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Instructions for A-5Digital Game CameraTHANK YOU for your purchase of the A-5 Digital Game Camera. Please read thisbooklet before using the unit. If you should have any questions about this product orany other Moultrie product, please contact us using the information on the back ofthis booklet. Please register your camera at activate your 1-year warranty.ICAMERA OVERVIEWFRONT VIEWRed Status IndicatorGreen Battery IndicatorLED FlashCamera LensMotion SensorSelect ButtonIRAIM / SETUP / AUTOEnter ButtonUp / Down ButtonsON / OFFLCD DisplayBattery ChamberBOTTOM VIEWExternal Power PortSD Card SlotUSB PortOur Service Department will gladly answer any questions youhave. Call 800-653-3334, Monday - Friday, 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM CST.www.moultriefeeders.com12072012 / MCG-12589A-5 Digital Game CameraPage 1

ICAMERA OVERVIEW (cont)XIMPORTANT INFORMATIONIRAIM / SETUP / AUTOImportant Battery lnformationIR AIM - When IR Aim is ON and the Pir Sensor detects motion, the red LED on the front of the camerawill intermittently flash and then shut off.- Only use alkaline batteries. We recommend the use of Duracell or Energizer batteries.Setup position selects the camera setup main screen, while in this screen pressing the select buttonwill take you to the different categories of setup ( time, date, clear, and camera ID number).ON / OFFUsed to turn the camera on and off and wake up the camera from sleep.Select, Enter, Up/Down ButtonsThe SELECT button scrolls through options. The ENTER button selects the item to be changed andlock in the set value. The UP and DOWN buttons are used to change the values of the options.Battery Compartment- Do not mix old and new batteries. Always replace ALL the batteries at the same time.- When the camera is not in use, please remove the batteries.Moultrie Limited WarrantyThis product has been thoroughly tested and inspected before shipment. It is guaranteed fromdefects in material and workmanship from the date of purchase for 1 year. Under this limitedguarantee we agree to replace or repair free of charge any part or parts which have been found tobe defective in original material or workmanship. Should you require in-warranty service, call ourCustomer Service Department. If your problem cannot be addressed over the telephone, we mayneed you to send us your defective product plus proof of purchase.The camera is powered by 4 C-cell alkaline batteries, be sure to align batteries in the way depictedon the engraved battery diagrams inside the battery compartment. This will ensure proper polarity.Note: only use alkaline batteries, the use of any other type battery may damage the camera.SD Card SlotAccepts up to a 32GB SD card for photo and video storage.NOTE: An SD Card must be installed for the camera to operate (sold separately).USB PORTDownload still pictures and video onto your computer by connecting a USB cable (sold separately)to the USB port.EXTERNAL POWER PORTAccepts the Moultrie PowerPanel or Moultrie Battery Box accessories (sold separately) only.Refer to for more information.NOTE: The use of any other power source will void your warranty and possibly harm your camera.Page 2A-5 Digital Game CameraA-5 Digital Game CameraPage 11

IXVIEWING YOUR IMAGESThere are a number of ways for you download and viewthe pictures, videos in the field or at another location.BPLOTSTALKER ACTIVITY SEARCHRemoving the SD CardTo remove theSD Memory Card, open the camera coverACTIVITYSEARCHand push gently on the SD card and it will pop out osallowingto removeLoadthroughthe SD cardthe and automaticallylookfor orchangesin regionsyoustoredidentifyin Setup.playercard readerto view thator moveimagestoanother location.In search mode, the PlotStalker software scans through the .mlt photo file, stopsonImportanta photo when changes are found in your identified region, and then highlightstheMakechangesin blue.You cananywherethe video viewing area to removesure thatthe camerais inclickthe OFFposition inbeforeSD card.theremovingblue highlights.ln the FieldACTIVITYSEARCH SETUPClicktheSettingsbuttonto activateYou can downloadthe picturesor videos with the aidthe ofRegionandSensitivitysettingsexternaldevices.To download,use an external playerreader thatis supported by 12V DC or Mini USB Jack.for orthecardActivitySearchAt HomeRemove the entire camera and transport to another location to download images. To connect theDEFINE SEARCH REGIONcamera to a PC computer, turn the camera ON, press the MENU button once to change to SETUPProvidesthe ability to search forMode. Connect the USB cord (not included) between the USB out port and the PC computer. Thechangesinin a thespecificcomputerthewillphotorecognizecamera as a removable drive. The unit works with Windows XP/Vista/7.regionthan theCopyratherthe imagesand entirevideos photo.from the camera onto your PC for further editing or printing. When theUSB cable is disconnected, the camera will go back to SETUP mode.1Click on the Set Motion Search Area Button.2Use the mouse to select and drag the red outline around the area you want tosearch for movement. This allows you to focus on a very precise area ifrequired.3Click OK button on the Settings Popup window to confirm your settings andexit the menu.SENSITIVITYSet to High, Medium or Low - This sets the level of pixel change the program1will detect. Note; a pixel change will occur with a color, intensity, lighting ormovement so this setting is critical to obtain the desired results.DEFAULT SETTINGSSee the full line of Moultrie camera accessories at www.moultriefeeders.comClick on Default button to return to the default values for Search Area and1Sensitivity settings.Page10Latitude - 000.000000 A-5GPSN Digital Game CameraGPS Longitude - 000.000000 WIIQUICK START INSTRUCTIONSUse the steps below as a guide to quickly set up your camera so it will function using the factorydefault settings.STEP 1Open camera cover. Install 4 C-Cell alkaline batteries. Make sure that the polarities on theSlide the UNLOCK switch on the bottom of Camera and use the knob to pull thebatteries match the polarities indicated in the battery chamber. Recommended for use:slide-out Battery Tray. Install or eight(8) AA size alkaline or lithium batteriesDuracell or Energizer batteries.with polarities as indicated in the Battery Tray. Re-install the Battery Tray.STEP 2Threadthe providedMountingthroughEyeletson thebackwithoutof the SD card.InsertSD MemoryCard untilyou hear Strapan audibleclick.theCamerawill y36"fromthegroundasSlide the Mode switch to setup. Turn the power on by pressing and holding ON/ OFFshown.button untilLCD screen activates. Set the time and date with navigation buttons UP/ DOWN – SELECT/ ENTER.Turn Camera on by sliding ON/OFF/IR TEST switchto theSTEP3 ON position.EyeletMountin desiredlocationPresscamerathe MODEbuttononeusingtime atomountingget to thestrap. Switch camera to IR AIM. Aim camera usingCamera Setup Menu. Set Time and Date by pressingmotion detection to determine target area. Walk inENTER, using UP/DOWN to adjust selected field,front of at the desired distance and the camera LEDto theisnextfield and ENTERwillLEFT/RIGHTflash indicating tothemovearea whichdetected.when done.STEP 4MODEbutton untilMENUSELECTIONSetPressthe Delayand Resolution.Slidethe Modeswitch toMountingscreenis displayed.thedown.UP/DOWNbuttonsAuto.The camerawill startUsecountClose coverStrapandsecure.camerawill operateusinguntiltheTheMAINSCREENoptionis defaulthighlightedsettings.YouPressmay alsocustomize the settings if required.yellow.ENTER.Your Camera will now automatically take pictureswhenever an animal is detected in range -based onthe default settings below.IIIDEFAULT SETTINGSCaptureMode SettingsFactoryPhoto QualityPHOTO QUALITY: HIGH 2560 x 1920Photo Delay after each photo is taken12:00 2011/1/01TIME/DATE:MotionFreezeMulti Shot CountVideo ResolutionVideo LengthVideo AudioCamera NameTemperatureInfo Strip printed on photosAMPlot FrequencyPlot DurationGPS Longitude & Latitude:Default SettingDelete All?Security CodeTRAIL CAM (Still)2.0 MPFILECOUNT:00015 SECCAMERAID:ON1OFFVGA5 SECONMOULTRIECAMFAHRENHEITON15 SECONDS3 HOUR000.000000 N / 000.000000 WNONOA-5 Digital Game Camera00000Page 3

IVVIIICAMERA SETUPCamera SetupCameraSetupBattery InstallationOpen theInstallationcamera cover and install 4 C-CellBatteryBattery InstallationAlkalinebatteries.Make andsureinstallthat thecameracover4 C-CellOpen the Opencameratheand install4 C-CellAlkalinecover( and )batteries.polaritiesMakematchsurethe thatpolaritiesAlkalinethebatteries. Makesurepolaritiesthat theand )thepolaritiesmatchindicatedthe( batterychamber.( and ) insidematchpolaritiesthe edinsidethe loadbatterychamber.Note:Anytimeyouor unloadbatteries,CAMERA SPECIFICATIONSMemory & StorageYour camera supports external SD memory cards ONLY and will accept up to a 32GB card. Using largememory cards can slow the camera response. The camera cannot capture any photo or video withoutexternal memory. Please insert an SD memory card to operate camera. Estimates are based on themost common types of memory cards that can be purchased at electronic stores, office supply stores,or online. Estimates may vary based on camera settings or environmental conditions.make surethat youthe camerais OFF.batteries,If usingNote:Anytimeload or unload12V DCPowerPlug,doOFF.not removeNote: hecameraisIf using12VPowerdo not removemake sureinternalthatDCthebatteries.cameraPanelis OFF.Plug,If usinginternalbatteries.12V DC PowerPanelPlug, do not removeinternal batteries.ImportantAlways turn the unit off when inserting or removing an SD memory card to avoid damage and ensurethat the camera properly updates the memory information.Auto ModeInsert SD CardInsert SD InsertCardwillSDYouneedto open the front cover toCardYou will needthetofrontcoverto insertanto ard.the frontcoverSDcard.Cardupcanto 32GB.theSDcardSD memoryinsertaInsertSD YouCardupto32 indicatedonthethecard,youCardto32 GB. InsertSDcardcard,inInsert the SDSD cardinupthedirectionindicatedonuntilthehearan audibleclick.the directionindicateduntil you hearan audibleclick. on the card, until youSD Card Size:2 GB16 GBHIGH 2560 x 1920150012000LOW 640 x 480800064000hearaudiblewillclick.Note:anCameranot operate perateNote: Camerawillnot operatewithoutan withoutSD memoryan SD memory card installed.card installed.Video ModeSD Card Size:2 GB16 GBPower ONPower ONSlidethe(Mode) Switch to the (Setup)PowerONSlide the ModeSwitchto the Setupposition.Press andposition.hold tothethe(ON/OFF)Slidethe Press(Mode)andSwitch(Setup)hold the ON/OFFButtonuntilthetimeappearson theButton untilthe andtimeholdappearson the LCDposition.Pressthe (ON/OFF)LCD Display.The camerahaspoweredup.onup.Display.Thethecamerawill powerButtonuntiltimeappearsthe LCDVGA 640 x 480 (based on 10 sec video)2041632Actual capacity will vary based on image properties.Display. The camera will power up.System Requirementswith a StrapMountingMountingwith a StrapClosecoverandaplacea tree orMountingwithStrapClose coverand placecameraon acameratree or onpolepole3 ft.high.ThreadCloseapproximatelyandplacecameraon a straptree orapproximately3 coverft. high.Threadthemountingthe mountingstrap throughthemountingpoleapproximately3 ft.onhigh.Threadthrough themountingstrapslotsthebackofthestrapslots on strapthe backof thecamerathemountingthroughthemountingcamera andsecure.andsecure.strap slots on the back of the cameraOS:Hint:If you are cameramountingcamerato cover aHint: If youandaresecure.mountingto covera trail,trailfacethearecameradowncamerathe trailtotiltedatHint:Ifyoumountingface the cameradown the trailangle.tilted at a slight cover aa slighttrailfacedownwardthe camera down the trail tilted atdownwardaangle.slightangle.Facethedownwardcamera Northor South to avoidavoid brushfalse triggersfromcamerathe wind.Clearaway fromfront toPage 4Hard disk space:100MB or aboveCPU:Intel Pentium 4 or AMD Athlon 64 processor or aboveMemory:1GB of RAMSpecificationsover exposurethesun.FacethecameraNorthSouth to avoidFace the cameraNorthorfromSouthtooravoidoverexposurefromthe camerasun. front toClearfrombrushfromover exposuretheawaysun.avoidClear brushawayfalsefromtriggerscamerafromfronttheto wind.avoid false triggers from the wind.Microsoft Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (Service Pack 3recommended); Windows Vista Home Premium, Business,Ultimate, or Enterprise with Service Pack 1; or Windows 7TrailTrailTrailTrailNONOA-5 Digital Game CameraYESYES77Operational ModeGame Detect/VideoResolution5.0 MPStill ResolutionsJPEGLow 640 x 480, High 2560 x 1920Video ResolutionsAVI - 640 x 480SD Memory CardUp to 32 GB SD card (not included)FormatJPEG - Still pictures, AVI - Video clipsPower Supply4 C-cell Alkaline batteries (not included)A-5 Digital Game CameraPage 9

VIICAPTURE MODESPhoto ModeTo operate the camera in Photo mode, slide the Resolutionbutton to the HI or LO position. Slide the Mode switchto AUTO position. The LCD display will count down for10 seconds. After the LCD goes off, the camera is readyfor capturing photos.Video ModeTo operate the camera in Video mode, slide the Resolutionbutton to the VID position. Slide the Mode switch to AUTOposition. The LCD display will count down for 10 seconds.After the LCD goes off, the camera is ready for capturingvideo. (10 second video clips at 30 frames per second).IVCAMERA SETUP (cont)Aiming CameraAfter the camera has been mounted, open the coverand slide the Mode Switch to IR Aim. Close cover.Stand in front of the camera. The Status LED willflash red when it detects movement. Use this processto guide your camera to cover the desired target area.VMOULTRIE ACCESSORIESUsing a Deluxe Tree MountThe camera can also be mounted directly to a tree usinga mounting bracket that attaches directly to a tree orpole. Strap the tree mount to the tree and secure, thenattach the camera to the tree mount using the treemount socket located on the back of the camera.FCC StatementsMoultrie Products, LLCMCG-12589Using the Moultrie Camera Power PanelNote: Changes and modifications not expressly approved by the party responsible could void the user’s authority to operate this device.This device complies with Part 15 of the FCC Rules. Operation is subject to the following two conditions: (1) This device may not cause harmfulinterference, and (2) this device must accept any interference received, including interference that may cause undesired operation.NOTE: THE MANUFACTURER IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY RADIO OR TV INTERFERENCE CAUSED BY UNAUTHORIZED MODIFICATIONS TO THISEQUIPMENT. SUCH MODIFICATIONS COULD VOID THE USER’S AUTHORITY TO OPERATE THE EQUIPMENT.NOTE: This device complies with the limits for a Class B digital device, pursuant to Part 15 of the FCC Rules. These limits are designed to providereasonable protection against harmful interference in a residential installation. This device generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energyand, if not installed and used in accordance with the instructions, may cause harmful interference to radio communications. However, there is noguarantee that interference will not occur in a particular installation. If this device does cause harmful interference to radio or television reception,which can be determined by turning the equipment off and on, the user is encouraged to try to correct the interference by one or more of thefollowing measures:- Reorient or relocate the receiving antenna.- lncrease the separation between the equipment and receiver.- Connect the equipment into an outlet on a circuit different from that to which the receiver is connected.- Consult the dealer or an experienced radio/TV technician for help.Page 8A-5 Digital Game CameraPlace near the tree where the camera is mounted. Placefor best exposure to sun. To attach to a tripod securethe power panel to the tripod angled upward for bestexposure. Plug the power panel to the Power PanelPlug. This will extend the life of your camera in the field.Note: Leave internal batteries in the camera during use.The Camera Power Panel needs 4 hours of sunlight tofully power the camera.Using the Moultrie Battery BoxExtend the field life of your Moultrie camera with along-lasting, rechargeable external power source.Place near the tree where the camera is mounted.Plug the Battery Box to the Power Panel Plug.This will extend the life of your camera in the field.A-5 Digital Game CameraPage 5

VISETUP AND PROGRAMMINGNavigating Different SettingsDuring the Setup mode, you can program the camerafor different settings. The Enter button will start theprogramming process when the selection flashes. TheUp/Down buttons will move from one value to the next.The Enter button will then lock in any selections. Thenpress the Select button again to move to the next setting.Setting Camera IDPress the Select button to select an identity for yourcamera. Choose between nine different numbers (1-9)so the locations can be marked on the info strip(i.e. camera 3) will be marked on the info strip given 3was selected. After the selections have been made, pressthe Select button and the LCD will display the time again.Turning Power ON/OFFOpen the camera cover. Turn the Mode switch tothe Setup position. Press and hold the On/Off buttonuntil the time appears on the LCD display. If you wantto turn the unit off, press the On/Off button once,the LCD shows “OFF” and then goes off.Setting Time DelayTo set the time delay, slide the Delay switchto the desired time. There are 4 time delaysettings, 1 min, 5 mins, 10 mins and 30 mins.Note: If there is no activity for 2 minutes the camera will shutoff automatically to save battery life.Setting Time and DateWhile the camera is in the Setup mode, the LCD display willshow the time. Press the Enter button and the selection willflash. Use the UP/Down buttons to change the selection.Press the Enter button to lock in the selection. Press theSelect button to move to the next selection. Repeat theprocess to set the year, month and day.Setting Image QualitySlide the Resolution switch to the desiredsetting. Choose one of 3 settings.High: 2560 x 1920 or Low: 640 x 480 for still images.Choose VID for the video setting.Sleep ModeAfter all your settings have been made, slide theMode switch to Auto and close the cover.Note: If there is no activity within 2 minutes, the camerawill enter sleep mode to conserve battery life. The camerawill then power up and become active when motionis detected.Reset Picture CountAfter the camera’s time and date have been set,you can reset the picture count on the camera.Press the Select button until “Clr” shows in theLCD display. Press Enter button and use the Up/Downbuttons to choose between Yes or No.“Yes” will reset file number to start from 0001.Page 6A-5 Digital Game CameraA-5 Digital Game CameraPage 7

face the camera down the trail tilted at a slight downward angle. Face the camera North or South to avoid over exposure from the sun. Clear brush away from camera front to avoid false triggers from the wind. A-5 Digital Game Camera Page 9 Camera Setup Battery Installation Open the camera cover and install 4 C-Cell Alkaline batteries. Make sure .

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