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NursingFeatured TitlesPearson Nursing 2022.indd 12022/02/10 15:39

Featured titles for NursingAt Pearson we believe in unlocking the potential in every student.Therefore, we only work with respected educators and practitionersto author our books and support material. Our authors know andunderstand the South African Higher Education curricula, which helpsthem to create our industry-leading content that guides universitystudents on their learning path towards success.We are proud to partner with you, the lecturer, to help your students findtheir path to a robust and fulfilling career in which they can change thelives of others.Because wherever learning flourishes, so do people.At Pearson, we believe it is important that Nursing students gainthe best possible skills and have access to the types of resourcesthey need to turn them into world-class healthcare professionals.Dr Benadette AineamaniDirector: Product & ServicesPearson South AfricaPearson Nursing 2022.indd 22022/02/10 15:39

New TitlesResearch in Health SciencesCommunity PsychologySecond EditionFirst EditionPrint ISBN:9781775956969Print ISBN:9781485702139eBook ISBN:9781485715542ePDF ISBN:9781485715436Authors: B Parry (editor),E Fouten, C Hermann,N Matamela, J Moodley,V Mpepo, T Nkomo,D Odendaal, B Parry,J Thwala, S Vasi, M VisserAuthors: Y Botma, M Greef,L Mahado, FM Mulaudzi,SCD WrightExtent: 448 ppExtent: 365 ppContentsContents1.Ethics in researchSection 1: Background to community psychology2.Initiation, formulation and conceptualisationof research1.Introduction to community psychology3.Literature review2.Origins of community psychology4.Quantitative research3.Community psychological interventions5.Introduction to epidemiology6.Qualitative research7.Other types of research design8.Consensus seeking designs9.Writing research proposals10. Writing the report and disseminating results11. Managing research during a pandemic:the COVID-19 scenarioSection 2: Theories of community psychology4.Developing community psychology theories5.Colonisation, colonialism, decolonization andcommunity psychology6.The theory of language7.Culture and ethics in community psychology8.Feminist practices in community psychology9.Discourse of empowerment10. Participatory action research in South Africancommunities.Section 3: Current themes in community psychology11. Poverty in our communities12. Gangsterism and violence13. Substance abuse14. HIV/AIDS in South African communities15. Race and identity in South Africa16. Gender and sexual identities17. Prevention of sexual and gender-based violence18. The role of African traditional healers in communitypsychologyPearson Nursing 2022.indd 32022/02/10 15:39

Backlist TitlesSociology Global & SouthernAfrican PerspectiveBiology: A GlobalApproachFirst EditionTwelfth EditionPrint ISBN:9781485709183Print ISBN:9781292341637ePDF ISBN:9781485715443Editors: NA Campbell,LA Urry, ML Cain,SA Wasserman,PV Minorsky, JB ReeceAuthors: J Macionis,L Hagemeier, M Bydawell,J de Wet, N De Wet Billings,S Frade, O Katsaura,G Khunou, L Maisiri,R Matshedisho, Z McDonald,L Plank, S Rama, S SpicerExtent: 1 488 ppExtent: 880 ppContentsContents1.The sociological perspective1.The role of chemistry in biology2.Sociological investigation2.Cell Biology3.Culture3.The genetic basis of life4.Society4.Evolution5.Socialisation5.The diversity of life6.Social interaction in everyday life6.Plants: structure and function7.Mass media and social media7.Animals: structure and function8.Groups and organisations8.The ecology of life9.Sexuality and society10. Crime and deviance11. Social stratification12. Social class13. Global stratification and development14. Gender stratification15. Race and ethnicity16. Ageing and the elderly17. The economy and work18. Politics and government19. Families20. Religion21. Education22. Health and medicine23. Population, urbanization and the environment24. Collective behaviour and social movements25. Social change: Traditional, modern and post-modernsocietiesPearson Nursing 2022.indd 42022/02/10 15:39

Backlist TitlesAn Introduction to Ethosof NursingMicrobiology:An IntroductionFourth EditionThirteenth EditionPrint ISBN:9781776100293Print ISBN:9781292276267eBook ISBN:9781485715535Editor: GJ Tortora,BR Funke, CL Case,D Weber, W BairEditor: F Paton, J Bell,A van der MerweExtent: 960 ppExtent: 280 ppContentsContents1.Part One: Fundamentals of Microbiology1. The Microbial World and You2. Chemical Principles3. Observing Microorganisms through a Microscope4. Functional Anatomy of Prokaryotic and Eukaryotic Cells5. Microbial Metabolism6. Microbial Growth7. The Control of Microbial Growth8. Microbial Genetics9. Biotechnology and DNA TechnologyOutline of the book and a reflection on the ethosof nursingSection I: Being human2.Being moral3.The ethical foundation of nursing practice andmoral decision-makingSection II: Being a nurse4.You and nursing5.Worldview, philosophy and theories in nursing6.The factors that shape being a nurse and doingnursingSection III: Being part of a profession7.Establishment of the nursing profession8.The development of midwifery, psychiatricand community health nursing9.Nursing education’s contribution to the nursingprofession10. Organising and regulating the nursing profession11. Nursing as a professionSection IV: Nursing in Modern Society12. The legal framework for nursing practice13. National and international directives whichaffect nursing14. Nursing in the global villageIndexPearson Nursing 2022.indd 5Part Two: A Survey of the Microbial World10. Classification of Microorganisms11. The Prokaryotes: Domains Bacteria and Archaea12. The Eukaryotes: Fungi, Algae, Protozoa, and Helminths13. Viruses, Viroids, and PrionsPart Three: Interaction between Microbe and Host14. Principles of Disease and Epidemiology15. Microbial Mechanisms of Pathogenicity16. Innate Immunity: Nonspecific Defenses of the Host17. Adaptive Immunity: Specific Defenses of the Host18. Practical Applications of Immunology19. Disorders Associated with the Immune System20. Antimicrobial DrugsPart Four Microorganisms and Human Disease21. Microbial Diseases of the Skin and Eyes22. Microbial Diseases of the Nervous System23. Microbial Diseases of the Cardiovascular andLymphatic Systems24. Microbial Diseases of the Respiratory System25. Microbial Diseases of the Digestive System26. Microbial Disease of the Urinary and ReproductiveSystems27. Part Five: Environmental and Applied Microbiology28. Environmental Microbiology29. Applied and Industrial Microbiology2022/02/10 15:39

Backlist TitlesFundamentals of Anatomy& PhysiologyPractical Guide to GeneralNursing ScienceEleventh EditionSecond EditionPrint ISBN:9781292229867Print ISBN:9781485702214Editors: FH Martini,JL Nath, EF BartholomeweBook ISBN:9781485702184Extent: 1 304 ppAuthors: M Mulder,A Joubert, N OlivierExtent: 960 .15.16.1.Professional conduct2.Admission to, transfer and discharge from ahealthcare facility3.Internal homeostasis4.Safety, comfort and mobility of a patient5.Personal hygiene6.Infection prevention and control7.Diagnostic and/or therapeutic examinationprocedures8.Taking swabs and/or specimens9.Wound care17. Introduction to Anatomy and PhysiologyThe Chemical Level of OrganizationThe Cellular Level of OrganizationThe Tissue Level of OrganizationThe Integumentary SystemBones and Bone StructureThe Axial SkeletonThe Appendicular SkeletonJointsMuscle TissueThe Muscular SystemNervous TissueThe Spinal Cord, Spinal Nerves, and Spinal ReflexesThe Brain and Cranial NervesSensory Pathways and the Somatic Nervous SystemThe Autonomic Nervous System and Higher-OrderFunctionsThe Special SensesThe Endocrine SystemBloodThe HeartBlood Vessels and CirculationThe Lymphatic System and ImmunityThe Respiratory SystemThe Digestive SystemMetabolism, Nutrition, and EnergeticsThe Urinary SystemFluid, Electrolyte, and Acid—Base BalanceThe Reproductive SystemDevelopment and InheritancePearson Nursing 2022.indd 610. Feeding11. Elimination of waste products12. Medicines (Drugs)13. Peri-operative care14. Blood and blood products15. Ventilation and oxygenation16. Life-saving procedures2022/02/10 15:39

Backlist TitlesPharmacology for HealthSciencesKozier & Erb’s Fundamentalsof NursingFourth EditionTenth EditionPrint ISBN:9781776102549Print ISBN:9781292106106eBook ISBN:9781776102334Editors: AT Berman,C Snyder, G FrandsenEditor: A Dreyer,R Kharwa, S Moch,Y ThandarExtent: 1 520 ppExtent: 320 ppContentsContents1.General aspects of drug therapy1.The Nature of Nursing2.Pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics2.Contemporary Health Care3.Administration of drugs to patients3.The Nursing Process4.Adverse effects of drugs4.Health Beliefs and Practices5.Drugs affecting the autonomic, somatic andsensory nervous systems5.Lifespan Development6.Drugs affecting the central nervous system6.Integral Aspects of Nursing7.Analgesics and anti-inflammatory drugs7.Assessing Health8.Antihistamines8.Integral Components of Client Care9.Hormones and hormone antagonists9.Promoting Psychosocial Health10. Antimicrobial and other anti-infective drugs10. Promoting Physiological Health11. Vitamins and minerals12. Antineoplastic and immunosuppressive drugs13. Cardiovascular drugs14. Drugs that affect the haematopoietic system15. Drugs that affect the respiratory system16. Drugs that affect the digestive system17. Poisoning and drug treatmentPearson Nursing 2022.indd 72022/02/10 15:39

Pearson South AfricaAt Pearson we’re here to help people make progressin their lives through learning.We work with lecturers and students to create and continually improve our wide range ofproducts and services. Whether it’s our trusted titles, digital and supplementary resources,or professional development courses, we put the student at the heart of everything we do.Every day all over South Africa, our products and services help learning flourish – becausewherever learning flourishes, so do people.Contact usPearson Customer ServicesTel:Email: 021 532 s@pearson.comPearson eStoreTo browse and purchase ebooks,visit more at za.pearson.comPearson Nursing 2022.indd 82022/02/10 15:39

Pearson_Nursing_2022.indd 7 2022/02/10 15:39. Contact us Pearson Customer Services Tel: 021 532 6008: Eml ai @pes i rospenznoeqarosn.ucmeai ra. Pearson eStore To browse and purchase ebooks, visit Learn more at Pearson South Africa

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