panther Synthetic Power Steering Fluid (1 qt.) – case packs only (12 qts.)10-6106Panther XPS Hose Kit 6' – 1/4" Hi-Pressure Hose plus 7' – 5/16" Return Hose10-6107Panther XPS Hose Kit 7' – 1/4" Hi-Pressure Hose plus 8' – 5/16" Return Hose10-6108Panther XPS Hose Kit 8' – 1/4" Hi-Pressure Hose plus 9' – 5/16" Return Hose10-6110Panther XPS Hose Kit 10' – 1/4" Hi-Pressure Hose plus 11' – 5/16" Return Hose*10-6112Panther XPS Hose Kit 12' – 1/4" Hi-Pressure Hose plus 13' – 5/16" Return Hose*10-6114Panther XPS Hose Kit 14' – 1/4" Hi-Pressure Hose plus 15' – 5/16" Return Hose*10-6116Panther XPS Hose Kit 16' – 1/4" Hi-Pressure Hose plus 17' – 5/16" Return Hose*Easy to maneuver in tight quarters, the Panther XPS System eliminates10-6118Panther XPS Hose Kit 18' – 1/4" Hi-Pressure Hose plus 19' – 5/16" Return Hose*prop torque so high-speed turns are safer, easier and more controlled.10-6120Panther XPS Hose Kit 20' – 1/4" Hi-Pressure Hose plus 21' – 5/16" Return Hose*10-6122Panther XPS Hose Kit 22' – 1/4" Hi-Pressure Hose plus 23' – 5/16" Return Hose*This patented Panther XPS System uses stored power by delivering10-6124Panther XPS Hose Kit 24' – 1/4" Hi-Pressure Hose plus 25' – 5/16" Return Hose*pressurized fluid to the cylinder so the pump only runs when the volume10-7200Panther XPS Power Steering Unitof fluid in the accumulator drops to a predetermined level (typically lessthan 10% of the engine run time).Other systems run continuously or when there is ANY steering input tothe wheel. Limited run time saves power and reducesthe risk of dead batteries.410-0205* All hose sets greater than 8' in length require additional steering fluid.Standard system includes Mercury/Honda cylinder mount plate.For Honda applications, an additional link arm is required(Honda part no. 06532-ZY3-U00).10-1120 Suzuki Plate Kit10-1126 Yamaha Plate Kit10-1122 Evinrude Plate KitThe hose kit contains two hoses—high pressureand low pressure—with fittings. The low-pressurehose is 12" longer to allow for uninterrupted travelwhen connected to the cylinder actuator.Multiple hose lengths are available so you cancustom fit the Panther XPS System to your boat.(One hose kit is needed per system.)WARNINGCancer and Reproductive Harmwww.P65Warnings.ca.gov5

SECURITY SYSTEMSSECURITY SYSTEMS75- 8430Evinrude TripleLower Unit LocksPanther Outboard Lock75-8000, C75-8000C75-800075-8000 Tamper-resistantThe Panther Outboard Lock is a heavy carbon steel design and fits Turnbuckle Marine-grade stainless steel constructionMercury Verado & Optimax Triple Quick & easy installation75-8330mounted engines. It has a recessed, solid brass lock and noise dampeners thatreduce rattle. NOT suitable for saltwater. Also available in camo. No alteration requiredHeavy-Duty Outboard LockMotorHP / DescriptionConfigurationEvinrude Outboard150 - 300 HPSingle Engine75-8410Evinrude Outboard150 - 300 HPTwin Engine75-8420Evinrude Outboard200 - 300 HPTriple Engine75-843075-8201, 75-8202MarineTech Part #Mercury Verado and Optimax OutboardVerado 150 - 350 HP, Optimax 115 - 250 HPSingle Engine75-8310Mercury Verado and Optimax OutboardVerado 150 - 350 HP, Optimax 115 - 250 HPTwin Engine75-8320Mercury Verado and Optimax OutboardVerado 150 - 350 HP, Optimax 115 - 250 HPTriple Engine75-8330Suzuki Outboard200 - 300 HPSingle Engine75-8710Suzuki Outboard200 - 300 HPTwin Engine75-8720Suzuki Outboard200 - 300 HPTriple Engine75-8730Yamaha-Honda OutboardYamaha 200 HP Plus, All HondaSingle Engine75-8610Yamaha-Honda OutboardYamaha 200 HP Plus, All HondaTwin Engine75-8620Yamaha-Honda OutboardYamaha 200 HP Plus, All HondaTriple Engine75-8630Yamaha OutboardShort Bolt 150 HP and less - 20" ShaftSingle Engine75-8510Yamaha OutboardShort Bolt 150 HP and less - 25" ShaftSingle Engine75-8520Yamaha OutboardShort Bolt 150 HP and less - 20" ShaftTwin Engine75-8540Yamaha OutboardShort Bolt 150 HP and less - 25" ShaftTwin Engine75-8550Yamaha Outboard150 HP and above - 30" ShaftSingle Engine75-8531Yamaha Outboard150 HP and above - 30" ShaftTwin Engine75-8532Yamaha Outboard150 HP and above - 30" ShaftTriple Engine75-8533Yamaha/Honda,Suzuki Triple75-8630, 75-8730This Outboard Lock fits Turnbuckle design and has anti-drill protection. It haspolished, marine-grade stainless steel and noise dampeners that reduce rattle.The two security keys cannot be duplicated.SCM Certified 75-8201SSF Certified 75-8202High-Security Outboard LockYamaha Twin75-8101, 75-810275-8550Remove the existing nut, washer or bolt and replacewith the security nut or bolt and bell washer and rest easy—your lower unit is now secure.This high-security Outboard Motor Lock has anti-drill protection and fits up to 1/2"(12 mm) engine bolts. Made from marine-grade stainless steel. The two securitykeys cannot be duplicated.SCM Certified 75-8101SSF Certified 75-810267

KING PIN ANCHOR SYSTEMSKING PIN ANCHOR SYSTEMSBOW MOUNTS2-PIECE POLESAvailable in 8', 10' or 12' lengths foreasy storage in standard rod lockers(8' 1-piece also available).Quick-Release Bow Mount BracketsTRANSOM MOUNTS3" RISETransom Mount Brackets2.5" SETBACKKPS25A Clear AnodizedKPS25B Black Powder CoatMOLDED FOAM GRIPSNo-slip molded handles allow for atight grip to firmly secure the pole intothe lake or river bottom.KPS25C CamoMount Plate dimensions: 4" x 6"KPB30A Clear AnodizedPROPRIETARY POLE LOCKLock secures the pole in placefor quick moves with no looseparts to fall overboard.QUICK-RELEASE MOUNTING PLATEAllows for easy removal of thebow-mount bracket for a clean,unobstructed deck.King PinAnchor SystemsSET the pin to STOP the spin!KPB30B Black Powder CoatKPB30C CamoQuick-Release Bow Mount Brackets6" RISEKPS50B Black Powder CoatKPB60A Clear AnodizedKPSQ50A Quick Release Clear AnodizedKPB60B Black Powder CoatKPSQ50B Quick Release Black Powder CoatOne (1) base plate is included.Designed to mount on the bow or transom, King Pinexpensive power actuator poles for keeping your boat fromspinnin’ in the wind.King Pin offers a convenient, shallow-water anchoring system for a quick, no-maintenance way to hold your boat in position in shallow water withoutheavy anchors and wet, cumbersome ropes. Ideal for precision bait presentations, especially in windy or high-current conditions. With no power, switchesor wires, King Pin is the perfect complement or alternative to power-actuated pole anchors. Available in bow or transom mount with a wide range ofanchor pole selections.FeaturesKing Pin Signature Anchor Poles2-piece poles feature a pool-cue-style stainless steel butt collar for quick breakdown and easy storage or transport. Constructed of 3/4" diameter, high-impact fiberglass.Equipped with molded foam grips and stainless steel tips to protect the pole while allowing easy bottom penetration. Rubber storage clips with mounting screws included.Base Plate dimensions: 4" x 6"Universal Engine Mount PlateAnchors are a great alternative—or complement—toSTAINLESS STEEL POLE TIPEliminates wear and splinteringand helps with quick penetrationof the lake or river bottom.KPS50A Clear AnodizedFor engine-mount application, combinePOLESonly with 2.5" Transom Mount Bracket.KPMMP Black Powder CoatACCESSORIESTransom Mount BracketsSpare Bow Mount Base Kit only - Aluminum2-Piece Anchor Poles5" SETBACKKPP802W8', WhiteKPP802B8', BlackKPP802C8', CamoKPP100W10', WhiteKPBQCKA Clear AnodizedKPP100B10', BlackKPBQCKB Black Powder CoatKPP120W12', WhiteKPBQCKC CamoKPP120B12', BlackDimensions: 4" x 6"2-piece poles are of equal length. (8', single-piece pole also available.)Quick-Release Bow and Transom Mount BracketsWith a quick pull of the plunger pin and a short twist, the bracket can be removed leaving only the mounting plate for a clean, obstacle-free deck or transom. Includes integratedO-rings eliminating the need for sealant. Bow mounts are available in 3" or 6" rise for safe and easy gunnel clearance. Transom mounts are available in 2.5" and 5" setback.Clear anodized or black powder-coated aluminum. Mounting hardware included.Signature Pole LockSpare Pole Clips1-Piece Anchor PolesSecurely mount a 2-piece pole in aKPP801W8', Whiteconvenient location.KPP801B8', BlackKPPC Rubber Pole ClipAll brackets are equipped with a proprietary, integrated pole lock. Just flip the lever to secure the pole in the bracket. No loose parts that can fall in the water.89

SAFE-SKEGSAFE-SKEGMotorHP / DescriptionYear RangeMarineTech Part #MerCruiser Inboard/OutboardPre Alpha #1 Drives1973-198435-SS600MerCruiser Inboard/OutboardAlpha 1 Drives1985-199035-SS605MerCruiser Inboard/OutboardAlpha 1 Generation II Drives1991-Present35-SS610MerCruiser Inboard/OutboardBravo 1 & 3 Drives1990-Present35-SS615Mercury/Mariner Outboard135-150-175-200 Optimax1978-201135-SS620Mercury/Mariner Outboard22521978-199535-SS620Mercury/Mariner Outboard50-60 (Big Foot)2&42003-Present35-SS625Mercury/Mariner iner Outboard70-90-100-115-125 Optimax2&41983-Present35-SS625Mercury/Mariner Outboard40-50-6021986-200235-SS650Mercury/Mariner Outboard200-225 Optimax21996-200435-SS660Mercury/Mariner Outboard225-250-275-300 Verado42005-Present35-SS660Mercury/Mariner Outboard40-50-602&42003-Present35-SS710The Ultimate Stainless Steel Skeg ProtectionMercury Outboard90-115 Optimax42012-Present35-SS620Mercury OutboardVerado & Optimax 150-30042012-Present35-SS715Whether you're looking to protect your new skeg, repair yourdamaged one, or just add some shine, the 316 marine-grade,stainless steel construction Safe-Skeg is brilliantly polishedand ready to install.Nissan Outboard70-90-115-120-14021993-201035-SS625Nissan Outboard35-40-5021993-201035-SS650OMC Inboard/OutboardCobra V6 & V8 Cylinder Drives1986-199435-SS630OMC Inboard/OutboardCobra 4 Cylinder Drives1986-199435-SS635KITS INCLUDE: Mounting hardware, instructions, Allen wrench and Loctite 262Suzuki Outboard30042009-201135-SS630Suzuki Outboard150-175-200-22521986-200235-SS645Suzuki Outboard150-175-200-22542003-Present35-SS645Suzuki Outboard250SS & 30042006-201135-SS645Suzuki Outboard40-50-60-7042003-Present35-SS650Suzuki Outboard90-115-14042003-Present35-SS680Tohatsu tsu Outboard35-40-5021993-Present35-SS650Volvo Penta Inboard/OutboardDP Drives (Dual Prop)1996-200735-SS655Volvo Penta Inboard/OutboardSX Drives (Single Prop)2007-Present35-SS655Volvo Penta Inboard/OutboardSX Drives (Single 0235-SS6452&41984-Present35-SS645Panther's Full Line of Ultimate Skeg Protection & RepairAFTERBEFORE10Stroke2&4MotorHP / DescriptionStrokeYear RangeMarineTech Part #Evinrude/Johnson ude/Johnson Outboard150 DBX & DPL (E-TEC)22004-Present35-SS630Evinrude/Johnson Outboard225-250 DCX, DCZ, DPX (E-TEC)22004-Present35-SS630Evinrude/Johnson Outboard175-200 DPL, DSL Blue (E-TEC)22004-Present35-SS630Evinrude/Johnson de/Johnson Outboard60-7021984-200235-SS640Evinrude/Johnson Outboard40-50 & 60 (E-TEC)21984-201335-SS640Yamaha Outboard60-70-80-90-100Evinrude/Johnson Outboard150-175-200 DCX & DPX (E-TEC)22004-Present35-SS670Yamaha Outboard115-130Evinrude/Johnson Outboard225-250 DPL Blue (E-TEC)22004-Present35-SS670Yamaha Outboard150Evinrude/Johnson Outboard75 & 90 (E-TEC)22002-200835-SS675Yamaha Johnson Outboard100-11522003-200535-SS675Yamaha Outboard35042009-Present35-SS645Evinrude/Johnson Outboard115 HP, DBX, DCX, DPX (E-TEC)22006-200835-SS675Yamaha Inboard/Outboard3.0 L thru 5.7 L1989-199335-SS645Evinrude/Johnson Outboard60-70-90-115-140 (by Suzuki)41999-200335-SS680Yamaha Outboard40-48 & 50-85CV21984-200035-SS650Evinrude/Johnson Outboard40-50 (by Suzuki)41999-200335-SS710Yamaha Outboard115-13022003-Present35-SS690Force Outboard70-90 (by Mercury)21998-200235-SS625Yamaha Outboard115-13042000-Present35-SS690Force Outboard70-7521991-199735-SS650Yamaha a Outboard75-90-11541995-200735-SS625Yamaha a Outboard35-40-45-50-9041991-Present35-SS650Yamaha Outboard40-502&42001-201135-SS705Honda Outboard135-150-200-22542004-Present35-SS685Yamaha OutboardV Max SHO 200-225-25042013-PresentHonda Outboard11542010-Present35-SS685Replacement Bolt Kit35-SS72035-SSKIT111

OUTBOARD MOTOR BRACKETSOUTBOARD MOTOR BRACKETSMotors must be removed from the bracket before trailering.Motors must be removed from the bracket before trailering.Safety Cables (55-0415) and Lift Assist Springs included in all motor brackets.55-0030Swim Platform Outboard Motor Bracket55-0410Adjustable55-0407ALAdjustableMax. HP35 HP 4-strokeMax. HP20 HP 2-stroke/15 HP 4-strokeMax. Motor Weight263 lbs.Max. Motor Weight132 l10"Adjustment Positions5Adjustment Positions5SetbackUp 8.75"/Down 14"SetbackUp 8.75"/Down 14"Rated for 2- and 4-stroke motors up to 20 HP, 195 lbs. max. Constructed of blackpowder-coated aluminum and can be adjusted to fit most platform heights and motorshaft lengths for optimal prop depth and performance. Meets ABYC Standards.Comes complete with transom support bar for weight support and torque resistance.(Do not use without Panther 55-0415 Safety Cable—included.)Meets ABYC standardsMeets ABYC standards55-0416Adjustable55-0408SSAdjustable35 HP 4-strokeMax. HP20 HP 2-stroke/15 HP 4-strokeMax. Motor Weight263 lbs.Max. Motor Weight132 lbs.MaterialAluminumMaterialStainless SteelTravel16"Travel11"Adjustment Positions4Adjustment Positions4SetbackUp 9.5"/Down 18.5"SetbackUp 8.75"/Down 14"Max. HPAdjustable outboard motor bracket designed to mount on most swim platforms.NEW for 2019! Pontoon Kicker Motor Bracket KitOur Pontoon Kicker Motor Bracket Kit makes what has long been a difficult installationa breeze. The kit contains the new Adapter Bracket (55-0060) plus the new SwimPlatform Bracket (55-0030) with all mounting hardware included. The Adapter Bracketmounts to the pontoon frame rails. Pontoon boats become more popular every year, andwe receive many requests for a solution to mount a kicker motor for trolling or backup.Meets ABYC standardsMeets ABYC standards55-0065Rated for auxiliary motors up to 20 HP.55-0060 Adapter Bracket55-0012Adjustable55-0021AdjustableMax. HP12 HP 2-strokeMax. HP20 HP 2-stroke/9.9 HP 4-strokeMax. Motor Weight85 lbs.Max. Motor Weight115 l11"Adjustment Positions5Adjustment Positions5SetbackUp 7.75"/Down 14.5"SetbackUp 6.75"/Down 12"Fixed-Mount Outboard Motor Brackets55-0028, 55-0024Vertical, fixed-mount outboard motor bracket. Constructed of stainless steel with heavy-duty polypropylene mounting board.Includes stainless steel mounting hardware and safety cable. (Do not use without Panther safety cable 55-0415 - included.)55-0028 4-stroke, 35 HP, 263 lbs. max. (safety cable included)55-0010Adjustable12SS Outboard Safety Cable55-0415Max. HP20 HP 2-stroke/15 HP 4-strokeBraided, stainless steel cable, plastic coated for protection.Max. Motor Weight132 lbs.Use with all outboard motor brackets to secure the motorMaterialStainless Steelto your boat.Travel11"Adjustment Positions4SetbackUp 8.75"/Down 14"55-002855-0024 2-stroke, 12 HP, 85 lbs. max. (recommend using safety cable—NOT included)Pro-Strap Kicker Tie Down55-1500The Panther Pro-Strap provides hands-free, heavy-duty retention for the Model 35. Use to prevent motor bounce.13

MOTOR LIFT/SET-BACK BRACKETSFLUID EXTRACTORSPRO SERIES HEAVY-DUTY FLUID EXTRACTORSMotors must be removed from the bracket before trailering.3/8" and 2" Set-Back 5-Degree Reversible Plate55-0420Heavy-duty construction and larger-volume capacities make these extractors perfect for shop use or for the mobile service professional. Newly designed decompressionvalve to release negative pressure. See-through container for quick visual reference. Convenient foot board for added stability while in operation. Pour spout for no-mess fluiddisposal. Suitable for engine oil, gear lube, brake fluid, coolant, water, etc.NOTE: NOT FOR USE WITH FLAMMABLE OR CORROSIVE PRODUCTS.The reversible wedge plate provides 5 degrees of trim or tuck. Its one-piece, cast-aluminum design provides a stable platform for thelargest of today’s outboards. Standard BIA bolt pattern when used in either the tuck or trim position.75-6015P Oil Extractor15 Liter Pneumatic or Manual Pro Series Oil ExtractorConveniently attaches to pneumatic compressor or can be operated manually. 1/4" air inlet and 40-170 PSI working range. Complete withair-inlet control valve, negative pressure quick-exhaust valve, and fluid-draining pressure balancer. High capacity accommodates larger2" Set-Back Static Auxiliary Motor Mount Plate55-04054-stroke engines. Check valve for easy release of displaced air in container. Extra-long 48" hoses with fittings included for almost anyextraction application.For mounting auxiliary or kicker motors only. This rugged cast-aluminum plate offers a sturdy and flat mounting area for your kicker75-6015 15 Liter Pro Series Manual Oil Extractormotor clamps. When direct-to-transom motor mounting is difficult, our Static Motor Mount Plate provides a flat secure mountingSame as above without pneumatic (manual only—not pictured).surface for clamp-on or bolt-on kicker motors. Rated for 2- or 4-stroke motors up to 35 HP with a max. weight of 263 lbs. Meets ABYC75-60V Pro Series In-line ValveStandards. Not for main motor applications.In-line charging valve for the Panther 75-6015P, Pneumatic/Manual Pro Series Oil Extractor. Allows the user to hold vacuum in receptaclefor extraction without constant connection to air compressor. Brass valve installs directly in the extraction tube.55-02202" Set-Back Plate75-6065 Oil Extractor6.5 Liter Pro Series Manual Oil ExtractorMid-size container for smaller jobs and tighter areas. Extra-long 48" hoses with fittings included for almost any extraction application.This cast-aluminum spacer provides 2" of set-back for bolt-on motors, allowing performance seekers to fine tune their boats. Dippedin zinc-rich primer and powder coated, this solid spacer installs directly to the transom, or adds additional set-back to an existing Jack75-6099 Pro Series Replacement Hose KitPlate. A standard BIA hole pattern makes mounting a snap but is drillable for non-standard patterns.Use with 75-6015, 75-6015P and 75-6065(not pictured)55-02404" Set-Back PlateA flared shape allows this set-back bracket more transom contact area to reduce stress and improve the motor’s stability. The two piece,T-6 heat-treated, hard-coated, anodized aluminum bracket will work with the most powerful main engines. An inexpensive solution tolagging performance while maintaining maximum durability. Pre-drilled hole patterns allow for an extensive range of motor installations.DIY SERIES OIL EXTRACTORSThese compact, powerful pumps make oil changes fast, efficient and cleaner than you ever thought possible. They take less than 10 seconds to prime and have see-throughcalibrated containers for quick visual reference of oil level. Non-kinking, flexible metallic extractor tubes.NOTE: NOT FOR USE WITH FLAMMABLE PRODUCTS.Rated for marine engines up to 750 HP and 1,500 lb. engine weight.75-606055-00278" Set-Back BracketLarge, 6-liter capacity to meet the needs of most boaters.75-6025The fixed kicker motor bracket is designed for adjustable mount on the transom. Designed for the heavier 4-stroke motors.A downsized, 2.5-liter version of the 75-6060 that’s perfect for 4-strokes up to 50 HP and sailboats with small engines.5" height adjustment will accommodate long- and short-shaft motors.75-60601415

TRIM & TILTTRIM & TILT55-0025Integral Trim & Tilt55-0055Model 55 Trim & TiltThe compact trim and tilt Model 55 conveniently matches outboards from 15 to 55 HP, weighing up to 250 lbs. Perfectly designed forThe Panther Integral Trim and Tilt is designed for use with Johnson and Evinrude, 20 to 35 HPpontoons, fishing or pleasure boats. Adapts to clamp-on or bolt-through outboards. Standard BIA bolt pattern made of heavy-duty2-stroke, 2 cylinder only, outboard motors, made between 1976 and 2004 with thru-hub exhaust.713 cast aluminum. 7" setback.Made to provide trim and tilt features on motors that don’t have factory trim and tilt. In a matterof minutes the Panther Integral Trim and Tilt fastens directly to your existing motor bracket12 volt power-driven actuator includes 12' of cable with a push-button up/down switch.without modification. Offers a break-away safety feature that releases the motor if you strike alog or any underwater stationary object.55-0135Model 135 Trim & Tilt12 volt power-driven actuator includes 12' of cable with a push-button up/down switch.The Model 135 is the perfect option for older outboard motors with bad hydraulic trim and tilts, when repair costs are prohibitivelyexpensive. The heavy-duty bracket is designed for outboards up to 135 HP or 350 lbs. It maximizes lifting power (even greater than55-0035Model 35 Trim & Tiltthe outboards tilt range) and also allows for increased tuck-under to get heavy boats on plane quickly. 7" setback.12 volt power-driven actuator includes 12' of cable with a push-button up/down switch.This heavy-duty bracket easily handles auxiliary outboards up to 35 HP or 150 lbs. Kicker motors are supported in any position withthis durable design. In addition to its ruggedness, the Model 35 is the only kicker motor lift with a convertible setback. The unit can beadjusted from 8" to 13" of setback, making it ideal for inboards, I/O's, jet-drives and outboards when over-the-transom mounting isunavailable. 3" setback bracket (55-9035) also available for boats that need 16" of clearance.55-0045AModel 45 Auxiliary Motor Lift12 volt power-driven actuator includes 12' of cable with a push-button up/down switch.ENHANCED DESIGNQuickly and easily deploy your kicker motor by flipping a switch with the Model 45A Motor Lift. Improvements for 2019 for this alreadyimpressive motor lift allow for 20% faster travel from fully raised to deployed position. With 15.5" of vertical lift, the Model 45A is perfectfor boats where a clamp-on kicker motor will be mounted to a tall transom. Rugged construction features 1/4" thick fabricated aluminum55-0040Model 40 Trim & Tiltplates, heavy-duty black powder-coat paint, and stainless steel hardware. This 12 volt Electro/Hydraulic system includes all wiring (25'),relays and a dash-mounted rocker switch.This trim and tilt is designed specifically for the weekend fisherman. The Model 40 is a heavy-duty, fabricated aluminum bracket. Holds2- and 4-stroke motors up to 150 lbs. Its powerful electromechanical actuator provides automatic trim and tilt with the push of a button.55-9100Motor Mount Bolt BarBracket comes with electrical relay and 2-button switch (12' cord). 7" setback.The Motor Mount Bolt Bar will supply the added support for your transom when mounting your main12 volt power-driven actuator includes 12' of cable with a push-button up/down switch.or auxiliary motors. Made from heavy-duty 713 cast aluminum, this bolt bar is chromate dipped andblack powder coated for years of like-new-looking support. Uses standard BIA bolt pattern.Dimensions: 15" x 2.12" x 1/2"Model 435 Fixed BracketC-C: 12-7/8"55-0435Engine Mounting Washers55-9150”2.126"1.528"0.543"This fixed motor bracket is designed for those who prefer to use their own strength to lift up their motors. It comes with the adjustable13" setback feature and is made of 713-alloy aluminum. If lifting your motor becomes a strain, this bracket can be converted to a powerPanther Engine Mount Washers are designed to support outboard engines withlift by adding our 12 volt actuator (99-55005).transom mount bolts. Perfect for OEM or after-market use. Constructed ofheat-treated, hard-coated, anodized aluminum. Sold in pairs.1617

LADDERSACCESSORIESPONTOON ACCESSORIESSport/Dive LaddersStainless Steel3-Step 25-0001Stainless Steel4-Step 25-0002Overall height: 33.8"Overall height: 44.5"Gate Hinge Both rated at 400 lbs. load capacityDoorstopUnique sound-dampening washers built in to minimize noise,Secure your pontoon gate from rattling during operation withrattle and wear. For use with pontoon gates that lift up and outthis molded door stop. Simple installation with one screwof the door stop. 2.75" H x 2.5" W x .41" D(not included). Use on portside gates. Fits 1-1/4" rails.25-0203A Port (shown)1.875" H x 1.688" W x 1.53" D25-0204A Starboard25-0206 Port (shown) 1.75" electropolished stainless tubing25-0207 Starboard Wrap-around PVC tread provides maximum foot comfort Includes mounting bracket (25-0004) with locking tab for positive lock and quick release for trouble-free stowage Step width: 14" Meets ABYC standards25-0208Gate Anti-PinchGate SupportProtect your fingers from pinching in your pontoon gate.Strengthen your pontoon's rail system with these aluminumInstalls easily between the gate and the rail. Mounts to bothsupports. This design helps support the rails at any point alongthe rail and gate. Fits 1-1/4" rails.the fencing, where needed. Mounting hardware not included.9.625" H x 3.875" W x 1.125" DOver-Platform Telescoping Ladders25-0014Under-PlatformTelescoping Laddersteel grab handles. Mounting nuts not included.725-00073 StepStainless Steel3-Step 25-0007Stainless Steel4-Step 25-0008 Length deployed: 34.5" Length deployed: tainless Steel Length deployed: 37.8" Length stowed: 14.5" Length stowed: 15.5" Length stowed: 18.9" Height stowed: 1.8" Height stowed: 2" Height stowed: 6" Overall width: 11.8" Overall width: 12.5" Centerline width: 10" Centerline width: 10" Weight: 6 lbs. Weight: 9 lbs. Meets ABYC standards Meets ABYC standards25-0008yed: 34.5“25-0008Length Deployed: 34.5“4 Stepd: 14.5"4 StepLength Stowed: 14.5"d: 1.8"Height Stowed: 1.8"Length Deployed: 45.5“: 11.8"Length Deployed: 45.5“Overall Width: 11.8"Length Stowed: 15.5“dth: 10.0"Length Stowed: 15.5“Centerline Width: 10.0"Height Stowed: 2“s.Height Stowed: 2“Weight: 6.0 Ibs.Overall Width: 12.5“Overall Width: 12.5“Cent

Suzuki Outboard 200 - 300 HP Triple Engine 75-8730 Yamaha-Honda Outboard Yamaha 200 HP Plus, All Honda Single Engine 75-8610 Yamaha-Honda Outboard Yamaha 200 HP Plus, All Honda Twin Engine 75-8620 Yamaha-Honda Outboard Yamaha 200 HP Plus, All Honda Triple Engine 75-8630 Yamaha Outboard Short Bolt 150 HP and less - 20" Shaft Single Engine 75-8510

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Second, the Service's 1995 "Florida Panther Recovery Plan," a document prepared by the interagency panther recovery team, states that the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge is essential to the survival of the panther and that the refuge should enhance habitat conditions for the panther and the panther's prey species.

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Tallahassee, FL 32303 Tallahassee, FL 32301 . Potential Impacts of the Southwest‐Central Florida Connector on the Florida Panther and Its Habitat . Panther Legal Status: The Florida panther (Puma concolor coryi) is a wide‐ranging predator listed as endangered under the U.S. Endangered Species Act of 1973, as amended (16 U.S.C. 1531 et seq .

Follett Panther Overview The Follett Panther is a hand-held wireless device. It has a self - contained application, Follett Remote, that allows you to collect barcode scans offline for many circulation, inventory, and collection and patron maintenance tasks. If you have D estiny and a wireless network, the Panther's customized